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We've got a lot of ground to cover, kittens. But first...

Hi there.


Okay! Let's get started.

Jay says, "My design aesthetic is very eclectic, I like things dramatic."

Model: Kasey Ashcroft

T Lo says: "Clearly."

T Lo also says, "No. No to this." Those are interesting fabric choices and he worked the hell out of them to get the garment he wanted...

But he really needed to step back at some point and rethink the tumors.

And hello! Could that be any tighter or shorter?

Could it, Heidi? We're asking you.


We're gonna chalk this up to an over eagerness to excite the judges. We think he's got potential, but he has to learn that you don't impress the judges by just throwing any old shit at your dress form.

Mila says, "I actually think that my experience has made me see fashion from different angles. I'm so ready to show the world what I can do."

Model: Alexis Broker

T Lo says, "Permit us to make a blunt observation. This look isn't designed so much as it's styled."

It has a chic quality to it, when you take in the hair and makeup, jewelry and shoes.

But in terms of actual design; in terms of form and shape, it's pretty underwhelming.

What she's showing us with this look is that she has good taste and competitive technical skills.

And that she had a hard time editing her fabric choices. Seriously, honey. That's too much.

But aside from the styling and fabric choices, there's not a lot of meat to this look. Still, good taste combined with technical skills can get you far in this competition and she strikes us as a learn-as-you-go-and-course-correct type.

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I don't understand why the skirt is so short on Mila's.

I just laughed my ass off when Heidi did that huge shiny smile after seeing Jay's "short and tight" dress... just missing the shiny xD

I didn't like Mila's outfit... maybe it's because it has too many patterns.

Did Jay actually make the pleats on the top? Or is that part of the original fabric? There was definite potential in that dress that got lost amidst the tumors.

Mimi Devereux

I hate the skirt on Mila's.

Mila strikes me as a designer who's going to be able to take Tim & the judges' constructive comments and use them in her work. While the busyness of her look didn't wow me, the competence of the construction, for what it was, AND THE USE OF PATTERNS, (thanku JESUS!) made me want to see more from her.

Jay, on the other hand, made a boring simple, very short and tight dress with fabric flowerlike things that are so last decade. what woman really wants that kind of constructed detail across the back of her ass? honestly!

but the one thing that is terrific this season is the variety. Unlike last season, where watching the show once was more than enough, I suspect this season I'll be looking at the reruns to get more of the details. Which is a positive statement about the designers they've gathered overall!

So it looks like Season 7 might just be making it work!


Cute makeup artist is giving some great little pinkie action.

Think you're maybe being over critical with Mila's look... sure, a bit on the safe side, but a personal look and the fabric and color combinations are great. It is very Marni, very today, and I find it more exciting that the stuff in her portfolio over-referencing the 60s. In terms of design it looks good, good lines, good fall of the fabric. I also liked she did day-separates, which is a relief from so many cocktail-dresses. Shows who she is and gives zero reason to the judges to auf her. Plus, good taste and good skills can take you far not just in PR but in fashion.

Jay's dress make the model look like a dyslexic Playboy bunny, but with her tail on backwards.


I seem to be in the minority, if the skirt was longer (in deference to my build) I would wear Mila's outfit to work in a hot second.

I like Mila's jacket and top combo. I think it works, especially because the blouse and jacket lining are the same colors. I agree the overall look is underwhelming, but I think she has potential.

Jay's look was just a big meh for me.

Jay's design: fleurchons 2.0

yeah! ho! wah!

jay clearly has potential, but that outfit is ASS. i think he should have been in the bottom instead of anthony.

not loving milas fabric choices, but i think that jacket is actually quite special. i dont think any normal jacket would make a chic shape like that if you unzip it. i think tlo is not giving her enough credit here.

Jay's is awful. Those scrubbies placed in such odd places on a regular old basic, basic mini. I thought she had an additional one under her arm, but that's just her bag tucked tightly under. I guess she's afraid she's going to get mugged. Should have been in the bottom three.

The plain old basic basic khaki mini kills Mila's design, if she had another black and white print to make a more interesting, but not too overly designed (longer) skirt it could have been a contender.

I would have put Jay in the bottom two over Jesus for that thing. Other than executing it reasonably well, there's just nothing he did right with it--the wrong fabrics, the wrong silhouette, the wrong details. Jesus would have had a middle-of-the-pack entry just by rendering his gown in a better fabric.

I like that Mila works with prints. But that doesn't have to mean prints, PLURAL. And I don't see the technical skills there; it looks sloppy to me.

Jay's design was ridiculous. Who wants to have all the crap attached to your skirt?

I appreciate that Mila made a three piece look - complete with a lined jacket that appeared (from the short look we got at it) to be well constructed. I think that bodes well for her future.

I liked the top part of Mila's ensemble, but I disagree with the model styling. Maybe it's just that one still shot, but the hair and makeup make the model look old. What's up with aging the models in this episode?

I had hopes for Jay based on his portfolio. Was less impressed with Mila's portfolio.

But Jay's look is a disaster in every way. I'm glad he's still here, though, so we can see more.

On the other hand, I think Mila's entry is better than good enough. For one, thing, it's an entire look, an outfit, and we get an idea of her esthetic.

The fabric choices don't exactly wow me; somehow they manage to be too much and not enough at the same time. And yet the overall result is strong enough that I'm curious to see more.

In the few shots of Jay during the challenge you can see him working on all the pleating on his top. When I saw the close up on it was beautiful work. I like the combination of fabrics but I think he overworked the skirt. The ruffles had potential except for that big flower on the front. He might have been trying to cover up a mistake...

I like how Mila played with the combination of different patterns but she took it to far. I can tell she has good taste.

I think both designers have great potential.

In the few shots of Jay during the challenge you can see him working on all the pleating on his top. When I saw the close up on it was beautiful work. I like the combination of fabrics but I think he overworked the skirt. The ruffles had potential except for that big flower on the front. He might have been trying to cover up a mistake...

I like how Mila played with the combination of different patterns but she took it to far. I can tell she has good taste.

I think both designers have great potential. I think they just over thought this challenge.

But let me say that between "Hi there. Hi." and "Could that be any tighter or shorter? Could it, Heidi? We're asking you," it's an absolute DELIGHT to see you guys ripping Project Runway again. Yay!

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There's something I really liked about Mila's garment, but couldn't quite put my finger on. But then I realized it was nostalgia: It was remembering all the pictures, from the 50s & 60s, of my grandparents and their friends at The Concord.

Mila's garment, mostly from the waist up, looks like all those women (except those women were fatter and wearing lots of diamonds).


I actually liked Jay's until she turned away. The fleurchons on the front looked current to me (unlike Angela's, which always looked homesewn) but when the model walked away, she looked like she had loofahs attached to her ass.

(Insert a Bill O'Rielly joke here)

Can we talk about the models this season? Were they all hired after being eliminated in the first round of America's Next Top Model?

Jay should've gone home for that. It was hideous.

Who the hell wants pussy ruffles?

I liked Louisealike's design, but the way that jacket laid really bothered me. She should've put at least 2-3 buttons on it.

My criteria for judging fashion design is "How hard would people laugh at me for walking down the street in that?" Jay's design would I think tie the black and white bubble butt skirt for chuckles.


I love Mila's jacket and top combo, totally disagree that she went too far. I think the color and pattern choices were spot-on. And I love that cuff from the bluefly accessory wall, off to the website I go!

There's actually something funky about Jay's fabric combinations that I really like. I might even have gotten my head around the ruffly fu fu business. But the uterine pom-pom pushed me too far. Too far. I literally winced when his model turned to a profile shot before exiting the runway.

I liked (didn't love) Mila's jacket, but was otherwise underwhelmed. I'm looking forward to seeing more from her, though. Mostly because I like her hair and I'm shallow like that.

I would've liked Jay's if he ripped all the foofaw on the skirt off, added 3 inches to the length and gone up a size on the skirt. The pleats on the bust were nicely done.

At the very least, I'm happy Mila used prints. I'm hoping for good things from her! Like her personality so far.

I loved the top of Mila's too. I liked the way the jacket swung open when the model walked. No, not an earthshattering design, but I'm intrigued by the way she used the prints (and I'm a sucker for an interesting lining). It's too sophisticated for that stupid little skirt. A pencil skirt or maybe a trumpet skirt...

hated Jay's, but I'm not the audience for that nonsense. he seems to have skill, at least.

With that hair, Mila's model looks like a young Martha Stewart. I'm not sure that was the vibe she was going for.

Awwww. Too bad that make-up dude is taken.

I think Jay needs to learn that it is, indeed, possible for an outfit to be too short on the bottom and too low on the top. Despite Heidi. And those flowers? pompoms? whatever they were, were ridiculous.

Loved Mila's jacket. The rest didn't grab me, though I disagree that the patterns are too much. The blouse and lining work well together, because they are so similar. It's not merely a color similarity, but a similarity of proportion and design. The skirt is dull.

I do see her going far, absent a serious misstep. She is obviously skilled and intelligent, and doesn't think she's too good to listen to an informed critique.

I actually LOVED Mila's jacket. I think it had great lines, and loved the smart use of prints on the lining. I liked the styling, too, and your point about the look being styled more than designed is taken, but let us not forget that a great design styled poorly can get you eliminated once the competition is slimmed. I agree it was too many prints. I actually liked the skirt.

When her look came down the runway, it was my clear favorite - speaking to her taste level more than anything else.

I think she is going to go very far in this competition. She made 3 pieces in the time others made one. She clearly has excellent technical skills, and her maturity and taste will surely beat out many of the other contestants youth and inexperience.

I thought Jay deserved to be in the bottom 3. But there wasn't a lot of room @ the bottom. The 3 who landed there definitely deserved to be.

I think in a challenge where the twist was to have to choose fabric in 3 minutes from a limited supply, to go for a look based on print-mixing, and come up with a 3-piece (!) look showcasing such a superb and at the same time understated mix of patterns and colors, coupled with flawless execution, is nothing short of awesome. Not surprised Tim Gunn was impressed. It was one of my top-3.

I have to disagree with TLo on Mila's. I thought it was gorgeous and wearable with a fun yet not too overdone mix of fabrics and a flattering, streamlined shape.

Jay's was certainly well constructed, and could have been very cute and retailable if the skirt was looser and had fewer ruffles

YES. There is that Heidi glee I was talking about yesterday.

Why do all the models look so old (over 30)?

Mila has the best model. That woman is gorgeous! I thinhk the jacket that she made is great. I love the print matched with the print on the lining. The skirt and shirt are old and fug. I think it's totally overstyled. It makes me think she lost confidence and tried to do too much all at once. The jacket IS pretty awesome.
I like Jay's too. I like it in the context of "show us who you are as a designer". Great fabric choices, whimsical design and exquisite tailoring and craftmanship.

First, Tlo, it's supposed to pour rain for a week where I am so I'm so glad to see you posting on this today.

Second, hate Jay's--those thingies show a serious, serious taste/editing issue--as in, what the hell were you thinking? Anyone who thinks that placement could possibly work ain't making it to Bryant Park.

I am, though, feeling the Mila love. It reminds me of that Prada pretty/ugly thing from a few years back. The design is simple, but Mila pulled off something quite sophisticated in terms of working entirely with patterns. And, for pete's sake, she made a whole outfit. She made a jacket. And she made it look easy. She's my new favorite for making to the finals.

I already like this season so much better than last season. There's color, there's pattern, there are distinctive points of view.

I thought Jay's would have been great without the middle granny-circle, but now that I see the back... Wow.

I thought Mila's outfit was outdated. That jacket looks similar to one we bought for my 76-year-old grandma this Christmas. All it needs are buttons and some matching Allison Daley polyester pants.

Jay - Gosh that skirt was tight... really, really tight... and short. And exactly why was his model carrying a purse? This would have gotten my vote to be in the bottom, I wouldn't have auf'ed him, but he should have been in the bottom over Baby Jesus. Still at this stage, I would rather have an overly ambitious designer than an overly cautious one. The bodice was impressive and he should have let that be the centerpiece of his design.

Mila - I like this and would have liked it even more if the blouse was a dress and the jacket was the same length as the dress. It still would have been a sensory overload with all those busy fabrics, but it would have worked better in my book. The taupe skirt just brought it down, like she was afraid to commit to the mixing and matching theme.

Jay made her navel go all splodie. It wasn't pretty.

As for "Oh Hi!" I did about a dozen quick rewind/replays when I caught that those magical glimpses. Gay or straight I don't care. Fine art is transcendent!

I like Mila's design in theory, but the skirt seems wrong and random. I like where she was going with this, but she didn't quite make it.

I'm so bwuh? about Jay's outfit that I'm at a loss for words, except I would really like to see it without the tweed sea squirts.

Milla's looks like an excellantly well constructed version of a spring 1967 Buttrick pattern, except that would have shown the skirt in the same floral as the outside of the jacket. (Which was a bad idea, then and now). The skirt as-is makes the outfit as boring as possible, though; I'd like to seethe top half with a dull-textured black or charcoal brown something just a bit longer, maybe pants or a slashed skirt or anything except the khaki nonenity she came up with.

I really like the interaction of the lining and the top, though, I wish she'd showed more discretion in chosing the rest of the fabrics.

Does the fact that cute make-up artist is wearing a wedding ring make me an aspiring home-wrecker? I don't have a problem if it does, I'm just asking...

I definetly dont see all the hate for Jay's, I mean, yes take off those 'tumours' and make the skirt a few inches longer, but then I think you have a very 'in right now' and youthful look. I especially LOVE the fabrics he chose, the prints and colours work very well for me, but then again I'm very young and I'm very into 'eclectic' fashion so I'm a little biased, also wondering about those pleats though

i like Jay's outfit. i could do without the pom on the front, but i think it demonstrates much potential and i would wear it in a heartbeat.

Mila's reminds me of Uncle Nick's comment about office workers in Warsaw. The skirt was totally drab, but i'm still interested in what she's going to produce.

Mila's design is dull, dull, dull. It looks like something my aunt would wear to her local gvt office job.

On the other hand, her model has a distinct 'Ellen Barkin' vide about her.

I liked the proportions and lines of Mila's (though the skirt could have been an inch longer), and any two of the three prints she used, subbing the skirt fabric for the third, would have made a wearable outfit. Not an earth shattering one, but one I can see paying money for.

Jay's. Let's just say that Saturday night I attended a fashion show put together by high school designers/models/technical theater types, and that while his sewing and construction skills exceeded 3/4 of the high school kids', his actual design would have fit right in with some of the more misguided attempts to be original.

Julia, I think The Tweed Sea Squirts would make an excellent band name.

Oh, and Mr. L'Oreal? That is one devastating combination of laugh lines and dimples.

Totally agree with TLo on Jay.

Like Mila's a bit better than they do. I think a's idea of extending the top into a dress and elongating the jacket might have worked better.

Oh man, it's going to take forever to get through all 16 of these guys, won't it? I had completely forgotten about Mila's look.

Jay's is just, just no. The hip-ruffle might have looked OK if it were a different length and different placement (this is me trying to be charitable, because I actually hate hip ruffles), but the navel pouf is inexcusable. The fabric choices are interesting (yay for patterns and colors), and he seems to have good technical skills, but seriously needs to edit.

Also the rear view makes Kasey's butt look wonky. Squished and blobby, and I'll bet her butt actually looks nothing like that. I'd be scared of what my butt would look like in that skirt, if I were willing to wear such a skirt!

I love Alexis's bracelet, and her hair and makeup! Mila's fabric choices are pretty chic individually, but together are a bit too much. The skirt seems way too short for what appears to be a work outfit, or something for a lady who lunches (unless it's for a Real Housewife!) The hem looks a little weird, too. Still, that might be something that could've been fixed with a few extra minutes' pressing, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now.

Hated the floret on Jay's skirt. But now that I can see it up close, if you eliminate the tumor business the rest of the outfit is very clean and cute. Yes he clearly did work the shit out of the fabric - I'm seeing about 10x more seaming/pleating than I expected.

Hated Mila's skirt altogether - too short, ugly fabric - it washes out her bottom half and practically ruins the entire look. I did enjoy the jacket, but paired with the shirt it's too much.

Most of these designers are doin' too much - hopefully they'll listen to Tim's editing tips as the show proceeds.

Middle of the pack is where they both belong...nothing special...nothing too criminal.

Jay...overall I like what he was attempting to do, but it has flaws. The top...looks really well made but the pleats get lost in the fabric pattern. Bottom...Looks like it would have been cute if he would have just followed the designers golden rule...edit edit edit...especially the flower on the front! The rear ruffles are awkward...but I like that he tried to add interest to a simple skirt...just off though, and a few inches too short! I do like the combination of fabrics together.

Mila...way too simple, boxy, conservative, and, just because she mixed a lot of patterns together doesn't mean it's fashion! The blue/black print on the exterior of the jacket looks old ladish to me. The skirt...simple, yet for some reason it bulges out in front. Did she design in extra space to accommodate a tummy/pooch or is it just poorly constructed and fitted?'s unflattering.

It's unfortunate the judges don't give the middle group feedback so they can learn/adapt. Both have some potential.

Anything that makes a pin-thin model's ass look like a horizontal loaf of bread wedged into a dish towel with warty growths gets a big old thumbs down from this bitter kitten. And I liked some of Jay's portfolio. He just was trying to cram too much crap into one look.

I liked Mila's jacket very much and was underwhelmed with the skirt and top. Other kittens' suggestion of a dress of the top fabric might have been interesting, but I wish she had let the coat steal the show with a solid dress or top/bottom combo. But she is a mature, talented woman and should do well.

ps...thanks for another glimpse of the l'oreal cutie! drools

This comment has been removed by the author.

What.....what? You don't love Jay's pubic poof? Come on!!! ;-)

Junior Goddess

Oh, they were tumors... I thought they were warts... Silly me...

LOVE Mila's.

It looks like Oscar de la Renta to me. Though he would have done a longer skirt in a darker fabric. I think she will go far.

Jay is ok, sophisticated fabric choice and he was smart enough to do a daytime fabric as well. He went enough over the top with the "fleurchons 2.0" [very funny Sarah !] to catch the eye of he judges. I think he tripped up in the fitting of the skirt. But he managed a very well fitted bustier, so he has the sewing skills. He should be around for a while.

Mila's look was a welcome and refreshing change from the typical evening fare seen on the runway. I was a bit afraid for her when she spoke with Tim about her game plan, but felt she pulled it off with much success. In fact, I liked this look moreso than those in her portfolio. My only issue with her outfit was that I would've loved to have seen the skirt a wee bit longer --- maybe even just slightly above the knee. Looking forward to seeing what she does with future PR challenges.


Julia- thanks for confirming my suspicions that the dress might have been barnacle encrusted.

Jay's was the 2nd worst in show for episode 1. I have doubts that a less awful color choice would have made that design palatable.

Mila's was visually appealing for the most part. The smartly executed silhouette and a nod to Mary Quant made this likeable. Not keen on the jacket...too much of a prismatic shock of colors getting all those prints together. And the shoes are straight from the ninth circle of meh.

I loved Milas's design, the colors and pattern mix. I thought it was chic and wearable and sophisticated--and hugely more appealing than the warty outfit Jay sent out. And her garments really looked well-constructed also.

I hate to do a Heidi, but I'd buy that jacket and blouse in a heartbeat. I hope she goes far.

I couldn't see past the "tumors" (heh, that's what I called them, too) to really notice that the construction on that was actually quite good... but, not feeling the outfit as is, for sure.

For Mila, though, although I thought the pattern mix was a little too much, I did think it was interesting, as in, I decidedly want to see what else she's gonna do now... which is not a bad impression to leave someone with in the "show us what you're about" challenge.

Loved Mila's jacket, inside out.

1. nicolas - lose the rosettes, darling...a previous pr contestant used them in season 3 (angela kessler or something?) and they didn't work...
2. mila? three prints in one garment? really? questionable taste there...

I don't know..I don't hate Jay's design like a lot of people the colors and the texture. I think the model helped the dress...she carried it well...and could Heidi's eyes have lit up any more?????

Heidi sure lit up when she saw Jay's design go down the runway. You would think someone offereed her diamonds.

And as far as Mila goes, I fear for her. Yes she would take constructive critiscm from the judges well but Good Execution + decent taste= A lot of time in the middle where you don't get a whole lot of critique and have the chance to grow.

I loved Mila's outfit. I liked the prints---all of them --- together. That took guts.

the form itself is not brand new to the world, but it is used a hell of a lot less on PR than the stapless dresses or the "Wilma'a" that we see time after time. We are going to like her stuff, i just know it. (but don't count how many times I have been wrong in the past...)

I really miss the overall episode recaps. While I understand doing each look, I miss the comments that you guys used to make about the rest of the show.

Frankly, I was too distracted by the drop dead gorgeous model looking into the mirror in the second picture, behind the stud makeup artist. Absolutely stunning!

raisin mountaineer

I really liked Mila's outfit. It was clean, fit well, and I for one LOVED the use of patterns-- especially the jacket lining. It was "classic with a funky twist" which a lot of women can wear well, and which is appropriate for a variety of settings.

That said, I am an old age demographic and maybe it's more what I'm used to seeing in Threads magazine and other DIY venues. So, maybe it's a taste issue for me. But I still liked it, and look forward to what Mila comes up with next.

Jay's dress makes that skeletal model look fat and lumpy.

I'd like Mila's if she'd ditched that busy, distracting lining. she can crank out a number of pieces, though, without any major screw-ups, and that should take her far.

p.s. i would also like to request that we see more of that hunky make-up artist. I think we straight women and gay men can agree on that: he needs airtime!!

The bodice on Jay's has some beautiful work in it, but it is too low on the model's body. I could even live with the front "tumors" if he hadn't put that thing across the back. Then maybe he'd have had more time to work on the fit.

I think Mila shows a lot of promise. If she'd have had one less print (probably the lining), it would have looked great. As it is, I do like the jacket. This model looks rather homely to me; maybe it is the hairstyle. And I think it is awesome the way the bracelet goes with the jacket.

Poor fit and messy hem on that last skirt. Other than that, a stylish and cool look.

Mila's design is simple but elegant. I don't know how she did it but somehow those fabrics work together.
Jay's is just atrocious; nice bodice though.

Isn't that L'Oreal stylist a retired gay porn star or something?

That first skirt looks like something my daughter would wear.

Ruffle-butt looks mighty cute when you are 18 months old. Not so good on grown women.

Ha ha ha...

"rethink the tumors"

Ha HA!

She came around the corner and the first thing I thought was, "She has a posey on her crotch."

Jay's brought on thoughts of Angela's fleurchons—but with a thyroid problem.

Mila's is very pretty, very well made, and very stylish. The jacket's prints with the top's prints may have been too much at one time- but everything is very well executed and somehow managed to work well. I would have put this in the top 3 instead of Ping's, since it is much more, well, wearable and sellable!!!

Jay's is not wearable- and I am not talking just about the fact that it is waaaaay beyond my comfort level. It just looks ridiculous- and not just because of the fleurchons. I think he narrowly escaped the bottom 3.

Mila herself was sceptical about the fabric for the jacket lining ("this piece of sunshine"), but it was the only choice she had. Her look was good enough - nice, clean, crisp. Her demeanor and maturity are going to carry her a long way. She alone took time to help two other designers in the workroom. I can't wait to see what she will do next.

I liked Mila's outfit, although it would have been better with a different color skirt.
On closer inspection (to get past the fabric tumors), Jay's outfit really was well constructed. However--the proportions were so wrong for that model. The skirt is so short, and the top it so tiny, the whole outfit just looks like she's wearing a towel to cover her lady bits. If the top would have covered more of her chest, and the skirt were a teeny bit longer, it wouldn't have looked so comical.

Jay's model Kasey looks like Clark from ANTM cycle 11. haha


I will never understand the desire of designers to attach superfluous design elements like fabric fleurchons, tumors, whatevers in ways that make a woman's hips and/or ass look bigger.

Jay,honey, we have to talk!

I liked both of these for the same reason, the interesting mix of colors and pattern, something you don't see a lot on PR.

Jay's needed some serious editing and while I agree that Mila's wasn't very "designed", I got a feeling of her POV and loved the mix.

I really hated Mila's. Yes, even more than Jay's stupidly tight and short and be-tumored dress. Mila's design was flat-out ugly. Well-done ugly, but ugly. I expect possible bottom-three-ness for her in the future. Maybe not the near future, but some day, some runway, she shall be trying to talk her way out of an auf. Unless Jay can figure out a way not to give his dresses cancer, he'll probably be standing right there next to her, sweating it out in the harsh combined glare of Garcia/Kors.

Ohhhhhhh Heidi. Loves the tight/short.

The flower on the front of Jay's skirt looks to me like, "Hello! Check out my cooch!"

Fleurchons. That is all.

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