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Team Brown Sugar

We are stacked, packed and ready to attack, poodles!

Darlings, we're just going to indulge in a little blogenfreude for a moment. Indulge us.

When we did the Meet the Designers posts for season 7, we indicated that we thought Jesse had the potential to be a little douchey and the general consensus in the comments was that we were horrible people for saying so. Cue the most recent "Auf-Wiedersehen" post, which is coming up on 300 comments, most of which are about what a douche Jesse was this past episode.

When we did Seth Aaron's MTD post, and when we did the post about his first dress, we said we thought he was talented and we couldn't understand why everyone was acting so negatively toward him. Once again, there were a lot of comments to the contrary and once again, we were right, bitches. You can disagree on the talented part if he's not to your taste, but he was a total sweetheart of a team mate and in the end, when it was obvious that his team was looking at the chopping block, he manned up even when he didn't have to.

The moral of the story? Listen to T Lo, kittens. No one can prejudge like we can.

They really were kind of an adorable team because despite the fact that their aesthetics and work styles were totally at odds with each other, they still managed to get along. Even when they were bickering, it was a cute kind of bickering. Come on, that "Don't act up in front of company" line was PRICELESS.

Model: Kristina Sajko

Too bad the results didn't measure up.

This isn't an awful dress, really. It's just a very done dress.

We like the back of the skirt quite a bit.

Look, innovation is not the be-all and end-all of the fashion world. Most really successful fashion designers aren't particularly innovative. But, this isn't the fashion world. This is Project Runway, which is essentially a fashion game show. In the world of PR, innovation is king because it is after all, a design competition and you are dealing with a panel of judges who've pretty much seen it all when it comes to fashion. So no, not a horrible dress (not a great one either), but it was obvious from the get-go that this was not the kind of dress that impresses Nina.

Models: Holly Ridings/Sarah Bell

And they honestly might have skated by if they hadn't sent this ill-advised mess down the runway. We realize that they weren't supposed to copy the original exactly, but what they wound up with just looked incredibly basic and cheap next to Jesus and Amy's original.

That lace had to have been awfully cheap because 1) it looks it, and 2) they only had 50 bucks for the whole look. We also don't like the color of the underlay. We guess it was supposed to look nude, but it just comes off dingy.

And the back, kittens. How awful is that? We doubt very much that her ass is huge but it sure looks it in this dress. And since the underlay almost matches her skin tone, from the back she looks awfully saggy and wrinkly.

But as per usual, no criticism we make can even compare to the master.

"These are both really ugly."

"Well, we tried to --"

"Did I say you could speak?"

"No ma'am."

"No. I didn't think I did."

"Now, do you understand the importance of me saying these are really ugly? Do you understand what it means when I say something that harsh to you?"

"Yes ma'am. It means --"

"You're speaking."


"You've had days to shoot your mouth off to the camera and explain yourself. This is my time. I do the speaking."

"May I? Or would you prefer to continue Open Mike Night on the runway?"

"No ma'am."

"When your dresses came out from behind that scrim, my soul cried."

"My. Soul. Cried.

Do you want to know why?"

"It cried for your poor models, forced to look ugly on national television. It cried for the crime you committed against 500 dollars worth of fabric. It cried for all of the other hopefuls who wanted to be on Project Runway but were rejected so you could be here to make ugly dresses. But mostly..."

"Mostly, my soul cried out in pain because you have made me look at something ugly and no one should ever make me look at something ugly. My entire adult life has been about ensuring that I would never have to look at ugly things.

So you see, you haven't just made two ugly dresses, you have wounded me to my very soul and trampled over my life's work and for what? So you could squeeze by and make it here another week? Was it worth it to you? Was it worth committing a crime against all that is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing in the world, just so you can have one more shot at a measly 100 grand?

I want you to think -- REALLY think -- about what you have done here today and the hundreds of thousands of people whose souls also cried out in horror and pain at what you have done. You have committed a fashionpocalypse. I hope you can live with yourselves."

"OMFG, I missed her so much, LOL."

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La nina. how ive missed that loca...

a. point taken. I bow down before the Masters of Prejudging.



I agree with Virginia: "SQUEEEEEEE!!!"

La Nina's soul might have been crying, but mine was rejoicing at the return of the Ninacaps. Love you boys!

I was really hopeful about their first dress, until I saw it on the runway. Then I was no longer hopeful. Ah, well, better luck next week.

Brilliant. I burst out laughing when I heard the "These are both really ugly line." But you guys took it to another level.

Oh, how I love Miss Anthony! Seth Aaron turned out to be a great teammate, though the collective output was less than stellar. I did like the use of yellow (yay color!) and the feather treatment on the bodice. But the Hefty-like skirt was just a no.

And I never saw the back of the dress-for-less look. The front is passable, but now that I see the back I understand Nina's comments about ugly.

NINACAPS!!!!! Seth Aaron comes off as adorable and professional. His stock is rising. I really do think that Model has a big butt though, it looks the same as it did in Pamela's dress last week.

The only thing missing in the end was "And that is how Sue C's it"

raisin mountaineer

Thanks so much. The screen caps were priceless.

But I have to say, I don't think the second look is so bad. Yes, it had problems (which you pointed out) but it also had a nice clean shape and a reasonable length (as opposed to unwearable exposure). In the grand scheme of things I thought it was nicer than some of the other "second" looks. The "big dress" was reminiscent of some of the early Christopher looks from last season that received praise.

Gotta say, I have not been a fan of Seth Aaron, but he showed class in taking part of Anthony's blame. On the other hand, Ping made such a mess that it was a reasonable risk. I can't see how she could have stayed, even if it had been a straight up Ping v. Anthony matchup. At least Team Sugar's clothes looked finished and were both wearable, even if (as we have agreed) they had problems.

Nina is the Judge Judy of the fashion world.

they were adorable. I quite liked the first dress - I don't think it is really ugly but the second one certainly is. I don't think their model has a runway body, either.
And yes, TLO, you were right!

When we were prejudging Seth Aaron I hated the way he dressed. It just screamed trying to hard to be edgy to me. However, he impressed me with his first dress and has conducted him self very much like a gentleman. It was nice to see him man up when in front of the judges.

Jessie on the other hand screamed douche from day 1 and hasn't done anything to change my opinion.

I agreed with TLo during the pre-judging in thinking that Seth Aaron was really talented, and that Jesse was pretty full of himself for having a such a sloppy looking portfolio.

I also agreed with you last season when you though Malvin was a contender for the win...

I loved watching Anthony and Seth Aaron work together. Anthony is my fellow Birminghamian and it shows by his attitude. We southerners can handle all that bickering and even make it amusing...its our bread and butter, kittens.

And what a class act Seth Aaron was! I just absolutely love him now because he totally manned up on the runway. Usually we see things unfold in the Ping/Jesse manner, and it was SO refreshing to watch someone take accountability and back up his buddy. Who knew that they would make such a wonderful Odd Couple? I ABSOLUTELY love it!

I'm crying I'm laughing so hard at the Ninacaps! Fashionpocalypse! Blogenfraude! ROTFLMAO!!!!

The MOST MASTERFUL Nina screencaps EVER!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I bow down to your greatness.

The joy that you have brought today...

I was excited when these two were paired. I think Seth Aaron seems like a pretty laid back guy without being boring. And I love how, despite Anthony being funny, gently reminded Seth Aaron that the camera was on them. Anthony is a smart one.

*wipes away tears of laughter*

Oh man, you guys are awesome.

Thanks dolls,
The Glamorous Housewife


You boys are so brilliant!

Who woulda thought that Anthony & Seth would turn out to play so well together? Too bad about their dresses though. I think their gown might have gotten more love if it hadn't been that bumblebee combination of yellow & black.

And, yes, I was impressed with Seth's standup for his teammate.


TLo said...We doubt very much that her ass is huge...
Her butt is big, it was big in Pamela's dress last week and it was big in Seth Aaron's dress this week and it will be big next week and if Anthony decides to design something form fitting like the last two designers who dressed her did, her fat bottom [/Queen] is going to be on display again. She would be the belle of the ball in the hood, but on a runway, not so much.

LMFAO!!!!! Those were perfect screen caps to Nina. THAT is exactly what she conveys without speaking. How can I not like such honesty? Better to hear it from her and have a chance to improve.

And I completely agreed with your assesment of Seth and Jesse. It holds up too.

hahaha. love the screencaps. also, love the very end of the extended judging when heidi is like, "Maybe you could've shown a little more SKINNNNN!" and then her eyes got all big. baha, oh heidi.

1. Ninacaps: BRILLIANT!

2. You guys were so right about Seth Aaron. He had a strong whiff of Jeffrey about him that made me suspicious at the beginning, but the way he behaved on the runway obliterated any possible similarity to Mr. Make-A-Mommy-Cry. Seth Aaron: Class Act.

3. I didn't think the signature look was ugly. It reminded me of Balenciaga in earlier times, and I thought the bodice was pretty.

4. Anthony continues to crack me up with his one-liners.

I'm glad this team didn't go home!

Nina screencaps! You've made my DAY!!!!! Laughing so hard my husband thinks I've lost it!

Yes, the lace and the back of the cheap look are ugly. And thanks for your comments about the high end dress. (Didn't Heidi actually say she liked it, when commenting on M & J's cheap version of it? Figures!) Cheri

Finally, what is it with the makeup this season? Ghastly.

I'm pretty sure the model does have a big ass. You can't tell in the Ep. 1 dress because it has a fuller skirt, but her ass has looked that big in the past two challenges, so I'm going to blame it on her rather than the garments.

ETA to my previous comment:
Of course by regular standards the model has a great body, and furthermore it would be smart for the designer to take into account the models shape, coloring and whatnot when designing for the runway, because on PR the designer will understandably be held responsible if the outfit doesn't flatter the model.

I never doubted SA. But, do keep in mind that I enjoyed (and imitated) Avril Lavinge's style. (Yes, I was in high school at that point, but the point stands. =D)

My, Miss Garcia was looking lovely, no? And then you go and screencap her to a hilarious t.

From the annals of PR History: Season 7. When life was looking good again.

Love the Nina captions.

And I love Seth Aaron. Have from the start.

Hehehehe. How you tickle me TLo.

I admit I thought you were hard on Jesse. I bow down to your powers of prejudging. Use them only for good, boys.

As far as Seth Aaron goes, I didn't really feel much about him one or the other, and figured much of the animosity toward him came from his resemblance to Jeffery. I did like his first dress very much, and considered him a contender after I saw how much detail he put into that dress. Still didn't have much of a feeling about him personally, though.

But this past episode, when he was quietly squeeing over the gowns in the museum, I found my love for him. He was filled with such childlike awe over those dresses, and I knew right then that despite his poser personal style, he's a genuine person. His playful bickering with Anthony and the way he took equal credit for the team's failures just made me love him more.

So Seth Aaron is my new favorite. I want to see him go all the way because he's a good egg and he's talented.

This question would be better put when Jay/Maya's are posted, but I'm here now...

Am I crazy or did last week they say that Jay won, but *didn't* get immunity for reasons that would become apparent? Then this week, everyone definitely agreed he had immunity. I know I forget things, but I didn't think I made them up (out of whole cloth, so to speak).

I loved watching these two interact! Anthony made me LOL-myself every he spoke. I think my other fav line of his from that night was,

"Our color palette yellow, red and black - so we're making this dress for the Vice President of McDonald's. But hey, everyone needs a dress right?"

I didn't watch the episode, so all I have to go on are the pictures, but these don't look that bad to me. I'd like to think that this is because everyone else really shined, but then I saw the other pics from this challenge... Anyway, my eyes are definitely not crying out in pain. But hysterical screencaps, thanks!

The T and The Lo are masters at the pre-Judging.

The first dress was bad. The black and the yellow, the little feathers glued all over the bodice. The giagantic skirt that she had to pick up to walk in. Bad. Bad. Bad. Maybe if he had used the red and the yellow it could have looked new.

The 2nd look wasn't as bad, IMO. I can see the first look influence. Maybe if they had done a little cha-cha on the end of the skirt. No, Still it couldn't have saved them from drowning with that big old boat of a dress as their signature look.
Seth was a good partner. He is looking younger too, no?

I still don't undestand where all the Seth hate was coming from. He seems really cool to me and I like his design style. But yes, both of these were a mess. The backs of the these dresses were the worst part for me. The 2nd is just hideous and the first back looks how any dress would look in the back if all the buttons popped off or the zipper broke or something. It looked unfinished.

"Am I crazy or did last week they say that Jay won, but *didn't* get immunity for reasons that would become apparent? Then this week, everyone definitely agreed he had immunity. I know I forget things, but I didn't think I made them up (out of whole cloth, so to speak)."

Tim also voiced confusion about this on his vblog. It remains a mystery to me...

How will we ever learn if we don't go venture out of our tiny nests and try on some bitch pants of our very own? Teach, us TLo, teach us...

You know, I realize that it wasn't Nina I missed. I missed St. Nina of the Screen Caps. I have no idea whether or not they are the same person. And you know what? I. Don't. Care.!

Nina looks a lot like Celine Dion in these screen caps.

"My. Soul. Cried."

Your Ninacaps kill me. They're brilliant!

I'm not sure what it is that's holding me back from loving their signature look because I don't think it's ugly. I really love the back of it but I'm just not crazy about the dress as a whole.

The second look is bad. My soul cried a little too.

Quite Contrary

Thank GOD they decided to get rid of the "McDonalds" red sash that they had on the $500 dress while in the workroom. Can you imagine what would have gone down on the runway? Nina would have flipped about this being a design for the fashion industry, NOT the food industry, and Heidi, in all her pregnant glory, would have had to postpone judging to devour a smorgasbord of delicacies, complements of the Golden Arches. After indulging in her craving, Heidi would promptly "auf" both Anthony AND Seth Aaron for causing her to gain approximately three pounds in her ravenous food frenzy triggered by the sight of their McDonalds dress.

I loved the team of SA/Anthony because they were like a mix between the Odd Couple and an old married couple <3

Did Seth wear a shirt that said BEEF across his chest and I hadn't noticed? Does it say CAKE underneath? Is his earing a button?
He doesn't REALLY have a star tattoo on his neck, right?
Can a great personality make you so much more adorable???
That model DOES have a fat ass and a terrible walk. It's why she's always picked last.

At least, I hope it says cake underneath.

WTF. No, they didn't earn a top spot, but they definitely earned a "safe." I for one liked that big voluminous thing. Outraged that Miss Anthony had to endure the final two humiliation.

Blogenfreude ... brilliant!

(another suz)

Love the Ninacaps, but it was that Heidicap at the very end (perfect expression for the cap!) that really got me.

I bow down to the brilliance of TLo! Between the Ninacaps and the accuracy of the pre-judging bitch pants...together you are the Tim Gunn of the blogiverse.

I confess, seeing the one (crazy) look from Seth Aaron and a pre-show portfolio that I didn't care for are what I based my initial dislike on. Now that I've seen that he generally likes to play dress up and he plays very well with others? I like.

And I love Anthony. Even though he's unlikely to win, or even go to Bryant Park, Anthony is probably going to have some great opportunities after PR ends - commentary, styling, something. He's too awesome to ignore.

As for their looks - I actually kinda liked their signature look, and was a bit surprised they were in the bottom 2. The look-for-less was ass, but I didn't think it was the 2nd worst.

Damn, those are excellent Ninacaps! I so appreciate the Saturday afternoon laughs.

I love the Nina caps, but I TOTALLY disagree and am downright POed by her "really ugly" comment. I agree that the signature piece was "done," but I bought Anthony's defense of his design. He did think about which designer he was going to get his inspiration from and he thought about how he would adapt it to his aesthetic. This was more of a chacon a son gout judging than a good vs. bad judging.

I wasn't wowed, but I liked Seth Aaron's dress, except for the entire back of the dress being made of lace and the accentuation of the model's big asset. I am responding better to SA's lace than to Jonathan's use of lace last week. Not that this was the bestest that I have ever seen, but I would have put Emilio and Anna's big bucket of nothing dresses in the bottom before Anthony and Seth Aaron's.

Has anyone taken note that the model is the same one whose back side 'looked' big in the dress that got last week's contestant offed.

Maybe it's not the dresses.

Nina looked like a total hottie in this episode.

Can we talk about the black/dark liner they used to line Model Sarah's lips?


ETA to my previous post:
I would include Ben and Janeane's dresses in the big bucket of nothing category too, although I liked the jacket on the Look for Less outfit.

I can see the inspiration on the 2nd look but it was weak.

But I understand Anthony's thinking on the gown and think his stance was stronger than the judges comments against it. (since what they said kind of did not match the instructions.) I liked it better than Emilio's and Janenane's 1rst looks.

Telling the designers to have an iconic look that would fit in and -apparently according to Mila - was evening. Then judging that it had to be modern and be what "a young woman would wear"? Or that MK wants to see separates/sportswear when all the inspiration pcs were gowns/dresses?? Changing the criteria after the assignment or at judging is wrong.


I can see the inspiration on the 2nd look but it was weak.

But I understand Anthony's thinking on the gown and think his stance was stronger than the judges comments against it. (since what they said kind of did not match the instructions.) I liked it better than Emilio's and Janenane's 1rst looks.

Telling the designers to have an iconic look that would fit in and -apparently according to Mila - was evening. Then judging that it had to be modern and be what "a young woman would wear"? Or that MK wants to see separates/sportswear when all the inspiration pcs were gowns/dresses?? Changing the criteria after the assignment or at judging is wrong.


I was feeling a bit of the "blogenfreude".

I thought people were too harsh in the MTD post about Jesse and agree with TLo's comments about him in the last post. But was not impressed with hisr work in the MTD.
(Just watched the recording of the last episode again and noted a bunch of stuff I hadn't before. Emilio was harsh about her - not even just about being on team with her, but don't even mention her name you'll ruin my day. Anne (?) made the crack that maybe she'd be able to design if she couldn't see out of one eye. And Ping kept shouting No at Jesses when he even tried to ask a question.)

In the MTD I thought Ping might be nice enough, but I hated her work and the feeling about her work held throughout. I knew she'd be an awful team member and noone would want to work with her and Jesse would be damend wither way.

Anthony has been funny - mixed feelings thought he is middle of the pack.

Pamela - I thought she wasn't given the benefit of the doubt and treated as though SHE were the crazy lady and glad to see that people Finally acknowledge it - but disappointed that it was not until she left.

Jesus - I liked his portfolio overall and again that he was been judged unfairly harshly - still there. (Liked the brown gown and love their gown this week.)

Seth Aaron was incredibly classy on the runway. It was so nice to see. And I wish Anthony would step up his game because I don't want him to ever ever leave.

I agree with almost everything.... However, that model does have a big ass.


I was just very surprised, TLo, that you took Jesse's side in the Ping debacle. He was such a jackass and made a bad situation much worse with his petulant attitude.

I still think Seth looks like an 80s band boy but I like his style. The lampshade dress last week was a bit of a misstep, but his first garment was fab. I actually like the look for less if I envision it in a better lace. This screams cheap. But I like a 50s retro vibe and this could be a cute dress in different fabrics.

Go Team Brown Sugar!! Thankful that Miss Sophia's weekly words of wisdom will be back next eppy!

Poor Anthony...He said he left his feelings in Atlanta but I fear he needs to (send via priority mail) a UPS box back to Atlanta containing other attitudes he brought to NYC. The black and yellow gown looks like a two day knock-off makeover from the Dior 2010 Spring collection and it has Atlanta Junior League Charity Ball held at the Piedmont Driving Club written all over it. Anthony has talent but he needs to fine tune his talent to a NYC state of mind or he will be shown the door.

another laura

omigodyouguys, NinaCaps are baaaaaack!



anon, good nurse

I normally bristle every time I see anyone say a model with a BMI of 9 has some imagined heft that makes her look "hippy" or that her butt looks "big" or any of the other ridiculous, borderline misogynistic criticisms of a model's figure that come up time and time again in PR blogs when it was the designer who messed up. I mean, I can accept unflattering, but when the model's size gets shat on it angries up the blood so bad I need three onions on my belt before I stop seeing red...

But looking at this particular model over and over again in a few different outfits, yes; yes, I agree that girl has a large (for her frame), low-hanging caboose. That dress in particular made me wince and wonder, did she had a bustle under there or was her ass just happy to see me?

I am going to be smug too because Seth has been a fave of mine from the start. I loved the "in front of company" remark! So Southern! I hated what they did but I liked watching them do it.

Really, who doesn't want to be Anthony's BFF?

I actually really like the top of the yellow dress, its pretty and detailed, and nicely done. The skirt on the other hand... wow was that a bad call. Perhaps if they'd made a long yellow dress, with the feathery things wrapping around? Sounds weird, but in my head I could see it looking kind of fantastic.

So do we know if Uli made Heidi's PR and MOTR ensembles?

Teh NINA!CAPS, they make my soul very happy.

With wacky Ping gone, Anthony is the most entertaining designer left, although, sadly, far from one of the most talented. I hope he stays around for at least a couple more episodes just because he makes me laugh and is so darn fun!!

Well, given that in his MTD post, Seth Aaron claimed to inspired by everything I like in life as well, and given that he's got a real Lou Reed vibe going on when he fluffs his hair out like that, I'm just happy to see him openly vindicated. Yay for good subcultural representation!

-- Anun

Seth Aaron has become an unexpected favorite of mine. I'll admit I was a little thrown-off with the MTD and the first episode, with the way that he dresses like a 16 year old and I was worried his designs would look all Hot Topic-y. Turns out he's a sweetheart and has some range. Too bad this week missed the mark, but I'm still on team SA!

OMFG - I missed NinaCaps! Love your version of her!

Seth Aaron and Anthony were a pleasure to watch. It's a shame that didn't translate to beautiful clothes.

In particular, Seth Aaron's attitude to team work was so different to Jesse (Who I was referring to as Patrick Bateman from the moment he did that punching his hand at Ping's head height thing when fabric shopping. What was that?), and Jonathan. I was nervous that Seth Aaron would be auffed for taking responsibility.

I was one of those people who pre-judged Seth. He just reminded me so much of ALP; I was sure he was going to be nasty and annoyingly arrogant.

I was starting to come around over the first couple of episodes. After his standing behind Anthony this week - he's become my favorite. I don't think I've ever heard a speech like that on the runway before.

It was a real contrast to Jonathan, who was plotting how to throw Mila under the bus from the very start of the challenge.

Isn't this the second dress that's "made" Sarah's ass look big? Maybe she just has a big ass for a model.

Kneenacaps -- she really did cut them off at the knee.

I <3 TLo.

NINACAPS! Oh god I needed that after another look at those dresses. Brilliant!!! I wish Miss Sophia would play the judges' game just a little, you know? Just enough to keep the show interesting until Bryant Park. Ideally he'd go all the way, but somehow I don't see that happening. He's worth his weight in gold in spite of everything.

And yeah, you boys were right about Seth. I still don't like his style and probably never will, but he proved himself 100% class there.

I liked Seth Aaron's big moment in the judging, but I took it to be about equal parts "from the heart" and "from a savvy observer of past judge's reactions." Throwing yourself under the bus won't always save you, but nobly-yet-noticeably refusing to throw someone else down there, especially when it's justified, almost always plays well.

IMO, it still speaks well for Seth Aaron because it seems like it's mainly the nice savvy people who figure this out -- savvy tools like Santino and ALP root their character-defining moments in meanness.

thank you boys for making my days full of laughter.

It's 1 am (Romanian time) and I am staying here, alone in my room, laughing like a mad woman. Looove NINACAPS. Love everything you write.

YES! Nina caps! Oh, how I love TLO. And Nina, too.

I heart heart heart Seth Aaron. He is a kinder, funnier, gentler, and all around better (because, let's face it--gay) version of Jeffrey Sebelia.

Anonymous said...

This question would be better put when Jay/Maya's are posted, but I'm here now...

Am I crazy or did last week they say that Jay won, but *didn't* get immunity for reasons that would become apparent? Then this week, everyone definitely agreed he had immunity. I know I forget things, but I didn't think I made them up (out of whole cloth, so to speak).

As Venusa mentioned, Tim talks about it here.

Fucking HILARIOUS! How I missed those screencaps, guys!!!!!


hee hee.

And the Nina caps. Oh, how good it is to have them back!! And didn't she look especially lovely this week?

As for Team Brown Sugar ("On this day I take thee Seth" -- haha!):

I've liked SA from the beginning. Don't love his designs, but what he does, he does really well. And he's very likable.

Anthony -- he aspires to design pageant wear. 'Nuff said. But he's tons of fun, and his "don't act up" line was priceless.

You know what Seth Aaron was on the runway? A mensch. That was some major menschdom.

I've missed your screencaps of Nina breaking the weak wills of poor designers! Thank you!

I was surprised by Nina's "ugly" comment. For one thing, she's usually a bit more gentle - - often a lot more. And I didn't think they were "really ugly," at least not compared to some of the monstrosities that've been sent down that runway in past seasons.

Ninacaps and Team Brown Sugar all rolled into one delicious and savory post! I had to go back and read the post again and again. The combination of Nina's facial expressions and your words make it one of the best posts ever.

I've expressed my love of Anthony over and over since day one. However, I do admit to being part of the posse against Seth Aaron. You boys were right, he's talented and a real stand-up guy. I loved those two together, but feel bad they couldn't collaborate on designs that were as successful as their fabulously sweet and comedic partnership. I'd love to see them both go all the way. I'm not worried about Seth because he's already demonstrated his skill and creativity. But, Anthony's work has a tendency to be inconsistent and uneven. And as even Emilio pointed out (paraphrasing), his construction skills are weak and he tends to spend a lot of time on decorating his creations.


Maybe the spin-off dress looked so extra terrible because the model walks like a cow. My god.

Oh my gosh, if looks could kill: the Duchess at about 0:44 on the extended judging. Hilarious.

Ninacaps!!!! OMG how I've missed these!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, TLo!!!!!!!!!


Now, do you understand the importance of me saying these are really ugly? Do you understand what it means when I say something that harsh to you?


Thank you so much, guys : )


You guys rock!!!!!!!!!

They were so cute together : )

Miss Sophia + Nina + TLo = PRICELESS.

"Don't act up in front of company" is a whole lot funnier when Tim Gunn is the company standing in front of you.

"OMFG, I missed her so much, LOL."

So did I, Tlo : )



I seriously kneel in awe of your Nina caps.

I adore Anthony. I am in SF and our queens are much different than southern queens. I am refreshed and envigorated by his vernacular. Everything that pours out of his mouth makes me shine. When he said not to act up in front of company (Tim) I think I died and went to heaven. A heaven of large hats, stockings and mint juleps.

May I? Or would you prefer to continue Open Mike Night on the runway?"


My Project Runway experience would not be same without you guys and la chica Nina; I really mean it. Thank you for everything you guys do.

Ninacaps = priceless.

I don't think it can be overstated what a hero Seth Aaron was during judging - no whining, no defensiveness.

Has there ever been a reality TV show contestant that has shown that much grace under pressure?

It was breathtaking.


This made my freaking day =) Thank you TLo =)

I was quite surprised that they got away with this, it could easily have been Anthony who was Auf'd.

I think they're both lovely and hope they step it up a notch next week!

Your Ninacaps make my soul laugh!

I agree with La Chica that both looks were ugly, but I love having Miss Anthony on the show, and hope he hangs around for awhile. There are probably three or four designers who are not very strong and not very interesting who ought to get the auf before he does.

And I'm not crazy about either his personal look or his fashion sense to date, but Seth Aaron turned out to be a standup kind of guy so I hope he hangs around for awhile too.

You guys are masters at patting yourselves on the back. Don't forget that you defended Sir Douche in your last post.

Aside from his personal asthetic (which you also criticized), I have been a fan of Seth Aaron from the get go. I should go buy myself a prize.

But hey, it's your blog. You're entitled to brag all you want. But I am personally glad that you followed it up with Nina screen caps, otherwise this wouldn't have been much to read.

Stamp those little feet, anonymous! Stamp them hard to show how much you mean it!


I was laughing so hard, I was almost crying.

"open mic night on the Runway", indeed.

don't EVER go away again, NINA!!!!

Three things bother me about these designs:

1) The apparent lumpiness of the signature-look skirt. What the hell kind of petticoat did they have under there?

2) The way the lace accentuates the size of Sarah's butt. When you look at black lace (or fishnet stockings) from an angle, you see more of the lace and less of the background color, creating even more shading. And is the skirt just wrinkling/riding up, or did they deliberately do a bit of gathering under her butt?

3) On the back of the look-for-less top, is that lace unfinished at the edges? It looks ragged and sloppy. (Granted, maybe it was a deliberate design choice to evoke the frayed patches on Jesus's skirt. But I'm not responding well to it.)

Anthony must never leave.

Dear Anon. 7:44

Please go sit at another lunch table.


One thing that's bugged me since they did the fabric choice is that that's not a great use of yellow and black; the colors are tricky together anyway because of the whole bumblebee thing, but that slightly green yellow with a rather brownish black just look grubby together, and that fault is exacerbated by the untidy feather embellishment and the tininess of the yellow bodice compared to the vast spilled-ink ocean of black skirt. The right yellow with the right black, in such proportion that the yellow has meaning, is lovely: Nina's right, this is ugly.

And the importance of that load of verbiage is that I think Seth Aaron and Anthony share a fault: they have rather imperfect understanding of color.

They were inspiring to watch work together, though, no matter how dire the product; it's too bad harmonious and productive teamwork had such awful product.

And oh, Nina, for expressing it so bluntly, you have even more of my admiration.

I don't think Sarah's butt is big in the real world - it's beautifully round, but I would guess that it is big by model standards. Not sure how much longer she'll last if she can't pair up with a designer who can flatter her shape.

Seth Aaron is rising on my favorites list - decent and talented even if his work hasn't been to my taste as of yet.

LOVE the Ninacaps - thanks for the laugh!

Ninacaps - HEAVEN.

The TLo comments and predictions were so amazing and perfect that I didn't remember until halfway through the comments that I actually LIKE Anthony and SA's big dress. I knew it would get judged down, too bad, but I liked the complexity of the top.

Please stay as long as possible, Anthony and SA.

Ahhhh -- Ninacaps... my soul is refreshed...i bow to the masters, tlo...

and you were right about seth-aaron. i'm not a huge fan of his designs, but i agree that he showed a tremendous amount of class in taking equal responsibility for the sad garments they sent down the runway. i'm glad both he and miss sophia are still in the game. i love anthony. i don't think he'll be here much longer unless he really steps it up, but i LOVE his little comments. they really were cute together.

Since this blog isnt about Jesse i wont comment on him but i will say that since episode 1 Ive been a fan of Seth-Ann and yea this past episode just solified it even more.

Their designs were kinda meh but...

Seth + Anthony = reality tv GOLD! Get these 2 their own reality tv show!

Since this blog isnt about Jesse i wont comment on him but i will say that since episode 1 Ive been a fan of Seth-Ann and yea this past episode just solified it even more.

Their designs were kinda meh but...

Seth + Anthony = reality tv GOLD! Get these 2 their own reality tv show!

I wasn't crazy about SA's first dress. I didn't hate it or anything, I just can't seem to see what it is excites so many others. But I do like what he's doing in general.

And he was a real class act in that last episode. It's a shame that such a harmonious team couldn't produce a more interesting garment. I wonder if he'd been appointed the leader instead, if the results would have been different/better.

i'm not dorothy gale

It's the weekend. TLo was right (again). AND Ninacaps.

My heart is full.

God, how I love when you provide La Ninacaps. I love her, and I love you, T Lo. (P.S., I hope you're both feeling sterling.)

Seth Aaron is a mensch. Sure, there was tension between he and his team leader, but he worked with Miss Anthony rather than try to undermine him, did his part without whining, made his point without hammering Anthony's confidence, and had as much fun as he could under the circumstances (he earned my love with that cheerful "brown sugar" line and hug when Anthony chose him). Most importantly, he took responsibility on the runway for the looks, knowing how much La Nina hated them. He's, like, the exact opposite of Jesse the Douche. Unlike Jesse, Seth Aaron has shown (prior to this challenge) that he has the talent and skills to make it to Bryant Park, he has the maturity, humor, and professionalism to handle himself afterwards. He's become a strong favorite for me now.

I said it last week and I will say it again, "The model has a big butt"! Period. End of discussion...

And also, why is PR trying to personify these dang models? Who the hell cares about their opinion?

A fashion show that allows the models to weigh in, that is pure BS...

Anon. 7:44, are you familiar with the term "tongue in cheek"?

That said, that second look was so damned fug, it made me want to cry. The first, man, that was just plain ridiculous (we are not at a drag cotillion, Miss Anthony!).

What the hell were those two thinking? Mein Gott. Were they drinking? I think they were drinking. I hope they were drinking. Fuzzy navels and mint juleps, and copious amounts of vodka and schnapps, that's what fueled these looks.

Blinky: I second that

Seriously man, my heart sings when I see I'm getting a Nina screencap. I get up and make a snack so I can REALLY enjoy it. Thank you.

"Tlo said: when it was obvious that his team was looking at the chopping block, he manned up even when he didn't have to."


I gained a newfound respect for Seth Aaron on that one.

Of course, I will still rag on about his goofy aesthetic; his President of the BananaRama Fan Club sense of style -- but I'll do it with respect.


"Tlo said: But as per usual, no criticism we make can even compare to the master."

One thing I've often wondered: Can you guys drink a glass of water while Nina speaks?


That ball gown was tacky and overdone but, at the same time, I can picture the woman who would wear it.

Tacky people need clothes too you know.


BTW, I hope there was a Broadway producer watching because think Seth Aaron & Anthony should star in a revival of La Cage au Folles.


Always liked Seth Aaron, he's cute. Love Ms. Anthony but not the dress(es).

Ninacaps are da bomb. I love them. My soul was dying too.

And the model does have a big butt and a horrible walk. She needs to work on her walk and get the butt to work for her like J-Lo.

Great blog entry. I had not very much liked SethAaron at firs, but I'm ready to admit that his behaviour this week was exemplary and eminently likeable, even if he was taking a measured risk against Ping's disaster.

I agreed with Nina in the assessment of these dresses though, it's not that they were not innovative, they were ugly.

As to the model, It's not being mean, and her bottom is definitely not huge, but is pretty big for a model, and even for a non-model, that's the way it is... Not a very appealing model in any other respect. I think Anthony should have kept the other girl, allergy and all, and change her later, rather than get stuck with a girl who's going to be hard work in terms of selling his looks.

LOL @ the screen ninaisms!! Do more of this and instead of checking your blog twice daily it'll be hourly.

Was that La Nina or Judge Judy?

OMG, how I love your screencaps! More, please, more.

TLo, I never doubted your prejudging skills and I bow down to the masters.

Am I the only one who thinks that Seth Aaron could look really hot if he didn't try to look like a 20-year-old boy-band member trying to look edgy?

Best f@cking Nina caps evah! I am cryin' here.


Oh. My. God. These might be the best Ninacaps you have ever blessed us with, TLo- I am metaphorically bowing down before y'all!

Yes, Seth Aaron could give Jesse lessons in how to behave like a mature adult. How cute were he and Anthony? Seth really stepped up on the runway when the judges were picking their designs apart-good for him.

I think that Anthony is so rooted in a particular part of the South, and that his heart really is in the pageant world. I don't know that Miss Sophia will be around much longer, so I'm enjoying him while he's still on PR.

Fashionpocalypse! Love you guys!

You know that Nina checks this blog daily to see if there's any Ninacaps...and she loves them!!

I'm begging you boys to publish a collection of them... you know, a coffee table time for holiday gift giving..............



There are WAY worse things to be than the President of the Bananarama fan club.
Like Jesse's membership in the Auditioning for the Omaha Production of The Producers club.

I heart Seth Aaron and I hope he goes far.

i didn't hate their two looks. i will say that the yellow/black dress was much more interesting than the two, almost identical, boring looks that were sent down by anna and janeane (v-neck fitted dresses with cropped jackets).

"kjt said: There are WAY worse things to be than the President of the Bananarama fan club.
Like Jesse's membership in the Auditioning for the Omaha Production of The Producers club."

Don't get the reference to The Producers with regard to Jessie. I can't recall anything in The Producers where anyone mimed punching a woman.

Me thinks Jessie would be better cast in a dinner theatre production of, 'Angry Little Peanut: The Musical'.


Ninacaps: PERFECT! I was startled by her "they are both ugly" statement. So unlike her, she's usually much more tactful....
Signature look: Way overworked (this took two days...?)
Cheap look: Cheap--but I do see the influence of the other's team's dress. Just wish it were better done.
Anthony: starting to annoy me, but loved the "don't act out in front of company" line.
SA: a muture gentleman. Good for him.
All in all--a great epi!

I actually quite liked - or would have liked - the signature piece had it been done without the feathers. I thought the volume of the skirt and the color combination was surprisingly good. Can't say much of anything good about the second look except it wasn't horrible. I am really beginning to like Seth Aaron. Not only does he have an interesting design viewpoint but he has a lot of integrity. It wasn't necessary for him to take that much responsibility for the design but kudos to him for doing so.

I'm snowed in in frozen North Carolina and bored out of my mind - your hilarious NinaCaps saved my day! And, as a former Birminghamian, I adore Anthony and laughed all over again rereading his "don't act up in front of company" line. Thanks for helping me keep my sanity during, as another Anthony used to say, "my unfortunate incarceration."

Ok, One thing I have to point out, and I'm sorry if its already been done, but that model in the cheap dress has looked like she has a huge rear end in almost every dress she's been in. She was Pamela's model the other two times. The first time the rear was hidden cause of the insect wings, but in the trailer trash dress it was very much out there. Not that the designers should realize this and adjust, because I myself have a rather large rear end, and it can be hidden by things other than bat wings, but it definitely is an issue that can't be blamed on the designers alone.

TLo... May I call you TLo?

Thank you.

I will never doubt your wisdom again.


Thank you.

(tee hee - Nina's gonna die when she reads this.)

Absolutely loved the dialogue. I missed that fierce Latina bitch, too. Love her.

PS - It was the hairy feathers that killed it dead.

"GothamTomato said...
BTW, I hope there was a Broadway producer watching because think Seth Aaron & Anthony should star in a revival of La Cage au Folles."

Too bad the latest revival's already been cast... Maybe when the original cast leaves!

I like these two and I wish the dresses had been better considering their collaboration. One thing about Anthony though, he really needs to learn how to defend his work. Telling the judges he respects their opinions isn't going to get him much further.

Anonymous said : "Nina looks a lot like Celine Dion in these screen caps."

So True!!!

And so missing the La Nina caps! Thank you for giving me such a Sunday.

Fantabulous Ninacaps!

there is a market for this gown. I am sure some girls who want to dress up for prom or homecoming and want to look punk rock would love it. It does not belong on PR though.

I thought it was cute when S.A. called his team mate 'Ant'. It was awesome of him to take ownership of the disaster dresses. The models should only be so kind, I mean part of the job is pretending to kind of like the garment b/c it is your job to sell it. Amanda never pulled anything like Megan did even when Kayne put her in that horrid paper dress.

Nina Caps :D

*bows to the masters of caps*

Oh Tlo. I will make sure to use "my soul cried" in the office from now on. You guys are brilliant!

I almost never question your judgments, but I have to - well, if not disagree then at least question whether oone of your observations may not be well founded:

You say that fugly thing makes Sarah's ass look fat and you doubt if her ass is really fat.

Just last week a designer got auf'ed for making a dress which made the exact same model's ASS LOOK FAT.

The only thing that saved Sarah's ass from going 2-for-2 was Miss "I'm The Team Leader" sending out such abominable dreck that the judges, much as they might have liked keeping her around for entertainment, just couldn't face the thought of watching that garbage for one more week.

So at some point we may have to reexamine the premise here vis a vie Sarah's ass.

Maybe the chick just has a big ass.

I'm still not seeing this alleged potential that Seth Aaron has. He's my least favorite. His designs are childish and tacky and not high fashion AT ALL.

"My soul cried" bwahahahahahaha!!!! I am so glad I found your blog. Hilarious.

Loved the NinaCaps/

Seth Aaron reminded me a little bit of Gordana in that stupid surf/avant-garde challenge, when the judges hated that slutty mail order bride outfit that she and Nicolas made and still she was defending Nicola's idea, pointing out the good parts of it like the collar.

He's been my favorite from the very start :)

Taking some cheap, tacky fabric and making a dress that looks like it came from the "Everything is $7 store?" $50 at Mood.

Ninacaps from Project Rungay? Priceless.

Anthony is so adorable I would like to carry him around in my pocket all day so I could take him out to hear his one-liners whenever I was down.

The end.

Anonymous on 1/31/10 at 5:35 AM said...I thought it was cute when S.A. called his team mate 'Ant'.

"Beings" that "we's" from the South you need to interpret it as "Aunt". Everyone in the South has a crazy rich Aunt that is always and completely tolerated on all occasions in the hopes you will be listed in the will.

The black and yellow ball gown is the type of dress a crazy rich southern Aunt would buy at full price and wear.


"TampaBay said: And it seems the great majority of said tacky women with money tend to live Atlanta and Houston."

I'm sensing that you've never been to New Jersey.

I wouldn't put all of that on the women of Houston & Atlanta (or even Jersey). Tacky is everywhere. It knows no boundries.


GothamTomato on 1/30/10 at 9:42 PM said... That ball gown was tacky and overdone but, at the same time, I can picture the woman who would wear it.

Tacky people need clothes too you know.


And it seems the great majority of said tacky women with money tend to live Atlanta and Houston. If you can "picture the woman who would wear it", come join me for drinks and I will introduce you as I know several women who bought and own that dress with the detachable bodice option.


OMFG. I had to stick my head under the dog in my lap because I was laughing loud enough to wake the neighbors.

Nina! We missed you sooooo much!

Blogenfreude, indeed! All hail, Prejudges!!


I find SA's look and persona absolutely repellant. He just creeps me out with that very dated style that's much too young for him - talk about mutton dressed as lamb. Not a fan of his design esthetic either. But he did come across as a true mensch in this eps.

I heart Miss Anthony! But girlfriend had better step it up if he wants to stick around. Maybe he and Kayne should become partners in a pageant wear business. I don't think his esthetic is sophisticated enough to go very far on PR but who knows? His little red dress last week was one of my favorites and perfectly captured the mandate so maybe he can pull it out if he learns to edit himself.

Both these dresses look better in the stills than they did on the runway. Definitely better than Ping and Jesse's monstrosities.

Nina looks beautiful but it seems pretty clear to me that she's had some major work done.

Okay, TLo, you outdid yourself on the Ninacaps. But aren't we here to dish some dresses?

WTF did 'Team Brown Sugar' do with that $500? Buy a black pup tent and make a bodice for the top? That's the "tugboat like gown nailed together" I mentioned in my post about Mila.

Laughing so hard even my lady bits are delighted. Word to my TLo.

Dear God,

I have been a pretty good girl. I will try hard to be gooder from now on.

Please make people stop talking about Sarah's butt.

Please let Gotham Tomato keep saying things like, "I sense you've never been to New Jersey."

Please let there be Nina caps forever and ever and ever. And ever and ever and ever. And ever. And ever.

Please remind TLo that I haven't received my invitation to the Gen Art Plastic thingy. Even though my favorite post was the one that said, "You should pick me because I'm a child!," that person would have to get their parent's permission and I wouldn't, so . . . you know.

Please keep the world safe for blogenfreude, titscrepancies, nicknames, Musical Mondays, and pre-judging. And, oh, I guess even for Anonymous commenters, even though sometimes they are real poop heads who say mean things and don't even tell the rest of us who they are.

And please make people stop talking about Sarah's butt.

Thank you, God.

Brooklyn Bomber

Brooklyn Bomber: Thanks for schooling Anon 7:44. What a tool.
Loving the n-caps. Bien Sur!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, love you guys!

Thanks for the Nina screencaps. You guys made my weekend.

I'm waiting with bated breath for the Papa Seth and Miss Anthony Show... I could watch the 2 of them all day. I'm not a fan of Seth Aaron's work, but integrity and class go a long way with me, and Anthony is priceless.

I think its more that the model has an ass than that she has a fat ass, but I'm an ass-woman so there's your grain of salt.

I read this post 15 minutes ago but it is only now that I have managed to pull myself together enough to type. 'My entire adult life has been about ensuring that I never have to look at ugly things.' You two are priceless.

OMG, I love you both so much. You two should be offered a multi-million dollar book deal (or at least a Fashion Police spot in People Magazine) on the strength of this post ALONE. Or, if I were to comment on this post TLo style, I might just say, "One word, kittens: GORGE." (Also, no one does "I told you so" as well as y'all.) -victoria

That was HILLARIOUS! Thank you for brightening my day with that one, love it!

Thank you for the NInacaps, that should be one of the new words put into Webster's, or at least the Urban Dictionary, along with blogenfruede and titscrepancy.

Re: Sara and her assests. I don't think it's her proportions so much as her walk. Sara just galumphs down the runway. The only reason she's still around is Sophia was such a PIA.

Off topic: is Alex going to be able to do any comics this season? I'm dying to know if he has any crushes this round. Maybe since Nina and The Duchess are back he thinks we don't miss him, but If he's not too busy, I'd LOVE to see his take on season 7.

Back on topic: TLo, I may disagree with you every once in awhile but you certainly are the masters of prejudging.


(long-time lurker is de-lurking)

I am a True Believer in your pre-judging skills, good Sirs. And I loooved these Ninacaps.

I've also appreciated SA from the start, based on his portfolio, his casting session, and calm-yet-not-snorefest demeanor. After this past week's show, I no longer appreciate him- I adore him. Seth-Ann and Miss Brown Sugar were truly adorable odd couple of teammates. I like how SA can roll with the punches as well as Miss Anthony, and I'm impressed at how SA manned up on the runway and stood by his teammate and their designs. Well done!

My thoughts on Princess Thurston and SA's differing behavior and attitudes can be summed up as follows:

Thurston: Teeny weeny peen
Seth-Ann: Hung like a bull (BEEF)

Butt (pun) as for that model... Methinks her ass is big. Or big for runway model standards. She looks more like 50 Cent's Applebottom jeans material than high fashion to me.

I think Seth was initially dissed because his aesthetic seems similar to Jeffery Sebelia, whom we all know is the antithesis of "nice" and "sweetheart." But yep, Seth's proved himself to be pretty awesome!

"No ma'am."

Is my new response to one and any bitchslap, verbal or otherwise.

"My. Soul. Cried." Bwhahahahah!

Too funny! Love the Ninacaps!!!
Exactly what she would have both really "get" Nina.

As far as Anthony and Seth...ugh! I'm not surprised to see this come from Anthony...promqueenpagentprincess is his thing. Surprised that I didn't really see more of Seth's design aesthetic worked into either of the 2 pieces. Maybe the B look was his...but it was awful and had no relation to the inspiration piece at all. They deserved to be in the bottom 2 groups.

The comments about Thurston's douchey comments and attitude toward Ping...well...all I can say is I don't blame him one bit! Ping was a lousy leader, couldn't sew, nor, obviously, could she design. I'm not a Jesse fan by any means...but I can empathize with him on having to put up with her!

raisin mountaineer

I have that butt, well, sort of, only 30 years older and droopier. Ms. Obama has that butt. A lot of women have that butt, in varying degrees. Hetero men kind of like seeing "junk in the trunk," so it's not a grave sin against the universe. I can imagine Anthony having scores of clients who have that butt.

However, it's not a helpful butt for winning on a show like this. Mila's model has not an ounce of meat on her anywhere-- and clothes hang beautifully from that skinny clothes tree. Mila has a HUGE advantage by having a skinny skinny model.

All this to say, I hope that Anthony can dress that butt effectively and then stay on for more laughs!

I just had a Ninagasm.

I'm sorry, but Anthony still annoys me. That little sigh sound or whatever that was was obnoxious and rude.

this was my favorite team. after seeing the dresses a few times, i understand the work disappointment. but their dynamic was hilarious. i love anthony for all the ridiculous things he says :D i really hope he starts cranking out consistently impressive items cause i want him around for awhile

I'm sorry, but Anthony still annoys me. That little sigh sound or whatever that was was obnoxious and rude.

Wow, I should really proofread. Anyway, this was referring to that noise he made on the runway when it was just he and Ping left and Heidi said he's in. Not quite as drama queen over-the-top as his reaction in Episode 1, but still...

<----- is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of reading that everyone thinks this gal has a big ass...has anyone ever walked into a wal- mart or a 7-11 store...because that is where you see big asses...not on a godamn fashion show with mutha fuckin MODELS...i am really curious if y'all have serious body dysmorhia issues to keep saying she has a fat ass...i am gettin some serious distaste on for this opinion
oh and shouldnt people with actual fat asses get to have nice things designed for them too...just saying

naomi on 2/1/10 at 1:59 AM said....<----- is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of reading that everyone thinks this gal has a big ass.

So am I. Tyra Banks has always had a big butt as does the girl who won the first cycle of MMASM. Over half the women in Atlanta have a great booty too. I think she is a better than average model. I love her height and she looks great with her hair pulled back. If I were her designer (Seth?? actually she would make a better model for Anthony because he understands big butts), I would just design around her but rather than give up her height and long legs.


The point is not whether this model's butt is too big or not against people's conceptions of size. The point was trying to determine whether in the context of the dress team brown sugar designed for her, the size of her bottom is made bigger or not by that design. What is clear is that in two runway's in a row, her derriere did look bigger, very substantially bigger, than an average model. (I guess half the women in Atlanta and most the population of Wal Mart in any given day are not models, not that I would know). If we are going to say: that design made her butt look big, and girls don't want that. It makes sense to question whether it is indeed the design, or whether she just looks like that.

I personally don't think she is too big or anything, but I think that it was no "fault" of the designers, the way her butt looks in those pictures. I also think it's pretty obvious she's not a good model, and she's not good at selling the designers' clothes.

Freaking hilarious, guys!

I thought this team would be a disaster together, but how cute were they? Like you said, too bad the results didn't live up to the great way in which they worked together. They were like an old married couple. And I never understood the hate for Seth Aaron either. Look at the way he supported his Brown Sugar on the runway. If they were going down, they were going down together. Loves it!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nina screen caps. Her soul was crying! LOL!!!! We are all so glad she's back!

The Ninacaps need to proceed
immediately to the museum of television and radio. If only the
programs on tv were that funny!

No one channels Nina better. I salute you!

Those two were so so adorable together. I just knew (at least hoped) that Seth Aaron was an ok guy. I hate they didn't come up with something better.

Viva La Nina!

When I saw that the red in the original Mc Donalds equation had disappeared from the final product, a part of me was hoping there was some red petticoat action up under thar. [/yet another GWTW reference]

For the record, I was in your corner re: Seth Aaron and Jessie from jump. Never doubt the T Lo.

Oh man, the Nina caps with a Heidi kicker was priceless. Had me laughing out loud.

1. I liked the yellow and black dress. They were supposed to design something that could hang beside the greats in a museum someday. Yes, it is a dated look, and the color is off, but there are still looks from major fashion houses still going down the runway this season that are similar in design (like Dior, only this is definitely not a Dior, just saying if this has been in pastels it would have looked like an ABS knock-off of a Dior haute couture Spring dress). The feathers were a nice treatment, nice touch. But, yeah, hated those colors. Too gothic Cinderella with the yellow and the black.

2. The model has a big butt. Everything she has been in has made it look big. Yes, the designers involved had taste issues and yes, that lace was fugging cheap looking, but the butt is round. Nothing wrong with big rears, just saying, putting stretch fabrics across buns like that is always a bad idea, no matter how skinny she is. That said, if you have a model with such gracious curves, you should pick the fabric with said curves in mind and tailor it to her body.

3. Ninacaps -- you made my day. I like Seth Aaron quite a bit, much more than "Jesse Noir" (please, pron name much)?

OK, This dress wasn't that bad, or am I missing something. I am just going to ignore the top. Completely.
I thought the black dress was beautiful. I wonder if a lot of the detail was lost in the depths of the black?
I felt it was classic not out of date. The top was a mess! (oh, I was going to ignore the top)
You two guys are wonderful. Seth Aaron, I took an immediate dislike to you on episode 1 (but loved your dress). I sincerely apologize. You are a kind and sincere standup guy and you have my vote as one of the final 3 standing!
And Anthony. What can I say. I want to keep you!
Your comment to Ping as you left the runway was a real class act. For that alone I love you.

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