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In or Out: Scarlett Johansson

Oh, Miss Scarlet!

Scarlett Johansson attends the "A View From The Bridge" Broadway opening night at the Cort Theatre in New York in Dolce & Gabbana.

Y'know, there are two cliches that all bitchy fashion commentators fall back on and we've been trying to wean ourselves from making them anymore. They're both pop culture references that immediately put a strong image in the reader's mind, and once you've accomplished that, you really don't need to make any further fashion-related comments.

Well, we have to hand it to Scarlett here. She's allowing us to use the same tired old joke, but with a fresh spin on it. You see, it's very easy for a bitchy fashion commentator to fall back on the "Dorothy Zbornak" or "Blanche Devereaux" jokes when they're warranted, but it's a rare opportunity for us to pull out a Rose Nylund reference. Well done, Scarlett. You've just handed the bitchy fashion commentator community a new joke on a platter.

Oh, and congratulations for whatever occasion you're at that required you to put on your best dress. Some sort of lifetime achievement award, perhaps? Or maybe a celebration of your 50 years in show business? Whatever it is, it's nice to see an old gal like you still has a great set of gams.

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Agreed. No woman her age should ever wear that dress. Floral prints almost always scream golden girls.

However, love that necklace. Her hair is nice, and her arm candy is even nicer. He does look a bit tired in that picture, but he can have a rest in my bed whenever he likes.

I disagree. Floral prints are very on trend right now and I think this dress fits well and is very flattering to her figure. I'm only a year older than Scarlett and I for one would wear the hell out of this dress.

I have to say, I actually really love this look and I would wear it in a heartbeat. I think Scarlett looks fantastic.

WHY on earth would someone with as nice a body as she does and as much money as she must have wear such a dowdy lil' dress?

She's clearly getting some stylist help but honey, just because you're stylist puts it out there doesn't mean you have to wear it...just because it's a trend doesn't mean it's right for you.


I think she looks good.
A little retro. She's so sexy she doesn't need to show everything every time. I think she favors the large colorful floral prints. I also like the necklace and hair.

I actually really like this look. The cut and the hair make the floral print more "retro" than "old lady". And the necklace is gorgeous.

No way - I can't remember the last time I disagreed with you guys on an In or Out. I love this dress and I think it looks great on Scarlett. She looks young, beautiful and elegant - and far, far from boring.

When I was a teenager, my mom would wince and tell me to change anytime I wore something that reminded her of her Depression Era childhood when she and her family were dirt poor. I was a lot older before I had much of a handle on what things were taking their inspiration from 1930's style.

All of which is to say that when young people encounter a pretty floral print dress - it may not have any connotations at all - other than pretty floral dress.

More power to them.

Scarlet looks really pretty.

Sorry boys, I think she looks super cute here. It's okay to cover up the goodies now and then.

Her date is what's-his-face, innit? Can't remember his name...he played Cotton in the Scream movies.

I think she's on trend and looks really nice.

Yeah, floral is in but that cut and neckline look very matronly on her.

I like the print but that is one frumpy old lady dress.

LOL. It is a Rose Nylund dress.

Definite OUT for me. But I'll give this production of the play an IN because it was halfway decent, stuntcasting notwithstanding.

She's at the premier of a Broadway play by the great Arthur Miller, in which she STARS with her companion, Liev Schreiber. She looks beautiful and appropriate for the occasion.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one to disagree, I think she looks beautifull and all the colours (dress, make up, hair) look perfectly well together, quite frankly, I think I want that dress!

I like the make-up and the necklace. As for the rest, you nailed it - Rose Nyland. Betty White looked WAY better at the SAG awards than Scarlett does here.

It's a beautiful print, and she looks radiant and beautiful in it. Old-fashioned, perhaps, but I love that vintage feel, and appropriate for the occasion. Definitely IN.

Styling: good
Dress: dowdy

A great big IN!

I think Scarlett looks beautiful. I especially like her hair and makeup. The dress is adorable, and frankly, with her ginormous jugs, I think the dress looks sexy and glamorous without looking like a hooker (Im looking at you Fergie). I love the necklace, though not with the dress.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

She looks beautiful and the dress is very lovely. It looks fantastic on her and not at all old.



This was an 'almost' for me. It's the combo that's the killer: the sleeve and skirt length, the tiny puff sleeves, the shiny floral print that could be found on any goodwill dress and the belted waist. Too many 'old lady' elements.
Like the colors though, and the hair.


MIss Scarlett is in! The dress is lovely on her

It's not my personal favorite kind of thing, but she does look good here and this dress is very right now. The de-emphasis of her titties is a nice maneuver. She pulls it off without looking too matronly but someone with more personality/talent could probably wear it fiercer.


Well, I thought Liev was married to Naomi Watts--I quite liked them as a subdued power couple. Can I give Scarlett an out just for breaking them up?

I do think the styling is what is making this dress so much more Golden Girls--the diamond necklace is totally inappropriate and screams "Don't look at my wrinkles!". While I applaud the girl for walking out of a Dolce and Gabbana without a leopard print corset, she way over-compensated.


I'm torn. I see where TLo is coming from, but at the same time, the makeup is flawless, the necklace is gorgeous, and I'm also getting the retro vibe. So neither in nor out for me.

I would have preferred that dress if it was like hot pink, or in that print, but strapless. Also, the necklace is gorgeous, but I don't like it with that neckline.

I wore a similar dress to a Bar Mitzvah in the 80's. My daughter made me throw it out when she tried to find "retro" stuff in my closet. She managed to make me feel cheap and old with one not even grand gesture!

Is there something about the camera angle or choice of lens that is making Scarlett look short, with stumpy legs? (which should be almost impossible...) Because if it isn't the camera, it must be the dress.

I'm 63 and I would.not.wear.that.dress. And I love the colors.

But she still looks cute, and probably has no "older lady" frame of reference for such a print.

I think she looks beautiful too. I don't care for those shoes. I don't think she looks dowdy. My grandmother wore flowered dresses and pumps but not like this. And I have to agree that with those people who have said she doesn't need to sex it up every time she goes out.

Why do so many young women right now wish to look like grannies?

Any woman under 60 who thinks she could rock a dress like that is delusional.

I read not too long ago that dying one's hair grey is fashionable, too. I'll just laugh hysterically and leave it at that.

I'm sorry, but that dress reminds me of the kind my Grandma used to order from the Blair catalog. OUT

Uh, Liev Schreiber is married to Naomi Watts, and ScarJo is married to Ryan Reynolds. Just because they appear in a photo together doesn't mean they're dating. They're co-starring in a play.

I love it from the waist up. As separates, with a different skirt, I would like the whole ensemble more.

She didn't break them up. they're co-stars. she is unfortunately married to Ryan Reynolds (who I think is the sexiest man on the planet).

The dress makes her look short and doesn't do much for her figure. I also think she looked much better when she wasn't trying to be a thin thin hollywood actress. she needs to go back to her old body.

I finally figured out who Dorothy Zbornak is. Is Rose Nylund also a GG reference?

(Don't roll your eyes at me -- I never watched that show!!)

As for the look, she's one of the few people I think looks better with overly-blond hair.

lol, so funny to see the disparity of comments. I'm 42 and it makes my eyes bleed. It screams "Secretary, 1986" to me. But enough folks find it hip that I guess I'm going to be seeing more of this crap, huh?

IN! I love this look on her and I think she really pulls it off.

LMAO!! I just stumbled upon your blog and darn it all to me for not finding you sooner! You guys are hilarious..and you are right on about Rose Nyland.

You know, if might be the lighting. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Love the hair and makeup. IN.

OUT. Her hair and necklace are fab. I don't mind the print but combined with the past the knee length and 3/4 length sleeves it is Rose Nyland all the way. I HATE 3/4 length sleeves. I think they make people look like they have monkey arms. I never wear them.

Ooh, OUT. The style of this dress is a mash-up of Rose Nylund and Joan Cusack in "Working Girl"... if it had been a solid color, it might have worked. And that's a BIG "might".

The necklace, make up, and hair? Lovely. Her co-star? Smoking hot. But that dress has got to go.

Never heard of Rose Nylund or those other dames you mentioned., but I know a schamata when I see one!

And diamonds with a housedress?!?! What on earth was she thinking?

BB and others: Rose Nyland was the naive widowed character played by Betty White in Golden Girls. Sort of the antithesis of the character she played on the Mary Tyler Moore show.

Oh - the dress makes Scarlet look stumpy.

Wow, totally disagree. I think this dress is unique and gorgeous!


Why didn't she pick something else from their spring 2010 collection? There are some gorgeous floral dresses in there. It's too old for her.


Lilithcat said...
And diamonds with a housedress?!?! What on earth was she thinking?


That dress is not retro, it's just hideous. The nice hair and the beautiful necklace are not enough to save this look.

I agree that that print is a little "old lady sofa" for me, but I also think one of the worst aspects is the length -- it makes her look like a wee little person! 1-2 inches shorter would have been so much more flattering.

I love it. But at 32 I am very old-ladyish, probably since I lived with my grandmother in my formative years. I say she's IN!

I like the cut of the dress, and the overall styling. And I don't necessarily oppose floral prints - it's this particular print that gives me pause.

Certainly I can see the GG references, but it IS very on trend right now.

For me, it's neither out nor in. Had the print been a bit different (not sure I like the color combo, or the size of the blooms on her frame), I'd give it a definite in.

The dress really looks like something Aunt Bea would wear, doesn't it? So if she's going for retro, she made it. Too well, in fact. That looks like a few things that were in my closet in the '80s, except the floral prints were a bit smaller.

But she still is such a beautiful young woman, she can make even frumpy retro look pretty good, interestingly. So I'm torn on whether it's an in or an out.

You could take everything about this look, from the hair and makeup to the dress, shoes and jewelry, transfer it onto a woman 30 years older than Scarlett, and it would look completely appropriate. It's not a bad look per se, but it's definitely a very mature look for someone so young.

What kills it for me are the sleeves. If it were sleeveless, it would be awesome. Even the length, which is just a smidge too long, could be overlooked, but the sleeves just kill it.

She, on the other hand, looks awesome -- lovely makeup and hair. The necklace, while lovely, is a bit much for that dress, though.



I too, love the necklace but it doesn't go with the dress.

Scarlet can look cute, but she often dresses far too old. This is no exception and the jewelry just makes it worse.

Geez. This looks like something home-sewn on a rickety Singer from a late '30s, early '40s flour sack, reviving terrible memories. I'm going to believe the necklace is made of cheap rhinestones simply because it makes me feel better.

The individual elements of her look are great. I love the make-up, the hair, the shape and fit of her dress, her necklace and her escort, but the floral print is so freaking distracting it makes me say this look is out. Sad that the overall look isn't as strong as its individual parts.

Rose Nylund - OMG you slay me!
But I agree - when I first saw the pictures I thought of a little girl wearing her grandmother's dress.

Karl Lagerfeld tweeted it best:
"Florals are for middle-aged women with weight problems."

Retro? Stylish? When did Scarlett turn 50? She looks so old and kind of dumpy.

So who did Dolce & Gabbana design that dress for?



I too thought she was too thin. That was my first reaction-- maybe it's the camera angle?
Maybe not.

Love those colors, but it comes off wrong somehow.

I rarely truly LOL reading blogs but a good Rose Nyland reference will do that. Thanks for the chuckle. Xxoo

another laura

Oh TLo, thanks for this post today. What a horrible dress. I don't think she needs to pull out the starlet stuff for the opening of a Broadway show, but this dress is just ugly to my eyes.

Um, I think she looks great. The print is a little granny, but the dress fits her well and the silhouette is flattering. I think she's workin' it.

Help!someone's couch has been murdered and turned into a dress

Sorry, I find it an unmitigated "out". The necklace is too fancy for the dress, the shoes are so frumpy, and the dress itself is hideous (might be okay in a solid w/out contrasting waistband and gathers at shoulders, but that's a lot of ifs). Agree that it's old-ladyish but I don't think this print would look good on a woman of any age.


I only understand 1 out of your three reference ladies, but I still say she is out.

She looks like a couch....a sad old living room couch that has had its three weeks on craigslist and is now just sitting on the curb in the rain with a sign on binder paper that says TAKE IT!!!

Hideous dress. And if that necklace is real diamonds, putting it with that dress makes it look like a rhinestone one from the '40s. Like your grandmother put on her Sunday dress with her "best" fancy necklace to go out for her anniversary dinner.

scarlett is almost as overrated as natalie portman, but not quite there yet...

This would have been good if it were sleeveless or capped. The length of the sleave is too much with the rest.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My first thought was Rose on Golden Girls and I was IMMENSELY pleased with myself because we often get Blanche and Dorothy outfits, but never to my knowledge was there a Rose reference on TLo, but there it is! Curses!
p.s. One day I'll ID a Sophia .... just you wait!

Does context count for nothing? She's at the premiere party for the 1955 Arthur Miller play in which she stars with Liev Schreiber. The outfit appears to be playing (loosely) with the time period of the play, and if it's a little costume-y, that seems appropriate for the occasion. She probably wouldn't wear it to the Oscars. I think she looks great, by the way.

someone please tell me who makes those shoes.

You could take everything about this look, from the hair and makeup to the dress, shoes and jewelry, transfer it onto a woman 30 years older than Scarlett, and it would look completely appropriate. It's not a bad look per se, but it's definitely a very mature look for someone so young.
Exactly, this is a look better suited for Meryl Streep than ScarJo.

Does context count for nothing? She's at the premiere party for the 1955 Arthur Miller play in which she stars with Liev Schreiber. The outfit appears to be playing (loosely) with the time period of the play, and if it's a little costume-y, that seems appropriate for the occasion.

It would be very strange for her to show up in period costume for an opening night party not to mention the fact that this dress owes almost nothing to mid '50s fashion.

Out. Out out out out out OUTTAHERE.

I can't even begin to say how much I don't care if something is "on trend" or not. If this is indeed on trend, then perhaps it's better to be off trend. She looks like a frumpy dumpy disASter. With so much to choose from, and even taking into account the function she was attending, and thus needing to dress a certain way, why why why did she choose this?

I. Don't. Get. It.

Out. No backs.

I'm really not a fan of SJ, but I think she looks good here. The necklace is gorgeous, the dress fits, and that big floral is kind of unexpected.

I love her hair so much I can almost ignore everything else.

But the only reason to wear a print that large when you yourself are small, is that it is so ubiquitously "on trend" that you'll look like a fashion horror for NOT wearing it.

Though even then papering oneself in it top to tail could be moderated.

I don't know if it's that on trend or not.

And my doubt is with the print - NOT the dress' cut, modesty or anything else. In a different fabric (delicate vaguely oriental print, maybe?) I would love the dress and her in it.

Yay, Matronly! That old Project Runway chestnut that signifies instant death.

I actually like the dress, hair and makeup, but for me she's out due to the tacky necklace. It definitely does look like cheap rhinestone jewelry.

Jumpin' Jehosaphat! that girl's head is the size of a television set.

I LOVE her accessory, though. And the necklace is nice, too.

i'm not dorothy gale

I'll show my age and say she's channeling Aunt Bea on the old Andy Griffith show. Dowdy, dowdy, dowdy!

My kids think of the late 70's early 80's the way we thought about the 50's and Happy Days. It's retro to them and it's about a safer place and a happier simpler time. I am so not going to disillusion them. They don't need to know just how happy and safe we felt before we found out in the 80's just how unsafe we were. So they want to go back to floral prints on shiny fabric with padded shoulders ... why not? At least they are not drooling over THE FONZE.

potty mouth princess

Absolutely shiteous and yeah, so Rose Nylund.

Arthur Miller and that superb play deserve better than ScarJo dressing up like her gramma. I will give her props on the necklace. Just not with that dress.

I'm sorry, but is she trying out for a part in Driving Miss Daisy II? This ages her and takes away any of the sex appeal she usually exudes!

she's young and hot enough to wear this. it comes across as sexy and ironic.

Ironic my ass. That dress makes her look like a midget trapped in an ottoman.

I see where the boys are coming from and agree. Scarlett ain't shuttin' nothin' down with this look. I don't get a retro vibe from this dress or the way it's styled. Like TLo said, all I get is Rose from GG. However, had it been styled properly, with maybe black hose and some killer black platform shoes, no jewels, and a more contemporary hairstyle, we could then talk about shuttin' things down. Scarlett get's an "out" for this look, and so does Liev because he really should have shaved and had an espresso before appearing in front of the cameras.


My eyes! My eyes!
Love the necklace, love the arm candy (co-star). Don't like the dress. Something about too much pattern for too small a person.

Is Scarlett Johansson breaking up Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber? I did read somewhere that Liev has been quoted as saying that he has "fallen for Scarlett".

She looks older than her age. OUT.

The print is too matronly and who would pair a dress like that with diamonds? I mean, seriously.

Betty White's dress for sure.

"Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but is she trying out for a part in Driving Miss Daisy II? This ages her and takes away any of the sex appeal she usually exudes!"

OMG yes, Jessica Tandy.

Hideous dress. Hideous hair. Hideous makeup. Hideous shoes. Fire the stylist.

I disagree w/ you guys, I think she looks fab. Her hair makeup and necklace are to die as well. I think had she some killer heels it would take away any Rose-vibe the look may have had.

Ha! I'm scared (in a good way!) that my thinking followed you guys so much. I saw a pic earlier today of her and my first thought was, "Oh dear, she stole this from the closet of Blanche Devereaux!" Then I realized Blanche's dress would have a deeper neckline, shorter sleeves, and a higher hem. And I immediately corrected myself, "No, she stole this from Rose Nylund's closet!"

Love you guys!

Fugly. Seriously. Really.

"Am I Meryl Streep yet?"

Out and too long. On another subject, have you seen her gorgeous twin brother ?

Why is everyone defending this dress?
The fabric look like it could cover the couch of a Chinese grandma.
So fug. And it's totally a Rose dress. Right down to the slightly too short sleeves and the cleavage and the length. Rose would not wear those shoes I don't think.

I love a great floral and on a different dress this could be stunning. But not this dress.

awful dress on her -- that, combined with the hair ages her terribly. i also wish she would learn how to stand gracefully for a picture. in virtually every pic one sees of her she is standing pigeon-toed. it's really awkward looking. she's a beautiful woman.

awesome necklace, though!

Why is her head so enormous? Seriously. It's so disproportionate, it looks like she's been Photoshopped in real life. What the hell were the photographers doing? Was she standing oddly? It's so ...disturbing. Please, America, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS POOR, RAPIDLY-AGING STARLET'S HEAD.

She looks drop-dead gorgeous. I think the print is more retro than old lady, and appropriate for the retro-ish event. The fabric is so pretty, it keeps it out of old-lady land. If I had my pick of any dress, I'd probably choose something else, but she's probably worn a ton of safer looking hot gowns. Can't fault a girl for wanting to mix it up a little.

A modern, strappy shoe would have made this work perfectly. Black pumps give the whole thing another vibe. Too bad, because she almost got it exactly right.


I didn't understand the middle paragraph of your commentary, TLo, so I'll just limit my observation to pointing out how nice it is to see a good hair day after all the scruffy do's that you've showcased lately.

I think it's pretty. *shrug*

I like the print and the color, but not the dress. The necklace is completely incongruous.

I think we established at some point (a photographer commenting?) that the "big head" look is from the angle the photographer is using.

"Too thin"? In the era of Rubens, maybe. Her weight is fine.

P.S. Rose (Betty White) would rock that dress!

i think the shape of the dress is kinda good,the print looks old to me-but i can sense a little retro going on here.
overall she looks lovely,love the hair,love the necklace,love the make Scarlett...

I think she looks great! Great hair, great makeup, great accessories. The retro thing is just her look, I couldn't imagine her in anything else. She doesn't look dowdy at all.

My mom had a dress like that -- in the 1960s. Similar necklace, too. Quality rhinestones.
It wasn't all that attractive on her. Time hasn't improved it.
Florals may be in but not in those colors and that style.
Give it back to Goodwill.

I like this look on her. Yes, it is a retro look, and on perhaps an older woman the look would scream...well, everything you girls suggested. But on Scarlett I really like this. Classic, simple, just the right amount of skin.

I don't know. I'm torn. It fits her well and it's nice for someone to actually wear a dress with SLEEVES. Especially since it's flipping winter outside. However I think it makes her look a little shortwaisted and I don't know if I'm thrilled with the pattern.

Love the hair and necklace though. She's a beautiful woman.

love it!!! I got one just like this for the casserole cook-off back in St. Olaf.

Oh Gertrude, no.

Hemmed just above the knee & worn with black stockings, this could o' been a contendah.

Odd, but cute.

She's getting great reviews.

What the hell kind of weird angle or camera lens were they using when they photographed her? Her lower half looks much smaller than her upper half. Weird!
I agree that the cut of the dress aged her. I do think floral patterns could look young with the right cut. And that necklace with that dress? N-O.

The necklace is beautiful, but I never realized what a giant melon of a head she has. ~fear~

She's in.

I don't like prints. I don't like prints. I don't like prints ... on anyone.

Sorry ScarJo, I vote Out.

She just needs a wide-brimmed hat and she's ready for Easter brunch with grandma. The necklace seems too formal for that Sunday dress. Mismatch.

For some reason, she always seems to look older than her age. Confusing.

Oh em gee. I think this is a case where she's too young to understand how literal this is. Anyone who LIVED through that era takes one look at this and winces. Dated AND old-ladyish.

My first impression was that she looks great, and I was glad to see so many agree. The dress fits her beautifully, and she looks really pretty. It's OK to look prim and proper occasionally, and she manages that AND looks sexy to boot. IN.

While I'm usually the last to like sofa print florals, I actually think this is an IN for her. Yes, it's a rather matronly dress on the hanger but actually it works. The color, cut, and necklace all work to put her face as the focal point and she looks lovely. And this is decidedly a case where she's wearing the dress and not the other way around.

So, from this corner, an unexpected but solid IN.

What a great mother of the bride look!

Oh dear, she's turned into a lollypop.

Oh boys, I usually agree with you, but this time you got it all wrong. Total IN!!!!!!

I think she looks lovely and radiant. Sure, it does age her a bit, but so what? It makes her chique and classy. The hair, legs, and hunk of burnin' love on her side finish the look. I could do without the necklace though...

OUT OUT...a thousand times OUT!

and...omg!...the Golden Girls analogy is a hoot and oh so appropriate!

I recall a slip cover on my mother's sofa resembling that...40some years ago now.

oh your heart true? are you a pal and a confidante?
i wish i knew you so i could say take that horrid dress off and you would say thank you for being a friend...

LOL! Rose Nylund! You guys crack me up! I think it's the length of the dress combined with the floral pattern that makes it an "old lady dress" If the dress was much shorter, it would be more youthful...and use fun accessories like chunky necklace and stilettos.

I love the necklace! *drool* not with the dress though

I sorta like it... I think she makes the dress look youthful and fun.

NO way! I think its gorgeous!

ITA. I couldn't quite put my finger out why it's a huge OUT until I read the Rose Nylund reference. You. nailed. it.

Love the print, love the dress style, hate the two together.

Also, the shoes were a bit matchy-matchy.

Nice hair and bling though.

If the length were a little shorter, and the belt were a little more interesting, I'd say "in", because she looks like she feels good in the dress. And there is something to that.

She looks more like "Miss Daisy"



Oh. My. Dear. God.

She looks like an 80's sofa. Poufy sleeves and all.

This is an abomination. I don't care who designed it.

The necklace... is she on drugs?

I like the look reminds me to my grandma but in a good way, she looks like an italian lady

Yeah, it's not the dress that bothers me, it's the styling. If you're going to wear something that is that retro, you need to complete the look. It's the toned-down makeup and simple updo that make her look like a Golden Girl, imo. Imagine someone known for their retro styling, like Dita von Teese or Katy Perry (ugh) wearing this.

i fail to see what's wrong with this. i'm scarlett's age and everywhere i look i see people wearing dresses with a floral print on a black background...her hair and accessories look a little housewifey, and the hemline is pretty retro, but i think you are all being a bit too harsh!

I love this dress, but I might be biased because I have a dress exactly like this in my closet. That dress always makes me feel good in it, though I haven't Miss Scarlett's curves. Scarlett's dress is very old Hollywood and her fantastic body makes it young. Yes, I wish the neckline were more flattering to her assets, but the pattern is gorg and makes her skin look delicate. Yes, if you put Rose in this dress it would look dowdy, but the curves Scarlett have make it. She looks lovely here.

Voice of reason

Now no one can wear a floral print dress because once there was a show where ladies of a certain age wore floral print dresses?

That's just total nonsense and poo.

It fits her perfectly, the colors are great, and it's just the right combination of dressed up and taken down a notch.

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