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Happy Choos

Let's talk Choos.

A little PR birdie dropped us a line and pointed us in the direction of a special collection that we thought would be of interest to some of our minions in light of past conversations here.

"CHOO 24:7 is the 'perfect shoe wardrobe' with updated versions of Tamara Mellon's favourite styles in a variety of colours, materials and heel heights. Taking the Jimmy Choo woman from day to evening, 7 days a week, this is the definitive assortment of iconic Jimmy Choo shapes: The 'Icons', the 'Perfect Platforms', the 'Perfect Pointy-toe Pump', the 'Perfect Round-toe Pump', the 'Perfect Flat', the 'Perfect Wedge' and the 'Perfect Evening'."

Let's take a look, shall we?

Two reasons we're highlighting this:

1) Think of Nina saying in that interview we did with her that fashion was going to be leaving behind what she calls "angry shoes." We think she's right on that. We think the McQueen lobster claw shoes signal either its apex or its nadir (depending on how you look at it), because the heavy shoe is going to go away. These classics are a sight for sore toes. Sure, you still have your option of skyscraper heels, but just the fact that these shoes don't look like they weight 15 pounds a piece is a step in the right direction. We think there have been some gorgeous shoes in the last 5 years, but the trend is getting played out. It's time for a more streamlined take. Discuss.

2) We also posted this because it made a perfect segue into our accessories post on the Flypaper blog. We are mercenary, self-promoting bitches after all.


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Clueless Jock

Jimmy Choos are nice, but Christian Louboutin is pure sex.

If they are as comfortable as Aerosoles, I'd give them a try if I was rich beyond belief.

One one hand, they are nicer looking than the heavier shoes of late, you guys are right on about that.

On the other hand, I thought the gladiator look and pointy toes were on their way out?

If I could actually wear heels without rebreaking my ankle, I would sell my car and buy pair 14 of 16.

These seem to represent a return to some level of sanity in shoe design.


How come the one pair of flats has the ugly rounded toe? Have been looking forever for a good pair of pointy toe plain black flats. Oh, and ones that don't cost $400.

hallelujah!  I'm so tired of seeing some poor little 
ingenue clomping down the red carpet like a 
newborn colt.  I'm over 40 so never could
wear the big shoes anyway.  now at least I 
stand half a chance at being current.

Hrm, let's see. Super high heel = sprained ankles. Super-pointy toe = massive bunion creator.


I love the snakeskin(?) pair in the top row.

I also own a pair that look exactly like the red patent peep-toes, but they aren't Jimmy Choos, so I could afford them!

#5 is timeless elegance indeed. My mother had shoes like this when I was a child (this would be the 1960s) and the look is still gorgeous simplicity itself.
So glad "streamlined" is the new trend.

I kind of did a double take over shoe number 3...looks very much like these: that I splurged upon for my sister's wedding. And, yes, my poor feet hurt.

Sky-high heels and pointy toes? No, and no. For the love of Mike, can't we make shoes shaped even remotely like the feet that are supposed to go inside?

Nothing like a little shoe porn on a Friday afternoon. I'm a 39, maybe a 39.5 if they are really pointy.


TLo said...We are mercenary, self-promoting bitches after all.

As well you should be, Bitches, because your product is fabulous and we all love it.

I wear tall heels every day at work, and here is my frustration.

Patent is a no for many reasons. It gives me blisters waaaayyyy more than any other material. It is not acceptably professional for many work environments. So that makes 75% of this collection unwearable.

Peep toe shoes are, again, not acceptable in many professional environments. There goes the other 25% of this collection.

If you are promoting a line as wearable 24:7, shouldn't the majority of the collection be wearable at work?

Then, again, I am in law and do trial work so maybe my requirements are more conservative than any designer wants to address.


The shameless hussy in me does love the red patent leather choos!

Looks like Penney's is having a sale! Seriously, these are so boring and standard. They are good staples, but nothing worthy of a blog entry or the Jimmy Choo price tag. Come on!

And I agree Sharon T about bunions and sprained ankles. I've been wearing clunky heels since the last time they went out of style and so I've avoided the hammer toe issues.

Gorgeous and classic. Call me conservative but I thought heels were about making women look long-legged and elegant, and these are a wonderful return to that tradition.

Well, I am in the middle America majority where, frankly, we can't buy 10 new pairs of shoes each year. So get me one each of these:

1, 4, 5, 8, 15, 16

and no matter what the fashion trends, I will look good for the next decade.

the classics get ya through baby.

2nd and 3rd row on the right look like the same shoe?

Ditto to meow about the flats/very low heel pointed.

Elaine - as to shoes shaped like feet, I have to laugh because I say me feet look like ducks feet - not webbed but the shape. So sneakers are probably as close to that as I'll ever get

Most of these pumps are, indeed, classics that a woman who aspires to be well-dressed and professional should have in her closet. I've got several pairs in my closet that look quite similar to the shoes here... they're Nine West rather than Jimmy Choo, but hey, we can't all be part of the Mellon family.

Although I might need those simple pointy-toe pumps to go with my businesswear, what I want, what I truly lust for, are bold and outrageous platforms. I still want them to look like shoes, but bring on the thick platforms, the 6" heels, the strappy straps, the studs, the zippers, the patent leather and the leopard-print pony skin! I've been loving the trendy shoes of the last few years, and my dearest shoe-related hope is that platforms will join the ranks of pointy-toes and slingbacks in the "never go out of style" category.

I'm short. Did you guess that?

Summer said...
I've been loving the trendy shoes of the last few years, and my dearest shoe-related hope is that platforms will join the ranks of pointy-toes and slingbacks in the "never go out of style" category.

I share your hope, Summer. But you know, for some designers the platform is already a classic. I love them all (not crazy about the ballet-flat with the buckle), but don't make a habit of wearing heels everyday for practicality. Btw: I love a good platform and stand 5'7".


I know they're classic, and yes, I suppose that they're better than clompy hoof shoes, but... I hate pointy-toe shoes. My foot is not that shape. It never will be. And it's simply not possible for me to be comfortable in them, because even the "wide" widths aren't wide enough. So, meh.

While these are a huge improvement over the cow hoof shoes of late, I have gotten to a point in my life where I just refuse to wear anything uncomfortable, I don't care who makes it or how pretty it is.

Life is too short to be in pain or worry about breaking an ankle every time you take a step.

Virginia said, Then, again, I am in law and do trial work so maybe my requirements are more conservative than any designer wants to address.

I'm also in law and I also do trial work (am in court pretty much every day), and if you came to my office you'd think there was a competition among the women attorneys as to who can wear the highest heels. And patent and peep-toes are extremely popular (often in the same shoe)!

These are very classic shoe styles. I have no objection spending $$$ on shoes, if they are great shoes that I will be able to wear for many years and with many things. However, what is supposed to make me want to shell out the money for Choos when half of these are standard Manolo styles (of which I already have some brand loyalty)?

People buy Jimmy Choos because they are young, fashion forward, and exciting! That's your market, JC and you're good at it. Let's just forget about that fling with H&M and get back to making fun party shoes.

Maybe there is something that makes these better than other designer comps. Maybe they are the most comfortable shoes in the history of shoes (but based on other Choos, I'm guessing this isn't the case). I do kind of heart those torties...

And we love our mercenary, self promoting bitches. What else do I have to look forward to at work if I can't hunch over my BB like a dog with a bone? I have to have something entertaining to pass the day.
I love shoes. My boyfriend said I sound like I'm hyperventilating as I pass by shoe stores and I've been known to hide a pair for a month or so. Then when asked, "when did you get those" I can honestly say, "awhile ago."

I was really tired of circus freak shoes but if by perfect they mean "our standard shoes are best" I guess that's true. They're lovely shoes but my heart doesn't skip a beat. Then again is that really necessary?

Anonymous said...

2nd and 3rd row on the right look like the same shoe?

Fixed. Thanks!

YES! *pumps fist* YES, YES, YES!!! I never cared for "angry shoes" to begin with.

Thank God. Now I won't feel as sad when I go shoe shopping and sadface that I don't want or even want to try on 90% of the shoes because they're scary looking.

Give me a moment while I wipe the drool off my laptop......

I don't like Choos, imo they're uncomfortable and badly designed. I've two pairs and won't be getting any more. They're plenty of shoemakers that can make heely dainty shoes and make sure your foot is well anchored (I will be sorry for the demise of angry shoes though...).

Uh oh. Thanks for the heads up on the lifespan of the current "angry" shoes. I'd better get all the ones I bought last fall out of their boxes and wear them. Quickly.

Ugh. They all look like shoes I can find at Payless. Yes, I'm sure they're better-made and of better materials than Payless, but the design is still nonetheless "Payless." Shoes are that over-the-top crazy may be impractical, but I'll take impractical over this boring crap any day.

Love them, I'm just not a flat shoe girl.

I have several Jimmy Choo shoes, I love them.

imagine a runway show where the models all wore these.

are you asleep yet? while the angry shoes of late are completely impractical and in some cases cruel to the models, they are delightfully entertaining.

Hm, well, I like the slutty red ones, then the round-toed grey one (and blue, I guess? Looks like the same shoe) and then the two slutty metallic ones, and the twisty black ones. Am notably not a fan of pointy toes containing nothing but air. Though come to think of it, I probably wouldn't actually want any of the peeptoes, with my footshape I'd be lucky to have 1 toe visible in those, hah.

I dunno, I know everybody loves Jimmy Choos, but almost all of these are very blah and bland to me.

i'm not dorothy gale

Sigh. I mourn my younger feet which didn't collapse with pain when I indulged in shoe indiscretion. To make matters worse I donated a bag of recent purchases to Catholic Charities thrift store after being diagnosed with two ouchy foot conditions.

So I'm lovin' all you gals (guys too) who are able to rock these shoes and hope by the time you reach "a certain age" modern technology has eliminated old lady feet.

'Cause it's a bitch.

the thing is that massive platforms ARE more comfortable than these sorts of flimsy stilettos. you can't imagine how hard it is to balance on something so small! i'll be keeping my clunky balenciaga harness platforms, thanks.

I hope the "mercenary" reference next to the Bluefly link means you guys are actually getting paid in some fashion, not just an ironic turn of phrase.

(And yes. Most of those are gorgeous, classic shoes with a long shelf (er, closet) life.)

Love them!

It's just nice to see shoes I could actually wear again.

Very Mad Men. The 50's and the 60's were the apex of the pointy toe.

Stephanie, I'm also hearing that "almond shaped toes" are in now. Not pointy. But who knows?

It's certainly signalling a trend toward simpler shoes. Has anyone notified Alexander McQueen?

They're nice, but if I'm going to buy some Jimmy Choos I want something a little more exciting, you know?

I'm sick to death of all the over the top crapola the shoe companies have been trying to sell in the name of "fashion".
These Choos may be "dull" to some. They aren't the monstrosities we have seen lately.
I love these, a return to "pretty and feminine", not platform clodhoppers and chinese binders.

They're attractive shoes, and it's nice to see the inevitable move to the opposite of whatever has been most recently favored. They look like they'd all fit into my wardrobe if I were rich enough and inclined to buy a bunch of Jimmy Choos, but that's not exactly a ringing endorsement for the high fashion quotient here, since I'm a 41 year old mother of two who lives in the suburbs and works as a lawyer.

I agree that the Clydesdale Hoof shoes are done and sleeker shoes are on the horizon, but these ain't them.

Jimmy Choo shoes have been surpassed by Manolo's, Louboutin, Rene Caovilla,Giuseppe Zanotti, Loeffler Randall. Neiman Marcus doesn't even carry Jimmy Choo any more.

These are very vanilla, mass marker appeal shoes for woman who can't afford the really awesome ones and are just buying a more affordable version of the label.


as long as square toes never make a come back it's all good. don't care much for elongated pointy shoes, but square toes are barf.

as for these, i find them rather boring looking; but i tend to favor shoes that look like they came out of a futuristic drag queen's closet.

I thought Choos were supposed to be drool-worthy designer shoes? These look like Mervyns or Payless. Boring. Also, nothing's "perfect" with a heel that high. Also, I think I might be grumpy and craving chocolate.

Guess my gender!

Anything that helps to kill off the thick platform craze is okay by me. I'm so tired of seeing (and hearing) women clomp by in those big ole platforms. Any sex appeal of the higher heel is negated by the sound and the longshoreman/kid playing dress-up gait of the wearer. A prime example was Anne Slowey in that first preview of 'Stylista.' I laugh every time I think of her clomping past in those red platforms.


Hate hate hate the giant angry shoes of the last few years, especially gladiator buckles and straps up to the calf. Victor Mature in a toga comes to mind. Not the way a woman usually wants to project sex. And shoes are sex, ok?

I don't even like the strappy zipper sandal you featured up top.

The pumps here look equally painful but sexy painful.

I'm going to stop now before I start deconstructing the semiotics of Krafft-Ebing, but you know what I mean.

The above is from a fashion standpoint, not what I wear. My feet are practically fan-shaped, virtual flippers (yes, I swim fast) and my shoes all come from the Daisy Duck line or Converse.

Oooo Big WET sloppy air Kisses (I was drooling there) after a really rotten week it was soo nice to see these pretties.

You do know how to keep this minon happy!

(I want the blue ones, the red ones and the rounded toe flats)

I suspect the model in the top picture is lanky 12 year old.

At least I hope so because it's too depressing to think that a woman with no calf muscle with her toes pointed is supposed to be sexy.

These shoes are like a breath of fresh air after all the hideous claw like monstrosities.

Sleek lines are just my style =)

If I were insanely rich, I'd get a red pair of the red round-toe mary janes and a pair of the glittery peep toes!

Thanks for the lovely ending to a relaxing Friday night!

Linda from Chicago

I really admire shoes as art but I only wear Merrells or Easy Spirits myself. One thing about the "angry shoes" and the lobster claw/horse hoof types is that they were very interesting art. I will be more impressed some day if someone can design gorgeous and truly comfortable shoes for women.

you are just sooooooooooooo right.
glad the trash shoes are moving back to the dump they came from

I'll take them all, please!

looks like a perfect classic shoe wardrobe. if i had a closet full of $928340219365 shoes, id take all of these.

Anonymous 12:38 said Also, I think I might be grumpy and craving chocolate.

Here you go!

The heel is a little high for me but the third pair up on the left - but I am kind of loving the silver ones.

I have the worst memories of old women wearing peep toes with stockings.

These shoes look like they all belong to chic but otherwise safe-dressing women who want to define themselves as "in". Maybe that's the point, but it's a boring point.

I don't need to be told that these are pretty, useful, failsafe shoes to have, because this is what women have been wearing for quite some time. Yeah, McQueen hooves are insane, but I was never thinking about wearing them anyway; I just enjoy looking at them!

I wouldn't be able to tell a woman's personality from any of these. Gladiators? Nice, but old news. Glorifying the black patent pump? Great, but pointing out that it's a "must" is like saying that a woman needs a LBD. Give me something with a little more oomph!

another laura

OMG those turquoise pumps!!


Such a contrast with your kitten heel post from - what was it - two weeks ago?

I <3 Choos. The red peep-toe pump and the shiney one with the two thick straps are my favorite. Dying to wear them...right now.


Cole-Haan with Nike Air technology - worth every penny ladies!

oh yes thank you

Anna Phylactyc

Ughh, sooo boooring. "Classic" doesn't have to mean "Milquetoast", does it? This collection being produced by Choo reminds me (conceptually, at least) of the super-pricey Chico's-identical old lady clothes my grandmother would get from Neiman's- why pay that much for nothing special?

Then again, I love the platform phenomenon, the chunkier the better- how else are big-boobed, big-assed ladies supposed to wear short skirts without looking like hourglasses teetering atop inverted triangles? Big ol' clodhopper heels help balance that shit out, and make the rest of it look more small and delicate.

what makes these piece of crap shoes expensive? they're unoriginal, uninspired, and not pretty

boring. most of us bought a pair of these at payless the last time they were on tred. this is pure regurgitation. spend your money on something else.

Why am I looking at my mom's shoes like they Can't wait to get my hands on her Payless pumps, if she hasn't thrown them away.

I am annoyed with Jimmy Choo because the shoes are made only in narrow width. What's with that? I wear a medium, which is called a medium because it's the medium width of a woman's foot. Which would strongly suggest that most women have that width of foot.

Jimmy Choo is elitist and thus beneath contempt.

quigley (the cat)

I WISH I could wear heels, even these boring ones. But I've got to give a shout-out to I'm not dorothy gale's post, old lady feet, LOL, even before I consider myself an old lady.

So I too look at most shoes on a work-of-art scale of 1—10. Most of these are about a 3.

I'll mostly stick to my Ecco's. Wide toe-box and all. Sorry Tim Gunn, COMFORT RULES! If you had to choose between fashion and comfort, I'm sure you would understand better. I guess I'm just lucky I'm not a lawyer.

love 'n hisses, QTC

Considering that fashion mags are now requiring their staff take the subway rather than cabs as they gad about Manhattan, I think we're going to see fewer articles proclaiming shoes which only trained ballerinas can walk in are a must in a fashionable woman's wardrobe. Which makes my feet happy. E-NOUGH of the pseudo-lotus-foot heels!

Oh thank the Good Lord that the big angry hoof shoes are on their way OUT! I love almost all of these Choos and would die to have Shoe #3 with the Mery Jane strap and open toe. I wear a size 12M (stop laughing) and I manage to find comfortable, fashionable shoes...
Not Choos, but Stuart Weitzman, Ferragamo and even Christan whatshisname-with-the-red-soles makes shoes in my size. And I am an old lady as well. No excuses for dowdy feet in my book...

These are lovely and classic. There is a reason these styles keep coming back and back again - they are timeless. My only beef with expensive shoes is that so few designer shoes come in narrow widths! Only Stuart and Cole Haan thinks of us skinny-feets. It brings me down. I am willing to spend the money on a beautiful pair of shoes, but only if they fit.

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