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Project Runway Season 7: Meet Jonathan Peters

New favorite, bitches!

Jonathan Peters
Age: 29
Hometown: Woonsocket, RI

Is is us, or does he look like he belongs in a Pixar movie?

Favorite designer(s)?
So many. Herrera, De La Renta, Mouret, Galliano, Viktor and Rolf, Marchesa, Elie Saab.
Current occupation?
Technically, unemployed, but I prefer independent freelance womenswear designer.
What is a fashion must?
A black skinny pant.
What is your design training?
Studied apparel design at University of Rhode Island; the rest I learned from my mom or on my own.
What's influenced your designs over the years?
Earlier, the greats of design; now, interacting textiles and creating new techniques and fibers.
What's your favorite material or fabric to work with?
I am on a big cotton organza kick. I have been layering with it quite a bit.
Do you prefer patterns or solids?
Mostly solids.
What are your favorite colors?
Red and yellow, although when I design it stays a bit neutral.
What fashion faux pas drives you crazy?
Lack of proper undergarments.
Favorite designer from past seasons of Project Runway?
I still think Jay McCarroll's work was brilliant.


It's interesting that he got a fairly extensive (and totally on point) critique and they still chose him. We can see why. For one, he's clearly got the personality for reality TV. For another:

He's clearly got a strong point of view and the technical skill to back it up. Although granted, clothes like these can hide a myriad of technical sins, so we might be off on that. Still, it's the kind of portfolio that makes us look forward to his attempts to make dresses out of farm equipment or pasta or whatever the crazy challenges of S7 will be.

Prediction: Total bitch, but in a really entertaining way.

More on Jonathan Peters at

[Photos: Daniel Gagnon Photography and Lois Anshus via - Videos: - Q&A:]

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I believe I've already said that anyone who is honest enough to call themselves "technically unemployed" has my good graces from the get-go.

That said, I don't care for his point of view or aesthetic much, it's glam-ugly in a way I don't like, but it's fun to look at as fabric art (vs. clothing).

Kudos to whoever did the styling/makeup for most of his portfolio. I especially like the use of lip color, the color choices make it an accent to the look(s).

I was really hoping that while he was talking about his women's fashions that a goat or pony would wander by in a cocktail dress...

I don't know what his personal style is...geeky chic? The wide trouser and ascot have got to go though...and the faux hawk is a bit passe'.

His stuff is interesting...verging on costumey...his taste level is certainly questionable with that ridiculous lace patch on the one models crotch area. Who would do that?!

Why do I think like him?! ;)

Love him. Hate the clothes. A white lace doily should NEVER be sewn onto the crotchal looks like the Ice Queen's pubic hair.

He's interesting though, and I want him to stay to Bryant Park because he'll make some interesting stuff and he'll be a hoot in the workroom. His clothes are too Star Treky for my taste.

I can't get behind lace doily appliqued to crotch.

Some of his garments are a little suitable for the Kit Kat Klub. Paging Sally Bowles!

Love his designs, but my mother wants her pants back.

He looks a little like Jimmy Neutron. So, yes, he would fit right into a Pixar film.

I like his look and his portfolio.

his clothes are not my cup of tea.

bravo to Mr. Gunn for pointing out that the applique was (to put it mildly) distracting and detracting from the rest of his work.

all of that aside, probably a fun guy to watch... even though he won't make it past the halfway mark.

Oh, and who mentioned that they have an office pool for RRW? Love the idea! so much more fun than a Superbowl pool, and the anticipation lasts for weeks!

I like this dude. And you're spot on with the Pixar comparison. He looks like he walked out of Meet the Robinsons.

I feel like I need to mention the vagina fungus romper for no other reason than having the chance to say vagina fungus romper.

Wow after seeing this post I have a lot more interest in him..I don't know why he didn't appeal to me before. His portfolio is my favorite so far. I hope he makes it farther than the desingers you guys have spotlighted so far.

I met Jonathan a few weeks ago, actually on the day that Lifetime announced the cast, it was the first day he was allowed to talk about it and we talked forever. From the sounds of it they had a lot of fun and the number of anecdotes he had makes me assume he made it a ways through at least (though he would not spill anything and really, I don't want to know). He's as big a fan as we are.

I'll be cheering on the hometown boy.

he looks like Jimmy Neutron (Paramount) mixed with a dash of "E" from The Incredibles (Pixar).

those trousers are bad.

his portfolio is interesting.

not one of my ones to watch, but one to watch out for, and maybe enjoy.

I dig him. And yeah, totally Pixar.

Not entirely sure about the clothes, but I do think they're pretty interesting. With some polish he could make some really gorgeous stuff.

Now I'm really hoping for a farm equipment challenge.

He does sound fun, wish the clothes weren't so busy.

Ok, starters: I have to say I'm glad that goat finally picked up his head because until he did I was wondering what that guy was doing to that poor chocolate Lab.

Second: I can't get behind the crotch doily. What's next crocheted banana hammocks (literally: banana hammocks)??


from his version of Blayne's centipede pad crotch, alone - I think I hate him.

I mean I couldn't even fairly look at his other pieces.
(I'll hate to come back again later.)

I had been hopefully when I read his proper undergarment comment - the anti-althea. But that doily crotch...


He's definitely going to bring some drama to the show.

I see his picture and think "Brad Goreski". Which is a good thing.

typo / correction- I'll HAVE to come back later for another look

Silly sense of humor ("Technically unemployed". . ."Heiiii deeee Kluuuuuummmm!!!)

Good looking (minus the nerd glasses)

Portfolio looks interesting, and has me curious to see what he'll do on the show.

Likes dogs

All good. But:


I'm going to go out on a limb and propose that black lace is never tasteful below the waist. Ever. It always cheapens the look, whether it's leggings, a skirt, whatever. It just looks so Hot Topic/hooker lingerie. Usually above the waist too, but there I've seen exceptions. But knee-high black lace stockings scream "whore" or "trashy goth." In a bad way.

I actually love the one with the white decoration between the legs. It reminded me of the Bob Mackie/Christina Aguilera challenge in PR Season 6 that everyone failed at so dreadfully. Bob Mackie commented that on stage a skirt can never be too short, you could just put sequins on the crotch of the panties. When I saw this, I thought: where was Jonathan (and his courage) during the Bob Mackie challenge? Doesn't this look like something Aguilera would wear on stage?

I didn't know you could grow edelweiss in a container like that.

Okay, I really like his personality and his point of view, but that model has something crawling out from between her legs. I thought we learned this lesson with Blayne a few seasons ago?

At the very least, he might provide some interesting looks and funny sound-bites.

I think it's the hair that makes him look Pixar like.

Anyhoo, I like in him. His clothes look interesting enough to hold my attention and I like the styliing on the models.

OMG I L.O.V.E him! I would kill for that taupe top. Swoon. But I gotta draw the line at appliqued crotch shorts.

The lonely goatherd schtick made me love him...but no gal wants it to look like her crotch sprouts ice crystals. Not even Grace Kelley.

It shows either a lack of taste or a desire to shock, neither of which bode well for lasting.

1/6/10 3:04 PM
I see his picture and think "Brad Goreski". Which is a good thing.

With just a smidge of Carson Daly.

Yes, he looks like an assistant to Edna Mode from "The Incredibles"!

Marie @3:50pm, your "Edelweiss" made me guffaw. Thank you.

Was Tim Gunn blushing throughout that interview??

Insane crotch! But I look forward to seeing what he does.

i love him for giving us doily crotch so early on. it's only fun from here on out.

Oooh, love the lace and plaid dress! I may "steal" that look and make something similar for myself. ;)

too many cats

I sincerely hope that the goat is a 'she'.

So ... how soon before we see HIM wearing one of those fusion sweaters full of holes?

"I'll do anything..."

How many times did he say that? Desperation central. I'll pass, though the Amish farmboy stuff was amusing in his video.

I don't care for his aesthetic. Most of the latter looks appear to be wads of various different fabrics belted or poofed onto the models and don't even resemble garments.

I think the edelweiss comment on the crotch fungus summed it up for me. You KNOW he put it there to be controversial, not to create a great garment because he would do ANYTHING to get on PR....Tim is such a gentleman. I would have said, "What the fuck is that supposed to be?!! It's VILE."

Good God Gertrude! That poor girl perched on the step ladder with those unfortunate high waisted shorts - she can't even close her legs with that piece of lace shit glued to her crotch. How would that even occur to someone to design something like that? It's just cruel.

Nina is going to have a field day with this guy, for sure.

Well I for one am into the crotch doily. I think it adds visual interest.

He's definitely starting the season in my plus column. Adorable!

His photo looks like he should be on an island with The Professor and MaryAnn.
I misprejudged him. His audition video is hysterical!

I LOVE the crotch patch. Clearly he worships THE STAGE.

Well, you won't find these at K-Mart. Some of them are great, some are ridiculous. That's a good combination, if recent runway shows are any indication.

I see a bit of Christopher in him, though.

I'm not going to say WHAT bit of Christopher, haha.

He's adorable.
His clothes are ridiculous.

The model in the fifth row on the left looks a bit like Chloe's old mode, wasn't her name Grace?

I really like the first row on the right's dress. Everything else looks like a cotton factory threw up on it.

Maybe TLo can initiate their "Crotch Doily Award" for most tasteless detail in a garment each week!


Love him. Love the video. But, haaaate the clothes. What a character. Like Tim the Benevolent, I'll give him a pass. He definitely has a sense of humor and will probably provide some great workroom shenanigans footage. I'd also like to see more of what he can do given a crotch, pasta and needle & thread.


My pick for the win (so far). LOVE LOVE LOVE. The clothes are awesome and I loved his audition video. I guess I'm still just a country girl at heart...

He's adorable. I love his trousers. Not super crazy about his portfolio.

Why is there a bug crawling out of the model's crotch? I mean, really? I can hear Nina already. "We have a problem with taste. Who would wear this? Who IS this woman and where is she going?" I predict he will turn into the next Santino. Drama will keep him in past his due date.

I mostly like the portfolio, some of the clothes are intriguing, but I do not understand how ANYONE can make and defend that caterpillar crotch. I know it bugs me when other people compare contestants to past PR designers, but we've seen it before, on PR, to negative reviews. It sits weird with me that someone can do that and think it's a good idea. When he was saying "well, I experimented with different placements, and that's where it works, it is what it is" well, what about not using it then? And if your design doesn't work without it, maybe you should rethink the design... ugh, some people are so oblivious.
As for his personality, I can take it or leave it.

Women have vaginae, why not make them a little fancy with some lace doodads? I say go for it.

Looking forward to some truly FABULOUS camel-toe from this guy!

An excellent comic strip character.

Anonymous on 1/6/10 at 8:13 PM said... The model in the fifth row on the left looks a bit like Chloe's old mode, wasn't her name Grace?

YES SHE DOES and her name was Grace. The dress she is wearing looks like it could have come from the Chris March collection for the PR All-Stars challenge.


The last model on the right looks like Chad Rogers from Million Dollar Listing in drag!


With the glasses, I thought he looked like Ted Allen's love child...
Maybe Dad could come as a guest judge? His qualifications are as good as Ms. Ritchies'


Well, this one has already added to the PR lexicon: crotch doily.

WTF is that thing?

That said, I look forward to what he brings to the show.

LOVE! He's adorable and I dig his sense of humor! My pick for the win for sure!

i love him for giving us doily crotch so early on. it's only fun from here on out.

Ha ha, no kidding. I'm amused that he took the most unsexy, musty old grandma's house-like thing imaginable...a lace doily...and smacked it on a hot chick's crotch. Bzuh? Would I wear a crotch doily? Hellls no. Do I think he should design a whole Bryant Park show around crotch doilies? Helllls no. But at least he has the potential not to bore.

With respect to the doily crotch, perhaps he was hopeful that Kotex would be one of this year's sponsors.

Otherwise, he's cute, amusing and has some possibly interesting work, verging on fashion schoolish, but still wearable. Prediction: every week Tim tells him to edit.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and hazard that most ladies are not overly-anxious to sport a look in which it appears as if one's crotch is exploding. But I could be wrong.

GothamTomato 1/6/10 2:50 PM

.....What's next crocheted banana hammocks (literally: banana hammocks)??


Dear God! Do you know what you've done?!? Do you know what you've unleashed?!? You just KNOW that now that that concept is out in the universe, that it's going to be on a bunch of runway's really soon. (insert shot of Santino's "NOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!" reverberating throughout the city.)lol

I can't stand his pants or the crotch doily, but I'm digging on everything else. If all else fails, he should be rather entertaining.

another laura

"I'm derailed!"

I needed a Tim Gunn fix.

I see more tortured fabric as opposed to clever design, but I've grown more patient lately with people "expressing" themselves.

Totally see the Pixar in that pic, or a Jimmy Neutron vibe.

I love a couple of his pieces. Then again, crotch centipede alert!!!

OK on the, Do I recognize that model front...

The thirs one down on the left - reminds me of someone...Maybe McKey form ANTM?

Now that crotch is insane.

He seems like a lot of fun and if he can stay doily-free perhaps his designs will be interesting.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that's ok with the crotch doily (or pelvic antimacassar?)

To me it invoked stitching/lace/embellishment on lingere -- innerwear as outerwear, and related to the little black dress in row 2 and the lace & plaid dress on MaybeGrace.

No, I'm not likely to wear something like that myself, but I could absolutely see women wearing it. I don't think it's anything like Blayne's Kotex Katerpillar.

Oh -- And I fully expect to love Jonathan. I hope I'm right.

This post wins the award for the most times the word crotch has been said on a non-porn related topic.

Those shorts are vulgar.

Oh man, wicked glad to see that his portfolio looks promising and INTERESTING. As an unemployed Rhode Islander I'm dying to cheer for this dude.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Is it us, or does he look like he belongs in a Pixar movie?

YES! Voiced by Brad Bird, of course.

im from rhode island too, and this state needs something like jonathan to get us more popularish!

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