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Nina's Closet

Let's spend some time rifling through Nina's closet. She won't mind. We're likethis.

After last week's episode the internet cried out with one voice and said: "NINA LOOKS FABULOUS! I WONDER WHAT SHE'S WEARING!"

And we thought, "Hmmm. Those minions might be on to something." So we used the magic power of gay and got the goods ourselves.

To answer the question, the necklace is Janis Savitt, the shoes are YSL, and the dress is Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Anna Selezneva

And yes, she really did rock the hell out of it.

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Loved her dress.

So glad to have Nina and Michael back!!!

Now there is someone who dresses in a way that qualifies her to make judgements about what walks down the runway.

The dress looks amazing on her, ten times better than on the model.

She is FIERCE!!!

I wish I was a gaziollionaire so I could buy that dress. It is GORGE.

It's a beautiful dress, and she looks beautiful in it.

Do you guys know if she would be interested in becoming someone's fairy godmother?

Aspynramona, I agree. It looks way better on her than the model. The black tights aren't doing the dress any favors.

Never in a million years would I have put a necklace with that dress (especially that necklace) but she looks awesome. Of course she's a fashion editor and I'm an engineer wearing jeans and a turtleneck right now.

They're nice jeans and a nice turtleneck, though.

Love the dress. Those shoes, not so much. But I wouldn't dare telling her!

Nifty duds, to be sure, but I wonder whether one winds up slipping around in a chair (esp. one without a fabric cushion or seat) sitting on those beads/embellishments (they are not flat, after all) that cover the surface of the dress and has a bit of an imprint on the posterior afterwards.

All the best,


It looks like it would be uncomfortable to sit in it. Those lugnuts or whatever you call them make a pretty effect, but can you imagine sitting down? Ouch ouch ouch.

At least she not only has style and taste but also good judgment and legitimate fashion bona fidea, unlike the nonentities judging Launch My Line. Or that nincompoop last season who insulted the model and flirted with the contestant.

I'm sOOOO happy you told us about the outfit. Can that dress still be BOUGHT??? I want it.

Also, what is the science of La Nina? I want to know how she's rockin' that dress. How does one know to "wear the hell" out of a garment?

Nina always looks amazing, but this is one of her best. The only outfit that I liked better was (I think) during Season 5 when she wore a black dress with the most amazing mabé pearl necklace. I'd love to know whose that was!

bona fideS, I mean

That dress is hot. I love her necklace, too!

I LOVE that dress. I'm not always too crazy about Marc Jacobs, but I LOVE this. When I was watching last week, I was trying to figure out what it was made of. It looked like stones put together somehow. But it's gorgeous.


What is there to say? La Nina is fierce!

Love, love, love those shoulder pads.
And that necklace is spot on, makes the dress look better.

She looks fantastic, can I see the back, Nina?

Beautiful look. Soooo much better without the tights.

The dress is beautiful, but that necklace is GORGEOUS. I'm drooling here.

In my imaginary PR scrapbook I have a whole section devoted to Nina's wardrobe and how it has evolved over the seasons. This dress is most definitely one of her top looks! I love that she was daring enough to pair it with a fairly ornate necklace that only enhances the whole look.


Marie said:
"Never in a million years would I have put a necklace with that dress (especially that necklace) but she looks awesome. Of course she's a fashion editor and I'm an engineer wearing jeans and a turtleneck right now."

Marie - I thought the same thing, "Wow, I never would have thought to add a necklace to that neckline, but damn if it doesn't work." And I'm an engineer wearing dockers and a sweater...


I love her dress and make-up! But have had trouble all along with her hair. Color's gorgeous, but it always just hangs there.

Nina simply ROCKS!

Dress, shoes, necklace, and just look at those photos ...

Love the screencaps, BTW. That first shot looks great, shows everything off ... Love those legs ...

And that second shot, LUV THAT SMILE.

Nina, I hope you are reading this, cause we missed you and all the minions simply love you.

Just worshipin-

Love it. She looks like a starry night sky on the beach in Columbia.

Love her, love the dress, the shoes, the necklace....way to go, Nina!!!

Thank you so much, TLO! I was dying to find out who she was wearing. I noticed that dress right away. It's a fabulous dress and she's working it.

Nina - she has my dream job. If only I could do it over again!!

She always looks great.

Estás guapísima, me gusta mucho este outfit, Nina.

Fun dress! I love how it gets darker towards the bottom and the sort of "unfinished" hem.

I feel like I am often a voice of dissent.
I like material a lot and think Nina looks great, but hate the shoulders. I think it has an unflattering shape - on the model, but with Nina sitting we can't see the shape.

I see a similarity with Ben's dress' shoulders.

Nina always looks fabulous, but this is my favorite of her looks. I just love how confident she looks in it.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Ally said...
Nina always looks fabulous, but this is my favorite of her looks. I just love how confident she looks in it.

I agree, it's definitely all about HOW you wear it.

Nina rocks, y'all!

The dress is aesthetically pleasing and she really thought about it pairing with the gorgeous necklace and shoes.

In. In. In.

Thanks, guys! She always looks great but this is by far one of her best looks.

What a fabulous dress. Can any of the sewing geniuses parse it? What's it made out of???

Oh--GT, just saw your post. My turn to say jinx.

Ms.Flyover: I think Stacy & Clinton would tell you that, engineer though you may be, you need not sacrifice your life to DOCKERS!!!!


I am such a jewelry whore, I LOVE the necklace.

Love the whole look except the shoulders. They look like the comic book guy's dress shoulders. I WANT that necklace.

Love the dress!!

Loose the necklace /with that dress).

Good shoes.

She does look pretty damn fabulous. Everything works.

But I do have two quibbles: I realy hate those exaggerated 80's-style shoulders. She seems to be wearing that look quite a bit these days. Nina, please stop! And I can't help but notice that her (very tiny, almost flat) boobs are drooping just a little bit. Hey, it happens, after you've had a child and hit your 40's, but a good bra would make all the difference. You're too old to go braless, darling.

She is SUPERFLY! Love La Nina!

I thought she was wearing Balmain. Love the dress!!

Beautiful dress. Nina looks lovely.

She's been doing this prominent shoulder, dark colors thing for a while now and it REALLY works on her. She looks like she's supposed to be wearing the clothes. I honestly thought the necklace was a PART of the dress. That's when you know you've accessorized well.

It's also instructive to look at the pictures of La Guapa and then see the edges of that wrinkled purple schmata left of her.

She looks fab. I love it when she pairs something a little dark and hard-edged with crisp lines with her wild mane of bed-head.

I love the hem of the dress on the model, but I wonder if Nina's has been modified. Any pics of her standing up floating around anywhere?

The shoes. I almost would sell my last child for those shoes. LOL

I think she looks fabulous. Love the shoulder pads, so happy to see she continues to patron the trend.

I really think it's not fair how little credit she's given in the fashion world for her personal style. The girl doesn't even have a thread in TFS! True, she is very "neat" in that American way, a bit too put-together and she lacks the savvy and edginess of say the voguettes, and she's not exactly working in an influential fashion magazine. But still, she's great at inhabiting that space between fashion-forward and common-sense: she's not afraid to take risks but manages to make everything look restrained, she embraces trends and they always look wearable on her, she doesn't overdo the put-together thing and lets her hair hang, she manages to balance edgy and pretty and looks like she has fun dressing up. She's also good at mixing establishment names with more unknown finds. I don't know, I think she's quite an inspiration, and even if she lacks that certain chic of a Carinne Roitfeld, to me she's up there with her showing that a 40+ woman can dress uber-fashionable and modern and don't verge anywhere close to ridiculous.


Appreciate the concern, but have you ever tried to get chalk out of silk? I promise when I get back down to fighting weight, I'll rediscover Armani (2 years out of season at an outlet somewhere).


Ms_flyover, I have to get gunpowder and kevlar out of denim. That said I wear skirts on office only days (with backup jeans and steel toes in the file cabinet). Honestly, this site is a motivator to dress better and PR is a motivator to sew more. That's why I'm here. Oh, and the funny commentary.

I want to know how many engineers are living vicariously through this site. Speak up!

the magic of gay


I too wondered what she was wearing. That dress is amazing.

Even though I'm not a fan of the pointy shoulders look, I do have to admit that dress is pretty freaking fantastic.

I love how Nina always manages to look hip and stylish without looking inappropriate or like she's trying too hard.

She's kind of ageless, isn't she?

Thank you for posting this. When I saw it on TeeVee, I thought the dress was covered with some kind of nailhead decoration. Now I can clearly see that it is similar to Guipure lace .

Interesting that on the runway you can clearly see the shoulder shaper and sleeve cap support and oddly the bodice of the dress is lined in "nude" and the skirt is lined in black.
Nina seems to have wisely had the shoulder shapers and cap support removed.

Marie, The dress it's self would be quite easy to make . The fabric however would be very expensive . And oh, applying all those sequins in the eye of each motif!

Wow... I would never have looked at that dress on the model and thought it could look as good on a person as it does on Nina. Is she psychic?

She looks great in the dress and the shoes. I'd have skipped the necklace, which sort of gets lost, and gone for jewelry somewhere else on the body, I think.

Still, she is no doubt FIERCE.

She has not removed anything in the shoulders, they're exactly the same as the runway's. And the skirt was not lined in black...

How about some info on Heidi's necklace(s)? I really wanted a closeup -- it looked gorgeous in the 2-second flashes we got to see.

Nina always looks like I would look if I could change everything except my hair and eye color and facial shape. In other words, not only wonderful, but exactly to my taste.

I want to call attention to the sleeves on this number and harken back to what I said about Ben's dress in the last challenge: the idea here is very similar, and indeed very much what Ben's drawings show, but the designer and those who do his cutting and sewing understand the anatomy of the upper arm so it fits gracefully and the peaked sleeve is pretty rather than drawing to mind the costumes in the recent re-do of Flash Gordonon the Scifi channel.

Also: OMG, those are amazing shoes.

Love it! Love her!
I got her book "The One Hundred" recently and it's wonderful.

Dress looks ten-thousand times better on her than it did the model. God, she's so fabulous, it makes me want to give up and start living in a cave.

Your use of the phrase "[T]he magic power of gay" made me want to send you flowers and boxes of liqueur-filled chocolates. I won't, though, as that would be stalkery. And I'm broke. And I don't know you or where you live. Which goes back to stalkery, which is creepy. So, metaphysical flowers and liqueur-filled chocolates! FOR YOU, T Lo, with love and admiration of your fabulosity.

Love it! And her!
So glad she is back, sigh.

Anonymous said...
She has not removed anything in the shoulders, they're exactly the same as the runway's. And the skirt was not lined in black...


I certainly do not have any knowledge of this dress beyond the pictures posted here by Tom and Lorenzo, but if you examine the screen shots of Nina you will notice that the curve of her beautiful shoulder is clearly visable thought the lace, as is the blue from the background curtain. No sleeve cap shaper visable.

On the runway model an ivory cresent shaped shoulder shaper (pad) and a sleeve cap shaper are clearly visable through the lace.

As to the lining of the skirt on the runway. There is a straight black line at the models natural waist which I take to be either a chiffon or french net lining. Unless its (horrors!) the top of her pantyhose. There is also a second black line following the drape on the skirt. Which it is customary to line, in order that the drapes always fall extactly as the designer intended.

Lulu- I don't think she's ageless, so much as always age appropriate. I swear, trying to dress like someone 20 yeounger than you always makes a woman look older than she really is.

Love it!!!!

melissapedsrn said...
The shoes. I almost would sell my last child for those shoes. LOL

Ha! Mel, honey, for which hawt designers items did you sell your first children?

I've seen this dress in the shop, and it's all lined in nude. You can see that in the runway picture, because the nude shows through the eyelets of the guipur of the way down. The black shade (through the nude) in the waistline may be the light, or indeed the panty hose... the darker sides is the effect of the shades, because the dress is guipur, and the layering is under the open structure, the nude effect looks fainter on the side in that particular photograph.

The dress has shoulder pads that kind of fly over the shoulder, that is, they don't come down on the arm. The fabric on the arm itself is loose. The pads are lined with the same nude as the lining and are there to keep the shape of those shoulders, obviously, and they're there in Nina's dress too.

If the whole garment is lined in nude, then the satin opaque (or possibly dance performance) tights are definitely shining through in the model pics.

Looking closely at the runway photos, I have to say a lot of the apparent differences between the dress in those shots and Nina's have to do with light intensity, direction, and color. The runway lighting is very bright, all directly overhead, and cold white, while the ones from the judging are TV studio glamor light levels, multidirectional, and seem to have peach and yellow cels or their TV equivalent.

Yeah, it could be the tights showing trough, because in Nina's photos you can see Nina's black bra also faintly showing trough, so the lining has some transparency.

wow. She made that fairly boring dress look incredible. The necklace really too it up a level.

... took it... whoops

But she always has fuzzy flyaway kills me. Isn't there someone on set with a mister and some product?

Nina is just incredible and everything looks great on her, including the maroon satin Prada sleeveless top that she wore during season 5 that I bought and have yet to looks ridiculous on me. Maybe one day when I have a combination of the swine flu and a stomach bug....le sigh


And we thought, "Hmmm. Those minions might be on to something." So we used the magic power of gay and got the goods ourselves.

Greatest quote. You two are HILARIOUS.

Nina is fabulous. She totally rocked that Marc Jacobs dress and I would love to rock those YSL shoes myself :)

It's looks like Gwyneth Paltrow (bleh) wore that on Conan a few weeks ago.

The fabric looks like mirrored guipure lace. Remember the blouses and dresses from India in the 70s with the little embroidered mirrors sewn into patterns?

This fabric looks like it is made with those same little mirrors, sewn all over. It's beautiful!

The difference between the dress on the runway and the dress on Nina (as I see it): the runway model is, to borrow the often used term, a "clotheshanger." Nina infuses the dress with personality. The one thing that strikes me time after time about her is that, despite the fact that she's there to critique, she just seems like a really nice person.

i'm not dorothy gale

I loved it, too - the whole outfit. And it looks like she had a chin implant which corrected that pucker-y look she had from an undershot chin.

Love her wisdom and grace, and her ability to launch zingers when necessary.

I worship at the Church of Nina!

Isn't kind of sad that the dress Nina is wearing is a thousand times more exciting than anything that went down the runway last week?! She looks fabulous as usual.

I love the detailed analysis of the fabrics and lining in the comments section here. TLo readers are the absolute BIDNESS. Snaps!

j'adore, Nina, j'adore

But Madam would simply NOT permit those beads to dig into her posterior. They would not have the nerve!

as soon as i saw that, i KNEW it was marc. nina rocked the shit out of it.

Project Runway tweets are LIVE! on TwitGrids!

damn.... Nina looks better than the model. what is this weird world we're in that Nina ISN'T the model?

hey fashion world- you pickin' the wrong models.


A great big YES. What was Mark Jacobs thinking with that styling? This is a great example of the difference between the runway and real life -- and real life won. I like that about Nina's style.

Nina dresses like a fashionable tasteful adult. I love her style. As for the beading being uncomfortable when sitting? Has no one seen the movie musical GiGi? Did we not have centuries of women wearing corsetery? Do we not have cloven hoof shoes on the runway? As if little beads would stop Senora Alta Costura .

Ok, contestants should pay attention.

Nina wears simple, well fitting shift in a cool fabric.

Got it? Nothing odd, tricky or insane...

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