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Roberto Cavalli Menswear Fall 2010

Cute boys+tight pants = LOVE.

GQ writes:

"He's the original Leatherman, Roberto Cavalli. And this season he's bringing it with a fresh inspiration—London punk circa 1977—that makes itself felt in everything from creepers to combat boots to cropped pants with an exploded-plaid design stitched in. It's a rugged look, highlighted by wool buffalo plaid shirts in red and yellow, as well as chunky parkas and peacoats updated with fur collars."

Bleh. We kind of hated that writeup for some reason. But the pictures made Lorenzo's eyes light up with glee. You see, Lorenzo has always had a thing for plaid pants. When T met Lo, T spent a lot of time trying to convince Lo that plaid wasn't,

Lo got the last laugh when this collection danced across our screens because those are some of the HOTTEST plaid pants we've ever seen.

The jackets, coats and sweaters are nice too, but Lorenzo only has eyes for the plaid right now. Tom has lost that battle.

Anyway, it's all very '80s, but the good part of the '80s, so we're okay with it.


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I want to own like 90% of that. Especially the coats and jackets.

I think those pants would look good on me. As for the tops, I think I'll pass.

Yay! I'm wearing plaid pants right now. Does this mean I'm actually on trend for once?

Generally, I dislike the menswear collections that are coming out this season, but this one I really REALLY like.

I too have a thing for plaid and I agree that the pants are done very well. The scarves make the collection look a little more intellectual than the write-up from GQ implies, and I think it looks high end without looking fey on the models.

Hmmm... like some, hate some. The striped jackets, n.o. -- they look like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger delivery trucks crashed into each other.

As with every post in this week's carnival of menswear, there are a few pieces I'd like to have in my own closet.


Then again, I've always had a thing for plaid, on both men and women. But these are just so, so gorgeous.

Bill said, "Yay! I'm wearing plaid pants right now. Does this mean I'm actually on trend for once?"

Bill, it's almost 11:30 -- isn't it time for you to get out of your pajamas?

I don't understand why a guy would want to wear tight pants. Maybe it's just me and my boyfriend but we've always found tight pants to be very uncomfortable on the crotch.

The small plaids are okay.

The buffalo plaids, not so much.

The tux is hot!

When I was a little kid, my father had a pair of those red buffalo plaid pants that look exactly like the ones on the model which he wore when he went hunting every fall. He's 76 now and hasn't hunted in years, but I think he still has the pants. Can't wait to tell him how trendy he is!

Oh my god, I LOVE it! It takes the best parts of punk and grunge fashion and sends to them to an upscale, all boys prep academy (full of sexual tension, naturally).

pure love for the clothes. gorgeous. I.WANT.NOW.

I agree with Brooklyn Bomber...I've seen several pieces in this and the Alexander McQueen collection that I'd love to own myself. And the model in the sleeveless chain-mail looking sweater vest...could he be any hotter? YOW!

These collections that have been posted have all been unusual - this is one that I think best marries the unusual with the very attractive!

This is very good.

Pleasantly odd not freakish and ugly odd.

To Paraphrase SmartAss from yesterday:
Plaid... Here's the deal ... I like it, appreciate it, but I would never wear it.

As I scrolled, I found that I would think "OH, that one is terrific!"... and then I realized it wasn't one of the plaids.

I love looking at the plaid. I could appreciate a fashion forward male in New York walking down the street in many of these plaids. But here in the midwest, the plaids would look out of place and pretty funny. Yes, we are more conservative in my neck of the woods...yes, yes, a bit provincial.

The solid coats and jackets are wonderful.

As a total 80's-head, I kinda rolled my eyes at the description and thought, ugh, here we go again, more derivative looks from the 80's. Well, much to my surprise, I loooved most of these looks. I especially liked the buffalo plaid pieces and the fur collared jackets. However, I had to laugh at that gunmetal, chainmail, sleeveless number with the sheer overlay. The guy is indeed hot, but the look says, "twee."


LOVE the collection and the boys are HOT!

Wow, some great looking stuff.

But, I always get a checkle when high-fashioin designers are "inspired" by punk. Perfectly valid from an inspiration standpoint, but the soul of punk is diametrically opposed to the mass marketing of a "look". But then again, who really gives a shite.

When I dream of being on PR (of course, I have no relevant skills, so it is a dream only), my Bryant Park collection was going to be a riff on Hunter chic, with lots of the big plaids, plenty of knitwear and wool felt.

'the soul of punk is diametrically opposed to the mass marketing of a "look"."'

True, of course, but at the same time, people have been doing it forever...

I have nothing to say about the fashion here, just that the models are prettttty.

Over all I like it though it looks does look retro, and not Cavalli at all.
I like the plaids alright, but the ones used for the trousers look a bit flimsy.
I love the top coats.
And the lace shell. I would drop dead with excitement if I saw an man wearing a lace shell. What courage that would take.

Oh, I don't know about punk being oppposed to mass markets. Seems to me punk was always glad to take the money and then give the corporates the finger.

I like this collection better than the past four shown and I know plenty of guys who would love the plaid but I'm not so sure about the tight.

I really don't like this collection. Out of all the mens collections I've seen this year, I prefer Dolce and Gabbana line. The knits in the D & G line are awesome, so were the suits and the coats.

Love it all--it's how I used to dress when this was in style the first time through. Ah, to be young (and thin) enough to pull it off now. Not quite up there with the D&G Menswear, but pretty darn close.

Oh, and I still have a pair of plaid pants, too--everyone I know hates them. I choose to believe they are all wrong, and I am right.

There's something about plaid that just looks so comfy and cozy which is totally attractive.

Love it all, except for the reindeer sweater (oh, it's a fleur-de-lis, it really looked like a reindeer from far away) and the floral print pants.

The boys are particularly yummy!

Maria O.

Hmm. Looks a bit more mod-revival than punk to me. Especially the skinny suits and fur-hooded coats. The plaid is very punk though. But whatever it's called, I really like it, and think a lot of men could pull off many of these looks quite handsomely. Mmmm... handsome men in skinny suits... Yes, I approve.

First menswear collection this season that I found remotely appealing (though I eye those velvet jackets with great suspicion! I don't even like them on women....)

Is it just me or is the model in picture 10 (look 7?) very knock-kneed? Is it just a weird moment in his stride? o.O

The buffalo plaid has me singing "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay; I sleep all night and I work all day ..." in my head. Thanks for the earworm, Mr. Cavalli.

Back in the day (in high school in the 70s) I had a closet full of plaid pants, mostly elephant bells, always worn with platform shoes (so as not to look like Marsha Brady). But I think my plaid pants days are behind me.

And there are certain of colors combinations of plaids that actually give me motion sickness, so I hope they're not coming back. These Cavalis look fun though; like a gang of Cockney lumberjacks.


Axe the lumberjack flannel.

Other than that, LOVE!


sorry guys had to write in caps/lock coz it's a must-see

-Anastasia Beverhausen

I'd forgotten there was a good part of the `80s until I saw this. I'm loving most of this. This collection looks, for the most part, like something a (moneyed) fellow with a sense of style would pull out of his wardrobe and put on. Based on the looks, I know the guys who'd wear them, and I think I'd like 'em. Good on ya, Roberto Cavalli, for (mostly) finding a masculine stylish, without going fey more than a couple of times. I'm starting to enjoy looking at menswear collections, beyond the pretty boys.

Interesting, but why do the plaid pants (and only the plaid pants) look like they're made out of plastic? They're oddly shiny.

....and now I will go back and look at the clothes. Too many pretty pretty faces in one place.

Actually, I did enjoy the clothing a great deal. Another collection that makes me want to be a boy.

Ok, it's apparent that my taste in men has changed drastically in the past few years. Aside from a couple of exceptions, these boys just don't do it for me because they look like, well... boys. Not men. Too skinny and most of them look young enough for me to have baby-sat them in high school (and I am only 27.) Any sign of immaturity (whether it be peronality-based, or just physical attributes,) completely turns me off.
*sigh* adulthood is upon me. Actually, it took over about 3 yrs ago. Reality will do that.
Glad you folks are enjoying the view, though. Nothing wrong with it.

Oops, I meant "personality", not "peronality".

"Anastasia Beverhausen"
love it!


Love those pants, must have them now.

I like this collection MUCH more than the McQueen one from yesterday.

Great collection!

I can totally see Lorenzo in the plaid pants! I also really like the tux at the end of the show. Very nice!

It doesn't hurt that these are some hunky, good looking models. I like everything except the large checkered plaids. There is no hope for that fabric ever. The coats are to die for.

I'll take one of each, please

Now THAT is a collection I can see myself in!! "mommy, can I have the credit card please??"

I love the bold stripes -- I think as outfits there didn't need to be quite so many different patterns in one look, but if you took just one piece and wore it with something neutral, it would be great and easy to pull off!

I've never liked capris on men...until now. Hot! Makes me want a boy toy to dress up. =P

What an amazing collection. There isn't a single dud in there, (well maybe one...)

Ew to the plaid pants. Sorry! It reminds me of the long underwear my dad wears while skiing. Also, I feel that plaid is meant for men with some substance to their bodies, not these little waify boys. Give me one of those D&G's over this, any day.

Nariya said:

“Also, I feel that plaid is meant for men with some substance to their bodies, not these little waify boys. Give me one of those D&G's over this, any day.”



i want nearly all of it! love the plaid, the stripes & the pants are hot.

LOVE the coats. I want them now.

As for the plaid pants... meh. They still look ridiculous to me.

LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE the naval-inspired jackets, with and without fur collars. I need ALL. OF. THEM. NOW.


I actually like many of the plaid pants, but for several of them the cut makes it seem like there are jodhpurs BELOW the knee (i.e. in the calf area). They are slim to that point and then...something poofy happens. Not digging that construction. But that all-black look in the 13th row? Totally sexy.

No. No, no, no. NO cropped pants. No FEMALE cropped pants, no MALE cropped pants. They make beautiful legs look stubby and stubby legs look amputated. Cropped pants shall, from here on out, be BANNED.

That double breasted coat with the HUGE fur collar!? Good show Cavalli! And the velvet jackets were pretty smashing as well.

I love a man in a 3/4-length coat.

Me and plaid are like THIS (I'm making that entwined fingers gesture) so I'm all for it.

The more subtle patterns are great, I'm not so much digging those bright red pants halfway down. Maybe because I knew someone in highschool who wore those and he was a jerk, though.

I gotta break out my plaid pants more often now!


This collection seems much more masculine than the last two you have posted. While I would never see any of the men in my life wearing those clothes, I appreciate them stylistically. I can see some of the younger guys at my school rocking those outfits. Especially the preppy punks (oh how I want to give them an old sex pistols album and teach them about real punk).

I would also like to mention that the fur (real or faux) looks much more masculine here and the cuts for the jackets are more manly. The only really girlie thing I see is that lacy vest but at least it is cut for a mans body.

It gets better as it goes along. I don't like the tight pants here; they are looking too much like *gasp* leggings.

I don't think these boys are waif-like. Young, yeah, but most of them seem pretty well-built to me.

Who knew that golfers were fashion icons, huh? They've been rockin' the plaid pants for decades. Now, lets get y'all into some white shoes (with cleats)! (Hey, bowling shoes were popular for awhile.)

oooh, I'd like to get my fiancee into a pair of those plaid pants and then right back out!! ^_^

makes wish i were a boy!

honeys, that plaid IS hot!


Yes yes yes! LOVE IT!

I LOVE about 75% of this collection. I also appreciate the skill in combining patterns and colors here - there are a lot of ensembles that contain patterned pieces that I'd never give a male friend for fear of how/with what they'd wear them (if they did wear them), but which look great in situ.

Greatly prefer the smaller plaids to the big, bold ones - I say Tom is right in principle, though there may be exceptions (which prove the rule)

Great jackets, a couple of nice top coats.

I will say these aren't as suitable-for-all as the D&G collection - but even an older guy could sport the more conservative pieces if they didn't work in a super conservative industry.

This is my 2nd favorite collection after the D&G.

I am loving, loving, loving, this parade o' menswear we've been getting.

(and if I were wealthy I'd hire someone to wear the lace shell around in Sewing Siren's local grocery, as I have a vivid mental image of her collapsing in the produce aisle!)

Simply DIVINE!

are these in the running for the next Dr. Who costume?

plaid is always sexy.
total lickable.

Roberto, 1963 called...

I have been waiting for a solid decade for pencil slacks to go back out of style. I'm fat and I'm bitter, and I'm about to start slapping some bitches.

I say allmost all of the cloths this person has are awasome I would ware alot of it the pants are ok but please git ride of the flanal pants they look like crap just the pants but I like the bandainas on the moddels

BALMAIN for women

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