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In or Out: Lea Michele

Rachel, NO!

Lea Michelle attends the 2010 FOX Winter All-Star Party held at Villa Sorriso in Pasadena, California in Isaac Mizrahi.

Isaac Mizrahi Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw

That is one sorry-ass looking fabric flower. Is this her thing, bustiers and gimmicky skirts? Because if it is, she needs to rethink. It's not so much that it's doing terrible things to her figure, but it's not, shall we say, maximizing her potential. If we were her gays we'd say (in that coldly analytical way that makes you love us), "Yes. The legs. Go with that. Short skirts are a godsend to tiny little 23-year-olds with good stems. The bustier? Honey, let's have a talk."

Look, she's got a great little figure, no doubt about it, but a bustier just makes her look boxy and shapeless up top. We're not saying she should never wear them. We're just saying if she's looking for her signature look, she could do better.

The shoes, hair, makeup and bag are all cute and we'd be willing to overlook the bustier and give her an in, but the washed out color scheme (another idea we'd advise against) coupled with that suicidal flower forces us to give her an OUT.


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I like it - the flower is a little sad, but I think the colors are nice on her.

Oh I adore Lea Michele, but that dress is horrid. Not only is the flower sad, but it's awkwardly placed and in that color, at certain angles, it looks like a tumor blooming up from under her bustier, not a flower.

I'm just glad that she isn't walking in these photos. Do you see the way that the model's chest looks? I cannot tell which is bigger, her shoulder fat or her breast.

i knew you boys would be all over this when i saw it elsewhere moments ago. and i KNEW she'd get a ticket for washed-out "colour" combined with Boxy Bustier/ Sad Flower Syndrome. HA. i'm learning the methods in your madness!

The cups on the bustier look flat.
And the two pieces don't look like they go together.
The lineny home spun bustier would look better with a skirt that was non traditional eveningwear fabric, like plaid flannel or something..

I do like interesting skirts but the flower is twisted to center front when it looks like is should be on the hip. A dark tank style blouse would be better than the bustier.

The bustier looks to be made of suede cardboard or some such. I am sure that Mizrahi must have thought that its combination with the soft skirt fabric was a witty counterpoint, but it looks awfully disjointed to me. Slapped together, dare I say. I'm in complete agreement on the failure of the color scheme, too.

I don't like this dress on either woman. OUT times 2.

All the best,


It looks chip in a chip way, no? OUT.

I think the color combination bothers me most. It looks washed out and dreary. The skirt would be cute if the flower was not so droopy.

Sorry Rachel, but that is some serious ugly. Saturated colors and skirts are your friend.

She works it better than the model! The cups look so flat, but other than that I think it's totally cute and appropriate. The flower doesn't look like a tumor and thank god she isn't wearing a hat.

I vote her IN. Many of the criticisms here are valid, but I think she transcends the sum of the somewhat ill-conceived parts and looks lovely overall. Maybe when she's moving the flower is dynamic and interesting.

I inclination not acquiesce in on it. I over nice post. Especially the appellation attracted me to study the sound story.

Oh, dear.

I was relieved that the later pictures showed her not to be as orange as the first full-length picture suggested, but the bustier is doing her no favors.

AND: what is up with the vulva flower? Is this from the Georgia O'Keefe collection? Eww.

Anon at 10:02.... WTF? are you using an online translator or something??

As far as the dress goes, I am thrown back to yesterday's "scrotum" comment. That flower is just...ODD.

I'm in agreement with you boys on this one. Out.

Also, why does she always smile mouth-closed? It makes her look... uninterested. Flash those pearly whites, girl!

Why does the flower look like a sad flower in some shots, but a wadded-up piece of gum in others? In the later shots, it's unmistakably a flower. But in the earlier shots, the details are all wonky and it hardly looks like the same skirt.

Well it looks like she should be wearing the matching girdle as well. My mother had one exactly the same color....

Agreed...and those shoes! Look like they cost $5.

I don't think it's as bad as TLo make it out to be...but yes, there are some issues with the look.

The flower is sad...very sad...and the lack of fullness of it and the skirt just looks limp and the bottom of the bustier is crushing it. Just awkward...on the designers part. The bustier is cute on her...fits well...and with her tan and tone shoulders...looks good imo.

The color palette is overall quite subdued...she needs some bling a bold sparkly bracelet on her right wrist.

Overall, I like this sexy demure look on her...Inflate the skirt and flower and tweak a few things...I'll say IN .

She looks like she's falling over.
I like the colours on her.

It's an Isaac Mizrahi dress, folks. Enough said.

That is a sad-looking top. OUT.

The bustier with a more flattering skirt would have worked better for me, but that skirt is a sartorial hideosity. What is this? Is she going to the prom in 1986? Un disastre...also agree the colors are a washout on her.

Shoes are meh, too springy an outfit for leather pumps.

Hair and make-up are nice. She's a lovely girl - she needs new gays who can help her with her wow factor - as in "Wow, she looks great!" vs. "Wow, WTF??"

Oh, sorry...OUT!

I like the skirt. I like the bustier. I do not like them together. The bustier is distorting the flower on the skirt. OUT!


I think she looks luscious up top. And her legs are great. It's that stupid 'flower' -- it looks like a limp, obscene tumor. Like her labia exploded forward and sideways. She should have known better.

Lord, have mercy!

I hate this dress - the taupe with pink, the sagging flower, the boxy bustier, it's all ghastly. She doesn't even look happy wearing it.

Rachel, NO, for sure! Get yourself some new gays.

It looks like she wrapped up her lady parts for a birthday party.
YUK...sad, awful look.

And Heather FAILS again.

He should stay on QVC, swanning over cheesecakes, and not ruining this poor girl.


I think the skirt is cute (please don't hit me with waddend up pink flowers).. but the color is divine, and it fits her well. It's the bustier I have a problem with. Unattractive color, that looks as if it was made from old panty hose!!

My goodness, she does have perfect legs, doesn't she. And the shoes would be fine with a business suit.

This reminds me of the dress-in-progress that Julia Stiles wears in The Prince and Me.

I think *she* looks terrific. Her makeup and hair aren't overdone or underdone, a rarity these days.

The dress, sadly, is another story.

Not the most amazing thing I've ever seen, but she looks cute. I'd give her an in. Even if she's not exactly Marilyn Monroe, I don't think she looks "boxy" or "shapeless" up top at all. She has boobs, she has curves...she even has boob curves. What is boxy or shapeless about any of that?

In defense of Isaac, I've seen the whole collection a few times and really liked what he did. It was a very modern, clean and sophisticated group. Seen together, it made sense. It was a very interesting and cohesive collection for the modern girl as IM likes to say. However, this look on it's own, sans accessories and appropriate styling, does not go over so well. The flower is wilting and there's an overall sense of blandness. I also don't love her makeup with the coloring of the dress. Michele is very pretty and has a great body, but this look did not come across as fresh and modern as it did on the runway model. I'm in a good mood because tomorrow is the beginning of PR7 (!!!), so she get's an "in" for effort.


The red from the People's Choice Awards worked MUCH better....
She doesn't have the boobage for that top, nor has she heard of chicken cutlets.

I don't mind the outfit so much. It's not setting the world on fire, but it's okay. I give it a modest IN

No No No.

It doesn't fit her well and it looks cheap.

I love the earrings : )

I think if I had seen this on a hanger I would say no but somehow it works on her. I actually think she looks like she's glowing not washed out at all.

I think she looks great. It is nice to see an actress look sexy and pretty without looking slutty. Given the bustier, she could have crossed the line to call girl with a shorter skirt. Fluff up the sad flower and add just a bit of color to the lips - still neutral, but not like its foundation on her lips. otherwise, I totally disagree that she looks washed out. She has a tawny complexion that stands out against the colors of the outfit. She looks healthy, sexy, and not at all desperate. What a rarity.

I'm meh on the clothes. Could be a lot better or worse. The first thing that strikes me about these pictures- and the red dress pics too- is the weird clamped shut mouth. It's like a middle school picture day expression. She's got such a pretty smile, why can't she use it on the red carpet?

She's gorgeous, no matter what. But, the model looks better both because her flower is freshly starched and perky (in real life, harder to achieve) and because the hat matched to the bustier takes the look from two separates in two colors which don't actually clash, to an ensemble.

Still not a stunning ensemble, but it'd have carried her to a clear in. As it is, she's just too darn cute for me to call her out, but I should.

It looks like that bustier is hemorrhaging Pepto. That's not a compliment.


My inexperience is showing again, because I like the dress. It's certainly made for a young woman's body. And why are toned down (or washed out) colors taboo? I'll take this over black any day. I'm not so crazy about the shoes and earrings, but I think I can see why she chose them.

Also I think that flower would look very strange if it were "perky" and sticking out instead of "sad" and facing downward.

My opinionated self thinks she looks beautiful, so I say -IN-.

I know what you mean. I feel like the dress on its own had potential but it never really went there. It's Eeyore meets Carrie Bradshaw.

i love her on glee but she always looks unhappy or angry in red carpet pictures. is she just not an overly nice person in real life (please someone have met her and say no because I really want to believe that she's nice)

"And why are toned down (or washed out) colors taboo? I'll take this over black any day."

I'm with you, kimberly. The first thing I said when I saw this outfit was, "love the color combination on her." Unfortunately, the dress itself could be much more flattering. But it doesn't detract at all from her natural beauty. She remains quite lovely.



agreed - that top is way too boxy on her & shes teeny tiny. she should be wearing bolder colors & dresses with stronger curves.

"It looks like that bustier is hemorrhaging Pepto. That's not a compliment.


Glad you clarified that...I may have taken "hemorrhaging Pepto" as a good thing. :rolleyes:

heehee...thanks for the chuckle!

I like it better when the flower is happy, instead of wilting and sad. I give it a half-hearted IN, only because I think her makeup looks great, unlike many young starlets who resemble Marge Simpson after Homer blasted her with his makeup gun.

Maybe Issac got a deal on burlap bags, because that is what the bustier looks like it is made out of.
Plus, who is Lea Michele? I am getting old; I have no idea who half of these celebrities are anymore!

I like it! The color reminds me of pink champagne. The flower just becomes an interesting draping element. She looks beautiful.


Horrible dress. Horrible color on her. The makeup is a travesty. I don't like a nude lip in general, and she really takes the term literally. I mean, her lips are the same color as her flesh!!! She looks like she just hopped off the gurney at the morgue. Ugh. Cute girl, bad choices.

Lea Michele on imdb:

Lea Michele on ibdb:

Lea Michele on wikipedia:

Google is better than plastic surgery for making people think you're young!

In any case, no matter how many times I watch her on Glee, I can never quite stop being surprised at how very tiny she is- she's actually a much better body type for this dreadful rag than the runway model. And as always she looks healthy and well- groomed, which is as one's grandmother would have said, the best accessory.

There's an over-all pirit of bad home-styled Barbie doll about this dress; the top looks like ultrasuede or rather imitation ultrasued, and the skirt... needs innerlining to get to the point of not looking morbidly sad. At best. And pink and brown together as au courant as that color combination has been is still depressing in and of itself.

Out. Way out on a third-string road company out.

The dress by itself isn't all that bad but with the blah styling the effect is washed out. In a brighter color this dress could have done wonders...and why is the flower wilting and the runway one is perfect. le sigh.

She is such a pretty girl. She has a really great figure that looks like it can support her voice (that may sound strange, but it's a real compliment from one singer to another). And I think that bustier would look really cute on her if it was worn over jeans and under a jacket.

Alas, the combo just doesn't work as well, ya know?

The other GT, who is still smiling from Gotham Tomato's pictures and TLo's PR Day post

Her hair and makeup are so perfect! But that dress.... The first thing I thought when I saw the flower on the skirt was Georgia O'Keefe. It's like a metaphor for her cooch.

Rachel has been accused (by HER gay) of dressing like a combination of a toddler and her grandmother.

Maybe the bustier habit is Lea's strike back at her horrendous outfits for Glee, but this particular outfit is both bland, sad and unflattering.

She looks very uncomfortable. She needs to wear something that makes her happy, because this definitely doesn't.

Her skin is amazing! I need to start bathing in the blood of virgins or something, because I want skin like that.

No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. These people need to stop dressing badly, as the perplexed and concerned expression my face snaps into every time I see one of these photos is starting to give me the most unpleasant wrinkles.

Looking like a poor man's J-LO on a really really bad day. To be fair though the dress isn't that bad. I think if you take out the flower and make a more structured pattern ( structured? pattern? listen to myself; speaking like I know anything about sewing clothes LOL), it would have been just fine.

I gotta disagree, I like it. My only problem is the fit on the bustier.

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Nina on 1/13, for heavens' sakes, that model doesn't have *shoulder fat*. What you are seeing are *bones*. SHOULDER BONES. The ones you use to keep your arms on. Criminy, lady, what do you want, models should now be boneless??

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