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Launch My Line: Congrats & Goodbye

Limping to the finish line.

Darlings, it's become increasingly tiresome to sit through an episode of this show. However, unlike The Fashion Show, we still think this one has potential. We like the concept, the production, and even the cast, for the most part. What's making it difficult are the judges. If there's a season 2, we'd like to see all 4 of them scrapped. There's not a hair of difference in point of view between them and they're all so damn tacky that every episode we wind up thinking, "Why the hell am I supposed to care what these people think?"

Whoops. That was a little rant-y.

So, congrats Merle! We thought you were on your way out the door and apparently, so did you. We have to say, though, that jacket is HORRIFIC.

And the dress isn't really all that much to write home about, although it is very well made and fits her like a second skin.

It's just that we're getting awfully tired of the gimmick, y'know?

We get it. That's the "hook" for the whole line, but it just comes across a little, shall we say, downscale.

Which does tend to make for some comedy when Merle swans around the workroom, sniffing at everyone else's work like some couturier. Honey, they sell dresses like yours on TV at 3 in the morning. The attitude is a bit much.

Still, we do kind of love her. Especially for the "Denim is for farmers" line.

But honey, there's no defending that.

This would be the look that inspired that little rant of ours up the page. Actually, that's not quite true. It wasn't the look so much as it was the judges' reaction to it.

Not that any of the looks last night (or most other nights) were so far ahead of this one, but come on, this look was the clear loser and the judges all hemmed and hawed and made excuses for it.

They make THE EXACT SAME DRESS every week with only slight variations and if it was a pretty design or an innovative one, we might excuse their tendency to return to it again and again, but it's not. It's flat out ugly. And the judges defend it - praise it, even - week after week.

Come on.

And if you look through his collection, you'll see the exact same neckline again and again.

Ugh. We can't.

We like Patrick very much. In fact, we think Bravo should consider giving him his own show. We'd certainly watch him dash from fashion event to fashion event all over NYC. Consider it, Andy Cohen.

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Patrick's dress looks too much like something from the Lindsay Lohan 5 AM Walk of Shame collection.

"They make THE EXACT SAME DRESS every week with only slight variations"

THANK YOU! Ugh, I'm so tired of seeing that halter neckline with the cord running across the torso. And the choppy skirt and bustle in the back! This outfit looked like a slutty saloon girl costume from a bag off of Target's clearance rack. Sooo time for him to go. Now I just pray that next week crappy "DJ" goes.

I like Patrick. Of everyone on the show, he's the one person I'd want to become friends with most. But his designs? Yuck. He needed to go, weeks ago.


Opps! I totally forgot about LML last night with Leverage coming back to TNT.

Maybe I wasn't missing it after all.

It was just a matter of time before Patrick and Roberto were asked to leave. I was kind of touched by the tender moment they shared as they left the studio. Patrick seems like a nice guy, but he needs to forget about designing if this "line" is any indication of his talent. He does, however, know how to make fashion statements of his own (dressing himself, I mean). Maybe he could do a show about that.

I am actually surprised Merle won. I personally could not get behind the jacket. My roomie loved it but I hated the color. I could have gotten behind it if it was a brighter cheerier color and a more dramatic shape

I thought Kathy was robbed

I liked the dress under the jacket but in reality it was basically just 1 of Elisa Jimenez' polymorphic outfits that she could have whipped up in a couple of hours

Also Merle really is getting on my nerves looking her nose down on everyone else's designs. Yes, she's been the most consistent but she ain't THAT good.

Yes time for Patrick to go. He's nice guy and I'm glad Roberto got less and less obnoxious by the end.

This challenge was overly complicated yet again.


I've fallen asleep the last three weeks of LML, but always manage to stay awake for the runway debacle. I'm all for a gimmick, if it's a good one, but Merle and Thai's dress was just another case of lazy designing. A tube with a couple of straps. Plain and simple.

I'm sad to see Patrick go, but clearly his team was on borrowed time and the fact that their exit speech was so eloquent and well-rehearsed, they knew as well.
It's actually painful to look at screenshots of their dress. However, it cracks me up to no end that those tights were actually leggings --- wtf? As much of a sweetheart as Patrick was, he is not a designer nor stylist. I think he's best at being sweet, dressing well and showing up at runway shows & events.


I was actually fine with Patrick's dress...if the challenge was to make a look for a vampire themed goth music video. However, Patrick has not said goth the entire season, and I think he really was going for something to wear at a disco on a Friday night, in which case it was a disaster.

However I think Patrick went out on his best piece, in that it was the only dress that I think would have a market for it. Sure 95% of them would sell at Halloween, but it could also fit in an issue of Rue Morgue. Patrick and Roberto should try to make a goth line next time, and perhaps they'll achieve flirty, wearable, and girly, since attempting to do that didn't work.

I will give the show points for one thing: there is genuine suspense over the outcome every week, because the judges have such poor taste that it is difficult to impossible to predict what they will say. Better, they find so many things to randomly praise in the low scorers, and randomly criticize in the high ones, that we're scratching our heads by the final act.

We actually thought Louanna might go home last night over Patrick. And that's because she really could have gone home over Patrick. Such an outcome would have been par for the course.

Your assessment is spot on. Keep the show but fire at least the two ancillary judges, and preferably Dan and Dean as well. Their lack of distinct personalities is starting to give me the creeps.

LOVE Merle, but I definitely think Kathy deserved the win.

Patrick's dress looks like a saloon girl in an ice skating uniform.

I really liked Patrick even though his dresses were awful i didn't want to see him go. Wouldn't it be great if he actually did get his own show.


patrick's dress looks like she fell asleep in bed while smoking and her cheap, flammable negligee caught on fire.

I liked Merle's dress, hated the coat, except.. it sort of reminded me of a bridesmaid dress I had once.

anyone else notice that first five teams eliminated all had female 'experts'? is that pure conincidence, or could something be deduced from it?

I would love to see Patrick with his own show going from fashion event to event. I've often seen him in the front row of televised fashion shows, and I'd love to hear his comments right after such a show.

All I can say is, had Patrick gotten YET ANOTHER pass, I would have stopped watching this show. Louanna's might have been simple but it was still so clearly both more attractive (as in, not shockingly hideous) and more labor intensive, it was insane to me that she was in the bottom.

Anyway, no matter who "wins", that online retailer will RUE-LA-LA the day they ever signed on to sell these hot messes.

bring patrick on for a challenge on PR! wouldn't that be fun?

It's terribly sad that Patrick won't be launching his line after all. Now where am I supposed to get my dress for Zombie Prom?

Well, there goes my last reason for watching this show. It was a foregone conclusion when the judges picked what I thought was the clear loser as the winner. I am baffled and frankly just tired of their horrible choices for the winners week after week (with PR, at least, I can 80% agree with the judges' reasoning, even if I had another favorite).

Oh well. It started off good, but I ended up watching only to see Patrick purse his lips in that adorable way of his.

I too announced that if Patrick's design trumped Louanne's I was no longer going to watch this crazy show. With the results, my daughter turned to me and said sarcastically "Oh goodie... we get to watch again next week!"

Thank goodness PR starts tonight! I won't need LML to satisfy my weekly fashion addiction!

As for Patrick, I really liked him... if not for his sweet, gentle personality, then for his expert use of black eyeliner!

That must Patrick made looks like a costume from the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

Honestly, why doesn't Bravo put you on its creative staff? A show (title, "It's Dandy!")with Patty going from fashion show to fashion show and interacting with audience, designers, etc... would be amusing. It might not go multiple seasons, but it seems like it would be pretty darn cheap to produce. Designers would be thrilled to have the TV exposure. Great idea!

Now, in all honesty, sometimes Patrick and seem creepy with the white makeup and all, but he is nothing if not entertaining.

Put me down for the "Viewer" column.

Love Patrick BUT about freaking time.

check out the six picture of "the Dandy" ... is that Merle with gray hair??

After The Fashion Show and Launch My Line, it seems that Bravo is taking their "watch what happens" motto a bit too literally. As in, we have a decent concept which we will now turn into a hot mess through nonsensical challenges and taste-impaired judges. You'll never guess what happens next. Watch What Happens!

SO much ugly it wasn't even funny. From the moment they picked up that red material I was like UGH! The fact that they even had to think twice between that and Louanna, which may have been boring but at least didn't sear out my retinas, was a joke.

Actually if they want to to keep Dsquared, that's fine, but compliment that with 2 other judges. Those ladies judges think very LA nightlife, hence all the love for the drunken starlet on the decline wear.

Yes I love Patrick, even if he has no taste.I'd watch the Dandy show.

I agree Re. the judges comment, particularly for D squared. They seem nice and I don't want to bash them, but I don't think this is the right role for them.

I don't even watch the show any more... getting the recaps from you is more enjoyable.

Ok, I am well aware that Patrick's look this week was ugly. But I can't help it- I actually like it! I can't even give a good explaination as to why, either.
I admit it was probably time for him to go... but I also know that the show is going to be much less interesting without him. *sigh*

First off, I started off a big Merle fan but her snotty "my gas is bottled as perfume" remarks are annoying me, especially when she produces something as ass as that jacket. WTF?? Kathy's garment was so superior to that bandage dress. We've seen the wrapping bandage dress how many times before, especially in the 80s. The only thing beautiful about it was the color.

I would watch a Dandy show. Patrick is a sweetheart and such a gentleman but his taste level for his own designs would earn him a job designing crotchless underware for Frederick's of Hollywood. Yuck. I'm not sure how much the CHDQ influenced Patrick's designs but it was a disaster from the beginning.

Jesus. There's really two more episodes of this dreck?

Judges - who would you suggest for the next season, if there is one? And any other suggestions? I find your improvement posts spot on - someone should pay you for them (and follow them).

(And did Roberto really say that he was headed to Venus? Makes sense.)

kathy should have won last week and this week. she is the only one with what could be referred to as a "line".


Kali said:

Patrick's dress looks like a saloon girl in an ice skating uniform.

Indeed- rather a vampire goth Carmen concept!

The judging on this show is one of the weakest points. I'm still staggered by their love for that silver disco ball atrocity from the previous episode.

I had hoped for better taste from DSquared, but alas...

Merle's coat was a total Chico's moment.

This comment is in the spirit of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" . . . . .

Hey - we've watched nearly the whole season of LML and so far, no one has copied Leanne.

aww - its a shame. i had high hopes for patrick when the season started. certainly my favorite character.

bravo - hire the prboys & put them in charge of programming already. a dandy fashion show would be a must watch.

The Dandy Chronicles would be far more watchable than Rachel Zoe. But if they actually do give him a spinoff, I'd bet that it would have been Bravo's plan all along. Taking a page from VH1's book, with their revolving stable of reality stars.

It was laughably embarrassing how the one female judge that defended Patrick's line in the workroom kept harping on 'cohesiveness', as if that was the only fashion term she knew, so if she said it enough she wouldn't look like a smacked ass (didn't work).

Except, it doesn't matter how cohesive your designs are when each is a piece of shit; you don't have a line - you have a pile of shit.

I agree that Merle's attitude has been getting a little lofty, but I have to add in her defense...

Sage girl and Lou Jr. were doing just as much trash talking - I think Patrick & Roberto were doing a bit too. I think the only one that wasn't putting everyone else down was Eric. (though I fully admit I may have missed his editorials)

I agree with some of what you said, TLo, but I think the fashion is bad because the concept itself is flawed. The main designers aren't really designers, they just would like to think they could be. That's part of why we're seeing the same thing over and over (Patrick) or something closer to mall wear (Merle and Louanna and the DJ too if you're shopping at Hot Topic, etc.)

And they're paired with people who maybe/kind of/could be designers, but the role of those people isn't clear. The design isn't supposed to come entirely from them, but at the same time, they're supposed to give some kind of input and then make it. Fuzzy at best.

Then there's the whole "it's supposed to be a line" that's cohesive and saleable, but you have to meet the requirements of goofy challenges and make it runway too. That's a tough bill to fill for people who aren't trained in fashion. And as it turns out, not all that interesting to watch.

But you're right about the judging. It's just heinous.

This is not a fashion show, it's a Punk'd ripoff! First they take people who cannot sew to design clothing, then they make them pick fabrics in advance of knowing what they are to make, then they tell the "designers" to make a line showing their vision BUT!!! Include this red plastic fabric!!! And make it look like one of the other contestants inspirted it!!!! and make if assymetrical!!! Honestly I think a bunch of crackheads are sitting in an office throwing darts at a board filled with idiotic twists.

Every time I see the title of your posts about this show, abbreviated "LML," I swear, the first thought that comes to my mind is "Lose My Lunch."

This comment has been removed by the author.

Note to Bravo: Please produce a show with Patrick and Austin Scarlett being fashionably fabulous. (I would pay money to watch this!)

Patrick was such a natural, charming person and he will be missed. His collection was essentially the same design tarted up with bustles, feathers, etc. every week. He may be a good critic but from what he showed on this show, he has very little talent as a designer.
I like Merle. I get a kick out of her comments every week. She makes me laugh and I don't think she takes herself too seriously.
I don't see her as snotty, but as someone who is confident in her knowledge and experience with fashion. I think her snarky comments are her way of "playing the reality character" game a bit, but her designs always show thought and a strong personal aesthetic. At least she and Thai come up with two piece garments and clothes that have sleeves and collars. There should be a rule that every designer has to make a jacket and/or something with SLEEVES at least once.

Ditto to Anon 5:40.

I thought that I was going to dislike Patrick, a lot, but I think that he does seem likeable
(although some of that have been sympathy from the beginning and behavior of his attention whore "pro", who did greatly tone it down lately)

Ditto to Anon 5:40.

I thought that I was going to dislike Patrick, a lot, but I think that he does seem likeable
(although some of that have been sympathy from the beginning and behavior of his attention whore "pro", who did greatly tone it down lately)

Ditto to Anon 5:40.

I thought that I was going to dislike Patrick, a lot, but I think that he does seem likeable
(although some of that have been sympathy from the beginning and behavior of his attention whore "pro", who did greatly tone it down lately)

I was seriously getting annoyed when they were looking like they were sending Louella home. Not that her outfit was so horrible as it was plain, but his was eyeball-searing.

Although I totally love the idea of him getting his own show! That would be a fun one to watch, a weekly half-hour of fabulous. =D

I watched this show while putting together a new chair for sitting in front of the computer. When I got frustrated with one activity, I could shift my focus back to the other! Though I agree with the outcome, the final judging made absolutely no sense to me. Patrick seems like a sweet guy, but those clothes were just plain awful. Have fun on Venus, Don Roberto!

(another suz)

The comments and the clothes last night were so mixed up that I wasn't sure which two were on the top and which two were on the bottom.

Merle's jacket was a big bulk nightmare. And I'm someone who owns a couple of jackets with that kind of outline--but when you're doing an oversized version of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, you're kind of out to lunch. That shape needs to be fitted and in proportion.

Louanna's top was BORING.

Kathy Rose, I think, was robbed of the win--the only interesting thing up there.

And Patrick, Patrick, Patrick--that thing was a costume--seriously, the only place it would make sense is on stage--maybe on one of the whores in The Threepenny Opera. Trashy AND confused.

I don't mind the whole weirdness of the twins--it's different, really, really different. And they knew that Patrick was a goner. Honestly, I don't think it's a taste issue with them. I think it's more that they don't think any of the "designers" are worth taking seriously. I actually think they paid a little more attention when the show started and now they're just knocking 'em off in some order or another.

As for the other two judges--sorry, when your personal taste level is below that of a Real Housewife, you're just not fit to be a judge. Those women look ridiculous with their overly short skirts and long, long hair. Ladies, you are not 15--dressing with some sophistication will NOT kill you.

It's the whole L.A.--aesthetic issue--all that body conscious stuff looks good on the young.

I kept thinking last night that there was a show that I wanted to watch but I couldn't think of what it was. I even channel surfed around 9:00 and didn't see anything. I just saw this entry and thought--oh yeah--this was the show I was going to watch. Oh Dear. What a dismal failure of a show. I think I ended up watching a Clean House behind the scenes show instead.

This show just about killed my reasons for watching Bravo. Terrible judging. They made the decision seem close. Huh? Not even.

Finally. I liked Patrick the person but he should have been gone a long time ago. I will shed no tears for Roberto, however.

I'm still Team Merle, but Team Lou Rawls' daughter and Team Jewelry Maker (Kathy?) have been gaining points with me a lot. I was not a fan of Kathy's dress at all this time, but am I the only one who really liked Louanna's (that's it!) look? Sure it was commercial casual, but why can't it be? I thought the jeans were well-made, had great fit and lots of nice touches, and the top was nice. I thought the top two were going to be Merle and Louanna and that Kathy's would be on the bottom with Patrick.

At this point, I too have no interest in the judges and the seemingly random and arbitrary decisions, winners and losers. Hopefully DJ is gone next week and the three ladies are left.

this show is a mess, i watch the first few minutes to find out what the challenge is and then the last several minutes to see the runway show and hear the ridiculous commentary of the terribly tacky judging panel. ugh- please don't pick that dj to win you tasteless judges.
thank god project runway is back :)

Wait. Isn't this the Fredericks of Hollywood preview?

Am I in the wrong place?

The best reason for watching the show just left this week. And I agree with all the other previous posters... I would definitely watch the Dandy show. Would Bravo listen if enough people suggested it?

I do think it's funny that every week DSquared introduces "the lovely Lisa," "the charming Lisa," "the fabulous Lisa" ... and Stephanie.

I love that idea about a show for Patrick! Andy, make it happen!

I stopped watching this show when the hot blond left.

I longed for the Duchess to show up and decree Patrick's dress, "Hello?! Slutty, slutty, slutty." For the love of Pete, these people have jobs in fashion. Are they really that tacky or is this extensive producer chicanery? In which case, the first measure in repairing this show is to cease and desist.

Now that PR is back, I dunno if I'll continue.

I would love for Bravo to do a show with Patick and Roberto. Instead of them attending the show, it woul dbe fn to see them actually helping someone get dressed for an event or soemthing like that.

Yes, I agree!!
I think Bravo should do a show of the "Dandies."

Roberto and Patrick seemed to play off togther very well at the end of the show. They are both intresting and amusing.

I would watch the show for sure!!

Maybe I missed it in the posts above, but no one mentioned Eric Cubechee's HORRIFIC garment (by the way, does anyone else see his name as Eric Cubed Cheese, or is it just me???). Anyhoozle, when the judges gave him a pass immedidately, I was so pissed. He should have been in the bottom with Patrick. The fact that Louanna was astounds me.

Kathy has been my favorite from the beginning, and as others said, she was ROBBED this week.

Merle "I Could Be Peg Bundy" really does have some cool tricks up her sleeve, but this dress wasn't one of them. Big deal - a convertible dress that has already been done. Don't get me wrong - I like Merle, but am getting sick of the attitude.


It was nice to see Patrick and Robert working well together. Even if that's what they ended up with.

There's always one too many elements to these challenges. Having said that, I thought this was one of the better ones.

Glad to see that TLo has finally reached their limit with the judges. The twins have been giving me the creeps for weeks (like retirees from gay porn) and the two women judges – whose names I refuse to remember – are AWFUL. They are the equivalent (x2) of all the annoying guest judges that were trotted out on the LA season of PR who thought that snarky could stand-in for genuine insight or taste. But then who cares about a woman who runs a branding company? How does this make her a fashion expert? And what does it say about her that I can't even remember her friggin' name!

Okay, I used to rave about how good this show is, but now I've changed my mind and it IS because of the judges. Lisa Klein's sole criteria for her judging is whether or not she'd sell it in her store. How boring. Like everyone on the planet wants to wear the clothes in her store everyday. Not true, Lisa Klein, NOT true.


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