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Seth, Maya, Boo Boo Kitty

Keep it moving, people.

We still think Seth's high up on the ones to watch list...

Model: Kristina Sajko

But this dress was not without its problems, even though we liked it.

Correction: we like parts of it. That's the thing we noticed this week. With this dress and the one he did last week (which we loved), we can see there's a tendency to put a LOT of elements on one garment. Sometimes they work together and sometimes they don't.

The one thing we really love about this piece is the hood, especially the way it attached to the bodice.

We could have done without the grommets, though.

And we could have done without those weird buckle-y things on the back.

Oh, and he kinda went overboard on the piping.

And really, the silhouette's a bit much. Despite all that, it's a pretty eye-catching look. For us, it's all about that hood. Had he married that to a slightly more toned down garment, it couldabin a contender.

We'll be honest. Maya frightens us a little. It's the hair and the eyebrows and all the...intensity, y'know? She looks like a femme fatale in a film noir. You couple that with ready access to sharp instruments, a high-stress situation, and her tendency to be really, really quiet and it leaves us waiting for a middle-of-the-night scene with an overturned lamp and her standing there with a smoking gun in her gloved hand while Tim bursts into the room in a fedora and says "My god, Maya. What have you done, you cold-hearted minx?!"

Okay, maybe that's just us. On the other hand...

Model: Monique Darton

My god, Maya. What have you done?

To her credit, she seemed to recognize that she had a little bit of ass walking down that runway.

She seems better than this and if we had to guess, we'd say she got too caught up in the various techniques she was using and didn't step back to look at the whole effect until it was too late.

We'll give her credit for her color choices, but the overall effect makes her look a little like a pinata.

Boo Boo Kitty, you have set the new world record and now we expect you to cry several times each episode. You have let us down. Please treat us to more talking-while-weeping funny faces in the coming episodes.

Model: Valeria Leonova

Because when you don't cry, you make dresses that basically look like crying jags in dress form. Seriously, that dress is depressing.

And we don't mean to single her out because so many other designers are doing them, but we're almost ready to declare a moratorium on sweetheart necklines for the rest of the season. Enough, people. Show us your nuts and make a frigging sleeve every now and then.

This is a design that might have worked in a fabric other than burlap and in colors other than these, but even then we're not sure. The skirt's a little too poofy in the wrong places.

And let's face it, that bustier is too small and too sad looking. And the way she trimmed it makes it look a little Wonder Woman.

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I didn't really like any of these. Crying-eyed girl's was the least successful of the sheaths and Maya's looked a series of window treatments piled together. I actually thought it was going to be bottom three.

Seth Aaron--liked last week--but this one was all over the place. Lots and lots of ideas, but that's not a good thing. Yikes.

I would pay good money to see that Tim Gunn/Maya film noir scene.

TLO said: "Show us your nuts and make a frigging sleeve every now and then"

AMEN! My thoughts exactly! I know part of it is these dumb 12 hour challenges, but still no one can manage a sleeve? I really wish they'd do a jacket challenge.

Liked Seth's, except skirt. It was too stiff, like a lamp shade. Maya's was a mess and Boo boo's was a bore.

Maya's was a fugfest. I was like "OH MY EYES!" when I saw that walking down the runway.

I like Seth's. Edgy and original. He's still my favorite, followed by Jonathan.

Moaning Myrtle's was depressing.

Agreed on all counts. Seth is definitely one to watch this season. Had he laid off the frippery on that dress, it would've been great. I hope he goes far in this competition; his punk vibe is refreshing, as long as he doesn't go the way of the ALP.

Well...I liked the hood. That's about it from these 3 designs.

Seth Aaron's would have been great minus the butt buckles and hoop skirt.

The other two were just bad for all the reasons mentioned.


(my new favorite PRG catchphrase)

I thought they were really bad entries, especially Boo Boo Kitty's. The back is horrendous.

Ahahaha, you're so right about Maya. And you know, Tim would probably look great in a fedora…

Seth: costume for Barnyard Barbarella. Mila did it better.

I can't be objective about Boo Boo Kitty because of her wibbling. I want to shake her, and then I feel really bad. I'm just going to assume she won't make it to Bryant Park and try to ignore her.

Seth's- It looks like a lampshade.
I too like the way the hood is attached, but from a form and function standpoint , who wears a hood with a strapless sleeveless dress? Bottom middle.

Maya- Not the worst of the lot but,over worked( an a LUPE! kind of way), and a perfect example of the judges giving hell to Jesus over nothing. I see less burlap on this dress, but I would think a model would be more likely to wear Jesus dress to a party. Very bottom middle.

Boo-hoo kitty.
I like this one. Love that she went with a peg skirt. I like the sweetheart neckline , which I think is more flattering than the straight across neckline that so many of them use on the countless strapless bodices. Top middle.

Yes, I do love Seth, mostly because he looks like he belongs in a Cars video, I can see now the silhouette was a little wonky, but I loved the lined hood. Didn't love how his model sat around with the other non-shmoozers at the event (Tlo please blog MOTR!) Give me four-feet long legs and cheekbones and I would have worked the hell out of it! ~Gary

I liked Seth's. I agree with the buckles down the back. Those were completely unrelated to anything else in the design, as were the grommets. But, I do love grommets. I have no idea why, but I do. The rest of the design was pretty cool. I even like the Judy Jetson skirt part of the dress.

The other two were not good at all. Maya's was more like an already bashed in pinata, and Boo Boo Kitty's was a snooze fest.

Gotta disagree on Boo Boo's. I like it. It's not perfect and has too much volume, but it has a retro vibe I groove to. Maybe I'm just a grouchy depressing New Yorker. Grey and deep red is a fave combo. Eat me, bitches. I'd rock it out in some peep toes.

Seth's hood is interesting in the structure and how it attaches. The skirt is a lampshade. I'd like the buckle at the bodice, not on the back and ass. It was a-lotta look!! But I like his punky vibe.

Unfortunately, he looks like the lead singer of .38 Special and should break into a rendition of "Working For The Weekend" at any moment.

Maya. Man, that is one ugly pieced pinata. She must have just missed the bottom. Total ass. Maybe she should stick to her round funky bags. This really sucks.

Would any model really wear a dress with a hood to an industry party? And, without the hood,it looks like a majorette uniform. Not liking it at all.

Oooh goody - Project Runway Clue (Cluedo to any UK readers):

Maya - in the workroom - with one of her jaggy 'flail/mace' handbags!


Interesting observation on Seth's work, TLo. I think it was he who said earlier that you should just keep working on the project until the very last second of time expires. Well, I think there is a benefit in knowing when to stop.

I always loved it when Chris March would be finished with a project and napping on the sofa.


I wanted to like Maya's because I loved her color and really appreciated that she was doing something kind of funky.

Bu then she went into funk overload. It seemed like she had good ideas, but they weren't in the right...places. And didn't always work together.

Liked Seth's hood, was unimpressed with everything else.

Boo Boo - meh. With a capital meh.

Maya looks like one of the bad guys from Superman II. The ones that were trapped in the flying square in space prison, you know?
So far she has made shitty dresses that I do not like. She seems lost. Not lost in the competition, more lost in that she does not know who she is as a designer yet.

Seth is sexy, yes? Very very sexy, I wonder if he is straight. He is straight in my imagination.

Boo Boo Kitty is a perfect nick name for THAT one. She will be fun in a group challenge.

When I saw Maya's dress I declared that the 'out' dress for the episode. She's damn lucky there were worse entries this week. That was one ugly dress.

maya reminds me of christina ricci

so far i like seth & i dont know why.

boo boo kitty...LMFAO!

I thought Boo-boo kitty's was a great dress, in another color. Looked classy. But again with the zippers?! People, isn't that like sewing 101. They aren't a part of the design (unless they are the delicious zippers with rhinestone teeth, but that's another story), or outerwear.

Seth, who wants to SIT on buckles? Similar to Tim's argument about the taxi ride. Just silly, let's stick something else on the burlap dress.

Maya-Oh my, that middle color. Makes me want to boo-hoo!

Thank you Sewing Siren for making the same point I'd been making about the criticism of Jesus'.
At least helf the back, at least a third of the bottom front and a significant amount of the top in trim. (and the lines of color don't line up in back?)

Although I kind of liked the top of Seth's it looked kind of costume-y. "We liked it except for the top, the bottom, and the middle" is how some of the critique can read. :)

Boo-boo Kitty - the silhouette is so off - so tiny on the top into that huge puff/bubble, just wrong.

I hope to see better from these 3.

another laura

When I first saw Seth's, I thought it going to be top 3 because it had runway punch. In the cold light of 6 days later I see it has its problems.

But still, it was something different, which was a big "yay" from my spot on the sofa.

The other two entries for this post? Yuck and Yuckier.

There were some good ideas in Maya's I thought, but it was just too much and didn't really gel as a design. The end result was sloppy, and I hated the way she color blocked the back.

Seth's was alien fug.

Crying Girl's was Munster fug.

quigley (the cat)

Enough, people. Show us your nuts and make a frigging sleeve every now and then.

YES,YES,YES, thank you Tom and Lorenzo.

I feel vindicated. (my comments on Monday, Jan25, VG,G,NSG)

I agree with Sewing Siren on these three.

luv 'n hisses,

Boo Boo Kitty- perfect nickname. (More nicknames needed for this crew, which is blessedly quite interesting!)

I was working up a good hate for Seth. The man skipped in the park in the first episode, a sin I still haven't quite forgiven him. So imagine my surprise when I actually like his work and his personality.

Maya and Moaning Myrtle (good nicknaming, Cuddles) looks were depressing and forgettable.

FABULOUS post, TLo. An abundance of quotable quotes.

I agree Seth is one to keep an eye on. This didn't quite make it ("Barnyard Barbarella," Princess Die!!), but had good things going for it. Generally, I am fond of grommets.

Maya -- absolutely, everything you guys said.

BBK -- precariously close to the edge of awful. I wish it were better because it does have proportion (skirt longer than top, hooray!), but that plus is wiped out by the minus of another damn corset top.

Anon: "I was working up a good hate for Seth. The man skipped in the park in the first episode, a sin I still haven't quite forgiven him."

Oh, come on, doesn't it warm your heart when a macho rocker kind of guy SKIPS IN THE PARK??

I want Seth to take off that stupid bandana. He looks like he's trying to be the lead singer of Loverboy.

"Tlo said: We'll be honest. Maya frightens us a little. It's the hair and the eyebrows and all the...intensity, y'know? She looks like a femme fatale in a film noir."

And the title of the film would be, 'Snow White: The Fallen Years'


This comment has been removed by the author.

I wish Seth Aaron would get rid of those headbands because every time he pops up on the screen, I get that Olivia Newton John song stuck in my head again, 'Let's get physical, physical...'


I liked Seth's dress...but, yes. Too much going on at once. Please, just pick a feature. Just one. Like the neat hood (although when his model wore that to the "industry party", she looked like a looney tune. I'm just sayin'...)

Boo-Boo's was a boo-boo.

Maya is certainly intense. I hope that in the future, we don't read about her climbing a tower with a loaded rifle....
I liked the bodice of her dress, though. The layers is something Jay did a lot. But that skirst was all sorts of ugly. Editing needed.

Seriously. Designers. Come on.


Bwahahah Bill! But hey, watch what you say about my boy! ~Gary

Anonymous 1/27/10 2:33 PM said...

"Maya and Moaning Myrtle (good nicknaming, Cuddles) looks were depressing and forgettable."

As much as I love that nickname, I'm not the one who first came up with it, but I really like it so I'll use it until the end :)

Nope. I cannot imagine Tim Gunn calling a woman "you cold-hearted minx." Not even in a noir fantasy. Not even if he was acting. Sorry.

"My god Maya, what have you done? I am appalled, simply appalled!" reads more believably.

The hood made Seth's look. Also detracted attention from the rumply look of the ribcage area of the bodice in some of those shots. Not a fan of the grommets, but the hood needed some adornment.

I liked the buckles, though perhaps used elsewhere?

I liked Maya's until I actually saw it. First glance, just saw color and the pleating/layered effect. Then I saw how it actually *looked.* Sad for Maya.

Janeane/Boo-boo: I understand it's burlap. Nonetheless, "The skirt's a little too poofy in the wrong places" is a serious understatement. I'd have liked this dress better if the top had been more interesting. Or just a tad larger. (Proportionally to the skirt, I mean)

Bill - spot on!

I want Seth to take off that stupid bandana. He looks like he's trying to be the lead singer of Loverboy.

Oh damn! It WAS Loverboy I was thinking of who sang "Working for the Weekend" not .38 Special. I'm mixing my 80s bandana bands.

Maya Gunn Noir. Now THAT'S a stage name.

SA's was great, until she turned around, le sigh.

As for Weeping Willow, I don't know how many people are waiting in line for an insta-pear-shape physique.

>while Tim bursts into the room in a fedora<

Made my Wednesday! And that is saying something as Launch My Line is looming in my future...

Oh, Bill!
Now my Wednesday is complete! LOL!

I liked the hood. Nevertheless, Seth Aaron... I find his design aesthetic is coming out a bit childish, and not necessarily in a nice way... Funnily, if it wasn't because his skills, both design and construction, are so much superior, he would remind me of Christopher. Somewhat who's somehow appearing to making it work, while, underneath it all, there is a profound emptiness in terms of real design aesthetic, fashion awareness and understanding of clothes. I thought Christopher was a fluke from the first looked he showed in the runway, and I'm getting the same vibe from Seth Aaron, I have the feeling he's going to disappoint.

I am digging on Seth Aaron. Not that there aren't lots of flaws in this dress, and his style is not entirely to my personal taste, but he has funky ideas and plays with them well, if not always with the proper editing eye. I'm hoping to lots more from him this season.

I disliked Maya's dress muchly. Much with muchness bleh-phooie. She is not looking like a long-term contender to me right now. You disappoint, Ms. Noir.

(Someone needs to produce the Maya Luz femme fatale PRW spin-off special, starring Tim Gunn, Private Eye. The fabulousness of it would BLOW MY TINY MIND.)

Enough, people. Show us your nuts and make a frigging sleeve every now and then.

I am sick unto death of sleeveless/strapless dresses. There are decidedly few women in the world who can pull off that look properly, never mind the sad (frequently sagging) boobies. It's because of foolishness like this that Michelle Obama keeps having to wear inappropriately casual cardigans, people. Sleeves. Get on it. Chop-chop.

[T]he way she trimmed it makes it look a little Wonder Woman.

Bizarro Wonder Woman, who can do nothing but collect lies, sadness, and bloody bullet holes, and rather than scooting about the skies in her own invisible jet, flies coach—always the middle seat—on American Airlines.

I think Maya's color choices saved her, because they were beautiful. And then she went and made... that. Alas!


Charmingfare said:

I would pay good money to see that Tim Gunn/Maya film noir scene.

Me too-and I'll bring the popcorn and drinks!

Maya definitely didn't edit her design, and Seth Aaron's (I keep expecting to learn that he's actually Keith Richard's secret lovechild, bythe way) could have used a bit more editing, too.

Poor Boo Boo Kitty. I think this was a better effort than her first design,but is that damning her with faint praise?

I'm pretty sure that the hood on Seth's garment is meant for stashing the potatoes . . .

As Gary mentioned, would love to hear TLo's take on MOTR thus far. I like the fact that the designers are now getting feedback from Heidi on which model impressed the judges the most during the previous challenge. I'd like it even more if there was a more concrete perk for the top model - say, getting to choose the designer she's going to work with for the next challenge, second in line after the winning designer chooses their model.

And I would have loved to see a tattletale moment before model selection last episode, where designers got to look at some footage from the models' "industry party" to see which models worked the room (and the designer's dresses) and which ones thought they were too cool for school.

OK Alex, Show us your nuts. Give us a cartoon! You have so much to work with this season. Quite a cast of characters - Thurston, Boo Boo Kitty, Maya Noir, and Ping! She doesn't even need a nickname.

I like the back of Janeane's bodice.
But, boy I can't get Starr out of my mind when she's on the screen. That face! Those "clothes". Oof.

Show us your nuts and make a frigging sleeve every now and then.

I say this every season!! Considering the lack of sleeves on this show you would think everyone lived in the tropics.
Seth-really plain dress saved by the hood
Maya-cute texturing and shaping but too much overall and the back-ugh
Crying girl-boring

I totally missed the back of Seth Aaron's dress --- until this post. Bon Dieu! That was an awful lot of hardware. Loved the hood. Didn't mind the silhouette. But the skirt piping and fanny buckles almost killed the cool of the dress.

Maya needs to learn to pace herself and hold back a little. I'm also getting the sinking feeling that her portfolio point-of-view is a thing of the past. Her PR aesthetic seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the one of her portfolio which is a shame because I loved the work in her portfolio especially those awesome handbags.



That was totally brill and hilarious!


Momsy said...
Maya's was more like an already bashed in pinata...

LOL. That's what I thought.

"Show us your nuts and make a frigging sleeve every now and then"


I kind of love Seth's. It's more of what I expected Ben to do--with a sci fi, comic book aesthetic to it. No way would I wear it at an industry party though. He needs to edit.

Maya sure knows how to do every technique in the book, doesn't she? Looks like she had time to do some sleeves. I wish she was a better designer, because she is fierce.

Oh, poor sad little Janeane. Waah. I give her model a lot of credit: she must be pretty well-proportioned to look as good as she does in that misshapen dress. Beautiful face, too.

I certainnly agree that Seth Aaron is one to watch, but he did have too many elements. Should have listened to Sir Tim, because that's exactly what he said!

Maya's dress was a whole lotta look. Too much. Looks like someone threw up.

Boo Boo Kitty's dress was indeed drab. She needs to lighten up.

I think you should call her Boo Hoo Kitty.

Seth's was actually pretty cute. If it was a little toned down and in a color, I could definitely see girls in my school wearing it. This is the second challenge where he made clothes that would fit the hot topic crowd, I wonder how his grown up clothes look...

Maya's wasn't awful but it wasn't very good either. Still, credit for making it more than a one color sheath. Take away some of the frippery and it could be cute.

Crying girl, bland, dark, depressing, and poorly made

By the way, they all have beautiful models

I liked Seth's a LOT, but I don't like that skirt. I do like the buckles, but only on the back of the bodice, not the skirt! What a nonsensical idea!

Maya-- I think she started off strong.... then likely she had trouble editing or getting it together-- I don't know what happened but it hurt. I was thinking Emily Strange vibe with her however to pivot to the whole gun moll thing she has going... A True Crime comic had a pic that resembled her enttitled Juanita Perez--Gypsy Killer!!!

Seth. I love the hood. You never know when it might rain and wreck your hair and make up. All the metal was too much. I think the piping would be okay without all the extra stuff. He is interesting.

Moaning Myrtle... another strapless sweetheart neckline tulip dress-- not really original but this is burlap. It poofed from the high waistline to the lower abdomen. I'd be impressed if it was supposed to be gothic maternity wear. Think happy colors Myrt!

I'd like to declare a moratorium on strapless dresses and the sleeveless looks. Sleeves are not that hard!!! A short raglan is easy peasy.

I go back and forth on Seth's. I actually kinda like it. And then I think, well, is that really appropriate to the challenge? I mean, it's not that I don't appreciate the hood (sans grommets, which I agree were a little much), but for a party? And the shape is interesting and I sort of like the way the trim works with it. In any event, 80s video dude has some skillz, will just see how much.

Maya: Too much, too much, too much! Any half of that might've worked with a plainer other half, maybe? I don't know. Some of the ideas were good, just not all together.

Crying Chick Who Didn't Cry: I actually kinda liked this (and I see I'm not alone). I mean, it's not anything outstanding, but I actually think it's kinda cute and that she did a decent job making burlap look nice.

Maya looks EXACTLY like Natasha, as in "Boris and." Going to kill Moose and Squirrel!

Exactly, Anonymous--she's Natasha Nogudnik! It looks like her dress is made of Moose and Squirrel!

My bucket list now includes Tim bursting into a room in a fedora and saying "My god, Womyn2me. What have you done, you cold-hearted minx?!"

I liked Seth's dress but I agree with you about the buckle-thingys. Overkill. However I do kind of like the hood grommets but maybe on a hood on a simpler dress. That said I liked all of the piping but I wish he had piped the sides of the horizontal piping on the bodice. It would have highlighted the fact that his construction skills enabled him to line up the sides with the skirt piping. And I do like the silhouette, this is a runway dress.

Maya looks a tiny bit like Kenley, and I think her dress looks like it would be sold at Anthropologie or Intermix for about $300-500.

BooBoo Kitty, hahaha. If you only knew the MINISCULE town she comes from in Northern California. It is in the heart of the farmland in the Sacramento Valley, best known for alfalfa, rice and one of the largest migratory bird populations (read that as ducks and geese) in the world. It is right in the path of the Pacific Flyway. I would almost bet money that she started sewing as a 4H project as a kid. This is a pretty overwhelming experience for her I am sure.



Keep up the good work doll =D

Seth's & Maya's suffered from the 'much too much' syndrome. Boo Boo's dress had drab colors and the proportions were off. All three were definitely middle of the pack for me.

And I'm already bored with so many models carrying a clutch. The Bluefly commercials are bad enough. Don't taunt me with their actual merchandise.

Sewhat? I read in US Weekly (yeah, I love it, so?) that Boo Boo Kitty "hated fashion until in her twenties." Maybe because they made her sew in 4H? lol

I was in 4H but I just had a horse project. I refused to cook or sew.

"...a middle-of-the-night scene with an overturned lamp and her standing there with a smoking gun in her gloved hand while Tim bursts into the room in a fedora and says "My god, Maya. What have you done, you cold-hearted minx?!"

I would pay double to see that movie. I would treat all my friends.

Pity about her dress, really.

Well, yes, Maya's dress is horribly, horribly overwrought, but I'm just SO thrilled to see a contestant not just using coloured fabric (though that's revelation enough this season) but actually juggling a PALETTE of colours that work beautifully together. I would pretty forgive her anything for that.

Venusa said...
As for Weeping Willow, I don't know how many people are waiting in line for an insta-pear-shape physique.

While I like the name, "Boo Boo Kitty" I LOVE "Weeping Willow" For those who have never driven through/past Willows (I-5 in California, north of Sacramento) it is a wide spot in a boring stretch of road. Poor girl!

I hate that everyone tries to outdo T Lo's nicknames.

I actually loved Seth's. It surprises me, because I had built up a full head of irrational annoyance by his pre-show work and the way he styles himself. While I agree that is his work so far shows that he goes for "more", at least it's purposeful, unlike...

Maya Hari, who looks like she kept trying things with no final look in mind. I too thought that she would be stronger, but then as with Seth, based that on nothing other than pre-show impressions.

I get the concept that Moaning Myrtle was going for, it just seems that the proportions she ended up with killed it. Now it looks like a girly organ grinder monkey.

BooBoo Kitty is one of the best contestant monikers ever!

I found this article on Maya Luz

Yes I'm getting really sick of the easy strapless way out.

Definitely the weakest entries, but I do like Seth Aaron's style.

"Show us your nuts and make a frigging sleeve every now and then"



"My god, Maya. What have you done, you cold-hearted minx?!"

In a fedora.


Thanks for that mental picture, guys! Love you!

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