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In or Out: January Jones

January Jones attends the Lionsgate Golden Globe Party at Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California in Gucci.

Gucci Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Lyndsey Scott

Did you ever watch the Orson Welles classic A Touch of Evil? You really should. It's Welles in full command of his directorial skill presiding over a thrilling whodunnit with political overtones starring the carved-out-of-granite profile of Charlton Heston as a Mexican cop. Yes, you read those last six words correctly. Even better is Marlene Dietrich as a Mexican fortune teller. You've gotta love old Hollywood, a place that looks at the Aryan faces of Dietrich and Heston and sees Mexicans.

Anyway, the reason we bring this up is because we HAVE seen this film many times and our favorite line of the film is when Dietrich sees Welles, her former lover, for the first time in years and in response to his corpulence says only, "You're a mess, honey," in that insouciant Dietrich way that we all love. Actually, to be more accurate, it's "You'we a mess, honey." And yes, we have said it to each other countless times over the years when we needed to hear it. Our point?

Someone needs to say this to January. You'we a mess, honey.

Perhaps she should just consider hiring the hair, makeup, and wardrobe people from Mad Men to work on her year round, because whenever she's out in the world her makeup never looks right, her hair rarely looks right and her taste in clothing is questionable at times.

We're not saying she should go out in early '60s drag all the time, but there has to be a happy medium between Hitchcock ice princess and 21st Century starlet. January can be very pretty - breathtaking even - when she's done up right, but when she's not she can come across pretty generic. She has an opportunity right now (literally, right now at this very moment) to capitalize on both her looks and the hit show she's starring in and frankly, we feel like she's letting this opportunity pass her by.

Oh. The dress. Well, obviously we're not pleased with it. It's kind of tacky and cheap-looking and it just does nothing for her. Where are your gays, Miss Jones?

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I have never seen that film, but I'm going to request it sounds incredible.

Meanwhile, I agree- this dress is all kinds of wrong, not least for its weird shape. Her hair pains me.

She's very pretty with virtually no make-up and she looks much more comfortable than usual.
The dress looks good and is a good fit, but it does require just a little more attention to the hair and make up. Maybe just a bright lip color? I'm still giving her in IN.

Charlton Heston=worst Mexican evah.

Correction the Frito Bandito is the worst Mexican ever, but he's a cartoon.

Hate the dress. It makes her chest look elongated in a way that's not natural. So yeah, OUT.

omg. Classic film noir. I remember it fondly from college -- that long, establishing shot in the beginning. Touch of Evil is the wackest film.

Kind of like that dress on that girl. It must be a matter of torso because it looks OK on the Gucci model.

Will January be kaput in another week or so? Is that what you boys are saying?

Is she wearing hose? Sheer black hose? Her legs and her arms don't "match" and I find it distracting. And the shoes -- so wrong. This dress could be cute if she played with the "sluttiness" of it a bit. It looks like her dress, her shoes, her hair and her accessories were all going to four different events at the same time.

I actually think her hair looks great, but she definitely needs more color on her face. And the dress....I want to like it, but I just can't. Love the fabric though.

I agree with Sewing Siren, I think a bright lip would make this much better. Usually I'd call it all kinda wack but it's kinda hard for a pretty blond to be edgy and I think she's going for that here. IN

It doesn't fit. It's sagging down in front, like it's too big around the chest. The window is puuled down and it's baggy under her breasts. My guess is a very unsupportive undergarment is contributing to the problem.

That lopsided window is doing something awful to her chest, her hair looks unwashed, and her makeup just looks washed out.

OUT. Way out.

Some girls, it seems, rest too much on Natural Pretty. This dress requires much more than a pretty face, and January doesn't seem to be bringing it.

I've heard she doesn't have a stylist, etc, and does it all herself. It certainly shows! She needs help STAT!

Oh God no, it looks awful on her. I'm not even going to talk about the hair.

I think she is working hard to divorce herself from Betty Draper. I don't mind the dress on the model - the color looks good with her skin. On Jones it's totally washed out. I do think this is a better look than what she was wearing on the red carpet, but none of these looks say "serious actress" which is what she should be doing if she wants people to believe she is more that a flat blonde who is helped by good writing and direction.

She's lovely, but her judgment is questionable. Not just in clothes. Apparently she left a Golden Globes afterparty with Jeremy Piven. A walking crab infection if ever there was one. Honey, stop.

She is pretty, but this just is NOT the dress for her. It looks fine on the model, but the difference in fit between her and the model makes too big a difference.

Plus, it's just too loud for her look/coloring. When you look at her in this, all you see is dress. It looks like bad wallpaper.


It looks like she split her pants and doesn't know it.

hat dress is all kinds of wrong for her. Bad color and it almost looks like the dress is too big. She doesn't need 60's drag, but she needs to look more polished.

She looks unremarkable and totally dorky.

Based on her choices over the past year or so, she must think of herself as edgy - but she just hasn't found the right brand of edgy. I think she would do well to focus more on interesting cuts and silhouettes (that fit well, unlike this) and couple them with a more flattering color palette.

This dress is OUT.

You've gotta love old Hollywood, a place that looks at the Aryan faces of Dietrich and Heston and sees Mexicans.

I have to defend this somehow (even though europeans, like me, enjoy these little Hollywood discrepansies and wave if off as "Hollywood decisions". Not me, though). It was Orson Welles' personal choice, as soon as he was appointed director, to change the script and make Heston mexican (not sure about Marlene's character, though) and Janet Leigh american (it was the other way around originally - I really think Leigh as a mexican would've made a lot less sense than Heston). I don't know why he did it, but probably to intensify the tension. You know, american cop represents corruption as mexican cop represents integrity. I'm sorry I can't make myself clearer. I have a bit of an ESL problem over here.

The dress is ridiculous and the hair and makeup look like she should be standing in the checkout line at Target. But LOVE the reference to one of my favorite films, Touch of Evil. Uncle Orson at his (almost) best.

It's time to face it, January has NO GAYS! Just some hetero man-scaped guys passing for gay to "make it" in the industry.

Her head (which is fine in and of itself) just doesn't match the dress.

I still think the dress is ugly, though as others have pointed out, different styling might have enabled her to get away with it.


oh, honey to be so pretty and look such a mess!

I get that she doesn't want to "do" the Betty look as Vida mentioned- but ya'd think some clever gays would be able to create a look for her that would be fab without looking so, well, um, dreadful.


No, no, no, no, no

I agree with most of the commenters. Bad fit, elongating in a bad way, nice fabric but too loud for her, the cut-out is pulling the wrong way, etc. And the hair and makeup (or lack of)...she looks like she's just coming back from that night with Piven and didn't get a chance to shower.

Touch of Evil is superb film noir. The opening tracking shot is amazing - on a par with (and likely what inspired) the long tracking shot in Goodfellas when Liotta and Bracco go to the Copacabana.

In addition to being a just plain terrific movie, it also features Janet Leigh at her sex bombiest (imho) and a bit part by Zsa Zsa F@ckin' Gabor. Leigh shot the movie with a broekn arm. They hid her arm most of the time and took off her cast when both arms had to be shown.

I saw Touch of Evil at the wonderfully baroque Castro Theatre in San Francisco. Perfect film to see in a big old movie house with the Mighty Wurlitzer rising up out of the floor for pre and post show music. If you ever have the chance, see a movie there.

TLo, I just love you.
Touch of Evil?
I just love you.

There was a comment in NY Mag recently that Gucci's last few collections resemble more BCBG than Haute Couture.
This pink thing is a prime example.

You guys are freaking fabulous, you mentioned one of my favorite movies EVER. And yes, January Jones, "You'we a mess, honey."

Idiotic looking dress. 'Nuff said.

The dress was actually already ugly on the model... it's a first.

Hm, I kind of liked it. I thought the color livened her up a bit. And I like the hair/makeup. It all seems pretty casual but not in a bad way.

I'm all for celebs looking more natural and looking like they didn't run face first into the mac makeup counter but she looks like she just rolled out of bed! The hair and make up is so blah and looks like she put about 15 minutes into her look.

I have that same hairstyle and I'm 50, overweight, and sitting at my desk in Wisconsin. So, I would say a big OUT!

This dress seems to have the same fit problem on the model as it does on JJ. That weird rumple under the boobs.

Really, I don't think this look is complete without large plastic bracelets.

I hate those overlapping keyhole bodices. They look backwards and contrary in design aesthetics. Sporty straps on a strapless top? looks dumb.

Ooh - Touch of of my top 20 films.

The dress and styling? YIKES! She really does need a new style team.

I actually hate that movie, but then I can't stomach Charlton Heston, and despite all that, I love the way you made your point.

The modification of the cut out is terrible. Wrong color. Bad fit. Dark roots.


EXCELLENT point about how she needs to capitalize on Mad Men's popularity NOW instead of pissing it away. And her Golden Globe look? Jesus. Hideous.

OUT! Hate that uneven fit across the chest. Not in love with the dress in general, but it looks so much better on the model where it has less of a cut-out effect. I understand the Jones is trying to not be typecast as the 60's blond, but there are better ways to do it. She looks on the tacky side of ordinary, which is no place to be when you're beautiful, in a hit show, and have access to great clothes, etc.

I love January Jones, but I have to agree...she's a mess in this dress. It doesn't fit her well, and the peepshow bodice just looks cheesy. And what was with the Norma Desmond hairband she was sporting at the Golden Globes? I'm beginning to think Ms Jones needs dressers at all times.

"You'we a mess, honey." Didn't know where you were going with the whole "Touch of Evil" theme. You guys are great..

I really admire January Jones in her Madmen role. And would love to see her capitalize on her success.

Touch of Evil: IN - ah, what a super b&w flick. I remember watching it years ago with my mom.

Ms. Jones' ensemble: OUT, more's the pity. I agree, she needs a stylist intervention, pronto.

All the best,


Wow. I had no idea January's chest was so big, she would quintuple the space of the gap in the original dress. Or perhaps the model's chest is that small.

There is no excuse for this. January was a model. She should know what looks good on her and what doesn't.

Wait...what do you expect? January Jones was a model. We all know models have no taste whatsoever.

Too much chest for the dress! Looks like she was a victim in a slasher movie . . . pyscho went for the chest and she bled all over the dress.

It's not that the dress is so tacky itself, it's that the cuts were not suppossed to be there to to show off cleveage in that way.
- Don

January is frequently STUNNING on Madmen, yet in these and many other "real world" photos she is just average at best. I live in Southern California and you can find women who look this good and better at the local mall or country club. Where are her gays, indeed.

I think Jan Jones makes me feel extra protective because she seems so lost in the fashion headlights.

Honey, ignore the haters and get a better stylist. That's all, Jan, my friend. That's all. You are fabulous and enjoy all the success and get some help to have you shine in this moment. That's all. Don't worry, you can do it!

I want us to lay off Jan, tho. Poor thing is clearly struggling.

I agree with most assessments of this look on January. It's bad. Very bad. When I first saw the images I thought the dress looked rather familiar. And it was because it reminded me of LML's recent "distress" challenge. Blech. However, I still love January Jones and am fascinated by her crack-ass fashion choices. In fact, after seeing her on the GG awards, I now think of her as sort of an unfashionable icon. She's gorgeous, young and starring in a huge hit television series and makes absolutely criminal fashion choices. I want TLo to interview her! But seriously and all due respect to January Jones, I am intruiged, but still somehow confident that someday she will get it together and gather a gaggle of amazing gays to help with her choices. It's pretty obvious that she and many other cast members are trying very hard to divorce themselves of their MM personas and establish themselves as serious actors. I suppose if I were in her position I might do the same.


"Touch of Evil" perfect analogy
to those memorable images.

For sure an OUT.
I hate it when naturally beautiful girls fug themselves up.
Maybe she should return to modeling, she is a dreadful actress who got a part on a great show that many well trained, unknown actresses would kill for. (ok, yes me)

Get a sophisticated stylist (you know who I'm not referring to), and go forth and be pretty January.

@ Anonymous 1/20/10 9:52 AM

Mexican cops represent integrity and American cops represent corruption? Really? Normally when I think of the Mexican government, I think corruption.

I commend her for wearing color and something that wasn't super-short and is a little bit interesting, I mean you can see the various ways that dress almost worked.

However, agreed that it doesn't. It doesn't even look good on the model. If that's designer clothing, I'll stick to Macy's.

In her desperation to divorce herself from her Mad Men look, she's just driven off a cliff. She's so lovely and isn't embracing her core essence which is that cool Hitchcockian blond. What a shame. She looks like an 80's poof chair from a tiki lounge attacked her.

It's hard to say, but this actually is better than her GG funeral garb, and that's not saying much. She definitely needs to get herself some gays.

It reminds me of a spandex dress i would have slipped on a barbie doll when i was 7.

I do think she looks very pretty though. I actually really love that natural look on her. Yes, she doesn't look like a big calendar model star, the way she did in that white dress with the cut-outs (Versace?) Instead, she looks like a real person, and a relaxed, pretty one. Thumbs up.

I've seen that film--classic!

January's look: All the way out.

She does have a taste issue. She is gorgeous and would look simply smashing in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt with no make up. But, on the red carpet, total mess. She needs a stylist to capitalize on her assets. This dress (and make-up and hair) does her no favors and actually detracts greatly from an otherwise beautiful woman.

Ok if we're going to talk often about an insane crotch, we need to start talking about an insane rack. Look at her boobs in this thing! Totally crazy.


That is one big pile of OUT. The dress has got a weird variant of titscrepancy going on, and it looks like the type of flame upholstery fabric that was very big in the 80s.

Now I have to go rent that movie!

She tends to look her best for these events when she is very groomed, tailored, accessorized, and generally very polished and pulled together.

This does NOT mean that she has to lock herself in one specific era or look 'costumey'.

You've hit it absolutely right. What a mess!

The cut-outs and pattern make her look as if she has managed to turn her head entirely around to look straight out over her back.

It's very unflattering on her.

Could it be that this is a beautiful but vapid young woman who simply doesn't value or understand the need to have some professional help with image? Could she simply have gotten lucky and ended up on MM because of her Hitchcock blonde look and this will be it for her? Her interviews are cringe-inducing and she always looks awful when she isn't being costumed by someone else. I don't dislike her and I'm not trying to be mean, I just really wonder. She just wrapped up the third season of a critically-acclaimed series and she doesn't seem to be exploiting it all, other than being seen at more parties than before.

Does anyone else think it looks like January/her stylist decided the cutout wasn't big enough and enlarged it themselves? Only way I can explain the wonkiness of it.

February Smith

She looks fucking ugly, and there is no excuse for it whatsoever. It's so bad it's like a parody of what Britney would have worn to get all "gussied up" for a luncheon in 1999. Beautiful-but-bland Barbie needs to throw down or go home to Sioux Falls. Work that fuck game, J. Fo realz.

"You've gotta love old Hollywood, a place that looks at the Aryan faces of Dietrich and Heston and sees Mexicans."

I love you guys! I wish you'd just post constantly about Marlene Dietrich.

That is an UGLY dress.

It's actually a really nice dress. If she wore it like the model did, then it would look fine. Having her boobs hanging out makes her look cheap. She does need some color on her face. But I never thought she was a naturally pretty girl. Her features are just OK.

LOVE Touch of Evil. I took a group of my students (college) to a screening at the Museum of American Art a year or two ago. They were perplexed.

I think her hair and makeup are fine, actually. And I like the dress fabric if not the weird boobage.

Quoting "A Touch of Evil". Oh, T Lo. I love you so.

As for this...thing Ms. Jones is wearing, it needs to be burned. I'd rather see her wandering around in an old tee shirt and sweatpants. Those would fit her better and be far less trashy and garish.

I don't get why unusually pretty women do this to their hair and face. God has blessed them, and they decide to flip Him and us not-so-blessed the metaphorical bird. You're trying to make me cry, aren't you, Ms. Jones? Stop being a jerk, and hire new gays.


oh, this is bad bad bad! The print is hideous, someone either drank too much or didn't drink enough when they came up with it. I actually like the way the bodice is cut on the original dress on the model, but did January Jones not think her bosoms were being shown enough and made that opening bigger?

Love the reference to Touch of Evil, one of my faves. If you really want to see bizarre Hollywood casting, see The Bitter Tea of General Yen. It's a 1933 pre-code Barbara Stanwyck movie set in China, and General Yen is played by, yes, here's the drumroll, a Swedish actor! Talk about a makeup job...


I'm noticing that her dress has an extra hole in it that the original design doesn't seem to have. Her extra attempt at being a object of lust has failed her completely. Let this be a lesson.

She never really had a chance in that ugly dress. It's just terrible.

The dress itself is crap. The top looks like hippie bondage leiderhosen, although the skirt fits nicely. I actually kind of like the natural hair and makeup. She constantly goes out looking absolutely perfect, which feels cold to me. Sure, she looks generic here, but she also looks like that stick isn't nearly as far up her ass as it usually seems to be.

This first thing I thought was: "Her boobs look sad."

She looks happy, and that's something I don't ever think I've seen with her before.

That dress hates boobs.

I scrolled down and thought, "who's that kid?" before I realized it actually was January Jones. She really is the quintessential blonde; innocent, petite, pretty and so on, but good grief that looks awful.
I don't really care for that dress but what happened to the cut outs? I have seen that movie and you'we a mess honey is pretty fitting. That's too bad because she needn't look that way.

The large ikat-style patterning on the front looks like it describes the placement of her uterus and ovaries.


I feel like we should leave january alone. She clearly doesn't like fashion, doesn't get it. So it feels almost mean to repeatedly point it out.

Boys, you are right on all counts, but (sob) leave her aloooone!)

We all love you January. We do!

Oh, honey! No, no, no.
The dress is unflattering, the shoes are completely wrong, and your hair and make-up sitch just isn't.

A Touch of Evil is one of my all-time fave films, love the reference, boys!

I actually like this dress but it is completely ill-fitting on her (as others have mentioned, what is a mere slit of skin on the model is a semi-circle on Jones). A little hairdressing and make up wouldn't hurt either. This is a dress which must be styled to the nines.

There is no question that JJ is a stunning woman, and when styled right is truly breathtaking (case in point: Much of Mad Men and that glorious layout of JJ and Jon Hamm in Vanity Fair last year), but she needs to put whichever gays got it right with her Atelier Versace at the Emmys on retainer...STAT!

Is the back of that dress black?? You can see a reflection of her back in the mirror visible over January' left shoulder. Does help explain the shoe choice.

Too many dresses in one. The top is like a sports bra. The chest hole, that I like on the model, is edging towards exotic dancer. And, the back is a pretty basic little black dress.

"Touch of Evil" is an over-the-top masterpiece. Welles was way past his peak in Hollywood, and Heston was influential enough to demand that he direct the film. BTW some Mexicans from the Mexico City area are primarily European and do not look like what we envision as the typical Mexican appearance. Still, when you go see one of these old Hollywood movies, suspension of disbelief is a necessity.

The dress is sloppy, but I actually think that she looks quite a bit better than she did at the awards show. The clean face and relatively plain hair make sense since this is a party and not a red carpet event.

I wish she had just gone with a cute, short sheath in a nice color. Or even a Herve Leger that fits like a glove.

If she doesn't have a stylist, she needs to get one, if only to get her clothes altered to fit her better. I think the concept of the stylist is overrated, but that much they can do.

I actually don't think the dress is that bad--on the model. Ms. Jones boobage is just too big for it. I like the design on the skirt too, even though it looks kind of like one of those ink blots old school psychiatrists use. (I see a uterus and ovaries butterfly. !!?)

Wow....I thought you guys were giving comments to January Jones's work-out outfit when I see that little picture on the tab....I really thought it was a sporty bra or old-fashion leotard.....

Touch of evil?

I just fell in love with you hard.

You should blog about cinema since you obviously have exquisite taste for it.

What's your all-time favorite film?


Honestly, I love the dress on the model, but when you are as pale as January I just don't think you can pull this dress off. She makes it look cheap...model makes it look great.

And the hair is a hot mess

The first three minutes of "Touch of Evil" are the best first three minutes of any movie ever.

Eww. She looks horrible, hideous. Come on people, what are you all about... The Emperor's New Clothes??? Doesn't anyone have balls anymore to tell it like it is???

JJ keeps proving she has little depth a very bland character in general, and Mad Men was a fluke. That's what makes good scripts, directors and set design so essential in the end, it can take empty shells and bring them personality in the right angles at least. She went out with Ashton K. for gods sake, and HE even said she couldn't act. After SNL, who was arguing with him? At the golden globes interview she interupts Matthew Weiner's talk to blurt out "Jersey Shore" and so on. And that is her truth: the boring level of am Ashton K. reality tv girl who got lucky once with Mad Men and that is her 15 minutes - ergo Piven as her escape route for the evening.

Anonymous said...

Eww. She looks horrible, hideous. Come on people, what are you all about... The Emperor's New Clothes??? Doesn't anyone have balls anymore to tell it like it is???

Did you wander into the wrong comments section, dear?

LOL to Zippy's comment. Hate the peek-a-boo-boobs look. This is truly a fugly look on anyone AND esepcially for the lovely JJ. What a way to distance yourself from your Mad Man character. Get some fashion help lady.

JJ keeps proving she has little depth a very bland character in general, and Mad Men was a fluke. That's what makes good scripts, directors and set design so essential in the end, it can take empty shells and bring them personality in the right angles at least. She went out with Ashton K. for gods sake, and HE even said she couldn't act. After SNL, who was arguing with him? At the golden globes interview she interupts Matthew Weiner's talk to blurt out "Jersey Shore" and so on. And that is her truth: the boring level of am Ashton K. reality tv girl who got lucky once with Mad Men and that is her 15 minutes - ergo Piven as her escape route for the evening.

Because Ashton K. is the peak of today's acting talent..?

More seriously though, I actually agree that January Jones definitely isn't made for comedy, but I don't think that makes her work on Mad Men any less good. From what I've seen she's an extremely typical introvert, which makes her perfect for the character of Betty: she's not socially smooth and she doesn't express herself especially warmly, so comedy simply isn't a natural fit for her - at least not at this point, but improvement is known to happen over time - while drama is, the subtle kind especially. People behind Mad Men obviously recognized this, and I'm going to trust their judgment.


I have trouble with not only January Jones' contemporary, 2010 looks -- but also Jon Hamm's normal, everyday looks. I hate to think that I'm spoiled by the fantastic stylings given each of their characters in Mad Men... but maybe I am. Both January and Jon are great-looking people -- in and out of character -- but, every time I see them out of character, I admit, I'm slightly let down. But, that's just me.
January's dress and her hair/make-up look like they're attending two entirely different functions! Dress is fancy enough for the venue and the after party --- hair/make-up is definitely watching your kid at their basketball game or for legally crossing the border into Mexico.

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