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The Other Good-Enoughs

So many, poodles. SO MANY!!!

Jonathan sez: "I'm trying to discover the place where gritty meets pretty."

T Lo (after Jonathan says this two more times) sez: "Is this gonna be a thing with you?"

We can't be mad at him, though. Because if we were contestants on Project Runway, "So what are you guys going to wear to the judging tomorrow?" would be EXACTLY the question we'd go around asking.

Model: Brandise Danesewich

Okay, we get it now. That whole gritty/pretty thing.

The bodice is really cute and kind of interesting. It would have to be because except for that and the belt, there's not a lot of visual interest going on in the front.

He tried in the back but the execution failed him.

But there's enough going on there to leave us intrigued. A decent first entry.

Amy sez: "I like being different."

Model: Valeria Leonova

T Lo sez: "Honey, there's 'different,' and then there's putting a soap dish on your tit."

It's a shame, because we really like the skirt, but that light fixture on her boob is driving us to distraction. WHY?

Cute from the back, even if the skirt's a little diaper-y.

She almost had something really cute and stylish, but she ruined it with that boobtrocity. She needs editing skills.

Ben sez:"I like to see someone evolve into another personality when they put something on of mine."

Model: Sophia Lee

T Lo sez: "Yeah, we used to wish we were Wonder Woman too."

We get it, where he's coming from. That whole space queen/superhero thing. It's kind of interesting how they cast designers with some fairly rigid design aesthetics. It just occured to us because we're about to utter a criticism that we just realized we've said more than once already.

Namely, that if he's going to keep pulling out these comic book looks week after week, the judges are likely to get bored with it quickly.

He's also going to need to ramp it up in the technical department. That back looks a right mess. Interesting seam placements, but the shininess of the fabric and the puckery of the seams doesn't help with the statement.

Still, another interesting first entry. We'll see how well his genre-inspired aesthetic will work when he has to make a dress out of kitchen utensils.


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I really liked Amy's outfit--and so practical! What modern gal doesn't need soap at the ready?


Soapdish!!! BWAH!!!

The soap dish is for her "Dirty Pillows!"


Ben's girl does look like a cocktail waitress in Ten Forward, but kinda in a good way? If only she had a giant Guinan-style crazy hat.

I had a problem with the skirt of Amy's outfit as much the soap for your dirty pillows (BRILLIANT) top. My problem was the way the skirt moved as the model walks away reminds me distinctly of the women at dog shows whose rear ends are completely out of proportion with the rest of them and wiggle in several different directions at once as THEY walk away. No one needs to make their ass look jiggly. Not THAT jiggly anyway.

Of the three - Definitely Johnathon!


Jonathan's was far and away my favorite this week. The detailing on the bodice is gorgeous.

Jonathan's was cute as heck. Could take or leave the other two (more leave than take, actually).

I am marginally interested in Amy's minus the boob thingy & Jonathan's dress, but Ben's was kinda plain and poorly sewn.

Soapdish, hahah!

If I remember correctly (no guarantee of that, of course), these 3 had interesting portfolios. Jonathan's was okay. But Amy's oy, the soapdish top and the ridiculous skirt. And Ben .... hmmm, not so hot. But let's see what they do next. I await.

I'm already bored with this season!

I really liked Jonathan’s, don't agree that there's not much going on up front. I find that pattern and shape really interesting and beautiful. In fact, if anything, I felt too much was going on the back which was not needed.

Ben's entry was also interesting. I liked the color and fabric and general shape and proportions and I love shoulder pads so... I don't find it cartoonish or superheroish at all though... I see it more within the current vibe for the revival of the 80's 40's revival and the general trend for a strong shoulder silhouette, which is welcomed. Sure, not too original in its very clear nods to recent Margiela and Balmain's collections, but there are worse role models than those.

Amy's I found underwhelming. I don't like harlequin print but it's true the skirt and fabric choice is nice. No point whatsoever to the boob treatment. Looked like she hadn't had the time to finish the other side.

Surprised about how few looks are you guys liking at all, considering you had been so positive about the first episode.


@ Diana: Ha! Awesome!

I loved Jonathan's and was disappointed that he was not in the top. I am looking forward to seeing what he does next.

Amy and Ben, however, did not impress me at all. I was surprised, too, given how much I liked both of their portfolio's.

Jonathan's was my fave of the week also. Although I still don't understand what's going on with the front/center pleat... the rest is gorge.

Amy's - so disappointing. So *baffling*. Hopefully we get something better next time.

I also loved Ben's - and for a first challenge of "show us who you are as a designer," the scifi theme seemed to nail it on the head. Maybe you've already seen Ep2 and that's where the "pulling out these comic book looks week after week" comment is coming from, but it's a little premature for Ep1. Just sayin.

Maybe I'm just tired - it was a long day at work. So maybe I'll rescind the "bored" comment I just made.

Amy's bodice made me think, truly sadly and quite a downer, of the misshapen bosom of a woman who had a mastectomy and decided against that smallest of implants.

The zebra print bodice was good, but Jonathan put all his money on it and had nothing to invest below the waist.

Ben - it seemed so contrived, dated and forced. If that's his vision, he wears 3-D glasses, the 1950's cheap kind.

All the best,


The soap-dish comment would have been funny if not so heinous and true. We had a soapdish exactly like that circa 1975. I was in charge of scraping the scummy leftover soap and soap scum out of it . Unfortunately, that was the first thing I noticed and I couldn't focus on anything else.
My instinct went, gagh, WTF is that crap on her tit??!!

Amy's outfit made me wince, rub my eyes, clean my glasses, and I STILL couldn't believe that I was seeing a deliberate titscrepancy. But for me the real sin was the skirt-- didn't like the pattern or the shape. Can't say I was a fan of Ptak's bat wings but I think I'd choose to wear them instead of Harlequin's diaper!

These three designers all had great portfolios. So what happened? Workroom pressure? Runway stage fright? Tim spent a pretty significant amount of time with them all and had some very thoughtful observations and suggestions for them.

I was pretty shocked to see Amy's submission. What was she thinking? I can't even process what's going on with her model's boobs (loooove "soap dish is for her dirty pillows, Diana!"). I suppose it's still early in the competition. But I did have Amy down as one of my pre-season faves. I hope she can get it together because she showed so much promise and that hooker Harlequin look was a huge disappointment.


There are things I like about each look, but I never saw how sheer Amy's top was when viewing the show, nor did I notice the soap dish. This would qualify for The Fashion Show challenge that required the designers to make a garment that had a secondary function.

It looks like Jonathan changed his design a bit after his talk with Tim. The cut outs looked so much better than the sculptural element he seemed to have started.

I like that Ben has a comic book aesthetic. It will be interesting to see if he can make his designs relevant to the "real world" - or in any case, the challenges so he can advance.

Polly Glot

Jonathan's was the one that I was most struck by (in a good way) as it came down the runway. Loved the top and appreciate your photos that show it better!

The other two, eh. Don't care at all for the superhero comix look and the harlequin dress didn't flatter either top or bottom. Although, to be fair, the skirt had more interesting details that show better in your pics.

this is the hard part of the season - keeping track of the multitude of designers and their looks from week to week.


I disagree that Jonathan's doesn't have enough going for it up front. The pattern is pretty, the belt is cool, and I like the pleating on the bottom and the way that the middle is a little bit higher than so that is stands out. If he had tried to do anything else to it, I think he would have been called out for not being able to edit. I love the back but didn't catch the execution issues until I just saw these pictures. Hopefully he'll be able to clean it up quickly and produce some more bad ass stuff.

Ms. Amy needs to learn that some things NEED to be lined (especially if they are white). I don't think she intended for her top to be nearly see-through and for us to see all the seam allowances.

Correction: The middle is a little bit higher than the rest so that it stands out.

I liked Jonathan's. I didn't like the top or bottom of Amy's. At all. Though I did ignore the rest mostly to try and figure what the heck was going on with her boob. Ben's was decent.

Boobtrocity? That ranks right up there with titscrepancy in my book.

Standing ovation, boys!

Am I the only one who thinks that Jonathan looks like he was drawn by Alex!?

I was wondering what the deal was with Amy's model and her exploding nipple. That's got to be one of the worst cases of titscrepancy we've seen on PR.

And I was feeling sorry for Ben: If only last week's guest judge had been one of the Pointer Sisters, it would have been His Week.


"Honey, there's 'different,' and then there's putting a soap dish on your tit."



You bitches never fail.

T Lo sez: "Honey, there's 'different,' and then there's putting a soap dish on your tit."

My nana used to have an aligator soap dish that probably would've worked better on Amy's top, especially if positioned like it was going to eat the other boob. WTF was she thinking? I did see some potential in the skirt, though the fabric was ugly and reminded me how much clowns creep me out.

Jonathan's was a lovely bodice in the front, did not like the cutout in the back, and I wonder how it would read without the awesome Bluefly belt. There's potential here, but not in his fauxhawk.

Please do some anime next, Ben!!! Farmer Anime!!! Weeeeeee!

First titscrepancy, now boobtrocity. Too funny.

And you're right, the whole jugstaposition ;-)on those cups was wrong.


Ben's reminds me of one of Alexander McQueen's more toned down looks. I think if he can keep it this side of costume, he'll be an interesting one to watch.

I kind of wish Amy would've saved the fabric in the skirt for the inevitable "avant garde" challenge. I think it could be really interesting if it were a full gown, and if she played with the ripple effect a little more, sort of Oscar de la Renta meets Christian LaCroix. Or she'd totally botch it and it would look like Alice in Nightmare-land.

Well, at least we got our obligatory LeeAnn Dress (tm) out of the way in the first episode.

There was nothing "gritty" about Jonathan's at all, and aside from the front of the bodice I thought it varied from 'boring' to 'fug' (with the belt being fully ensconced in the 'fug' camp - created or pulled from the accessories wall?).

While wretching at the harlequin fabric is an automatic impulse, I see what you mean and it is a little cute, despite being diapery. But the look overall is bad. Real bad.

Ben's was a costume. His aesthetic is somewhat well-established, and many designers have used the same elements to make beautiful fashion, but this is totally a costume. Try again.

(Something tells me this won't be the last time we see those down-trending shoulders, either. You're about a year late, kid.)

Liked Jonathan's, would have loved Ben's if it had been better executed, and I thought Amy's was only saved from the bottom three by Jesus' fetish luggage gown. There's no excuse, in terms of design or execution, for that bodice.

I wondered when you would get to Amy's titscrepant entry. And Comicon boy really needs to work on his fit. That bodice was a mess, front and back. Gritty/Pretty boy was the best of this batch, but that's not saying much.

Soap dish top was ridiculous, but the skirt didn't rate higher than "has potential" for me. Something about the way it was finished made it look un-finished, when it might have looked cute & flirty.

I had the unfortunate image of Ming the Merciless viewing Ben's. Yes, I probably wouldn't have if the model weren't Asian.

Really liked the top of Jonathon's.


I am really rooting for Amy "soapdish" because she is from Oakland. I want her to go out and show the world that Oakland has more to offer than high murder rates, gang activity and embarrassing football teams.

I agree with your assessment of her entry. Cute skirt( very Alice in Wonderland) but an f'ed up blouse. Seriously I HAVE that soap dish in my guest bathroom right now!!!

Go Oaktown girl!!!!

I have a crush on Ben.

Jonathan - I liked this better before I saw the pictures in this blog entry. Cute dress, it seems a bit ice skaterish.

Amy - I like the skirt, but what the Sam Hill was she thinking with that scallop boob treatment, and asymmetrical at that??!!

Ben - I am not crazy about this dress, but I do think that it serves the purpose of introducing yourself as a designer to the judges and audience.

I kind of want to see a kitchen utensil challenge now.

As a comics fan, I wish that comics/superhero-inspired fashion didn't always come out so wrong. There's GOT to be a way to nail it, even if no one seems to have found it yet. *crosses fingers for future challenges*

Johnathan, sadly, is trying to coin a phrase that rhymes with "shitty".

Prudencia said...No one needs to make their ass look jiggly. Not THAT jiggly anyway.

That's what stood out to me, too. Weirdest movement ever! Like Harlequin Jello.

And: Oh, winninghamster, thanks for the Star Trek references. : )

Boobtrocity! ha ha ha

TLo, thanks for the screenshots - It is so interesting to be able to study these clothes - sometimes it really changes my opinion.

Ben's drawings were a lot more interesting than his final garment- his inability to understand the anatomy of the three-dimensional arm and how to express it in fabric really betrayed him. That, and apparently never hearing about the magic of pressing one's seams. Well, those two things, and not doing anything to give the seams more visual interest, like a couple of rows of topstitching in red thread, which was what I thought he was going for with the shading on the drawing. Good drawing skills, too bad about not being able to carry them through in fabric.

The other two... *sigh* oh, well.

Am I totally out of it that I think fashion should be flattering to the body? And maybe pretty...or is that just not the thing? I understand wanting to be avante garde and artistic, but so many of these outfits are just ludicrous.
The bubble-butt skirt is hysterical. The fabric is cool, but who wants to look as if they are wearing diapers? And has a soap dish on her dirty pillows?
Or cone-like tumors on the shoulder?
Or hedgehogs around the waist?
Is this relaly the future of fashion?

TLO, I'm disappointed in you guys! I thought for sure after your "Ladies with an Attitude" post your follow-up would be titled "Fellas that were in the Mood". Or alternatively, "Fellas that were in MOOD".

Oh well, I still love ya'll.

Jonathan's was one of my highest rated of the non-winners. About fifth, I think.

Amy's was near the bottom, and Ben's a couple of slots above hers.

One of the problems with the execution is that they just had 12 hours for this challenge. It is difficult to show what you stand for as a designer with 12 hours, unless you are an excellent sewer. I hope they give them more time for the future challenges; otherwise, this show will be more of a stunt show than a real runway design show. Like having nothing but Quickfire challenges on Top Chef.

It looks good from the front. The oval cut out in the back is wonky. Solid middle entry.

Should have gone home! I actually thought she was the one that had to start over from the pleated puckry black blouse.
This is a mess. The bustier is unfinished looking. Why can I see the seam allowance.
And isthe ball of wadded up fabric that is supposed to be a skirt?

Ben- I like his entry I kind of thought it should have been in the top three. Maybe if it had had a more distingishing length, it would have.

What bothered me about Amy's (besides the soapdish and the too-short skirt) was the sheerness of the top fabric. It obviously wasn't meant to ACTUALLY be sheer, so it's pretty disconcerting to see the model's skin color and the crooked seams showing through.

Johnathan's dress was in my top 3. I didn't notice how odd it was in the back on the runway. Still like it, especially the top front and the edge/trim detail at the collar and back opening. 12 hours is not a lot of time to achieve absolute perfection with fitting and sewing techniques...minor flaws are acceptable when the design is good.

Amy's...if only she had added another soap dish...I'd have liked the top better. The bottom is cute...overall I like the airy feel to her outfit. was he thinking with those shoulders? You could poke an eye out with those weapons...hmmm...I guess we should be glad he didn't place them on her front! lol! Anyway...aside from the cone shoulders and technical flaws...I rather like it...especially the color. Tim seemed impressed with his layering of the fabrics...which I really don't quite understand...but I do really like the color and texture.

Maybe the girl needs some soap to clean up those stanky crotches that were discussed in the "men's skirt" thread.

Thought Jonathan should have been in the top 3.

Ben should have been in the bottom.

Amy- hmm not sure so middle seems right.

oh and I don't understand the Sci-fi or comic book comments - I see a boring 80's dress with a little extra weirdness on the shoulder. (and hips like Kenley would do)

Is that comic / sci-fi ? (Ra'mon had it wrong) with the lagoon creature)

raisin mountaineer

I really liked Jonathon's-- would have put it in the top three over Seth Aaron's Country Bear Jamboree outfit. But I can see that there were some fit issues. I look forward to seeing more from Jonathon.

I know asymetry is all the thing with the kids nowadays, but...sigh, that the breasts match I think is, well... ah c'mon, the breasts should match.

And I'm oh so tired of "volume" that gives the poor girl an enormous butt.

Last point: shoulders should not be capable of poking out an eye, or shooting a rabbit at ten paces.

So is Amy's name going to be "Soapdish" for the rest of the season?

I just want Amy's skirt, I've alreday got shoes and a top, even accessories to make it shine :)

Garment 1: Cute!

Garment 2: Whaaaaa?

Garment 3: She needs to be painted green, or wearing a flight attendant's hat.

I liked Jonathan's bodice a great deal. The skirt gathering up funny in the middle was a bit startling to me, but I did like it.

Amy's skirt wasn't a LITTLE like a diaper, it was a a LOT like a diaper. Hated the proportions, hated the bunchiness, hated the handling of the breasts, the soapdish was disturbing. Really resent she took such a cute fabric for the skirt is made it . . . awful.

Ben, I actually really like the funky sleeves and sillouette (and the color — which I think is the color that Christina H's GG dress should have been in instead of that champagne color), but I didn't like the back. Too much, KISS.

- Donna in Seattle

I hope Ben can improve technically because I really like what he did with the back of the dress. It looks a mess, but the idea is inspired.

Isn't he the guy who said "my look is comic-book inspired - so I'm going for an armoured look"?

... yeah, no. Dude, as much as I would like to see women, especially, in comics in a attire that could be called distantly crime-fightingy, mostly comic book fashion is short skirts and the infamous boob window. Even the Batfamily, Heroes Most Likely To Actually Die If You Shoot Them In The Head, mostly goes for skin-tight stuff that looks like spandex (but is sekritly bat-Teflon.)

So anyway, yeah, he annoyed me.

I strangely adore Amy's skirt, but when I saw her outfit on the runway, I thought she was going home for that tasteless boob thing.

Jonathan's dress was my favorite coming down the runway, except maybe for Ping's. If the back had been executed better, it could have been a stunningly sexy dress. Some weird part of me wants to see the top of his paired with Amy's skirt.

Ben's model looks like a waitress at P.F. Chang's on eighties night. But I kind of really like the idea of it.

I really loved Jonathan's. Yeah the execution is a bit reckless on the back, but he and Seth Aaron were my favorites.

I hated Amy's entry, I'm sorry to say. Ben's was ok.

And as I've said previously, the models all look the same this season. What happened to diversity? Where are the Tanishas, the Matars, the (superbs) Kojiis? Seriously, I'm only rooting for Sophia.

What is with these models butts? I've noticed a lot of the clothing is all wrinkled in the back - were they sitting around in the clothing they are supposed to be modeling????

I would be pissed. I didn't see much of anything that was promising, but it would have helped if the clothes weren't wrinkled before we even got to see them.

This comment has been removed by the author.

It bothers me that Jonathan had a cut out like Ben's design, and then all the sudden he had Zebra print too (inspired by what Ben was wearing?), not to mention he also layered two fabrics like Ben did.

Maybe it was the way you could tell he was eavesdropping on Amy's critique, but I don't think he has any ideas of his own... other than one annoying soundbite.

Jonathan's model looks pretty hardcore. Those eyebrows. Would love to hear Tyra + panel's comments on her. She's definitely been around the block a few times.

These three definitely stood out to me as having potential.

Also, Jonathan's model is 32!! I love that they cast her!

Hey, what about Maya's look?


I love that PR continues to coin new words in the English language- TLo, boobtrocity is inspired!

Memo to Lifetime:

PLEASE do some 2 day, or even more 24 hour challenges this season.

Half the reason for some of the fug going down the runway is that these kids have 12 hours to throw something together. Of course there will be execution issues on that timeframe!

I liked Jonathan's way better than the Hannah Montana plaid number that the judges loved.

Gotham Tomato said...And I was feeling sorry for Ben: If only last week's guest judge had been one of the Pointer Sisters, it would have been His Week.

HA! That's exactly the type of thing I was thinking, but my guest judge was any member of Labelle circa 1974.

I thought Amy's skirt looked like something you would shoplift in. All those folds to hide things.

It's been said dozens of times already, Boys, but your soapdish boobtocity comments were a scream. And Diana's dirty pillow comment upped it even more.

Yay! This is just like old times.

I didn't like Amy's outfit, and not just for the soapdish effect on the right boob...the whole top looked to me like it was made from cheap lining fabric. And I wasn't thrilled with the skirt, either. That fabric didn't have enough body to carry off the look. I thought she would have finished in the bottom three.

... yeah, no. Dude, as much as I would like to see women, especially, in comics in a attire that could be called distantly crime-fightingy, mostly comic book fashion is short skirts and the infamous boob window. Even the Batfamily, Heroes Most Likely To Actually Die If You Shoot Them In The Head, mostly goes for skin-tight stuff that looks like spandex (but is sekritly bat-Teflon.)

So anyway, yeah, he annoyed me.

Ben never said his comic-book inspiration was a) contemporary, b) American, or c) superhero comics. His look evoked vintage and/or European SF to me.

Boobtrocity = Genius!

I spend far too much time thinking about this show, because I've thought long enough about Amy's dress to think that if she'd done the same scallop design on the other breast, this look wouldn't be as problematic. Other than the diaper thing.

I really like Jonathan's, in spite of the obvious technical problems. I'm looking forward to what else he can pull out of his adorable hat.

I absolutely loathe the shoulders on Ben's dress. Loathe. Why do people always think sci fi is an excuse for fug? NO! BAD DESIGNER! NO BOOZE FOR YOU!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jonathan's outfit didn't do anything for me, what does it say about him?? But was a decent middle entry.

Amy? No comment.

Ben - I liked it and appreciated the retro/future vibe, but I did think "Hostess for Vulcan Air"

Loving everything about Jonathan at the moment, which is nice after such a bad first impression (those over the top wide trousers in the promo pic). I thought his dress was just outside the top 3.

Jonathan...I see where he was going and I like it. Just wish he had gotten there.

If I was a judge (probs Nina) I would jump up on the stage, rip the soap dish off Amy's dress, then steal the dress. Love that shit.

I like the big shoulders of the last one. Again, I like where he was going, but I wish he had gotten there.

Ok I really liked jonathons for its wearability on almost anyone, and it still looks fashion forward. I hope he sees the positive comments he's getting because this is his thing.

I don't really see the need to say "apart from the bodice there isn't much interest"...the bodice is the focus, add more and it will quickly become over designed. He edited well!


These three get 1 yes, 5 noes. (Coming and going for each)

Jonathan: Front, yes. Back, no.
Ben: since I can see those ridiculous shoulders coming and going, two noes.
Amy: OK, I get that you wanted an exotic baazar effect with the harlequin print, but, sadly, no and no. Maybe the soap dish is an incense burner?

I would not have been sad to see Ben in the bottom three for this mess, but I still want to see more from him.

Ben's design is edgy and stands out, i would wear it with confidence knowing i could stab a bitch with a shrug of my shoulder ;)
<3 Miss M

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