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Girlz Rool!

Ladies to the dance floor, please!

We're liking her. She's low-key without being boring (yet) and she seems creative, even if last week's effort was an insult to breasts everywhere. She certainly made up for it this week.

And we are totally digging the '68 model Streisand eye makeup, by the way.

Model: Alison Gingerich

Not just super-cute, but really creative and thought out. In fact, shouldabin the winner.

The masterful dye and construction job on the skirt is the first thing you notice of course, but we really think that top is what makes the look.

It drapes beautifully and rather than disguise the burlap, it draws attention to it by saying "Hey, look how soft and drapey I made this potato sack look." We also really like the bands on the edges and the waist, which gave it structure.

To have such a beautifully constructed top AND a beautifully dyed skirt is what made this, to our way of thinking, the clear winner. We don't know what the judges were thinking on that front. It seemed obvious to us.

About the only criticism we can make is that the skirt is a bit too much of a tutu.

Still, after last week's boobtrocity, she came back strong and is making us think she's one to watch.

And speaking of one to watch, don't turn your back on Mila, darlings, she's a bit crazy.

Honestly, we don't know WHAT the hell happened there, but she went from the calm, cool, collected pro we assumed she was into a moody little sophomore in the blink of an eye. And for what? Because some model she barely knows didn't pick her for the dodgeball team? Honey, get a grip. Focus on your competitors. Who gives a shit what some model thinks?

Model: Lorena Angjeli

Despite the high school drama of it all, she pulled together a knockout look.

This is exactly the kind of thing a model would wear to an "industry party;" short, tight, and at least a little bit of shiny.

The only thing is...
What the hell's going on there? Strange, because the rest of the dress is impeccably made.

And the detailing is gorgeous.

The only real issue is the slightly strange fit on this thing; loose and tight in weird places.

Still, she's also one to watch. Especially if there are sharp objects in the room. She can get a little testy.

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(First?!) Agreed, Amy shoulda won. I like her laid-backness, and that dress was so unique and fabulous.

Loved Amy's dress! Clearly the winner.

At first, I totally thought that either Mila or Amy should have won this, but you know, two days later and I think Jay's look was really underrated by myself. It does look chic and looked really easy, despite being the most work to make of anyone's. Amy's was a little too obvious in its construction (a potato sack dipped in dye) while Jay did so much work to make it a believable, hanger-ready look that could be worn to an industry party. Mila's was great too, and during the episode it was my favorite, but looking back, I think Jay deserved it.

i thought it was so expected that heidi loved the peek-a-boobie on mila's dress. i'm surprised you guys didn't mention that!

Amy's was utterly phenomenal. On my lo-fi set the burlap looked floaty and wafty and completely unlike burlap at all. Loved it.

Amy should have won. No question. Dresses rarely make me gasp when they turn that corner - but this one did.
The material looks so soft and touchable!!!

I loved Amy's dress. So soft and feminine yet earthy. When I saw the color, I had flashbacks to Nicholas' divorcee outfit from last season. But this is so much more beautiful and put together.

Mila's dress is a little severe for my taste but I can appreciate the skill it took to make. I've kind of loved her since the first episode when she told the other designer (Maya, maybe?) that she was her little sister. Mila's got some serious ego and potentially the goods to back it up.

Amy's was excellent. I liked Mila's, but then Heidi wouldn't shut up about it. It was a hot little dress, but I wish the Frau wouldn't drool so loudly!

I loved Amy's and I thought she should have won the challenge. She used the material to its best advantage. I thought she should have been in the bottom 3 (even go home) last week. Way to redeem yourself Amy!

Tlo said..What the hell's going on there? Strange, because the rest of the dress is impeccably made.

The bias is all stretched out. She needed to stay stitch the neckline and face it. Several other designers had the same problem at the neckline and armhole.
I like her dress much better in the close ups, but I still don't think it should have been in the top 3.

I kinda feel that Amy made a comeback that was similar to Leanne. Totally agree that she should have won, especially since she was the only one to make an outfit that looked beautiful from and top and bottom. Jay's top was an after thought while Mila's outfit made the models chest look way too odd. Really looking forward to what Amy does in the future.

I really loved Mila's, but if I'm totally honest with myself and not going by my personal preference (for me), I'd have to say Amy should have won for the dye job, the construction and the way the top draped. It does look a bit like a tutu.
I do think Mila's look was great for a model heading to an industry party.

I was shocked when Amy was the first in. I thought she was the obvious, clear winner.

Don't agree that Amy should have won because it was too much potato sack and not enough transformation. Crafty, I thought. Yes, beautiful dress, but it looked like burlap. And the skirt was a little too tutu and little girly.

Mila's dress was incredible except for the booby flashes. If the top had fit properly, I think she should have won hands down. So sleek, modern, sexy and the color was fab. Loved it....except for the boobage.

I had two other looks I preferred to Amy's and JayN's that I would have put with Mila's in the top three. I think a lot of it just had to do with personal aesthetic in terms of what ended up in the top three. There were some really great garments on the runway this week.

As well as there needing to be more than three places in the bottom, but we'll get to that later, arrrrr, matey, if ye get me drift.

I was kinda disappointed about Mila's little tantrum, I was hoping she'd be the refreshingly sane one this season. (Who knows, maybe this was the exception.) However, her dress was my favorite, even given the peek-a-boobs and weird closures.

I agree with you boys on Amy's skirt: too tutu.

Already looking forward to Thursday!

Hmmm...the bust on Amy's is what kept me from picking her as my winner. It's got an odd shape to it, methinks. But, I guess it's me.
I just like Mila's more. But it's a closer call than I originally assumed now that I can look at them in still photos. Jay is not even close.

I was happy with the winner, but would have been happy with Amy or Mila winning also. And, I was expecting Mila to win, given Heidi's short-shiny-love-Jones for it...


Both my husband and I were sure Amy was the winner and were shocked when the skating costume won. And Amy was not even the runner up?! If Jay and Amy switched places, everything would make so much more sense.

But where are all the Heidi jokes re: tight, shiny, and short? I was so counting on them!

I really loved Amy's dress - I think it should have won. I thought the dye work along the bottom was incredible. It looked like it was done so evenly, which would seem to take a great deal of skill/patience. I also liked the fact that she did not try to disguise the burlap.

I liked Jay's dress, but wouldn't it be easier to dye the material a single solid color than to create a border effect?

I could appreciate the skill that went into Mila's dress, but it was a little too flashy for me.

Polly Glot

Count me among the ones who thought it would be between Amy and Jay. And who cares if it looks too much like burlap? Wasn't it the whole point of the challenge, to prove that "the girl looks awsome even in a burlap sack"??? Amy didn't try to cover up the fact that it was burlap... Kudos for that!

I noticed that Mila's model's chest had to be blurred from some angles, so there was some problems with the construction there, even though the idea of the stiff decoletage was interesting.

I can't look at Amy without thinking about one of those Bond girls....I think the one from "From Russia with Love". Dead ringer, particularly when she wears her hair up.

That said, her dress was fabulous. My only criticism might be that it was a tad too twee with the bouncy petal skirt, but the construction was amazing.

If only it didn't gap so that her whole boob showed I would have liked it.

I hadn't realised that the waistband and halter on Amy's were burlap too. Really lovely. I thought the construction on the top was fantastic - sexy, without being tight or shiny. And the skirt was very fun, and an amazing job transforming that fabric into something light and airy. I'd have given her the win, too.

I have no patience for designers who only design for flat-chested women. Mila looks like she could do better and should.

For me it was a toss-up between Jay and Amy being the winner. It was clear that Lauren Hutton really loved Amy's dress - she was examining it thoroughly and praising it when she went to meet with the models. It was surprising to me that the judges placed Amy third.

Mila's dress couldn't have been more basic and it wasn't very well made. Still, she did nail the brief - as TLo noted, it's exactly the sort of thing a model would wear to an industry party. I think she was helped a lot by the way her model worked it. The embellishments (whatever they were) were clever and it was a pretty hot little dress. Too funny the way that Mrs. Samuels was so openly coveting it. It hit the trifecta of short, tight and shiny with bonus points for boob exposure. Still, it wouldn't have been in my top three. There were about 4 other dresses that I thought had this one beat.

And yes, Mila appears to be batshit crazy with a ridiculous ego. Leave my man Anthony alone! Wasn't his fault nobody wanted to work with you! And I still say she's older than 40 - She looks quite a bit older than Pamela, who is 47.

@Sewing Siren, are you sure it's the bias? I thought perhaps that she originally had the neckline plunging even lower, and the hook-and-eye treatment was a last minute attempt (perhaps 50% successful) to keep her whole boob from showing.

Personally, I think if the judges were going to ream Ping for showing her model's ass, Mila shouldn't have come in 2nd (especially when that puts the clear winner in 3rd)

I loved the dip dye job Amy did on her skirt... but why did her model look dumpy and squatty in it? I don't know if it was the dress or the model.

Mila's was cute too but it fit weird in different places and her boobs where showing.

I could see why Jays dress won when I saw the close up pics online. I saw the additional commentary of the judges online and they all thought Jay had used feathers. They also did not show how impressed Nina was with Jays dress during the judging.

Amy knocked this challenge so far out of the park - she seriously made me want to wear burlap...

Mila's dress did nothing for me. Amy should have won. She was to this challenge what Irina was to the newspaper one last season--she made the weird material look chic by embracing it, rather than disguising it.

I thought Amy's dress should have won as well. It was beautifully constructed, fit well, and looked great on her model. Mila's dress was not as interesting, in my opinion. I couldn't get past the poor fit of the bodice. Maybe she ran out of time and that's why she had to go with the hook and eye closures to tighten it up, but it wasn't enough. But what a great comeback for Amy!

I LOVED THIS CHALLENGE!! I loved the creativity these people showed us.

It's great to see these two dresses side by side - they're such an interesting contrast - Amy's dress using the burlap undisguised and Mila transforming the burlap into a sleek modern dress.

The petal effect on Amy's skirt was beautiful - and I liked the way the dress ends up looking both "natural" and (with the construction on the bodice) quite sophisticated.

Mila's dress looks more Future-ish and Science Fiction-ish than most garments we've seen people produce who were aiming for that look.

Amy was my vote for the win as well. I didn't think Mila would be because of the obvious gaping issues. I think the was a slight boob slip on the runway. Still a strong contender, but I didn't understand her wigging out out the model pick either.

I like either of these more than the winner.

Amy's is just so pretty. I, for whatever reason, always liked the colour of coffee filters after the coffee has gone through it. And her dye job reminds me of that. And the detailing along the edges and the belt, just beautiful. The movement of the skirt was nice, too.

Moody Mila's is also gorgeous and I would wear it in a second. I like how she contrasts the roughness of the burlap with the smoothness of the metal. The colour is hot, too.

Not that there was anything wrong with Jay's. This was a really well done challenge, especially for an early one.

rarely do i see anything on this show that i want to run out and buy... but amy's dress is something i want NOW!

Amy's was the clear winner because she made the burlap look expensive and gave it movement without changing the color. I'm loving her aesthetic after the first two looks and can't wait to see what she does next. Plus, isn't it amazing that she made burlap look like a soft cashmere?

Mila's was fabulous as well, the only issue is the gaping.

Agree agree agree!

Love Mila!
She's quintessential Hollywood: Cool, personable, unassuming, w/ crazy egomaniac stamped in large letters on her ass, hidden until she cruelly turns her back on you when you least expect it.
Her dress was absolutely perfect-- for the occasion, the model, the challenge. Really looking forward to what she's going to do next.

Amy-- W.O.W.
Clear winner. Stunning in every detail. Speechless @ its artistry.

Although I think Amy deserved the win, the Comic-Con, sci-fi geek in me LOVED Mila's - boobage and all.

I loved Mila's dress, though the boobage flash was clearly what kept it out of the winner's spot. I was wondering if she just made it slightly too long-waisted, since she was working with a new model, but Sewing Siren's comment makes sense. Burlap sags and if you're not used to working with it, all sorts of things can go wrong.

Amy's was sweet--but a little old-fashioned to my eye. Not that the winner's wasn't as well.

As far as Mila and the model meltdown. I actually kind of got where she was coming from. Her model didn't switch designers, her model switched to a designer who'd been in the bottom the previous week.

I mean, being dumped for a guy who almost went home? That's what you call a dis. I was actually surprised the model did it--not the switching, but the switching to a designer who'd had the weaker performance.

Yes, Amy should have won, but she'll probably win several challenges. And did you notice that Lifetime had to blur out Mila's model's nipples as she was walking?

Amy FTW!

OK, this will probably be an unpopular comment, but who chose the exceptionally unattractive models this season? Was Heidi afraid of the competition or something?

Last season there were for or five real stunners, but this season I don't think there's a single one I would consider remotely beautiful.

Amy's dress would have looked so much better on a girl who didn't look so hard and scrawny and OLD. As it is, it has a real 'mutton dressed as lamb' quality to it...

another laura

Agree and Agree

Amy wuz robbed. I don't remember which judge said it, but her dress "honored" the burlap sack more than Mila's or Jay Nicolas's. (Maybe it's that I couldn't SEE Jay's, due to it being black.) Brilliant minds can differ about this stuff, so no dis to my fellow bitter kittens!

I appreciated the work from Mila, too, but it didn't make me want the dress. I'm assuming that Mila's gets the "Heidi" this week over at Lifetime.

Just a thought about the puckering at the top.
It looks deliberate because it does the same from behind.
I really liked it (on the model cause she has minimal boobs) and it appeared to be finished inside and out.

I also thought Amy's was the clear winner. The dye job on the skirt was very well done, and I loved the bands defining the bodice.

This was a great concept, from top to bottom, and it was also extremely well-crafted.

What the hell's going on there? Strange, because the rest of the dress is impeccably made.

With the way the front was gaping, it looked to me as if she intentionally designed it with a more plunging neckline but that it didn't quite provide the coverage needed.

Might have been able to "fix" it with some double-sided tape so that it would "fit" better. However, there was a bit of controversy last season with the models and an accusation of using double-sided tape, so maybe that is not allowed?

I agree that Mila is being edited to be this season's bitch. I think this is just a little taste of what's to come once the stress and pressure sets in. Her outburst against Anthony was completely childish and unprovoked. On the other hand, we like our bitches talented around here and I think she has the goods to go far. Her model looked stunning this week.

I saw that skirt, and the first thing I thought about was glinda's costume from wicked. Anyone else? Galinda anyone?

Loved Amy's dress, but have to commend Mila for the threading, dye and overall treatment on her garment. It takes vision, a discerning eye, creativity and competency to produce a super-chic dress like that for the automaton party girl in us all. To me, this dress was head-over-heels superior to Jay's look. The only flaw I see was that Mila's model's automa-ta-ta's were exposed a bit too much. I know Heidi liked it, but perhaps we could add this to her list of party dress requirements; short, tight, shiny and a little bit of das boobage.


/10 2:40 PM

Sara said...
@Sewing Siren, are you sure it's the bias? I thought perhaps that she originally had the neckline plunging even lower, and the hook-and-eye treatment was a last minute attempt (perhaps 50% successful) to keep her whole boob from showing.

I am certain that "v" neckline is on bias (not true bias, but close) because the center front is on straight grain, you can see the grain of the fabric in the close ups. It looks like she finished the neckline with a 1-1/2 bend back. Which is a super cheap way to do it. I agree about the closure. It is a bit awkward. I like those exposed hook and eyes, but not the exposed nips.

Has anyone else noticed the fact that Mila looks EXACTLY LIKE Edna, the designer character from the animated movie The Incredibles? Seriously, look it up. Uncanny resemblance.

Amy totally should have won, first, but second I have to throw something in about Mila: she is insane, I swear. I'm scared of her. I also am convinced she's Louise Black (season 6) in disguise(:

@ Toph

What do you say about the resemblance between Edna from The Incredibles and Hetty from NCIS Los Angeles? :P

If I were stick'd better believe I'd be in that Mila dress!

loved amy's look! hoping to see her keep up the good work and make top 3.

Completely agree. I liked all 3 in the top, but was pretty upset they didn't pick Amy. It was gorgeous and an innovative way to use burlap without disguising it. She's my fav right now.

I remember thinking as I watched the mean girlz drama unfold, "I wonder if she thought to take the measurements of the new model in the midst of her pity party." That would explain the craptastic fit.

i love everything about sarabi's dress, tutu-ness and all. it's adorable.

I love what Amy did with the burlap, but I have trouble envisioning anyone wearing this to an industry party. Still, I can see it winning, it just depends on the judges' viewpoint: industry party vs. how material is used.

I dropped Mila's out of the top three because of the fit issues. Boobs hanging out is worse than ass hanging out, and it could have happened with this dress. The design and use of the fabric was terrific, though.

I think there are a few pretty models this year. Maybe they will grow on us.

I don't know nuthin' 'bout sewing, but the plunging neckline on Mila's dress looks like it starts too wide to continue straight down to the bottom of the plunge. It does look as if it might have been planned to have a deeper plunge.

I agree that Allison is very odd-looking. She is like the ugly sister of that girl last year that looked like Gordana.

I loved both of those looks-- either could have won.

I also think Mila's was perfect for an industry event. It really shows the model's length and how she carries herself, along with her physical attributes.


If someone has posted this before, sorry for the repeat, but I couldn't find it.

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All 3 top scores are fine- had any of them won, I would have been cool with it.

Amy did not look pretty at first- but if you look closely, she is actually very good looking. I guess it is the hair color that does not look so good on her. I am liking her more now- but her first outfit was unwearable. This second one is very nice and I can see why it was chosen- but the color is not something I can pull off.

So agree that Amy should've won. I can't say enough about how much I love that dress.

Did Mila's model have some nip slips? There were several times that my TV looked awfully blurry around her chestal region.

TLo said:
"About the only criticism we can make is that the skirt is a bit too much of a tutu"

not any more-so than the winning entry.

I agree, Amy should have won. But I think the top three were all deserving so I don't feel the need to pull out the soapbox this week.

The best part of this whole episode is that we are discussing which one of three people should have won this challenge. Never would have happened last year! I loved the whole episode and what all of the contestants did. PR is fun again.

I totally agree...this dress should have won! It was fabulous.

I definitely thought that Amy should've won. I LOVED her dress. As far as Mila is concerned, very nice but I don't know what Heidi was talking about when she said she liked that the top was loose. I couldn't stand that the top was loose. It would've been much bitter if that was better fitted.

I also thought Amy was going to win - but I'm still ok with Jay's win. He accomplished one of Nina's favorite things, he made it look expensive.

I only thought Mila's was ok. Couldn't get past the boob problems. The Jr. high stuff was cuckoo for coco puffs.

All in all, looking forward to seeing more from both of these chicks. Yay, right?

I don't mind amys but don't love it like I apparently should be...for me the other two were more wearable, as actual clothes...Dave nailed it with it being a bit 'crafty', the proportions simply aren't elegant or sophisticated enough. I appreciate the workmanship, where as jays+jacket I could see actually see in a chanel show.

It feels so long since I've been IMPRESSED with something on PR (last season....gordanas dress?) nice to have that feeling back again both episodes this season C:

I loved Amy's dress. I thought it was the clear winner. It was interesting that they showed Lauren Hutton admiring it so much during MotR.

Amy - When I watched the episode, I was rooting for Mila to win but I have been convinced that this dress was the more impressive and deserved the win on that basis. A couple of personal preference nitpicks, the skirt is too faerie-ish and I am not crazy about the waistband, but again Amy deserves a big pat on the back for what she did, especially given the time constraint.

Mila - The dress is win worthy of the win, the competition was just very stiff this go round.

Heidi - So was Heidi putting her business in the street with her peek-a-boob comment?

i'm not dorothy gale

I gasped with delight at the sight of both these dresses. Love the textural interest.

I really thought it was hard to pick a winner this week. The judging must have been awfully close, because all three deserved to win. I can't think of a PR challenge I've felt this way about.

Lastly, happy to see the Bay Area representing! Two of the top three this week! (Amy from Oakland and Jay from SF.)

I don't get the excitement over Amy's garment. Yes, I appreciated the way she treated the burlap, but the proportions look off to me. The skirt is too short for its bulk and the top seems baggy.

Mila's was better, despite the gaping.

Oh and even though I preferred Amy's easily, I thought all top 3 were strong showings and really wouldn't have reacted violently if any of them won. Like the bottom 3 -- had no problems with any of the 3 getting auf'd.

I think slumming with Launch My Line has made me complacent with remotely sane judging.

The skirt on Amy's dress BUGS. I really hope the Xanadu, disco, 80's, whatever-it-is, handkerchief skirt look isn't making a comeback. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Mila's dress, however, was beautiful and didn't harken back to the misguided days of Dynasty fashion. That's right...I called those days "misguided". I'm rooting for Mila!

LOVED Amy's dress. She was robbed.

I am really with your analysis on all details, although I was not with Amy for the win. Wouldn't have minded if she'd won, she made a great outfit, but I preferred Mila's.

Beyond personal taste, I think there's a reason why Mila's would be better (and why it was rated higher by the judges). I think you pointed out at this yourselves. Mila's dress is exactly what a young and upcoming model would want to wear to an industry party, burlap or not burlap, and hers walked like she knew it.
The thing is that the challenge last week was two-tiered, which made it quite complex imo. If the challenge had been: make a dress from a potato sack, Amy was a contender big time. But it went beyond that. And Amy's dress, while lovely, is not what... I don't know, if I imagine a model coming with that to a party, noone knowing it's a "burlap challenge" it would not be the best dress... as you said, the skirt is too much tu-tu. The top was cool though. But all in all, I think Mila fulfilled the challenge in both fronts better and I suspect didn't win because of the execution issues.
Still, both girls are too be watch and contenders for the final 3.


Yeah, no. Amy's design reminded me too much of a woodland nymph.

Might have been able to "fix" it with some double-sided tape so that it would "fit" better. However, there was a bit of controversy last season with the models and an accusation of using double-sided tape, so maybe that is not allowed?

Just speculation on my part but I think doubled sided tape is a no no because the judges want to see the designs flaws and all. Adding the tape could give them impression that a garment fits better than it really does.

Amy was truly robbed. Also, we haven't seen captions from you boys in a while...I miss Nina's 'bitch please' face.

If Amy continues to make dresses like the burlap one, she'll definitely be one of the finalists. She should have won this challenge. Mila's looked good too, although the close-up photos showed flaws.

Amy's definitely should have won. It moved beautifully in a way that would be surprising and beautiful in any fabric, especially effin burlap.

Agree completely. Props to Amy's model too, she was fantastic. Nice call about the Barbara make up. :)

I think this challenge made up for the prior season's snorefest. I loved Amy's dress and thought she showed the burlap truest to form but, I did not like the top. I thought Jay's dress was just a wee bit better and I too wondered about the skirt -- was it burlap or something else. Mila -- methinks she might turn out to be a bit like Irena? I hope not but .... Did like Mila's look a lot. Did not notice the weird hook/eye closures at the neckline until looking at TLO's pics. It is clear that Heidi loves anything that shows boobs.

While I like both of these, I have to agree with some of the other posters that the proportions of Amy's are a bit off. With the skirt so full, having the top that full kind of make it look squatty.

BUT!!!! - when I see the discussions about construction and fit, I just go back to the fact that it seems very inconsistent to "nitpick" construction on all the other designers and totally ignore the lack of even sewing on Ping's.

I don't see the Irina connection. Irina wouldn't have given a toss about the model... Mila's reaction on some wacky stranger "rejecting" her shows if anything a degree of insecurity which is to some extent endearing but, as TLo point out, vaguely ridiculous for someone of her age and disposition.

I loved both of these dresses. Amy respected the fabric and made a stunning outfit without altering the burlap too much. The bands on the waist and bodice were brilliant.
Mila's was very clever and well done. YOu could see it was burlap, but stylized.
She did get in trouble with the bias on the neckline--it almost looks like she folded the metal-embellished burlap to make a facing, which would have put the bias right on the edge. And because burlap is so loosely woven, reigning in that bias was a challenge, resulting in bare boobage.
But--the color was perfect and the metal treatment was really cool.
I call it a tossup.

Just a request -- TLo, can you continue to put the contestant's names under their first screencaps? It's too early in the season for me to have memorized everyone's names.

For the record, I, too, thought Amy was the winner. It was just *fun!*

Yet one more agreement that Amy's dress should have been the winner. It was polished and 'finished' looking, which the winning dress was not.

Oh, I forgot-Alsion, Amy's model, looks SO familiar. She wasn't on ANTM or some other reality show, was she? Or a commercial. Hmmm.
ALso, someone mentioned that the models this year are not quite as...attractive than they were last year. I agree. While most of them are lovely, there are several that seem to be older--which is usually not good for runway models, no? As Heidi once said, they kinda age like dog years in that industry....

I'd have given Amy the win because her look was terrific and so was the fit.

If the bodice on the front had fit better, I'd have given Mila the win. I was the flip side of Mila on the fit - I thought the gape in the back was better than the gape in the front. But I'm not surprised that this was Heidi's favorite, both for the gape and the tightness. She really is all about the short, tight and shiny. Talk about a one-note.

I liked Amy's best, but I have to say I thought Mila's was sort of more wearable (on a scale of size 0 to 2, since I don't think either were really made to be worn by larger women like myself or, really, anyone I know. But the brief was models at an industry party, so I don't hold it against them.) Amy's was beautiful but, as someone said above, it looked very craft-y hippie earth mother, an aesthetic I personally like very much, but not one that I would have thought would have a lot of place at an industry party? A little too boho political.

Even though everyone seemed to like Amy's dress, it made her model look 'big!' That's not what a model wants at an industry party. Mila's dress definitley for an industry party and Jay's for a cocktail party!

I'm loving this season already - what a relief from the last 'two' seasons!

Also, love the model stealing - let the drama begin!!!


ASK said...
BUT!!!! - when I see the discussions about construction and fit, I just go back to the fact that it seems very inconsistent to "nitpick" construction on all the other designers and totally ignore the lack of even sewing on Ping's

Because Mila's (While I believe is a very competent sewer) has made a grievous error in construction causing her model to be exposed on the runway. I believe that she probably ran out of time and had to finish the neckline in the quickest way possible. Apparently only Michael Kors recognized it as a mistake.

Pings dress as far as I can tell is sewn rather well. Her mistake was judging the length of the slit (she is not the first both Robert Best in the Macy's challenge and Althena/Logan in a different Macy's challenge had slits in the back of short skirts that appeared to expose the model). This I would call a error in judgement rather than sewing. Because in my opinion the slit was sewn correctly, but a skirt this short should not have had a slit at all.


Lovelovelove Mila's dress.

Amy was ROBBED!!!!! That's all.

I really liked both dress, in fact, Jay would have not been my choice. I also agree that it does look like a tutu.

Tim Gunn - "Take me there..."

Is it wrong that this married, mother-of-two went a little weak at the knees on hearing those words?

I really loved all three 'top' dresses from this challenge but I think Don's analysis re: the industry party element is bang on the money.

Sewing Siren - First let me say I like the outfit in your pc - do you actually creiate your version of all the challenges - I thought that normally we get a sketch?

And I totally respect that you have more hands on knowledge..
my objection with your stmt about Ping's sewing is based on two things. First I believe that Tim posted that Pings first garment (?) was pinned not sewn. Secondly in my viewing of the close ups I really could not call this one well sewn/constructed at all - I don't sew very much but I can sew better than Ping did.

Totally agreed on all points. You make me laugh on a Monday morning, thank you!


I thought that Amy's dress was a strong contender for the win. I like that she chose to use the burlap basically in its original color, and accenting the overlapping petals of the skirt with darker tones.

I think the awkward fit of the dress around the boobs cost Mila a shot at winning this challenge.

I was a little shocked that Amy didn't get the win on this one. I liked Jay's, but I don't think it's quite in the same league as Amy's because of the way she embraced the material.

Mila had some obvious construction issues (ran out of time?), but the design was really there. I love the very industrial hook-and-eye closures in the close-up! I didn't see those during broadcast (they were probably not interested in a close up of the model's chest for obvious reasons).

I think people are forgetting that this is as design competition, not a seamstress' competition. Yes, good construction matters, but it isn't weighted as heavily as the design aspect, nor should it be.

Amy's was my favorite look because everything about it was flawless. Even without the burlap element, the top was interesting and creative. The dying job and placement of the burlap "straps" set off the whole look.

Imo, it's one of the strongest looks to ever come down the runway, so I am surprised it didn't win. I agree it doesn't quite fit an industry party theme, so maybe that's why she didn't win. Shame.

Mila's dress is good, but I don't LOVE it. Something about it seems off to me, but given the time constraints it's a pretty killer dress. She puts the "industry" in industry party dress.

ASK, must you push your anti-Ping agenda in EVERY post? It's getting dreadfully wearying.

Critiquing Mila's gapping neckline isn't being nit-picky. It's singling out one of the main reasons she didn't win the challenge.

Plenty of people have slammed Ping for her dress. I've not seen one person say she didn't deserve bottom 3 for it, and in fact many thought she should have gone home. Most people, even those who adore Ping and her esthetic, understand she isn't long for this show.

As far as sewing skills, sewing is but one aspect of construction. Ping's particular aesthetic doesn't require a lot of sewing. That doesn't make it inferior to what others do, it's just a different approach. Of course, her particular aesthetic and lack of sewing skills means she won't make it much further on the show, but that doesn't take away from the raw talent she does have.

Project Runway isn't the end-all, be-all of fashion. It rewards people who can be creative on the fly and construct garments swiftly with few flaws. As entertaining as that is, there's more to being a talented designer than being able to make a couture gown in 12 hours out of barbed wire and drywall.

Anon - There were at least a half dozen comments on construction of comments about construction in this thread before I respond to those.

So choosing to excuse it as "construction is not her thing" just supports my view theat she is being judged by different stds. (as are the rips on Jesus - not "understanding" the challenge - as opposed to Ms CFPP.) I never claimed that everyone must agree with me.

BTW I went back and looked at whether I had commented on the meet the designer post - I said then that she seemed nice but I hated the clothes.

The Streisand eye make-up! Yes!!! Doesn't she look great? And she's so wee next to her model, it's really funny. I think if she can keep the tumors and deformities out of her outfits, she'll make it to Bryant Park. This dress was pretty well flawless and I don't even like handkerchief hems.

Mila… eh. Maybe that gaping was intentional? Heidi sure seemed to like it. Either way, Amy should have won.

Amy's contstruction was insane. Er, like good insane. It's a tough call between her and Jay tho.

Mila looks and acts like a crazy artist chick I used to know. To the point where seeing her on the screen distresses me.

I was actually shocked Amy's dress didn't win, as I felt it held to the requirements of the contest, and was the best-made. She made burlap look chic and expensive without trying to hide that it was burlap. The bodice was fabulous, and I adored the way the skirt moved. Brava, Amy. (I second you on the groovy eye makeup, gentlemen.)

Mila's fit issues bugged the hell out of me, especially that gaping around the breasts that Kors pointed out. (That Heidi defended that just underscored my impression that she should not have any say in who wins and who is aufed, as she has some serious taste problems.) Mila belonged in the top, I guess, but based on fit, she was definitely not among the top two.

I liked both of these looks more than Jay's, but maybe I just couldn't see his well enough.

I'm just so relieved that there appear to be some talented people in attendance!

On another post, I mentioned how great I thought Lauren Hutton was as guest judge. As a sew-er, she was intrigued enough by Amy's dress to check it out on MOTR. From a construction perspective, that dress was great. I was also amazed by Mila's dress. When she first showed Tim what she was planning, I really didn't get it, but WOW! Other than the "exposure" (use reinforcing seam tape folks), it was a great dress!

Paola said:
"OK, this will probably be an unpopular comment, but who chose the exceptionally unattractive models this season? Was Heidi afraid of the competition or something?

Last season there were for or five real stunners, but this season I don't think there's a single one I would consider remotely beautiful."

I actually think Lorena is quite attractive... though it may be more for her body than her face. And as said in an earlier post, I have developed a bit of a crush on Monique. Stunning girl, and apparently very sweet & bubbly.


I like the gentle & professional way Amy turns her model during the judging. She's cool.

ASK said...
Sewing Siren - First let me say I like the outfit in your pc - do you actually creiate your version of all the challenges - I thought that normally we get a sketch?

No I didn't make this garment based on the challenge. It's just something that I had in the vault that actually is made out of burlap. But yes I do sometimes sketch an original or redesign one of the contestants garment based on the challenge or the materials at hand.

Liz said...
I saw that skirt, and the first thing I thought about was glinda's costume from wicked. Anyone else? Galinda anyone?

I was thinking that Amy's dress had a similar flavor to a very famous floor length Christian Dior gown from the 50's that had a petal skirt with kind of a light blue ombre effect that was created with beads.
I just saw the Galinda costume in the paper today and it's almost a dead ringer for the Dior gown. So in a word "Yes".

Is anyone else distracted by how tired and ragged these 2 models look?
I just keep wondering how the make-up team let them go out looking like this over whether I like the dresses or not.

That's it! Thank you a.

Ugh, hated Mila's dress. Concept is great, but the fit was atrocious in the bust area. Love the fit around the hips, the curvy detailing made it pop - but the bust. THE BUST!! No no no no.

I want Amy to dye me a set of burlap napkins with a border like that skirt. Would go great in our farmhouse dining room.

I thought she had the win.

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