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LML: Runway Rundown

Hey! Remember this show?

Eric & Galina

Believe it or not, we almost like this look.

First, we would have to get rid of that ill-advised vest and of course we would have to switch out those glaringly mismatched shoes...

And the dress fits her terribly, but we really like the way they treated the fabric. For these two, it made for a surprisingly interesting look.

Kathy & Emil

This, on the other hand, was surprisingly bad.

We say "surprisingly" because even when they weren't hitting it out of the park, you could usually count on them for a solid piece, mostly well executed, rendered in some eye-catching color combinations.

We're not seeing any of that here

The fabric is HIDDY ...

And the whole thing borders on vulgar. Plus, what's up with the fugly colors?

Louanna & Jim

Up is down and black is white because this crack-is-whack show has us defending a designer we're not inclined to defend...

...and defending a look we'd never normally have much to say about.

Okay, let's get this out of the way: It's an outfit you could literally buy anywhere in America for under 50 bucks. Under 30 if you really know what you're doing. As such, no, it's not high fashion in any way whatsoever.

You know what? NEITHER IS ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS SHOW. We found ourselves getting annoyed at the judges sniffing over this look. The fact of the matter is, they were two well-made and well designed pieces and on a show with SO MUCH ASS on the runway, she should have been lauded for putting out something that doesn't look like a joke.

[Photos: Patton - Screencaps:]

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I thought the "distressing the fabric" part of the challenge was pretty ill-conceived. It makes sense on denim, not on silk. And I don't think anyone on the show was capable of doing something really amazing or innovative with the challenge, which basically mandated that they make pretty fabric ugly. I could do that.

This show is steadily losing me. None of these looks fit together in a line and the judges are all smoking the same brand of crack. Yawn.

Wow, with the start of Project Runway, I thought that your obligation to finish reviewing this show was over. But being the orderly boys that you are, you want to be sure that all of your reviews are up-to-date and in order. You get bonus points for pressing onward with this mess-of-a-show.

that said, I didn't hate the red shoes. Kinda liked them actually, since there was a small bit of red in the fabric and they were a bold choice.

but at the end of the day, none of this matters, does it? Project Runway is off and running and it is hard to think about or care about this show.

I think Louanna would have gotten off easier if they had done something even vaguely interesting with the top or the jean (ESPECIALLY the jean, since that seemed to be the time-consuming showpiece for their look). I have made jeans before, and it's NOT easy, but if they could crank out a pair of basic jeans they mostly certainly could have cranked out a pair with a little detail. Spend less time on the arcuate and more time on something that will make the jeans interesting and that people will see. The cheap denim (I know, not their fault) and that twee cursive "L" basically mandates that these be sold alongside some 'vintage' (ha) LEI's from the 90's in some fluorescent-lit basement bootleg bargain bin shop in Queens.

I believe they also suggested making the top voluminous, like the 'bloom' of Kathy's "Native Rose" - meh, cheesy, but it would have also worked. The sad jeans and schlumpy top together conspired against her too much. Other people at least tried to go for it...

...which brings us to Kathy. Oh, I want to know what crap-ass silk these foolios be lookin' at to compare it to this scratched up poly bullshit! Other than that, the colors were blah but a nice compromise between Merle and Kathy, and the design itself, while not innovative or anything, could have been a lot better in some decent fabrics.

DJ Boris and Natasha need to go home. I'm tired of their variegated blue-green slutsuits. Even Tara Reid would think that shit is tacky, cheap resortwear.

Amanda Fields continues to make everything look good. At this point, I'm watching the show for Amanda and the occasional funny quip from Merle.

Would anybody mind explaining what the challenge was? I sure can't figure it out.

Nobody improves on this show, do they? They either get worse or stay the same.

Not only do they not improve, I think the show encourages them to get worse. A lot of the "designers" showed up with a vision--perhaps a pedestrian or ill-conceived one--and the insane judging has them scrambling to make the ugliest, cheapest looking thing they can.

TLo said...Hey! Remember this show?

Nope. They lost me during the second episode and never got me back. Everytime I try to get back into it, the twins voices drive me away again.

It was an appealing concept, but the execution just never captured my attention.

"I thought the "distressing the fabric" part of the challenge was pretty ill-conceived. It makes sense on denim, not on silk."

Agreed. Especially for poor Patrick--not that his outfit was good anyway--since all he brought with him was that tulle. Anything you tried to distress it with would make it disintegrate!

Also, I liked how, for example, in the second episode they had the fashion forecaster lady come in and then used that idea as part of the challenge. You know, something relevant for a person designing a line of clothes? Not trying to design around farm animals, or naked people, or sunglasses and red patent leather.

The Silk that everyone was comparing Kathy's distressed poly to is slub silk, which is a heavier weave, and has lumps and bumps in it because (if memory serves correctly)the fibers themselves are not cleaned as thoroughly, leaving bits of silkworm poo attached to the silk. Slub silk is more often seen in silk upholstery and wall treatments, though I have seen some beautiful jackets done up in it as well.

I like Louanna's jeans and the fact that she thought to add the L detail on the pocked to tie into the dress.

This show lost me when they did the nude thing. It was just so weird, they way the D's just kind of said here's a bunch of naked people and then wandered away in that little world of their own. Since then I'm finding D Squared and this show more and more repellent and tasteless, the challenges unfocused and the judging uninformed. Nobody is going to win with this train wreck.

I like that Team Louanna's jeans used the fabric on the bias. And, they were fit well with interesting details (red zipper, bias fabric). Shirt = boring, but not asstastic. This look should not have been on the bottom.

The judging on this is incredibly poor. I don't like having the "mentors" also act as judges. They end up with a preconception of the final look which biases their judging. Then, they tell the other judges about what went on in creating the look. All that should matter is the final look and how it builds the final line.

Likewise, Dan&Dean tend to think about what they would do given the particular challenge (and discuss this with the other judges). Well, guess what D-squared! You already launched YOUR line.

That said, Dan&Dean have so much more to offer than the vacuous slices of bread on that Judges Table sandwich.

I'm not exactly sure what this is. Is it a show on bravo?

The idea of a challenge centered around distressing fabric struck me as interesting - and the part of the show that went to the factory was interesting in a Mr. Rogers-goes-to-the-cheese-factory-to-show-us-how-cheese-is-made way.

But, there are some things about this show that don't seem well thought out (ha ha). Like how the designers had to get all their fabric at once without knowing they needed fabrics that ranged from chiffon to heavy denim to swimsuit fabric.

Every designer has had some version of the problem that architect guy had when he had to make a swimwear/beachwear piece out of one of his black flannels. This time around there were designers who didn't have fabrics that even remotely fit the challenge.

I feel very fickle - but now that PR has batted its lovely eyes and flipped its long lovely hair, I am in love all over again. LML, in her oddball, ill fitting get-ups is looking sadder and dumpier by the minute.

Anonymous said...

The Silk that everyone was comparing Kathy's distressed poly to is slub silk, which is a heavier weave, and has lumps and bumps in it because (if memory serves correctly)the fibers themselves are not cleaned as thoroughly, leaving bits of silkworm poo attached to the silk. Slub silk is more often seen in silk upholstery and wall treatments, though I have seen some beautiful jackets done up in it as well.

Yes, I love dupioni and other raw silks, but they still don't look anything like Kathy's cheap, mutilated polyester. I get what they were going for, and I suppose it was a decent enough idea, but the way they and the judges went on and on about it was like Kathy had flawlessly imitated real silk when it just looked like ass. Pure ass. I think they even said she make it look expensive, hahahahahaha. Yeah right.

Afrika said, "I'm not exactly sure what this is. Is it a show on bravo?"

And that just about sums it up, doesn't it?

Hate to admit that I stopped watching this show a week ago.

I may go back to it if they re-vamp it in upcoming seasons, but it's just too tacky to waste time on.

I'll read your blog and look at your pictures and comments, but it deserves no more time than that.

Maybe you're giving it more notice than it deserves, too??

Personally I've never seen 1 episode of this show because it just looks so boring and the clothes aren't worth it. I'm actually surprised you guys are still covering it now that PR is back.

Only reason I still tune in is because of the posts on this blog. Now that Patrick is gone, even that small incentive has disappeared. I'll still check in with you guys, but I'm finding something else to do with that hour.

I had to go back and look up who won this week's challenge. Shows how boring the show has become.

I dunno, I liked parts of Kathy's look. The colors worked well together, I thought the feather thing was understated and kinda clever given how vague the challenge was and the distressing looked cool. But I do agree, the back was too plungey, especially given how short it was. EEEK!

I actually kinda liked DJ Eric's look. I thought Louanna got a raw deal. I dunno. This show needs some retooling. Do yall have Andy Cohen's iPhone number? You need to call.

I agree with the comment that it's unfair that the mentors are also the judges and are therefore judging them on their process rather than just the outcome.

I also really dislike how they "deliberate" by just turning their chairs towards each other and whispering IN FRONT OF THE CONTESTANTS! One of the best things about Project Runway, Top Chef, etc. is that we get to hear some of the reasoning behind the decision when the deliberate amoungst themselves. What they do on this show reminds me a little too much of the "cool kids" huddling together and whispering about the nerds behind their backs.

All true, sadly. I still watch on DVR delay, but the silliness of the concept is grating. Kudos to TLo for keeping up with it.

So, what I've learned so far from watching this show, is that in order to develop and launch a line, you need to have an animal inspiration, one distressed look, a "beach" look, etc. Whaaa...?

All of that shit is fine for a look, but is totally against the idea of a cohesive line.

And the twin faeries ( I swear, i still hear the Mothra song whenever they speak) in the design room! The mentor should be free to speak their mind and the contestant should be able to ignore them if they wish without having to face them at judging.

Their feedback in the workroom sounds like Delta Burke's character from Sordid Lives: "Do you think that you need such and such..?" - "Don't answer that, just think about it!"

Let's predict tomorrow's episode as the lowest rated yet.

I think it would have been cool (well, for this show) if they'd taken them to see the distressing and then had them come back and choose a fabric to distress and use. that would have been a design challenge and not a Game Show Challenge.

I keep watching these stupid shows b/c I have my secret Be a Contestant fantasy, but lord this one is really stretching it for me.

I kind of liked Eric's design. Kind of.

I really liked the effect Kathy got with the pumice stone, but I don't understand why she was bragging about picking such a cheap polyester fabric in the first place. That fabric wasn't forced on her; she picked it!

Afrika said...

I'm not exactly sure what this is. Is it a show on bravo?

No, it's a soap opera on Telemundo.

I was sort of going along with this show as an improvement over The Fashion Show. However, now that PR's showing signs of its own self--boy, what a glaring difference there is between design talent and skills.

This show just needs to end its run and make sure, if it returns, to never ever overlap with PR again. Just too painful.

I forgot about this show. What's next this week? Be inspired by a dumpster's contents and then have garments that are all trash? Oh, wait! Didn't we already see that one???!

The only thing I liked about the blue dress and vest? The shoes! Sage Lady's dress was so incredibly ugly...I have no words.
About the jeans...They do look cool because of the bias...but I keep thinking that sooner or later, those little side zippers at the hems are gonna end up going down the front or back of your leg!! Who does that--cut jeans on the bias? Especially skinny ones! Yikes.
I can just see everyone affiliated with this progrma just walking into the sunset saying "f*ck it--we'll just forget it". Or maybe that's just a dream....

Oh--I just noticed that the your blog lists this as Launch My Line, "Season 1". I'd say, "Season 1 And Only".

Anonymous@4:56:What they do on this show reminds me a little too much of the "cool kids" huddling together and whispering about the nerds behind their backs.

I think they're actually muttering, "peanutbutter peanutbutter peanutbutter" like background crowds in stage shows. It's so theatrical that I can only figure the winner has already been selected and they're just "creating" suspense.


First two looks= Fa-ugly!

Last one, I would wear out to a club with my friends.

OH puH puh LEEEZE Everyone here have amnesia....
This show is no worse than PR6 and has definitely had better challenges than PR6. The one major flaw is that some of the judges can get near the PR6 atrocious judging.

I think TLo should replace the twins and Patrick and Vanessa should replace the other two. Now that would be a show worth watching!

maybe if they had to destroy the pleather they would have at least gotten into it.

Louanna's choice pretty much sums up the lameness of the challenge... we can't do much with our fabric so we have to get denim to make this not so dumb of an idea.

I didn't think the color combo that Kathy Rose did was that bad but if I only saw the backside of that dress i would think the girl's turquoise panties were showing in the back.

It's a sad state of affairs when the outfit that, as TLo pointed out, one could find at any mall in the US is (arguably) the best look of the bunch.

I thought that first pic was of a man's crotch and thought "did they do men's bathing suits this week?" until I scolled down and realized it was the modek's back.

Everything churned out on this show is tacky and cheap. It was my desperate-for-fashion placeholder until PR came back, so now I'm out.

Karl Lagerfeld

I think it's the judges that will prove this show's demise. As has been stated before, the twins' voices are like nails on a chalkboard. And they seem to be pretty vapid to boot. The masculine female judge (sorry, don't know their names) has horrendously bad L.A. taste. The other female has a distracting nosejob and seems to be permanently in a foul mood. What exactly is pissing her off all the time? Plus the set looks like a cross between The Gong Show and The Dating Game. For that reason, I can only cringe during the judging part, and that's supposed to be the best part of the show.

I can't believe you're still watching and reviewing this, dearest T Lo. I'm so sorry you are, as it can't be enjoyable. I deleted LML from my DVR schedule weeks ago. You're made of tougher and more accepting stuff than I, gentlemen. I hope you're rewarding yourselves with delicious booze afterwards.

That fact that the DJ is still in the mix proves that this show has no credibility whatsoever.


I have always liked sage girls clothing-minus a hiccup here and there. She is my pick for the win-such as it is with this wacky group of judges and challenges.

I think her line would sell best as of this point in the competition. I like her use of prints and colors.

louella is making too much stuff out of shiny silky jammie fabrics, but overall construction quality seems pretty high- her partner is a good sewer.

Merle is getting a bit "boring/know-it-all-y"

I am shocked that DJ is still in it. ticky tacky stuff.


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