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In or Out: Leighton Meester


Leighton Meester attends the opening of the Klutch Nightclub in Miami Beach, Florida wearing a Christopher Kane dress and YSL suede ankle boots.

Y'know, with a little illusion netting, she totally could have been a walking "two faces kissing or a goblet?" optical illusion.

Christopher Kane Spring 2009 Collection/YSL Fall 2009 Collection

Ooooh, honey. That's just a no. There are a lot of elements to this little frock and they're just not coming together in any way that looks flattering. In fact, there's so much going on here that you really need to be a professional clothes-wearer (i.e., model) to get it to work at all. We don't exactly love the dress on the model, but she's been dressed and tucked and pinned to perfection and her only job skill is the ability to make clothes look good. Besides, she had that dress on for a total of about 20 minutes, if that.

On Leighton it just looks sloppy and overdone. Please note that we are NOT saying that she's not model-thin enough to wear the dress. This has nothing to do with body types (and let's face it, Leighton's body is pretty much flawless by real-world standards); it has more to do with...well, having the skill to wear a dress like this. We know that sounds a little silly, but the higher up you get on the fashion chain, the more you have to possess some sort of skill at wearing clothes, especially if you're regularly photographed. An unusual little dress like this requires boatloads of attitude, perfect posture from every angle, and the kind of (occasionally delusional) confidence that says "I am the SHIT in this frigging dress!"

So, even though her shoes are fabulous, her hair and makeup are pretty and the dress is unusual and eye-catching, it's more of an OUT for us. Leighton honey, pay attention. We're going to give you the advice that your stylist obviously didn't but your gay uncles will:

Chin up, tits out, feet spaced at shoulder width, hand on hip and through it all, keep telling yourself over and over and over again "Everyone wants to be me or do me."

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happy new year boys!

let the bitching begin!

since i can never come up with a witty repsonse i will stick to my usual one. LMFAO!!


Oy vey is mir!! The posture is horrific, the dress is a wrinkled mess, and even though she is adorable she's just not pulling it off. She needs some classes. Where's that "Pumpkin" guy?

I love the dress on her, and I think that her messy hair is the only thing that's off. Her stylist needs to re-introduce Ms. Meester to her hairbrush.... both for use on hair and 'singing into' in order to improve her skills in her new 'career'..

She looks like the little sister who never gets any attention raided her older sisters closet for something to wear to the keg party.

Fantastic advice. We should all think that when we give presentations, too. :)

Ugh - the shoes!! My first impression was that noone can like those shoes and dislike kitten heels on principal. The heels are awful.

To me, the dress doesn't look any better on the model.

yeah! ho! wah!

i dont know. i dont think she looks that bad. she doesnt look great either, but thats just because its not such a great dress to start with. i think the problem is mainly that the dress is overworked yet kinda shrug-inducing, not meesters poise.

btw, has nothing to do with the dress, but i love meester and her porcelain doll looks!

The dress looks like something more for the boudoir than for a club opening. I'm not a big fan of the lingerie-as-clothes style, so the dress is OUT for me. Love the shoes, even though I could never wear them.

Polly Glot

Who is this girl and why should I care what or who she's wearing? I'm serious...who is she?!


The shoes are tdf. Loooove them. Leighton looks terribly uncomfortable in the dress and shoes. Kinda like, she just stepped out of the fitting room and isn't sure if she could possibly pull the look off --- and she doesn't. She get's a "nay" from me for reasons cited by our illustrious & esteemed hosts.

I get the feeling more and more these days it's not so much about how much a celebrity likes the way they look in the garment in question or how comfortable they'll feel, but how much press they will receive and how many accolades they will garner for being the first to be photographed in the look in question.


We're going to give you the advice that your stylist obviously didn't but your gay uncles will: Chin up, tits out, feet spaced at shoulder width, hand on hip and through it all, keep telling yourself over and over and over again, "Everyone wants to be me or do me."

I adore both of you. This is fantastic advice. I think I want it on a T-shirt. Or a coffee mug.

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That's what happened to all my scalloped doilies -- Leighton, you're never comming to tea again!
from the front didn't it look like she was on point?

The actress is very pretty.
The dress is gross.


In a 1938 Schiaparelli used a Jean Cocteau drawing of a cup and face illusion that on the back of a bright blue dress. It was embroidered by the house of Lesage.

too many cats

Are her knees really two different distances from the floor?

Good night, Nurse! I have a new mantra for 2010: "Everyone wants to be me or do me."

Ugh. Another pseudo-celebrity who is famous for absolutely nothing. I have no idea who she is and no interest in finding out. Ding! Your 15 minutes are up Leighton Meester. Now go away.

so I first glance I thought it was the same dress vanessa hudgens wore a while back, and I was going to say she looked better in it. But they're actually two different dresses.

To all the people who don't know who she is, this should tell you everything you need to know.

As for the "famous for nothing" dig, when did co-starring on a hit TV show become "nothing?"

I actually think this is one of her better attempts at her new edgy look. The make-up doesn't look like it was done by Bozoo, her hair is okay, the dress is interesting and the shoes are HOT.

Amazing advice to her, and completely true. I agree with Leah, I think I need that end paragraph on a mug, LOL

disagreed. she looks fantastic. and that's a dress that would be unflattering to almost any body but it looks great on her figure.

I disagree entirely.

Usually I am a HUGE Leighton fan, but...

here she just looks like something I'd grab if I needed to sneeze...

Pretty girl, great body, ugly dress, ugly shoes. At least she didn't wear the tights.

I see a stylist run amok in this ensemble. Just cuz she has the body to carry it off doesn't mean she should wear it.

Everything TLO said plus...
that is quite an ugly dress.

Love her, and yay for risk taking! I think the frizzy hair bothers me most, but I love the shoes.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wow, you boys have been busy today!

That dress is absolute fug. It doesn't even look good on the model. Also, is the 4th pair of, um, scallops down on Leighton's torso supposed to be connected? It is on the model. On the model, it gives the (so-so) appearance of several diamond-shaped cut-outs running down the torso, but with the 4th pair unattached it gives the (tacky) appearance of one big, oddly-shaped hole just above her navel.

Also, that top isn't doing her chest any favors. Yes, she should be standing straighter and with more confidence, but I'm not even sure a confident stance could save this one.

I don't even like the shoes! They're OK (-ish) in profile, but from the front, especially with those bent knees, they give the appearance that she's en pointe, and not very comfortable doing so.

Hate the dress on her. Great hair and makeup, though, and the shoes are awesome.

I love her and want her to look awesome all the time, as she is so fabulous on Gossip Girl, and when she turns it out she can look utterly fantastic.

Who is this woman?
Is she one of Tiger's mistresses?

I like the dress but not on her.

I totally agree that her posture is a big contributing factor to wrecking this outfit. Slouching like that makes her look like she's not at all confident wearing that get-up either.


"Chin up, tits out, feet spaced at shoulder width, hand on hip and through it all, keep telling yourself over and over and over again "Everyone wants to be me or do me."

OHMYGOD I love you bitches!!!!

Y'know, with a little illusion netting, she totally could have been a walking "two faces kissing or a goblet?" optical illusion.

LOL. It's true.

Love the dress and the shoes, but something is missing, like some "strike a pose" attitude from her.

By the way, thank you for all the posts, Tlo! Loving it!

Can't believe I'm saying this as much as I hate the dress, I don't mind it on her. Moderate IN

That is Fashion Victim wear, through and through.

I love you guys. you guys need to write a book.

Great advice on posing for pics! I love it! Now that you've pointed that out, it's so obvious that that's a huge part of great picture taking.

I think she almost, almost got it. Leighton is one of the most beautiful young actresses of recent vintage, and though she usually looks great, she could use a more canny stylist.

To commenters breathlessly ballyhooing that they do not know who she is - she plays one of the main characters on Gossip Girl, and her acting, at least in this role, is very fine. She certainly far outshines both Blake Lively and the show's writers.

No sir, I don't like it. I'm not familiar with this actress, but she's a pretty girl and should be wearing something that accentuates her good looks, not detracts from them.

That dress is a rag. What a bunch of overworked garbage. I don't know who could've saved this look.


I've never heard of her or seen her before. She is a pretty girl...but seems to lack confidence, so the dress is too much look for her. If she stood up proud and had some attitude (like TLo said ...especially the "be me/do me" part it!)...I'd probably have given her an IN.

The shoes are ridiculously cute on her though and her legs look amazing in them.

We're going to give you the advice that your stylist obviously didn't but your gay uncles will:

Chin up, tits out, feet spaced at shoulder width, hand on hip and through it all, keep telling yourself over and over and over again "Everyone wants to be me or do me."

You both are spot on! If she had attitude she could have carried it off. So she's an OUT!
Will you two be my gay uncles?

^edit to my post above...

when I said her legs looked amazing...I was only referring to the one closeup shot of her legs/shoes. The other shots...because of her sloppy and slouchy posture...she looks knock-kneed.

Too many cats said...

Are her knees really two different distances from the floor?


I give her a big fat IN!!! I think she looks adorable.


I kinda says "Saloon girl girlfriend of Little Joe on Gunsmoke."

I absolutely love her and think she actually looks kind of cute. Not an out but not an in either... midway. Way better than the model though. And, seriously people, if you don't know who somebody is, just Google them. It takes two seconds and keeps you from looking like a major douchebag. Better yet, stay out of the conversation.

Gawd awful. French maid after her shift ended.

I think your advice. Part of the problem I think stemms from this look is that there is "Leighton as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl" and "Leighton's (Misguided) Attempt to be a Pop Star" and I believe this look is from the latter collection. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Leighton as Blair and think she is fabulous, but I have hated pretty much everything she has picked for herself once she (or her advisors) decided she should also be a pop star. Her first single is hideous.

I agree that the advice is good. I'm going to think it before every photograph I'm in from now on!


She looks fantastic from her neck up and from her calves down; as TLo said the dress is not really meant to be showcased off the runway.

Still kudos to her for risk-taking, she is one of the more interesting people on the fashion scene right now.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Out. So very out. She always looks a mess though. I feel like an old bat saying this, but... It is a shame because she's such a pretty girl...

TLo said...Chin up, tits out, feet spaced at shoulder width, hand on hip and through it all, keep telling yourself over and over and over again "Everyone wants to be me or do me.

OK, I am going to call it, that quote goes up on the pantheon along with:

"Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." - Coco Chanel

"Fashion fades, style is eternal." - Yves St. Laurent

I know that it is lengthy, but it needs to be the tagline for this blog, at least during awards season.

That is some of the best advice I have ever read. You need to put that shit on a fabulous t-shirt.

Not knowing who people are doesn't make you seem cool, hip, or sophisticated; if anything you just come off as someone not smart or ambitious enough to use google, and self-infatuated enough to think that makes you cool, hip, and sophisticated.

I don't much like how Ms. Meester looks in this concoction (although I'm happy with her hair and make-up) but I'd rather wear it myself (on my size 22, 57 year old body) than be one of those people who post prideful comments wallowing in their own ignorance.


Agree with the great advice, but I give her an In - she's lovely and I really like this dress on her. Hair is good and makeup is beautiful.


Oh, and the shoes are weirdly wonderful :)

I totally agree with a at 11:05pm and Deliciously Girly--

tagline and tshirt or mug! All of the minions would buy them. I am thinking of printing it out and putting it on my mirror.

She's so pretty that I think she looks adorable despite the dress-- it looks like it was pieced together from discarded reese's peanut butter cup wrappers.

She looks like she's working in the nightclub, not a celeb at a party. Slutty, slutty, slutty.

Does anyone know how to have fun with fashion and style anymore?

Your advice is brilliant -- I wonder if Ms. Meester will stumble across it in a Google search?

The shoes are killer.
The rest is lame - goes for the dress, hair and the girl.

Your advice is right on the nose. The first thing I thought when looking at her was that she was uncomfortable in the outfit, and didn't feel good in it. Her insecurity is palpable. I bet she spent the evening tugging and pulling at the dress - all the things we all do when we wear something we didn't really want to but someone talked us into.

Chin up, tits out, feet spaced at shoulder width, hand on hip and through it all, keep telling yourself over and over and over again "Everyone wants to be me or do me."

I feel like this is more "life advice" than runway- or paparazzi-specific. I intend to make it my mantra in 2010.

I dunno. I don't know that anyone could make that dress work, as has been noted, she certainly isn't. Despite the killer body.

I wonder, if one did have both the body and the attitude to pull it off, why one would want to? I think it's intrinsically a mess. Frou-frou and no fun at the same time.

Someone who likes the dress would obviously feel differently.

she looks uncomfortable. and maybe it's just the angle, but it looks like she's bending her knees and turning her feet in to try to make the look more "twee".

love your advice! chin up, tits out should be our daily mantra. :)

another laura

Super advice, guys. She's standing like she's embarrassed to be there.

You can't be self-conscious and wear these clothes. You must be narcissistic, yes, but not self-conscious.

The dress isn't good. I do believe I love those shoes, though!

Best gay uncle advice ever. No, I take it back - best advice ever, period.

Oh no...more hoof shoes. They are bad; please take them away. Take. Them. Away.

A gorgeous girl in an blah, awkward dress. Nothing she could do about it. Except not wear it, but it's too late for that.

Love the shoes, but her knees look like they're buckling from the height. I agree boys, you definitely need confidence and good posture to pull this off.

The difference here is that last cutout (at the navel) is supposed to be stitched to each other, and it's not on Leighton. It makes it look like the garment is being pulled away by a too-thick-for-this-garment waist. Which of course is not likely the case, but I think the stitches either fell out or it was a poor styling choice.


Agreed on all counts.

You are, yet again, entirely correct, gentlemen. Miss Meester just doesn't have the brass ovaries required to pull off this dress, which is kind of a mess to begin with (I saw it and instantly heard Sir Gunn recommend the designer step back and edit).

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