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In or Out: Fergie

Let's start the day off with a little dress-ripping, shall we?

Fergie attends the NRJ Music Awards 2010 at Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France in Armani Privé.

Armani Privé Fall 2009 Couture
Model: Heidi Mount

Actually, no dress-ripping here. She looks really good; lush and sexy and curvy. Like an old-school movie star. The color is great on her and we like the interest that band across the front adds. When you pair blue and black, you're kind of locked in to those colors, so we won't even make an issue of the matchy-match clutch and shoes. Hair and makeup: perfect. All in all, she never looked better. IN.

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This is cruel but my first thought was of Jane Russell in a girdle commercial.

She looks fantastic!! I'm so glad she lost that unbelievably unflattering center part in her hair. She looked beautiful at the Golden Globes, EXCEPT for her hair. Here, her hair is lovely. IN IN IN.

Rhetorical question: Why'd she have to have the front open to the crotch?

as i scrolled, i was guessing she'd be IN for those reasons, because she KILLED it. it looks so much sexier than the model, but somehow avoids stopping in Sluttytown.

she often overdoes her clothes and makeup, but this look shows how stunning she can be.

Judy - to show off her gorgeous legs? Just a guess! :o)

I don't hate it - she is beautiful. But I can't figure out what it is about that dress that makes both her and the model look so thick through the middle. Something about the black detail just seems to be making the top and the middle not proportionate, IMHO. Hair and makeup look great, and she's a stunning girl with a killer body, so I think it must be the dress.

Definitely IN. It's one of the most interesting dresses I've seen on the red carpet in a while.

She looks fine and I'll give her an in but I hate the dress anyway. Sparkly blue with that awful thick black band is not to my personal taste.

I'll be the voice of dissent and say OUT.

I love that dress, but I don't think it flatters her: she DOES look thick and lumpy through the middle. And she looks 50 years old.

I don't like the dress. A huge zipper right across the front, screaming 'Please undo me now!' - not classy at all.

I have doubts about the hair with that gown. The shoulder strap looses its oomph as a design element and doesn't really make the "swoop down and across the whole body" statement it could/should because it gets lost in the hair. If the opposing shoulder were not covered in lovely locks, it would work better, I think.

But she still looks great.

I don't care for the dress. It looks good on the model, but I don't like it.

And, oh, sigh. . . I miss the old days, when musicians and pop stars did not dress like movie stars, when they were quirky or kooky or iconoclastic or unconcerned.

I'll take Michael Jackson's silly glove or Stevie Nick's fairy glad rags or David Bowie's glam or Bjork's swan dive over Fergie in Armani Prive any day.

Or this:

Now, that's pop star fashion.


A big IN in my book-good old-fashioned movie star glam!

Definitely an IN on her.

? - in the picture of the back in the last row is there some kind sheer fabric on the lower back?

On the model, my first impression was that the shape reminded me of Pam's design making her look smaller on top and then wide at the hips (in blue with a vertical band through the length of the dress.)

She's been doing extremely well on the red carpet. I don't know if she's dressing better because she's doing more movies or because she's a brunette now. Either way it's working for her.

She looks AMAZING! Love the dress on her.

Is it just me or does she look a little OLD? I had to check on her age. She's on 34. She looks MUCH older in these pics, especially the close-up. I don't think the dark hair is helping. Here's a tip--tanning makes you look old, ladies.

Sorry guys, but I am going to have to disagree here. The huge black zipper going across the dress is UGLY. And what is up with that weird netting in the back? The color is ok, but that is about it.


Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Good dress, hair and makeup, but she looks OLD (not in a good way)

I thought she looked old too and she's my age! I made a mad dash to the bathroom to make sure I don't look that old. Anyway Gerry...correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe she had a meth problem in her earlier years. Meth ages people beyond belief. If that truly is the case, then she not only beat the odds of beating meth, but she looks damn good to boot! And you're right...tanning makes a woman look old and leathery way before her time. That's why this redhead fully embraces her paleness!

I'll give in to the fact that she looks better than other red carpet attempts, but I'm not liking the dress at all, then again I don't like it on the model either...or the make-up, it's too blah for me, not to say she should've gone full hooker w/it, but a little more color would've gone a long way. I do like her hair, clutch, and shoes. Overall, it's an OUT for me

Hate the weird netting, agree with Moocutio and Elaine that it makes her look thicker through the middle than she actually is. I think it may be too tight (there's a shocker). I think shiny black and blue is kind of cheap looking.

All in all I am not impressed.

well, Brooklyn Bomber, not to put too fine a point on it, but she IS a crossover artist-he's been in numerous films, most recently the successful (as far as getting nods at awards shows, anyway) Nine. She knows she has to bring it. And I think she looks a million times better than usual here. Yay Fergie Ferg.

Oohh, I love the dress. A perfect balance of glam and edgy. It's doing wonderful things for her body too.

On the other hand, her face is looking less and less human these days. Don't know if that's a make-up problem or a surgery issue.

Overall, an "In" from me too.

1/26/10 10:19 AM
I thought she looked old too and she's my age! I made a mad dash to the bathroom to make sure I don't look that old.

So funny....I rushed to the mirror to do the same thing! She's only 4 years older than I am but her skin looks more like my mom's....but if that IS a result of meth, she does look good and kudos to her for kicking the habit!

WhitDen, you're right. Though I didn't know she's been in several movies. So, okay, she gets a pass (though I still don't care for the dress). But whereas actors are supposed to be blank slates so they can become different characters, musicians are supposed to have an identity. Eh, no matter.

Sorry boys, it's an OUT for me, too. I agree with everyone who thinks she looks old. And somehow she makes that black trim look like ricrac. That's the first thought that came to mind when I saw this. Ew, ricrac.

*Snarky comment...*
I didn't know she's in movies now. Do they have to auto-tune her performances on the screen like they do in the albums?
*End snarky comment*

I like the ombre effect of the beading on the runway model and when the giant zipper is zipped down to the knee you can't see that el cheapo acetate lining.

Really? In? I think she looks like she's in her 40's. She'd be IN if she were actually in her 40's, but since this look ages her about 10 years, I'm saying OUT.

Wow, I thought for sure this would be an OUT. I think this makes her figure look awful!

I think she looks good in the dress, but the hair and makeup are really aging on her.

Y'know, if we had said she was out because she looks 40 and the dress gives her a pooch, the outcry in the comments section would have been epic.

She's always looked older than her age and we don't think the dress makes her look thick in the middle, we think her body makes her look thick in the middle. For Fergie, this is a good look and in our opinion, the best she's looked for a while.

Makeup is a serious issue for me here. I love the dress and the hair. But her makeup is not awesome.

I always thought she would look better if she could have her hairline raised - like they did with Rita Haywood. Her forehead looks too low.

Brooklyn Bomber wrote: "And, oh, sigh. . . I miss the old days, when musicians and pop stars did not dress like movie stars, when they were quirky or kooky or iconoclastic or unconcerned."

I agree! I was thinking the same thing - (BTW - the Isley Bros. pic is awesome!)

She looks great. And oy, she doesn't look ancient or anything! She looks refreshingly not-twenty-years-old, if that's what you mean (heaven forbid!!). She also looks energetic and glowing. Ladies who are also 34 and running to your mirrors, if you've got the age and body she looks to have, you should thank your lucky stars.

I don't like the dress, but she's wearing it so confidently I think she looks great anyway. Love the darker hair on her.

I'm perplexed on how she looks "old?" I don't see a line on that face anywhere to suggest "age."

always been a fan since she was on KIDS incorporated!!!

How the hell is she holding The Girls up??? Seriously, you can't wear a bra in that dress!
Time after time, I see celebrities with large chests and backless dresses, and somehow everything is staying in place. Is there some magic spell that I am unaware of? Please folks, enlighten me! Because there are many types of clothing that I'd love to wear but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to defy physics.


The eyebrows. Not good.

The hair should've been up to not compete with the black band, she needs a stronger colored lip, and in that first picture, then band and the length of the dress make her look wide. OUT.

I like the color on her, don't like the huge black zipper effect, though. Nor do I like the cut to the crotch slit. Actually, she looks better than she usually does, so it's a qualified IN for me.

TLo said: "For Fergie, this is a good look and in our opinion, the best she's looked for a while."

damning with faint praise but true indeed!

I was just glad to see her get rid of that damn part down the middle which does her no favors, IMO.

she's among the least interesting of the music folks who are pushing themselves into fashion (Beyonce being another) but at least this time she doesn't look as trashy in tight & shiny as she usually does.


Elaine said...

"I'll be the voice of dissent and say OUT.

I love that dress, but I don't think it flatters her: she DOES look thick and lumpy through the middle. And she looks 50 years old."

ITA: Love Fergs. Love the dress. Love the side part in the hair. But, for some reason the whole look ages her and makes her a bit drag queenish. Sorry, but OUT.


Brooklyn Bomber, you raised the ghost of Bowie's glam years. *wistful sigh*

Well, I agree with TLo that this is the best she's looked in quite a while. But there's still something really off about this look to me. I also agree with those who say she looks 10-20 years older than 34.

I think the nude lip is not helping, and that she should have had her hair out of the way of her shoulders. I have to admit I am not a Fergie fan, so my reaction could be due to my negative feelings about her.

That's what we used to call a "drive-in" dress. You could get better access when you moved the zipper, get it?

twc said...

I also agree with those who say she looks 10-20 years older than 34.

I'm sorry, but that is flat out ridiculous. There is no way in hell she looks like she's 44 or 54. She looks exactly her age. fooled me with the "dress ripping" teaser. I was all set to chime in on the Fergie trashing...then was like all WHAAT?! She looks good! Dang! ;)

I will say though that I don't like the shape of her brows and also think she could use a bit more color on her lips...other than that...IN

This looks great - it makes her look taller than she is and not a busty troll like he usually ends up looking like when she wears the fancies.

While the dress is great, I can't help but thinking she looks 20 years older than she really is when I look at her neck and face. She needs to be more careful in the sun.

The dress is gorgeous, but she does not look like she knows how to wear it at all.

In agreement with the 'she looks older than 34' comments.

I really don't like that shade of blue with black - it reminds me of how I dressed in the 80s. I'm not wild about the dress at all, actually. She looks good, tho, and I'm glad she parted her hair on the side. Wonder if she reads this blog? Because someone commented a week or so ago about how the middle part does nothing for her.

PS, to whoever was wondering about breast support. It appears that the rickrack straps in the back are holding up the boobies.

I love everything BUT that black across the front of her gown. I just think "bandolier" when I see it.

Larry said: "I'm sorry, but that is flat out ridiculous. There is no way in hell she looks like she's 44 or 54. She looks exactly her age."

Sorry, Larry, but she has the look common to a fair number of women in FL who've spent too many hours in the sun. I would guess early 40's if I didn't know that she's claiming 34.


OT, whenever I see "Fergie" I think you are going to be critiquing the ex-Princess of England!

Would have loved to see your take on her, and on her sister-in-law, Diana.

SHE looks fine, but that dress is really ugly. She's looked so much better than this recently, yet THIS is the look that's in? Yeesh.

srq said...

Sorry, Larry, but she has the look common to a fair number of women in FL who've spent too many hours in the sun. I would guess early 40's if I didn't know that she's claiming 34.

How do you figure? Not only is she not tan, there's not a line on her face.

First of all, rumor has it that she shaved at least 5 years off her age. So she is probably closer to 40 than 35, in which case she looks just about her age, I would say. Secondly, while Botox is easy to carry out, it's very difficult to get good plastic surgery in the neck area. And this is highly evident in these pics.

I don't really understand that wispy bit of fabric at the bottom of the scoop back. Does anyone else?

I just don't get Fergie's appeal. (Same goes for Kate Hudson.) I like the dress, not necessarily on her. And I really don't get the point of the illusion netting on the back. I understand it when used on the front of dresses, to keep the breasts from showing or popping out. But the back? Is it to keep the lower part from gapping?

I give her whatever is in between In and Out. Stuck? On the fence?

quigley (the cat)

I actually quite like this dress. It's a clever take on the one shoulder idea. Fergie looks great in it, sexy and glamourous. It's figure hugging, and while she doesn't have an hourglass, it's still flattering, I think. And I like the balance that her long wavy dark hair gives. She has a distinctive look, and while I'm not that familiar with her music, I have seen her in some very dynamic performances, and this dress suits her style.

As for her looking older, I agree that while she may look older than she actually is, she still looks in her 30's. At least when I see her I know who she is, unlike so many of the generic starlets today.

luv 'n hisses,

oh, and thanks to whomever it was on a recent post who said they liked my screen name, Quigley is actually the real name of my 18 1/2 year old cat. But I don't get the Alan Rickman reference, could you explain?? : )

Just took another look-see at the photos. The reason I like the dress better on the model is the shorter slit on the runway version. I think having it slit too high alters the fit and intention of the design.

She looks great... from the neck down. I feel like her hair doesn't work for her, and she looks much older than she actually is. Could just be me, though.

Larry, I also think she looks like she's spent too much time in the sun. It's not always about lines or being tan -- it's just a certain look some people get from sun exposure. Kinda leathery or something, I don't know.

Re bra question: couldn't a dress like this have built in cups?

Re: no lines means looks young?

Jocelyn Wildenstein (sp?),
Wayne Newton,

A big out from me, but I don't like the dress at all. I think it is unflattering on the model and on Fergie.

I do think she looks happy to be there and alive, which always wins major props in my book.

OMG she doesn't look like a whore!

When I first looked, I thought she had a thick black hair braid over her shoulder that was draped down the front of the dress. And I thought, HOLY CRAP!

On further perusal, of course, it's not a thick black hair braid; it's a thick black zipper. But I'm still not crazy about the dress or the fit. Too tight, and the slit, as several others have noted, travels too high. We don't need to discover all your secrets, my dear.

The back-tulle is just plain odd.


I think it's that 3rd picture of her that shows the neck wrinkle issues that many of us in our late 30's are dealing with. Not flattering. And the dress isn't exactly youthful from the front. The tush shot is fabulous though! I'd kill to have that tush!

I don't ever understand the use of illusion netting or fabric (whatever they call it) on a dress like this. If you want it THAT backless "go big or go home" as they say. Either construct the back so that it can stand on its own or make the opening smaller.

Her hair's too long!!!!

not a fan of her, the dress or her botox.

I actually like her body in this. BUT SHE LOOKS OLD. VERY OLD. Maybe if she went back to a lighter hair color when wearing this dress?

I give up; I have NO idea what manner of 40 and 50+ year olds some of you people seem to know (except for Sigourney Weaver). I don't know about Floridians, but middle-aged people in DC definitely don't have skin as good as Fergie's. And if she looks "thick around the middle", then more people really should aspire to that definition. I see no paunch at all; not even by movie-star standards.

The dress is pretty good, but I don't like the tulle-y thing on the back. Her hair looks gorgeous.

Oh the irony - re: all the comments about her looking old.

Aha finally one way that being fat helps - far less wrinkles and the tendency to not look as old as the thin/skinny celebs

She looks terrible. Her face is haggered. I don't know if it's the makeup job or what but she does not look in her 30's.

The dress is meh. I don't care for the black "zipper" thing at all but she rocks her curves and that's always a good thing.

Quigley -

The movie "Quigley Down Under" starred Alan Rickman as the bad guy. It came out shortly after "Die Hard". It's a horrible movie and he's the only good thing in it.


I'll never understand her appeal at all. Ever since she peed her pants onstage and never missed a beat I haven't been able to look at her with a straight face. Nothin but class. I suppose this is a downright "classy" look for her. At least she seems to have ditched the dice-painted fingernails.

I agree that the dress looks better on Fergie than on the model - but I really hate the dress. That huge black trim across a clingy, glittery fabric - super ugly and super cheap looking.

Blek! That dress is ugly. On Fergie and on the model.

Is this the ultimate "exposed zipper" gown?

Will we stop seeing them now?

Gotta say, I'm not really digging the dress. It does good things to her figure, but it feels like a half-assed attempt at Gaga-like "novelty" to me.

Curvy Fergie in sparkling black and blue. Hooray! IN, for at the very least pulling off the high slit and low back and boobage without looking like a 'tute.

Is that Fergie or Lauren Graham? What is Fergie morphing into these days. No wonder Josh is cheating on her. She's got a different face every week.

She doesn't look old, she looks her age. I think she looks amazing. IN.


She never looked this good, if you ask me.

GORGEOUS! IN! And I don't even like that dress that much.

Oh Donald. (Uhoh sounds like That Girl)

"No wonder Josh is cheating on her. "

Seriously dude?

She looks great. Love that she "unzipped" the dress a little more.

Kate, I understand Fergie wanting to show off her lovely legs, but we don't need to see her lovely lady bits, now do we?

Her ass looks amazing in that second to last picture. Gotta give her credit for having some wonderful curves.

another laura

Late in the day, but ...

Wow, this sure is a tough room. So many comments about how she looks "old! old old old!! she looks so old, OMG is she OLD? She looks - gasp - OLDER than she is"

The dress fits her, looks reasonably cool/edgy, she has great legs and she's very pretty.

I think she looks lovely, whether or not she's a pop star in her - clutch the pearls - 30s. Put me in the IN side of the ledger.

The dress looks way sexier on her than on the model. She looks real.

Another laura, it has already been explained that she may be lying about her age, in which case, yes it does make sense that she would look older than her stated age. I think that is the crux of the matter here.

In. In. In.

She looks GREAT!

Gorgeous, from top to bottom. Now she needs to find a real man who can appreciate her.

another laura

Anon 4:13 - explained by whom? granted, I didn't read all of the comments.

A pop star lies about her age? That needs no 'splanin' to me, Lucy.

she looks lovely for 45, if that's what she is.

Her gay (stylist: Chris Psaila) did good. I am loving seeing her hair with a side part. This is so much more flattering than her usual center part.

Fergie is a former child performer with a well documented career. It's not impossible for her to be lying about her age but it's only possible for her to shave off a couple of years.

Oh, I really hate that dress - It looks like a bad "Mommy Made" Barbie costume. Bleh!


Yeah, she did meth back in the day, and she didn't have baby-face genetics to start with; of course she looks a bit old. But stunning. Best she's looked in a very long time. Good for her!

Lighten up y'all. Not everyone looks 20 forever, and there isn't anything wrong with that.

I truly would not know that was Fergie if TLo hadn't told me so. It looks so very unlike her. Maybe the hair color is throwing me? Or how glam she looks?

Still not seeing her in these pictures, but I give whoever she is an IN.

To my eyes Fergie has always looked like she's had bad cosmetic procedures that have aged her. She's got a kind of odd, aging-actress-trying-to-look-34, over-filled face, and that's why she looks older to me.

I think she looks great in that dress, though. - Rose

Wow, she looks way better than the model! Beautiful.

Best she has looked in a long time!

There is NO WAY that is the neck of a 34 yr old!!!!!

I'd be willing to testify under oath.

girlfriend is lying like a rug.

i hate hollywood fake fuckery!

she looks fab! Meth probably ruined her looks, so she's no great beauty, but her body is amazing, she's killing it with the posing, and the dress is classy but hot. Two thumbs up.

i think the zipper looks tacky, and the sparkles with that color look a bit to space princess. the combination of the two are just so confusing to look at. and the fit is a bit too tight. she does pull it off pretty well though. still, i have to give it a begrudging OUT.

i'm not dorothy gale

Sorry boys, I vote OUT.

I don't like the dress or her hair color (it could be the lighting, though). And the botox brows are positively Spockian.

Hate. Out.

she looks older than she is because she did meth for years; she's lucky she looks as good as she does. she could look like this:

I think she looks good. IN.

"don't have skin as good as Fergie's." Whaaaat?? Her skin is awful! Greasy, waxy, puffed up, and sitting on top of my grandma's neck.
Faux Fergie is just so..... gross.


I am glad you liked it, I feel bad for her sometimes because I think people really pick on her (sometimes just to be mean). She seems to be a good person and I think she can be pretty when she looks less slutty and more elegant and feminine.

Thumbs up from me, I like the colors the sparkle and the visual interest.

Keep going in this direction Fergie!!!

please, that dress is horrible.. what is up with the pointless sheer fabric halfway up the back, anyway? as for her hair and makeup.. her face and neck/chest have such different textures that they look like they're photoshopped onto one another. i do agree on the color choice of the dress and how good her curves look, but -- OUT.

The back is fabulous.

i have to disagree with you, and i have to agree with some people here, that the midsection on this dress makes both the model and fergie look a bit wide [the model] or even a little thick [fergie]. curves are fine, but i honestly wouldn't say that this dress flatters her curves.

She does look ancient...Her face is oddly puffy and tight, like she's had botox. Those Marcia Cross DH eyebrows don't do much for her, either.

She looks much younger when she's looking over her shoulder and smiling, rather than looking straight on at the camera and trying to act sultry.

She looks utterly horrendous.

So. Chip.

Besides, I've never liked Fergie, anyway. She has no waist (and she looks like a barrel in this dress), and her forehead is WAY too short--she looks like an ape, honestly.

I can't stand Fergie. I'm not really sure why she's even famous. But you are right. Bitch has NEVER. LOOKED. BETTER. I mean, the dress is garbage and should fuck off and die, but she looks amazing.

Love the dress, but she looks like a drag queen always, regardless of what she is wearing. She is oddly masculine for someone with such a hot body.

thank god someone who knew what they were doing did something to her eyebrows! I think the dress is alright but the way the back is cut looks odd proportionally like the middle of her back is wider and makes her look like she has no tush. hair and makeup are the best they have ever looked, no more villain brows!

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