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Meryl Streep Wearing Chris March at the Golden Globes

Go Sissybear!

A little birdie (named Chris March) just dropped us a line:

"Hi Guys--I was sworn to secrecy, but now I can tell you that I designed and made Meryl Streep's dress for the Golden Globes (!)"

How fabulous is that? Congratulations, Chris. She looks great.

[Photos: WireImage]


What class, what style, what? Sissybear???? Love it!

Contragulations Sissy Bear! Job Well Done!


LOVE it!

Congrats Sissybear!

She looked fabulous! I was wondering where her dress came from; she looked so much better than was it last year, when she wasn't expecting to win and was wearing a pants outfit?


I thought she looked great. The neckline is particularly good. The one short sleeve is a little odd. Still bravo.

congratulations sissybear!!! madam streep looked fabulous out there!

I'm not sure how I feel about the belt, but THIS is elegant asymmetry without a Wilma! Yay, Chris March!!

I stumbled upon Meryl as the female lead in a Roy Scheider film from the 80s, "Still of the Night," on cable. Meryl was in her 20s -- ZOMG! Playing a Hitchcock Blonde. I couldn't look away. She has only gotten more glorious with age.

I love Meryl and this is her best look in hears.

Thanks, Cuddly Chris.

That dress is so HER! She looks beautiful, relaxed and comfortable. Great job!

She looks as good as I have seen her look at an awards show. Simple, elegant dress, lovely hair and makeup. Beautiful woman! (I love her!) Way to go, Chris.

Oh my gosh, that's so great! I liked the neckline and the asymmetrical sleeves. I'd love to hear the back story of how this came about.

this is the best she's looked on the red carpet in as long as i can remember. way to go chris!

That's very fabulous indeed. In fact, when I saw her, I thought she looked better-dressed than she had in years! Way to go, Chris March!

Very nice. Classy, great fitting, and event-appropriate. Go Sissy Bear!

Well deserved, Chris!
La Streep looks stylish & comfy! Usually she appears rather flustered @ these things. She seemed relaxed last night.
I'd like to think it's because she wasn't concerned about what she had on.

(personally, given the occasion, a little sparkly on the belt wouldn't have hurt)

WOW!!!! And she looks smashing!!

Congrats, Chris!! Great job!

Yay Chris!

That neckline and drape are just so beautiful! She looked gorgeous.

The belt interrupts the beauty for me and seems clunky and inelegant. Just sayin'.

But big props to Chris for dressing a major artist. I just love Meryl!!

That is beyond awesome! Congratulations, Chris!!!

It's perfect for her!

Congratulations, Chris! Well done!

She looks fantastic!

And I don't mind the belt AT ALL. Without it it'd be weird, it needs something to counterbalance that whole black fabric and the belt (even if it's also black) works!

We're so proud of you, Chris SissyBear! Congratulations!

I am sooooooo happy for Chris, I still have a big ol' sloppy grin on my face over this!!! Even without knowing that Chris was the designer, I thought that this was one of La Meryl's better red carpet appearances. I later noticed the funky asymmetry with the sleeves, but it is still a winning look.


T-Bone Streep meets Sissybear. Perfect!

I love her...
she is so talented, classy, and beautiful.

And Chris March did a fabulous job!

Congratulations Chris M! This is classic meets hip. Love the big buckled belt. Stunning! A dress for a true winner.

It's perfect and it's her and it's the best I think she's ever looked. I said that last night even before I knew Chris made it ;) Ask my husband!

did he run out of material and therefore, couldn't make a left sleeve? I found it odd looking, but just the sleeve part of it...the dress itself is gorge...and I liked Chris' showing for PR: All Stars the best.

i'm sorry but the buckle is ugly :(

Chris - back story back story back story - how did this happen- how did you meet her- how did you two mesh?? Examining minds want to know !!!

Congrats, Sissybear!

Love it! She looks great!!!

Designers would kill to dress a major celebrity like Meryl Streep. Well done, Chris!

And I don't mind the belt AT ALL. Without it it'd be weird, it needs something to counterbalance that whole black fabric and the belt (even if it's also black) works!

Neither do I. Maybe a different belt would have glammed the look up, but she seems to be more low key, and it did need something to break up the top from the bottom. It sat in just the right spot to make her look really leggy.

When she walked up to receive the award I, too, thought "Wow, Meryl doesn't usually look this polished and gorgeous at awards show. [When you're that awesome you don't need to dress to impress] Good job, Meryl."

But now that I know it was a Chris March dress that made her look so fantastic, I love it even more.

I love Chris...but I don't see his personality anywhere in this rather basic dress! It's cool that he landed this A-lister...but I don't care that she's a huge star and has conservative a designer he needs elements of himself worked into it and there's nothing here that tells me that Chris designed this. I really dislike the belt too.

Sorry...but this dress is forgettable.

Squee! MERYL STREEP wearing my (proclaimed) BFF! I'm jumping up and down like a 7th grade girl.

(no, not really).

Chris, she looked FABULOUS last night. WAY TO GO; I'm so happy for you!


Damn I'm sitting her with a silly smile on my face. I'm so happy for Chris, and Meryl looks faaabulous!

Oh this makes me so freaking giddy. If I had to pick anyone from PR to dress any actor for an award show, I'd pick Chris designing for Meryl Streep. I adore both. Wouldn't you all loved to have seen them chatting during the fittings? I bet it was a hoot!

Congratulations Chris, she looks marvelous.

Congrats Chris! She looks fabulous!

AWESOME JOB! I was so not expecting Chris to be the designer! She looked great!

OMG yay!! Why am I so surprised, I can't wait to see more celebs in his stuff, it's a toned down dress but I can still feel the Chris. Asrgvbhjjnfff!!

Can you find out who that belt is by? She's worn it for years and it's fab. Loved the dress!

This makes me beyond happy. Go Chris!! I would never have thought to pair him with Ms. Streep. He did a fantastic job. What a great example of the range he is capable of producing!

wow, I thought that dress was so unflattering. The belt is way too wide and it added girth to her middle.

Are you all blinded by sissy bear love? That look just seemed average and not awful, but I wouldn't gush over it. Different strokes as usual

She is such a lovely woman who almost always chooses terrible red carpet dresses. Sissybear gave her the most flattering look she has had in YEARS! Snaps for Sissybear!

Best of the night! Simply exquisite. I love the way the earrings complemented the buckle on the dress.

So, why was Chris sworn to secrecy? Crediting who they're wearing is standard procedure for celebs on the red carpet.

Wow, Chris, good for you!

Last night daughter and I were talking about how wonderful Meryl looked, which is unusual for her. She tends to be a hot mess at award shows...

Glad it was one of "ours" who made the difference for her!

I love it, and I love the belt. the belt gives is a bit of funkiness and a bit of unexpectedness. The neckline is gorgeous and highly becoming. Overall it is beautiful and age-appropriate without being dowdy.

P.S. Chris March, when is my copy of "I heart Chris March" coming??? i never heard anything after the note saying that the books were delayed 3 wks from the printer....

Go Sissybear!!!

I can see his style in the oversized belt.

It's not surprising though he got to design a dress for her.

If you recall Chris mentioned after his Bryant Park runway, Streep had contacted him to say how much she responded to his collection.

Yes this dress does not scream sissybear and is much more toned down from what we expect from him but Streep simply put is not glamour red carpet type, over the top fashionista. She aint Swinton. (but imagine Chris designing for Tilda though!)

If Streep wore something that was something more expected from him she probably would not have been very comfortable trying to carry it off. Chris wisely created something that suited her and that she could wear with confidence. After all just look at her in the pics. Gping more conservative resulted in a very glamourous result. The asymmetry on the sleeves was likely his subtle strike of whimsey. I could see STreep going along with that bit of humor.


Yay for Chris March!!!! I love the neckline on her. It takes you right to her beautiful face. Wow!

I thought she looked great last night - wonder if Chris helped with styling too. If he did, kudos because hair and makeup were perfect. I would have loved a more elegant belt although I have to confess that I didn't even notice it last night.

------> but imagine Chris designing for Tilda though!

The very thought makes me verklempt. (fanning self)

our sissy-bear did a great job! i love meryl, but honestly she so often looks frumpy at these things --- here she looks elegant and stylish without looking like she's trying to compete with the 20-something sex-bomb starlets.

congrats, chris!

She looks amazing...Chris, I'm so happy for you! What an amazing opportunity! Congratulations!

Yay, Chris! Way to hit the very top of the A-Listers.

She looked lovely and elegant and, as many have posted, that's no small feat for La Streep at awards shows. She often shows up in what look like old slipcovers or discarded bedding.

Since Meryl was nommed for her work in Julie & Julia, I think it would have been amazing if Chris had done his signature over-the-top costume work. Perhaps a trussed duck headress, copper pot breastplate, and a giant whole salmon (the fish, not the color) handbag.


She looks great! Perfect dress for her. Congrats, Chris!


Why was it supposed to be a secret?

It couldn't happen for a more deserving, hardworking, talented PR designer.

Vive la Sissybear

When we saw her on stage, my daughter and I both commented about how great she looked. Way to go Chris! It was beautiful, slimming and age appropriate. Loved it!

I would also like to know why it had to be kept a secret that he designed this dress?

She looked particularly smashing and dare I say, the "c" word --- comfortable, for a change. Love!
And kudos to Chris.

I've loved Meryl Streep forever, but anyone who calls Mary J. Blige her all-time favorite singer and wears a Sissybear original to an awards show is eternally awesome in my book.


You don't announce ahead of time that an actress is going to wear your dress. These things are never a done deal until she steps out of the limo and on to the red carpet.


How did she find him?


Chris March can do no wrong!
The star is the actress and the dress is in the supporting role - just as it should be. Good job, Chris.

Yay, Chris March! The neckline is beautiful (and beautiful for her). Hey--it would be good for me, too. Chris -- Call me!

I've loved Meryl Streep forever, but anyone who ... wears a Sissybear original to an awards show is eternally awesome in my book.
edina 1/18/10 1:00 PM.

Y'know, I'm not a Meryl fan but the fact that she had the sense of humor to wear Chris' dress puts her up a notch in my book as well. And she looked so elegant and smart. I'm a little disappointed that there was no human hair but you can't have everything.

That must be the only dress of the evening that looks appropriate to the time of year (January!) and the weather. Way to go, Chris!

I thoughy Meryl looked better last night than she has at the past 20 or so awards shows she's attended. Way to go Sissybear!!!

Congrats Sissybear!

This is the best she's looked on the red carpet in a while. Obviously she is more comfortable in uncomplicated apparel, but previous looks were either her trying (unsuccessfully) to translate what was considered a sophisticated and glamorous red carpet outfit or dressing too carelessly and casually.

This is perfect, simple and elegant. The only possible tweaking I would have done (with the client's consent) was create the dress in, say, a rich topaz or caramel brown to accent the warmth of her gorgeous hair and skin.

@ edwina3 1/18/10 12:19 PM ...

When I first saw Meryl Streep accepting the award, I thought she looked elegant. And I had no idea who the designer was.

It's not that surprising that Chris March could produce a look like this. He already showed signs of his relaxed draping and balanced asymmetry during the museum-inspiration challenge in S4.

Age-appropriate, flattering and chic. The trifecta of red carpet dressing. Sissybear and Meryl hit it out of the park. Yes we can debate over using a different tone or maybe a different belt, but just think how much better she looks than some of the starlets half her age. That is why this is not just IN, but a WIN.

I only saw the very end of the broadcast; I thought Ms Streep was stunning in that low-key dress. Her face was just radiant!
As a woman of the same age and...stature as Meryl (in height, not in talent), I can say the dress was perfect in shape and design for her. Now I want it. NOW.
Loved the asym sleeves, too. A good touch of the absurd.
Well done, Chris!

I thought she looked great last night -- very relaxed, great hair and makeup, and a fabulous dress. Congrats, Chris!!!

She was among the best dressed of the night so that's terrific and SHE'S MERYL STREEP and that is SPECTACULAR!

Fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!


Congrats! You did an amazing job, and she looked phenomenal!

Even I am impressed, and I hate everything and everyone.
BTW... that is not a short sleeve on the left. It is an extension of the neckline thingy part. The dress has only one sleeve, and it is on the right.

Anon asked: "So, why was Chris sworn to secrecy? Crediting who they're wearing is standard procedure for celebs on the red carpet."

Is this because the actor and/or stylist may change their mind due to whatever reasons (weather, etc)?

TLo, can you boys get more of the story from Chris?

Any whichway, was a lovely surprise!

Go, SB, Go!


The dress looks fabulous on her. Thank you for posting this, Tlo!

Congratulations Sissybear! Such a classy dress that did exactly what it was supposed to -- compliment a radiantly beautiful woman while keeping the focus on her and not the dress! And yes, she looked so relaxed and comfortable -- which are not words normally associated with red carpet fashion. Totally age-appropriate, but flattering and helping her to look stunning!

I want to hear more from Chris, too! If you guys can coax some of the details out of him, it would make an awful lot of his fans very, very happy!

I watched the GG w/my mom last night and pointed out how great she looked in that dress last night - chic and elegant and effortless and radiant. I'm ever so pleased to hear it was Chris who brought out the best in T-bone.

TLo, just curious....

You often don't like Ms. Streep's ensembles & styling.

Did you look at her and like it, and then find out that C. March made it?

Or, did you look at her and NOT like it, and then found out that C. March made it?

Or did you not see it until after you knew that Chris made it?

I think she looked great but not typically glam as many others on the red carpet. But (uh-oh, I sound like Heidi), I would love to wear that dress.


She looks STUNNING!

Congratulations, Sissybear!! I'm so happy for you! Right there with Christian Siriano on the red carpet. Take that, bitches!!!

How cool is that?

I love the top part, especially. (I wish the skirt was less full.) Congrats & kudos to Chris!!

Bill -- that's another approach, and a valid one, to be sure.

Anonymous said...
I think she looked great but not typically glam as many others on the red carpet.

True, but Meryl Streep never looks glamorous on the red carpet. That's not her thing.

WOO! Congrats Chris!

I too, would love to hear the backstory as to how this came about! :)

Great news! Job well done, Chris!


This is so awesome, he's such a wonderful person. Now I love Meryl Streep even more.

GO CHRIS :D I thought she looked gorgeous last night. And I want that dress!

So gorgeous and classy; she looked fabulous last night and I had no idea our Chris March had designed it. What a great surprise!

I have nothing to add but want to be a part of the chorus--

that dress is elegant and gorgeous and age appropriate--congrats to Chris for making it and to La Streep for wearing it.

I am picturing Chris floating on cloud nine wearing a ginormous viking headdress.


Such a wonderful moment for Meryl Streep being nominated for two roles and there she was wearing freaking Chris March, it doesn't get any better than that. Congrats, Sissybear! We love you!

This is by far one of her best looks on the red carpet. Go Chris! And Tlo, thank you so much for keeping us updated. You guys must be spending a fantastic amount of time in front of your computers.

Honestly i do not like this dress. Its BORING! No umph to it I understand that Mr. Streep is an older lady but honestly does she have to dress like a grandma??

*shame,shame,shame* Chris =(

She lookes fabulous. Congratulations, Chris.



She looks good and she looks comfortable.

Take notes, Ms. Bullock. If you can't fake glamour girl, this is a direction to consider. (And to hell with everyone who says you're too young to give up the tight and shiny. Nothing gained by looking uncomfortable and awkward.)

Pretty for the most part. Two criticisms:

- don't like the asymmetrical sleeves, but then again I am not a fan of asymmetry.

- black is too overpowering for Meryl Streep's fair coloring.

YAY Chris March! Can't think of a better icon for you to dress!

Congratulations, Chris! As my all time favorite PR designer, I am sooo happy for you to have the chance to dress a major celeb! And ignore the haters; all that matters is that she liked it enough to wear and she obviously did!

Meryl Streep looked great last night. The look reminded me of her dress at the 2009 Oscars where she also showed off her shoulders

WOW!! As others have stated, when the marvelous Meryl walked on the stage, I thought to myself, "She looks so elegant and beautiful, best I have seen her at an awards show ever!". And lo and behold it was a Chris March design!! I am thrilled for him!! To design for a true legend is beyond fabulous!!
I love Ms. Streep, and I love Sissybear!!!

This post is SCREAMING for an update... or better yet, another Chris March interview!

woot! Congrats Chris!

I thought it was Donna Karan. Glad to hear it was Chris. But like others, the belt struck an odd note. But it did seem that a few (her, Julia Roberts to name a couple) were dressed a little more casually. Whether that is because it was the Golden Globes (i.e. not the Oscars) or because of the Haiti issues (celebs tend to play it down in deference to tragedy) I am not sure. But she seemed completely comfortable. I loved, loved the drapey shoulder and the earrings. What was the material? Yum...just lovely.

Meryl looked really lovely last night. Congrats to SissyBear!! xoxoxoxo

Personally, not crazy about the belt buckle (it looks like a belt I wore with tunics in the 80's) but Meryl is just rockin' the look. It's obvious she loves it!

I remember seeing that dress and thinking how amazing she looked. It was one of my favorites of the night. To find out it was designed by one of my fave PR alums just made it even better. Congrats, Chris!!!

Love Meryl.
Love Chris.
Love the dress.
That belt was a mistake, though.

i'm not dorothy gale

I LOVED that dress on her and commented that I would like one just like it. It was elegant and perfect and I am thrilled that our own Sissy Bear is the designer. Way to go, baby!

Elegant overall. A different belt/sash would have worked better--that one is too casual for the affair. Love the neckline on her. True class.

Not too excited about THAT belt, but the gown looks fabulous on her!

She's fabulous!

A class act!

AWESOME!!!! She looks fabulous, and I'm so happy for Chris! LOVE IT!!!

You go Chris, Rock the Runway in many ways!

You go Chris, Rock the Runway in many ways!


We loved it, even before we knew it was Chris's design! Way to go!

OMG, how awesome for him!
I love the dress; she looks elegant with a lil sex appeal.

YAY Chris!

I watched the Golden Globes on and off last night and was lucky enough to catch Meryl Streep winning for Julie & Julia. I admired how beautiful she looked in this dress and how she wore it instead of the other way around. She looked at ease instead of sucked, stapled, shellacked and squeezed like so many others. How wonderful to find out that Chris March made this dress for her. Did anyone ask her who she was wearing when she was on the red carpet? I would have squealed like a 7th grader if I had heard her say "Oh, Chris March designed this for me."

I actually really like this with the belt. It's just a tiny bit of color that adds interest and makes the shape, without distracting from the neckline, which is the real star of the dress. Very lovely.

Stunning. The gown falls so beautifully. It is perfect for her. I love the belt, it adds a point of difference. A sash would have been too matchy, you need something to break up the dress or it would have been too heavy (January Jones anyone?) Plus the buckle matches her earrings (and her Globe!)
Yay for Chris! Like someone mentioned before, this dress mimics the effortlessness of his final gown in the inspiration challenge. He obviously has an eye for elegance. TLo I would love to know how it came about also :)
P.S. I just watched Julie and Julia for the 3rd time, it is such a lovely film! Meryl is wonderful, as usual.

oh me likey! me likey a lot! :D

honest to god - best shes looked on the red carpet in years!

great job sissy bear!! <333

(can i get one too?)

I'd love to read an interview of Chris March's adventure with Meryl Streep! Please, please, please?

The dress is very nice, but on her it's stunning. Wish she had worn a different belt, but if it's the only droopy boho she's bringing to this glamorous look then I'm thankful.

Well, well done Mr. March.


I think she looks fantastic (dress, hair and makeup) and she is obviously comfortable and confident in the dress. My complaint is the belt. I like the idea of a belt with that dress, just not that belt. The buckle looks too pirate wench or superhero for such and elegant gown. Perhaps a velvet belt with some sparkle in the buckle? Maybe that would be too "holiday party"?

But GOOOOO Sissy Bear! To dress the most celebrated actress in the world on a night where she WINS a golden globe...OMG what an accomplishment!

What are you guys all talking about? This dress looks like an ill fitted sack with a belt around it. The neckline is not flattering, not are the assymetrical sleeves. Baaaaaaaaad!


love it except the mismatched sleeves

Congrats Chris!
Love the neckline and the cut.
She looks fabulous, comfortable and happy in that dress.

Hope you will be doing her Oscar gown as well!

Carol in LA said...

"I'm a little disappointed that there was no human hair but you can't have everything."


Oh, how amazing would that have been? I loved the human hair as embellishment in his PR collection. However, Chris strikes me as the kind of artist and designer that has so many ideas he doesn't have to repeat himself.


I thought it was the best Meryl's looked in years as well... congratulations my favourite ever PR designer...

And there is a bit of a story here I think... I've just googled 'Meryl Streep + Chris March' and it seems they've known each other at least since Chris' PR runway show...,,20181041,00.html

CONGRATULATIONS, Sissy Bear! I'm KVELLING! She looked FAB, I remember watching her come up to the podium and thinking how much I liked the neckline and the belt. Way to go, Chris!

CONGRATULATIONS, Sissy Bear! I'm KVELLING! She looked FAB, I remember watching her come up to the podium and thinking how much I liked the neckline and the belt. Way to go, Chris!

asparagus lust

Congrats all around. I have winced at Merlie's selections (all too coy and drapey (usually Donna Karan), forgettabout it!) Chris got it JUST RIGHT. Normally I detest these weight lifter belts, but not on this one. Perfecto. NOW MERLE KEEP UP THE CMARCH WEAR SINCE HE CHANNELS YOU AND GET INTO SOME OF THAT FETTISH STYLE STUFF WITH VELVET IN THE MIX. Just sayin.

Yeah, NOT BORING. And so Merle.

WoooHoo Congrats Loved the Dress! Great job!

Aw. Congratulations, Chris!

Even before finding out, I told a GG chat that Meryl's look was my favorite.

Good job.

Best i've ever seen on that broad

That is the best she's EVER looked. She added a little more sex appeal, while keeping to classy and elegant.

Way to go Sissybear? Dress her for the Oscars, too.

I like the dress, but I can't get behind the belt.

I thought she looked great last night. She looked glam and comfortable. I should have known it was the fabulous Mr March!

I thought the dress was frumpy and I hated the belt buckle.

I think the dress was perfectly appropriate for Meryl and the Globes. It was elegant, unique, and sophisticated. The belt pulls the whole outfit together. She looked beautiful in it and looked like she felt beautiful in it. What more can a woman ask for? Some don't like the sleeve, but I think it adds the "Chris flare". Congratulations Chris! Enjoy the fame! I found you on Facebook after being contacted by an old childhood friend.

Before I read any comments, I want to say, Congratulations, Chris!!!! My favorite designer and my favorite actress!! I always KNEW she was brilliant!!

And she looked GORGEOUS!! I am just so excited for Chris! I know - I don't even know him, but he was such a great funny soul, I cheer for the world to treat him well. Good guys can win sometimes, can't they???

Well Done.

Wish she had worn a belt with just a bit more...glamour.

Mr. Chris March...


I am incredibly proud of you! You are a true talent and understand the understated glamour that Meryl Streep is all about. I am incredibly happy to know you and that this happened to such an amazing person! I look forward to seeing you soon in New York!

xoxo Amanda Fields

The dress is perfect. perfect.

Great dress.

The EARRINGS! They look like antiques. Would love to see a real detailed close up of them

Remember? She was at their final runway show...

I wondered last night who she was wearing because she looked so elegant and the dress was so much better than her usual looks. Well done, Chris!

Quite a coup for Chris; congratulations.

The dress looks a bit heavy to me and the belt really hurts the look.

I think she looks great. A smaller belt would have been lost on this, but maybe a different (more symmetrical) buckle would have worked better.


Go, Chris-Meryl looked very classy-I am so happy for Sissybear!

Love the belt. Really makes the outfit.
- Don

I owned a version of this dress, from Benetton, in the early 1990s.

But while I don't love this dress, I love Chris March completely. I'm a huge, huge fan. I'm still holding my breath for his haute couture runway show. He is an artist. -victoria


Sorry for yelling, but I just finished reading the paper, and saw a picture of La Streep wearing a short red day dress with the SAME belt. Voila. I deduce that she chose the belt, not Mr. March.

I want to save these pictures and put them in a time capsule to be opened when I am Meryl Streep's age and I need a good dress. Age-appropriate and NOT dowdy at all. It's great. Actually, I'm 25 and I would wear this.

Maybe she thinks of the belt as a lucky charm. In SATC's movie, the same black studded belt kept popping up in scenes so much so that SJP named it Roger.

I'm a little bummed that Uncle Nick didn't mention Chris' participation in the fashion roundup on TVGN. I wanted to see a shout out for Mr. March but Meryl's dress wasn't even mentioned.

Does anyone know what fabric the gown is made of? Just curious b/c I can't tell from the pictures.

Congratulations Chris. Well done!

I have been rooting for Chris all along!
I think he is one of the most talented PR designers ever. Actually more talented than many an actual winner.

I'm elated for him; congrats dude, you should be proud

Chris, if you're reading this -- and you should be, you marvelous devil, you --

On a Washington Post GG chat Sunday night, Robin Givhan was asked who looked better than they usually do at award ceremonies and she said:

"Meryl Streep looks great. She usually looks sort of flustered."

High praise indeed.

Wonderful. Too bad the SBear couldn't help her with her speech. I also want to mention that I came across this page on a number of aggregators, like "Wesmirch" which means you must really be entering a new realm! congrats to you too!

She looks fabulous. One of only a handful of actresses over 50 who can move her face. I thought she looked fantastic. Her face has aged but aged in a classy way. She doesn't look like she is wearing a mask. Very little makeup and her face is full of expression. It doesn't look plastic.

Congrats, Sissybear!!! She looked absolutely amazing.

The more I see this, the more I think about it, the happier I am for Sissybear.

Three cheers, Mr. March!

Whoa. I would have never guessed. She looks fab.


*jumps up and down emitting high-pitched joyous noises*

GO SISSYBEAR! She looked exactly right, it's the best look for her I've seen in ages. She's got *inaudible* years on me, but if the angels love me, I'll look that great, relaxed, classy, happy in *ahem* years. In other words, totally Meryl. Beautiful.

Make it wine-red, give it pockets, and send me one! No, two - one long, one short. Meryl looks glorious, thanks and bless you, Chris!!! When are we going to see you step into the limelight?

Does anybody see All about Eve in this? the black dress miss Davis wears?

I live in Korea where we're still on the season 6 all-star challenge... I'm watching Chris' collection right now and it's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! He's one seriously talented designer.

I loved the dress that Chris March made for Meryl Streep for the academy awards. Crazy as it may sound, can an average person contact Chris March and have a dress made?

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