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Project Runway Season 7: Meet Seth Aaron Henderson

Moving right along...

Seth Aaron Henderson
Age: 38
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Favorite designer(s)?
Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Dior.
What is a fashion must?
Awesome shoes, tux jacket.
What is your design training?
What are your weaknesses as a designer?
I'm impatient.
What's influenced your designs over the years?
Music, including New Wave, punk, '80s Goth, Brit rock. Also '40s, '50s and '60s movies.
What's your favorite material or fabric to work with?
Love texture.
What are your favorite colors?
What fashion faux pas drives you crazy?
Boxy clothes.
Favorite designer from past seasons of Project Runway?
Christian Siriano.
Project Runway challenge you hope they bring back for your season?
The Paris challenge of Season 3. I'm very European-design-influenced and I like to fly.

Okay, we're gonna slip into our bitchpants for a moment. There.


You know how sometimes readers will get all up in our grill because when we criticize celebrities for their fashion choices, one of our most common critiques has to do with dressing age-appropriately? And you know how red carpet commentary tends to be overwhelmingly women-focussed because there's virtually no variation among the male celebrities in terms of their fashion choices? See, this led to some thinking that we're a bit misogynistic for constantly telling women to dress their age.

Darlings, that couldn't be further from the truth. If there's one thing that annoys us more than a woman in her late 30s/early 40s trying desperately to look like a 22-year-old, it's men in their late 30s/early 40s dressing like a 16-year-old. Even worse is when they dress like the 16-year-olds of their own teen years. So yes, our first thought upon viewing Seth's picture was that he would have fit right in with the crowd of teens hanging outside Chess King at the mall in 1985.

But then we watched his videos...

...and he comes off pretty grounded and low-key. Even more surprisingly, we looked at his portfolio:

And we LOVE it. Like, REALLY love it. The clothes are beautifully constructed, interesting, flattering, and pretty. Best portfolio yet, in fact.

So okay, we judged a book by its cover and we were wrong, which tends to happen when you judge a book by its cover. But darlings, if we can't make snap judgments about fashion designers based solely on the clothes they're wearing, who CAN we make snap judgments about?

More on Seth Aaron Henderson at

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Good call on his own personal style. I thought he was pretty cute in the face shot, and then cringed at the full body one.

love love love those jackets
self taught with skills!

Yes looking at the portfolio you see good skills and clean lines. Despite his alleged love of the european his work reminds me more of Chloe than Christian



I find myself in total agreement on all counts.

This is going to be a very good season for jackets, if they ever get enough time to make a decently detailed one.

Especially love the more severe dresses where there's not a lot of crap hiding an inability to execute a clean line. Not that I'm thinking of any designers in particular, just of my own prejudices.

And if he's really 38, he needs to rethink the severe hair color even more than the juvenile clothing. It's not doing anything for him.

I love the little slip dress that can be worn belted or not. So simple, but so flattering.

ha! i sucked this guy off at a bar like 2 years ago.

small world...

I love the jackets and the studded black dress. I personally really love the new wave 80s look (Depeche Mode and Smiths fan) so I'm going to be cheering for him.

I think he looks much older than 38.

I liked some of his portfolio. But really didn't like a few of his pieces, especially that dress(?) with the white body and the black print trim (2rd row from bottom) and didn't like the look of the blouse - RT row 3?

But he might have potential.

Oh also not a fan of big "labels" sewn onto the back of jackets - that seems like team jackets.

Love the clothes. Would actually wear if could pull them off. Ah, but I couldn't. Still...

His full-body pic made me cringe, too. And I was delighted by his portfolio. Special love for #6, the print surplice blouse.

Self-taught with skills AND vision!

Completely agree with everything you said. He looks ridiculous in that outfit in the promo picture, but his clothes are great. It is bothering me that all these designers are picking black as their favorite color though. Black is pretty much a given, give us an actual color you like to work with.

Wow, I am in love with this portfolio. All except for look #11, which is just too... too for me.

ITA on his personal style, too. Bad enough to try to dress like someone half your age; even worse to dress the way you dressed when you were half your age.

That's it. I've found my favorite for the season. Tanks TLo!! :o)

Great portfolio and really adorable and flattering clothes. The black and white dress with the white pleating on the top is GORGEOUS.

I did roll my eyes at the way he is dressed + his age, but I'm judgey like that.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I will judge the cover....
My big problem is that some of these designers stretch the truth about their age by about oh...5-10 years. I don't think he is 38, if so he has had a rough 38 years. He might want to ask Tim what facial products he uses.

Anonymous on 1/4/10 at 1:43 PM said... ha! i sucked this guy off at a bar like 2 years ago.

small world...



OK, I went on the journey with you TLo...

I looked at the photo and read his answers:
"What is a fashion must?
Awesome shoes, tux jacket."

um, ok. and for your your photo that will be plastered on the Bravo site, you chose neither a tux jacket nor awesome shoes.

I watched the videos. Grounded?
"I want to be a fashion icon."
grounded is not the first word that comes to mind.

I looked at the portfolio. And by golly if it isn't wonderful. Crisp. Clean. Flattering.

I like his work! (but I don't have to like HIM, right?)

I hate that look even on people half his age.

But in agreement with the portfolio. Very strong.

The garments do look very well made, even if they're not my taste.

But being an icon as a personal goal? That statement alone illustrates so much of what's wrong with the world.

And I'm confused -- don't people show their work in the audition video?!?!

Well constructed, but boring. I'm seeing anything fresh or original in his designs (which might explain his personal style... or vice versa).

Anonymous said...

OK, I went on the journey with you TLo...

I looked at the photo and read his answers:
"What is a fashion must?
Awesome shoes, tux jacket."

um, ok. and for your your photo that will be plastered on the Bravo site, you chose neither a tux jacket nor awesome shoes.

I watched the videos. Grounded?
"I want to be a fashion icon."
grounded is not the first word that comes to mind.

The promotional photos for most seasons of PR have always been shot while the show was filming. Chances are, he was photographed some time in the first week or so of the season. Some people have posed for their promotional photos AFTER they've been auf'd.

As for the second point, we're not sure why being ambitious and being grounded are supposed to be mutually exclusive.

His clothes are lovely, but that bios is cheesy.

his work looks great. but as a designer myself, i can see that he really designs for the dressform more than the human body. i can tell right away from some of those pics on the models that he has a problem with fit.

that said, his work looks impeccable and i like his designs a lot.

Too many peplums! But dress #5 (grey) and #7 (black & white)...Would wear them in a heartbeat.

I like his portfolio too, but to be '38' (and maybe fudging that??), and be dressing like that? Oy.

Plus, 3 names....Serial killers always have 3 names.


Chess King - LOL!

I echo the well constructed but boring comment. Pretty, but mostly mall clothes.

Very rare to have 2 designers from Portland. Vancouver, WA is basically a Portland,OR suburb. Really like his portfolio and so glad he is not afraid of attaching sleeves to a garment.

I like it as well. Its classy and chic and every thing looks well constructed. To steal a PR judge-ism they're clothes that women want to wear. Can't wait to see what he does on the show.


You guys are on fire today! I'm trying really, really hard to suppress uproarious laughter at my desk. That said, I've no comment about his bio --- you've covered it all. No comment about his look
--- that's been covered as well.
MBirch said....

"...he really designs for the dressform more than the human body."

Excellent point, MBirch! My feelings exactly. Like the mannequined looks, but on real, photographed models --- much less.
His work also made me think of clothing I've seen at mall shops like Hot Topic and Journey.


MBirch said, "I can see that he really designs for the dressform more than the human body."

I agree. Real hour glass shapes with tiny waists. Could that be how his samples look, but he adjusts for the stores?


TLo said, "we're not sure why being ambitious and being grounded are supposed to be mutually exclusive."

Since I also commented on the "icon" thing, I'll jump in. It's not that being grounded and ambitious are mutually exclusive -- not in the least. It's that he didn't say, "I want to be a great designer and to be recognized for it." For me, wanting to be an icon is putting the cart before horse. Being famous is the goal, as opposed to doing great work that brings you satisfaction, and which may or may not bring fame and fortune (or at least a good living). Granted, I don't know anything about his history, and I realize that what he said in a 2 minute video may not be exactly representative of what's in his heart. It's just that, to me, saying his goal is to be an icon sounds pretty much the same as wanting to be famous for no other reason than being famous, and there's way too much of that going around lately.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

It's not that being grounded and ambitious are mutually exclusive -- not in the least. It's that he didn't say, "I want to be a great designer and to be recognized for it."

Is that really so far off from saying "I want to be a fashion icon" in the context of applying for a fashion design competition?

raisin mountaineer

Look at the pretties!

Clothes that look nice and would look nice on a variety of women. Bravo!

Brooklyn Bomber -

As the person who posted the comment about "icon goal", I want to thank you. Your explination is EXACTLY what I was referring to.

Granted, it is a brief video and may have left out the expected phrases I was looking for ("I love to design more than anything and I hope my vision will influence hundreds of women to the point of becoming a fashion icon"... or some such verbiage.)
But heck TLo, this blog is all about "ripping" away with our opinions based on little more than the snippettes presented. I did not mean to upset you. Really I didn't. And I did followup with a third point that his clothes really speak for him... they are lovely.
Mea culpa, mea culpa.

I'm with Edina. His portfolio is very mass, shopping-mall oriented. If not Hot Topic, than definitely Charlotte Russe.

He is too old for that shit. He's dressing like Adam Lambert, and Adam Lambert is also too old for it.

I do like his portfolio, though!

I like his portfolio a lot. If he can create those kind of looks within the PR bubble, I'll be very impressed.

And he came across well in his audition in front of Tim, but in his first video, didn't he seem kind of...creepy? I don't know, I just got a weird vibe.

Also, when Tim tells the designers that they're "moving on" to the next round after their audition, does anyone know what that means? I've been curious about that for a while.

I like the first three jackets. Everything after that looks a little cheap and costumey to me. But I guess I'm in the minority. Maybe it's because I'm only 25? I just don't see anything in his portfolio to justify the love. I've liked some of the others MUCH more than this.

I want every one of these.
Early fave? I think so.

I love this collection! Looking forward to watching Seth Aaron.

As an aside, am I the only one who is annoyed by Mr. Gunn's eyelid flitting? I don't understand why he does that, but he seems to do it all the time!

Oy! Time to edit the blog TLo. Kinda creepy post earlier re: bar. I love the wit of this blog (and boggers) not smut. Unless it is witty smut of course.

he looks douchey -- and comes off that way too, in my opinion. his designs don't do much for me, either. yawn. and they don't seem very flattering.

Portfolio bores me.

Chess King! LOL! You guys make my day...
and love love love the 2 red/black print dresses. Will be curious to see more.

Well his portfolio bored the living hell out of me. Clothing looks like high-end k-mart and target clothing. Nothing special. I thought project runway was about "fashion", guess not. Maybe he'll do some amazing stuff, but his stuff are boring. Blah....

love that portfolio! wow!

His portfolio is mature, unlike his personal look. At last, someone who seems to be able to tailor and fit garments! And flatter women's bodies!

It also totally annoys me to see a guy in his 30s wearing baggy shorts and a ball cap. I always think to myself, "Peter Pan!" This dude looks like a member of Fall Out Boy in ten years.

But who cares if he's sweet and can design clothes? Marc Jacobs dresses like a schoolboy, too, sometimes. And sometimes like a schoolgirl as well. And let's not even start on Betsey Johnson or Donatella Versace. That's why I rarely look at what the designer him/herself wears.

ummmmmmm I don't like it, I mean the jackets are cute, although all of them are the same style, also the slip dress is kind of boring and the fabrics he picked are horrible except for the red little dots, well constructed but boring

Portfolio is GORGEOUS. GORGEOUS. GORGEOUS. My favorite so far, by far! I want every single thing shown here.

Clueless Jock

Portfolio looks good except for that little horror on the bottom left.

I totally agree! His clothes are really good, I especially love the black and white dress, and his jackets are impeccable, though I too thought he was going to be terrible solely based on his 'look'. I don't think men should be able to get away with dressing 1/4 of their age either.

The jackets are gorgeous. I would totally wear them.

I want each and every single dress and shirts! So great :D

Oh, like the fitted jackets. I have a small waist, and unfortunately, have way too many boxy clothes that don't accentuate my positives. Maybe he could tone down the peplums, though?

Can't wait till 1-14!

Am I the only one who hates his portfolio? I would never wear any of it. It looks generic at best, and straight out of Fashion Bug at worst. I mean, are you kidding me with those prints?? And that second to last look was totally early '00s gothtastic.

Meh. I recognize some of those fabrics from Joann.... and that's not a good thing.

oh you guys sometimes just nail it so perfectly….been sitting here chuckling at the chess king reference for several minutes. i just got a total visual flashback on that one! i needed a good laugh after my first day back at work so i thank you.
i really like his portfolio, especially the jackets, they are badass!

He looks like Keith Richards' kid brother. Or maybe just his kid.

I like his clothes. They look cute, wearable and marketable. I smell some wins, then a totally bullshit aufing. Don't you?

I dunno...his garments kinda look like they belong on paper dolls - weirdly two-dimensional. Or something. Thank you to those who talked about dressform vs. woman - I think that's what I'm seeing.

While I know that you can never be sure how someone will come accross on the actual show, I'm still having a REALLY hard time with his personal style.

He's a bizarre blend of Bay City Rollers, Gordon Ramsay, Noel Gallagher and Ducky. And not the good parts of any of those. The hair is beyond awful - makes him look 20 years older. And you should not wear guyliner over the age of 30 unless you're Robert Smith. (even then it looks bad, but, you know, he's Robert Smith)

I hope this was just over-excitement for the official shoot, because it looks like he could be really cute if he dialed it down by a factor of 500 or so.

I love that first jacket and want it NOW.

Oh, and AMEN to Chess King. Or, possibly Merry-Go-Round. Could go either way.

Love several of the garments, can't stand several. Love the prints but again, too much effin black!!!

As far as his personal style, I've gotta echo Ellen M. There are so many designers who dress horribly. Add Donna Karan to that list. She's always wearing a brown or black trash bag.

I'm "intrigued" with the clothes. The guy....well, he tries too damn hard.

Love the portfolio pictures. Wearable and stylish and sexy (esp. the first two jackets.)

Student designs level. I do not know what you guys are thinking for liking it. Tons of very basic pieces with poor fabric selection.

Georgia Maude

I really can't believe T&L--or anyone else, for that matter--likes this portfolio. I'm actually stunned--whatever you all are drinking, I'll have some, 'cause that **it must be good! I really thought it was a joke--they look like the photographs on those See&Sew 99 cent patterns that were geared toward the first-time seamstress--nothing too complicated and shapeless enough to fit anyone. HIDEOUS.

Giggling at Chess King and merry-go-round. I can smell the Drakkar Noir from here.

But yeah, the clothes are really nice. And even an old broad could pull them off.

I NEED all of those jackets. Sure his own style in that photo inparticular isn't the best (and let's hope he doesn't dress like that throughout the season). But so far I love his clothes more then any other that you've shown us so far. For the most part they're simple but still very wearable, pretty and just plain sellable. And the thing is, it seems like many of his clothes could be worn by women of almost any size.

Creepiness radiates from him - God, when he said "I'm the kid who wants all the cake and then I want some of yours" followed by some weird mouth sound....I got scared. Plus there's no way he's 38! Reminded me of my grandpop!

I like the clothes in his portfolio...however, I'm having trouble with this guy's appearance. I think he's creepy too! 38 is not old...but he looks like an old man tying to be hip (or is it hep ;) )

This glam 80's/90's ('s dated) rocker wannabe look just bugs me so much that I cannot root for him....that, and that he reminds me of Adam Glambert, whom I loathe!

Wow, a really polarizing designer. Cool! Just what we need for an interesting season.

I'm with whoever it was upthread who asked TLo to remove the "bar" post. Talk about creepy. And anonymous to boot.

I agree with the poster who equated this with see & sew patterns. It's basic patterns, very beginners sewing. I think he'll be out early on if he can't pull out anything more creative and technical then this.

I have to say I don't mind his quirky outfit though, it's not like he's a banker or teacher. As long as he's not trying to rock short shorts or cropped t-shirts (which I think would make a lot of us unhappy), I don't care what a designer wears.

I totally agree with the poster who asked what everyone is smoking. I just do not see anything here that I would pay more than $10 for (except the first jackets). The rest is costumey in a weird retro kind of way and aren't flattering at all. I just don't get where the love fest is coming from, and I'm SHOCKED that TLo actually like this!

Love it!! I can't wait to see what he does on the show

it's like stella-barbarella-lite.

Good portfolio ... want to see more.

He tries too hard. His look, his video. He comes off as smarmy and he kind of makes me uncomfortable.

Chess king LOL

So far a Vancouver and a Portland? Way to represent, PDX!

Gotham Tomato said, Plus, 3 names....Serial killers always have 3 names.

Hmm, no. Actually, I've encountered more than one serial killer who didn't use his middle name.

Oddly, when they do have three names, the second one is often Wayne (and the first is often John). (See News of the Weird. Go figure.

Oh my god, you have to be kidding me. Each piece in his portfolio could be bought for like, $20 at chain stores.

Jacket 1: Hot Topic. Easily. It screams Hot Topic.
Jacket 2: Guess or Lucky or one of those tacky stores that likes to pretend to be designer, but fails miserably.
Jacket 3: Um, like, K-Mart. That material is so cheap. If it wasn't white, it would be perfect for the mother of the bride to wear to a wedding.
Shirt 1: Ross. TACKY print. He has a horrible eye for prints. That's a $5 sale rack shirt. My middle-aged, unfashionable mom wouldn't even go near that.
Dress 1: Target. Yawn.
Dress 2: Hot Topic or Forever21. I'm pretty sure I could go on Forever21's website and find that exact dress. And honestly, haven't we seen that cut on millions of dresses? It's old. Yawn.
Dress 3: I'd wear it, but Urban Outfitters sold basically the same dress in better colors last season.
Dress 4: THAT PRINT. Tacky, tacky, tacky. Again, Ross on the sale rack.
Dress 5: Essentially a sack in another tacky fabric that reminds me more of Target's plus size section this time.
Jacket 4: Horrible. It looks costume-y and superhero-y. Maybe Kohl's sale rack, but I don't know who would ever buy that. And it's not unbuyable in an avant garde way. It's boring.
Dress 6: Forever21. Seriously. Want me to go find that same dress on their site? I swear there's something exactly like it there. The middle part of it reminds me of an ugly bathing suit.
Dress 7: Please. My mom would wear that from Nordstrom Rack.
Dress 8: Same exact dress as Dress 4 in a slightly better print. It doesn't even look good.
Dress 9: What is that? It's like, Hot Topic gone wrong. Hot Topic what-not-to-wear. It's so bad. If that was on a runway, it would get booed.
Dress 10: That looks like any girl's cheap, tacky prom dress from like, Dillard's.

Come on.

I'm with whoever it was upthread who asked TLo to remove the "bar" post. Talk about creepy. And anonymous to boot.

What's the bar post?!

He is sexy. I'm gonna root for him!!
Maybe he got roped into wearing that outfit, by the same person who put Althea in the banana shirt.

Love his designs. Wearable and chic. He reminds me of Daniel Franco.

Carreeeppy. This guy's audition tape is gonna give me nightmares! I do like some of his clothes but like is as far as I'd go. He doesn't exactly set the design world on fire. I wish him good luck, like all the other designers, and we'll see if he has the makings of an icon. But I call bullshit on some of his claims that he was into designing since he was 8 yrs. old and tweeking his own clothes then. Maybe if he'd said he was drawing or sketching clothes I'd believe it more. But those creepy eyes at the end of his tape..... {{{{shudder}}}}

@ Anonymous 12:23 AM

You went to a great effort to point out how Hot Topic the designs were....

Lemme tell ya...I've got a teenager, who's into anime and steam-punk (which Aaron's designs definitely are influenced by)-- the jackets at HT go for $35-$90. And they never have the newest ones for more than a week in the store. I've had to order online several times.

Whatever you may think of the style...They sell. verrrrrry well.

Mom of a teenager...Austin Sally :)

Self-taught? Impatient? Favourite color's black? Oh, how do I put this... I'm concerned.

It feels like Christian Dior mixed with a little Christian Lacroix.

It will be fun to watch the young designers and this (older) guy working together. I hear a bunch of "whatever Duran Duran"s in PR future.
I like season 7 allready!


that full body photo did put me off, but I am so glad that TLo showed the shots from Seth's portfolio-I'm liking a lot of what's there.

I'm starting to really look forward to the new season of PR-bring it on, bitches!

Lilith Cat and Gotham Tomato:

I gave in to my husband's desires to only give my son 2 names (no middle name). Now you make me feel so good about the choice!

I will advise my children to:
1. always learn the middle name of new friends
2. run in the opposite direction if someone's middle name is Wayne!
3. and, for good measure, avoid Texas.

that list is a hoot Lilith! who knew??

Yes, you guys are correct again. Best portfolio so far, by far. I love every single piece. Very interesting details on the jackets, and beautiful lines and silhouettes for the dresses.

I am anxious to see more of his work.

Love his portfolio, especially the jackets.

Seth, I know you think that hair makes you look younger but if you get an age appropriate hair style, you'll look younger. Trust.

The clothes are pretty good.

So, what would be the male version of mutton dressing lamb? Ram dressing lamb? That sounds kind of lurid.

i usually agree with you guys but this time i'm shocked00the fabric choices seem MEGA CHEAPO to me

I saw the full body shot and just thought he was the pop version of Jeffrey's overaged rocker. Yawn.

His portfolio just looks like a trip through the decades - here's his 40's look, here's his 50's look, here's his 60's ode to Mary Quant - but without much of his own spin on them. And I agree with some of the other posters about the fabrics looking cheap. I'm not loving his work.

This is the first one where I've loved every look in the portfolio. Color, fit, construction, everything is great. The only minor complain is that big clumsy 7 stamped on the back of that jacket, but the jacket's great otherwise.

I need that white and black dress. It is gorgeous.

Very nice. I like the combo of crisp tailoring with a twist of wit.

And, grownups could wear these clothes.

You know, he should personally dress way down. I thought for sure he'd be a flake. I just hope he has enough time to make these kind of things during challenges.

There's some talent this season! I'm getting excited.

I dunno, did anyone else get the feeling he was super duper nervous whenever he talked? I hope that's just his voice or else I can't imagine he'll last long.

That 2nd to last look? It seems like something the creepy baby from the Lemony Snickett books would wear if she aged 12 yrs overnight. But most of the portfolia seemed okay, nothing groundbreaking but I can see them being purchased at a mall.
As to Seth's personal style? It's like the Flock Of Seagulls crapped all over Johnny Depp. Some guys can pull off dressing/acting strange. This dude can't.

Seth's designs are original and not too girlie. I own a few...but that's because I get first pick when he brings them in my boutique. He designs with bits of Bettie Page, Marilyn and rockabilly influences, totally feminine silhouettes without all the girlie frill, yet still full of details.
Hope he stays on the show for a while, because he's really a sweetheart.

Um, what?!?!!?!?

The clothes are nicely constructed, yes, but they are heinously, hideously BORING and I have seen them 20 trillion times before.

I don't like his portfolio at all. It's very Dillards meets Hot Topic.

I like his clothes, and having seen episode one (it aired tonight, so I assume it's OK to talk about now), I liked his first design (except I'm getting mighty sick of exposed zippers).

But he, himself, is kind of a douche (IMO). And WTF was he wearing on the runway? What was with all those chains at his crotch?

I think he looks just like Elliott Smith! Anyone else?

Hey TLo, remove that "bar post" please. It has no place here.

I like his portfolio. They look fun and well made. I think it is really hard to get a feel for who someone is with edited clips on the first show. I like him thus far.

Seth, good luck and God bless. Ace says HI, well he would if you could. I am very glad to see how far you have come in life, in the past 20 years (seems like yesterday). You will be in our prayers, and yes we liked most of what we saw. Bobbi and Jeremy.

Seth is amazing. His work is totally self taught. I mean really. His work is fresh and clean. Totally hip. I love to read all the hater comments on this site about people that are making it. While we are sitting here writing this crap people like Seth are out living the dream. Get a grip people. Or better yet a life. I would love to know what all the haters that post BS about an amazing talent like Seth are doing. The guy is SELF TAUGHT! Geeezzzz give the guy a break. I'm pretty certain he's not trying to win the masses. I think Seth is doing what he loves and people are taking notice. I know the win the masses comment is weird cause he's on a show like this, but I can bet he's going far. When you self teach yourself something and get nationally recognized by the biggest in the business then you can talk smack. This is like the fat guy sitting on the couch saying what John Elway should have done right. There are people who set trends, people who fallow trends AAaaannnnnddd then there's people who don't do squat and write on blogs just like I'm doing now.

Come on get a grip the guys bad ass

his midlife crisis is wayyy too 'in your face' its making me uncomfortable and sad about aging. :(

Seth Aaron may be a talented designer, but his comments about being "inspired" by Nazi and Soviet soldiers' uniforms during WWII is deeply disturbing to me. Those "uniforms" inspired a generation of terror! I am sickened that the Runway judges totally ignored this and selected him, thus giving him a platform to glorify people responsible for so many atrocities! I loved that show UNTIL NOW! I am no longer a fan of Heidi Klum or Project Runway!

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ha! i sucked this guy off at a bar like 2 years ago.

small world...

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