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Project Runway Season 7: Meet Emilio Sosa

Sorry for the repetition, darlings, but we've gotta wrap these up. S7Premiere in 3 days!

Emilio Sosa
Age: 43
Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Favorite designer(s)?
Charles James.
Current occupation?
Costume designer.
What is a fashion must?
Ladies: Croc three-inch pumps. Men: Navy suit, properly fitted.
What is your design training?
Five years at Pratt and 20 years at Grace Costumes, Inc.
Have you won any awards related to design?
TDF/Irene Sharaff Young Master Award, 2006. Named Design Virtuoso by American Theater Magazine, 2003.
What's your favorite material or fabric to work with?
Double wool crepe.
Do you prefer patterns or solids?
What are your favorite colors?
What fashion faux pas drives you crazy?
Clothing that's too tight.
Project Runway challenge you wish they'd bring back for your season?
Jet-setter with a trip to Paris.

The look on Princess Puffysleeve's face is priceless. The princess is NOT impressed.
In a way, we can't blame him. We make no predictions as to his future on the show and no assessments as to his talent, but the fact of the matter is, his portfolio, as presented, is awfully weak. He seems like a nice enough guy but he's not, so far as we can tell, a "personality" in the reality TV sense, so how did he get cast, exactly? He does have extensive costuming experience, so maybe he was cast on the strength of his resume. We'll see.

More on Emilio Sosa at

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Seems like sweet guy. Can't wait for Thursday!

"Oh, so its like an apron?"

We all made aprons in 7th grade Home Ec (which all the GIRLS had to take... the boys had to take SHOP).

I don't think the judges were wowed. But, his sketches look interesting. Gosh, if I send a bunch of sketches in to Lifetime (and bring my 7th grade apron) could I get cast?

No, it doesn't bode well for this guy.

I always worry a bit about the older designers on theses shows. I guess I shouldn't because they seem to do well. I don't know maybe it's just that his audition seems so calm after see Jesus & Ping.

Umm, Bravo? We can tell what an audition video is, and that ain't one. Putting "audition video" at the top doesn't fool anyone.

My question is...why doesn't he have an audition video?

MyFawny said...

I always worry a bit about the older designers on theses shows. I guess I shouldn't because they seem to do well. I don't know maybe it's just that his audition seems so calm after see Jesus & Ping.

I agree, but in this case I did not see anything that would say "let's cast this guy." Did they like his portfolio? Was it his construction skills?

No need to apologize for the repetition, TLo! I look forward to reading these.

I'm happy to see some menswear in his portfolio, but other than that I'm a little unsure about this one.

...and obviously I mean Lifetime, not Bravo.

*Goes off in search of caffeine*

I love it that we have a costume designer included. I'm thinking that that means some interesting stuff (unless that part of him gets crushed too early on).


Hey, I just looked at the calendar & realized it all kicks off this week!


you are right! I didn't even think of that. It is as if someone on the inside of Lifetime knew him, told him to bring in some clothes at the last minute, and then Lifetime cobbled together a so-called video.


i am enjoying your take on the new crop of designers. :)

My first and admittedly not PC thought was "Who did this guy blow to get on the show?" That "audition tape" was worse than Whitefish Bay's and his audition ... Christian's face said it all.

I believe this guy has some inside connections with Lifetime to have gotten this far, because his casting video was dull. DULLL. The only thing that piqued my interest was that he went, "Aiiiieeeee!" when they told him he was on the show. So maybe there's more personality there than he's letting on.

On a sidebar, I think "Jesus & Ping" would be a fantastic band name.

He seems like a ringer or someone whose mother, friends or SO pushed him to audition for the show.

He has an impressive resume and from what I have seen, an interesting aesthetic; I hope his head is enough in the game that we get to see some interesting stuff from him.

At first I read "Croc 3 inch heel" and thought those horrid plastic shoes. So after that, it was gravy.

Anonymous Said: We all made aprons in 7th grade Home Ec (which all the GIRLS had to take... the boys had to take SHOP).

Actually my mother forced the girls to take shop and my brother took Home Ec. It was the 70s. But I can now say that I not only know how to use a router, but I sew a mean French seam, too.

I am a set designer and work with costume designers all the time. That he's a costume designer is interesting to me. I think of some of our creations and Chris March with his intriguing portfolio.

This "audition" video is weak. I don't see captivating stuff in his drawings. Maybe he'll unleash that "costumer creativity" in the future, but it's not evident right now...

That he has good construction skills is a plus, I hate poor construction! Hope he's more interesting on the show than in the interview...

Season six in Denmark is going to start in two days. Sure glad you all prepared me for that :-)
And if I can remember on which channel then I'll watch (suffer) too.


Emilio is a pretty big deal costume designer. He has designed major productions both on and off Broadway. He is also, apparently, a super nice guy (which isn't always easy to find in show business). I was surprised to see that he was on the show, but his presence should be interesting.


I like his work. It's technically sound & artistically interesting. He certainly beats both the meep & jesus girls in execution skills & creativity. The hand painted jacket was gorgeous. His quiet assurance (his correcting Tim the garment was a halter not an apron was fantastic)was very impressive. That he's not a broad stereotype makes him stand out for me.
I look forward to seeing how he performs under pressure.

"Croc three-inch pumps"

Whuhh?? Even if he means crocodile (as opposed to Crocs) -- that's the one ladies' must?

But I don't take the look on Christian's face as meaning much of anything. I think that's pretty much his regular face.

I think he's got potential. I liked the tailored piece and the halter to a lesser extent. The linen coat was kind of costumey looking.

I'm so tired of designers who run screaming from making pants and/or sleeves that I would have been tempted to cast him as well.

Don't like ANY of his things/drawings. I hope he surprises me.

I'm not impressed with what we have been offered about him, it does seem kind of slapped together like he was cast last week or something. The red jacket was "handpainted?" It was stamped with a sponge dipped in black paint and then cut and then sewed...or so I suspect, and the bejeweled top/skirt set was rather boring and kind of like stuff I'd expect to find in TJ Maxx or something. I'm also a little suspect of no clothes and only drawings in his portfolio, and an audition video made up of still pictures?

Sorry, I just feel like this display pre-show is really weak, but I have a feeling that he's quite experienced and will show us what he's made of in the show.

Whether Anthony was coaxed into auditioning, knew someone in production, is a ringer, whatever...It takes all kinds to form an interesting, diverse and fun cast, and I think they've got a nice mix of designers for PR7. Afterall, who wants a workroom full of Pings, Jesus, Anthony types (not that I have anything against any of them --- they're all awesome in their own right)? At any rate, I am super-pumped about the fact that a new season is upon up and absolutely CAN.NOT.WAIT.!!!


is it just me, or did anyone else think that the bejeweled apron looked like it got its rocks from the "Launch my Line" loser this week?

same flavor anyway.

An adult with serious experience & skills that appears to be calm and laid-back?

Nobody is inspired to attempt a mental health diagnosis or imagine the upcoming drama?

I'll take it.

Being a costumer, he makes his living from creative thinking beyond "pretty dresses." If he can avoid Chris March's pitfall* he'll do fine.

*freelancer mindset rather than having a particular woman in mind as his customer.

Frankly, I liked his audition video. No phony displays of craziness, no "I'm so cool" nonsense, just straight up "Here's my work."

Based on that, and his comments in the casting session, I'd say he's probably very good technically, cares about the quality of his work, and has no interest whatsoever in being a drama queen. Which means he'll probably do quite well in the real world and not so well on reality TV.

His work seems fine enough to me. Nothing spectacular that floored me, but PR contestants rarely do that anyway (Christian "Overrated" Siriano included). No, he doesn't seem to have the personality for reality TV, so we know he won't last for long. But that's ok with me, not everybody on the show has to run around like an annoying pixie bitch pretending they invented the word "fierce." Anyway, costume design and fashion are both clothing, but they are not the same thing at all. Two different worlds. His stuff is well-made but not really fashion forward at all.

Yeesh...dude has"First to be auf'ed" written all over him. That red brick coat is going to give me nightmares.

I meant to write Emilio! I've got Anthony on the brain because of the flood of promos that have been aired for the past few weeks. In Tim's words, "Oh,my."


Poo on all of you who seem to be disappointed that he's not emoting all over the place!

Republica Dominicana, repreSENT!

I do think the audition tape looks like something he did in a hurry, using sketches he had on hand from various projects, but he's a grown up, he works, stuff happens.

And I get the distinct impression he might be one of the offenders Tim complained about who refused to hurry.

His garments don't excite me, but I AM interested to see proof of ability to tailor a pair of slacks.

I hope he stays in the mix as long as his skills deserve, and doesn't get booted because he's not a drama queen. (Though there are no Dominicans completely lacking a sense of drama, in my experience.)

I'll be waiting for the first "too tight" look he sends down the runway, given his fashion pet peeve is clothes that are too tight. That's just karma waiting to happen...


Color me extremely perplexed on this one.

The minute I hit play on the so-called audition video, I thought "how did they find this guy if he didn't send a video?" I definitely agree with those who said that was NOT a video - that has to be something Lifetime cobbled together in the absence of a real video. I mean, if he had actually sent that in, they'd never have called him in for casting with no footage of him talking about himself. Personality is a big factor on this show - I don't know if there's ANY portfolio that would cause them to call someone in without any indication of what their personality was like, but even if there is, this ain't it.

Then I watched the casting and looked at his portfolio and got even more perplexed. I still don't know how they found the guy with no audition video, but even after they found him I can't figure out why they actually picked him. Apart from that "Aieee!" (which, like Mina, I did find slightly encouraging), he's so low-key that I can't picture him making good TV. The clothes he brought for the casting seemed dull at best, although I do have to admit that watching the video doesn't always tell the whole story because it's so hard to see details or construction. Some of his sketches look interesting, but we're not seeing the actual clothes there.

Which also makes me think this was all thrown together out of necessity at the last minute - those sketches have dates on them so we can tell they aren't recent, and it looks like they're costumes (and a few things for premieres) for movies or theater or something. Which would mean he doesn't have any of these clothes himself, but if he was serious about this stuff he would have them photographed for his portfolio anyway. Looks to me like not only did Lifetime not have a real audition video, but they didn't have a real portfolio either and scans of sketches were about they could throw together. audition video, no portfolio, and nothing in either the personality or talent department that really explains why he's here? Yeah, I'd really like to know how this happened.


whoops, that should say "about ALL they could throw together."

@Young sally

By the 90s everyone had to do both (At least in my neck of the woods. Hopefully everywhere). Your mother was just ahead of the game.

Obviously someone else ditched the show at the last minute and they called this Emilio fellow in to fill the gap. I don't think he will last too long.

Anonymous said: is it just me, or did anyone else think that the bejeweled apron looked like it got its rocks from the "Launch my Line" loser this week?

YES! My thoughts exactly! I cringed when I saw that piece, just like I did when I saw the back of Marilyn's (is that her name?) dress.

I'm not wowed by this guy, but I like that he's relaxed and I'm glad that he is interested in PANTS! Plus, the costume designer angle has the potential to be fun. So, I'm not up in arms about the "dodginess" of his casting. Every dose of crazy needs a little balance.

The "audition tape" made me LOL.

Huh. That's all I have to say.

My bet is first one eliminated.

When he says "Crocs 3 inch pump heel" I hope he means something like this:,default,pd.html?cgid=women&prefn1=use&prefv1=style

...which is mildly passable.

Although, it would be funny to see his models wearing these:,default,pd.html?cgid=women&prefn1=use&prefv1=style

...or some other form of hideous Crocs.

Here's a New York magazine profile of Emilio Sosa from 2002:


He's a well-known costume designer so if the producers decided to pull in a costume designer last minute, perhaps they contacted him directly, hence the lack of flashy video.

I wasn't impressed with the garments he showed but who knows? Epperson was ultra laid-back and I really liked him and his work, so this guy could be a "sleeper" designer as well.

Looking forward to Thursday night!

Could he have been recruited? I think they have done that in the past.

It doesn't seem that he has a whole lot of interest in fashion design, or I'd think he'd have more of a portfolio than we've seen. Even just of fashion sketches.

He obviously can design costumes, but how well he sews, makes patterns, or designs fashion is another thing.

Princess Puffy Sleeves needs to get over herself. This guy seems okay to me - nice to have someone who doesn't fawn to the camera.

I didn't know you could get croc's with 3 inch heels...

I am perplexed. I don't care so much about his personality, but THIS is what got him on the show? Color me confused.
By the way, just a question - don't the audition videos come after the casting interviews? Like when they ask to see more, don't they usually then send in the tape and the decision is made from there?

So... awkward casting session which is essentially a minute and a half of yawning... "audition video" and "portfolio"... and surprise, you're cast! I wish I knew it was so easy to get on...

I'm diggin' this spammer guy above, at least he's consistent.

Oops, I forgot to add, this guy is definitely my guess for first off. At least I hope so, I'm way more interested in everyone else we've seen so far.

I'm confused. Can I see the back?

Seriously? Hand painted? That jacket looks like he cut up a sponge, dipped it in poster paint and stamped the thing.
I agree- big, fat, question mark.

Don't want to seem mean, but his portfolio seems really LAME. Maybe he will surprise us!


I think he looks wonderful and I can't wait to see his creations!

I believe Emilo is a fellow Pratt grad but he graduated a year before me!! so kudos to a fellow Pratt grad!

I bet he surprised people alright! He was plenty opinionated, and quite a cocky character. I looked forward to watching him every week. And he did just fine, in fact, all of the "older" designers did! All of the designers in the top three were 40+!

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