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Miss Garcia if you're nasty.

Nina's got something to say, so sit quietly and listen.

Movieline has a fabulous interview with La Nina and she dishes about the new season. Some NinaBites:

When was the first occasion in your life you honed your critical skills and enjoyed being opinionated?

I’ve always been opinionated, unfortunately, to my mother’s disappointment. But I never thought all that opinion would do me any good until this show. I’ve always spoken my mind. There’s no reason not to!

You’ve said that this season will be “fashion insider-y.” Can you elaborate on that? Will it be different from seasons past?
I think some of the judges that have come to be on the show this season are maybe not as well-known to everyone, but are very important and successful designers in themselves. It’s great that we got them. It’s great that they wanted to be part of the show; that’s the whole “fashion insider” thing. And they’re not all from New York; a lot of them are international designers. They’re not names not known to everyone, but they’re very influential at the moment.

You’ve expressed relief that the show is back in New York. Can the show ever leave it’s headquarters again? Where would it go next?
I don’t think it should leave New York, to be honest with you. I think we could do little trips, short trips, but I don’t think it should leave New York. New York is the capital of fashion, and it’s where the show belongs. I wouldn’t move it out of New York.

Much more at the link, kittens. Check it out.

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Just on the basis of your excerpt, not having looked at the links yet, Madame Justice NINAGARCIAOFMARIECLAIREMAGAZINE is proving herself yet again to be a wise woman. Insert Madam Justice Sotomayor adjective if you so choose, but I'm not limiting either lady's wisdom to any ethnic group. They're both universal.

All the best,


How I love Nina Garcia. Her advice and criticism, as always, is right on target. Carry on Nina. Never change.

I love Nina. Muah!

Thank the fashion gods for La Nina stating emphatically that the show should NEVER move from NYC! Brava, darling!! Brava!!

For some reason, when I first started watching PR, I thought Nina was mean. Now, I LOVE her.

Can't wait to wash the bitter taste of LML out of my mouth with some Nina Garcia/Tim Gunn PR.

One must ALWAYS listen to Nina, including Bunim-Murray...

I don’t think it should leave New York, to be honest with you. I think we could do little trips, short trips, but I don’t think it should leave New York. New York is the capital of fashion, and it’s where the show belongs. I wouldn’t move it out of New York.


"There are some really colorful personalities that you’re going to want to root for, really endearing personalities. One in particular — is very endearing."

OK, let the speculation begin... who is the 'one in particular' very endearing designer this year?

fun interview... thanks TLo!

Those shoes are fug.

And they gave credit to TLO for the photos used in the article - Kudos boys!

Nina looks great usual!

Glad to hear that she is impressed with the designer's talents as well with the quality of the guest judges. I am really sensing this will be a season to remember.

Wondering if the "green dress" she mentioned that they had seconds thoughts on as winner was Ramon's ugly green blob avante garde dress with the stain blob on it...I always thought that was one fugly dress!

Great interview. La Nina is always right! Is she on every episode this season? "Yes, yes, yes! Yes yes yes!" Sounds like she's as relieved about it as we are, thank heaven!

After last season I've been maintaining a hefty dose of skepticism about how good can this next one be -- but Nina is inspiring me to be really excited again. I hope the REAL Project Runway is back!

Oh, Nina. Don't ever change, girl. She's just spot.on. as always.

There's something very magnetic, alluring, mysterious and effortlessly sexy about Ms. Garcia. I guess it's the fact that she doesn't come off as if she's trying too hard but yet she is at the top of her game. Love this woman, love her.

Love Ms. Garcia, but I still think she was wrong on that Twizzler dress.

What's so special about sewing Twizzler's to a very basic (& ill-fitting) design?

Great interview, TLo! Thank you for posting!

Miss Nina certianly knows her stuff! But--she's wearing bad hoof shoes. Can't they just go away? I've been pleading for weeks. Make them go. Go away.

It all sounds so promising. Maybe I wouldn't be somewhat cynical if last season hadn't also sounded so promising.

Referring to the rest of the interview -- I think what makes Tim Gunn so fabulous as the PR mentor is that he completely understands design AND construction AND the student/teacher dynamic. Like Tim, Michael Kors could also create a garment from scratch. Nina, not so much. She might think she is qualified to mentor, but TG is without peer.

Nina can identify when a garment is properly fitted, but I would be surprised if she understands the skills and workmanship that go into its creation. Maybe I'm dead wrong. This is just the vibe I've gotten from her comments over the years.

Nina does bring a highly refined aesthetic to the judging panel. She understands how clothes will photograph and whether women will want to buy them. She has excellent taste, which is probably 50% of the judging criteria on these challenges.

I like her; I've missed her terribly. So glad she's back for every episode.


Ya know, Nina's dental work looks great! I thought she was smiling differently this past season. The old photo with the rest of the interview made it rather obvious.

Good for her. Love it when adults get braces or fine-tune their smiles through modern dentistry.


Wow, it would be so interesting to have Nina in a mentor position! I can only imagine how much different it would be...

I like her - but I have not always agreed with her opinion (and I am always surprised that other people who bitch and moan about specific judging but then later don't acknowledge who made the decisions.)

Last season Nina particpated in some ridiculous choices. I still don't think Jerry's was worse than some others - Stella's (sorry) garbage bad, Jerrell (esp the Olympic), Blayne making it as far as he did... ALL-STARS anyone?

(just a reality check - yes she is closer to Simon than "the other two", but still the Idol worship seems a bit OTT)

AS to NYC - I thought we heard that they were going back to LA for the beginning of the new season? Has that changed, again?


God, how I've missed Nina! Great pre-season interview. I hope she's right about this season being the best --- okay, second best to PR1. Thanks, TLo!


SusanID, a lot of people thought Nina was mean. I never understood that. Yes, she could be very straightforward, but she also showed more compassion than many people gave her credit for.

Afrika, I agree. She's got that "certain something."

Hutchlover, while I didn't care so much for the bodice of the Twizzlers dress, what I think is "so special" is the effect she created. The Twizzlers swayed & swung like fringe. As Chloe Dao did with her leaf dress (which looked like a print fabric), Jillian transcended the limitations of the available materials.

fix that "it's"! it's beneath you.

Anonymous said...

fix that "it's"! it's beneath you.

Gotta love a grammar queen who can't tell a quote when she sees one. Brilliant.

The black ensemble is not the best. Aren't those shoes a little "angry"?

I like Nina and she knows her stuff, but her stuff tends to run with the latest trends and she gets a little weird with her judging for that reason. Her "return" to the show certainly isn't the panacea for the judging that many seem to hope for. I personally respect Kors more because he understands fashion in a different way: as a designer rather than an editor.

I am so looking forward to having a lot of designers as judges this season. Less of the "I would wear that" syndrome.

Isn't Nina guilty of "I would wear that" with Ra'Mone's toilet dress? I'm hoping that Tim talks her into donning it for an episode.

I find it endearing that Nina doesn't know what Twizzlers are and calls it the "twirl" dress. So cute.

What did she mean by saying the Victoria Beckham "gave good advice"? Wasn't Posh a judge at the finals at Bryant Park? What advice did she give?

She's fierce : )

Love the interview!


You guys are terrific. I'd never make the time to find all of this stuff you serve up on a platter, with heaping sides of entertainment.

From the interview: "There’s not four or five [talented contestants], there’s more. I think the process of casting this particular season was much more thorough than in last seasons. [stuff cut]. . . And it will happen very quickly that you’ll see the talent. You’ll notice it very soon."

JOY! I really am starting to let myself get a little excited.


Itsjustme said...

"Ya know, Nina's dental work looks great! . . . Love it when adults get braces or fine-tune their smiles through modern dentistry."


In general, maybe, but I'm still traumatized from the first time (years ago, now) I saw David Bowie with his mouthful of classic movie star teeth. Yes, he's "better" looking now (not to mention it probably happened in the process of dealing with real dental needs), but damn. Another something viscerally connected to my youth, gone forever.

sigh. Oh, and you kids! Get off of my lawn.

La Nina looks like she's gotten some serious botox since the last time we saw her. I really hope this doesn't mean that the anger will register less on her face.

I'd just like to reiterate, apropos of nothing, that La Nina looks AMAZING in the screen caps of the first ep.

La Nina is the Judge Judy of fashion.

But what the hell is she wearing there? It looks like a maternity dress.

Brooklyn Bomber said...
SusanID, a lot of people thought Nina was mean. I never understood that. Yes, she could be very straightforward, but she also showed more compassion than many people gave her credit for.

You know, when I first started watching PR (S3) I also thought Heidi had intelligent things to say . . . ah youth. : )

Oddly, I am surrounded by outspoken, opinionated people and Nina's personality is very like my sister's. I guess now that I "know" Nina more, she seems outspoken, focused, intense, knowledgeable. At first she seemed humorless to me. And impatient (which I think she is - but it's more understandable to me now.)

I guess what I have come to prize in Nina (as a PR judge) is how articulate she is. And how much expertise she brings to the panel. I've learned a lot listening to her comments.

Sometimes my first impressions can be way off. Well, and sometimes the qualities I find in a person after knowing or working with them for awhile can outweigh traits that are inconvenient or uncomfortable to me.

When I first started watching PR, I couldn't get over NinaGarcia's permanent case of bitchface and the omnipresent warnings of "Don't bore Nina..."

But after the thoughtless judging and the lack of growth shown by last season's contestants, and having read some interviews of La Garcia on this blog, it's clear that she is the smartest, most influential judge on the panel. Without Nina, there is no Project Runway.

It is hard to forget Nina's comment to Gordana, "We don't know who you are as a designer!" (paraphrased)

Yes, Nina, it sure it, because while the show was going on for, like 14 weeks, in California, you were in NY. Just total bullshit, still sticks in my craw.

Also, the Rami love, over Chris March. "Rami, you always do the same draping, now go to the Finals for those draping monstrosities you did!! You are my love!!"

You know, everyone here is always singing Nina's praises, and it really bothers me because she has her blind spots, and is not always fair.

Still, she is better than some of those other fools they had on this past season. Not by much, but a little better.

Toran23 said...
How I love Nina Garcia. Her advice and criticism, as always, is right on target. Carry on Nina. Never change.

So when she chose Althea over Gordana, and Rami over Chris March, to go to the finals, she was right???? And should keep judging like that???

Nina is beyond fabulous!

Love Nina! of course, being a direct, opinionated female CAN have consequences. It sounds like things have been smooth for her, but I'd love to hear more. Was it always that smooth, Nina?

The part where Nina says that in each past season there have only been about four contestants with real talent, per season????? Ouch! I'm sure that's tough for a lot of former contestants to read!

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