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Vogue Germany: Metropolis

Feel the pretty, bitches.

Vogue Germany February 2010
Editorial: Rückkehr nach Metropolis

Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Christiane Arp

Models: Toni Garrn and Baptiste Giabiconi

Makeup: Emmanuel Sammartino

Hair: Sam McKnight

So fashion's uber-German shot an editorial paying homage to the greatest example of German Expressionism ever committed to film, Fritz Lang's Metropolis, and because he's Karl Fucking Lagerfeld, knocked it the hell out of the park. Karl may be a pompous, preening, pretentious jackass, but he's got the goods and he always has. This editorial is absolutely gorgeous. So perfectly shot and styled are these images that you'd almost think they were 80 years old. Except for one thing. Karl once again insisted on using his "muse" Baptiste Giabiconi ("muse" is now German for "butt boy," apparently), who almost ruins every shot he's in. The boy is gorgeous, no doubt about it, but he's a shitty model.

Anyway, try to ignore the scowling little boy and enjoy these luminous images.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Bruna Tenorio

Armani Privé Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model:Sigrid Agren

Chanel Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Sasha Pivovarova

Victoria Beckham Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Zuzanna Krzatala

Boss Black Fall 2009 Collection

Fendi Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw

Thierry Mugler Archive

Francesco Scognamiglio Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Alla Kostromicheva

Comme des Garçons Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Tetyana Melnychuk

Vintage Escada

[Images: tarsha/]

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This literally gave me chills. Amazing.

I love Metropolis, and this is a gorgeous homage to it. You're so right about Baptiste Giabiconi, though. I just want to slap him.

Really quite something. Lovely, lovely.

And the cover fashion is really, well, it is, um...

Bravo for putting it on the cover!

(PS: glad those eyebrows are out of fashion)

Stunning photos. Baptiste Giabiconi reminds me of Sean from MMaSM season 2 when he was grunting in the man in the mirror shoot.

Freaking GORGEOUS!!!!

LOL! Yes, "butt boy" is a terrible model. He has the same stupid expression in every single shot. Hilarious. He almost ruins the whole editorial.


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
Danke Schoen for the treat, TLo!

Although that Francesco Scognamiglio number had me looks straight out of the"Springtime for Hitler" number from the producers...

Wow - can someone just photoshop him out? He's terrible.

Otherwise, amazing.

TLo said...
("muse" is now German for "butt boy," apparently)

As I scrolled down through the images, I thought, this is a very, very pretty boy. God, he's awful. I even inwardly chuckled at some.
Thanks for clarifying the relationship. Other than that, awesome spread. Brings back memories of art house films and German cinema class in college.


Lovely, lovely photographs.

Baptiste Giabiconi is really awful.

Although that Francesco Scognamiglio number had me looks straight out of the"Springtime for Hitler" number from the producers...

YUP!! The next pic shoulda had pretzel tits...

Alas, I have never seen Metropolis. After seeing this editorial, though, I'm about to run right out of here and rent it.

Someone needs to teach that kid how to make a different face.

Yeow, scowling eyebrow-man! Get out of the shot! Otherwise, love it, with the exception of the Fendi dress - I didn't think it looked like that place and era.

The Armani Privé shot is my favorite.
You're right about butt-boy, he looks more like he's channeling Michael Jackson than a 30's screen star.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Love Metropolis, love the shoot. You're right on about Kaiser Karl's 'muse', but it's not his dumb looks that get me: it's his HAIR. Seriously, you take all that time and effort to get the hair, styling and wardrobe spot on for the female model and then totally f*ck it up when it comes to the male 'lead'. It drives me nuts when it happens in movies as well.

Anyway, when it comes to Karl's muses, Jacques de Bascher was probably the best. But hey, 'butt boy' is Mr. Right Now, I guess....

Wow...I'm speechless.

Clothes vary between gorgeous and o.k., but the makeup & styling are AWESOME. Beautiful.

The female model (excuse me but I'm too lazy to scroll up and copy/paste her name) gives excellent face. I could easily stare at these pictures all day. Male model looks constipated and he's upset about it. Other than him, this is exquisitely shot.


His look is so totally wrong for the rest of the shoot it looks like he was photoshopped into some of the pictures. Bizarre.

Kick ass otherwise. I'd like to learn how to do my hair like that.

Stunning! Thank you for posting this, Tlo!

bitchybitchybitchy@12:06 said, Although that Francesco Scognamiglio number had me looks straight out of the "Springtime for Hitler" number from the producers...

The look on the model's face tells me she wishes that was why she's in this get-up, since her nipple has just fallen out from behind the star. The poor girl looks mortified.

SS said, "he looks more like he's channeling Michael Jackson"

I was thinking Prince. But on second look... both. Ridiculous.

I'm not crazy about the sadistic stuff, but, then, I haven't seen Metropolis; is that a reference to the movie, or the Kaiser's special touch?

So excited to see this, Metropolis is actually one of my favorite movies of all time. This is gorgeous!

All the dresses look SO much better in Lagerfeld's shoot than on the runway, IMHO.

The Angry Eyebrow Boy is like that one piece of jewelry you take off before you go out the door.

That Ralph Lauren dress is to die.

I read the title and though, "nah, that can't mean what I think it means." But it DOES. Saw Metropolis for my freshman year Sci Fi and Film class. Love how the old scores used classical music.

Get rid of all the fashion and women in this series ...I'd be happy with a spread of just Baptiste Giabiconi...yummy!


wow. that must be his "blue steel" look.

The "sadistic stuff" is actually a refernce to a mad scientist. Butt boy is clearly suppose to be the crazy scientist in the film. The woman on the cover and all that metal refers to a robot in the film that is turned into the likeness of the film's heroine. The robot then goes on to cause havoc and misey as a major bad girl

The Robot is named Hel, the girl is named Maria

His angry constipated look is suppose to be mad scientis I believe. They should have just kept the other guy in the first picture and used him instead


PS Metroplis is a kick ass film even after 80 yrs

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola, THANK YOU. that is exactly what i was sitting here stewing about. bad modeling aside, the boy is wrongly styled (or unstyled) for the era/film they are evoking. add that to the awful faces and it really does beg for cropping. thankfully several of the choicest shots are solos of the girl.

I you haven't seen Metropolis, we highly recommend it. It may be a little tough for you to sit through if you're not used to silent films, but you should really see it if for no other reason than the stunningly beautiful (and shockingly modern, considering when it was made) imagery.

As a film major, I think you were required to love Metropolis, so I always love to see imagry inspired by it. What an awesome shoot. You boys are right about the male model though... Love or hate Tyra, she is right when she says you have to model from the top of your head all the way down to your toes. The only thing this guy is trying to model with are his eyebrows.

LOVE the shots, LOVE Toni. Holy cow is she perfect for that vintage look.

But Butt Boy (heh heh "Butt-Butt Boy") really is awful.

That pouty boy looks like he's trying to be Edward The Vampire, and he's failing miserably. Otherwise, great spread.

quigley (the cat)

I thought I loved the Daphne Guinness spread from sometime back, but now this one is my new black and white favorite.

Toni Garrn is a stunning, beautiful, timeless model in these photographs. I especially love her in the Fendi, such a serene, yet provocative pose with her hands around her face. I could look at that one all day.

The butt boy muse to me is like a tiny annoying fly, I would barely have noticed him if TLo hadn't said anything. I choose to ignore him.

I love all the photos except the Comme des Garcons one; that is one ugly dress also.

When I saw the Sundance Channel special on Karl Lagerfeld, I had exactly the same thoughts as TLo: Karl may be a pompous, preening, pretentious jackass, but he's got the goods and he always has, but without the great witticism.

I'm a very bitter kitten these days, and rarely post anymore. But I will always love the international Vogue editorials which TLo treats us with, just enough and not too often, like a favorite piece of forbidden candy.

love 'n hisses,

Exquisitely gorgeous.

Though to be honest, the nipple features on the armor kinda frighten me.


Ausgezeichnet. Echt fantastisch.

Can't offer up anything new, cause the pics are simpy 2DIE4 ...

And the fashions and the styling are simply GORGEOUS!!

My God, some of these photos are stunning!!

Except, of course, for the But Butt Boy ...

(Love that phrase, Tamaramamama, I think I will start working it into my everyday conversation ....

Sunday Brunch was utterly divine ... BUT then Howie had the nerve to bring his new But Butt Boy, and almost ruined everything ...)

Just sayin-

P.S. I'd agree with Anony that But Butt Boy went to the Twilight School of Emoting Angst ...

P.P.S. I'd also agree with JW, for more pics of pretty But Butt Boy, but just not in my GLAM fashion shots, TYVM ... Let's get him undressed a little, and get some tasteful shots of him laying in bed, with his hair mussed, and giving me a cum hither look ...

But leave the fashion spreads to the professionals ...

Just rantin -

Breathtaking, and gave me chills. Perfect homage, and Toni is just wonderful.

Butt Boy really is awful. Give him a sexy underwear spread and yes please, but he clearly sucks at this. Boo, Largerfeld! (And I totally agree with TLo about him.)

The kid almost ruined it for me, but that last shot of the vintage Escada blew my doors off. Everything is perfection in that shot. The clothes, the pose, the styling, the textural contrasts...just iconic.

Very beautiful. And I wouldn't have paid much attention to the boy, if you hadn't pointed him out, mainly because he seems somewhat extraneous. But now that it's been mentioned, he does appear to have only one expression.

Baptiste reminds me of zoolander!

Butt Boy has ONE LOOK, and it ain't a good one, either.

Kinda comic booky, although even there I may be referencing older comic books, graphic novels are more sophisticated.

On the other hand, this shoot proves runway models have breasts, and aren't just walking hat racks.

Although I can't imagine who in the world would wear the looks with breasts hanging out.

I doubt strippers could afford 'em.

Virginia, I too LOVE the Escada shot. And I want the gown now.

The b/w Ralph Lauren shot is completely awesome. I'd buy that photo and hang it on my wall. I love the way the transparent full-body shot is positioned over the head shot.

("muse" is now German for "butt boy," apparently)

That, on the other hand, made me spit tea onto my monitor.

Well, at least his eyebrows are charismatic.

Seriously though, kudos on referencing Metropolis. Very cool movie. It's worth a look-see, if only to see where C3PO came from.

Great shoot, so dead on. However, I will quibble with you on one point - while I'm sure Butt Boy's melodramatic facial expressions would be out of place for most photo layouts, in this instance it would be appropriate considering the era and medium KL is attempting to emulate. It's just that what was earnestly fashionable in film acting over 80 years ago (Expressionist)is now considered laughable and campy.

Gorgeous, love it! Old-fashioned yet modern, a wonderful and fashionable take on a classic film.

I don't think most of these photos really say Metropolis or German Expressionism. Not that they have to, but I think they could have done even cooler things with lighting and posing if they had taken the inspiration further.

It's still a good photo shoot. Everything is spot on, especially the Francesco Scognamiglio. That outfit has now officially replaced the original from the film in my mind.


Is that "Blue Steel" in the #6 photo?

Besides that the spread is lovely, lovely, lovely. Timeless fashions.

It was difficult to scroll down while clutching my breasts after seeing that cover shot but worth it.

I see the boytoy subscribes to the Eyebrow Only school of acting. How unfortunate.

I'm with you HLB, but using more "period" lighting would have washed out and distracted from the detail in the clothes.

Not a close follower of Herr Lagerfeld, so wasn't aware of the new toy. It's nice that they are trying to do things together, but seriously, when has that shit ever worked out?

The shot of Toni in Victoria Beckham, (number 8) is a bang-on Marlene Dietrich face.

Nice control of grey range; everything looks nicely three dimensional and the textures and surfaces are to swoon for, photographically speaking. There is nothing as breathtaking as technically perfect b&w, to me.

(The Muse looks brainless, poor child).

I know this is redundant, but this shoot is positively GORGEOUS!!!!

Good lord this is fantastic. I have this movie and enjoy the work put into it and I have to say he really did knock this out of the park. He seems to be one arrogant, cocky ass but as the saying goes, it ain't bragging if you can do it.
I, too, could do without the pretty little peacock (also known as butt boy). He doesn't reflect the feeling of the film at all. It does look like it could have been shot 80 years ago.
Opening this blog is like Christmas on acid. You never know what you're going to get but there is always a wonderful and sparkly suprise.

Is it weird that I like the one that looks like armour? I mean, I could never WEAR it, but I think it's beautiful.

scowling little boy lol

He is making the same face in every shot...


Charmingfare said...

This literally gave me chills. Amazing.

Same here. Seriously.

I imagine Cate Blanchett wearing the vintage Escada at the end.


Daxx said...
"using more 'period' lighting would have washed out and distracted from the detail in the clothes"

Yeah, on second thought you're definately right.

Seems like I'm the only one who thinks "butt boy" really deserves some credit for looking like a silent film actor. Yeah, it sucks he has the same face in every picture but that kind of over the top facial expression really stands out and is spot on. The girl is more Hollywood in the 30's (Dietrich as Julia said).

Question: Is it a good thing or a bad thing for a model to emote like that in an editorial? On one hand it could distract from the clothes but on the other, in certain shoots (for example this), it seems appropiate and could help drive home the concept.


I don't find But Butt Boy attractive in the least.

I should go rent Metroplis again. It's been years since I've seen it.

Yes the film is heavy on classic 20s expressionistic acting so the boy haveing intense eyebrows would fit. He should be giving over the top expressions. The problem is most of the expressions he is using are wrong for their respective scenes.

Case in point, the look he has with the overlapping girl/robot images is way too cold. He's just staring intently with furled brow. There should be a glint of glee and manic energy. It would have added so much more to the shot instead of detracting from it. And it would have remained true to the film and the style of acting.


I hadn't really thought someone could look good and be a bad model before, but since you've made the observation I see everything differently. The guy's mugging certainly detracts from what could have been here.

Most beautiful dress? Vintage Escada. Just breathtaking!!

And why wear stars on your nipples to hide them, when they don't even cover them??? LOL!

This is so beautiful. Thank you for posting this, guys. I think KL is a great photographer.

I'm kind of impressed that a Victoria Beckham dress made it into a Lagerfeld-styled shoot. I imagine him being very dismissive of her.

Whoops, I see now that it was photographed by Karl, but wasn't styled by him. Still, good for VB.

Call the boy a bad model but I still think he is gorgeous. <3


I am surprised that apparently every one else loves this.

I guess I would be labelled as not "sophisticated" enough to "get it".


ASK said...


I am surprised that apparently every one else loves this.

I guess I would be labelled as not "sophisticated" enough to "get it".


What a strangely defensive comment. Why not mention WHY you don't like it instead of assuming what other people will label you for not liking it?

I didn't think I was being "defensive" - I was acknowledging that in approx 70 other comments noone seemed to dislike this.

Why didn't I like it - well I read a bunch of people saying Gorgeous ir I Love It, so right off the bat asking me to defend my dislike seems intend to make me defensive.

...BUUUUT one thing I don't like is fetish-like devices that look like they are intended to be used as torture devices on womens breasts. Not a fan of the star pasties that don't cover.

Some of the clothes are lovely - but shown better in the model photos not the spread.

And I don't think that I am a prude - nudes or even the rubber/leather gleaming over the body can be fab - but I hate the spread, the poses, the male model (that most also don't like) , and the pencil thin painted eyebrows.

Yeah, what was up with that starfish pasty on the model? Were they in a big hurry? Was whoever put it on drunk at the time? It's pretty clear THAT IS NOT WHERE IT GOES.

Stoic model, overused poses, predictable clothes, literal editorial, zero creativity. BLAND AND BORING!!!!!

I didn't like the male co-star of this shoot, but everything else was great. I love Metropolis and this was an awesome tribute to it.

the butt boy can not model at all...oh karl, even you go blind with love (or lust?)

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