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People's Choice Awards 2010

Kittens, why do celebrities hate color so much?

Carrie Underwood

Christian Cota Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Tia Shipman

Cute, sassy, killer shoes. That overlay is perhaps a bit too long though,

Diane Kruger

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Nicola Haffmans

Not exactly an eye-catching dress, except for the fact that it's so tight. Still, she looks good and it's another pair of killer shoes.

Ginnifer Goodwin

Christian Lacorix Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Coco Rocha

When did the People's Choice Awards morph into the Black and White Ball? Did we miss the memo? And was there a sale on heavy black shoes in L.A. recently? The dress: fugly and messy looking.

Hayley Williams

"Attention! Attention! A swarm of Killer Bows is coming this way!"

Jessica Alba

Antonio Berardi Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Frida Gustavsson

We are in disagreement. Lorenzo likes it; Tom is ambivalent. We're both in agreement that she should fire whoever did her hair.

Katie Cassidy

Talbot Runhof Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Hollis Wakeema

We like it, but it doesn't seem to fit her as well as it should.

Lea Michele

At first we were all "Wow, that fits her pretty badly around the butt and hips." But then we realized, it's not the kind of dress where you should pose with your hands on your hips because it ruins the effect. Still, she looks cute and she gets major points for wearing an actual color. Love the shoes.

Mariah Carey

We're not up on the goings on in Mimi's life (believe it or not), but when did she gain the weight? She's always been what they used to call "zaftig," but she's really packed it on lately. She looks good, though. It's just that we were kind of surprised when we saw the pictures.

Olivia Wilde

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Ranya Mordanova

LOVE. THIS. DRESS. We can understand why she didn't go for the ripped-stockings effect, but we have to say, she chucked the most interesting part of the dress. The hem's a little long, though.

Queen Latifah

Edition by Georges Chakra Spring 2010 Collection

Gorgeous. Exactly how a woman of her size should dress. She really looks spectacular. Extra points awarded for wearing a strapless dress over a major set of boobs and not looking vulgar or sloppy.

Sandra Bullock in Vivienne Westwood

Oh, Sandy. We don't get it. You're pretty and you're dressed well, but for some reason it never quite comes together. This goes back to what we said earlier in the week about needing to have the skills to wear clothes well. She always looks uncomfortable. Also, those shoes were a poor choice. For one, they make her feet look big and for another, they don't provide the contrasting color this look needs.

Taraji P. Henson

Alberta Ferretti Pre-Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Stephanie Carta

Bleh. It's pretty enough, but when she was up for an Oscar she made a name for herself by wearing some pretty eye-popping gowns. This looks like something an over-the-hill opera diva would wear. Boring and safe.

Taylor Swift

Jenny Packham Resort 2010 Collection

It's cute, but a little boring. The textural interest helps. Should have worn a different pair of shoes, though.

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Mimi looks totally SHITASTIC!!

Mariah Carey was not always zaftig at all. That's a very 90's/2000's development. If you look at pictures of her at the beginning of her career, she's like an entirely different person - half the size she is now. Yet recent bikini pics always show a really flat stomach...hmmm. Lipo? You betcha.

*very LATE 90's/2000's

I think Mariah Carey is morphing into Jessica Rabbit...

Sandra wants that Oscar nom.
You can see it in her eyes.
I think she looks great!
I just love her so much :)

I kind of want to eat Lea Michele's shoes. Is that wrong? They look like delicious penny candy that you would take from a glass jar in an Edwardian-era general store.

I like Mariah at this weight. Funk those skinny beeeeetches! She is a TRUE DIVA, and a funny drunk, also married to a young cutie, plus she's a 4oish butterfly princess.

I love the first dress.

I'm so sick of Mariah posing like Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop all rolled into one. There's a big old billboard of her in Times Square that looks pretty much like this:

It's a damn shame. She does herself no favors. She's been doing this skinny, zaftig, and in between, and it's always ridiculous.

In my opinion, of course.

I like her at that weight. Back when she was really skinny she always looked like a woman who was working too hard to stay at the wrong weight for her body.

I flipped thru these pics so quick - when I got to Mariah I thought - I don't remember Queen Latifah wearing this last night!

It must be the angles - or other recent pics I've seen of Mariah must have been photoshopped. She just does NOT dress right for her body.

And FWIW - I hate the ratty braid look on Katie Cassidy. I get that she was going for edgy, but there are better ways than this.

Queen Latifah looks FAB.

I am so ready for Mariah Carey to start dressing like a woman in her 40s. And why do these young girls insist on posing knock-kneed? Not cute.

You guys missed this little charmer!

<3 you guys!

Lea Michele has been looking very put together at her various media events. I think she looks great in this red number, at least she is not a cookie cutter young starlet. I am looking forward to the globes, especially since Glee has been nominated in 4 categories

Olivia's dress looks so draggy on her and the length is so unflattering. Is she short statured?

Why do so many of them adopt the "gotta go potty" stance? Somebody needs to teach these women how to model. Oh, Tyra...

I'm not a Mimi fan, but I think she looks absolutely wonderful here. Hello, curves!

As somebody who's been told I look like Sandra Bullock I have some advice.

Ahem...Sandy..ditch the pink lipstick and beige dress. Dark haired/eyed gals like us ROCK in deep, rich colors. Bust out the jewel tones!

I read on another website that Mariah has been showing up at award shows drunk, and even slurring her speech on stage. I sense that the heavy boozing may be a big part of the weight gain, and that she is now going the way of Liza.

Oliva and Queen L look fantastic, to name just a few I did like.


My two cents worth - Jessica Alba's dress is armadillo-ish and starlet in the silly bow dress seems to be channeling Molly Ringwald. Instead of pretty in pink she's unbecoming in bows.

What is with the foot tattoos? It totally detracts from the fabulous shoes.

aim said...

"As somebody who's been told I look like Sandra Bullock I have some advice."

Funny enough, me too aim. There is a Facebook group, "yes, I've been told I look like Sandra Bullock" that you should join. Look me up. :)

Remember finding your "season" and all that stuff, in the 70s, where you were a winter, summer, etc? These girls need to find out what color palette looks best on them, because fair maidens with dark hair and eyes should never wear beige.

1. Carrie Underwood- This is about as good as it gets for her. I agree that the overlay is too long in the front.

2. Very dull.

3. She looks miserable. The dress is fun though.

4.Haley Williams- It's supposed to be a cheeky dress, but with the decroation only on the front it looks cheap-o.

5. Alba- Hot as hell.

6. Somebody Cassidy- Messy and ill fitting.

7. Lea Michele- "I am beautiful, no?"

8. Oh my Gawd, Mimi! This dress was so fucking tight that she could barely walk. I was laughing.

9. Olivia Wilde- Winner! Love it. The original styling was better, but still she looks great.

10. Queen Latifah- She looks good, but I don't like the belt.

11. Sandy B.- Good dress, bad shoes, bad pose.

12. Taraji P. H.- A little messing looking.

13. Taylor Swift- Just okay.


Queen L looks A.MA.ZING. Love her. Poor Mimi. She's gorgeous, hot and all those things, but she just doesn't look as fabulous as she has on other occasions. Hayley Williams' dress is not awesome. Those nasty bows are attacking that poor girl. She totally reminds me of the Barbie Collectible of Tippi Hendron in Hitchcock's, The Birds (not that I have it or anything). Loooove the Monique Lhuillier ---- on the model. It looks dingy and washed-out on what's-her-name. Sandy in Vivienne Westwood --- big blech. I've never, ever seen a VW that I didn't love, but this is bloody awful. Shoot the stylist --- if there was one.


I somehow managed to miss this last night so I've been trolling the internet looking at pictures all morning.

Carrie: Hate the overlay otherwise okay. Nice shoes.

Diane: Boring with nice shoes.

Ginnifer: Too much dress for a short woman, makes her look chunky and dumpy.

Haley: Seriously? Swarm of killer bows indeed.

Jessica: Okay. Needs to comb her hair.

Katie: Not crazy about this on her. Hate the hair.

Lea: Love the dress, love the shoes. Not crazy about how she's standing/posing which looks awkward.

Mariah: If she hadn't appeared gotten drunk at the other awards show, I'd say she tends to act less crazy when she's got a few pounds on her. Still she at least bought the dress in the correct size instead of squeezing into something 2 sizes too small like she sometimes does. She looks happy and healthy.

Olivia: I like it, but it kinda reminds me of a bridesmaid dress.

Queen Latifah: Love it, but I think she manages to dress well most of the time. I'll even forgive the blonde wig she wore a year or so ago.

Sandra: It's just beige and boring.

Taraji: It's a nice enough dress, but I think it's too old for her. Give that dress to Helen Mirren.

Taylor: Boring.

There's a whole lot of "meh" going on the red carpet lately. Ginnifer Goodwin's dress is wearing her. I was shocked to see Mimi, too. When did that happen? It seemed like just last week she was looking like she could use a sandwich (well, for her).

Celebrities don't hate color, they're afraid of it. They don't want to wind up on some worse dressed list by wearing something that didn't photograph the way it was intended, so black &/or white makes those decisions "less hard".

Mimi looks happy, healthy & luscious.
I could eat her w/ a spoon.

The Queen almost made me cry she looks so luminous.

Sandra's got her eyes on the prize. She ain't worried about no stinkin' clothes.
(God, "The Blind Side" sucked. What a typical suburban wet dream of patronization)

Everyone else-- meh.

I just wonder what got so many A-listers to the party this year. TPC has become a joke here in HWood for years.
My guess is word of mouth re: SB's campaign for the Oscar & Twilight being released on DVD soon. Celebs are rather like lemmings-- once they hear someone more powerful is going, the rest follow.

in brevis:
- want Lea Michele's shoes NOW.
- Taylor Swift has 10-mile legs.
- Hayley Williams is usually SO much cuter than that. Sorrow.
- Queen Latifah is HOT.
- Carrie and Olivia do need hem reduction
- Sandra: so close, so elegant....could have been so much better.

The actual award looks like a vagina. How did no one notice that?

I don't know who half of these people are, but I like the tea dance dress on Olivia, and like that Lea is wearing red. The Carrie Underwood dress makes me think of Chita Rivera.

Other than that, I'm bored.


First thing I thought with Lea Michele was that she hasn't figure out this whole yet photographed thing yet. I can practically hear her thoughts: "be sexy! don't smile!"

Taraji is a disappointment, Mimi looks large but not quite in charge, Latifah looks better every time she steps out, Carrie looks cute, Olivia's hem is all wrong but otherwise adorable, Taylor is boring.

I'm kind of charmed by Sandra's inability to pull of big looks. It kind of makes her relatable. She seems like a celebrity I would want to hang out with. So if her stylist was really good, they'd know how to make her comfortable while looking great. That said, DIFFERENT SHOES PLEASE.

Olivia Wilde's hem is waaaay too long. And isn't that the hem length that you boys have said looks good on no one? I totally agree. It makes her look short and disproportionate. It still didn't make her lose the "I'm so hot" look in her eyes, though, which she could loan a little bit of that out to say, Sandra Bullock (she could've looked so amazing with just a few tweaks!!).

Carrie Underwood also could've used about 6 inches off that net overlay. Man, these celeb's have these incredibly long, willowy legs and they hide them under these awkward skirts! C'mon, ladies!

Mimi always dresses 5 sizes too small. You're in your 40s, girl. Start acting like an adult and cut back on the booze so you don't come across like a deranged Liza Minelli.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....huh? wha? oh let's take a look at the...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

As I am going through this I am feeling so out of touch not knowing who many of these women/girls are:

Carrie - She is gorgeous and unless the outfit is awful, she almost always makes it look better. This was cute, Very IN.
I LOVE the overlay - at least most of it, it might have been better without hte fullness on the skirt. The Shoes are great.

Diane - front the front, the way it grabs does not enhance her look. For some reason, I don't love the combination of the shoes with that dress.

Ginnefer agree that it looks meesy and again, while I like the shoes, I do not love the combination.

Hayley - I have to admit that I have used that color for (lots of) highlights in my hair (heck it fades and grows back), but hate the shape of that skirt even more than the bows.

Jessica Alba - Eat a burger - JUST KIDDING, but she does not look as vibrant as normal - maybe smalled than the model.

Katie - it just looks off - the top half does not flatter her.

Lea - Oddly the first thing I thought was - wow a dress with the sewn in cups that actually look like they are big enough for the wearer's breasts!

Mariah - Please - This is not the most flattering look for a top-heavy woman. She could have done MUCH better

Olivia - while it is a lovely dress, I can see it more for dancing than sitting in an audience?

Queen Latifah - like Mariah - In most cases I don't think strapless is the most flattering look - but she looks very nice.

SAndra - I think she looks pretty good - agree that the shoes don't work

Taraji - just agree - ehh

Taylor Swift - Her limbs are so long and this just looked off to me - I liked it when she wore her hair straight, but them again she looked so different.

Olivia Wilde looks fabulous; so does Queen Latifah. I hate everything Mariah Carey wears.

Katie is David Cassidy's daughter. She sure is pretty.

Olivia and Queen Latifah look great! And Taylor Swift looks cute. At least she's always well-groomed, unlike some of the younger set.

there's a whole lot of very boring vanilla on this red carpet.

Does Queen Latifah not define the word "statuesque"? Love her look! So positive to see regular size women in lovely clothes. While on the other hand, wtf is up with Mimi? when i first saw that picture it looked like her head had been superimposed on Queen Latifah's body - that's a buncha weight for someone who used to have a pretty petite frame (albeit curvvvy).

Wish Taylor Swift would get herself a better stylist. She's got the type of body that would look fantastic in a lot of looks but she just always seems kinda bland. Knock it outta the park honey while you're young enough and have the body to do it!

rest of 'em, bleh.


Didn't Mimi gain weight for filming of the movie Precious?

I hate Olivia Wilde's shoes. I don't get the peep toe effect with the tear drop shaped cut out. You don't get the sexiness of toe cleavage, and the cut out seems to distract from the angle of the leg line.

I heard or read that Mariah was pregnant. If so, that could account for the weight even if she is not showing yet.

Regarding Taylor Swift's dress, it looks like she grabbed a towel as she stepped out of the shower at the Y.


I agree with PhantomMinuet, stupid foot tattoos really detract from the shoes.

Jessica Alba: Maybe it's just a poorly-fitted bodice, but where the hell did her famous curves go?

Taraji: Love the original color of her gown, the color she's wearing looks like faded grandma curtains.

Olivia Wilde: Being too short for the gown takes it from edgy to 50's prom. Still, at least she's smiling and has relatively unraccooney eyes for once, nice change from her typical, tiresome smoldering.

Queen L: Beautifully, beautifully fitted. Makes me angry on behalf of plus-sizes everywhere that it is usually so difficult to find anything properly fitted(as seen in recent TLo posts on plus-size spreads).

Queen Latifah looks fantastic, and I die for Lea Michele's shoes. Shiny and white is doing Mariah no favors. I bet if she'd gone for matte and black or dare I say, color, she'd look half that size.

megexpat said...

Mimi always dresses 5 sizes too small. You're in your 40s, girl. Start acting like an adult and cut back on the booze so you don't come across like a deranged Liza Minelli.

"deranged Liza Minelli"!
Was that intentional? That's the best pleonasm I've heard in years!

Not only can't they wear dresses with color, but since when can't they get a pedi with color?

the close up of those exposed toes SCREAMS out for Pedi with some color on the nails.

Or (sigh!) am I being old-fashioned again?

Carrie: TIA!!! That is my strongest impression. Tia, Suede's model. Tia! It's not a bad dress and I like the fabric, but that overlay comes close to ruining it.

Diane: Bandage dress. Probably much nicer up close. Why white? What is that pose she's doing in the picture of the back? Her makeup looks good though, and I do like the shoes.

Ginnifer: I'm okay with the print, and maybe the shoes with something else. Other than that, no. How can you not look at the runway image, see how the designer envisioned it (with the hair and the Betsey Johnson walk) and run screaming?

Hayley: Of course there's no runway shot. It reminds me of Shelley O's rows-of-rickrack tank in that manner.

Jessica: Man, do I hate her hair. Too dark, too short, too flouncy, looks off with her (fug) tan. I am ambivalent as well, but it does look much nicer with a looser, more architectural skirt.

Katie: My lord. I like it on someone else, I think it looks execrable on her. That hair, showing off the limp shoulder! The almost-invisible purse and mall bangles!

Lea: Nice shoes. The pose makes her look like a wrestling "Diva" from S4.

Mariah: Nothing else to add. She looks like herself, plus weight.

Olivia: I love the dress as well, but the shoes are dodgy. It's like someone picked out a line with a safety pin.

Queen: Fits well, love the belt, wish the earrings were more prominent and maybe a color.

Sandra: My interest in talking about the gowns ends here. She looks like a drag queen as Monica Bellucci wearing that brown dress and purse that looked like they were made of wood from Austin Scarlett's decoy collection.

Carrie's shoes are my favorite part of this entire post. I need them, like yesterday.


Also, Sandra Bullock has the same disease as Reese Witherspoon; they both have lovely, shiny hair, which they almost always style in a straight, daytime manner which clashes oddly with their gowns.

I NEED Carrie Underwoods shoes! They are FAB!

I think Lea Michelle looks great, but I really don't care for Olivia Wilde's look. It just seemed off somehow.

On an unrelated note, I can't get over how tall/tiny/pretty Taylor Swift is. I might be a little jealous, but she also seems like a genuine sweetheart.

Mimi packs on the pounds when she has a man and slims down when she is on the prowl for one.

Diane Kruger-clunky black shoes always look trashy with white dresses.

Ginnifer Goodwin-somehow totally crushed the great shaping out of that skirt. It is simply too small for her figure.

Haley Williams-When the design elements are confined to the front of the dress it always looks cheap and like a Barbie fashion.

Lea Michele-I would totally trip her and steal those shoes!

Loved the Lhuillier but without the under-tights it's too precious and 50s.

Taraji-that dress is slimming from the front but gives her a chicken butt. It's comical. Profiling the stupidly huge ring is even funnier.

We watched the show for a little while last night. It was like having a birthday party where all the gifts come unwrapped. If a nominee was in the audience, they won the prize. Such suspense!

The fashions were mostly blah...or, as you pointed out, black & blah. Very little color.

Plus, I'm old and never heard of 1/3 of the ladies in the post.

The chick with the bows - tree stump city. Try slacks next time, Doll.

Olivia Wilde's dress reminds me of my mother's bridesmaids dresses when she got married in 1958.
Taylor Swift is adorable, but she should be wearing bright colors at her age.
Taraji Henson should have worn that dress in the color the model wore. She would have looked amazing in it.
Mariah? *sigh* what are we going to do with that girl?

Taraji Henson' dress looked like something the CEO (whose name escapes me) on Launch My Line would have designed, if she and her expert could have gotten it together. Speaking of which, I can't wait to see what you guys have to say about last night's episode.

Queen Latifah looks better than all the other "whatevers" put together. This is what you call "sexy-size". Mariah Carey needs to hire "THE QUEEN's" stylist!


aim - 12:52pm

Sandra should pay you for that advice and then stick to it like glue.

That beige makes her look like yesterday's fish.

Anonymous said...
megexpat said...

Mimi always dresses 5 sizes too small. You're in your 40s, girl. Start acting like an adult and cut back on the booze so you don't come across like a deranged Liza Minelli.

"deranged Liza Minelli"!
Was that intentional? That's the best pleonasm I've heard in years!

1/7/10 2:26 PM

Also, thanks for the word pleonasm, Anon. And the laugh.

Stephanie 1/7/10 1:04 PM

LOL I need to check out the "I've been told I look like Sandra Bullock" Facebook too. (Aim is my identical twin sister) I had a copy of 'Color me Beautiful too!

Carrie - I love her, I love those shoes, and that dress is fantastic and interesting... though I do agree that the 'overlay' hem is too long. Also, is it just me, or does she always wear foundation that is one or two shades too light for her?

Diane - needs to let the girls breath!

Ginnifer - must disagree and say I love the dress, but hate the shoes.

Hayley - blah! And that lip color is awful!

Jessica - cute dress, but she could have done better. make up is great. Hair is bad. And she looks anorexic!

Katie - I can't get past the rat tail. sigh.

Lea - you're on the red carpet looking fantastic - smile!

Mariah - the dress itself is beautiful and gives her nice curves... she should lay off the tanner and booze though.

Olivia - great dress but it is better on the model (not surprisingly) - and is she really that short? Hair is a mess and I really dislike those shoes. I like where she was headed though. And her make up looks very fresh and healthy.

Queenie - looks amazing as usual. She really understands how to dress her body.

Sandra - it pains me to say this because I love her, but "bleh."

Taraji - eh. At least she's not wearing the gloves.

Taylor - Love the dress and the styling - not a lot of color but it shows off her tan nicely. Her legs are ridiculous! Glad she layed off the heavy eyeliner. The shoes are ok, but this would have been perfect with a pair of killer purple suede pumps. Also, she looks WAY better than the scary model.

margi-- I'd heard that too. Although if she was pounding the champagne, maybe she isn't. Or isn't anymore. (In which case, she can do and wear whatever the hell she wants if it makes her feel better.)

Everyone but Queen looks meh, blah or ridiculous.

Carrie Underwood- If the whole dress were shorter, the overlay design would be intact and more leg would show, to advantage.

Heyley Williams- Looks like the sheer weight of the bows will tip her forward.

Katie Cassidy- Sorry to disagree with TLo, but it looks like a design challenge involving office supplies.

Stunned to see Mariah so heavy, but equally stunned to see her looking great in spite of it.

Olivia Wilde- Proportionally wrong for her, and I'd worry that simply bringing up the hem would destroy the total look.

Queen Latifah- luscious.

Sandra Bullock- I love her, but her stylist should be shot.

Taraji P. H.- Aside from stylistic considerations, the dress looks well-made but of cheap fabric.

Taylor Swift- Alas, it looks like a bridal gown missing the bottom half.

I feel like Queen Latifah should get some points for always having a harem of people holding the train on that dress too..

You didn't even say ANYTHING about Mariah Carey's dress, JUST her weight. Shame on you!

yeah! ho! wah!

carrie underwood: supercute, but your roots are showing.

ginnifer goodwin: disagree, tlo. colour would have bumped it up, but its still cute.

hayley williams: mental patient!

katie cassidy: the dress is trying hard to be interesting, but it just doesnt come together.

lea michele: it looks slutty and ill fitted, but at least theres colour.

mariah carey: relatively inoffensive for her, but still kinda tacky.

olivia wilde: total agreement with tlo. cute dress, but just a little too long.

queen latifah: it looks good, but colour would have made it even better.

sandra bullock: she looks scary.

Here's my take:
Carrie--I like the bodice, but the skirt overlay is too much; the shoes make the outfit; hair & makeup are good.

Diane--white is not for her; great shoes; hair and makeup are good.

Ginnifer--skirt would be better if it looked more like it did on the runway; not working for Ginnifer; makeup is too bland with this dress.


Jessica--I like the dress; she looks like she needs a haircut.

Katie--don't like this dress on her and the hair is wrong.

Lea--the hips are supposed to be puffy, and she mashed them down posing the "right way" (makes your arms look thinner if you put your hands on your hips). A big A+ for the color, makeup, and hair, and shoes.

Mariah--I also mistook her for Queen Latifah; she looks good, very diva-esque and classy; a little more color on the lips, perhaps.

Olivia--she looks terrific (new hair color? makeup?) but the dress is a bit too much for her below the waist (too full and long).

Queen Latifah--fabulous, as usual, and she and Mariah show that big women don't have to cover up

Sandra--great dress; the shoes don't match (if you match, you need to actually match)and should be black. She never looks happy on the red carpet; I don't think she likes to dress up.

Taraji--she would have rocked the color shown on the model. With the gloves and her hair up, she'd have turned heads.

Taylor--she looks cute.

Mariah, Latifah, and Carrie take the cake, with Taylor a runner-up.

Brooklyn, I don't think Mariah is posing much differently than most of the others. That is the way they are taught to do it.


Hayley Williams gets my worst-dressed award. It's boxy and awkward and unflattering (unless she's hiding a 5-months pregnancy, which women no longer need to do) and dull-colored and covered in dopey bows - and there's not even a couple of token bows on the back! It's like those people painted on plywood where you can stick your head in the head hole to amuse the family.

Queen Latifah the best-dressed.

I have a very athletic friend who stands like Ms. Bullock. Basically, she moves pretty much exactly the same in heels and a dress as in shorts and rugby shoes. I think of it as "athletic," it might have been deemed "mannish" back in the 19th century. Ms. Bullock, unlike my friend, is an actress, attends these events as part of her career, and you'd think she'd get some coaching and "act" like a glamor girl when she's dressed like one.

Strangely, she seems not to be worried about what we think about it. Go you, Sandy!

I like what Queen Latifah and Taylor Swift are wearing, but I also feel they've worn that same dress about 100 times. I think Lea Michelle wins best, posing wrong aside, I don't think she's learned all that yet!

Someone needs to remind Mariah that she's not a 20 year old butterfly anymore...she should follow Heidi Klum's advice...if it's tight and shiny don't wear it...Latifah on the other hand...spectacular!!!

I'm a little creeped out by the fact that Jessica Alba looks more emaciated in that dress than the model does. And, this is coming from a wee, boobless thing...Jess, honey, bring back your T&A.

And, on that same note, it seems that fashion editors should pay more attention to Queen Latifah. Now, there is a lady who almost always looks AWESOME in her bodaciousness!

Blah, blah, boring, boring dresses. Some of them were nice, but the long line of white or black-and-white dresses makes even the best ones look dull.

My only thoughts are that Jessica Alba looks so, so, soooo much better in that dress than the model, and yay for Lea Michele wearing an otherwise-unremarkable red dress (and super-cute shoes!)

Loved many of the shoes, but did it bother anyone else that Katie Cassidy's shoes are WAY TOO BIG for her skinny little feet? That is a pet peeve of mine from catalog shoots.

Oh, please. Jessica does not look emaciated. The only reason she looks tinier than the model is because her stance is to the side while the model's stance is head-on. You can see the model's bones sticking out but you can't see Jess's. She's just got a tiny frame.

Oh god, I would KILL for the shoes in the first three. And I'm a little surprised at Jessica Alba for wearing something interesting for once.

I gasped when I saw Queen Latifah, she was glowing, so fabulous.

You guys are spot-on on everyone, especially Olivia Wilde. I adore the original to bits, but if she didn't modify it, I feel she'd look terrible. At least it's a huge step up from when she wore that ugly Marchesa.

what a boring showing! were all the stylists still on vacation?

Talk about a snooze fest.

Wakeema Hollis looks best in my opinion (the model modeling the dress from Talbot Runhof Spring 2010 Collection). Oh wait, she wasn't at the show. My bad lol

T&L, forget the dresses! You guys just sent me on a much needed and appreciated diversion in the vein of Olivia de Havilland in "THE SWARM." Her moan at the end of the clip is priceless. Thanks as always for packing the best Easter Eggs into your posts!

Taraji and Sandy wins for best hair.

And as for Dana Owens: ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!

I'ma bought to break out with "Ladies First"

margi on 1/7/10 at 2:09 PM said...I heard or read that Mariah was pregnant. If so, that could account for the weight even if she is not showing yet.

I think the alcohol consumption rules this out or should.....then again WTF.....who knows with Mimi.


Queen L. looks like a million bucks. Head to toe - she looks fabulous!

Jesscia Alba looks scary skinny.

I do not get the appeal of Taylor Swift at all - singing or otherwise.

I agree with TLo about Sandra B. She always looks off. My mother has a saying (but she says it in Italian). It's "A shoe and a slipper". Meaning that someone has part of a look down but can't seem to manage pulling the whole look together.

Mariah's boobs are never speaking to one another and she always appears unhinged.

I hate clunky shoes with delicate dresses. I can't wait until this trend passes.

I'm going to a black and white ball this spring. So this kind of intrigues me. The lack of color doesn't bother me. Maybe they don't want to clash with the red carpet?

The Queen is the only one who hit it out of the park. Fabulous, in every way. Carrie Underwood and Olivia Wilde come close - love both those dresses and they look so pretty - but in both cases the dresses are just a smidge too long. I think they both must be really petite. Maybe you need to be taller to really pull those looks off.

Cute but unexceptional - Taylor Swift, Lea Michele, Taraji P. Henson.

Not bad - not good, but not bad - Diane Kruger and Jessica Alba (What happened, honey? You look ill).

Fugtastic, in every way - Katie Cassidy (who?), Haley (who?), Ginnifer

In a Category All Their Own - Mimi - Wow, she really blew up. The dress seems too formal (based on what everyone else is wearing) and it's too tight and leaves too much of her boobs exposede. Sandy - Honey, please make an effort. You're gorgeous, seem to have your life together and you've got a hit movie. Love you!

Mimi is at that age when your body begins to change. Not much a woman can do about that. I think she looks terrific.

probably Mariah is trying to get preggers and taking hormone shots - that would explain the bloated puffy fatty look

Queen Latifah's outfit and the way she wears it are flawless. Olivia Wilde absolutely needed the contrast of the tights/top with that dress and it is WAY too long on her. She needs to fire her stylist unless she vetoed her stylist's decisions.

Sandra Bullock is plain ugly white trash. That's why no matter how hard she doesn't try .. and she never really does try very hard .. it never works.

I will for ever and always ♥ Queen Latifah, no matter what she's shilling/hosting, if only for showing the big girls how it's done (Ms. Carey, please take note). All hail the Queen!

I think Mariah Carey is morphing into Jessica Rabbit...

Look, I see why you hate Alba. I really do. But that dress is fierce. It's flattering, it's interesting, it's not obvious, the look it creates is sophisticated and sexy. And her not being able to work it right doesn't spoil it!! But I wish we could see her shoes. The hair's bad.
Katie Cassidy, on the other hand, is a disaster. What is up with her eyelashes? What is up with that awkward braid? The dress loks bad on her - ill-fitted, like you've already noticed, and uncomfortable. Shoes are too obvious a choice and those tattoos are tacky.
Bullock's dress is of exact tone as her skin. Her accessories match and the shoes are nude. I don't see the point of dressing up - she could've come nude and there'd be little difference. And that grandpa portmone? Wow, she's never gonna get out of the safe zone.
Taylor Swift looks ALL THE SAME ALL OF THE TIME. And repetition is getting painful.

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