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Valentino Spring 2010 Haute Couture

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“Hidden Eden” was the name the design duo of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli gave to the collection, an evocative display of naturalistic fashion and quivering clothes.

In a show and collection that neatly juxtaposed technology and nature, the two defining materials were telling – soft chiffon and hard sharkskin, or to use its technical term, galuchat. These two were combined in one remarkable jacket, a curvy biker jacket that had lots of chutzpah and a cashmere trim. Think cashmere cruisin’ couture.

This Roman design duo could certainly not be faulted for failing to take risks. They even invented a new garment, a single sleeve jump suit with a hint of a tunic, which they christened the “jump dress.” Later they whipped up a super multicolored pastel feather jacket that had “cover shoot” written all over it.

Throughout the look was ethereal, the models wafting by between the twisting trees, the yellow, rose and flesh hues of the clothes mirrored by technical versions of the same colors on the screen.

“Elongated insects,” was how Piccioli termed the lean look and silhouette he and Chiuri wanted models to have on the catwalk."

Yes. Woman as insects. There's your selling point.

We don't know, kittens. We had negative reactions to this one. For one, it feels like a shoving of the Valentino name into a box it doesn't fit in. But even if the house of Valentino wants to rebrand itself as edgy and Rodarte-like, that still doesn't make the following garments any prettier or more interesting. In fact, so heavily Rodarte-inspired do these garments seem, that it almost doesn't look like a couture collection at all, let alone one from such an established name. There are definitely some interesting pieces here but they're overshadowed by two things: the color story, which we don't like at all, and the styling, which we HATE. Every girl looks exactly the same. Combine that with the bizarre makeup and the blindfolds and the idea of woman as elongated insects and we have to say, we come away with the impression that this is not a very woman-friendly aesthetic.


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yeah! ho! wah!

are you guys nuts? so yeah, its not exactly what you expect from valentino, fair enough. but otherwise this collection is gorgeous! love the colours and all the textures.

The colors are atrocious. And you're right on the Rodarte copying.

This is just a disappointing, disjointed collection. Not couture.

some really lovely detail throughout, but the yellow is too jarring- like caution tape.

I'm not loving it. For such an "out there" collection, it is oddly boring.

Is "sharkskin" actually the skin of sharks? If so, major fail.

A like a lot of these ... soft and pleasant.

Why bother with models, why not just send two by fours down the runway. Those women have absolutely no shape, it's wallpaper.

This is an haute couture collection? Really? This looks more like ready to wear--even the styling.

This collection is beautiful.
i love it.even though i must admit that for a couture collection-it's a bit disappointing.

I agree, this doesn't feel like couture AT ALL, I'm very disappointed. Poor Valentino, he must crying on his pillow.

There are some beautiful pieces! Perhaps "elongated insects" is tough to read but let's face it, those long lanky girls in shell-like sharkskin ... it does seem accurate, even if I wouldn't like being referred to as a six-legged creature with a three part body, comprised of head, thorax and abdomen ... oh, come on, kittens, you remember biology class?

Nowhere near the level of the other couture collections you've been showing us (thankyouthankyou TLo), but maybe because I'm a more casual gal, I love the jackets in rows 6 and 7, the multi feathery in row 11, and rows 13, 16 and 17.

Educated darlings, is this the future of Haute Couture? I'm just thinking of that final LaCroix collection, where I got chills down my spine. No comparison for this bitter kitten.

Just what I want to see: blindfolds. Please, no more!!!

That said, while my initial response was that there's nothing wearable, once I got past the visual overload, I realized there are a lot of beautiful pieces, though I'm not sure anyone but models could pull them off.

The gray smokey jumper reminds of Georgia O'Keefe paintings. Several of the looks referencing Mod (the long sleeved radiating mini) and Hippie styles (red long-sleeved jumpsuit & patchwork suit next to it) work really well.

There are also several pieces that are on the edge of awful, though, such as 4th from bottom, horizontal rows of ruffles, the bright red leather with vertical ruffles, the yellow "blind justice."

Not getting the insect vibe, though, with one exception: 3rd from the bottom, with the butterfly wings cape.

Lady Justice is peeking out from behind her blindfold, which is slipping off her face.

I had to go back and take a second look because the color combos distracted me during my first run through. The muted browns and beiges fight against those pretty blues, reds, and limes imo; but when looking at the garments (disregarding some of those colors), I love this collection.

NYCourier, in this case, it doesn't seem to be wool sharkskin; galuchat is animal hide: "Galuchat, meaning sharkskin or stingray skin was named after Louis XV’s master leather artisan, Jean-Claude Galuchat, who introduced this exotic material to France during the 18th century. He used the scarce skins to manufacture luxurious items such as jewelry boxes and various furniture."

I kind of love it. Totally not my kinds of colors, but there's something about that wispy, floaty chiffon that really appeals to me, even in the mostly nude colors. And I think if you ignore the words "elongated insect" and "Valentino" and just look at it for what it is, it's quite lovely. Maybe not couture, but I've never really understood the definition of that anyway. Seems rather ephemeral.

This certainly doesn't seem couture, but the collection has some very pretty, wearable pieces. With that overlong description about insect and technology and blah blah blah, I thought it was going to be much stranger.

So yeah. Pretty, but not couture.

The blindfolds are creepy, but the clothes are mostly very pretty. I wouldn't say insect-like, but more fairy-like. Seriously, put some wings on those girls, plop them down in a midsummer's night forest, and you're all set.

I absolutely LOVE it....and I would wear quite a bit of it.

very ethereal! while some of the colors aren't quite what I love, can see this as every bit of a couture collection as what else is out there.

the insect styling maybe not so cool on, but there's been every bit as much fug on recent runways that I can think of.

i think its really beautiful for the most part.

i especially love the 12th look, the little grey and pink dress with the pattern, i just wish i could see how it works in the back..

I like the eye and shoulder make-up quite a bit.
There are a few stand out pieces like the draped chiffon jacket in beige with the neon yellow trim. The mini just above it with the neon pink at the hem and the mulit colored tiered evening gown.

The styling is silly, but there are a number of pretty pieces there. I especially like that copper short dress that the black model wears.

I actually really like this collection. Sure the colors are a little Hypercolor-ish but thats kinda fun. I'd love to see someone in that bright yellowy-green dress on the red carpet. It would be better than the typical black, white, purple, or red you always see.

If you get over the ugliness of styling, this is a very beautiful collection.

I don't care for the colors, but do like most of the clothes.


Some of these dresses are actually really cool but you don't notice them because you're too distracted by the pseudo-blindfolds and colored makeup across the face. If someone showed me this collection and didn't tell me who designed it, Valentino would be my LAST guess.

When I first saw this on earlier this week, I was so utterly underwhelmed and disappointed. The collection had a lot of potential, but fell short of itself for all the reasons you listed.
Spot on criticism boys!


I think the dresses are way over-done. It's the spaghetti against the wall syndrome. Though I do love a few of the jackets (the tailored ones, not the puffa jacket). I like unusual twists on tailored pieces.

But what the hell is with that styling? It looks like the models just wandered in from a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Are they getting them that young now?


Some of the pieces are nice, but I'm disappointed with the collections. The color scheme did not come together for me.

Chanel may roll over in her grave at what Karl did with her line but I doubt Valentino will have any reaction as this line is unrecognizable as anything Valentino with exception of his name stamped on the label.


TheNYCourier said...

Thanks NY Courier! Now I can be just bored, instead of bored and annoyed.

I actually don't mind it. The colors are not sensational, but nice for spring. When I saw the phrase 'elongated insects' I was totally prepared to be transported to a cracked out sci-fi movie, but these are actually pretty tame and flowing.

I even like the jump dresses. I kind of want one.

yes, the styling is not good and the idea is a little out there, but some of these pieces are beautiful! the dress thats light brown with the blue eye's and makeup is gorgeous!

Brooklyn Bomber said...

NYCourier, in this case, it doesn't seem to be wool sharkskin; galuchat is animal hide: "Galuchat, meaning sharkskin or stingray skin was named after Louis XV’s master leather artisan, Jean-Claude Galuchat, who introduced this exotic material to France during the 18th century. He used the scarce skins to manufacture luxurious items such as jewelry boxes and various furniture."

And now back to bored and annoyed.

I'm going to have to turn in my TLo minion badge, but I kinda liked it! It would be nice to see some of these on red carpets.

Does this mean we will have to endure the Olsen twins in pastel chiffon blindfolds with twisty ends? I'm over it already.

The styling is RIDICULOUS, but a lot of the individual pieces are really beautiful. Not cohesive, ripping off Rodarte, and certainly not couture, but still - there are some really lovely, wearable pieces.

I couldn't look at the clothing because I was too distracted by the makeup.

First- blindfolds are a no-no. To quote La Nina's screencaps, My feminist soul cried. We want to make women disappear by making them skinnier and we want to take away their sight, too? EFF THAT.

Second- There are some beautiful pieces, but they could have been rendered in different colors.

Third- It isn't women friendly because these designers don't design for women. They design for models. There's a difference.

Not a bad collection. I don't exactly get a couture feeling from the group of garments. I like part of the color story, but not as a collective group. I also liked the layering, draping and overlay treatment of some garments, but not all.


I rather liked the diagonal-wrapped-leg ones; not so much the puffy and/or graphic-pattern ones. [I tend to like costume-y looks, which may explain why I got a kick out of this collection; that grey-silver gown, with the model's silver-white hair, looked like a perfect elven-sorceress getup, and the blindfold suggested mystic-oracle.]

I like a couple of the pieces, but basically: ugh. neon and beige!

I'm not sure what woman-unfriendly is supposed to mean in this case, since it doesn't really come off in the clothes themselves. I mean, you can say the designers intended an insect-like effect, but they don't look like insects, except when occasionally the hair-things give them antennae. Not that I like this collection, but that's typical. Anyway, the silhouettes don't come off as all that interesting or new, except for a couple of jackets and that jumpsuit thing, maybe (I try not to look at jumpsuits too often). So the "only" interesting thing about this is the fabric choices and the construction, but to a certain extent I feel like I've seen that before too, just not in a couture show. I mean, isn't it just color-blocking, when you get down to it?

On the hand, I agree absolutely that the color story is meh and the styling is worse. ON THE OTHER HAND I always hate the styling almost all the time, especially when they decide to do big swathes of color around the eyes like that, ugh.

Some of the pieces are interesting, particularly the neon green gown. But for the most part they have an unpleasant 'organic' feel to them, think petri-dish/dark and dank undersea crevasse biology.

I actually like a lot of the colors, and if "elongated insects" hadn't been involved in the description, I might have liked it more. I'm not seeing couture, though, nor am I seeing Valentino, and you're right about the styling being yick.

Overall, I'm still not sure what I think about the collection. Some of the pieces are beautiful in their own right, but don't work as well into the collection's story.

However, I don't see insect here. All I can do is stare at their feet and think "Oh, they have hooves and stocking markings, just like a horse!"

The jacket looks like it got hit with silly string. But in another color? Whoa. I want.

I don't know...I kind'a love it. The eyemakeup's totally 80s Missing Persons, but eh.

Wow, another one that I'm in complete disagreement with. I think this collection is gorge! The red outfit is a disaster, though.


It looks kind of thrown together to me. I'm sure it's not and that's not so much a comment on the construction or the detailing, which are both gorgeous, but more about the thought behind it. I don't see any connection among these clothes. They look completely random.

The gowns are lovely and generally able to straddle that fine line between acceptable and risky, so I suspect we'll be seeing lots of them on red carpets in the future.

Future, like in the next few months. Not when we all drive flying cars and vacation on the moon.

I don't know, the woman in red with the flying, streaming eye band looks like a perfect super hero. And if I could wear it - I'd feel like a super hero.

Virginia, at 10:40, says "oddly boring" and I couldn't put it better. Even the bright red coat seems peculiarly noncomittal.

IN LOVE with that 3rd look, and the short green dress. Gorge, all around.


I actually like it a little bit. I Like the color story and I really like some of the more wearable peices (like the jackets and the formal gowns. I like the layers strips of silk chiffon.

I will agree with you on the styling. I hate the makeup, hair, the body paint and the blindfolds especially.

The only positive thing I can say about the styling is the ends of the blinfolds look kinda cool trailing behind. I REALLY don't get the bug stuff, they don't look like bugs.

I will also agree that is more Rodarte than Valentino Couture, but on its own I like it :)

I don't see "insect" at all, even in the styling. It looks like psychedelic New Age to me. So I didn't look at the models, just the clothing. Some was very pretty but not haute couture. Confusing coming from Valentino but I do like some of the softness and color.

" Brooklyn Bomber said: NYCourier, in this case, it doesn't seem to be wool sharkskin"

OK, I've never heard of wool sharkskin. I have also never heard that a shark could mate with a sheep (not that there's anything wrong with that - whatever floats your boat, or in this case, circles it). But I feel bad for the poor sheep; First farmers and now sharks.


Rather than insects, I see an ocean of water habitants. The collection is rather wavy and muted and but for a couple of pieces I very much like it. No doubt we will see several of these on the Red Carpet worn by short girls who apparently have sycophants telling them it looks great on them. Sadly, it is a collection for the very tall and very thin.

I don't hate it. Actually there are a few pieces I kinda like. The color story is a bit off. I think they should have stuck to the nudes/blues/greens/gray, the acid yellow & red are too hard on the eyes. They yank you right out of any ethereal feel you may have gotten. I don't like any of the pants. It's certainly not the first thing that springs to mind when I hear Valentino.

I love the colours, totally my taste. I ADORE the styling.
The jumpsutis are amazing. The first one looks like it wrapped around the model's body. It's gorgeous!
The short blue dress with bow, looks like the model is floating.
These are going to be all over the red carpet.
I'm happy muted tones are making a resurgence.

Hey, Valentino. Mike Reno called. He wants his headband back.

Gotham --"First farmers and now sharks. "

HA!!! Poor sheep, indeed.

Re wool sharkskin -- just Google "sharkskin suit" you'll see what I mean. I think it was 1950s or '60s thing. Shiny wool or something??
By the way, left you another love note in the Team Brown Sugar post (your "I sense you've never been to NJ" comment - also: HA!!!)

I wish I'd had a blindfold.

10th from the bottom, on the right, is it the outfit or is she frighteningly thin? It looks like her bones are sticking out in front.

WWD put it best - they are trying way too hard to be edgy and it just comes across as desperate. That jumpsuit in the second row makes the model look like she has the weirdest case of camel toe.

It's heavyhanded and missing an actual design eye --you know, form, compostion, proportion, those things they teach you in art school. The best pieces are the ones that look closest to what Valentino is used to.

Avatar and fashion do not mix...

Boys, if you choose to do the Couture TLo awards, please tell me this will get the insane crotch award. Crinkly + pantsuit = A little too Georgia O'Keeffe for comfort.

I am sorry but I have to dissagree with you on this one. I think this collection is GORGEOUS! I have been keeping up-to-date on the other collections and, this is by far my favorite. Channel, eh. Jean Paul Gaultier, okay. Christian, so. Valentio, YAY!!! Something I can get excited about! I will give you this though, it DOES look more like ready to wear but still, it gets a pass.

I am not 100% in love with it. Some of it is quite unflattering because of how it pinches (or in some cases does not) the waist, and a couple of those bows are a little weird. However, I really like the colors. I especially love that lime green dress, one up from the bottom.

When looking at the collection I see two things: First of all, I think it's an interesting spring collection, there are some really nice looks in it, and although there's nothing there that reminds me of haute couture or makes me sigh with beauty, I like it for what it is.
What it is most definitely not - and here we are at point number two - is worthy of the house of Valentino. There's nothing about it, that bears even the smallest remembrance of a house, that's name stood for glamour, Haute Couture, bold colours, perfect dramatic gowns and overall primadonna-looks par excellence.
They are trying too hard to steer the house into a new "edgy" direction. Valentino stands for perfect cut over the edge divas and people await something fitting this image. Those two - though churning out an overall great collection - come over as desperate, copying edgier lables and simply unworthy of the house, because people want to see something different.

Hmm, interesting jackets. But I can't see anyone other than Swinton rocking these on the red carpet. It just seems too imaginary to bear the weight of ordinary atmosphere.

I don't feel that it's woman-hating at all, honestly. It's just showy and over-the-top, maybe not flattering but then most of Galliano's menswear is fucking ugly too. Never see him accused of man-hating!

What the frock was that mess?

I don't know, there are quite a few pieces in here that I quite like.


Gotta side with Tlo on this one, didn't like anything about it.

your crazy i loved the colors and i loved this collection!

i'm not dorothy gale

Oh come ON. Are they serious?

I think that it's underwhelming as a haute couture collection, but there are a few pieces that I really like. I like that first dress and I desperately want those pants about halfway through that look like they're wrapped around the models' legs. I would rock the nude ones and especially the black ones ALL THE TIME.

raisin mountaineer

I like the wrapped diagonal color blocking on some of the pieces-- would be flattering to more than just skinny minnies. I didn't "get" the styling, but I think the clothes are beautiful.

I loved it. Normally, I like maybe two-three pieces out of a couture collection. I must have really liked maybe half to two thirds of these. And yes, I'm a woman. I think they'll do well with this.

The styling is pure ridiculousness.
Surely not a horrendous collection, and not a couture collection, but not a great collection, either. Middle of the road, and that isn't a good thing. The only look I remotely liked was the dress in the last frame.

I see Rodarte (obvs), I see Balenciaga (all the diagonal draping over the hips), I even see Mizrahi (look five from this page, but I don't see Valentino or interesting.

Frankly, I was distracted by the frighteningly thin legs of the models. A couple of them were so tiny I wasn't sure how they could stand.

Melanie, THANK YOU!

I was wondering how the comment section had gotten so long without a single comment about the legs. You could see every muscle and tendon on some of these girls - and that distracted me terribly from the actual fashion.

I was all prepared to agree on the colours until I started scrolling down. I don't like the bright colours, but I love the muted and moderate tones.

I also can't really agree on the styling. For the most part, the long flowy hair works well, and I like the little sprays of colour on it, though I think extending those to the shoulder may have been a bad idea in most cases. The eye makeup I'm neutral on (seen it before); the blindfolds, though, I could live without.

As to the designs themselves, some I don't like, some I do. There's some good jackets, and a few dresses with some really interesting layering going on, and one with a starburst sort of pattern that would look great as a shirt (it's a bit short as a dress). It's not as interesting as some of the other lines you've shown overall, but it's not entirely lacking in interesting pieces.

I don't get the insect thing at all. Well, okay, on a couple pieces, but not the collection as a whole.

im with you on the styling. the blindfold & the hair - HATEHATEHATE. they distract from some otherwise rather nice clothing.

there really are some great pieces in here, they just dont flow from one to the other. plus the styling makes them looked jumbled together. are we supposed to think that the blindfolded models were sent backstage to throw on whatever they could grab between turns on the catwalk? cause thats how it looks. and frankly, its a damn shame cause theres some beautiful stuff hidden under that mess.

It's just not Valentino.

I have a plunging red gown from his Fall 2005 collection. It's 1 of my most prized possessions. It's distinct. It reflects the voice of the designer which in turn reflects the taste of the wearer. These pieces literally & figuratively pale in comparison.

I completely understand what these two hooligans were trying to do... creating a modern, more avant garde collection. But the house of Valentino is not where they should do it.

That said, taking the idea that this is a Valentino collection out of the picture completely, the clothes are interesting and some are really pretty.

I think this is gorge. Unique and striking, I don't see the "elongated insect" at all though... so maybe that's why I like it?

Color palette is awful, but I sense that the designers were experimenting with it. If so, good for them.

However, this collection doesn't feel like couture. A bit lackluster. Love the lemon-lime gown though.

i could barely focus on the clothes as i was distracted by all the pool cue chalk on the models' faces and arms

is it just me, or does look 12 make the model look like she needs some serious waxing done? Pretty. But not Valentino...

The colors are stunning...they have an organic beauty as if the fabrics were dyed from nature (flowers/plant material)...I really appreciate this collection.

i love some of the longer evening gowns but all the pants have bad cameltoe - not loving those at all, nor the criss cross bandage dresses

There's some ugly shit here. And not in a good way.

It's sorta: nice nice nice ACK! nice nice JESUS! nice nice nice okay nice okay okay nice MY GAWD nice nice....

So jarring.

I think desertwind said it best :) There was a lot of "ugh, no!" mixed up with some great, pretty pieces. Styling is supposed to be ridiculous with couture shows - I've never seen one where the makeup wasn't over the top in a distracting way.

I liked many of the pieces and could see myself (or at least a skinnier version of myself) wearing several of them.

But then, the ugly. The full-flength dress that looked like it was a map of veins and arteries? Can someone explain that to me please? Also, that horizontal-ruffles-across-every-wide-part-of-a-woman's-body dress was hideous.

I will second mary ann's statement:

"The colors are stunning...they have an organic beauty as if the fabrics were dyed from nature (flowers/plant material)...I really appreciate this collection."

That pretty much sums up what I was going to say. Organic makes me very happy, if it's constructed well (and these pieces certainly are.) I do agree, however, that there were some styling issues... but it was more odd than bothersome. And no, this doesn't exactly scream "Valentino", but so what?

One more note:
I have noticed that quite often on this blog people seem bothered by beige/cream, and muted colors. I agree that it makes some people look washed-out. But with the right skin tone they can actually look quite beautiful! I particularly love that dress in row 20; I think the model looks lovely in it (again, getting past the styling), and if I may so I think I would look great in it too.

Way too much pale pink and beige. The few bursts of colour were really nice, though. I have to agree with some of the comments that disagreed with you. I rather liked some of the dresses.

I WOULD say no to the first few dresses, which were basically just the bandage dress. redone That is a style that can only be worn by a woman who looks like an elongated insect! In that case, Valentino had the right inspiration.

I really like it but it feels more RTW. And I definitely see the Rodarte inspiration but I like it better than what I've see from Rodarte lately.

I don't know if anyone else noticed but there were only 2 looks featuring the Valentino Red.
I think the New Kids on the Fashion Block would be misguided in throwing away the signature color - especially in favor of that green! Bleh.

i'm sorry to all the naysayers but for once, i have to vehemently disagree. I understand the criticisms very well, but if you presented me this collection, with no clue as to designer and background inspiration story, i would think it was very beautiful and cohesive. the disjointed comments make absolutely no sense to me. However, i feel that the last half of the collection is better than the first, which feels much too literal for me.


I like the red jumpsuit.

Most of the rest looks downright unwearable by a real person who doesn't have a half-dozen dressers and stylists to assist in robing herself.

The connotations of the woman as insect, and the blindfolds, as well as the somewhat binding appearance of many of the looks, are very disturbing to my female soul.

I remember Alessandra Facchinetti got fired
"because she was unwilling to draw on Valentino's exhaustive archives for inspiration."

Did the duo demonstrate more respect to the Valentino heritage by this collection?

I doubt that.

I don't really like much of this collection, and I usually adore Valentino. I must say, though, that the chartreuse gown is lovely, both the shape and the color.

The color story is fug, and while a couple of the pieces are pretty, there doesn't seem to be a point to the overall collection; and I loathe the styling. Honestly, it's just boring (it reminded me of mediocre Project Runway submissions; oh, and EPIC FAIL on the use of sharkskin, Chiuri and Piccioli), which is not something I should be typing about a Valentino haute couture collection, damn it.

I had SUCH a strong negative reaction to the blindfolds. Totally agreed, very much an unfriendly-to-women collection. And that's without the 2x4 models (hilariously, sadly true).

I was all set to hate the collection via press release (elongated insects are not aspirational!) but then I saw the clothes and I had to clap like a little grasshopper. They're fairy clothes! Every girl wants to look wispy at some time or another, and these are frocks for that.

I second the fairy clothing comment. Who couldn't use a little fantasy in their lives? Love it!
And I want that bring green dress. :-)


Having watched "Valentino: The Last Emperor" this weekend, most of these garments fly in the face of his aesthetic: 'To make beautiful dresses for beautiful ladies." It was an amazing film about an amazing creative genius.


The styling IS atrocious, but there's a lot of "soft and pretty" here. Except for the "soft" feel I get, it doesn't feel very integrated or cohesive as a collection to me.

(which means either I or the designer missed the boat - "soft" isn't really an adjective that I associate with "elongated insects")

There's also a lot that I don't like, but leaving aside that very little of it will look great on anyone with even minimal bumps or bulges to be outlined by the thin, swathed or floaty softness, there are some very appealing pieces.

"bright green dress." Gotta read before I hit send.



Some of the dresses are pretty and interesting. The colors are awful on many of them.

However, the models looks downright ill. As a skinny girl myself I often think that the models look ok (even when others comment on them). Howwever, the bones, tendons, and gaunt looks of these models is not flattering at all. The makeup adds to the effect, leaving the impression of really poor health.

The lovely chartruse dress towards the bottom of the list would look great on a darker-complected model.

Some of it's not great, but I like the second half, especially the gowns. They look so light and airy, very pretty IMO.

first time commenting here.

for the Valentino haute couture customer -- namely insanely rich corporate wives who need safely luxurious dresses and suits for corporate functions and/or even more insanely rich Middle Eastern wives who buy couture by the barrel full (insert oil money joke here), but won't wear anything too tight or revealing; again, safely luxurious -- there was nothing in this collection for them to buy.

it appears as if Valentino has decided to turn its back on those more sedate but faithful customers in order to get a toehold in the younger, flashier Hollywood Celebrity set which will get them more press.

but don't they realize the flashier Hollywood set takes all their clothes on loan, ruins them at the after party, and never buys?

not sure if Valentino can successfully compete with those edgier designers. and once they lose those women -- they'll just pop over and stock their closets with Chanel --, they're probably gone for good.

Love it! The textures are divine.

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