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Gordana in VOGUE Knitting

Darlings, we're so proud.

We snagged these pics of Gordana's photo shoot for VOGUEKnitting (featuring pieces from her spring '10 collection) from Gordana's Facebook page. Now, you might say that a blog post with nothing more than pictures from someone's Facebook page is scraping the bottom of the barrel for content but you should shut your whore mouth because:

A) It's Gordana, and we know you minions have a special love for her, and

B) We actually had something to do with it, which is why we're so goshdarn proud. To wit:

"Hi Guys,

I just wanted to share with you the power of your blog and the wonderful people who are spending their time commenting on it. Remember
your post of my spring 2010 collection and there was a debate about two of my knit dresses? Some of the bloggers suggested that they should be in Vogue Knitting. I got contacted by Vogue Knitting because of you and I will be featured in one of their issues as well as the dress I knitted.

Could you please share this with your readers and thank them for me?

P.S. In the last episode I was sick and was given medication every 2 hours. That dress was the only thing I made that I wasn't proud of. Sorry to disappoint you guys. I have to say I am proud of everything else :)

Sending all my love to you and thank you again.


Congratulations, Gordana! We couldn't be happier that we and our fearless minions helped to make this happen for you.

This spread will be featured in the Spring/Summer issue of VOGUEKnitting, so be sure to pick up the issue and show Gordana the love.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that standing in the background of the last picture is PR S7 contestant Jesus Estrada. Gordana and Jesus wanted us to come into the city to meet up with them during the shoot, but holidays and work commitments prevented us from doing so. Kittens, why can't we be independently wealthy bloggers? Is that so much to ask?

[Photos: Gordana Gehlhausen's Facebook Page]

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Congrats to Gordana! I'm thinking that this will be just the first of many features for her.


Well done by all involved. I hope that Gordana gets a gratifying surge of business from this piece.

Ah, the Power of TLo. A super power for the forces of good and fabulosity.

All the best,


congrats Gordana! amazing what comments from this "little" blog can do :-)
I also love the necklace featured with the dress, I'm guessing is also one of Gordana's creations, it's beautiful!

"but you should shut your whore mouth"

I love you guys.

I was putting out our new magazines this week at work and we got the lastest issue of VOGUEKnitting in and I squealed and started flipping through it, hoping it was the Gordana issue. Was really disappointed it wasn't, but kinda glad since she wasn't on the cover. Would have been a gyp if they did slap that gorgeous girl on their cover!

Love her! The blue dress is amazing. Thanks TLo!

The creme ALWAYS rises to the top!

P.S. to Vogue Knitting: We also suggested that Jillian Lewis' sweaters would be a good fit:)


That blue knit dress really is pretty damn fabulous. As a novice knitter, I can REALLY appreciate the time and skill it takes to make something like that. Gordana was a good designer, certainly better than Carol Hannah, and a nice person. It is good to see her get some recognition. However, I can't help but smile about her saying she was not proud of that vag dress that everybody swooned and spat over when it didn't put her through to the finals. Hilarious. (Although I would say that dress was much better than, say, that weird gray suit she made. Anyway, she was still consistent.)

Rock on, GG!

i <3 gordana! much ado about knitting... you go!

I'm really happy that she's getting the attention she deserves after the travesty that was PR6.

Also, this justifies why she's Jesus's favorite, as opposed to just sucking up to the blogosphere.

She is just the BEST!! Love to Gordana!!

will she be my friend on Facebook???

Gordana looks fabulous. I'll definitely pick up the issue when it hits the street.

Congrats, Gordana! You deserve it!
I love your dresses, and you look stunning in the photo shoot with your cute fringe-y skirt and strong Slavic jaw (of which I am fond, as I have one, too!)

Starlite said...

However, I can't help but smile about her saying she was not proud of that vag dress that everybody swooned and spat over when it didn't put her through to the finals. Hilarious.

In your rush to once again slip in a disparaging comment about the posters here, you failed to note that the dress she was referring to was this one, which was universally panned by the commenters.


GO Gordana!!!!!!

I wasn't in a rush to do anything but praise Gordana. What about "In the last episode I was sick and was given medication every 2 hours. That dress was the only thing I made that I wasn't proud of." implies anything other than the last episode she appeared in (i.e. vag dress episode), as opposed to a dress 3 episodes before she was eliminated? I'm not saying you're wrong, just that it really wasn't clear at all from what you posted that this e-mail was sent to you forever ago. Thanks.

Congrats to Gordana- the shoot looks like a lovely representation of her and her work- and bravo to TLo for helping it to happen.

I adore Gordana! My wonderful husband actually went to her store in San Diego to get my Christmas present (he scored a lot of points on that one) and bought a fabulous knit sweater for me. And yes, he got to meet Gordana. Has she been in the store any of the times i've been in there? Of course not. Then last night, when i was watching the Jesus Estrada videos on your oh-so-wonderful blog, my husband happened to walk into the room and goes, "oh, that guy was at that Project Runway store, too..." Of course he was. Of course my non-PR watching husband meets all these people. Of course. If you can make it to her store, DO IT! She has the most beautiful dresses in there, including her fabulous "monet" dress!

Starlite said...

I wasn't in a rush to do anything but praise Gordana. What about "In the last episode I was sick and was given medication every 2 hours. That dress was the only thing I made that I wasn't proud of." implies anything other than the last episode she appeared in (i.e. vag dress episode), as opposed to a dress 3 episodes before she was eliminated?

All you had to do was click on the link to determine when she wrote that note, which was written, sent, and posted a while before she was eliminated.

"...but you should shut your whore mouth because:"

Adore Gordana but love you guys more.

I'm very happy for Gordana, I think she is a fabulous designer but just a picture, no pattern? Damn it Vogue Knitting, get it together!

Congratulations, Gordana!

TLo said... you should shut your whore mouth because...

ROFL... My new (and very corny) nickname for you guys is The Postmen, because you always deliver!

The new avie is tres cute!

It's likely that Gordana will be the only designer I remember from PRS6. She is a class act.

Love. She's so fabulous in every way.

Lynn, say it ain't so! I was hoping for the pattern!

Granted, over the years my hobby as gradually morphed from "knitting" to "reading about knitting", but that dress is gorgeous, and above all, interesting -- so many projects are just boring.

Perhaps they will print the pattern, too? I can see why they certainly wouldn't post it online, but we can always hope.

Very happy for Gordana on this one. Like her too, but I find the two featured knitted outfit horrendous....

Thanks for the post. I squeed when the headline popped up. So do we know how Gordana and Jesus know each other?

P.S. From the looks of some of those poses, Gordana's been following the advice of her gay uncles... work it Girl!

I really like Gordana too...she's a real sweetheart and true talent, and she's looking great! Congrats to her for the VOGUE Knitting feature! :)

Very, very nice.

As to the tedious demands of paid work, I am often amazed by the hours you must put in to be able to keep up with this blog AND earn a living. And I am deeply grateful you rarely, if ever seem to say "f- the blog, when this project is finished, I say we do chores & errands all day tomorrow, have a great dinner and plan a three-day weekend."

I love to be told to shut my whore mouth.

another laura

Beautiful stuff. Congrats to Gordana!

And congrats to TLo, too, from this fearless minion (and bitter kitten)

another laura

What? The pattern isn't in the magazine? SOB

I'm hoping this will bring knitting to cool status again, as it was about 10 years ago. Seems to resurge about every 10 years, crochet every 20 or so...

Come to think of it, Jay Mc. had some crocheted pieces in his PR runway show, and with Ping being an ardent knitter, I cry that someone out there should commission PR contestant knitters and crocheters to make a book! Hello, Vogue, are you listening?

Congrats to Gordana!

Sewing Siren said...

I love to be told to shut my whore mouth.

LOL, I love you SS. That's freaking hilarious, boys.

She's got L-E-G-S!!!

Good job Gordana!

Good to see the good karma (well, and her own initiative and hard work!) coming full circle for her.


Kudos to Gordana-her knitwear deserves the love!

How awesome for her! She deserves it.
Much success, Gordana!

I will not shut my whore mouth in saying that its your blog and you can post whatever the hell you like, even pictures from facebook :)

Can't wait to see that dress in Vogue knitting...never have I ever wanted to be able to knit so badly....

You go, girl!

Gordana + TLo = fabulosity.

you should shut your whore mouth


I assume VK will publish the pattern in the spring/summer issue. Likely not as a free pattern online. So you'll have to wait to start knitting it.

And I must say that Gordana is totally rocking that white outfit. I would not have picked that for someone over 40.

Love Gordana and she's looking fantastic! Congrats to her.

Shut your whore mouths is full of win.

Congratulations, Gordana and power to the people!

That blue dress is so fabulous! I've been knitting for 30 years, and I cannot imagine the patience it would take to design and knit a whole dress like that, especially and have it turn out as beautifully as it did. Gordana is just amazing -- she was robbed!

And now I'll go back to shutting my whore mouth. :)

Whore out your blog to Hollywood execs, then you'll be both (more) famous and independently wealthy bloggers. All you'd have to decide is who'd be played by Meryl Streep and who'd get stuck with Amy Adams.

Oh, *gotta* get to her store here in San Diego. Not that I could afford anything, or that my too-old body would look good in her designs, but maybe, just maybe, I could soak up a little fashion fabulosity??

TLo sez: 'Kittens, why can't we be independently wealthy bloggers? Is that so much to ask?'

If it's wealth you're after, you should be courting a different population of minion than one that includes people such as

-Anon1 :)

YAY GORDANA!!! <3 <3 <3

Congrats Gordana!

She's probably the only good thing to come out of season six. I wish her much success and I can't wait to see what she does next!

I'm going to buy Vogueknitting and one of the patterns just because I love Gordana so much. Love!

3foxes, Your husband is a keeper!

Seriously, that blue dress makes me wish I was a woman.

Then that feeling goes away again.

But still, total awesomeness from Gorgana (again)!

ah yes, the power of the TLo and their merry minions.

congratulations are in order then!

and lifetime. again, please give these two wonderful gays a paycheck for not only promoting your show but also promoting the designers even when they are not shown on t.v.

Crap. I love that dress. Now I gotta learn to knit...

Congrats Gordana! You are a true designer! I cannot wait to pick up that issue of VogueKnitting!

Congrats, Gordana! What a fabulous dress and I'm so glad that our support of G got her rightly published by Vogue Knitting. I hope she opens a boutique SOON in NYC!!

I love "to wit". It's my new thing!

Yay Gordana! And seconded to suggestions that Vogue Knitting get on the case with Jillian's stuff and Ping Wu's hat...

As for knitting being cool - whether it counts as cool or not don't know, but it's certainly undergoing a resurgence in popularity at the moment. Ravelry recently hit 500,000 knitting/crocheting members and has facilitated over a $1m worth of pattern sales between designers and crafters. If you're interested in clothes at all it's worth looking at, there's some ravishingly beautiful stuff being made on there.


It is my dream to run into you around town and have you tell me to shut my whore mouth.

(BTW, you were both super cute and nice the one time I did meet you.)

TLo said...

" should shut your whore mouth"


Love that line ---- each and every time I'm told to do so. Lol, you guys. Love the pics and love the dresses from Gordana's shoot . Gosh, it all looks so zen and peaceful. Were they all sipping chamomile tea and nibbling lovely English biscuits? Can't wait to see the issue of Vogue Knitting. Another great post, TLo!


First of all let me be really shallow and say how hot Gordana is looking in this shoot.

Secondly congrats to Gordana! Even though I can't knit a stitch, I'll pick up the copy featuring her.

Congrats, Gordana! Beautiful work! I am CRAZY for that white skirt, fyi...

Yay Gordana! This knitter is CHEERING for you!!

Junior Goddess

Love her! Congrats, Gordana!

So happy for her....and not surprised. She is an incredibly talented woman.

You know, I love reading you guys for the fashion commentary and the humor, but the truth is I don't love "shut your whore mouth." Why exactly is it supposed to be funny, as opposed to offensive? I've never so much liked the "bitches" part of your form of direct address either.

Congratulations to Gordana. She deserves it.

I have a huge girl crush on her, by the way.

"shut your whore mouth"

As someone who is not fond of being called a whore, I laughed out loud at that.


Power to the people! Go Gordana! I hope the money comes rolling in. As well as the publicity. :)

Please don't leave us hanging! How do Gordana and Jesus know each other?

According to Gordana, the issue will be out in March.

T Lo

I'm so happy Gordana is getting this exposure!

And I hope she publishes her knitting patterns elsewhere (or self-publishes), because apparently Vogue Knitting has crappy royalty rates.

I want to knit that blue dress and if Vogue won't publish the pattern for me, I'll just have to plead with Gordana to get her to publish it for me. Knitter love to Gordana!

Absolutely love Gordana!

so like what is the relationship between Jesus and Gordana? i mean, any idea why he's there?

don't you think these items are MK and not hand-knitting?
I adore Gordana, but can you see just how lllllllllllloooooooonggggggg
it would take to do that lace dress?
my MK buddy can whip stuff out in a weekend - of course NOT of this caliber, but the machines apparently rock. Lily Chin's designs are often MK.

Beautiful! Congrats Gordana!!

Congrats Gordana , I'm not a fan of the show but I just got a sneak peek at the new vogue knitting mag and a very good article . I love the knitted blue dress how can I get that pattern. Good luck in the future. Stacey

I like the article. What I didn't like is that there wasn't any directions to knit either dress and I can't find them anywhere on the internet

was very disappointed that there was no directions for either dress

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