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LML: Runway Rundown Part 2

Let's finish this.

Merle & Thai

Ahh, Merley. Entertaining you may be with your bitchery, but at the end of the day, you're just another reality show contestant whose head got a little too puffy and paid the price for it.

Because girl? You had no cause to be walking around like you shit ice cream.

Sure, the judges liked some of your previous pieces, but let's put that in perspective, shall we? A couple of weirdly robotic, helium-voiced, Children of the Corn Wonder Twinks and a couple of loud, mannish "style experts" liked your shit. That's no reason to be swanning around like you're Coco Chanel. Come on now.

The jacket's not a bad idea, but the back looks weirdly unfinished, like it's going to fall apart.

And of course, she has a scrotum for some reason.

Aside from that, good job! Now shut up and stop acting like you've got this in the bag, because you don't.

Sage Chick & Bean Pole

We're really starting to come around to the Kathy side. She's a little goofy, but dammit, she keeps doing interesting things.

In fact, we kind of think she should have won it this week. If you're going to throw words like "wild card" and "avant garde" at the designers without further explanation of what the challenge is, then this look pretty much blew all the others out of the water.

Sure, that skirt's way too much and we don't even like the fabric all that much...

But that bodice is AMAZING. That alone was enough for us. Especially in the sea of mediocrity and pure crack that normally passes for fashion on this show.

[Photos: Patton - Screencaps:]

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I too loved this dress. The colors are beautiful and as TLo said the bodice is the best part.

Sage Chick should have won. She's the only one to really USE the red in a good way. Except for TackyDJ, and his look was trashy.

That jacket looks like something I'd find at a low end resale shop, smelling of mildew and falling apart. I'm not kidding.
I give anyone credit who can keep watching this show because I lost interest after seeing an episode for all of five minutes.

This show isn't even a guilty pleasure

Merle's dress as a scrotum? I dunno; I'm a connoisseur, and I've never seen a scrotum like that. Now, what it strongly resembles is a woman's form moments after giving birth: selectively saggy right in that spot, and flesh-toned to boot. It's a maternity dress without the baby bump. This could have won, if it weren't too conceptual for America.

"Tlo said: Because girl? You had no cause to be walking around like you shit ice cream."

...because if you could, you wouldn't be on a reality show; you'd already be the billionaire inventor the best hemorrhoid cure ever, and be discussing your work with Charlie Rose instead of Wayland Flowers & Madame.


"Children of the Corn Wonder Twinks," ..."walking around like you shit ice cream..."

I don't know how you come up with this stuff, but I'm glad you do.

I agree that this show has become tiresome. I was watching it with a friend, and she got up to go to the bathroom. I asked, "Want me to press pause?" (on the DVR).

her puzzled look was priceless. "What?!? Oh, heavens no!"

lots of drivel, easily missed. I may tape it this week and speed through it.

Oh GT! that was pure 24K gold bitchery

I thought Merle's was the worst. It was just fug. They're lucky they had immunity.

My only issue with kathy's was that it was too much on the skirt. It needed a little editing Otherwise it was the only one that could be considered avante garde and still tie into her line. Hers was truly the only "wild card" outfit


There is nothing about Kathy's dress that says Wild Card OR Avante Garde. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice enough look, but I don't think it really fit the brief that well at all. And I HATE that fabric she used - I can't believe there weren't better "African" prints at the store when she bought her baseline fabrics. All of Kathy's stuff has been nice (besides the jellyfish tentacles) but it is not really fashion-forward in any way. Though I'm not sure if that is the goal of the show. Hell, I'm not even sure of the goal of the episode half the time, haha.

Merle is tres annoying. She really isn't all that - she talks a lot of shit and keeps saying she knows the most about fashion, but her expert seems to be giving her a LOT of direction and guidance for every look. Also, she really needs to change up her color palette a TINY bit - I love the colors she's using but she really can't make EVERYTHING like that. I also love how her tacky "inside-out" gimmick has really, really been watered down episode to episode - from reversible dresses and vests with shawl hems all in one look to "Ooh, look, pull the string, it moves - IT'S A NEW LOOK!!!" Haha. Her expert is a total cutie though, and seems to really know what he's doing, and they DO get points for the best use of the red vinyl. (Not enough to offset the awful pooch idea, though - seriously? They thought that looked good? I'm not even of the school that something needs to be flattering to be fashionable, Just no.)


I don't know why I'm still watching. I've gotten really board with just about everything with this show. I'm more focused with PR coming this Thursday


OK, I admit it! I got all caught up in the Merle & Thai hype. I've been cheering them on for the past few episodes, but in reality, I've never truly loved any of their looks that have come down the LML runway. Thanks for setting the record straight (no offense --- lol), but you're absolutely right, Merle ain't all that. That toreador's vest was total crap and had nothing to do with the diseased scrotum frock. From now on I'll set my sights on team Kathy & Beanpole (David Bowie lookalike in my book, thank you very much).

P.S. I can't wait until this crap is off my TV. But I also can't help but watch each week 'cause of you and your fabulous re-caps, TLo!


I liked the bottom of Kathy's better than the top.

While Merle's was a miss this time, she consistently has had some of the better looks. So I can't see why people would start ganging up on her.

I liked the bottom of Kathy's better than the top.

While Merle's was a miss this time, she consistently has had some of the better looks. So I can't see why people would start ganging up on her.

I like Sage Chick's dress a lot. She should have won.


A couple of weirdly robotic, helium-voiced, Children of the Corn Wonder Twinks and a couple of loud, mannish "style experts"

Oh, that is pure gold! As is Gotham Tomato's reference to Wayland Flowers and Madame....

How is Kathy's a "Wild Card" look? It looks the same as all of her other dresses, this one is just in a print. It's not a standout look in her collection at all. Hell, the aqua jellyfish thing was more Wild Card than this dress. And is it just me, or does that print not really go very well with the solid fabrics she's been using so far?

Is that a ZIPPER in the back of Merly's jacket? Is that why it looks like it's falling apart? Has she set a zipper upside down ion the center back seam? This could look cool, in a jacket that was more tailored. This jacket, however, is too poufy for it to even be noticed. Is it to allow room for the paunch that she expects the model to grow? I dunno. The silhouette is nice, but no woman wants an add-on pot belly. Just so strange. I'm loving that rope bodice dress.

I just having nothing nice or interesting to say about either Merle or Sage Chick regarding this I won't even bother. (is her name really Kathy...I honestly never would have remembered that...)

I'm still disappointed that such a nice well designed workroom/set is going to waste on these "designers" (term used loosely) and with this show! :(

I like everything about that second dress...the color, the pattern, the use of the braid. It's beautiful.

the second dress reminds me of the Proenza Schouler Spring 2010 show- because of the print used in the skirt. i can see your points about the print, but i love it. and as you said the bodice is very eye-catching and well done.

The show is almost over, and I STILL don't understand what the hell its all about -- except to prove that people with no talent can succeeed in fashion? And the chipmunk twins who are the show gurus. WTF? Let's pray that Runway is as good as it has been in the past, and we can get off this dumb ride.

Kathy has been my favorite all along. I love the color story throughout her looks (I can't believe i just used the phrase color story), and hells bells, I LOVED the kimono jellyfish dress (sans tentacles). I thought her dress this week, bodice, skirt and all, was gorge.
- Shannan

Bob Scrivens said... Now, what it strongly resembles is a woman's form moments

That is the first thing I thought as well, Bob (minus the giving birth part, 'cause I had C-Sections so I wouldn't know). It looks like a big clit.

Sorry for the offensiveness, but I had to say it. No, actually, Merle should be sorry for that offensiveness.

Agreed totally. Why would Merle put a chicken neck in the crotch???

i think kathy should have one. it was the only one that came close to avant garde. her dress looks like the result of a collaboration between jeffrey from PR3 and korto from PR5. i can't believe the judges put her in the middle of the pack.

I'm supposed to be writing a few papers, but I had to get my daily dose of TLo. When I read this post I had to choke back my laughter, everyone in this library must think I'm possessed. But I really like Kathy's dress, full skirt in all. I would rock that everywhere, even grocery shopping...

Well, after the first couple of eps, I had these two pegged as the only ones with a chance to win whatever this contest is about.

Merle messed this one up, pure and simple. I have to agree that Kathy should have won this round.

Go GT! There are far too few references to Waylon and Madame these days for my taste.

Is Merle planning on dressing women as professional football players because football shoulder pads is what that jacket thing reads to me. If I want to look like I have no neck and just lost 100 pounds and need a tummy tuck, I'll wear this. She has created some nice garments but this, honey, is shitastic. We just need Heidi saying in her Teutonic accent, "Aren't you lucky you have immunity this week, yes?"

I really like Sage Girl and Bean Pole's dress this week. The bodice is fabulous. "Safe"???? And the disco ball streetwhore dress won????

This show sucks.

Out of all the looks, I disliked Kathy's the least. The print was a little over the top, but the bodice was interesting, and the dress itself was neither insanely cheap or unflattering.

Merle's dress... ugh.

Hey is Merle going to be back on RuPaul's Drag Race this season? So much Merle...

The only reason I bother watching this show anymore is so that I can read TLO the next day and laugh my arse off. "Children of the corn Wonder Twinks"?!?!?!?!?! Absolutely classic. Love you boys.

....But that bodice is AMAZING. That alone was enough for us. Especially in the sea of mediocrity and pure crack that normally passes for fashion on this show.

I have to disagree with you on this one. The minute she walked out I thought it looked like they sewed those plastic leis you get at New Years together and tacked it onto the skirt.

That said, it was still the best one of the bunch.

A poofy head is right. The jacket looks like something I wouldn't give to a thrift store. Too bad, because I have liked what Merle has done previously.

I love the fabric Kathy used. I'm not much for prints, but the ones I like are really bold. The only thing I don't like about the dress is the top layer of braiding around the neck. It make my shoulders and neck hurt, just looking at it.

Children of the Corn Wonder Twinks

Ha! Awww, I love those two wee men.

I didn't love Merle's look but I'm not abandoning hope yet, I still love Merle and... partner.
Sage Chick should have won in my opinion. I think it best fit the challenge, whatever that was. It used some interesting construction, pushed boundaries a bit (for this show), had an interesting shape... wild card?

I didn't like either of these looks. In fact, I haven't liked much of anything done by anyone at anytime on this show. It almost makes me angry enough to run around in circles how bad this whole show is...
But--I watch, as others do, just to read about it here the next day.
Thanks, TLo. Luv ya!

TLo, you really are the only reason to watch this show. And I agree that Kathy should have won. That's damning her with faint praise because none of the designs were all that good.

I've said it before, but it just keeps getting more obvious that the concept of this show is seriously flawed. Most of these people aren't designers and pairing them with some who kind of is (or could be or can sew or whatever) doesn't make up for the lack of imagination and vision.

It's not a scrotum, it's a vajayjay cowl. Which I think is more disturbing...

Kathy's is gorgeous, she has a great sense of color

Merle's fabulous, and this look had some good ideas, but waay to much going on

Kathy's is beautiful. She was ROBBED!

Sage Chick gets on my nerves but her entry was really interesting and works really well with the rest of her collection.

Yeah, I liked this dress and thought it should have won this challenge. At least it's sort of dramatic.

(I must recall that one Clueless quote, but anyway...)

The dress up close is gorgeous: the detailing is breathtaking, honestly. But from far away, it just looks a little messy. If they used a smaller color palette, I think it would've turned out fabulous. I kinda want it in a bright yellow. Mmm...

Agreed TLo,

sage chick made a really cool and innovative dress. sure the skirt part was pretty overwhelming, but the bodice balanced it out.
the rest of the outfits were tame/lame.


ps i fell asleep last pm? and don't know who got booted

"helium voiced Children of the Corn wonder twinks." Darlings, that may be your best line evuh. Can I just say how proud I am of you guys? You've expanded your brand beautifully, the blog is better every day, and you've made this a must-read for a huge and growing community. Props.

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