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Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2010 Haute Couture

¡Ay, caramba!

FWD put it well (even if they couldn't resist an Avatar mention):

"In a bravura display of technique and imagination, on Wednesday, Jan. 27, Gaultier staged what will probably be the most triumphant couture collection this week in Paris. And, the show will probably still trump anything seen next month during the women’s ready-to-wear shows in New York, London, Milan or Paris, when they start rolling on Feb. 11. This collection was that good, from its Incan femme fatales and Aztec sacrificial maidens to Mexican "Day of the Dead" tragic heroines and Hollywood's Latino movie stars."

We are in total agreement that this was by far the most exciting of all the couture collections, proving that the art is vital and creative in addition to being meticulous and precise. This is truly modern haute couture, utilizing easily recognizable (and refreshingly non-European) references, but stopping us cold in our tracks with the beautiful and creative ways in which it was interpreted. Redefining Mexican blankets and sombreros using couture techniques and sensibilities? Genius. These are clothes you simply cannot stop looking at, not least because the more you look at them, the more you see. And isn't that the whole point of haute couture?

[Photos: WireImage]



(look at the left arm on the model in row 18 left - bronze and peach- so odd the top looks much thinner and juts out below the elbow?)

My god, stunning. And the styling is perfect.

I love the dresses that look like they were made from leaves. Breathtaking.

At first, I wasn't all that wowed. Then I kept scrolling. Now I am totally wowed. A few of those sheath dresses are utterly gorgeous. I love the one with orange flower/leaves.

Amazing...especially the pastel/structured cage dress. Can't wait to see Gaga rock them cos she's gonna be on this shit like a moth to the flame.

These are absolutely gorgeous, they truly took my breath away. Bravo JP!

Stunning. Particularly love the 2nd to last pic outfit.

Love, Love, Love, Love LOVE the weaving. Definitely my favorite of the stuff you have posted lately.


Love all the blues and greens -- this is how to do lush color! I want to see someone on the red carpet in that dark blue gauzy thing with the noseplate headdress.

Jean-Paul Gaultier has seen the future: Mexicans are TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!! BOW DOWN TO OUR AWESOMENESS!!! MUAHAHAHAHA . . . uhhh . . .

Perdoname, I don't know what came over me . . .

If I had that entire collection, I would be a fierce Latina drag queen every day (as is, it's like, once every couple of months).

--Rudy Ramirez

Not so wowed.

Momsy, I had the same reaction. I saw the denim and thought, "oh Jesus, no". It definitely does get better as you scroll down. Some of the looks are really, really stunning.

It's insane. In a good way.

My first thought? Refreshing! My second? So, so beautiful. Every look has something going on. It's just a feast for the eyes.

Astonishingly beautiful! I'm in love with pretty much everything.

Fourth row: I want that suit and the hat! (In fact, I want all the hats.) That weaving detail is killer.

and the blue dress! What a knock-out.

I love the pieces that look like he wove palm fronds, but in an elegant and sophisticated way, especially the olive green gown with the floaty panels.

I'm mad for that black and white gown, though it seems a bit off from the rest of the collection. But I don't care - it's gorgeous.


wow-this is a truly stunning collection.

I love, love,love all of the weaving,and I want that blue dress with the openwork sleeves....

LOVE the weaving techniques and lushiness of the headpiece part.

the rest... I don't know, something just doesn't call to mee.

The denim is not good.

Some of the models look awful.

I am very anxious to see the "street" version of these clothes. I love the detailing and colors on most of them.


Best and surprisingly the most wearable of the Haute Couture collections we've looked at so far. I NEED the bleack feather cocktail dress...or will as soon as I think of some place to wear it!


OMG I see Ping Wu's bucket hip pockets in that white suit in pics B10 and B11 !

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous!

This collection shows why it's so easy for Project Runway contestants to trip up on the couture challenge. If they weren't part of a collection with a strong point of view, some of the earlier pieces might be mistaken as too plain (though gorgeous in fabric and detailing) and others would be criticized for being too costume-y. Plus, there's always the "make couture in a day and a half" dilemma. I just found the whole thing very interesting.

Viva Jean Paul Gaultier!

There are no words to describe just how beautiful this collection is. I haven't been this excited about a haute couture show in quite some time. My heart races. I DIE.


WOW. So beautiful, everything in the whole collection. And something I would wear in a heartbeat if I had a mojillion dollars! (hello, black suit third row down with the double row of buttons. yowza.)

Thanks for the pretty this morning!

Wow. This collection is stunning. LOVE the styling. I love the dresses that look like weaved palm branches. And the brick red dress with the leather on the bodice? TDF.

what fun!

oh, and the white suit with the basket pockets.... it is mine. You can't have it.

This is an incredible collection even without the comparative snoozefests by Chanel, Westwood, et al. A genius that makes my heart beat faster.

I'm weeping, it's so beautiful. Wow.

I have never been a big fan of Gaultier, but I have to admit, this collection is absolutely stunning. The denim not so much, but the rest....takes my breath away. The styling is beautiful, which is sooooo refreshing after seeing the cadaverous, dark looks in some other collections.
Just wonderful!!!

Oh, and may I please have the dress that speaks of a Mexican blanket? It needs me.

I love the rich colors and the braiding! Lovely.

And easily translatable to street, I would think.


Linda from Chicago

Great art!


I love the colors, the weaving, the feathers, everything. We went to Guatemala in November for our honeymoon and the indigenous stuff (feathers, weaving, rich colors) just pull you in.

Also, I thought haute couture was supposed to be real world unwearable. There's tons of stuff here I'd knock the model down for. They're skinny and hungry, I could totally take them.

Then I'd have to use the fabric I hemmed off the bottom of the clothes to put vents in the sides to fit me.

LOVE those woven dresses. What a gorgeous collection.

To borrow a phrase from our friend rachel zoe...i die....this is a great collection. The best I've seen of all the posts so far and the first time I've said (and out loud), "Now, THAT'S couture!"
Also, I think this was an instance of everything coming together in the right way. The collection is greater than the sum of its parts. While the pieces are stunning, the styling really took it to a whole other level. Bravo!


As Ms. Kors, herself, would say: That's how you put on a show!

The first couple of looks left me cold (I will never get behind haute couture jeans jackets), but I WANT THIS SUIT. I wish to god I could wear this dress, and hope to see it very soon on someone who can wear it well. The weaving on this look is exquisite. And while they're impractical to the point of being almost pure art, I adore this stunning dress and this ingenious top all the more for it. This, well, that just blew my tiny little mind. Kablooie.

There are some ugly and ridiculous pieces, but I love the color story, the shapes, the textures, the epic styling, the difference from all else out there, the pure fantasy. Hooray for Gaultier for showing the world how to produce and show proper haute couture.

Really like this. Sometimes when there is a reworking of native dress it feels phooney. This almost feels like a tribute to Mexican and Aztec culture.

Glorious. I love the styling. The woven pieces are delicious. I especially like the black and white that is meant to look like Hopi/Mimbres pottery pieces.
The beaded top, blue-green skirt look also knocked my socks off.

Long-sleeved denim, over the bust corset jacket!

How wonderful. And do-able. Going to have to try that.


Am I crazy, or does it look like Austin's Corn Husk dress is in this collection? ;-)

I'm swooning. It's different, elaborate and beautiful. Not only "real couture," it's real couture much of which looks like it could be *worn,* not just admired as objets d'art.

The long line of the pantsuits, in row 3 - now that's a look I'd love to see in knock-offs.

That cream suit row 4 - I die. The hat is perfect.

Gold jacket, row 6. Gowns in rows 19, 20, 28 left, 31 left! All could be worn pretty much as-is by anyone rich enough and thin. (us shorties might want to look into 8 inch platform heels, though.)

I badly want a close up look at the fabric of gown, row 19. It is beautiful. It's gorgeous. Is the texture the fabric or how it's been worked?

I love how a lot of this seems to have a lineage to one or another of past trends which I've seen re-worked in recent years - but it's just that - not an obvious re-working, but a nod to the lineage as something very fresh is created.

I LOVE how the frond-ey pattern of row 20 uses *almost* the blue & chocolate brown that I've seen resurrected lately from the 60's. But it's not quite those colors and it's only a reminiscent pattern and it's a completely totally different look.

Of course there are a few I don't care for (row 10, left, black & white strikes me as a mess) but I can see how they fit in.

I seriously hope stars and starlets are ordering their stylists to stop at nothing - NOTHING -to get some of these for the red carpet.

Marie said...

"There's tons of stuff here I'd knock the model down for. They're skinny and hungry, I could totally take them.

Then I'd have to use the fabric I hemmed off the bottom of the clothes to put vents in the sides to fit me."


Laughing here. You speak for me, Marie. I'm guessing you speak for dozens of us.

That was AMAZING and THANK YOU for showcasing it here. Also, Chris March? Are you reading this? This kind of show is what you can and will be doing. You will be showing haute couture in Paris and it will blow us away just as powerfully as this Gaultier collection did. -victoria

Ok, this shows how much I think about PR, but the light green woven dress made me sit up and say "it's the corn husk dress in wearable form!" Go Austin!

loooove the 3rd one down on the right

The model in the brown dress looks like a hershey car.

Holy Fucking Wow.

Some spectacular fabric art, there, but unlike too many collections in the past, not a single one of these, even the cage dress, forgets that there is a human being inside the clothing, with a complex biological topography. Even the Xena Warrior Princess meets hand-made saddles for million dollar horses leather pieces work as clothing as well as art, which, silly me, I always thought was the point of couture.

I'm hoping that the colors and shapes and use of textiles qua textiles in this collection are hugely influential over the next few seasons, because there's a lot of new and fresh stuff happening here. Unfortunately, knowing the general insight of the market, it'll probably lead to random shaded embroidery and woven bras.

I want the cream colored suit with the basket detail for practical purposes & to actually wear. Then I want a bunch of the rest just for the joy of the dresses!

That motha sucker stole my idea!

Oh, my goodness. This is remarkable. How beautiful. Much of it is whackadoodle, but MESMERIZiNG whackadoodle. That's what POV and a color story will do for you. Plus genius perfect styling.

Gorgeous! I love all the vivid colors!

Gorgeous. Incredible. Could not stop looking at them. My favorite collection this season.

Amazing. This is the kind of show that makes you excited about fashion. Love it

Truly lovely! Those basketweave dresses are intriguing. I adore the delicate shoes, the jewelry, and the attractive, dramatic styling of hair and makeup. THIS is the good stuff!

There's tons of stuff here I'd knock the model down for.

Hee, hee, hee! Totally!

yeah - wowowowowowowowow

How about some Latina models?

Love the hats and headpieces, the native and jungle influences, the denim not so much, but mainly I can't wait to see how these fab shapes and fabrics trickle down to us lowly ready-to-wear buyers.

Omigod. I am in awe, so many wonderful details to look at with each look that the few pieces that didn't mesmirize me were easy to glide past.

Except I have questions about some of the shoes. It looks like he used a variety of styles, but quite a few look like a riff on cowboy/vaquero boots. I get why, but hated the turned up toe seen in the second shot of the model in the short silvery white dress - was she about the 17th row down? Reminds me far too much of the witch toe turn up that the pointy stilettos of the last few years would do after they were worn for a few months. Would love it if TLo could find and post a few shoe close-ups.

Completely stunning. The styling is amazing. This is how you put on a fashion show!

I love that first embellished denim jacket and the wide-legged sequinned pants. I love all of it, really, but those are the items I'd most love to see in my closet right this second.

What a magnificent collection. I can see that inspiration came from everything everywhere. Love the woven and braided pieces that look like palm fronds. Love the rich earthy colors and variety of contrasting textures. I didn't have a problem with the models --- loved the diversity of the group.

My absolute favorite piece is the blue asymmetrical gown with silver body armor. It must have been a real thrill to see such an amazing production to see live.



A runway show I actually liked a lot!?!?? (It seems to so rarely happen!)

I convinced myself that the models were a bit happier in this show--I mean, except for the one smiler, they were all pretty stoic, but they didn't look miserable like they usually do!

Um, who is that at the end?

Spoiler alert: Ping was booted off PR in time for her to design hip adornments for JPG.

Wow! I never experienced a show to that caliper and mangitude - what a genius!!!

Was that last model singing? or talking? or who is she?


Gorgeous. And is that mother fuc*&&in Charo?

oh my goodness!!! that is what a haute couture show should look like!!!!

A short youtube video condensing the show:

my goodness, agreed. the other couture shows made me 'meh' a little (especially Givenchy after the amazing show last couture season...) but this is stunning and inspirational.

another laura

Oh kittens, so much to lerve!

I started off going "ew, I hate distressed denim" but then just went oohing and aahing and bitches, those HATS! YESSSSS! And look at the woven stuff! YESSSSS!

I'm coming back again and again today.

Very beautiful in that over-the-top JPG way.
Look 31 is very similar to the Prada F/W 2009 "Centurion" woven leather dress.
Also - Madonna circa Blonde Ambition Tour called and she wants all the molded/woven corset pieces!

Def a Lady Gaga vibe and that's a compliment in my book. Very much the opposite of boring. Loved it. I also noticed the Ping outfit. If ping had the skill, this was what she was going for.

Thank you for posting full awesome collections.

I love it! It's so beautiful and theatrical and even in the still photos you can really feel the energy of the show.

I also made the Austin/cornhusk dress connection immediately.

I can't stop thinking about the behind-the-scenes artisans who actually constructed these clothes. I am a little jealous of them.

Oh my gosh, it's so beautiful I can't stop looking at it. It's such a wonderful mixture of colours and textures. Amazing.

Really like this. Sometimes when there is a reworking of native dress it feels phooney. This almost feels like a tribute to Mexican and Aztec culture.

Exactly. It feels more like homage and not the usual tacky appropriation grab.

AND HOLY HELL I WANTWANTWANT! SO beautiful...the colors, the materials and the way they blend perfectly with each other...simply beautiful.

Kali -- I'm not sure who's modeling the last look, but it totally brought Petra von Kant to mind. Beautiful.

Beautiful. Flawless. Technical genius.


i can't stop thinking of those stunning sculpted looking dresses!the detalis!the braids!oh...beautiful art.
but there are some pieces i just can't stand,no matter how much i try.overall-breathtaking.

Amazing that he created a cohesive collection that never got repetitive

Gorgeous! And a welcome return to the glories of Vagina Hats!

I can't take my eyes off of this collection. So beautiful!

Gorgeous!!! Just not crazy about the jeans looks.


Fabulous!!!!!!! Thank you for posting this, guys.

Great use of colors! I love his shows!

This is couture with a capital "C"

As someone from Latin American, this collection makes me happy, really happy.

Anonymous said...
That was AMAZING and THANK YOU for showcasing it here. Also, Chris March? Are you reading this? This kind of show is what you can and will be doing. You will be showing haute couture in Paris and it will blow us away just as powerfully as this Gaultier collection did. -victoria

Yes, thank you TLO. I would love to see what Chris March would do with such inspiration.

This is pure couture.

I'm on a deadline, so of course I've come to look at this collection a few times...

I want to get married again just so I can wear that cream suit with the basket weave detail.

I'd be marry Viggo Mortensen, if anyone cares.

Don't tell my real husband.

Stunning! I have to look at it again to fully absorb it all.

I'm a long-time Gaultier fan, but I really don't like this. Not one of his better shows (but better than recent years'). However, the caged skirt is beautiful, and the second to last gown is brilliant. More of those, please.

Viva la raza!

It is great to see a non-European inspiration done right, without cliche or stereotype (blackface, Indian warpaint, etc.).

I like the denim and the riding habit dresses. A tribute to the charro culture, which we see firsthand here in southern Arizona.

There are a few pieces that look out of place--just a regular outfit with a big hat or headdress--but for the most part it hangs together. It is a brilliant collection.

This absolutely took my breath away. This collection proves that fashion is art.

3rd row, 2nd picture... it's a beautiful design, but does it have anything at all to do with the rest of the collection?


This is a masterpiece collection.

One of his best shows ever, I think. The styling is to die for.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Absolutely brilliant! He's one of the most talented designers of his generation.

Maria Guadalupe

As someone from Mexico who performs rancheras, it was really wonderful to see Gaultier's take on the traje de charro. He used the design elements and tradition to make beautiful, elegant clothes. I'm so used to designers using my culture to turn out clownish clothes.

Gaultier didn't just rework "Mexican blankets" (whatever that even means) but he did use the rebozo and embroidery inspired by traditional tropes with elegance and flair. I love it. I love it so much!

raisin mountaineer

One model was SMILING. It made me stop to look at the dress because she seemed so happy. I couldn't figure out what her happiness was about (didn't care about that dress nearly as much as some of the festive others), but it sold the dress-- wouldn't it be refreshing to see a show where the models look like they're having a good time? These clothes are a PARTY-- why don't 90% of these models look like they're having a good time?

I know, it's fashion, darling, and we must be serious, but, seriously?

I'm getting a real warrior woman vibe. All armour and breast plates.
It's a spectacular show. The first look is kiiiiilling me I want it so badly. Just so great.

Raisin posted what I was going to say, so nice to see a model SMILE. If I had the chance to wear half of this stuff *and* look good in it, I'd be grinning like a fool, heck I'd be giggling my way down the runway! Thanks T & Lo! I can see myself revisiting these photos (and the Chanel show) when I need a pick-me-up!


TLo, thank you for sharing.


I never posted before but I had to say that collection was absolutely gorgeous.

Stunning. And I love when models smile.

i'm not dorothy gale

I would SO go topless with the turquoise pasties and necklaces and wear palm fronds on my head if only given the opportunity. Seriously.

Gasp- and clothing lust-inducing. My eyes just can't get enough.

A total revelation. The clothes are absolutely breathtaking, and the styling is beyond fabulous. Everything from the headdresses, the hats, the jewelry, the turquoise nail polish, the shoes, the braids-L.O.V.E.

YouTube video of JPG explaining this collection:

Lively to look at -- but how did that double breasted navy suit get into THAT collection? It was the only thing I could imagine a 'real' person wearing ...

I love the weaving and the amazing colors. And I would so wear the hat on the model in the cream suit.

The cream suit (4th from top) is absolutely GORGE! The hat is totally believable. Also especially loved the burgundy leather hat with the matching gown with woven leather detail. I know you guys hate matchy-matchy, but I think "monochromatic" is sophisticated. The weaving details are incredible!

quigley (the cat)


In my lifetime I hope to even BE at a party where something like these could be worn...

kitty is purring...

The initial denim outfits were a turn-off, but after that, everything is just sublime.

Row 8: Want.

It's a vairvair interesting collection,i like:)

Mother of God! Exquisite!

Gorgeous, i love almost everything, but I do wish he'd get over the torpedo tits.

I can truly say that this is the first haute collection I've seen that I think has truly beautiful pieces. The detail, the romance, the hats!!!

just gorgeous.

Fbulous, beatiful, gorgeous pieces of art. Wish I could afford them. I would sit and stare at them all day long.

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