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Ladies with an Attitude

Let's stop in Lady Town for a bit.

"I cannot send it down the runway. But I think I can fix it. I'm going to fix this. I have to fix this!"

Janeane, honey, SIMMER DOWN. Pace yourself. If you play your cards right, you'll have plenty more opportunities to burst into tears in front of millions.

Okay, you know what our absolute favorite thing is about Boo Boo Kitty here?

It's the way she keeps right on talking while she's crying, which only serves to provide us with an endless array of absolutely hilarious facial expressions. Honey, the rule is cry OR talk, never both at the same time, especially when you have a camera on you.

It's kind of a shame she talked herself out of her original design. It looked like it was going somewhere.

Model: Lorena Angjeli

This, on the other hand, is a dead end.

We were almost ready to defend it as a Calvin Klein-esque minimalist take, but that's being awfully kind.

The fact is, this looks exactly like what it is: a last minute attempt to stitch something - anything - together and send it down the runway.

We suspect it got a pass from the judges because you just don't notice how lame it is on first glance. It's like the illusion of an outfit.

"I'm totally a type A personality. I like to be at the top constantly."

If you're new to the world of reality television, this is code for "I plan on being a huge pain in the ass."

Model: Sarah Bell


Again, there's not a lot of there there.

If the brief is to show who you are as a designer, now's not the time to pull out the simplest, easiest designs you can think of.

We like the back on this dress, but we just can't get behind the insect wings for sleeves.

They throw off the whole silhouette and they just look weird from the back.

If these two looks are them trying to wow the judges, then the bar has been set a little low going forward.

And what's with the hair and makeup? Both girls look 15 years older than their age.

Tim Gunn's Workroom:

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I simply could not stand Pamela's dress. The sleeves are what completely ruin it for me. Why would you do something like that on a dress that could've been alot better (though not that much better then what this was). They're both very plain jane designers so far, meaning that I could find both of those outfits in some variation, at the nearest Belk or JC Penny.

I thought that pink monstrosity of Patricia's was thousand times worse than Cristiane's. Ok, maybe 50 times worse. I was eating some crackers and nearly choked when her model showed up on the runway. HORRID.

Oh, and while we are at it, why waste precious runway time showing us the models posing for 5 seconds behind the scrim? Sheesh.

I didn't notice that Boo Boo Kitty's top was completely sheer. Was there not a camisole somewhere backstage? I'm sure one of the other models wore one in. Even so, hideous with the bra showing, yawn-o-rama if they has scraped up a cami.

The way the sleeves cross in the back makes the model look like a man.

Janieane 's look was as dull as dishwater. Maybe they gave her a pass because she had to start all over again. I dislike that boxy top untucked with that super plain skirt.

Pamela- I don't hate it. It's well done and I like that she changed the nature of the fabric by completely facing it. If Christiane had done that with her charmuese she might still be in the game. I'm not crazy about the design itself, but it does fit in well with Pamela's portfolio.

I think that calling that first piece an "outfit" is stretching it a bit. Boooo-rrrring.

And that pink thing. Wow. Reminds me some of a pagoda, or one of those aluminum Christmas trees on Charlie Brown.

I may have slept through that part of the runway show. I can't imagine why.

let's say your a model who goes in for a fitting for a black pleated dress. The next day you find yourself wearing sheer black draped material instead. Wouldn't you have worn a black bra anyway?

On trend, my left foot.

Can you call those sleeves (on Pamela's dress)when they don't envelope the arms? In the back, it looks like a cape. An ugly ugly pink cape.

The crying designer just kill us. My family and I cracked up every interview with her because SHE'S CRACKING UNDER THE PRESS ALREADY! Good lord.

And yes, she should have salvaged the first look. It might have puckered, but it seems to be more representative of her other work.

Don't know what's causing it, but there's a rather devilish face on the front of this dress.

the pink dress (like a big ol' bottle of Pepto Bismol):

nothing like making a model look 25 pounds heavier. wow, is that the look that Pamela wanted to show the judges as "what she is all about"? Shudder.

and I normally like pink.

I hate that color, although I think Tim was right to tell Pamela to stay away from the purple. Her dress wasn't offensive enough to get auf'd, but I think the pink showed some elements of her aesthetic.

Unfortunately, if that's here aesthetic, she won't be long for this show. I dislike the back. the sleeves were different, but in this case it just looks bad.Maybe you could get away with that with a spring jacket, but certainly not a dress.

And crying girl needs to step it up. Pleated blouse turning to shear blouse in black is not a way to impress this viewer.

I don't see her lasting at all.

Linda Evangelista

The model wearing that pink boogaloo outfit is not particularly blessed in the looks department. Of course, the outfit doesn't help. But still...

I don't get pamela's dress. Why would you want sleeves in the front but not the back? Is it even sleeves or more like a capelet? I'm so confused....

Beige or nude bras disappear under anything, so that's always a safe bet--fact is I didn't notice that the darn thing wasn't lined when she walked down the runway.

I don't mind Janeane's from a distance as something thrown together from one's closet--but it's not really designed. And all the damn weeping. I know there's always one, but this chick puts Ricky to shame.

Pam--eh, the back was interesting, doesn't mean it was good. Pam has a mild taste issue--she's an older contestant, but I think she's got a three-year-old's sense of color--the brighter the better. She doesn't strike me as having a sophisticated eye. She'd have actually fit well into the last season where that was an ongoing issue.

Janeane can't handle pressure, Pam lacks depth as a designer. I don't see either being around for the end game, though they might keep Janeane around a bit for the tears.

I loathed Pamela's pink horror. Would have cheerfully seen it auf'd. If that is what she puts forward when she has total freedom to create, I shudder to think what we're gonna have to look at until she is mercifully (to us the viewers) cut loose.

Janeane seems to be going for the PR record as to the number of times a designer is seen crying on one episode. She saved herself this week but we'll see how long that lasts.

these here ladies strike me as contenders for early release.


These are the two that I thought should be in the bottom three in place of Jesus and Anthony . . . Without a doubt!!!


That photo with Pamela in the foreground and Jesus staring out in the background is cute.

Pamela's looks like there is some kind of triangular seaming in the skirt.

At least Jeanane's model wore a bra - should have been black - but still better than Althea's models.

Don't some of these models look older than most in the past?

Ptak's was a major let down. I just expected the model to flap her wings and fly around the room. And all that pink, for cryin' out loud. "The judges will know I'm happy" or something? Honey, it's Project Runway, not Project Valium.

When Pam's model came down the runway in that dress, I thought, "enh...boring". Then when she turned around... the back!
I was startled. Insect wings says it all!
Boo Boo's was not quite as bad. Not as ugly, but certainly not a designer look. I think I could've put that look together with what is in my closet!!
I wish she would have gone with her original dress--that, at least, looked interesting with all the pleating.
They are not long for this show...

As for Janeane, I give her credit for her "golly, kids, if the star is passed out drunk, well, I know all her lines -- I'll do it!" pluck. And I thought the look was okay (more sophisticated, in fact, than the one she scrapped), except for the criminal white bra. She should have taken her abandoned dress and cut up the top to make a shell.

LOVE the shoes, though.

most of the modes look older this season. What's up with that? If they actually are older, I'm OK with that, but taking young girls and making them look much older just isn't right.
I don't think Crying Girl's outfit was well made and Pamela's made the model look like she had big hips

I didn't notice in my first viewing that Janeane styled her model with a pencil in her hair. Um, that's kindof amazing.

Ah, here are my other two picks for the bottom three (besides Christiane). Good to know you don't like them either, although obviously your reaction isn't as viscerally negative as mine. I don't know what it is, but there is something about Pamela's dress... Agh, I can't even look at it. I'll just pretend I never saw it. La-la-la...

Question for people who sew:

Tim basically told Janeane that her dress was a mess but that she was committed to it (given the short time left) and needed to clean it up.

Could she have done that? What could she have done to fix the problem of so many seams sewn into an "unforgiving" fabric that shows every pucker?

Had Pamela's dress had complete sleeves and more coverage on the back, I would snag it off the rack and wear it everywhere. She should have just picked one offbeat element- either the sleeves or the back- and focused on it.

And I am confused about something. For all the drama that Janeane (sp?) engaged in, she ended up producing something very tame and safe (albeit well made). The sheerness of the top detracts from wearability but may add creativity-it mainly suffered from the model having the wrong undergarments on. Both the top and skirt are very commercial. Total safeout material. Which adds to the surprise that Janeane safed out after all that crying.

I think I'm the only one who will say this, but I LOVED Janeane's. It was one of those looks that could have jumped out of a collection, instead of being one of these showman pieces. However, I do realize that the challenge was pretty much TO do that, and if someone shows too many of those quiet looks, it does get fairly dull.

I think I'm the only one who will say this, but I LOVED Janeane's. It was one of those looks that could have jumped out of a collection, instead of being one of these showman pieces. However, I do realize that the challenge was pretty much TO do that, and if someone shows too many of those quiet looks, it does get fairly dull.

I spent the entire show trying to figure out how I knew Pamela - it turns out she's one of the teachers at the Baum School in Allentown, PA. I had been interested in taking a class with her - but after seeing her first design and looking through her portfolio, I'ma save my money.

Whoever called Jeanine Moaning Myrtle on another post: brilliant! I'm going to use that one too ;)

So calling MM's an outift is being excessively generous... it's nothing! Really... it's so dull and blah, and the styling is awful! Also, wrong shoes.

And Pamela's... gaaaaah my eyes! So much bright pink! Seriously, I'm curious to know what Nina thought about that color (I remember her saying she hated Rami's WWE diva outfit color, which was softer than this lightning explosion)... IMO we got ourselves a serious taste issue here.

And I know the guy is gay but still... how cute is Jesus on the back of that picture? *_*

yeah, when they have the Commenters of Project Rungay season, I have at least learned to avoid that shiny fabric. And learn to thread an industrial machine.

pamelas to me was a horrid rip off of korto's piece from the gristedes challenge.
between the fabric itself and the way it was draped it looked like she had taken three gigantic versions of those bibs you wear at the dentist ( placed one around her hips, one on each shoulder, and tied it with a piece of floss.
presto! dresso?

These were both bad, bad, bad and frankly they were very lucky not to have had to defend them to the judges. Unflattering, bland and derivative - if this is what they are 'as designers', I'm not interested in seeing any more.

Both these designers were so unimpressive to me. I already cant stand the crier--Janieen (sp?) and that pink thing...BLEECH all around.

Hate the wrinkles on the pink dress

The Philadelphia Inquirer did a piece on Pamela as she is a professor at Drexel University. She stated in the article that her pink dress was completely reversible.

At least Janeane could cut and cry.

What Pamela hasn't shared with us is her belief in Intelligent Design. Not only did she manage to make a dress out of butcher paper, but come Easter, this will make a lovely kite for the children.

Movieline's blog said it best about Janeane when they said she was crying to keep from crying. Seems sweet enough, but to throw down the gauntlet of waterworks this early? Her outfit was MOR-a dawdle in the waiting room of inspiration.

"Honey, the rule is cry OR talk, never both at the same time"

Yes, it's cry and cut; not cry and talk.


I think I might have liked Pamela's dress better if it actually had sleeves, rather than the mudflaps it ended up with. That's one of those things that seems like a neat idea on the sketchpad but looks like year 2 design student in real life.

And Boo Boo Kitty's outfit was perfectly acceptable, for something you would find on the rack at Forever 21. It was just a whole lotta meh. Hopefully she'll stop with the histrionics and start with real design this week.

Oh my, I really have my bitch pants on today, don't I?

"Anon said: The Philadelphia Inquirer did a piece on Pamela as she is a professor at Drexel University."

Uh-oh. She's in Philly.


the accessories for Pamela's look were just terrible (the shoes were fab, just not with that dress), and the model's hair and makeup looked like the "before" part of a "before/after" beauty product ad. In spite of all that color, the look depressed me.

Pink mess; Calvin Klein fail.

Boo Boo Kitty: She's Italian-American. Expressing emotion is valued in that culture as opposed to the more reserved WASPY-ways. Her crying was not that significant, and she recovered well emotionally (design recovery, not so much). She expressed emotion in a state of stress and then regrouped; she did not fall apart. Though if you want to invent drama, go ahead, have fun.

Janeane's look was inoffensive, and although it was incredibly simple, it had a minimalist chic vibe to it (and no egregious construction issues).

I can get behind an interesting sleeve, but Pamela's look was just ridiculous. It wasn't visually interesting; it just looked like she ran out of fabric.

I saw the article about Pamela last week (Philadelphia Inquirer) and was initially impressed. Now, after seeing her dress... I didn't mind it so much from the front, but as others have suggested, from behind it had a strong capelet vibe --- for me a shampoo apron/cape from the beauty salon. It wasn't exactly unique or very memorable for one's first challenge. It also looked rather difficult to wear or maneuver and the color most definitely did not say, "happy".
In short, I'm no longer impressed.


Okay, I figured out what Pamela's design reminds me of.

When I was a kid, and we were supposed to draw pictures of people, everyone drew dresses just like Pamela. A bunch of triangles. At least with crayons, you don't get wrinkles!

The sleeves and back are just goofy. And is that horizontal line across the model's back her bra strap? Or is it holding the dress on? Either way, it's weird.

Which is why, dull as it is and despite the visible brassière, Janeane's is the better of the two. It is, at least, relatively normal and does not look like a child's drawing of mommy.

yeah! ho! wah!

agree and agree. janeanes first dress looked a lot more interesting than that yawn of an outfit she eventually sent down the runway. pamelas was at least a little interesting - the sleeves and the back - but in this case, "interesting" isnt the same as "good". yay for the colour, though.

I never found Logan attractive, but I'm almost at the point of begging the producers to keep in Jesus for sheer cuteness.

I'm sorry, but both of these models are hideous. This was the best bunch the producers could come up with?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I agree with the last Anonymous. As good as this girls can be, none of them has the wild beauty like Matar or that edgy look and striking personality of (still the best!) Kojii.

The only one I'm rooting to win MotR is Sophia. The rest for me is just blah.

I guess I'm in the minority here. I thought Janeane was crying because she is young and SO excited to be on PR and SO scared she'll be the first to go. Just overwhelmed by emotions. Hope she'll calm down and focus. She seems to have some construction skills.

Pamela's dress has really interesting V-shaped seaming in the front. I don't love the back. But after seeing her consultation with Tim, I agree that the pink side has more runway appeal than the dark side. Wish she'd chosen a less bright color, though.

Pamela's Pink Flying Nun Dress came down the runway screaming, "Look at my vagina. It's right there. It's my vagina!" and left the runway yelling, "Look at my ass. It's right there. It's my ass!"

Brooklyn B., I wondered the same thing. I am not a sewer, but with shiny fabric like that, I don't think any amount of steaming would straighten it out. Short of ripping it apart I think it would be a lost cause. I would like to have seen her cut out that panel she worked so hard on and sew it into something else, maybe.

I thought Pamela's was way too conceptional and not really practical. I mean, those sleeves make no sense.

I do think that Janeane's crying was more nerves than anything, but I guess we'll find out for sure as time goes on. I suspect she's got the ability to do some good things if she can get her nerves under control, though. We'll see how she does this week.

Pamela's dress... ugh, those not-sleeves really killed it for me. Overall I'm leaning towards "Meh."

Quote Lilithcat "Okay, I figured out what Pamela's design reminds me of.

When I was a kid, and we were supposed to draw pictures of people, everyone drew dresses just like Pamela. A bunch of triangles. At least with crayons, you don't get wrinkles!

That's funny...'cause it's true!
I'll only give Pamela an ounce of credit for going with color and for trying to be creative...even though the sleeves are a major FAIL!

Moaning Myrtle (love it!!! lol) should have been bottom 2 at the very least. If it were up to me I'd have auf'd her just for "designing" (rolleyes) a boring outfit. As awful as Christiane's dress least she tried to be creative...I see no creativity or innovation at all from MM! I mean could she not have come into this competition without a few prepared signature pieces to expand on...I don't get it!

Pamela Ptacky. Little known aunt of Helga Patacky (Hey, Arnold! anyone?). Maybe she even designed Helga's dress?

They certainly both like pink.

And is that a pencil in Moaning Myrtle's model's hair? I don't know how I feel about that.

I really want to like Pamela's design aesthetic but I don't think I will. I like Jeneane b/c she mentioned her clothing isn't specific to time b/c there's nothing worse than looking at photos that are only 10 years old and realizing how terribly dressed you look.

All the gays on here, and not one of you made fun of Pamela saying "I like it hard?" SHE LIKES IT HARD, people! Well, it's better than saying "I like putting a lot of work into something that I could whip out in a couple hours with much less effort."

Boo Boo Kitty is so cute & sweet. I mean, for someone who's losing her shit on national television. I really hope she gets it together and does some good work on the show. She made me want to make her some tea - and I don't usually feel that way about people who cry at the drop of a hat.

Patricia's was horrible and should have been in the bottom

Janeane's was a good idea executed poorly, but it looked chic when the model walked for a total of 5 seconds, but is obviously a bit of a mess in pictures. Her other look had potential as well

There needs to be more room at the bottom.

Okay, you know what our absolute favorite thing is about Boo Boo Kitty here?

Boo Boo Kitty.

ROFLMAO. You guys are fucking hilarious.

What is with the old and ugly models this time around? Are they going to give us fatties next season?
The pencil in the bun hairstyle is hot. Makes me want to get out my yearbook and jerk off to my typing teacher. Again.

Pamela's look is reminiscent of origami. Janeane's something out of my mother's closet not even she would be found dead in.

That pink thing was one of the looks I found the most dreadful. Would have sent it to the bottom 3. Horrid.

Jeannene's separates were a safe way for her to come out of a bad situation (if Tim was right about how that dress showed fawls, she could have easily found herself in the bottom 3 with her LBD, given that sawing skills are quite high in this bunch). The outfit is kind of wearable, nothing to write home about, quite nothing, but it still manages to tell you what type of designer she is.


That pink dress had the unhappy effect of making the model look burly.

i was at an open house at the art institute of Portland today to check out the apparel design program, and i got to see Janeane's entire portfolio up close. It was incredibly impressive. She's great at putting a cohesive line together from start to finish, her sketches are beautiful, and her professors were all huge fans. This may have just been a tough first week. I think she has serious potential to improve.

Pamela's pink dress was inspired by a Snuggie, I think.

It was horrible and made the model look old and burly as mentioned before, and the bust looked terrible. She lied to Tim!

You say insect wings, I say semaphore flags--which is all I could think of. Still, odd as they were, I kind of liked them; they gave the dress a little more personality than it might have had otherwise.
How weird that this year when we talk about how "Girlfriend needs to dry her tears," for the first time in PR history, we're going to be talking about an actual female. I swear, in one mere episode Janeane's on the verge of overtaking Ricky's crying jag record.

Pamela's portfolio on Lifetime is basically all stiff-sleeved backless dresses. She either really loooves that design, or it's the only trick in her bag,

If Janeane is going bonkers now, she won't last long. Come on, it's only the 1st challenge. Pamela's dress looked crumpled and sort of overworked. No likey.

HA Snuggie Yes thats what the dress reminded me of, warm in the front,but chilly in the back

Boo Boo Kitty got to stay in just for the nickname. Hope she can step it up. (loved the shoes though)

First girl heeded Tim's critique and freaked. I didn't think the blouse was as awful as he thought. Tim was off on this one.

As for second girl, she would've been up on the chopping rack. That's the outift that looked like it took only 10 minutes to make.


Boo Boo Kitty has me concerned. One word from Tim and she lost her confidence.

Pamela's dress was nothing great but I did like that she made an interesting back for the dress.

@Brooklyn Bomber:
I sew, adn I've done a bit of clothes construction. After taking a really good look at the video and the dress with all the pleating, I think she certainly could have saved that garment. She herself said that she could clip seam allowances and tweak the darts to make it smoother.
Tim was right in that it would take a while, but to me, it does look like it could have been done.
Oh well.

This comment has been removed by the author.

The pink winged-thing/stiff kimono/snuggie was ugly, and what's that rule about a dress that makes a starved model look huge?

A normal woman would scare small children while winging down the street (and a draft from the back could send her soaring.)

A better use of the pink wedge thing would be a kite fight, where I'd predict it could do real damage.

Just about every season on these fashion shows, some desperate designer out of ideas produces a wedge wing sleeve dress with another wedge or gathered skirt -- and usually gets dismembered for it by Heidi, Nina or whoever.

As for the white bra under the black see-through blouse, sigh. I bought a perfectly nice but better designed similar style in a luxe brown last year, and I've got a nice black camisole for under neath. The beige skirt -- ya can score that at the Gap or Old Navy, if you're on a budget.

Pamela - I kinda like the sleeves and the back, but I don't like the color... that's a lotta pink. There is something "almost" about the dress, like if it was done in a lighter-weight fabric then it would have worked better because hopefully it would have had more exuberance OR perhaps if she incorporated two or more fabrics. There seems to be some interesting stitching details on the dress that are barely noticeable.

Janeane - No, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!! I am actually POed about this look, this is the Sew Me What You Got challenge and this... THIS is what you present!

See this is why I am not prepared to declare the long, national nightmare that was season 6 over, because season 6's first outing was better than this and season 6's badness unfolded over several episodes. I am not one of those who think that the sun rises and sets out of Season 4's butt, but the S4 aufee would have undoubtedly been in the safe group on this runway. Still I want Season 7 to be good... no great, because I need some Must-See TV in my life.

A pink and purple reversible dress and Tim trying to talk her out of doing something with pink petals when she was leaning towards the purple dress? Ew. Also don't like the sleeves/back, etc etc.

And poor Janeane, if the first challenge is already causing her to fall to pieces.

I could live with Pamela's dress either from the front or from the back, but they didn't go together at all. The front was kind of a kimono thing like Epperson did in the newspaper challenge. The backless element would have looked good with a sleeveless bodice. I also think that the fabric is too stiff.

I won't comment on the other design, except to say that as a design, it wasn't bad, but the fabric and execution were lacking. That is understandable, considering the position she was in. I really don't know how she could have salvaged her first dress, if it really was heavily puckered, and it might have gotten her auf'd. Maybe by using the bodice with a different skirt? But who knows if she had the right fabric for that. (The sheer black, maybe?)

But! But! They're both wearing bras! (at least, I think that's the thing at the back of the pink one, anyway. Bras!

Am I the only person who noticed the skirt on Janeane's 'creation' wasn't pressed? Honey, that thing was blind stitched on a machine, probably smoothed with a hand (if that) or taken off the machine, and put directly on the model. I'm sorry, but the second most important piece of equipment in garment construction is your iron. Learn what it is, and USE it.

I really liked Janeane's outfit! The skirt had interesting tuck details on the front, while the blouse had a nice pleat detail. It was more than minimalist.


I winced when Pam's model came down the runway. That dress just struck me as something that might have been a high school home ec class project.

I hope that Janeane managed to compose herself after the first episode. If the crying persists I'm going to be rooting for an appearance by Shatangi, Zulema's alter-ego.

I do like the Boo Boo Kitty nickname!

Pamela's dress is basically a maybe slightly modified version of the dresses out of her collection she did that's on her website. Triangle sleeves and open back included.

It might be her vision, but to plainly just do something out of your collection doesn't really inspire much, let alone speak of creativity.

Calling the sleeves on Pamela's design "insect wings" makes them sound a lot more interesting than they are. I'd actually like to have seen that!

Loved Pamela's dress : )

Janeane's sad "illusion of an outfit" offended me less than Lorena's horrid pink carapace, which not only made her model look old, but fat. FAIL. I liked neither design very much, but at least Miss Boo Boo Kitty wasn't talking like she shits jasmine-scented gold bullion. All that mouth and nothing to show for it, Lo-Lo. BBK started with something interesting and scrapped it due to execution flaws and threw this together. That Lo-Lo took her time with this and thought it was at all presentable, especially with that styling for 45-year-olds, makes my auf trigger finger itchy.

I've been sitting here contemplating Pamela's dress for a while now, wondering if there was anything that could have been done to save it. I've decided that if the top was sleeveless and more structured, it would have been almost attractive (although that color is a bit eye-searing.)
As it is, it's a pepto monstrocity that makes her lovely size 4 model look more like a dumpy 10. What would that do to us mere mortals? Not good, Pam!


Janeane, stop crying. Have some Prozac.

I like her design, I really do. I just wish she hadn't changed her mind so many times that she didn't have time to develop it. It had potential, though.

With Pamela, I can see where she was going. The back is super cool. The sleeves are heinous, as is the color.


OK, here's where I jump in and nominate the Big Pink Kite Runner for the bottom three. Oh wait, there were others. But I haven't seen them yet.

The noise from the couch here in Gray Gardens when this went down the runway was embarrasing, coming from two old ladies. Every 7th-grade-gag-me-with-a-spoon sound was made. Eeeesh. The sleeve-cape-kite is such an eyesore that it didn't need to be Pepto-Bismol pink. BUT IT WAS. It didn't need to make the bone-thin model fat. BUT IT DID. Nor the grim aluminum siding styling, BUT ...

*fans self*

Moaning Myrtle ... (love the name) may cheer up later. This was safe, safe, safe and tells us nothing, but the girl pulled it out in no time without too many taste issues and styled it like she was sending Audrey Hepburn to meet the press. I am suspending judgment.

BUT ... I can't sleep, big pink kite runner dress will eat me *shudder*

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