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Thurston, Miss Sophia, Jonathan

Poor Jonathan. We have to come up with a nickname for him.

Designer: Jesse LeNoir
Model: Megan Davis

Yikes. That is not good, bitter kittens. Not good at all.

Let's start with the obvious: concept. This was an outfit designed for a model to wear to an industry party. Let that sink in for a minute. We'll give Thurston all the credit in the world for going the unexpected route because you'd think the straight guy designer would be the first to put a girl in the Heidi Trifecta of short, tight, and shiny.

Problem is, this was the one time a designer should be hitting the Heidifecta because models really do wear short, tight and shiny to places like industry parties. In other words, we don't know what the hell he was thinking dressing her up like a slutty jockey.

Okay, and then there's the design itself. What is going on at the bottom of that vest? Why is it trying to fly away? What are those weird bumps under her boobs? Why is EVERYTHING outlined with that mauve-y trim like an anal retentive child's coloring book?

And why does he keep using these weirdly heavy, tweedy fabrics for designs that aren't really appropriate for them? And why is she wearing her father's pants? And why can we see her belly button? And why is she carrying that purse with that outfit? We have too many questions.

Designer: Anthony Williams
Model: Alexis Broker

Well, well, well. Miss Sophia home now. He really surprised us after last week's near disaster. This is really cute. Even better, it's relatively simple, which is good because last week's dress made it look like he can't edit himself.

We really like the construction on the bodice. Beautiful and unique. We're also damn impressed with the draping on the skirt. That's BURLAP, y'all.

Admittedly, the back looks a little sloppy and we kind of hate the all-gold accessories.

But it's a cute, sexy, model-riffic dress. Not Top Three material, but enough to make up for last week's upholstered bottle-holder.

Designer: Jonathan Peters
Model: Brandise Danesewich

Another really strong, if not quite Top Three entry.

We'll start with a criticism: we think the fit could have been a little better. If it had a sleeker, more fitted feel to it, it wouldn't have looked so much like a burlap slip.

But we do like the use of the lace. We don't even like lace all that much, but we like the idea of it paired with burlap. In this case, it dressed up the fabric without denying what it is, if that makes any sense.

Oh, wait. Is this about that whole "gritty meets pretty" sound bite he's always spewing? Suddenly it all makes sense.

But what really makes us sit up and take notice is the detailing here. We LOVE those little strappy things on her boobs and we love the masterful way he used that black trim on the bust and the straps. Compare it to the clumsy mauve trim on Jesse's. This was beautifully done. Jonathan is moving up on the "ones to watch" ladder. That's two quietly interesting garments in a row.

Don't forget this week's T Lo Awards, poodles.

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I loved Anthony's dress, and I love that there were so many garments to love this episode. Woo Hoo! One I didn't love was Jesse's - yuck.

Jonathan's was good, but I thought it looked a little weird to have the lace only on the front and not also on the back - reminded me a little (I mean a very little) of Vincent's recycled paper challenge "dress" that only had decoration on the front.

Clueless Jock

Seconding Anthony. The dress kind of reflected his personality.

Jonathon: where pretty meets gritty at the titty.

What are those weird bumps under her boobs?

I'm pretty sure (not positive) that that's boning done badly. I've seen that sort of thing happen on period costumes.

And overall, yeah, I'm not fond of that. He commented at the time about how he was the only one who made pants, and I was like, yeah, there's a reason for that.

Anthony's was really nice. As with Ben's, I loved the colour, and the draping on the skirt really is quite lovely. Much better than last week's.

I didn't really care for Jonathan's because I didn't like how it was densely decorated in front and plain in back, but I'm glad you had that still because I didn't even notice the stuff at the top of the bodice... that part was pretty well done.

I want Anthony's dress.

Jesse's dress was sooooooo unflattering.. he needs to go, already. And i'm not buying into this whole "i'm a straight guy," thing.

Jonathan's dress was pretty good, it looks like penelope cruz would have worn it in between her bright color stage to her funeral dress stage.

"slutty jockey"

Haha. . . and your entire commentary on this outfit. If I ruled the world, I might have put this in the bottom 3 instead of Jesus' (much as I disliked Jesus').

On the other hand, this episode has made me feel hopeful about this season. There were at least 5 entries I could have seen in the top 3, and a couple more that were close but not quite.

HATED Jesses. He should have at least been in the bottom three for this mess.. It's gross. I don't even know what's causing the bubbling on the princess seams. Is something under there trying to get out?

Anthony completely redeemed himself for me. Beautiful work. It looks like silk gazar from afar. I guess the judges wanted to see more use of the trim table.

Johnathon's is nice too. I like the fit and the way he used the trim, but I agree with the above poster that the back need a little something too. So from a
3-D perspective he failed a bit. Top middle.

I liked Anthony's dress even though, as Tim said, it's not earth shattering.

I like Jonathan's the more that I look at it, but think that a better fit would have resulted in me liking it right out of the gate.

I'm ambivalent about Jesse's pant suit. I like that he took a risk doing pant's but I'm itching to see what the fit/look would have been like without the boots. IMO, the styling with the boots is what really sank the look.

There were six or seven good or great dresses last episode. SIX OR SEVEN!!! Is it too soon to be in love with this season?!?!

It's NOT too soon to say I love you guys for ripping Jesse's croch-chafing nightmare. I was a little worried. Did you see what Tim wrote about it? "Jesse's look was beautiful, sophisticated and unexpected." Huh??? What is he smoking?

It's starting to feel like this season may be a really good one!

I loved Anthony's lil' red dress. The front was fabulous...the back, not so, but the impact of the front was tres chic!

Jonathan's work is steadily consistent in the most positive of ways...I'm thinkin' he may be in for the long haul.

Jesse...could leave this week - and that would be a very good thing.


Jesse seems to think that he's an American bank: he can take ridiculous risks that DON'T LOOK LIKE GOOD IDEAS TO ANYBODY, without worrying about the downside.

Thurston is not too big to fail, and in fact, I'm really looking forward to him getting auf'd ASAP.

Now that I've seen the videos, I'm wondering: Did Anthony make TWO versions of the dress? One in the raw fabric, and the other in fabric he'd already dyed? And as Jonathan said, indeed, wouldn't you risk it shrinking if you made the dress and then dyed it?

She may have kind of an annoying personality, but I have to say Alexis is working Anthony's dress like there is no tomorrow. That's how you do it girls, take note.

I heartily agree that this season already looks like something to celebrate. I was very impressed with the quality of this week's work, even with some of TLo's nitpicking on individual designs. I mean, they were using burlap for crying out loud.

I am not a huge fan of Jesse's pants, but at least he tried something - had he stolen Ms. Bennet's update of Katherine Hepburn's look from a couple seasons back, that would have served him better. Anthony totally redeemed himself, and I was really impressed with Jonathan's entry. At least there were a couple of designers this week who did not insist on mini-dresses. Look boys and girls, you can go all the way down to the knee if you want.

I actually kind of liked Jesse's, I mean I can see the constructtion flaws, but I still like it.
In his look, as with some of the others, the fabric looks like a very open weave linen and I have had work attire with that kind of fabric in the past. Good to hear that Tim had some nice things to say.

Anthony's was lovely - man that model has a small upper body and a tiny tiny waist. I noticed also that it looked like he had a natural version on the form. I had wondered whether some were going to have issues with dyeing after as opposed to before. (I think that Jay's looked much more finished (edges) before the dyeing.)

Jonathon's was ok but I was not overwhelmed I don't see it as being any more "transformed" than some of the others that earned that criticism. It looks to me like the trim "under" the breast (I never know what to call it but it is supposed to be where the underwire belongs) was not quite right. Black lace (a LOT of it) on natural burlap.

If either Ping, Pamela, or Jesus had turned out a marginally better garment, Captain Crunch would have been in the bottom three for sure. What the hell was that?

Go Anthony! Madea Jr. brought it this week, thank goodness. I wanted a reason to like him for more than his personality. That dress is adorable, and he really worked with the body of the burlap to create something interesting.

Jonathan's didn't wow me, but the fit was good and I really like lace used as a graphic print. Solid top-of-the-middle entry.

Anthony and Jonathon were able to cover their model's breasts. That earns them top marks from me.

Anthony's dress was quite nice - not top 3 but probably 4th or 5th along with Emilio's. Jesse's was bad. He seems to think tailoring is the same as fashion when he's obviously quite wrong about that. I also thought Jonathan's was terrible. It didn't look gritty or pretty - it just looked cheap.

I'm not getting Jesse. I assume that he'll be weeded out over the next few weeks (with Ping, Anna, and Jesus in some order) as the overall talent level rises. But this wasn't quite bottom three material, as the pants were at least a risk.

Anthony's was gorgeous and tasteful, another victim of this unusually strong runway. Would have been top three another week.

I liked Jonathan's without loving it. Not my thing but beautifully executed.

yeah! ho! wah!

jesse: yikes indeed. this is all kinds of bad. now i feel even worse for pamela.

anthony: supercute, could have been top three.

jonathan: he needs to shut up about "gritty and pretty". but yeah, its an interesting look.

All pretty meh. Overall I did love the outcome of this episode, though. It was like a neon sign reading, "We're not in Season 6 any more!" Yay!

I've been calling Jonathan Jimmy Neutron since episode 1. Feel free to reappropriate!

and...there's my other favorite, Jonathan's. I'm glad you guys liked it, because I LOVED it. Jonathan or Emilio, or both, should have been in the top this week and/or walked away with a win, IMO. Those two have already impressed the pants off of me. Well, I'm wearing a skirt today, but you know what I mean...

I like Anthony's dress much better than Ben's who used a similar color and gold accessories. Sure it's a lot of gold, but it has that ATL ghetto fabulous feel about it, which I like in small doses.
I think Jesse thought the judges would be impressed that he dared to make pants He failed in part because he didn't also consider the industry party part of the brief.
I liked Jonathan's for all the reasons you mentioned.

I loved Jonathan's dress, but agree that he needs to learn to put interest on the back. There's no place on the runway for "coffin clothes".

CPT_Doom: "At least there were a couple of designers this week who did not insist on mini-dresses. "

That is something to be grateful for. I'm so sick of little bubble skirts and corset tops. A few seasons back there were complaints no one made sleeves. Lately we've rarely even gotten sleeveless tops. Instead it's been mostly a parade of corsets (strapless or not) and teeny mini's. Where's proportion, variety, independent thinking, originality, design sense in all these little poof-poof-look!-a-dress designs?

"Miss Sophia home now..." you kids slay me! hhahahha

I don't think Jesse's is that bad. Like someone said at least it wasn't another PLD... And he may not be one of the finalists but I don't want him to be auf'd now. I think he's got more on his bag than he had showed us so far.

Anthony's= love, except for the back issues

Jonathon= great front, but totally deflating that the back was completely stark. No one walks behind you at parties?

Jesse's= gross. I assumed the bottoms of the pants got fugged up so he stuffed them in boots to cover it up. The rest is just a hot mess. Pants SOUNDED interesting though.

Great points about what is or is not appropriate for one these shindigs. I really wasn't thinking about how a model might need to show off the bod.

Jesse's model looks like she wandered in from doing background extra work with the equestrian set over at the Christian Dior Spring Couture collection.

"Miss Sophia" - I almost wet myself a little. Ha!

I loved Miss Sophia's dress; I had that in my top 3 picks. Amazing that burlap can look like that. I actually liked Jesse's outfit. Yeah, it's not the Heidi Trifecta that models wear to traditional industry parties, but it might fit in at a slightly edgier industry party and it looked really well made. (Does Jesse remind anyone else of the guy who played Budd in Kill Bill?)

The burlap lingerie was not quite to my taste. It looked like a simple shift with some lace thrown on to spice it up.

Jesse - I suspect that he was trying to "wow the judges" by doing a lot in a short amount of time and showing off technique as opposed to thoughtfully trying to meet the challenge requirements. I think he did a better execution job with the pants as opposed to the vest - did he fully line the vest... that may account for some of its bulkiness. Still if he could have done a better job with the vest, it may have worked with a skirt or hot pants.

Anthony - I like this better in pictures than when I saw the runway show. I was almost going to to gush over the bodice and leave it at that, but the draping of the skirt is equally as impressive, as well as the total look. Kudos to mess stirring Alexis for working the look. OK, so Miss Sophia was itching to fight a white woman. Yes, Mila was a jerk, but he was relishing in the chance to engage in drama and get a couple of southern fried quips in.

Jonathan - This dress is growing on me, I am probably more impressed with it than actually liking it. I don't think he should have done anything differently, but the lace is too underwear-ish for me.

I can understand what Jesse was trying to do. Had he made a nice pair of tailored shorts, he could have gotten across the "I can make pants!" point and created something appropriate.

However, the vesty thing was lined incorrectly. He goofed up the darts, they sewed both fabrics, right side together (like they tell you on the Simplicity pattern) and just like the Simplicity pattern 2557 (an official Project Runway pattern!) it sticks out, like a bad cowlick.

Hate the first, love the other two
I just wish the back on jonathan's had something interesting going on

...guess I like the slutty equestrian look... (hides)

I saw what he was trying for, and I liked it. So I'm glad he was safe. He went for something different that was too ambitious for time allowed. I'm okay with that.

But way to go Anthony! You go, you little Birmingham boy!

Thurston made pants that even Lovey wouldn't wear on the island. This to me was a bottom feeder entry. The model's ass looked like it was drooping down to her knees in those pants. Ambitious that he made pants? Well, maybe -- if it fit the challenge and frankly, a model industry party...pants....nah. He's lucky that slutty trailer trash looked worse than droopy, saggy, slutty jockey.

Anthony's dress is adorable and the draping is really amazing for burlap. I will commit the Heidi sin - I would wear it! Nice to see something much more sophisticated compared to last week's old lady upholstery wine rack dress.

Jonathan - I agree with all who have mentioned the plain back. Only have the front embelleshed and the back plain accentuated the not-so-great fit across the back. I did like the titty buckles but the boobies seemed crooked in the stills. Maybe it's just the angle.

Loved Jonathan's. Loved Anthony's.

Jesse's? Not so much. I'm also getting a 'way too confident' vibe from will be interesting to see the next challenge when they work in pairs...

"Miss Sophia." Best. Nickname. Ever.

Agree on the comments on Anthony's and Jonathan's, Anthony's is really cute.

But on Jesse (loved the slutty jockey definition), I'm glad to hear others also liked it, and I am in agreement with Tim on this one. Not top 3, but an interesting look. I don't agree it didn't fit the challenge. No self-respecting model would wear Pam's trash denim thing or Ping's disaster, but there's a certain kind of quirky model that may wear if not this burlap look, something in that vein. Tiny waistcoats are something of a staple to the Brit model for example. And although I'm not mad about it, bare midriffs are making a big comeback. So the look is quite directional, and definitely different from everybody else. Loved the back. I really wouldn't see Thurston leaving anytime soon, if he wasn't teaming up with Ping next week, which is a wild card indeed. Those two (liked them both) don't seem compatible at all...


So nice to see good pictures of the outfits. With 15 designers there is so little time to show each one on the runway.
Agree with TLo that the draping on Anthony's is wonderful. Have you ever worked with burlap, even for crafty projects, or hefting potato sacks?

As a nickname for Jonathan, I kind of like it when you said he came out of a Pixar movie. Work with that. :)

Johnathan's lace in the front only looks cheap to me. Like a dress from Target. But the constuction is pretty great. I think if he had found a way to use the trim in the back it would have been much better.

Jesse's problem is compounded by those boots - tucked in? Yikes.

Thurston: Nobody ever got into Studio 54 wearing burlap and dusty rose trim. Nevermind the Union Club.

Anthony: I am so glad to see that he can step back and still sew his heart out. It's a wonderful dress, even with the back being a bit off. It looks much better to my eye than Jay's featherduster.

Jonathan: I thought it was conceptually playful, what with burlap being a basic, foundational kind of fabric and the dress resembling a foundation garment (right down to the little strappy buckles he used as a construction detail). I'm not sure if he meant to do that, but it worked for me. It was gracefully executed as well, and I can't imagine it's easy getting lace and potato sacking to play well together. Should've been in the top 3. The back had issues, but everybody except Amy and Emilio had trouble getting the burlap to go where it was meant to.

I liked Jonathan's. Yeah, it needed something on the back, but nice way to play up the burlap by creating such a contrast with the black lace.

Anthony's was nice--Alexis has a great bod for modeling--broad shoulders, tiny waist, long legs. Anthony's a lucky designer--she's got the kind of figure that can wear about anything.

Jesse--yeah, it's a mess, but even the messes in this challenge all had something interesting going for them. No one feels like that they should just never have been there (Hell, Blayne, yes I mean you.)

Regarding fit issues, I don't think it would take much moving around for a loose weave like that to lose it's shape. That's why they use it for potato sacks and not dresses.

I was one of the people hating Jesse after watching his audition and interview. But to be fair, I don't think he should be gone at this point. I understand (at least I think)where he was going with the pants but it just turned into a big no. It was messy and the boob bumps were unattractive. Still, there is something about his attitude that rubs me the wrong way. And he's barely on screen!!!

I'm glad we get a close up look at the designs online because until I saw Jonathan's I didn't see too much to like. But now I'm loving the straps on the breasts and the trim. I didn't notice the straps while watching the episode.

Miss Sophia-cute and sexy-love the skirt.

i can not wait for mr.lenoir to get called out on his fuggery.

his portfolio sucked, last week he sucked and he sucks just as much if not more with this catastrophe.

Susan on 1/26/10 at 4:04 PM said... I want Anthony's dress.

ME TOO! I will wrestle you for it. Perfect dress for a fashion industry event.


I'm surprised neither Jonathan nor Anthony were in the top three, I loved both of their looks.

I do, however, wished Jonathan made the bottom of the dress fit the model slightly better, could just be the photo though.

And, is it just me or does Jonathan's look better from the side? This could just be the result of the model not really working it on the walk over though...

raisin mountaineer

sI really liked Jonathon's. The lace, not so much, but the shape and the general style, yes. His and Emilio's both fit and flatter their models without showing too much leg-- shows the models' perfect bodies off without being vulgar or loud.

I really don't like poofy skirts. I can see that Anthony's was well-made and pretty on the girl, but it's just not appealing to me. Last season saw WAY too much of that.

Jesse's was very... um... 1974 to me. I think I had an outfit like that, and although it looked better on my circa '74 age 15 size teensy body, it's not really flattering to anyone.

Ok this is totally off topic here BUT..................

Daniel Fucking Franco was just on American Idol..

I'm reading with it on in the background and i only look over at the TV when a pleasant voice comes on..

Anyway, i hear this familiar voice and i look over and It's Daniel Franco telling Simon and Randy that if Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert had a baby it would be him!!!


He didn't sing tho so he must have was during a montage of Lambert(ugh!) wannabes who showed up..

Isn't he above the age limit anyway???

I Wonder if TLO will mention this tomorrow.

It was literally just a few fleeting i wish i could have seen him attempt singing.

Here's a Project Runway spoof that really belongs on this blog, at least as a link. (Project Runway meets vintage knitting/crocheting patterns for, well, you have to go see for yourself.)

My favourite designers on the show right now are Amy and Jonathan. All his designs on the show so far clearly evokes his design aesthetic of "gritty meets pretty" and I think that's always a challenge on Project Runway. He always manages to design from his point of view but doesn't shove it down our throats. And Amy is my front runner at this point. If anybody can make THAT out of a burlap sack is tops in my book. I see her as being Season 7's Leanne. Very quiet and unassuming, but cranking out amazing ideas and designs.

Sorry, TLo but I gotta bitch you out a little for this comment:

"And why does he keep using these weirdly heavy, tweedy fabrics for designs that aren't really appropriate for them?"

Ummm... he didn't choose the fabric!! It's burlap, which is appropriate for - nothing!

I'm just being really nitpicky. I don't think his outfit was all that great - I don't dislike it as much as you guys, but you do make some good points. Just, critiquing fabric choices when he didn't have a choice is kinda mean.

I am pretty sure (having sewed on burlap- to make cow blankets, no less) that the bumps on Jesse's garments are because when you're machine sewing burlap the weft threads tend to roll in the dogs and then release when they're stretched past their (very short) limits. He was either using too much pressure on the foot or too short a stitch- I'd bet the first, because anyone who sews on wool or heavy cotton lengthens the stitch automatically, but wouldn't expect how slippery and inelastic jute is.

I hate Jonathon's tit-suspender clippie things. Looks like a painful accident with some barrettes...

"...Why is EVERYTHING outlined with that mauve-y trim like an anal retentive child's coloring book?"

I was such a child. But, that's what won me the big bucks in all the coloring contests I entered.

I really liked Anthony's. It was deceptively simple and appropriate to the challenge. I could see a girl wearing something like this to an "industry party." Also, he transcended the fabric like nobody's business. It looks rich. I think it could have been top 3. The way Mila's sagged in the decollete really bugged me.

Remember when we all thought Jonathan was going to be the camera-hogging attention whore? Now TLo's having trouble coming up with a nickname. How about Pretty Gritty? His dress was a solid, middle-of-the-pack design.

Jesse. I'm wondering if some of the weird edges has to do with the trim causing the fabric to warp or buckle? Yeah, it's an abomination. The pants might be halfway decently sewn but they are all bunched up by the boots. No way this is something a girl would wear to a party, unless she was planning to go horseback riding.

Miss Sophia home now!!

shivadiva- YES! i second JIMMY NEUTRON!

the first week, one of my friends at our weekly viewing parties said that jonathan was jimmy neutron and the nickname has stuck- it's perfect.

Someone asked "Have you ever worked with burlap?" Yes, I have and it's a bitch! It frays insanely, and each time you touch it little "hairs" from it keep coming off and sticking to your fingers- ugh! Not to mention the loose weave that keeps changing shape on you. I'm in AWE of what the designers have done with it. Bravo! (oops wrong network!)

jesses pants look like burlap mom jeans to me...

Jonathan's was interesting--when it came on the runway, I really liked it. Clever and cute. Anthony's was nice--not bad, not great.
Jesse's was meh...but the lumps on that vest are driving my nuts. I wonder if he tried to press it too much, and the fabric was distorted becasue it's so loosely woven. Just a thought. Anyway--the design and the execution were both lacking.

Anthony's little dress was a dream and I loved his drapery treatment. The color was divine and it looked very wearable. I'm glad he bounced back after last week's challenge.

Jonathan's look was pretty good and I agree, he is definitely one to watch. I especially liked the contrast of lace/mini-straps as trim. I hate his pretty gritty description, but it seems to fit his aesthetic so far.

Jesse's jockette look had way too much trim and detail. It was the itchy 'n scratchiest garment of all looks coming down the runway. Now, I love a good trouser and perhaps if he had done a fuller Kate Hepburn-style pant it would've been more successful. With this look every detail and piece of trim just made for an overdone outfit that lacked cohesion.


P.S. Thanks again, guys!!!


Great recap! But I have to mention, I just saw Daniel Franco on American Idol!!!!! WTF!

I'm so glad we get to see stills, it makes such a difference. I thought Jonathan's was just a simple dress with some lace, but the more I look at it here in a photo, I'm starting to get his aesthetic.
It's pregritty!
(And whoever suggested Jimmy Neutron--you've nailed it. And as far as nicknames go, it certainly trumps Poor Jonathan.)

I reeaallllyy like Jonathan's & Anthony's too! And that early quiet middle has produced winners in the past, so...

But Jessie? Oy. My first thought as it came out was "this is the guy who think's he's got amazing fitting skills. Huh." And yeah, the heavy-fabric-factor - clearly the burlap was required, but it's his design that makes it look that way. To my mind, he'll be in the bottom group soon enough.

I'm kinder than most of y'all. I think I see why Jesse's seemed like such a good idea to him. Unfortunately, to pull it off would have required *impeccable* fit and tailoring (and it still might not have been skimpy enough for an informal models' go-see with cocktails). In the context of the competition, I don't know if he'd have gotten due credit for making it work in burlap. Not an issue since the fabric and fit defeated him.

Loved the swirly dessert tray impression of Anthony's; he ended up with a beautiful color, though I thought the gold shoes missed the mark considerably. Agree completely with Brooklyn Bomber's frustrated ennui with miniskirts attached to bustiers and sent out over and over and over.

So, I'll give Jonathan's more credit than I'm inclined to just because it's not that kind of dress. What it IS, though, is a less sophisticated, worse fitted and altogether inferior cousin of Emilio's dress. Yeah, the edgy lingerie ambiance created by the cleavage, lace and straps might appeal to some more than the graphic strips of color on Emilio's. But, not to me, and neither well-enough executed nor styled for it to matter.

his nickname, boys, is Jimmy Neutron (the full moniker of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius will come later if earned).

technically he's Jimmy Neutron crossed with Edna Mode from The Incredibles, but really...he's Jimmy Neutron.

come on. you can't deny it. if Jimmy had grown up and come out and become Jimmy Neutron: Freelance Fashion Designer Man Genius, he would be Jonathon.

Jimmy Neutron. End of story.

JImmy Neutron: Boy Couturier

if only pixar had created jimmy neutron instead of dreamworks (?) TLo would've been right on from the beginning!

I really liked Miss Sophia's dress. Simple and chic without being too simple or boring. Very nice shade of red.

Thurston's was awful. nuff said. I don't know how he could look at that and think it was good. Pants are ok, but that top is dreadful. Fit, also way off.

Jonathan's.... I didn't notice the detail on the runway. I do like that bit of interest. But it's not enough to change my opinion that I think the dress is dowdy. The lace makes it feel old to me, probably 15-20 years older than the model.

Nevertheless, the execution was so well done, and the nice details, make it a solid look. I could see that design working better with something other than burlap.

Like whoahwah ! that Alexis Broker is stunnin' me in these pictures. I don't give a crap about her personality - she's a model, it doesn't matter - but she is a looker!
And of note: "He didn't sing tho so he must have sucked"
Yes, he did sing. And yes, he did suck hairy balls.

Jesse's pants: I saw them and just went "pfft" and was basically completely unimpressed, because, um, doesn't Captain Jack Sparrow wear kind of poofy pants tucked into boots and a vest-ish number fairly often? Like so. And then I couldn't lose that thought so I was like "no, Jesse, not an industry party outfit FOR YOU" and "great, he made his work clothes for her, good job, NO".

I'm still a boit confused as to whether Anthony made the dress then dyed it or dyed some material and made a plain burlap dress in case the dyed material didn't dry fast enough and then made the dress again using the dyed fabric.

I wonder if it would have helped Jesse if he had made a halter top instead of the vest. It may have at least been a bit sexier, but I still dislike the black accessories.

Jesse. All I can think of is the itchy & scratchy wool suit I had in ninth grade 1972 when the school dress code started allowing pantsuits.

Those were the days, my friends.


I loved Miss Sophia's dress--he made that stiff fabric look soft and almost gauzy. Jesse's look was definitely fugly equestrian slutwear. It reminds me of Robert Plotkin's(Season I) "penis envy" pants suit but with the addition of jodphurs. He can't even do fugly with originality. I don't like Jonathan's dress-- it looks like butcher paper with lace stuck on the front--it seems lacking in the "transformation" department.

Get off the Captain's back fashion jackals! Maybe his model rode her horse to the "Industry Event" Did you ever think of that? Huh? ~Gary

Like DAN posted, I don't get all the criticism of Jesse's fabric (itchy?). He didn't choose it and it is the same fabric that ALL of them used.

Come on let's at least appear to be impartial.

Anonymous said...

Like DAN posted, I don't get all the criticism of Jesse's fabric (itchy?). He didn't choose it and it is the same fabric that ALL of them used.

Come on let's at least appear to be impartial.

Uh, no, anonymous person. Let's not "appear impartial." You seem to have mistaken us for journalists. Our criticism isn't that he "picked" the fabric, but that he used it "for designs that aren't really appropriate for them." The more successful designs this week make you forget that the fabric is burlap. Jesse didn't manage that.


Since Anthony cracks me up, I was relieved to see that he came up with a much better design for this challenge. It is cute, love the color.

I really liked Jonathan's dress-I do have a weakness of lace, and love the little leather strap detail with the lace.

the less said about Thurston's mistake the better.

Overall this episode left me feeling very happy about the beginning of this season of PR-so many designers rose to the challenge.


Who would wear Jesse's design to a cocktail party? What was he thinking?

Anonymous said...

Like DAN posted, I don't get all the criticism of Jesse's fabric (itchy?). He didn't choose it and it is the same fabric that ALL of them used.

Come on let's at least appear to be impartial.

Is this going to happen every time they post about Jesse? It's becoming a little obvious, don't you think?

Metamorphine said...

Is this going to happen every time they post about Jesse? It's becoming a little obvious, don't you think?

Don't you know the rules? Gays can criticize gays and gays can criticize women, but gays can't criticize straight men. It's unnatural.

I liked Anthony's, especially now looking at those upclose photos. Interesting construction and details.


"Well, well, well. Miss Sophia home now."

BWAH! I so want to be mad about that but I'm struggling to get back in my seat after laughing so hard.

That dress was a lovely one.

Jonathan looks like he should be fronting some indie shoegaze band, no? That sings songs like "I Will Possess your Heart as I Follow You Into the Dark, Sniff, Emote" (sorry, big Death Cab for Cutie fan.)

I agree with Elaine. There were a very impressive number of good lucks on the Runway. I don't want to get my hopes up too soon but it looks like PR is back.

I didn't even mind Jesse's jockey look. Ok, yes it's not an industry party look. It was really original tho. And her ass wasn't showing. I didn't even mind the piping. I dunno. Maybe if he'd had more material.

Anthony: "That's alright. I left my feelings in Georgia." Er, Alabama. Where is he from again? Anyways, LOVE him, like the dress a lot. His model really worked it too. I can't remember what happened but I hope he kept her.

"Did you see what Tim wrote about it? "Jesse's look was beautiful, sophisticated and unexpected." Huh??? What is he smoking?"

Maybe Tim was thinking Jesse made a smart choice to not send down yet another dress on the runway. Gotta disagree with TLo that a smart, confident model would want to wear a vested pantsuit to stand out and stay memorable among a sea of other models in short, shiny, and tight dresses.

I would have dyed the burlap charcoal gray or black if he were intent on using the mauve trim. I didn't notice the weird bumps on the front of the vest on the runway but agree they look weird and unattractive in the stills. It must have been the boning, as someone else pointed out.

Loved Anthony's dress. Very cute and the draping was genius.

I appreciated Jonathan's lacework and bodice details, but the bareness in the back threw the look off for me.

I think Anthony did a great job. It was one of my favorite dresses for this challenge.

JONATHAN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just so happy that so many designs were worthy this week! I loved the two red entries, one of which is featured here. And I like the black lace/burlap contrast. Thurston, not so much. Slutty jocky...har.

As a home sewer, what is this trend with the giant zipper teeth showing in the back, on SO many dresses. Is this a trend I missed, or did Parsons get in a whole bunch of upholstery zippers they thought they would pawn off on PR?

I think I have Pa-gritty love! I liked Jonathan's from the start, if a little less in love with the hair styling. He's one to watch definitely.

I'm kind of thinking Bob's Big Boy when I look at Jonathan, not Jimmy Neutron.

A little sensitive?

I wouldn't have posted the comment agreeing with Dan - because I thought he had already made the point - it was when others continued to comment on the fabric such as desertwind's:
" ...Jesse. All I can think of is the itchy & scratchy wool suit I had in ninth grade 1972 ..."

And it had NOTHING to do with him being straight or whether the commenters were straight or gay ( I don't know nor do I care whether Desertwind is male or female or transexual, staight gay, bi or a-sexual) I meant impartial as in not show THEIR bias for one designer over any other based on criteria outside of the designer's control. And the ITCHY comments have nothing to do with it being pants vs a skirt.

Interesting though that I got the ire but the original comment got nothing.
Dan said...
Sorry, TLo but I gotta bitch you out a little for this comment:

"And why does he keep using these weirdly heavy, tweedy fabrics for designs that aren't really appropriate for them?"

Ummm... he didn't choose the fabric!! It's burlap, which is appropriate for - nothing!

I'm just being really nitpicky. I don't think his outfit was all that great - I don't dislike it as much as you guys, but you do make some good points. Just, critiquing fabric choices when he didn't have a choice is kinda mean.

I have already loved you two for years. But today my love skyrocketed into the ozone.

I nearly choked on a pretzel a la Bush (literally) when reading the Sophia quote from The Color Purple.

You just got "the Black vote!" Ha! Ha! Ha!


Jonathan is adorable. I loved when he was worried about what he was going to wear. : )

"Miss Sophia home now."

I freaking love you both. That was fabulously hilarious!!!!!

"Everything gonna be alright from now on."

Anthony: Great dress. Rich color, terrific shape, just a bit too short.

I thought Boo Boo Kitty's color combination was really bad. She needs to step up her game or she will be out real soon.

Miss Sophia! roflmao you bitches rock!

Thank you thank you thank you for the "The Color Purple" reference. One more reason why I love y'all and your blog!

Jesse: With all of the fuss about how Jesus missed the brief, I'm surprised that this was not in the bottom as well. If anything, Jesus' was better executed, while this totally missed the event. can't picture a model wearing pants to an industry party. Good for him for going for separates though.

Sophia: Very nice. Great improvement over last week. The back was wonky though as mentioned.

Jonathan: I liked the concept of this better than the execution. Especially in these pictures, I found the lace to be too chunky to provide a counterpoint to the burlap. I also agree that this was a "corner" piece, where the model would need to find a high traffic corner and park her butt into it.

Also loved Anthony's dress-- but it looked like an edited version of Amy's first-challenge dress, minus titty soapdish.

After Irina-Althea-ShinyPants design borrowing, am paying close attention to this aspect!

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