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Vivienne Westwood Menswear Fall 2010

Darlings, you just can't make this shit up.

"Last night the press release for Westwood’s menswear collection, for Milan Fashion Week, declared: “Perhaps the oddest of heroes to emerge this season, Vivienne Westwood found inspiration in the roving vagrant whose daily get-up is a battle gear for the harsh weather conditions . . . Quilted bombers and snug hoodies also work well in keeping the vagrant warm.”

Yes. The homeless.

Of course, in the candy-colored world of Vivienne Westwood, homeless people are all young with great bodies, high cheekbones and flawless skin, and they all have super-styled hair and brightly colored clothes. And sometimes they'll walk around in big goofy hats or even teddy bear heads! Sometimes even a crown because they are homeless and therefore crazy.

The funny thing is, once you get past the ridiculous bullshit behind the show's theme and staging, there are some great individual pieces there.

Still, the climate change shirts and the laughable attempts at relevancy via buzzwords can't help but make us roll our eyes. no matter how much we may want that sweater or those pants.

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This is the dumbest idea I've ever heard of.


*takes hit from crackpipe*

What a great idea! *cough cough* Very high concept!

Oh seriously. fuck you, Westwood.

If they'd just sent down the fashions, without saying "Aren't the homeless INTERESTING? So quaint, really the Chance the Gardener of fashion" I could enjoy the show. Provided, of course, they also left off the bedrolls and shopping carts. grr. I find this far more offensive than skinny girls. I can't even say "kudos to using dumpy middle aged dudes" b/c it's all in service to the "homelessness as muse" theme.

but at least the homeless get to dig through Lady Gaga's trash. Which is nice.

When Sweeney Todd accidentally took someone else's bag from the laundromat, he found himself arrested and fell on hard times...

The theme was dumb and even kind of offensive.
Alot of the looks are retreads of her "Pirates" and "Witches" collections from years ago.
I still think some of them would look great for club wear. Athough I've seen it all before it still looks good to me.



...Okay, now that I've got that out of the way, I really do like the colors used and agree that a lot of the individual pieces are very nice. However, some of those pants are HORRIBLE. The crotch is to the knees. I thought everyone knew that was unattractive--yes? Yes?

No. Just no. To everything.

Did the press release end with the line, 'Let them eat cake.'??


the orange jumpsuit makes it more like the "escape from prison" collection.
some of the colors are rather fun though- i like this collection better than some of the womens collections from years past

An orange jumpsuit???? Oh, dear lord, all that's missing is the big, black stencil on the back that says "COUNTY JAIL".

I can see it now, Spring 2011 inspired by Haiti Earthquake Relief Work Attire.

She is CRAZY. LOL. Love some of the sweaters.

Mugatu did homeless chic much better - and at least no one was pretending that collection was supposed to be taken seriously.

The prophecies of "Zoolander" are coming to pass. I like this concept better when it was Will Ferrell's.

I laughed until I cried when I got to the shopping cart photo. Is this the fashion show from the end of "Zoolander"?

"I give you... DERELICT!"

OMG I want that orange jumpsuit.

Did the press release end with the line, 'Let them eat cake.'??

No, it ended with "no prime ministers of Malaysia were injured during the making of this menswear line."

It's more like the homeless after running away from the circus.


But seriously, are they completely unaware of the movie Zoolander??

Am I the only one who immediately though of the "derelict" campaign from Zoolander?

Didn't someone in the 90s do the same thing? I remember when Zoolander came out that some magazine had an article about a designer who had used the homeless as inspiration and/or used homeless models.

It's actually kind of offensive.
I hope they give a percentage of any sales to homeless shelters, or better yet, when this shit doesn't sell, maybe they can donate it to REAL homeless people.

@Saraf Derelict was the first thing I thought of. And I agree, Mugatu did it better!

Vivienne, I am aware reality has little to do with the fashion world but this is tasteless.

I'm pretty sure this has been done before... in Zoolander! Unfortunately, that was a cleaver and witty attack on the fashion industry's complete inability to stay in touch with the real world. This collection is just making a mockery of poverty, which is offensive considering who its intended audience is.

And of course homeless men always wear tuxedos...

:P I know it's only inspiration, but I could not resist!

This is about as ridiculous as the "Derelicte" fashion show in 'Zoolander.' Did it remind anyone else of that?

So, in the coming days, how many upper-class New Yorkers will be running around looking like the homeless? Business wise, I'm not sure using the homeless as an inspiration is the best decision, especially if you are marketing to the upper class. I do agree that there are a few good individual pieces. However, the staging and styling of the pieces just kills the possibility that most people would want a piece from "that homeless line".

" Nels said: Didn't someone in the 90s do the same thing? I remember when Zoolander came out that some magazine had an article about a designer who had used the homeless as inspiration and/or used homeless models."

I don't know about that, but there was a scene in 'Mahogany', when the demented fashion photographer (played by Anthony Perkins) used the homeless as set dressing in a magazine shoot.


That's insulting.

Jr. Goddess

This is what homeless people look like?? When's the next round-the-back-of-walmart party I'm there.

It looks like Dolce and Gabbana OD'd on Methadone.

Someone finally actually designed DERELICTE! Where is Derek Zoolander when you need him?

I think it screams "art-school." It's less of a fashion show and more of an idealistic student's fantasy.

However, I might be alone in saying this but I LOVELOVELOVE the teddy bear hat.

Oh and don't forget that homeless top model shoot. Apparenty poverty can be fiercee

Umm the shopping cart just completes this whole thing. And the lady gaga crown hat things.

One thing that strikes me, especially after viewing yesterday's Dolce & Gabbana post, is the ethnic diversity of models that Westwood sent down the catwalk. D&G could learn something from her on at least that front.

Samantha said...

However, I might be alone in saying this but I LOVELOVELOVE the teddy bear hat.

No, Samantha you are not alone. I too love the teddy bear hat. I will go on record in favore of the reindeer sweater.

I might find it a tiny bit less offensive if most of the clothes didn't make me want to claw my eyes out. As it is? What was she THINKING? sixgables summed it up nicely when she said 'fuck you, Westwood.'

Any chance Ping found a home?

This is so offensive that I'm speechless.

How fucking out-of-touch. This is a great example of why the fashion world is so hated by the rest of the world. Let's design clothes that only look good on 6 foot tall 14 year old anorexics! Let's sell poorly knitted sweaters with holes for 2 grand! And oh! Aren't those homeless so very inspirational and so au courant!


I worked with the homeless in Manhattan a lot for a five year period in the 1990s. The guys to whom the outreach organization with which I worked sought to serve were troubled people who ALWAYS lined up to choose from the donated clothing we had to offer. Before the food, before the beverages, before the toiletries.

It was the clothes - a pair of jeans, a jacket, a shirt, a pair of shoes. The opportunity for these guys with nothing to be able to select that pair of pants rather than another gave them a measure of dignity despite their dreadful circumstances.

And their circumstances were dreadful.

To springboard a clothing line from the appearance of the destitute is insulting and offensive to those who cannot protest the implicit condescension.

For shame, Ms. Westwood.

All the best,


Cracktacular, indeed.

However, some of the colors and textures would translate well to clothes for toddlers -- mine would love the bear coat and the fireman pants.

Lilithcat said: "An orange jumpsuit???? Oh, dear lord, all that's missing is the big, black stencil on the back that says "COUNTY JAIL".

I'm with Lilithcat, Guantanamo fashion (which is what i thought when first seeing that orange jumpsuit) is not in.

really a dreadful overall idea, the entire line.


Apparently the homeless like harem pants. And skirts on men. And occasionally no pants at all.

Wow. That's about as lame a theme as I could imagine, and insulting to boot. But don't get me going on "homeless chic"... grrrr

Not to censor or anything, but can some things just be "off limits." I cannot get behind this. And to add insult to injury --- pushing the shopping cart?? really. How 'bout Fuck You VW!

TLo said, "Sometimes even a crown because they are homeless and therefore crazy."

especially when it's a dead ringer for a haus of gaga crown...

Don't forget yoga mats.
And women's wear purchased at Lexington Ave. designer resale shops.

I think Sixgables (3rd comment from top) sums it up nicely in her first line.

I'm on the "Jesus Christ, Vivienne!" bandwagon. and Nell@11:30 I can see it now, Spring 2011 inspired by Haiti Earthquake Relief Work Attire. I had this thought immediately, too.

That said, some of the looks and pieces are cravable. The two kilt suits (the sleek ones, not the crazy one up top) are interesting, too.

Perhaps she is mischieviously laughing up her sleeve at the fashion industry and her wealthy clientele? If she really did find inspiration in poverty and mental illness to design a line of expensive clothing for wealthy people, she really does need to be the first to the guillotine when the revolution starts.

HAHAHAHA. As if fashion couldn't get any more clueless.

She should have said "Tom O'Bedlam meets The Mad Hatter as channelled by John Galliano"-- and then she would make sense and no one would be mad at her.

I'm a diehard Westwood fan, I love the styling and textures here. I just wish she weren't so out of touch...

On second look, several of the pieces look like they're from a different collection. Unless they're supposed to represent the bankers who can throw a few coins at the "vagrants."

What's with the last couple pictures - they don't seem to be of models?

And, yes, if one can get past the absurdity, there are some good pieces. I'd love to have the beige sweater with one blue sleeve & one red stripe & sleeve.

It's been done! The movie Zoolander derelict fashion show

She let her 3-yr old niece style the show & make up, right? Right?

zoolander's derelicte all the way, but with all the out-of-touch cluelessness and none of the tounge & cheek comedy.

this cracktastic lack of understanding of the world around them is exactly why people hate these designers & what they stand for. it'd be one thing to be inspired by homeless & use that to benefit the less fortunate or use as a teaching point that most of us are too extravagant, but to throw bedrolls & shopping carts in the hands of the models! sick, just sick.

"Hey, everyone! Isn't mental illness and the failure of society to help our troubled brethren STYLISH?" Someone needs to slap her and all the people involved in this show.

She's so cool. I love her : )

That is some serious fugly.

^tongue^ oops

I just noticed the runway is covered in cardboard boxes. For fuck's sake.

Tasteless and ugly. It looks like a joke.

I'm not really into her pants (I don't think I'll ever need room in my crotch area to hold all of my belongings), but there's a lot of great pieces among the jackets/sweaters.

But seriously, i will NEVER say anything bad about Vivienne, no matter how much you pay me.

Scratch that. Write checks. But I still love the woman's originality. Always a breath of fresh air.

derelicte was a lot more fun than this, actually

some advisor at VW is in big trouble for not pointing out this hilarious pop culture analogue. i mean come on, a movie made fun of this collection NINE YEARS before it existed...

Last September, W magazine did a 28-page spread on homeless chic. Here's an NYT article about it.

Jesus. Ugly and offensive.

I'm gonna add a third 'fuck you westwood'.

Offensive, insulting, downright tasteless. Especially now, in these times, where 10 percent of the population's dripping in money and the rest of us are struggling.

Fashion's supposed to be a dream escape. Not a hint of what we're looking at if one more company goes under. Trying to make that horrible but very real possibility 'fashionable' is just friggin' offensive.

Let them eat cake, indeed.

Absobloodylutely brilliant! Vivienne Westwood is completely out of her mind.

And thanks to all for the Zoolander references where it was done so much better and with wit.



This show can Derelicte my balls.

I have not laughed this loud in a long time. Teddy bear hat? Pushing a cart on a runway? Burger King crowns? Bedrolls?

Hysterically funny, but probably not the best idea.

Anyone have the link to the show?

That's incredibly tasteless. And did that orange jumpsuit remind anyone else of Naruto?

hahaha this reminds me of zoolander so much!

... What's with the guy with no pants on?

And why am I the only person who seems to have noticed?

This makes me ill. Especially the models whose lips are painted white to make it look like they're crackheads...oh, that's fun. And the shopping cart! All just another delightful nod to cheeky fashion, no? You would think at a time when the entire world is reaching out to a country that's just basically been made homeless, someone would have the taste to look at the very alarming presence of homeless people in our own damn country and not to make it all tongue-in-cheek and insulting. I couldn't even look at the clothes, I was so focused on their "charming filth."

This is disgusting. I don't care if any of the pieces are good. I hope she at least made some donations as compensation for using others' misfortunes as her "inspiration".

Tasteless. And I'm not just talking about the clothes.

If only there was some cologne that smells like the subway stairwells to complement this collection. ~ Gary

I'm with the offensive. I couldn't even look after the first few. She'd better make a massive donation to charities for the homeless to make up for this.

NDC, thanks for your post. That perspective makes this all the more terrible.
It's not that I don't like some of the clothes, but the homeless as muse is (apparently) unoriginal and it's really offensive. And seriously, I am NOT easily offended. In fact, I am usually the offender rather than the offended.

Also, I noticed the man with no pants and that was included in the long list of "And what the f*&! is THAT?!"s that kept coming out of my mouth as I scrolled through.

Gads, Vivi.

i've read your blog for ages, since S3. This is the first time i ever posted.


This is just plain stupid. STUPID I say! All those before me who said Zoolander were right on the money. Is VW really this desperate for attention?

I'm going to go back to the D&G thread...hopefully it's beauty will block this offensive mess out.

A. Offensive.

B. Ugly.

Insulting, especially the "Homeless Vet" look with the Military award ribbom bars.

And, not new. See "Zoolander."


I was rolling on the floor!
My favorite parts are:

1. The felt cowboy hat
2. Pantsless Sweeny Todd
3. Teddy bear cowl
4. "Wild Things" crowns
5. Orange prison jumpsuits.

Did they not see "Zoolander" ten years ago?

This is offensive and patronizing. That's all.

NDC's post is Brilliant. Thank you, NDC. You should write a letter to Ms. Westwood. For Shame, for Sure.

Who are the two non-models at the end?

Some of the models look authentically drunk/stoned, which was probably the only way they could handle selling their dignity while wearing this dreck.

The shopping cart with it's oh-so-artfully placed trash, the bizarre 'cowboys', the kilts--yep, expect to see this unsold garbage out for the real homeless to pick through. But even they have more class than to pick up the diaper pants.

Is it April 1st already!!! ;)

Beyond offensive

How did the male models not gag as they walked down the sidewalk - er catwalk? Or burst out laughing? Ugh.

Did the press release end with the line, 'Let them eat cake.'??

I almost choked on my soda when I read that. And OMG, for serious? This was such a horribly tasteless show. Not to mention ugly.

BEYOND offensive. These people pride themselves on how sophisticated, urbane, and worldly they are and snicker in their sleeves at the provincial hicks in Middle America. When in fact they 'live' in an insular, clueless, make-believe world that they have created for themselves which has nothing to do with reality.

Love it!


I could totally wear some of those pieces. Very cool collection! Thank you for posting these menswear collections, guys.


The clothes are cool, but come on, they sent a shopping cart down the runway? What's next, fashion based on the plight of abused children? I'm not a knee-jerk "this is offensive!" type, but... this offends me. It's callous and stupid.

GothamTomato said...
This is the dumbest idea I've ever heard of.


No really, it just needs to be perfectly executed. Not feeling it here.


Oh I just watched Zoolander again the other night too. Perfect timing!

"Darlings, you just can't make this shit up."

Yeah. Sums it up. Because NOW, instead of thinking "styled by crazy person who wants it to be hard to appreciate the clothes" I can think "gee, that guy reminds me of the probable schizophrenic that "lived" behind my block off & on in Dallas that I couldn't ever decide whether I was more sorry for or scared of."

Not to mention reflexively wondering what they smell like.

Lucky I couldn't afford designer wear since this is not really conducive to light thoughts of retail purchase.

I will have to look at this a few photos at a time because I can't take much of it at once, but there were glimpse of some great pieces.

Sure, it's all fine and dandy until Edward Scissorhands, The Joker, and Various gangsters from American History sue you for copyright.

This comment has been removed by the author.

This comment has been removed by the author.


Please tell me that Vivienne is just having us on and is aware of Zoolander.
Because if not, then this is a fail of massive proportions.

and where the hell is BLUE STEEL?

I looked at the first few "designs" and couldn't take it anymore, running straight for some soothing eyedrops.
ICK...Westwood is eternally NUTS.

This is HILARIOUS. I love it more for how cracktastic it is.

The crowns are my favorite.

Oh, Vivienne Westwood, you have the crazy deep within you.

Wow, I never thought Tyra (wrt her Top Model photoshoot) would manage to look more tasteful than someone...

Ummm, okay, I'm sorry, but I kind of get it. It helps that I saw the Vivienne Westwood exhibit. Westwood is always out on the edge of taste and ideas. Five or ten years down the line, it will make more sense.

Yes, on some level, it's shallow--looking at the homeless as inspiration instead of as people suffering. As fashion inspiration, though, I think she was going for sort of an idea of melange--things that look put together accidentally but work anyway. Very edgy.

So how much is it exploiting the homeless? I assume no homeless people were injured during the making of the show. And I guess you could say that in a weird way she is drawing attention to them . . .

So I do get that it's offensive. I also get as a designer why she was intrigued. We'll see other designer take the mish-mash and render it more palatable--which is what consistently happens with Westwood's work. I do wish they'd been less exploitive in the styling of the show . . . it gets attention, I suppose, but it also gets in the way of looking at the pieces.

I know everyone has already said it but this was my generation's movie...


I have to say I'm so tired of menswear collections in which only like 1% of what goes down the runway will ever be worn by anyone. Viv is a doll and has done some great things but I look at this and say "I don't think so." There are a few great pairs of pants and a couple of the cardigans look interesting but....

It's hard to make menswear interesting for a whole runway show.
I can only look at so many suits.
But if you have to make it look as though they got dresses in the dark with the help of a blind dresser, well, that's a little too much for me.

And it's always the same devices to crazy it up. Pant legs rolled up unevenly. Extra wide suspenders, things with holes in them.
Something new please.

That is actually pretty freaking insulting. Sorry but what an ass. Yeah, the homeless as fashion inspiration. Way to belittle them vivienne. And the bedroll and shopping cart was just the most fucked up touch

I present to you.... DERELICTE.

Looks like someone just discovered Zoolander.

Okay, aside from the sheer ridiculousness of the idea... after seeing the male models you posted in the Dolce & Gabbana show the other day, these guys just look sad in comparison. Where is my eye candy? These mens are styled like homeless zombies! At least the street urchins of D&G were HOT little urchins.

Stella and Kara Lang,

Thanks for the props. And to whomever noticed - because while I did try to suss it out, I couldn't quite see it or believe it - thanks for pointing out the duct-taped cardboard box "floor" for the runway to complete the set for this look.

I've tapped on those boxes to wake up a homeless person to offer some food and clothing as part of the aforemetioned outreach program. The insulting, unforgivable nature of this collection has just been multiplied by a factor of five.

This is indefensible, Ms. Westwood. I'll bet you'll get a certain amount of ink and notice in the fashion media and the general media as well for this stunt, but it oughtn't make you proud, smug or self-justified in the least.

Think about the reactions if you showed/displayed this collection to your "inspiration" demographic. You'd get what's deservedly coming to you. I'm just appalled.

All the best,


"To springboard a clothing line from the appearance of the destitute is insulting and offensive to those who cannot protest the implicit condescension". Kudos, NDC.

I also worked with very poor and some homeless in LA, mostly women and children.

Homelessness is a tragedy for the individual and a symptom of the callousness of society: we don't take care of our most vulnerable. Instead, here they are used for inspiration for the exclusive fashion world--clothing the muses will likely never be able to wear, and that is the least of their overwhelming problems.

"Westwood conceded that she herself had no experience of being homeless. 'The nearest I have come to it is going home and finding I don’t have my door key,' she said. 'I mean, what a disaster that is, dying to get in your house and you can’t. And what if it wasn’t there any more?'"


What a delusional twat.

HA!! My first thought was Mugatu's Derelict. I am so glad that I wasn't the only one who recognized it.

Westwood, you can Derelick my balls.

To look at this after seeing the D&G collection just baffles me. I'm really trying here but just can't see any good pieces. Maybe I just don't have enough experience with fashion to pick out the good stuff. This looks like what they throw away at Goodwill for being too bad to sell.

Tasteless, insulting, delusional, and downright ridiculous

Okay, the no-pants-with-purple-knee-socks look made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Vivienne (and TLo)!

And that has to be the ugliest plaid fabric I've seen in ages.

i'm not dorothy gale

NDC said: "To springboard a clothing line from the appearance of the destitute is insulting and offensive to those who cannot protest the implicit condescension.

For shame, Ms. Westwood."

AMEN! I hope Viv was pleased that she sold her soul.

please tell me that she at the very least has the decency of human spirit to donate a portion of the proceeds from this line to help the homeless. because otherwise, shes a fucking idiotic horrible, mean spirited thoughtless douchebag.

Well, I suppose that someday some designer was going to look at Paddington Bear and say, "Motherfucker, I'mma gut you and wear you as a hat. And it'll be SPLENDID."

Vivienne Westwood lives in a world where homeless men wear cowboy hats, Burger King crowns, and skirts. Interesting world, but could she join us in this one next time?

What's worst about this? I actually would have said she was one of my favorite designers at one point. Way to let me down!

The hell?

S. 6:24 fing hilarious. thank u.

i kinda wish she'd make a tone-downed version of this collection for target a la rodarte. LOVE some pieces but i just cannot get past mr. no-pants and that damn shopping cart!!!

another laura

I have got nothing original but feel compelled to post.

"Roving vagrant"? "the oddest of heroes"? Oh yes, quite "odd" -- Ms VW needs someone around her who will say "no, honey, just no."

So politically appalling I can't see the clothes. Yeah, it's fashion, but I've got my limits for lightening up.

Don't you all know that a foam sleep mat is the 'it' accessory of the season?

Behold! The Urban Sombrero!

An orange jumpsuit? Where's that one guy's pants? Shopping cart?

And we're supposed to take her seriously as a designer. What a load of crap.

YES! Because no homeless people collection is complete without an ESCAPED CONVICT.
Sometimes I love you and your kooky, underwear-as-outerwear brain, Vivienne Westwood.

a "homeless veteran" look!? All these looks are ugly and offensive, but that one just sent me through the roof. Runway fashion that tries to be "avant garde" based on the suffering of our military personnel is absolutely horrifying. If I can ever afford even a keyring designed by VW, consider this the beginning of a permanent boycott.

"And why am I the only person who seems to have noticed?"
It's okay to not read the 100s of posts before you yourself post, but do not then comment on how no one has mentioned what you are THE ONLY ONE TO NOTICE!

wait, i just had another thought. Is Vivienne Westwood more clever than we thought? Is this a spoof on a SPOOF?!


"Interesting world, but could she join us in this one next time?"
NO! DO NOT let that crazy bitch in here!

oye vey
This one again
What is with her lately? Much MUCH worse than usual.
Getting old is hard.

I write a lot about "homeless chic," and yes, there's a long history of the rich dressing like the poor and the homeless, whether for "artistic" inspiration or for "slumming" entertainment.

Most recently, there was John Galliano's Dior Couture Spring 2000 collection, "inspired" by the homeless persons he espied along the Seine, which in turn inspired Zoolander's parody of Galliano with the imperious (and imperialist) designer Mugatu and his infamous collection "Derelicte." Of course, the words Will Ferrell utters as the evildoer Mugatu ("It is a fashion, a way of life inspired by the very homeless, the vagrants, the crack whores that make this wonderful city so unique") seem to pale in comparison to Galliano's: "'Some of these people are like impresarios, their coats worn over their shoulders and their hats worn at a certain angle. It's fantastic.''

(Sorry for this blog plug, but it's relevant I swear. You can read some of the posts I've written analyzing tramp chic at

Sure, let's lay down cardboard and mock the homeless including vets and the mentally ill.

I sincerely hope that Westwood chokes on her cake.

Anyone who is impressed with this or thinks it's at all edgy or original is as clueless as they are heartless.

Now don'tm get me wrong, I don't like this - the show or much of the collection and saggy crotches and the wraps never appeal to me.

But I am observing the most universal, strongest disdain for a designer and their show ever.
The line the only line is at Homeless.

When Betsey Johnson viewed this collection, she died, falling simply and tastefully to the Aubusson-carpeted floor of her top-floor apartment in the Dakota. Because she knew it was time.

Poor thing, she knew it was all her fault, hers and Warhols, and it led to her heartbreak and demise. Taken together, they had used the cultural WD-40 of the 60s to inculcate the idea that the ordinary was extraordinary -- and now, 40 years later, Vivienne Westwood has pushed the envelope, when there never was an envelope to start with.

Fashion forecast: Vivienne's Spring 2010 collection will be: the straight-from-the-morgue look! How very trendy! Bloodstains will cost extra, of course -- prices will vary according to the species and quantity of blood employed in any given design. In no case will it be affordable.

But it'll be worth it.

God why??!?

Some of this individually? Not so bad, not bad at all.

All of this together? Heinous.

Lots of piece that I want. but yeah, i was laughing through it all.....

I fully expect her Spring 2011 collection to be inspired by Haitian earthquake victims.

This isn't pret-a-porter darling, it's art!
This is an expression of the world around (you) and as such should be viewed articstically as intended. The ispiriation is in the tragic beauty of her muses, ingenuity, and pathos of her audience.
Why is this shameful? Why is this disgusting? Because we don't want to see it and be reminded of what we covet every single day!

Epic FAIL!

I think the following videos pretty much sum why this collection exists.


I LOVE how many Zoolander comments this post. Westwood, it's called Derelicte. Been done.

This isn't pret-a-porter darling, it's art!
This is an expression of the world around (you) and as such should be viewed articstically as intended. The ispiriation is in the tragic beauty of her muses, ingenuity, and pathos of her audience.
Why is this shameful? Why is this disgusting? Because we don't want to see it and be reminded of what we covet every single day!

No. This isn't art, she's not making any statement, and don't call me darling. Not only is this not an original idea - it was done almost a decade ago as a parody in Zoolander as many people have pointed out - she's making clothes that a very select (image conscious, wealthy) group of people will own which will only contribute to the the elite swell of a social circle that is already out of touch with reality. The trite, dumb message sweaters that end the show demonstrate how little thought Westwood has actually put into this collection and her so called "muses" (please).

Really, the whole thing relies on stereotypes which is a good indication that it's not "to be viewed artistically" as you bullshit response would have us believe. The crazy person with no pants (hahaha mental illness!), the shopping cart, the prisoner's jumpsuit: Westwood has no idea what homelessness actually is - that's it's not just drug users and veterans - and so she resorts to an uneducated and easy portrayal of the homeless. To call this art and to make it out like she's doing some sort of good gives insult to the people who physically help the homeless.

People will buy parts of this collection for hundreds of dollars; hundreds of people will still be hungry, cold, and lost in this life. And you will sit there, with your condescending "darlings" and skewed outlook on life, and post under an anonymous name how this is somehow making a statement. For shame.

this is hysterical!

Well, it's beyond tasteless and offensive. I can't even look at the pieces, the context is so disturbing to me.

What's next, "terrorist chic"? "Refugee chic"? "Kiddie porn chic"?

ToddNY, I'll give you a tip on getting an orange jumpsuit on the cheap: get arrested.

Rob Pattinson called. He wants his hair back.

Thanks, Vivienne. I'm supposed to go on a date with this? Shall I wear my burlap or go with a classic little hefty bag?

I hardly ever comment on here but as a vet, those are real Army ribbons - I recognize a few of them. That's pretty damn disrespectful.

If someone with Vivienne Westwood's satus can come up with 'homeless chic', perhaps Zoolander should be compulsory viewing a fashion school.

looks like custome try outs for Where the Wild Things are II

My problem with this is not (just) the utter tastelessness of it, it is that there will be no negative effect for having done it. The fashionistas will have their "Oh, that VW" moment, the press will improve her standing as a provocateur, and the homeless will still be starving as the elite gasp in mock horror at the display.

1) Making fun of the homeless? Not cool, VW.

2) They don't look homeless as much as they look like Philly Hipsters to me. Pants that fit? Those are for the establishment, man!

3) Hammer pants make everyone look fat. Even skinny skinny model men.

4) Holy crap, the early 90s are back. I'm having NKOTB flahsbacks.

5) Are those Burger King crowns? Oh god, I'm going to see those in W. Philly, now, aren't I?

Offensive to homeless people and to my eyeballs. I'm fine with fashion as art, commenting on society's boundaries and pushing them in new directions. But there is no deep message here; the visuals invoke laughter because of the absurdity of the idea and the hideousness of the actual outfits). There is no compassion here, nothing to bring the audience to a place of self-reflection or thought. This collection is entirely about mocking the homeless.

quigley (the cat)

OK, what's next for inspiration, earthquake victims??

Viv has her head so far up her tush, she's way beyond taking seriously. Offensive and disturbed.

hissing and scratching, QTC

Its Mugatu's Derelicte collection

I usually worship Dame Viv, but the only thing I could think about is Mugatu and Derelicte... and I could not stop laughing.

Have you completely lost your memory? Galliano did this years ago, which was the inspiration of Derelicte (Thank you for not getting the reference? I thought fashion was your industry.)

I think Galliano did it better and also he said at the time, "who are you to tell me where to get inspiration?"
Good point. We get inspiration from what we see Every Day.


I think Westwood has done this very deliberately to provoke reaction. If you look beyond her work in fashion, she's quite busy (but fairly quietly, except for the odd appearance on Jonathan Ross in the UK)trying to bring social awareness to a couple of global causes.

Also, think of all the little rich kids wearing Jack Wills so they can look like the poor kids wearing Primark - its on the same level but without being aware of what they are doing, which I think is worse

"It's okay to not read the 100s of posts before you yourself post, but do not then comment on how no one has mentioned what you are THE ONLY ONE TO NOTICE!

Technically, she was only the 2nd person to mention it. The many references to the pants-less man came after her comment. You might want to relax and switch to decaf or something. ;-p


I actually think the clothes are beautiful--they remind me of extras from a Terry Gilliam movie like "The Fisher King" or "12 Monkeys." However, all of the props and makeup are extremely offensive. The use of makeup meant to make the models look ill or drugged out is very offensive, as are the bedrolls, Army ribbons, cardboard boxes, and so on. I think if she had removed the props and staging and just showed the collection as a bunch of "future clothes" or whatever with a theme of eclecticism, it would have been a much more successful collection.

I can't decide what I like the best - the prison jumpsuit or the puritan scarecrow hat. This is the most fun I've had looking at a collection in forever.

skepticle: "I think Galliano did it better and also he said at the time, "who are you to tell me where to get inspiration?"
Good point. We get inspiration from what we see Every Day."

Who is anyone to tell me what I like or what I find offensive? I get the point Galliano was making, but just because someone creates something, doesn't mean everyone has to love it.

There are infinite ways of finding inspiration, and infinite ways of translating inspiration into art. This is collection is lazy in utilizing its inspiration, resorting to jokes about pantsless men and shopping carts. Viv is welcome to call this collection art and cultural commentary. But observers are welcome to say it's a complete fail.

To all of your who are saying that Fashion has little to do with the real world how very wrong you are. Fashion MAKEs the world without fashion there would be no individuality and lets not forget the fact that you are all wearing clothes yes? unless you are a nudist. And I don't believe Westwood was trying to portray a negative or mocking view of homelessness in fact i think her work speaks of an edgy nothing to loose sort of feeling. Of course some of the designs are ridiculous but that is the nature of couture


Agree that there are some great pieces in there. Also agree with those that are completely offended by the theme. Shopping carts & bedrolls? REALLY?

I've always loved Vivienne Westwood's design aesthetic, but I am most emphatically NOT loving this poverty tourism BS. It is beyond the pale; insensitive, gross, and clueless.

btw, @sixgables, Westwood didn't use any dumpy, middle aged dudes; it just looks like she did because of the powdered white streaks in their hair and yards of extra fabric around their midsections, hips, and thighs.

So, what I want to know is, did a brainwashed male model, triggered by Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax, perpetrate an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of Malaysia or what?

Sorry, Ms. Westwood, but Mugatu got there first, nine years ago, with his Derelicte collection.

Nice to see some of the boys are trying out their best attempts at "Blue Steel" in order to distract from the absolute insanity of bringing a Zoolander fashion show to life.

Oh, please, please, someone tell me they used Frankie Goes to Hollywood songs for the runway music.

I scrolled through the clothes with half-interest, and then when I got to the shopping cart, I lost it.

i am baffled by the number of people who find this show "offensive." i don't really understand how something like this could really threaten anyone and it is certainly not exploitative. who is being exploited? no one owns rights to this style of dress. should someone be getting royalties for the stolen shopping cart "idea?" inspiration for visual art can and should be found in anything we can see. it seems to me that westwood is running with the idea of a vagabond lifestyle and all that it might entail, definitely with a post-apocalyptic undertone, which should be completely within the realm of the public or of any artist to ponder and explore visually. it didn't seem like mockery to me. i think it is much more insulting to generalize the homeless population as being helpless victims equivalent to abused children. that is incredibly disempowering. homelessness is not inherent to anyone, it isn't genetic, it is a situation. and whether that situation is arrived at by informed choice or by tragic circumstance, i can't believe there is anything threatening or stupid or evil about really seeing it and commenting on it visually. why should people who are homeless be excluded from the realm of style? who else should be excluded? prostitutes? people who live in their cars?
i get not liking the show, i just don't understand everyone feeling that a show like this is something they have to defend themselves, or anyone else, from.

Anon 4:57, if you don't get why people find this collection offensive, no amount of explaining will help your understanding.

I'll simply say there's nothing wrong with finding inspiration from any source, but when a designer finds inspiration in something most people find tragic, and goes on to create the most superficial, insulting statement possible, it looks like designer is trying too hard to be controversial rather than express an actual view-point.

This is homeless short-cut, homeless cartoon. It's disrespectful, it's lazy (c'mon, she walked a man without pants down the runway--what she saying with that look? Or with the cardboard? Or with the shopping cart?).

I'm growing weary of the defense that just because her vision that this collection is defensible beyond reproach. It's not. It's lazy and mocking a demographic of people in the most dire of situations, with nary a concern of actually saying anything of substance.

And please. She's a designer known for being controversial. I highly doubt she walked the streets and studied her actual muses; rather, I'm sure she sat down and considered the homeless sterotype and went on to create a collection designed to stir the most attention possible, good or bad. She's not saying anything about the homeless with this collection--it's all about Dame Viv.

God bless Vivienne Westwood and her craziness. She'll never bore us, that's for sure.

this is anon 4:57.
i guess i should clarify. i can pretty easily get why people might react to this collection defensively and feel uncomfortable with it. i am just disappointed with that response because that kind of defensiveness is misplaced. i really think that any criticism surrounding the inspiration for this collection is worthless. is the collection itself worthwhile? that is definitely not clear and worth debating. it has certainly inspired a strong reaction. but to criticize the process of an artist, to say "she should not be inspired by homeless people. and if she is going to be inspired by homeless people then she should study them very carefully by going among them on the street. and furthermore if she is going to be inspired by them she should give money to organizations that help homeless people." it is ludicrous to suggest that we should dictate her creative process in this way. or anyone's. anyone who feels that homeless people need defending should help defend them from something real, like hunger or bad weather or unfair legislation that basically doesn't allow them to rest anywhere without being hassled. but to get up in arms in their defense in this case, where no one is actually attacking them or anyone for that matter, is nonsensical.

I'd like to think that VW admires the combinations, layers of clothes homeless people wear, and is trying to capture that. An inspiration that would make me look closer at the homeless and what they are wearing.

Unfortunately, the VW ensembles look kind of ugly to me, except for a couple. An unsuccessful translation of the inspiration.

It wouldn't be so offensive if VW had omitted the shopping cart, and other "homeless" extras. So the mish-mash of clothes would take center stage.

And also since the layering, combinations of the homeless are not intentional fashion choices? But unavoidable because of dire straits? Not how they would dress if in better circumstances.

Coming soon to a runway near Milan.... Haut Haiti?..... Arresting Afghanistan?...Tzunami Chic....Suddenly Sudan?
what a vapid idiot!

My first thought, upon viewing this collection, was that the designer had gone to five different thrift stores and grabbed random arm-fulls of clothes, and then took them home, threw them in piles on the floor, and with a pair of scissors and some spray glue, worked frantically on this collection for about 4 hours, then called it high fashion.
Then I thought that perhaps this was a joke, and the pieces actually WERE picked up from thrift shops as some kind of edgy political joke from inside the industry.
The thought of how much one of these fugly pieces will sell for makes me want to vomit.

This comment has been removed by the author.

As I seem to be the only person on the planet who's never seen Zoolander--though it's referenced/quoted so frequently; I think I'm fine on that front for several lifetimes--once I made it past this cringe-worthy collection of the woman whom for years I referred to as my favorite designer:

I thought, "Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçons, Yohiji Yama--more of *this* again?"

...& how!

in Ana Finel Honigman's coverage of Berlin's fashion week


#1 on her list of "The Worst Fashion Statements of All Time"?

Designer Patrick Mohr, who went so far as to actually "cast" homeless people in his show and make them look more destitute and derelict by caking "moldy green mud" on their faces... [The URL listed is worth a quick click to glance at the photo post alone. Seriously.]

Though insofar as clueless, classist, unmitigated gall is concerned? THIS PART?

THIS detail trumps Ye Olde VW, even:

While "All the [homeless] models navigated a catwalk covered in black trash bags, with their faces caked," they weren't alone. Oh no: Mohr cast agency girls to showcase his collection, as well. Nonetheless, "the pretty models wore jeans and the homeless participants were dressed in ill-formed sacks like creatures from a children's theatrical performance. Mohr claimed he wanted to let the homeless models "take part in a world usually inaccessible to them."

Oh really. Because, you know, the amenities provided backstage-- an opportunity to shower, get something to eat from the craft service area, and the experience of being pampered backstage by hairstylists and make-up artists?

That's the world usually "accessible to them." What peons we must be, to not realize it's the AGENCY GIRLS who're subjected to public humiliation starting with an "Umm, ewwww!" for them to clear some doorway in which they've been sleeping, and leading up to...


On the positive tip, from this collection?

The petrochemical pink "fun fur" posing as bangs on one of the model's head (with the red/black horizontal striped scarf that staggers into various branches of the color spectrum at each end),
the signature Westwood plaid duffel bag in which the gent just above 'Prison Break' (L) is CARRYING HIS BEDROLL, and the amorphous cobalt blue shawl-sweater thing with a white pattern and red details added 'round the neck and cuffs?

Love the last piece mentioned most of all, I think--despite the fact the model wearing it couldn't even face the audience/press with his eyes open.


i would love to see a reality show that challenged regular people to wear one of these outfits for a whole day in exchange for money.

i would watch that religiously! can you imagine the looks of co-workers, loved ones? farkin hilarious!

This is so disrespectful. If you end up homeless one day, does that mean you will automatically carry around a shopping cart and wear these ridiculous clothes you call fashion?

What a bunch of slop

That is fucked.What is actually amazing about this is that it actually cost thousands of dollars to do this fashion show. That money "could" have gone to the homeless. What a dumb fucking cunt.

Really? Disgusting! Every penny should go back to the community of people, yes PEOPLE, you are making a buck off of. I'd hate to see what your after life is going to look like.

hey everyone! there is an amazing interview with viv on the big issue website talking about her 'homeless chic' collection and other stuff. Its such an in depth and honest interview... well worth a look

its horrible when you see a homeless under the snow starving and cold, but for disgrace there's not to do about this, maybe give a little hand with some food and clothes, also you can bring them to some refuge.

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