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Last But Not Least

Wrapping this mother UP, bitter kittens.

"I would say that I sort of define myself as an artist and I'm working in the direction of fashion design."

Feh. Too much was made of this fairly innocuous (coming from a recent college grad) remark, we say. Hello? She's like a fetus. Give her some breathing room. You said shit like that when you were fetal too.

Model: Cerri McQuillan

And uhhh....thus ends the "defending her" portion of our program.

Hey, we're all for simple. But here's the thing about that: if you're going to go very simple in form, then, a) It should be a tasteful and interesting material,

and b) It needs to be FLAWLESS.

She kinda failed on all counts.

It's a dull dress and a poor choice of fabric for it. Somehow she managed to make glitter look depressing.

"The most famous pirate you can probably think of," Jesse?

Captain Hook? That guy on the rum bottle? Help us out here.

Model: Megan Davis

And while you're at it, help us out here. Because man, we just don't get it.

She's like a business woman, then? With the pencil skirt and the plaid and all that?

But her shoulders get really hot? Is that it?

And she slept in this outfit last night? Is that the story? Or wait, she put on everything upside down for some reason? We're confused.

All joking aside, we really didn't get this look at all and we REALLY didn't get it when he went on and on about his tailoring skills being evident in the piece. Credit where it's due: he did make three pieces and lined one of them. It doesn't excuse the bizarre fit and incomprehensible concept behind the outfit, but points for ambition.

"I like fashion that takes risks."

Okay, fair enough.

Model: Monique Darton

We'd argue that slapping a big ruffly fungus on a dress ain't exactly unheard of in the fashion world, though.

Like so many of this year's crop of designers, she's gonna have to figure out how to self-edit on the fly. We like the basic concept of the dress and we like the way she used the colors, but that piece is simply way too big. One third the size and she'd have an almost perfect look.

But there's a second problem here besides lack of editing. This dress fits her terribly. Tight around the ass and weirdly loose in the front. That looks like a technical issue rather than a design issue. The basic dress is as simple as it gets. She should have been able to pull off a better fit than that.

Tim Gunn's Workroom:

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Martin Scribbler

It seems another student enrolled at the March&Siriano Big Ruffle On The Right Shoulder Institute

I'm not really sure what's so innovative about this crop of designers but maybe I'll be proven wrong tomorrow night.

Just seems like the same old story yet again.

I realy like the first dress. I think the colours and fabrics work nicely together and from what I can see fin the photos it si executed nicely. I think it's spiffy.
The second one is uh..
it's uhm.....
YIKES WTF is that? He's an odd duck that one.
The last one is totally awful.
Really, superiorly bad. I thought she was going to be in the bottom.

I'm sick of ruffles, ruffles that look like evil loofahs, and Wilmas, not necessarily in that order.

The sweet little Heidi dress would work really well on an 8 year old; our young artiste is going to have to step up her game a bit (but what's wrong with feeling like an artist? ).

And the plaid-y outfit really made me think of a straight jacket. In addition to being truly ugly, it looks exceedingly uncomfortable.

The artist did a dull dress with a bad hem. I don't know how she stayed out of the bottom three.

Captain Hook's looks like he sewed it with his hook hand.

La Luz, suffers from having been done before on Project Runway itous. Other than that I like it. Again it is so similar in length to all the others on this runway. If she had made it super long. Maybe..

Martin Scribbler said..."It seems another student enrolled at the March&Siriano Big Ruffle On The Right Shoulder Institute"

brother, you got that one right on the money!

I was a bit torn on that last dress as the color variations were interesting but they bordered too close to fungi to work (unless this is the nature challenge.)

would have liked the first dress better in a different fabric, it was very vanilla. not gonna WOW! the judges there.

and capt'n hook's look tried a bit too hard, methinks. it was different but sometimes that's not a good thing by itself.


Seems to me that if you're going to make clothes that are supposed to fit like a glove, they SHOULD fit like a glove. These designers seem to have a lack of ability to fit the clothes properly, and their sewing skills leave something to be desired as well. Simply having the ability to draw does not a designer make.

I find them all pretty meh. Nothing horrific, nothing that stands out as good or bad. First challenge jitters could have got the best of any of their talents, or they could be completely lacking in talent. I need to see more from each of them before I can decide.

I have the most hope for Bangs Girl (nice dress, minus a bit of ruffles and with a better fit), little hope for Artist Girl (looking at her portfolio, she only does those big, I-just-learned-how-to-sew hems), and I'm surprised to find Captain Sparrow's look OK (I'm on crack).

Why didn't Maya listen to Tim when he told her she had a nice balance with the ruffle? Instead she slapped on about three more pounds of the stuff! I was excited to see what she was coming up with because of the little peeks dress that we kept seeing throughout the episode, but seeing it actually come down the runway was a huge letdown.

Didn't like Jesse's look either, but loved that he used that red!

Maybe Anna makes art objects (besides clothes) and that's why she calls herself an artist? :-) I don't understand how anyone could get annoyed by that remark though. I like her outfit, it's a bit understated, hope she has more to show us

I'm not sure, but I think the designer (Ana?) of the first dress was not able to get the structural effect she wanted with an underlying material. It looks more limp on the runway than it did on the dress form.

In general I like these looks, but they all need tweaking. I think the last was my least favorite - I loved the colors but I'm not big on "fussy" designs. I think Maya had something by making it a short dress with the ruffles, but she ended up with too much volume (more than what she had in the video during Tim's review).

I think we shouldn't judge too harshly yet - the designers still have to learn how to play the game!

Polly Glot

little peeks OF dress

I think Captain Hook had too much Captain Morgan's.

Captain Hook? Seriously? Please tell me you all are joking, or else have lived under a rock during the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

Maya was my pick for the auf. Really, really hated that dress.

He's talking about Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean...only think it came to me cuz he worked at Disney, which owns the franchise!

Rillion said...
Captain Hook? Seriously? Please tell me you all are joking, or else have lived under a rock during the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

Actually under a pile of Goyard bags.

"Tlo said: Too much was made of this fairly innocuous (coming from a recent college grad) remark, we say."

Tomato say: HEY! Agreed. Nothing wrong with being an artist.

I actually like the direction Jesse was going with this, but then it veered off somewhere. But I think he was really onto something (it's nice seeing a different take on a suit). It's a look that, if I were him, I wouldn't toss; I'd try it again sometime & just work out the kinks.

Maya really lucked out in the model department. That girl is a stunner. But this ruffle-abuse needs to stop.


First one (anna)- the fabric seemed cheap and the color combination did not work. The shape was decent, but reminds me of too many others.

Jesse _ liked the fabrics/colors, was pleasantly surprised by the lining. I thought the concept of the two tops could have worked, but the execution really failed.

Maya - I was ok with the idea if the fit were better. In these photos, I like how well the poof color worked with her model's hair.

Middle of the pack seems right

Judy said....

"These designers seem to have a lack of ability to fit the clothes properly, and their sewing skills leave something to be desired as well."

Thank you, Judy! I swear after looking at these images, not only did I think wtf, but I thought of a future required challenge for PR. Why not have the first challenge be a sewing 101
challenge where designers are required to execute basic sewing tasks i.e., sew a button, sew a blind hem of a skirt, basic seams, design and execute a basic a-line skirt, etc. That would certainly separate the wheat from the chaff. Anyway, I agree with most everyone else, Cap'n Hook (loveit!) did a remarkably bad job at whatever it was he was trying to accomplish. Work wear? After work wear? Proprietress of high-class call girl ring? He obviously knows very little of what women like or apparel. Now I truly know the meaning of "he designs/sews like a straight guy." (sorry to all you talented, straight dudes)


Judy said...

Seems to me that if you're going to make clothes that are supposed to fit like a glove, they SHOULD fit like a glove. These designers seem to have a lack of ability to fit the clothes properly, and their sewing skills leave something to be desired as well. Simply having the ability to draw does not a designer make.

I agree, but try to make a garment in one day and let's see what happens.

I remember liking the pirate's outfit so much more during the show than I did just now looking at the screencaps. Fuzzy memory. Perhaps I just appreciated the 3 pieces, the touch of color and the jacket coming off on the runway, but boy did it need help!
BTW, I've seen the pirate show at Disney, I don't know if I saw OUR pirate but the show is fun. It's just an actor pretending to be the character from the movie interacting with the guests, mostly the kids, "teaching" them how to be pirates. Cute stuff.

Rillion said...

Captain Hook? Seriously? Please tell me you all are joking, or else have lived under a rock during the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

Seriously? You need to be informed as to whether or not that was a joke?


You guys really didn't like this runway below the top-3 uh?

I actually really liked Jesse's design. It fits the challenge perfectly, you really get him as a designer: he's not going to be the next McQueen, and he's not into conceptual Japanese, he is about 40sretro-taylored with a quirk , harmless, referential and fun. I found the design very MBMJ and tapping into the current trend for uptight secretary looks. I could wear this to the office with a scarf tied at the neck, and get it out at night. I loved the fabric, the color combination. And it fits just fine, I mean, that thing is not slipping from the shoulders so he got it right or? And I trust Tim Gunn's judgment in questions of execution. Plus he went for a suit and 3 pieces, which is refreshing. All in all, a very decent entry.

Anna's and Maya's look I found underwhelming, not that bad, just too uninteresting. Anna's had a couple of nice touches, the shoulder thing in Maya I found rather tiresome.



#1 - is that model supposed to look like taylor swift? because she look like taylor f-ing swift. blech

#2 - i think i wouldve like it sans jacket. i love plaids, but the weird shoulders + tons o' plaid are overwhelming

#3 - i like the back more than the front, design-wise. in every other-wise, that belong on gfy

too many cats

Edinamonsoon for the win. Maybe have thirty come in and have first five eliminations based on : making a simple top that fits their model. If the boobs don't fit, the designers go home.
I'd guess three would go home just for inability to fit anyone above an A cup.
Then fitting a skirt for a woman so that there are no horizontal folds.

With this show and that other thing, I'm starting to mourn the waste of fabric. Ruffles should be earned, not abused.

The sewing skills discussion made me think -- what if they had mini-challenges like on Top Chef? There was one season where someone was eliminated before the bags were unpacked for her inability to properly prepare an apple brunoise (a test of knife skills). Something like, "sew pleats in this silk charmeuse" or somesuch (help me out sewing types). A few small challenge here and there that conveys an advantage to be winner to be used on the larger projects would be awesome no? (Successfully identifying the designer of certain classic looks, for example; or identifying fabric type by touch or somesuch.). Even before last season it seemed they were running out of ideas for challenges. Maybe these shorter things would help spice it up a bit.

Challenges to sew a D-cup bra would be really interesting and entertaining... in a show called Project Seamstress. This one is called Project Runway for a reason.

The shoulder ruffles always leave me with the impression that someone's insides are exploding outward.

I agree Don, I actually loved Jesse's three piece suit. I thought it was a fresh take on the office/evening look, and I loved the red with the plaid. I would wear that ensemble. It was definitely not, "just another party dress".

I'm just sayin' that the competitors on this show should know more than just how to design. Sewing skills and knowledge of how different weights and types of fabric move and work on the human body cannot be discounted. You have to be skilled in all facets of clothing design and construction if you want to become a truly great designer.

She's like a business woman, then? With the pencil skirt and the plaid and all that?

But her shoulders get really hot? Is that it?

And she slept in this outfit last night? Is that the story? Or wait, she put on everything upside down for some reason? We're confused.

I love you guys!

I think Anna's fabric would have worked better as a shift dress, or maybe a swing coat.

Jesse's was a sloppy mess, and his "character" (I can't even say personality) doesn't appeal to me.

I liked Maya's, but it's true, the fit of the dress itself is not well done.

At some point can we admit that Anna only knows how to make one skirt? I'm looking forward to watching her try to make the catholic school girl look from used garnier boxes or Leftover loreal displays, though.

Re: the last look featured

You two love Dame Diana Rigg, yes? Fabulous woman. Do take a line from her script in "The Great Muppet Caper" (yes, the kid's movie) when she played a world-famous, fabulously wealthy fashion designer:

"Loose where it should be tight and tight where it should be loose, like the frills on a turkey's neck."

You really have to hear HER say it, though.

I love it when you smack your readers around a bit.

We deserve it daddies!

I liked where Jesse was going with his design. The plaid with the red is totally something I would wear... just not the way he did it. With tweaking, it could be a really chic, modern suit.

I actually didn't think Anna's or Jesse's were that poorly thought-out, just that the execution was a little off. They're just starting, give them a chance to get off the blocks.

Mr. "I'm so good at tailoring" doesn't seem to know jack about tailoring... I really like the idea of the blouse (or what I think the idea was), but his exicution is terrible, and it should have been paired with a full jacket for maximum effect.

Lining isn't that hard, I don't understand why everyone always makes a huge fuss about it. It doesn't even take that much longer. Shesh.

Last but not least, making a garment in a day (or even three pieces) isn't that hard for someone who is a good draper/stitcher. I realize that its unusual for a designer to be a good draper/stitcher, but come on... It isn't *that* unusual...

yeah! ho! wah!

anna: so what if she sees herself as an artist? even if she werent so young and inexperienced, whats wrong about seeing oneself as an artist? granted, her dress doesnt really show it. nice straps on the back and cute proportions, though.

jesse: i really like the jacket and the blouse, but together with the matchy-match skirt she really looks like a confused secretary. and yeah, terrible execution.

maya: the fungus looks nice, but the whole thing just doesnt quite come together. i dont think making the fungus smaller would have solved the problem, though. there is just something off about this.

Yikes. I don't think Jesse is an actual asshole or anything like that...but he sure does seem a bit of a knob, doesn't he? (a THEME PARK actor?)

And I yelled at my TV when he patted himself on the back for all his brilliant tailoring. Dork. That outfit was ass.

The girls? Wow, you just have to LOOK at these little dresses to see that they're from very young designers.

Eh. This group is the group from which the other early-aufs will come.

And what's with the second split in the back of the Captain's skirt. He must have accidently gotten his hook caught in the fabric.

"'The most famous pirate you can probably think of,' Jesse?"

Other Eric says Lifetime must not have been able to get the rights from Disney so they had to go with the whole "pirate who must not be named" thing. Hilarious!

here's the thing about anna's "artist comment": um, SHE IS AN ARTIST. she studied printmaking at RISD, which i think she stated in her first sentence of being on the show. either people need to look up what printmaking is or some people (like tim gunn, for one) are just being fashion snobs.

Can we just say, NO to dress tumors?

see some of anna's artwork on her web site here:

i think her drawings are lovely! i also love the drawn "thumbnails" for the garments section.


Anna's was just nice. In a different fabric, maybe it would have popped more, but in this, it's too precious. My 2 year-old niece would look cute in it.

Cap'n Hook needs to just keep him mouth closed as much as possible because he stuck his foot in it with his superior tailoring comments. The execution is horrible. I do like the fabric combination but the whole no shoulders on the jacket thing is just not working, making the zipper "S" down the front and the mudflap double slit in the back of the skirt is just not attractive.

Maya's completely reminded me of last season's blue challenge dress Louise got auf-ed on with the wonky ruffle. Enough Wilmas! Enough wonky ruffle fungi! I like ruffles, but jesus! I don't want to be devoured by one.


I agree with Gotham Tomato - Maya's model Monique Darton stands out head and shoulders above the rest of them.

I don't think any fit issues in the first episode can really be taken to be part of a larger trend. Only one fitting on a model is tough, and there's a lot of luck involved (at least for the very first challenge).

Maya's fit problem is one that I know well-- her model is curvier than she planned for. A hip measurement only gives you a very general idea, and doesn't tell you where the model carries it. A little too much ease in the waist and too little in the hip is enough to give you this rather unfortunate fit issue-- I wouldn't write off her technical skills just yet.

I dunno, I thought the plaid suit-like thing was nice. I can see where he was going with it, and I liked the fabric combo.

The first dress looked like a pillowcase. Seriously, girl, learn how to sew a hem.

I'm not sure how I feel about the third. I love the idea of the fungus, but it is a bit much, no? I loved the colors, though.

Anna's is cute and I'd buy it in a second. Jesse's is interesting and ambitious. Maya's I do not like- the loofah is out of place and adds nothing good to the dress.

Maya's looks like the dress that Louise was auffed for! This was shot before the other one aired... I don't remember this being in fashion enough for two people to do it independently of each other...

I don't think Anna made the comment on the "artist" in her context of her work as a designer. On the contrary, she seems to be juxtaposing both things, as in I'm an artist, trained and one, BUT now, I'm trying my hand at designing, and I'm new at this. I actually though the comment came across as rather humble if anything.

And maybe I'm just too , but I also thought Jesse's comments on his "actor" career were rather self-deprecating, as in, look how far I made it as an actor, Disney resort pirate uh?. I thought it was quite funny.

- Don

I liked the suit.

Don't throw shoes at me. I liked it. I liked the weird shape and the missing shoulders and the peek of red out the top.


My mom and I had a psychic moment when Maya's dress came out.

Me: "Oh, it looks just like that one..."

Mom: "Yeah, I know exactly what you mean."

Me: "...that Christian and Chris made."

Mom: "Yup. Knockoff."

Hate the first 2
Loved the 3rd on the runway, but the ruffle should be smaller

raisin mountaineer

But oh do I want to look at Monique the model for awhile. Is she ever a pretty girl to gaze at. Hope she lasts.

Kari P.

Yep, me too! at first I said "huh??" but then as I watched the suit and the jacket came off, I liked it. Well, if it was fit correctly.

So Kari, they are going to have to throw shoes at both of us.

Does Anna remind anyone else Kaylee from Firefly?

Just me?

He's Captain Jack Sparrow!
And I am so over this whole "massive ruffle over the shoulder" thing. How is it that these days sticking something like that on is "avant garde" and "different?" It was when Chris and Christian did it, but that was years ago!

Not to mention that their ruffle was ginormous, which made the look.

Pirates more famous than Jack Sparrow:
Blue Beard
Black Beard
Black Bart
Calico Jack
The Dread Pirate Roberts :-)

Love Johnny Depp, though!


Call me wacky, but the first dress, while not exciting, could have been deceptively elegant -- were not the predominant fabric metallic gold brocade. And with better execution. Let's give her a pass and keep our eyes open. Like the colors as colors (just not metallic).

The last made me furious, such a Chris/Christian steal, but I knew it would slip by. I hope she has more of a personal viewpoint or I will start sticking pins in dolls.

The middle ... well, you know, I did get it. BADLY executed, but to me it was Little Edie Beale goes to the office, you know? She IS wearing it upside down or inside out or something. Crazy yet very proper. I really want to see what our pirate can do with more time and less eyepatch.

I agree with Kari P. and others, I liked Jesse's suit. It's a fun and beautiful take on what some of us have to wear every day. I probably wouldn't wear it exactly as is, but it's inspiration for a little variety in what I'll shop for. And isn't that pretty much what runway shows generally are for most of us.

Overall I was surprised and disappointed by the lack of creativity, and all the fit and fabric issues. I hope this isn't a season of just waiting around for the clear losers to get knocked off. I'll cross my fingers that it was just first-week jitters. And a boring challenge.

Maya's dress looks nothing like Chris/Christian's avant garde dress. C/C's dress was a floor-length gown with a train, for starters.

Both dresses are pale, have asymmetrical shoulder details, and the ruffles for each have a bit of edge--they aren't typical pretty-pretty little girl precious ruffles. But that's where the similarities end. And even those similarities are superficial, as Maya's dress is gold with deconstructed ruffles spilling across one shoulder, and C&C's dress was peach with unevenly layered ruffles covering the entire gown and a huge collar that rises 2-3 feet from the shoulder.

Maya's dress fits right in with her pre-show portfolio without being a clone of what she's done before. I don't think she was cribbing off C&C, nor trying to be avant garde. She was simply working her aesthetic which is a blend of edginess and femininity.

Not that I think Maya's aesthetic is anything new or that this dress is anything other than slightly interesting--I just think the accusations that she ripped-off C&C are unfair.

Jesse should've put sexy librarian glasses on his girl.

Perhaps it's time for a moratorium on gigantic ruffled fungi on PR.

I, too, have to comment on the hem on Anna's dress - ugh. All the portfolio garments we were shown looked like that, too. She *might* be able to get away with that with thinnish cotton fabrics, but . . .

She seems like a sweetheart and I'm sure is very creative elsewhere, but I swear you can find a dress just like that in a pattern book. Same with most of what's in her portfolio. Super simple shapes. (Not that there's anything wrong with simple shapes, but they must be paired with amazing fabric and flawless execution.)

The other two seemed to sew the heck out of their garments. Not pretty.

Desertwind, I also thought of geeky glasses for Jesse's outfit. Maybe they were not available in the Bluefly wall...

On the execution issues. Someone said 12 hours is enough to sew a dress. But these guys get 12 hours to DESIGN and sew a dress, the operative word here being design. It's not like they're given a pattern and asked to make the outfit. It takes time in itself, plus there is a lot of 2nd guessing (I hadn't realized Jonathan had made such a different bodice, and quite a bit of intricate work, to start with). I just hope this season won't be packed with 12 h challenges...

Did they ever re-cap the boo boo kitty dress? The crying woman who changed her horrible dress to a horribly boring outfit at the last minute?

Meh on the girl's dresses. And I too was confused by Captain Jack Sparrow's upside down outfit. He's a strange bird, that one. And a little too full of himself.

Both girls' dresses were blah. The way Tim called Anna's "cute" was not a compliment.

But Cap'n Hook's suit had possibilities if it had been executed better. In the drawing, the shoulders weren't pulled so tightly across, but rather had little peaks right where bra straps would be were someone dumb enough to wear a bra with this suit. And then the shoulder Vs didn't look like the seams just split open, but actually looked planned. But that "mudflap" (hee! love that name for it) vent in the skirt was totally hideous and needed to be redesigned altogether.

So his failure was more of execution than design, IMO. And I can see how he wouldn't have been able to fit it properly with only one fitting -- knowing how broad a model's shoulders are is probably not one of the dimensions they were given. But it really should be included since it can affect the fit of a garment so drastically.

I'll give him a pass. Just this once. If he screws up with execution next week? It's time for him to walk the plank!

At least the plaid matches...

Re. the Fetus, I've yet to meet anyone under 25 who isn't at least occasionally the lone idiot in the room spouting tired clich├ęs like they're the first person, ever, to come up with the idea. It's something we all have to get through, and anyone who says they weren't like that in their early twenties is LYING. Everyone in their early twenties who says they aren't like that is going to belie that statement within the next hour. I just wish her dress wasn't such bland vanilla fail. Bland, fail, vanilla. I'd yawn hard if it weren't riddled with execution problems and ...ugh. I really don't like the fabric. (Maybe it works better in person?)

I don't particularly like Jesse's outfit, but I guess I see potential, if he's able to pick up on Tim's advice and criticism from the judges which I think he'll be fielding in the not-too-distant future. I fear his not-insubstantial ego shall get in his way, though. That's all right, as he can always trick the guards and use that handy rope to swing his way to safety and a swanky new battleship, buckles swashed. (Though not as thoroughly or sexily or drunkenly as Johnny Depp'd do it.)

And Miss Maya? M.C. Sissybear been there, done that, and much better, too. Phooie. Better step it up, Luz!

I think that first dress is cute -- I like the contrasting details at the waistband, right at the small of her back.

Dear Maya-

Please think back to Emily of S5. Remember what aufed her? Yup. Big, nasty ruffle dress.

You were lucky. Please don't this again.

Ok, I think that I am developing a crush on Maya's model. Keep her around for a while, please!!!


Hmmmm I though of Monsieur Jean Lafitte as the most famous pirate. And he is real.
Anna's dress was ok--agreed that she better learn to sew a hem and quick! Other than that, I thought is was cute and fit perfectly.
Maya's--enh. So tired of the one-shoulder ruffle sheath. So tired.
Pirate's outfit was interesting but odd. Love the fabric choice--the red really pops with that plaid. But the skirt vent was silly, as was the whole shoulder thing. If he had made a regular jacket with that blouse...that would have been much more dramatic. But as it...just plain silly. Loved the thoughtfully chosen belt, however.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anna Lynett - Cute but meh.

Jesse LeNoir - I like the design but the execution was poor, distractingly so.

Maya - There are definite fit issues and it's a tad fungal, but still I like this a lot. I perked up when she made a mildly Kenleyesque comment during the runway show, she will probably turn out to be completely sane and well-adjusted, but one could hope.

I liked what I think Jesse was trying to do. I'd like to see what this ensemble would have looked like if it had fit her body, then I might have really liked the version after altering the design for wearability.

Other two, no excitement, no love, no hate.

The second outfit, the hot-shouldered business woman, looks like someone trying to rip off Vivienne Westwood's style. And he's doing a piss poor job of it.

When I first saw Jesse's outfit coming down the runway, I thought for a moment that his model put her clothes on backwards. Kind of like Backwards Day at my kids' school.

Goodbye Ping?

Ooops! Wrong thread...long day. Check, please!

I don't understand why defining herself as an artist working in the direction of fashion is a bad thing. She had said she majored in printmaking and that's... you know, a studio art major? Maybe she was trying to NOT overblow her fashion skills by saying 'direction of fashion design'. I thought it was... LESS presumptuous. Also thought her garment sucked.

hey guys printmakers are artists

might recognize this one by a famous printmaker...

-teaches printmaking

I just feel bad for Jack Sparrow for not being able to find a back up job if this design thing doesn't work out for him. He's probably black-listed for reapplying at Disney as a face character because he mentioned that he was one. If you work as a face character, it's preferred if you use "I'm friends with ____" rather than "I am _____". Way to go, Captain.

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