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The State of Shelley O

Okay, let's get to it, since you all keep emailing us about it.

Here's Mrs. O. standing by her man last night for the State of the Union address in Isaac Mizrahi.

You know, we almost don't want to tackle this because we're only going to say what we always say: skirt's too full, waist is too high, don't agree with the color-matching.

She doesn't look bad exactly; it's just that it represents the same mistakes we think she always makes. But don't listen to us. Talk amongst yourselves. Just please, leave politics out of it.

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I don't mind the color so much but the waist is way too high and makes her look like she's wearing a dress intended for one of her girls.

I think the combination of the high waist, the 3/4 sleeves, and the fact that she happens to be taller than all the people around her makes everything look out of proportion - she looks like a giant instead of a tall woman in a nice dress.

Her hair looks great, and I think that color works for her - on me, ick. Without going all Nancy Reagan on ya, I wonder how she'd look in a classic Chanel suit.

She looks good--at this point I've gotten over her signature mistakes and accepted them as "her." I like the color, and I LOVE her chic new haircut.

Oy. Not feeling it. I don't love the look itself on a lot of levels, and on top of that, it looks like something Ms. Miz would make for the junior's department at Target. Ouch.

I wouldn't mind the high waist if the skirt weren't so full. Streamline, Michelle, streamline!

well, about time you talk about Shelley O! :-)
I like the color, but I have to agree with the critics about the fullness of this dress in particular, because it made her look large from behind, which is never a good thing.
the other thing that I didn't like at all was the necklace, too much contrast with the dress, if it were gray or darker pearls, it would have been perfect.

I don't care for the high waist, and I completely agree that grey pearls would have been lovely! Her hair and make up were flawless.

I'm sad that there's no pictures of the coat she was wearing when she left the WH - it was pretty awesome looking. Then I saw the dress, and I wasn't so much disappointed as underwhelmed.

Somehow this all combines to make her boobs look too low and droopy. I think it's the high waist and the neckline.

@Kay: I think she'd look great in Chanel, but she's been making a point of wearing American designers - Kors, Mizrahi, Gap, etc.

Looks like it's too small for her, between the high waist and the 3/4 length sleeves. And the pearls are all wrong for the color of the dress and so politician's wife. Her hair looks good though.

Come on that woman looks great - oh wait we are supposed to comment on Shelley? never mind.

mmmmm, NO!

She doesn't look BAD... I just sort of expect her to do a plie...maybe it's the taffeta...

colour- stunning!
fit- good.
proportions- as others said, makes her look so gigantic. (though, as a 5'1" gal myself, i'm diggin it.)

still room for improvement but this is vastly better than THAT:
yes it's the same mistakes but in more subtle ways.

the body-skimming top is very nice, especially; it just needs more sleeve.

i was looking forward to your analysis of this all day. thanks!

I liked the dress, but that's not what a First Lady should wear to the State of the Union.

I am in agreement, boys. No to the waistline and color scheme.

I suppose it all comes down to comfort. And, if repetition is any indicator, I'd say that she's pretty comfortable in these kinds of outfits. Personally, I'd rather see her feeling good in not-quite-right clothes than uncomfortable in the perfect ensemble. (Of course, the argument could be made that if she tried something sleeker, she might just like it and dress that way instead...)

OK, I'm going to stop arguing with myself. My point is that she looks calm and confident, and that is what I appreciate most about our fabulous First Lady.

addendum- she should try on the outfit the lady on her left is wearing. much better shapes.

Last night was not her best in the last few weeks, even though the coat she wore leaving the WH was beautiful so the outfit itself was a let down.

Video blog of Mizrahi discussing his dress being at the SOTU:

The last couple of weeks she has worn a lot of sheath dresses that have looked really great on her body type.

Seriously, y'all, what is going *on* with her eyebrows?

Hrm. Love the hair. Love the colors of the skirt and top - just not sure if they go well together. Agreed - too matchy matchy!

Still love her nonetheless. Especially after that fabulous grey coat she wore a few weeks ago!

Ms. Inconspicuous - I agree.

They don't help her avoid the criticism that she looks mean.

As to the fit - I thought the shoulder look like they were pulling.

Shelley O is a beautiful woman, but that dress makes her ass look as big as a barn. She has exactly the wrong proportions to go for the fitted on top, full on bottom silhouette, and yet she goes for it again and again.

I actually think she looks pretty good. The belt isn't as high as she usually places them, and I like those colors together, although the skirt is on the full side. But what really looks great is her hair - that bob was a great idea.

It just looks inappropriate somehow. Maybe it's the sleeves. And the high waist. And the 1950s skirt.

I like her hair, but part of me wishes she'd find a way to embrace something more afro-centric instead of straightening the hell out of it. I have a thing for locs.

Her eyebrows are insane (don't overdo it w/ the pencil, ladies)and the skirt is not flattering in where it starts or the cut, but otherwise she looks fine. Love her hair like that.

It's actually very much in touch with the political/ economic situation. It was a "State of the Union" night and she went demure and simple (while keeping her signature details). The last thing you want to see is extravagant and couture when your husband is talking about over 10% unemployment etc.

She's the First Lady of the United States at the State of the Union Address. Would it kill her to leave the knits and evening fabrics at home for once and wear a tailored suit? It's a confusing mess: 3/4 sleeve casual-looking knit top, stark conservative pearls and an evening skirt.

I thought she looked fabulous. We usually agree, T.Lo, but I will never understand or agree with your opinions on our First Lady.

Blogger Eliza Marie said...

"She looks good--at this point I've gotten over her signature mistakes and accepted them as 'her.'"

I must have gotten over them too, because I thought she looked good too and I love the hair...ALSO it was so cute when she mouthed sit down to everyone when they were clapping for her. Anyone else see that?

I just can't wrap my mind around why on earth people are comparing this woman to Jackie O. A style icon she is not.


I may have been watching too much Dwight Schrute lately, but that is not the First Lady. It is not wearing a cardigan.

I noticed that many of the women in the congress were wearing bright colors - Mrs. Obama's dress was very subdued. I wondered if she was advised to wear something somber - serious. Because frequently she chooses more colorful clothes.

You know, if she and that outfit were on PR I would say middle of the pack. It's not *bad* or good.

I kind of blame IM for pandering to her penchant for junior-looking silhouettes. She looks so much more elegant in a sleeker shape.

BUT - it is uncomfortable to wear a sheath at an occasion where there is as much standing and sitting as Mass. A fuller skirt is easier to wear IMO.

Stephanie said: "I'm sad that there's no pictures of the coat she was wearing when she left the WH - it was pretty awesome looking."

yeah, as far as I'm concerned, she should have left the coat on. The coat/skirt color looked better. A sheath dress/coat in that shade would have been fantastic.


Vicki W said...

It's a confusing mess: 3/4 sleeve casual-looking knit top, stark conservative pearls and an evening skirt.

yes, it seems it was definitely confusing: because it was a dress, not a top with a skirt.....

I had a box-pleated skirt in 5th grade, in teal corduroy. Shelley, please go back to your pencil skirts!!

The problem with this dress is the waist -- she wears it almost as if its an empire waist, which I doubt it is intended to be.

TLo said...You know, we almost don't want to tackle this because we're only going to say what we always say: skirt's too full, waist is too high, don't agree with the color-matching.

You forgot to add SLEEVES TOO SHORT!!



Everyone has covered what I think about the outfit, but so many times when I see her in something ill-fitting I just want to take her shoulders and put them back. Her posture is horrible! As a tall girl, I've learned the hard way that slumping when next to shorter people does NOTHING for anyone!

I'd file this under "almost, but not quite". I want to like it! But that waistline is just... eh.

I LOVE the coat on the woman next to her, though.

Can I just say that Kimberly Munley (the Fort Hood police officer) looks adorably giddy? Man, I wish Michelle Obama would have a chat, gesturing like that of course, with me. I can see the pros and cons of Michelle's outfit, but it doesn't matter because I see how friendly she was and that makes up for any fashion sins.

I like those colors; I think they work beautifully with her hair and are o.k. with her skin. But she's had on better colors for her.

Love her hair. The pearls were right with the outfit, though I think a creamier tone to them, if not grey, would have been better.

I felt like the dress was just fine. Nothing wonderful. As noted, the high waist just doesn't seem like it should be her thing, especially with a full skirt. Gentle pleats at the waist she does not need. Sleekly cut clothes are more flattering. Overall, very subdued, appropriate that's about it.

I'm with Eliza Marie and Megan. I think that all those things we may think are "wrong" or "not quite" about how she dresses are just part of her personal style. I wouldn't want to see her dressed in a Chanel suit or something similar because that is so played out.

To the post who couldn't understand why people place the Jackie O comparison on her, I don't get it as well. IMO, Mrs. Obama's style is more in line with what a lot of American women are wearing and can afford. It's also easier to emulate on a budget. She's shows women they can have style and class without having to marry a Kennedy.

If the waist was lowered, I'd say it was a win. It's dignified, she's comfortable, and thank goodness it does have a cardigan!

There's - there's something going on with the shoulders, or the neckline, that I HATE. She holds herself like there's padding in the underarms, or the top is tooo small and might rip, or she's not entirely comfortable with the funny place that the neckline hits. A little ungainly.

I agree that the combination of 3/4 sleeves, a high-waist, neckline, etc. make her look like the first amazon rather than the first lady. I also hate the pearls with the color of the outfit. She should have gone with a pink, black, champagne, or whatever, but not the stark white pearls. I also don't get the top and skirt color combination. I love IM, but sometimes he misses. In short, Shelley really needs a stylist on hand for occasions like this and other public events.


Why does she hate her waist so much?

The color isn't bad on her -- it's not making her skin look sallow or anything. However, it also doesn't pop against her own really beautiful color. Add to that the high waist, matronly sleeves, and full skirt, and it's just not interesting.

Yes, same old, same old. I do have to say though, the lady has beautiful hands. And I like her new 'do.

I was was pleased to see the 3/4 sleeve instead of the usual shoved-up sleeve. I think she looked good and like herself and her hair is FAB.

Why can't Shelly learn to love her natural waist line and go with it? I hate when she throws a chunky belt on and it's like an empire waistline! She would look SO much better with something dropped around where a real woman has her wait, even it is an illusion!

as a fellow tall woman, I know what happened with 
this dress.  in the fitting, she stood up straight 
and looked great.  when you are standing and 
speaking to people who are smaller than you are, 
you have to stoop and hunch a little and it throws
everything just a bit off.  

as bubba would say, I feel your pain.  

I can think of something nice to say; I've seen her look worse. There. That's all I've got.

I wonder if she (or a sylist) is locked into the advice to "emphasize the smallest part of your body." I'm also quite tall and have a freakishly high waist (the smallest measurement on my body), but it looks better to fake a lower waistline than to cinch/accentuate at such a high point on the torso.

Everything you said, except that I do like the color of the top (sweater?) on her very much. She doesn't look bad -- far from it -- it's just that full skirts and the whole silhouette are a bit too girly for her. She should wear grown up styles only.

I think it's a dress & not separates.

I like this photo of it best:

How did that child standing next to her get to be a police officer? I didn't realize the force took nine-year-olds.

I love Shelly.

The dress seems appropriately conservative for the occasion. It still have some of her personal style, while not pushing it or any viewer away. Un-threatening.

Agree with the critique,tho.

i adore this outfit!

The hair is great. Keep the hair.

*She* looks great. Drop the waist 2 inches and scoop out the neckline, and the dress would be OK, too. I actually like the colors, and if the pearls weren't competing with the neckline of the dress, they wouldn't be that bad, either.

I look at that dress and think some idiot bought her a dress from the petite department, that's why the proportions are all off. And I disagree that it looks bad because she's not standing up straight, standing up straight would make the high-waisted-ness look even worse.

I get what some people are saying about the things that strike many of us as "off" are what make up Shelley's "style". I guess that means we'll just have to continue to shake our heads and think, "just missed it -- again", and wonder if she'll ever let her "style" evolve to something that would be fantastic on her.

It seems very juvenile. You can get this dress in sized 6 months up through 4 T at any department store. The shape just seems so little girl for me. In fact, I'm staring at an old family portrait on the wall from about 7 years ago when I was in the 8th grade with my sister at the age of six and she's wearing a pink floral print dress in the same exact shape.

Joan on 1/28/10 at 3:45 PM said.....I look at that dress and think some idiot bought her a dress from the petite department, that's why the proportions are all off. And I disagree that it looks bad because she's not standing up straight, standing up straight would make the high-waisted-ness look even worse.

I look at that dress and think some designer gave her a loaner or freebie in a size 8, sone idiot stylists laid it out for her wear and Shelly O wore it.


Yes, her eyebrows - does it look to anyone else that she has shaved her brows and is now painting them on? Not a good look...

Lovely as she was, I personally would have preferred to see her in an evening suit designed by an American Designer. I did not care for the high waist on her.

She's a stunning intelligent beautiful woman. My first impression of her outfit was that it was a little too casual. But quite frankly she's a knock-out.

I don't like the outfit on her and I hate the pearls with it. I also wish her makeup artist would take the arch out of her brows.

I do like the color of the dress and love the hair.

Issac must have been biting his lip when he saw that. Sure it's his design, but what has she done with it: made it matronly and ugly.

Too poofy, too high. Heavy sigh.

Why didn't she just wear her "boob belt" with it.

Actually, I don't mind what Shelley wears. I just love that she always looks interesting. She is a lovely lady and even when something doesn't quite fit her well, or isn't the right color, she STILL looks great.

The dress color looks great, but that's about it. Her dress reminds me of girls' party frock. I hate that ribbon-y belt. Shelley could do a lot better.

SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS. Love the colors, styling is great, etc. BAM.

I love the first lady, but this looks like a pregnancy frock.

the high waist is completely wrong for her

Waist is too high but she does look good.

I think either of the colors would have been fine, but I also don't like them together. I love the color of the top on her.
The full, pleated skirt thing is just awful. I don't think that looks good on anyone, let alone a full-bottomed woman.
The hair is cute; it looks shiny and healthy. Make-up is good and she has such beautiful, glowy skin!
There is one beef I have with her: she looks so lovely when she really smiles, but I can't stand that pursed-lip, tight smile thing that she does. She looks really pissed off when she does that! I imagine that's the look she gives Mr. President when he's in the First Dog House.

Honestly, I think she looks great! Usually the full skirt-high waist thing doesn't work for her, but I actually think she looks good today. I don't know. Maybe I'm just in a good mood.

I dont think those two shades of purple go together, ms. Mizrahi.

anyway. I can see that the gays are dressing her badly so her husband HAS to address DADT and DOMA... until then, only bad clothes for you, missy.


I look at that dress and think some idiot bought her a dress

sone idiot stylists laid it out for her wear and Shelly O wore it.

She is a f'ing adult that y'all keep saying is intelligent. At what point is SHE the idiot or at a minimum RESPONSIBLE for her own choices?

^^it is not right to blame some mysterious unknown stylist for every one of her mistakes unless they are strapping her down and drugging her before she gets dressed.

These photos actually minimize the issues with the skirt in particular--I was watching CNN when she came in and I swear she looked like a giant eggplant from the rear. I'm trying to find any pics that show the full ensemble from behind, but I can't find any. Which perhaps tells us something. To me, her style missteps are so frustrating, because she *is* so lovely--her pretty face, skin and hair let her get away with the horrible proportions of her outfit but just imagine if she was dressed to flatter her figure as well.

Whatever her fashion faux pas, Shelley O is a classy, classy First Lady.

I think the main reason she wears the full skirts is so that she can sit down, crouch, bend over, etc. to interact with people without being uncomfortable. Pencil skirts are great if you are just standing or sitting where your legs have room to be properly arranged. They are not so comfortable if you are sitting in tight quarters.

Might be same old same old but I LOVE when you do 'Shelley O' posts. I'm in South Korea and don't get to see many pictures of her in the news. Koreans care much more about Obama...

*sigh* I really like the fact that our First Lady enjoys fashion--the first one since our dear little Nancy. she should embrace it.
But, this outfit simply was not appropriate to wear to this event. She should have sucked it up and worn a suit. It may have been brightly colored and fashionable--a sut does not have to be dowdy. But it conveys a sense of intent befitting the occasion.
Of course, her husband did not wear the requisite white tie and tails at the Nobel Prize ceremony--which irked me no end.
Such casualness is not a good trend. They are doing serious work. They need to send those correct signals to their constituents.
Casual can infer disorder and carelessness--it has no place in the White House. I'm just sayin'...

OK--besides that--this was just a bad choice. I am quite tall as well, and believe me, I learned at a young age what looked good on me and what did not. This would never look good on anyone other than a pettite woman. Waist too high, shoulders too tight, skirt way to voluminous! A jacket might have saved this....
But as it is...OUT!

Beautiful color, though. And I did like the pearls.

The hair is gorgeous. She ALWAYS looks better in a coat. At least she isn't wearing one of those teensy cardigans!

I think she'd look kickass in a suit with a fairly long jacket.

She IS high waisted, is the problem. Proportionately, there is more below the waist than above it--including fabulous legs.

I think it makes sense that a pencil skirt is not quite right if you're doing a lot of sitting. Maybe a coat dress or coat suit?

She looks fine, and the attention should be on her husband at this event. I think she should stick to Kors though.

Of course, standing next to that tiny little cop doesn't help!

Love the hair.

I didn't like her outfit, but again, I usually don't.

I think she looks beautiful! Sure..the waist is too high and the skirt is too full...other than that though...great! A bit subdued and a somber tone to the dress...but appropriate considering these times.

I love the colors...and yes, together. They mentioned on ABC last night that they thought she wore purple as a symbolic gesture of the RED & BLUE parties coming together...which was also a major point of the Pres's speech.

I have grown fond of maybe I'm cutting her some slack because of that...but I like her style...flaws and all. :)

As a shortwaisted person, I have found that tucking things in and using a belt just makes it worse. You get a longer waisted look wearing your tops without the tucking /underoob belts. Why do designers cut the tops so unflatteringly? Her top is stretched weirdly in the shoulders. A slightly scooped neck under the collar bone would be more flattering and I agree with the people who suggest the pearls in a grey tone. I love the purple color though!

Ellen M said "She IS high waisted, is the problem. Proportionately, there is more below the waist than above it--including fabulous legs."

Yes she is high waisted and has great legs, but she also has a big butt (even though she is very physically fit.) I think she is trying to cover up her flaws...but just missing the mark somewhat. A pencil skirt on her only would accentuate her big behind. A-line is her friend...just not too full or she did here.

I know you said to not go political, but...

did anyone else hear that Biden, Pelosi and Michelle all wore purple to signify that this isn't a red/blue thing, but we need to be purple - the combination of red and blue? I thought that was WAY cool. And Obama wore a red tie...


This is the best outfit she has worn in a while.

I do not like this look at all, way too simple for the event.

Hair and makeup look really polished; love her smile.

"Anonymous said...

I think the main reason she wears the full skirts is so that she can sit down, crouch, bend over, etc. to interact with people without being uncomfortable. Pencil skirts are great if you are just standing or sitting where your legs have room to be properly arranged. They are not so comfortable if you are sitting in tight quarters."


Bubble skirt with pleats?? Really?

Hate the color, the waist is too high...honey, hire a stylist.

CrazyMathLady . . . Biden, Pelosi and Michelle all wore purple to signify that this isn't a red/blue thing, but we need to be purple - the combination of red and blue

I hadn't heart that, but I like the symbolism.

Actually - i hadn't *heard* that. jeez.

I only wish she'd stand up straight, shoulders back! Her hunched shoulders are quite distracting. I get that, at 6 feet plus in a low heel, she might have been self conscious surrounded by shorter people, but her posture here is bugging me more than the outfit with its uber-high waist, etc.

raisin mountaineer

Color is gorgeous. She goes for the high waist to keep the visuals up high-- because the woman has a lot of hips and back. She is very fit, just built in a pear shape. I think initially this profile worked for her because we were all drawn to her beautiful face, terrific shoulders and arms, and regal height. Now that we're used to looking at her, we're noticing that she's not a stick model (or a stick Nancy Reagan or Jackie O) and the ways that she has chosen to try to flatter her terrific plusses are now becoming distracting. I think that given her body, she dresses herself well.

The dress makes her look heavier than she is. I hate the high waste also. She needs to throw her shoulders back too. Not sure if it is the neckline or the way she is standing in every picture, but her shoulds looked hunched. I am not someone who thinks she is that attractive but she is usually more of a clotheshorse than this--she wears her clothes well.

Where on earth did she even get that dress? I'm pretty sure I wore that exact same dress for Christmas when I was about 6. Same colors and cut certainly.

I think the waist is high because she just has a high waist. If you look, it seems like where she wears her belts IS the smallest part of her mid-section. If her belts were lower, I think her waist would look thicker.


She's hunched because she's talking to people who are a foot shorter than her. As a 6'3" man with 5'6" friends, I spend most of my day hunched over, because otherwise I would be talking to the empty space over their heads.

CrazyMathLady said...
"...did anyone else hear that Biden, Pelosi and Michelle all wore purple to signify that this isn't a red/blue thing, but we need to be purple - the combination of red and blue?"

I like to ask people, "What do you get when you mix red, white and blue?"


I luuuuuvvvv the haircut.

I don't mind the dress. I think it's kinda' cute. I don't want her in a Chanel suit - I don't want her in a suit - say 'suit' and I think Mrs. Bush and then I shudder.....

I like the dress, it is exactly what she should have worn to greet guests at the White House Christmas Party. No suit, but maybe we need a little more business like for SOTU?

Yeah, same-old same-old -- a stunning woman in the wrong dress.

Dowdy. Dowdy. Mamie Eisenhower Dowdy.

She's a beautiful woman. All of us beautiful women have figure flaws. How I wish the designers could dress me everyday for my job. I wouldn't complain in the least if the rest of us "readers" criticized me.

She must have "don't as don't tell gays" because someone is not being honest with her.

"don't ask don't tell gays"

wearing purple makes one's behavior bi-partisan?

There's something so regal about her. No matter what she wears - that arresting quality shines through. I agree that the waist is too high and that the skirts too full. Also - I really don't like those pearls (too much contrast against such a deep color – and the strands the wrong length). I do, however, really like that color on her. It makes her skin look luscious. In the end, her slightly odd sense of style just kinda grows on a person. I do love the new hairstyle. It frames her face beautifully.

The color really isn't the problem for me. The problem is that it looks like a children's garment. In fact, it looks like a flower girl dress I wore when I was four. Now, when I was four that was awesome. When you are the first lady... not so much.

i'm not dorothy gale

The color is gorgeous - and so different - and her new do is adorable. The belt, ach! the belt! Is she short waisted to begin with? It seems like even the wide belts chop her.

I'm pleased to see a first lady who doesn't repeatedly wear boxy suits and has a sense of style.

Well I really like it.

I don't like the fact that the high-waisted dress is INESCAPABLE these days (I'm looking at you, J. Crew and Banana Republic) and is NOT FLATTERING for many of us, not just Mrs. Obama --

and I aagree with everything else you said --

but I really like Mr. Mizrahi (unless he's saying, "We're not buying it"), and I'm glad he's dressing the First Lady.

Nancy Pelosi needs to take Michelle shopping. The Speaker knows how to dress. Loved Pelosi's light lavender suit. When Michelle gets it right, she looks amazing. But when she indulges her fetish for high waisted belts--oy vey! Still though, she is lovely from the neck up and a breath of fresh air as far as First Ladies go.

PS - Her eyebrows are fast approaching Spock territory. For the love of God, put down the tweezers and let them be.

It's a little too cocktail for the State of the Union address. I'd've gone with something a little more tailored, a little more business.

Sisterwoman needs to claim her tallness already! That waist really IS too high.

Why do people think she needs to wear a suit? Because a suit is more business-like because men wear suits and only men really belong in business so to fit in women should dress like them?


Not a lavender suit, not a well-tailored suit. No. Tired old rules need to change. I don't care if I never see another suit on a woman.

I think the First Lady looks lovely and comfortable and has to walk an incredibly diffcult line with every single outfit. So kudos to her for getting it right most of the time.

quigley (the cat)

I like it, I think she looks quite beautiful.

I also agree with the poster who said that her slightly odd sense of style grows on you. Sure she could have worn gray pearls, a lower waistline, a narrower skirt. But maybe from now on, every First Lady will be more comfortable claiming her own style, rather than having "dress like a First Lady" thrust upon her.

luv 'n hisses,

I just want her to switch outfits with the woman to her left.

I like her in sheaths and long coats, even if they're matchy-matchy.

I think she looks gorgeous. As someone said upthread it is very much her look and she is working it. Beautiful woman and her hair/makeup=impeccable

She has such beautiful skin, all else fades into the background for me.

That dress style belongs on a 15 year old girl going to a meeting about the upcoming cottillion.

She keeps doing this over and over again, and frankly it pisses me off.

Her shoulders always looked stooped and her chest hunched.
She's not a little girl, but continues on with her disaster sweater sets.
She's turned out to be the biggest fashion disappointment ever.

Why are these things her fault?

Doesn't the grand Isaac Mizrahi have enough sense to not put her in a high waisted voluminous skirt in the wrong color?

It's not like she is being dressed by a PR second or third finalist...

Stop blaming the women and start putting the blame were it belongs - on the designer.

Unless of course, he didn't dress her and she just bought his stuff off the rack at the, I don't know, place you actually buy Isaac Mizrahi, is it Big Lots?

Mizrahi didn't dress her; he just designed the dress she chose to wear.

It's sad that she can't get more things custom-made for her waist & height.

Of course, she does get high end pieces made to her measurement and she can get off the rack things tailored, but the holy hell that would be raised if it came out that she actually met with the designers for consultation & fittings. Heaven forfend.

It's a shame.

Plus -- so many snapshots are taken when she's just been hunched over hugging someone and, I think, that can add dowdy to a look.

It looks like she put on a dress intended for someone about a foot shorter than her. The proportions are wrong everywhere. The waist too high, the sleeves too long, and the skirt too poofy. She's a gorgeous woman, and if Isaac made that outfit specifically for her, then he oughta be smacked upside the head.

The colors are just so...drab.

You mean to tell me Strawberry Shortcake couldn't do better?

I know it's fun because they're the most attractive people we've had in the White House this generation, but it feels kind of pointless to talk about fashion in Washington. The point for her is not to be the epitome of fabulosity. She should look medium fancy to the people in the Midwest (as a former Midwesterner, I know she looked fancy to plenty of Iowans and Illini), and not like she spent too much money on clothes. She hit the look she was going for, I'm pretty sure. Like her new hair, though. And what I notice most about her is always her smile.

the photograph you guys chose for the thumbnail of this post is TO DIE FOR. she looks absolutely possessed in the most wonderful way.

I have always hated Mizrahi's use of color. too garish.

See... I love her and Isaac.
The dress is a bit dark and expected but not tragic.
What drives me up the WALL is her posture.
My daughter is a super tall girl too and she slumps also. They both (Shelley O' and my daughter. They also share a b-day) are such lovely women. I wish that they would stand straight! (look at me turn into my mother)...

You know what makes her look really bad here? The police officer that is standing next to her. I know that has nothing to do with the dress at all (which has its own problems), but whoever it was that told that little teeny tiny police woman next to Shelly should be put out to pasture.

I think that's the teeny tiny policewoman who helped take down the Ft. Hood shooter. So that's why they're standing together. It's clear here that the First Lady did not want to draw focus from the President, and I think she succeeded while not looking too, too dowdy. Dark pearls or a monochromatic statement necklace would have looked nicer, I think, but clearly she's wearing what she already has, nice touch in a recession. A better measure of her efforts to impress would be the wardrobe for the trip to France, where I feel she outshone Mrs. Sarkozy.

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