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In or Out: Natalie Portman

Oh kittens. We're torn.

Natalie Portman attends the 9th Annual New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend at The Times Center in New York City in Rodarte for Target.

Screw that. We're not torn at all. She looks terrible and the dress looks unbelievably cheap. We wanted to applaud her for trying something a little thrifty, but we suspect she has an agreement with Rodarte. Promote the cheap line and we'll give you first pass at our red carpet gowns for awards season.


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Spot on Tlo, she looks like a Salem witch! And I do love her dearly.

too bad; the colour seems like it would suit her, all things being equal.

i liked still photos of that dress but i think i'll save my few pence now! if it doesn't look good on Portman.....

You need to be blind to think this would work.


She looks like a little pixie to me. It is not very flattering on her at all.


Looks like Tinkerbell has fallen on hard times.


I think the black tights and blazer emphasize the wispiness of the dress. (Tulip, you are right on with the pixie comment.)

Plus, poor thing looks exhausted.

Between the chip in a chip way dress and the ratty hair, I thought she was coming home from a bad party.

It's completely fail, not because of the dress-- there's just entirely too much black. She's killing a floaty little number by accessorizing it like her next stop is a funeral.


PS: @Traci--
If she wore that to my funeral, it's proof she hated me.

This belt over cardigan business has to go.

Haha, when you said you were torn, I was like "Torn about WHAT?!" And then I scrolled down. I agree wholeheartedly. And this most certainly was some type of publicity arrangement. Lord knows she didn't decide to wear this Target travesty because it just looked so damn good haha.

Horrible. She also looks as thin as I've ever seen her. She should have stuck with the original. Eek. OUT!

Um, I like the belt? It would look good with some entirely different outfit.

I adore Natalie but she just looks like a big head floating on a sea of black with some cream puff filling squeezed between the layers. I think she could have been bewitching in this Target Rodarte but it is weighted down with the heavy black accessories.

It's all very 80's Winona Ryder in a Heathers meets Beetlejuice sort of way.

That is some sad outfit. OUT.

That might have worked if she had kept it in black. She also has to be the only person to have tights make her legs look skinnier although I suspect part of it is the cut of the boot as well.

I agree that it looks chip in a chip way, but frankly the way she's styled (or is she just exhausted or what?) doesn't do the outfit any favors. I think the pixie-ish-ness would have come off better if she actually looked awake (and I think maybe her old short hair might have helped it as well)

But yeah, NOT going to drag my butt out to Target for that mess.

GT - my first thought was of Tink too.

" Debbie in Jackson said: I adore Natalie but she just looks like a big head floating on a sea of black"

The big head is because she is being photographed at close range with a wide angle lens, tilted down, which distorts. They do this all the time on these red carpets, and I don't know why. It isn't flattering to anyone.

It's one of my pet peeves.


Everybody's legs look thinner in opaque blacks...
I think she looks cute, cheap, that's true, but cute, nonetheless.

GothamTomato said...

" Debbie in Jackson said: I adore Natalie but she just looks like a big head floating on a sea of black"

The big head is because she is being photographed at close range with a wide angle lens, tilted down, which distorts. They do this all the time on these red carpets, and I don't know why. It isn't flattering to anyone.

It's one of my pet peeves.


Lollipop head, I've heard it called. You're right. Totally unflattering. But not nearly as unflattering as that outfit. And her makeup makes her look like she has the flu.

Dang...bad styling. That skirt is too frilly for the heavy blazer, tights and shoes. If the would have switched it up...had black skirt and more opaque hose it would have worked.

Thank you GT for clearing up the issue with her head. I honestly thought it had been photoshopped on a body half the size of her real body.

Everything about this is an out. The bizarre camera angle, the styling, the dress. Ick.

What happened? She looks thinner (which I didn't think was possible) and older. I agree the angle of the photos is partly to blame, but still. Well, maybe she'd just gotten off a long flight or a bad night, which can happen to anybody.

But as far as being torn, the only thing that should be torn is that dress -- it'd make good dustrags or packaging filler.

Christ she's boring. She should stick to harmless stuff like Marchesa and Banana Republic.

I think this may be primarily a case of bad photography and worse styling. This could be saved, I think.

She looks like she's recovering from the flu or something. The black/orange combo makes me think of Halloween, and it's scary to think that she or her stylist thought this was a good look. Out.

As young as she really is.....Natalie looks TOO OLD for this getup!!! She is not "rocking it". My fourteen year old niece would great in this! It would not look cheap because Target wear does not look cheap or cheaper than anything else on a 14 year old.


As much as I would love to judge the outfit, I simply could not get past the fact that I want to fix her a big fat bacon, mayo and avocado sandwich on white bread!!!

The dress could work in that color w/differently colored accessories--the black is way too heavy! Not fond of the short boots, either with the wispy dress either. It's not a problem with the dress, it's a problem with styling.

Can we talk about the fact that she looks unwell? Aside from the horrid outfit, she looks skinner than ever and sick too. Hope she's alright.

Oh and the hair and makeup are off for me too. She looks so much better with short hair, IMO.

I used to think she was beautiful.

Plum lipstick with a yellow-orange dress? Oh, honey...

I wish she wasn't wearing all of that black; it's too heavy for such a wispy dress.


The Target dress is fine, it's just the styling that's bad. Too much black. The sweater is the wrong cut to wear over that dress. If she'd paired it with a cute shrug, it would probably look fine. To say the dress looks cheap is blaming the wrong thing. Just because it's from Target doesn't mean it's crap. I wear stuff from Target all the time and get complimented by rich girls who want to know where I got my clothes. It's pretty hilarious when I tell them Target.

Agree with the Debbie et. al. comment about the big head making her look twice as bad. To top it off, though, she just doesn't look happy. That is such a fake smile. At least it's good to know she doesn't do "fake" well, because I do like her.

Ugh...underfed, poorly dressed, and magenta lipstick with a mustard colored dress is the nail in the coffin.

I give her props for doing color.

But then I have to take it away for that blazer over the dress.

See what Michelle Obama has wrought? Unflattering belts.

I generally like wispiness with black--it's an interesteng juxtaposition of hard and soft. But this doesn't seem to work.
Actually the only think I like is the black tights and boots.
Yes--she looks awful--like she's been rode hard and put away wet, poor thing.

"Thank you GT for clearing up the issue with her head. I honestly thought it had been photoshopped on a body half the size of her real body."

...And that's why they do it. Celebrities WANT to look like their bodies are much smaller than their heads. It's the whole "you can't be too thin" thing.

By "do it" I mean "photograph at a downwards angle etc., as GT described"

UGH. That Gladiator belt is doing her no favors and it's way too much black. The shoes are horrible. Poor Natalie.

Clarification. I think the tights make her legs look oddly skinny. Natalie herself has always looked tiny to me. Tights don't always make legs look thinner, if you have thick legs they actually make them look stockier. I have large calves and only wear tights with certain outfits or knee boots. Otherwise I look like I'm walking on tree trunks.

I'm not understanding why only two people have pointed out that her makeup is HORRENDOUS. She looks sickly and like she has a bad face-only tan. I'm sure there was no publicity arrangement for that...

She looks like Peter Pan caught doing the walk of shame.

The most hideous part is her make-up and styling. The lipstick is all wrong, and hair is too limp. I think that black/orange color is just too hard for her to pull off, and especially if her makeup & hair are not good.


The dress would have looked much better if she had worn it in black, minus the belt and sweater. There is nothing wrong with wearing a cheaper dress. What is wrong is how she wore it.


The Rodarte for Target is a cheap looking line, I have seen it myself at the local T. I honestly couldn't tell which items were for what and most looked to be made out of polyester.

I am a devout Target shopper, but this stuff is junk. As for the Nat, she can do better. Great actress though.

i didn't know she was anorexic

totally unrelated to her eating disorder, she's out, that outfit looks horrendous

who shows up at an event dressed up in target clothes besides jessica simpson? that's beyond tacky

wow. I've never seen her look bad. I have to say it's shocking to see her look like this. Everything about this is awful, the dress, the jacket/sweater, the make up, the shoes.

I'm curious what the dress would look like, in that color, without the sweater/blazer, belt, black tights and shoes...the dress is cute on the model in black. I think it's just all of her accessories being in black is just completely wrong for that color dress. Maybe that's what make's the gold frilly part look cheap??? idk.

She was probably dressing to stay warm (it's been quite cold in NY as of late)...but that combination is just not working...too much contrast as well there is no black in the dress that warrants pairing it with all black accessories. Perhaps all accessories that matched the color of the champagne colored dress under the gold frill would have been a smarter choice. In any event...she should have known better... OUT

Middle school arts geek girl outfit.

FAIL on a grown up.

I find it refreshing when celebs wear downmarket duds (didn't Sharon Stone once wear a Gap turtleneck at the Oscars?) but this makes her look like a broke 22 year old doing the walk of shame to her temp job. Actually it reminds me of the "walk of shame" outfits they featured on The Fashion Show. (Or should I say, The F&^@*$! Show.)

I wonder if she bought the dress or borrowed it.

I just wish she would have a sandwich....

I couldn't get past how thin and frail she looks.

another laura

Just a whole lot of horrible.

The deep pink lip color with the orange dress? I have chills, they're multiplyin' but not for a good reason.

Hand-me-down Halloween costume for an 8-year-old.


I sort o' like it and think it's the belt placement that's a problem. Maybe the belt just needs to be a little higher up?

Promote the cheap line and we'll give you first pass at our red carpet gowns for awards season.

All that misery in exchange for wearing another boring, strapless gown on the red carpet?

Sewing Siren
1/11/10 2:08 PM
I wonder if she bought the dress or borrowed it.


Probably borrowed it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Agreed. I like the fact she rocking a diffusion line, but it's how she's wearing it way too much. And the black and yellow buzz buzz bumblebee. However I do love her makeup that lipgloss/stick is beautiful!

BTW I like the belt over cardigan look when done correctly that belt should have contrasted the color of the cardie, and should have been thin.

Im going against the grain here but I don't think its that terrible. Yes, the cardi has to go but the tights, boots, and dress seem to suit her very well. I didn't even know it was that Target dress ( Now in person it might have screamed cheapness cause all of the rodarte pieces did in store, far too crunchy). Had she gone without the cardi or did a different one, keep the belt she would have looked fine, imo

THANK YOU all for clearing up that big head thing.

I think maybe Tinkerbell shouldn't go to the Great Pumpkin for her styling tips.

Oh God...I love Natalie and I think she looks terrible. Fire the clothes, makeup AND hair stylist.

Oh no, there's that Rodarte for Target model that haunted my dreams a few weeks ago. She is simply dreadful!
Natalie looks about 10 years older than when she appeared on Top Chef. What happened?
That dress is truly a sad little number.

She looks awful. To the point that I have to italicize it.

Hideous. And she lost weight. She's not looking good.

Why is her face so pink? Is she sick?

Something about this outfit makes her head look ENORMOUS. She appears to be aware that this look was a mistake, for while she's smiling with her mouth, her eyes are sad and tired.

Her head looks huge, which makes me think she's starving herself skinny.

I never thought I'd live to say or write these words, but ---- there's too much black in this outfit. On it's own, the dress is hiddy, but to accesssorize it with all that black, makes it a truly awful outfit. For this one, Natalie get's a definite "out."


Bleah. Surprisingly bleah, considering how amazing she usually looks. I do hope it's just a bad styling day and not a health issue.


ITA: The lollipop head syndrome on the red carpet. Thanks, GT for that explanation and assessment.

I, too, thought Natalie did not look well. At all.


To me it's about fit. She's swimming in that dress and with the cardigan and belt it bunches in a very unflattering way. I think that's why it looks so cheap.

I actually think the outfit would look better if she wore all black.

Natalie's a hardcore vegan, maybe she's cut back on the sprouts?

Totally out. I'm tired of her clothes, I'm tired of her try-too-hard intellectualism, I'm tired of her wooden acting. Go away, Natalie!

I hear she's up for a role in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It's perfect for her! She's been playing a zombie her entire career!

Sorry, but it's OUT. The styling is horrible - that shade of lipstick makes her look 20 years older. Or it could also be the fact that she looks too thin.

I don't know about the Target dress itself, but the accessories don't work for me.

Polly Glot

Wow her head looks huge!

Ok, she looks like trash, we get it.

But what's up with her FACE?? She doesn't even look like herself in these pictures.

Oops, I overdosed on bitchy-pills today, sorry ;o)

Rodarte has picked the PERFECT spokesmodel in Natalie Portman.
She's an obnoxious posuer intellectual hipster wannabe and Rodarte's clothes make you look like a total asshole.

Give the girl a cookie. She looks a little thinner than usual.

she should have stuck with the black - cheap fabrics always look even cheaper in bright colours.
and her makeup is terrible. She looks frail and unwell, poor thing.

I was not a fan of this dress to start with, but whatever hope it had was destroyed by the black tights and cardigan. I just don't like opaque tights, and they just accentuate the dress's drawbacks. The Michelle Obama belted cardigan could look fine with a different outfit (as could the tights, I guess), but is all wrong with this.

Oops, I see poor Natalie has deviated from the ideal weight that has been established for her, and must now be forced to eat. Should we hold her down and force-feed her?

Yeah, it's her face and her size that I find most disconcerting! She looks like someone's holding a gun to her dog, forcing her to smile lest he shoot little Toodles.

I happened to see the Rodarte for Target clothes today and they are just awful, so, so cheap, ugly and I can't really understand why this match was even thought of much less made. Really, who is going to buy Rodarte at Target? Doesn't work at all.

1/11/10 9:24 PM
I happened to see the Rodarte for Target clothes today and they are just awful, so, so cheap, ugly and I can't really understand why this match was even thought of much less made. Really, who is going to buy Rodarte at Target? Doesn't work at all.


i can totally see the hipster tribe going nuts for that's cheap...and it's got a big label on it...which is who she represents sort of...

wow, is it me or does she look sick and does her head look to big (ie, does it look like she's wasting away?)
Outfit isn't flattering, but someone needs to feed her or something too.

Is "Jeff Dunham" off limits?

What did they do to her HEAD??

Wowee, the Weight Police are out in droves on this one. I'm sure that there are plenty of hungry children in this world to worry about.

I'm not going to start a debate over whether Natalie is too thin here. What's it to me if she starves herself? More Sprinkles for me!!

However...when will some of these dreadfully (unnaturally, I'd say) thin women realize that a little extra padding - especially in the face - is much more appealing than this skin-draped-over-bone look?

Or maybe it's only me who prefers softer features, in which case I'll shut up and enjoy all the cupcakes.

I kind of like the dress without the cardigan and belt.

She looks too skinny. What happened??

Hate the look!

Love her, love Rodarte, but not this look.

She really does bear an uncanny resemblance to Helen Gurley Brown (circa 2005) in this picture.

Has anyone SEEN this stuff in person? It looks like it belongs in the Halloween costume/dress up aisle. Same fabrics.

All I can see is TOO THIN when I see this photo. I don't even notice the clothes.

You know, I love Natalie. But this is OUT. I think she has trouble finding something with correct proportions. She's so tiny, and she's got that big Hollywood head that so many actresses have. She looks off, and the dress is fug.

I think she's lost weight because she's playing a ballerina in her next movie. She looks awful. She could be wearing anything and she'd still look awful-- wan and tired. She has that 'fighting through the flu' forced smile on her face.

noticed someone above made a winona in beetlejuice/heathers comparison which is hilarious to me as i was thinking she looked like keira knightly in a "reality bites" outfit she borrowed from ms.ryder :)
as an aside natalie and keira always looked similar to me but i always thought natalie looked healthier...this picture just shattered that illusion :(

OMG, she's taking fashion lessons from Michelle Obama, and she is not seeing the good stuff! PLEASE forget cardigans and belts over them!!

Dear Natalie: Remember how you supported Roman Polanski? Well, honey, it's Karma Payback Time. Buckle up.

oh TLo, please, please support women and not cover this rape apologist. She's desperately trying to get us to forget her misstep for signing that "trendy petition".

Honey,who's doing your make-up?
Fire them. Immediately.

She looks like a fucking pumpkin. I hate orangey-yellow and black together. Maybe it would have looked ok with brown instead. MAYBE.

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