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Versace Menswear Fall 2010

What is love? Baby don't hurt me.

FWD takes a look at Donatella's latest for the boys:

"Just when everyone in Milan has gone retro and back to their Italian craftsman origins, along comes Donatella Versace to take us back to the future in her menswear collection for Fall 2010, which she showed on Monday, Jan. 18.

Inspired by the obscure but dazzling science fiction film "Tron," starring Jeff Bridges as a video game player who gets sucked into a virtual video battle, the collection was a high-tech strut into a late 21st century.

While others looked back to 19th century class struggle and '20s adventure pilots, such as to Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry, Versace went forward with articulated, intergalactic warrior looks, though tailored smartly enough to be worn here on Earth."

Let's take a look ourselves, shall we?

There are some fantastic pieces to be found here (that first jacket in particular is TDF), but the whole thing feels a bit off tonally. FWD made it sound like she was required to churn out the same 20th Century Europe vibe that other designers were presenting and while we wouldn't take it that far, we kind of wonder what possessed her to revisit a '90s club theme now of all times. Purple double-breasted suits, Donatella? Really? There's a lot here to covet, and we're all for a designer bucking the trends and going whichever way she wants, but we just can't say we love the concept here.


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I'm too distracted by that richie rich hairstyle they're all sporting. Designers really need to learn how to style their models, cause it makes an amazing difference.

very the pants
it does not look versace, still, love it

Nothing really new here, but I like it. Very wearable.

Since when is "Tron" obscure?

Nothing terribly new and the styling is horrific ... but the more structured and edgy pieces are gorgeously made and would be sexy on men (not so much on these boys).

Whatever happened to their models? I miss seeing Will Chalker in their runway...would kill to see him in those leather pants...but I digress...
bad model casting...

some of these leather jackets are gorgeous but the rest is a bad cross between the matrix and 90s cyber goth. the sunglasses are terrible and i never want to see t-shirts with flames on them, ever.

First off, I'll agree with Patrick. Tron is not obscure. At least not for those of us who like sci-fi or movies.
Second, the styling throws me entirely. I can't picture myself wearing any of it because the styling is a little too angry. Of course, if I was starving, I'd also be angry.
Third, the color palette seemed muted. If "Tron" is your inspiration, go for the bright electric blue, the caution light red, even the mainframe screen green. Not a collection half in black and silver. Maybe a few of the pieces would be nice individually, but with a pop of color.

I don't understand why designers keep pushing this 'trousers tucked into the boots' thing. Men don't dress like that and if they do - will immediately be tagged as a fashion victim.

Shit this stuff is so hot and wearable....just unnaffordable ;_; I was barely born in the 90s but Im glad this style wasn't left doesn't always have to be 'innovative', it pretty much cylces anyway.

cycles* :C

I was so absorbed by the clothes I didn't notice- all the models look like zombies cos the lighting is terrible, noone likes nose shadows :/

Tron is absolutely not obscure ... and those even slightly in the know realize that there is a new one coming out soon, so it's a stretch to give too much credit for "forward thinking" ... that said ... the styling seems meant for gender-bending (man purse? really?) but the clothes should have been on men who could work that "warrior" look better.

I LOVE the pants, but i agree with anon @ 8:48. Men just shouldn't tuck their pants into their boots unless they are sledding.

Yes half this collection speaks more matrix than tron. If you're going for Tron black and silver really is not the way to go.

Really some of the pieces look very sharp and sadly unaffordable


Oh please. A man bag is about as "gender bending" as a woman in pants.

I want that first jacket for my husband. He needs a really kick-ass jacket like that.


Ehhhh....the clothes are ok. I just wish I could get past the cadaverous-like models. Are sunken-in cheeks in vogue nowadays??

Tron? Is that an "obscure" spelling of The Matrix?

"Obscure but dazzling"? Tron??? The writer must have been smoking bad dope when he/she saw it. That movie was terrible!

The clothes, OTOH, are fab!

As a nerd who has watched many a sci-fi flick, I feel obligated emphasize what a few others have noted. The Tron vibe only kicked in with the print shirts at the end. Otherwise, it felt rather like the Matrix. Which is just fine by me. Oh, and I'm fond of flames on shirts.

I used to sell Vespas, and well, flames make you go faster. ;)

Regardless of era, theme, model or lighting, I agree with Frank. A lot of these pieces (not all, but many) are beautiful, fitted perfectly, and highly wearable. This will go over well with the Italians (where the boys like to preen as much as the girls), various Euro-trash, and some American clubbers. I'm sure I'll never see any of it in real life, but there are lots of beautiful things there.

It seems much more Purple Rain than Tron and I would never want my husband to dress this way. It is by no means my personal tastbut I still L love it.
It's like what Pimps will wear in the year 3000.

I thought I would like that first coat, but it makes the very fit model look like he has a paunch, so you can imagine what most humans would look like in it.

I have to say that as I looked at the rest of the collection, I started getting the giggles. I wanted to like it but really felt it was just ridiculous? Is that the word?

I like different things, but this collection seemed to throw lots of old bad styles at us and pretended they are new.

I don't think she was going after laughter as a response, but I am sure that Donatella cares not one whit what this mid-westerner thinks.

Picture #23 and #24, I want that silver sweater. I love Donatella Versace, anytime, anyday, forward thinking or retro, so I cannot be a fair judge


I like some of the looks, but it feels a little dated.


I love Tron, but other than the background, and the blue shirt with chest pieces and piping, I don't see an influence at all. What I see is The Matrix meets Batman movies.

I wish Donatella would dress like this. She would look so much better.

Like some of it, but I laughed at the sweater with the car floor mats over his chest.

HaHa- I thought car floor mat on that one sweater too!

Something sort of fetish wear about the whole thing.

HOT. I love the sci-fi/anime quality...but I would prefer to see the leather pants on the kind of models Dirk Bikkembergs' chooses.

But them again, I prefer the Bikkembergs' models in general....prrrrr.

Austin Sally

You've GOT to be kidding. This is the HAWTness. I see lots of pieces that are smart and do what must be done in men's fashion -- push things forward in small steps, so that they're still recognizably men's fashion. Check out some of the innovations in the jackets with regard to collar, lapel, and closure.

Much much better than most of the menswear shows you've featured lately.

Oh lovely lovely lovely. There's something here for ANY man and it's all just so damn SEXY.

*sigh* The only thing I would turn my nose at are the little ankle boots but then, I have an aversion to them in principle.

This is delicious. I want it ALL...and this time, I mean the CLOTHING. (I'll dig up the men to fit them in, thanks...)

Wow, I like this so much more than most of the posts so far.

O.k., I admit I have no use for the purple suits/pants & rainbow flames.

But the jackets; and the TOP COATS!! They make the Prada top coats look like Sears. And they're cut more generously, I think, and would look better on most men, especially if one had to wear a suit underneath.

Not a comprehensive list of what I'd buy for the men in my life if I had the bucks (I skipped sweaters almost entirely), but:
2nd row left, gorgeous coat, silly pants.

7th row right. I like this leather work better than the top row jacket, which looks a tad over-worked to me. (Or maybe too consciously tough-boy-cool, not that there's anything wrong with that . . .)

10th row right. Beautiful jacket. could be the top half of a smashing suit, though not with those pants. (Though they do look like very nice leather pants, if you want to wear leather pants. They always look like rock-star-wannabe-new-money to me.)

11th row, left and right: On the left, the perfect raincoat for business travel. (And I'd like to see the trousers better.) On the right: I love this coat a lot. The pocket detail, the shaping, I think it's elegant without looking just like everything else out there.

14th row left: yay! an entire ensemble I like. No, you're not breaking fashion barriers, but you're not scaring the horses either.

14th row right: So much nicer than the average hoodie.

16th row, top coat left.

17th row, left: nice jacket though it feels dated to me, I think those are the trousers I mentioned earlier and they're nice.
3rd row, right: jacket
Last row right: top coat (though with that hair & boots it give it a storm trooper feel I don't love)

Yes, I get the criticism that these aren't really new or out there - especially the ones I like - but they're good-looking, even elegant AND most men could and would enjoy wearing them without feeling conspicuous.

Agree with bad model casting. First time I've ever looked at a mens show and gone, ick. Especially the guy with gauges in his ears.

What's up with the model seventh frame down on the left? He looks like he either thinks he's Billy Badass or he's holding in a fart.

The color pieces have some Tron influence, but the entire line seems more inspired by The Matrix than Tron.

Tron is neon colors, computer imagary, and math-inspired design. This is all punk, dark coloring, with some urban appaeral.

If you liked the Matrix, just say so, don't try to hide it trying to seem "retro" by referencing "obscure" Tron.

you know how people immediately jump of women's clothes that have seams or embellishments that point to a woman's croctch - I saw that in a number of these pants, starting with the first pair with the zippers , the next couple with the different fabric.

from then on I had to work to look anywhere else to see the rest of the clothes

I LOVE the long sleeve printed shirts and the print tank top! I want them so bad....

I love the darker jackets and trenches too. When it started moving into the purple and padded shirts is where I started getting lost. Still overall I <3 this collection. So much of it I would want for myself.

Sleek, sexy, young and hot: That's what I think of when I think Versace and that's what I see here. *snaps*


Donatella is back on top of her game, although I do miss Gianni's casting. Leatherwise it can't get any fiercer than this, can it gals?

-Anastasia Beverhausen

ps: go on make my day and serve your minions the absolute highlight: LANVIN

I think that this is positively fabulous. I'd wear every piece here, and I'm a girl. (Though, admittedly, a cyberpunk one.)

I love a lot of it. I see it getting a leetle gimmicky, such as with the angular leather shoulder treatments, and the colored shirts definitely look 90s, but I would LOVE one of those leather jackets for my husband.

Also, Tron is not obscure, but then again, these are designers who think that all people are too fat and that the homeless are the new chic. *shrug*

I was wondering if you were going to do this collection. I kinda love it, although I agree that it is not completely together. Some of the jackets were really, really hot. Kind of hate the prints with the "purple" outfits - they really stand out, and not in a good way. Although I do have to chuckle at your admonitions to Donatella - as if that wench had anything to do with this collection beyond walking the runway at the end lol. Wish my brother with a world-famous fashion house would get assassinated. Must be nice to play 'designer' for a living.

The collection/concept as a whole I'm not in love with, but there are a LOT of gorgeous pieces there. Love some of the jackets, love that first long grey coat, love a lot of the shirts. As a collection it's not my favorite but I can see a lot of pieces here that I think people (at least the guys I know) will really want to wear.

I LOVELOVELOVE this collection.... for goth clubwear. Seriously, I want all of my friends to suddenly make tons of money and buy these pieces for clubbing in.

I'd love to see a bit more edge on the street, and while these are pretty derivative of past styles, they're still pretty wearable.

many of the jackets and coats are great. the rest is eh.

and i gotta say that between the fug sunglasses and hairstyle, we lose the hotness of the models. and that is unacceptable.


Well, if they ever recast the Joker, at least he'll have a wardrobe.

Some of the pieces are fabulous, and even some of the ensembles come together really beautifully (guy in the 12th row), but overall the show came off a bit like costumes (not clothes) for 1992's vision of 2100.

Is there a new Matrix in the works? Because, damn, the costume designer could just use this line! That being said, I think it's pretty cool as a whole.

There was a lot I liked and a lot that I didn't, but the models hair styles and either constipated or 'I'm bad ass' facial expressions were very distracting.

Yes to all of this! Um, I kind of laughed at the shirt in pics 34-35, though. Snorfled, really.

I'm uncool enough not to know what guys were wearing in clubs in the 90s, so to me, these are only gorgeous! And I'm glad to learn that people won't *only* be wearing black in the future, as I'd originally feared.

The styling makes a number of the looks seem very unisex.

I can't really say much about the clothes, as I'm far too distracted by her inspiration coming from "Tron" (!). My inner childhood geek is flipping out, and loves the echo of the glowing line special effects from the movie in some of the fabrics. Is it fashionably delicious? Um, probably not, especially since she turned one poor fellow into an `80s car seat, but I find it amusing, if only because of the mental image of Donatella watching one of my childhood favorites that died at the box office. (If her next inspiration is "The Dark Crystal", I'm going to love her freaky self forever.) I'm also thankful she didn't butcher it as badly as, say, George Lucas might've.

Some of the models look like Mr. Smith of the Matrix Movies.

So@10:39: I see lots of pieces that are smart and do what must be done in men's fashion -- push things forward in small steps, so that they're still recognizably men's fashion. Check out some of the innovations in the jackets with regard to collar, lapel, and closure.

Yes, yes and yes! Those very things were what made me go, Wow. Now if only significant style-making male celebrities would adopt them!

I also liked the use of prints, including the "breastplate/car mat" look. Male cleavage, yay!

Oh god I LOVE EVERYTHING! If I was a boy I'd wear all this. Hell, if I had money I would wear all this. And make my boyfriend wear all this. All of the pieces are so gorgeous, love the knit sweater with the leather shoulders!!

Hate the styling but I do love most of the pieces, especially the pants.

In a world where the earth has warmed and the seas have risen and the harsh rays of the sun attack the human species.........

Will the fashionable men of Versaceville learn to love leggings and tucking their suit pants into their jack boots?

And could Jeff Bridges carry off that look now?

suzq said...
"Will the fashionable men of Versaceville learn to love leggings and tucking their suit pants into their jack boots?

And could Jeff Bridges carry off that look now?"
Why not? Bridges' current look is so close to over-the-top schtick (or wait, maybe it IS over-the-top schtick), but it seems to be working for him. I suspect it would be an improvement.

I have the sudden urge to dress in black latex with a hole cut in the bum and have a Matrix-type dude drill my virgin ass with a big black dildo.
Is it 5 o'clock yet?

I must confess that I usually am not that interested by menswear (sorry!), but I love this. I guess my love for Versace and The Matrix (even though the third film was ass) couldn't allow otherwise.

A lot of the pieces were gorgeous, but the styling and show made them look cheaper and very 90's club-esque

Not very impressed. It feel retro. And the booties on every model are just so, so wrong.

Anonymous 11:07: Dirty minds think alike? I, too, was immediately drawn to the crotch on the first model, and it was all downhill from there.

Can't say I find the pants on these skinny models particularly attractive. Now, if they had those Milanese football (soccer) players from the other show filling out the leather pants with their gorge thighs, I'm sure I'd be close to asphyxiation from the panting!

The D&G show has spoiled me for everything else. Every men's show should have one look that requires a shirtless model.

I'm experiencing a little penis envy right now, because those pants, jackets, and sweaters are stunning. Not crazy about the styling either, but the clothes were so fantastic I didn't even glance at the models or set.


Loving it!

First of all Tron is not obscure. It's Disney for pete's sake.

That said, I'm not sure I love a man in a purple suit. Purple shirt, sure. Maybe even purple pants with a simple shirt or sweater. Purple head to toe... not so much.

Also , not really loving the whole electric flame sleeve nonsense. It looks like she watched Hackers one too many times and forgot that it wasn't 1995.

Overall a really cool collection. That first jacket is amazing - I could probably get my husband to wear that... Well, maybe... No, I can't afford to even look at it, LOL!

Purple double-breasted suits, Donatella? Really?

Preachers need suits, too!

Hate the styling but I like most of the pieces.

I'm over forty, was I supposed to be paying attention?

Calling this 90s is generous.

It's like 90s Prada meets the Matrix, only slightly more fay. I mean, I'm a total 90s casualty, so I love it, but it's hardly futuristic, except in a retro way. and not in that good, 40s, skycaptain and the world of tomorrow/ brazil way.

I feel like I should have taken the blue pill.

Awesome to see leather,and I mean not just jackets, back in men's fashion.

For a tutorial on when it is appropriate to tuck your jean legs into leather boots, check out

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