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Gen Art Plastics Contest

Who wants to go to Fashion Week with us?

So, remember how we posted about Daniel and Wesley winning that "Plastics Make it Possible" design competition? Well, guess what wound up in our inbox this morning? A press release! YAY!

Okay, maybe that's not very exciting to you. But here's what: Not only did we receive a press release from the fine folks at "Plastics Make it Possible" announcing the win and announcing that Daniel and Wesley will be showing their designs at the GenArt show on February 10th during fashion week in New York next month, they were so impressed with the hits and the commentary on this site that they promised us FOUR tickets to the GenArt show. Now, obviously, two of those tickets are going to us, so that means two lucky minions will get to go with us. Now, how to decide who gets to go? Prettiest minion? No, that's a little mean. Besides, we don't know what most of you look like. Most popular minion? No, unless we change our minds and decide that we LOVE arguments in our comments section.

How about this? We were poking around the PMIP site in their fashion section and came upon this article about an auction of vintage Bakelite jewelry. That got us thinking. There was some discussion about the use of plastics in fashion in the comments section of the previous post, pro and con. What occurred to us when reading the comments was how ubiquitous the use of plastics in fashion really is, from Bakelite to lucite, PVC to Nylon. It's not something we've ever really thought about before.

Here's what we want you to do: Take a good look at the contents of your closet and write us an ode to your favorite item made from plastic, whether it's a sequinned dress or the cruelty-free shoes you wear. No more than 25 words (in fact, brevity would be appreciated); just a simple "I love my lucite heels and I don't give a shit if people think I'm a stripper," or "My Bakelite bangles make me happy," or "My vintage polyester disco shirt gets me laid," or "My sequined jacket makes me feel like Liza," or "My PVC minidress goes great with a whip and a ball gag." You get the idea. Whichever two entries tickle our fancy the most will get the tickets.

To recap:


Darlings, don't enter if you can't be in New York on February 10th (or can give the tickets to someone who can). The Gen Art show is a hot ticket and you'll be sure to see some fabulous fashion (along with some PR alumnae). So get to it! And leave us a way to contact you if you win.

Here's the press release:


Get cracking, ladies! We'll close the comments section in a week. Post as many entries as you want, but make it one entry per comment.

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my first pair of "real" heels (stilettos) had lucite heels and a plastic strap across the foot. they made me feel like Cinderella because they looked like modern glass slippers to my 15 year-old eyes.

i still own them, though they are shabby from so much lovin'.


I love wearing my polyurethane condoms. Sure, they may not count as an actual article of clothing, but they're the only thing that fits me perfectly, and the only thing close to plastic in my wardrobe.

Oh, and if need be:

Geez TLo, you already made all the best comments.

How long do we have? This is going to take a bit of thought.

You've got a week to come up with something.

Nothing says ZorgFashion like my lucite skullcap.

I promise to wear this if you pick me. Just for giggles.

Womyn2me at aol dot com

Oh, and there's no real limit. If you have the creativity in you (and the plastic in your closet), go ahead and write as many separate entries as you want. Just do us a favor and make it one entry per comment. It makes it easier on us.

The first time I went to a gay club was during Mardi Gras. I still have the beads I grabbed out of the air, because they remind me of the first time I felt okay with being gay.

I bow down before the person who invented fleece made plastic bottles. My extensive (but unfortunately unattractive) polar fleece collection is the only thing keeping me sane and warm this God-forsaken winter.

My PVC fitted bomber jacket gets me free drinks at 80's themed parties.
Heck fellas, I'll even email you a photo.


my red and white patent heels from Mistress S in SF are nice but so so naughty!

michelle dot dobrawsky at gmail dot com

God bless my fleece vest which has handled my son's vomit, juice and poo with more dignity than I have.

niczez at yahoo dot com

My red sequin minidress makes me feel like the devil in disguise.

My bras. Everyday lycra and plastic support members do the Herculean task of keeping my girls looking forward to the future. Plastics make it possible.


I collect vintage hats, and I have a navy inverted flowerpot hat made of cellophane and plastic netting that is one of my most favorite hats of an extensive collection that runs the gamit from elaborate wool felt and feather lampshades to dainty little straw and fabric pillboxes. How many is extensive? Two years ago, I took inventory and finally stopped counting at 120, because it was just too embarassing to admit that I owned more than 120 of any particular accessory.

My favorite fashion item made from plastic would have to be my prescription eyeglasses. I wear them everyday because I am blind without them. They enable me to read this fabulous blog and watch Project Runway. Launch My Line is more enjoyable without my glasses because the clothes are generally crappy.

No email address because I can't possibly be in NY for the show, unless someone wants to make a donation!

My giant bug-like sunglasses: sleek and black on the outside, zebra print on the inside. I have my secret tackiness and the world thinks I'm fantastically stylish.

I love wearing these crocheted necklaces that my grandmother made me, out of plastic beads and gold lame thread almost 40 years ago, because they are so wonderfully tacky, and also because I can still picture my grandmother sitting & crocheting, on her plastic slipcovered couch (for those who don't remember plastic slipcovers, they were couch condoms).

And now, thanks to NYCourier's colorful contribution, I can also picture me sitting in the front row of the show, in my grandmother's necklaces, next to NYCourier in his condom, which would, I'm sure, make my grandmother gasp in horror as she rocked back & forth throwing her hands to the sky, wailing, 'where did we go wrong?!?'

Sigh. I do so miss having a grandmother to horrify.


Blue and black rayon
Too poor to buy a silk shirt
You made thirteen gay

My mother had these incredibly fun shoes with 3 1/2" to 4" heels (the same brown as the sole) with suede-like lining. The foot area was clear vinyl with embedded colorful dried flowers (so "live" and plastic meshing). I remember the joy of watching her wear those shoes with the attitude that they were damn fine and the hell with anyone thinking they were tacky.

It is odd to say, but my mom could have (and basically still could be) a shoe model.

We used to love to shoe shop at - gasp - Value City Department Store. The more fun the shoe selection the more fun we had.

People would comment how great the shoes looked - and I'd suggest they try them on themselves, because for some reason most shoes look better on my mother than most.

Stockings, obvi. Riots in the 1940s?! Nylons are serious business, boys.

Oh, buttons.
Your charm is your simplicity.

Perforated disc of plastic,
You keep me warm in my coat
You keep my collar in place
You let me roll up my sleeves.
Or not.

You separate me from the animals
With their non-opposable digits,
You confound small children,
And you're the one thing I have
In common with the Amish.

Oh, buttons.
Closure closest to my heart.

A 1950s plastic necklace from my grandmother always reminds me that life’s struggles are easier with a smile and great accessories (and prayer and liquor).


How about a sympathy vote.

High school (late 70's) Bright yellow vinyl (rubberish?) boots on a little white wedge. I loved those boots - but it was despite constant teasing. I doubt they still have these (at least hope they don't), but the school "newspaper" had sections where other students could post comments - and rarely did a week go by where some smart ass "pseudo-jock" (think the bad guys in Revenge of the Nerds type movies) would ridicule me (in the lovely school sanctioned paper).

But I loved those boots. I had them for a few more years until the family dog for some reason ate (mostly) of of them.

If I went to my 25th reunion, I joked that I was going to rent a yellow sports car to say screw you to the bullies. (I didn't bother going)

I couldn't think of anything, until I read someone's comment about fleece!! Lordy lordy, this has been such a cold winter that I have worn my collection of LLBean fleece far more than anything else...
so hear goes,
I love my fleece, all lumpy and snuggly, I love my fleece despite all the pills, and dog hair, I love my fleece, cause it"s o so warm, o so soft and o so near!!
(O Henry I am not!!)

same article of clothing, different entry:

I was 13 and silk shirts buttoned to the top with dark jeans and LOTS of hair gel was all the rage. I so desperately wanted to be one of the popular kids with that look--it was pure gay envy. My mom did her best and took her "husky jeans" son from store to store to find the perfect affordable substitute. We settled on a rayon shirt from JCPenny. I was the happiest little queer in Virginia.

I simply LUV my EngageGreen NYC handbag made from recycled plastic bottles. My dashing domestic partner gave it to me as a Christmas present last year. I carry it EVERYWHERE!

I must be by far the tackiest person that reads this blog. My everyday coat is made of pink leopard synthetic fur with gigantic plastic "jet" buttons. It is also lined with some sort of ghastly knitted fake fur, that I don't even want to think about . But I love it.

I love my buttons. Because without them, I would walk around with my pants at my ankles and my shirts unbuttoned and barechested. And that would not be a pretty scene. Plus I'd get arrested.

1971, 4th grade, Susan Dey on the Patridge Family was my fashion icon. I coveted go-go boots; Mom wouldn't buy them but Grandpa Joe didn't know any better and was happy to comply. Shiny black vinyl (the poor man's patent leather) with long zippers - oh how I loved those boots! I'm sure they were probably "on the way out", but for once in my life I felt fashionable!

(Now that I think about it, Susan Dey also had a white bead purse that I loved - another plastic item!!)

Early 80s, my dress shoes. They were black patent leather (read: vinyl) Mary Janes that made clicky noises on tile. I'd put those things on and pound the hell out of the floor in the kitchen, foyer or basement (only hard floors in the house) and pretend I was Ginger Rogers or some other Black & White hoofer. I was bound and determined I was going to be a "star" when I grew up.

Can't be in NY so no contact info but this was a fun question. Forgot about how I thought I could tap dance when I was 5.

oh my disappearing-sequin-pocketed might have cost about $20 and now you look about $10 but you still make my ass look priceless. bless you.

Nothing to add or comment, but I do have some hot photos of an old Halloween costume, that showed off both my muscles and a PVC vest, tight PVC pants and some really HOT leather boots.

Did I mention how hot I looked?

Anyway, the real reason I am commenting, is that based on all the comments, I really wish there were photos along with the postings ....

Sadly, it would then become a catty Beauty contest gone horribly wrong, but still I would love to see photos of some of these plastic delights ...

Just sayin and wishin-

P.S. Both NY Courier and Gotham Tomato can come over for a private showing ....

P.P.S. Minez loved the haiku and the story and since you've probably outgrown the rayon shirt, come on over barechested, along with Marshal, who I want to come over without his buttons ....

My fake croc pants
My fake croc pants
make me wanna sing & dance
Guys check me out
I look so fly
Don't got fake croc pants?
You should buy!

I probably shouldn't hold my breath for tickets...

Size 11 brown plastic MaryJane's from Payless. Niece & nephews begged me to join their Scooby Doo group for a costume contest. I got the remaining female role: Velma.

Jinkies! We won.

I once went to a hotel in Providence, RI and forgot my bathing suit. I wanted to go swimming so bad that I bought a disposable bathing suit made of trash bag material. It was cinched with elastic leg openings and plastic halter ties. It was called a "dipster" and when I exited the pool, the "dipster" retained the water in my butt. I hate pull at the elastics to get the gallon of water out. It was a low moment but I had fun swimming. I don't know where that thing went to.

My polyester camoflage/horsey shirt....looks like camo, really is horseys. Still wear it to art openings with a black turtle neck underneath and Deneuves...people think I'm the artist

Bedecked in Mom's finery
from '74...
Oh! Disco heaven.

In all seriousness - because mom's poly bellbottoms really aren't an everyday staple - I love my backless sequin black dress I wore for NYE this year. I paired it with some magenta organza heels with some "fluff" on the top straps (also synthetic!) and felt oh-so-Carrie Bradshaw. So, thanks, Plastics! Without you, I'd still be stuck in post-college, beer pong house party land!


Plastic bangles! Colorful and bright, cheap enough to get several in every color to go with every outfit! Who can live without plastic bangles? Not me.

just in case, and ever hopeful:

I started dancing burlesque when I moved to NY for college. The first item in my costume wardrobe was a pair of patent pumps. I've worn them in every show since, until they fell apart during rehearsals this fall.


I bought a sequin tank top because I thought it was pretty (no other reason, don't think I need one). Figured how to wear it without looking trashy (under a cute blazer), and successfully rocked it at work. Success.

There are so many commenters far wittier than I, but what the hell:

also, GT, I can't help but picture you grasping your grandmother's necklace (in lieu of pearls) in mock horror at NYcourier.

My most gorgeous acrylic shoes (and I've probably had more pairs of acrylic shoes than almost anyone)....

(dang the box is at home and I am out of state, and I don't remember the brand)

I thought these were even better that the glass slipper look.

Black satin foot bed.
Clear acrylic heel.
Clear vinyl open toe vamp
Black satin ribbon-y strap that wrapped from the outside of the heel, around the back of the heel to the vamp, widening on the vamp to a half bow with a rhinestone adornment.
With the cut my legs looked long (?!!)

They were the most expensive (non-boot) footwear I had ever bought.

While they had acrylic heels they most certainly NOT stripper-wear.

I'd still wear them now - even though I believe they are over 20 years old - but they no longer fit - and they got a cut in the (vinyl) vamp (although my fab-ulous cobbler was able to inconspiculously add a couple of stitches and hid them with the satin "bow".)

BTW anyone in the cleveland are need the BEST shoe guy/cobbler they have to let me know - he is the best!

I was shy in high school and my friends always joked that I was a dominatrix, so when some of my friends graduated, I bought and wore a PVC black catsuit and wore it to school for their last day.

I still have it, and for the record, I'm not shy anymore :P

Poor old rayon. It's called "artificial silk" and everyone thinks it's artificial. It's made from wood pulp and cellulose.

Oh how I wish that I could go
To Fashion Week with dear TLo
I'd wear my necklace in pearl glow
Bakelite with a rhinestone bow.

Alas, because of health, you see
I can't skip out of Boston, to be
With Darling TLo in NYC
To witness GenArt fabulosity!

If I win, please give my tix to someone deserving, darlings!

Kittens, we are aware of the various environmental concerns regarding plastics and we don't want to stifle any points of view, but if you want to have that discussion, have it on the other plastics post and not on this one. Leave this one to the contest entries.

My first thought was the vinyl-coated black and white op art paper dress that my grandmother brought to me from London (Carnaby Street!!) in the 60's, which was FAB even though I felt like I was wearing a cheap tablecloth, but I no longer have it (it ripped on the second wearing) so that doesn't qualify.

Then I thought of my faux patent-leather Stella McCartney purse, but that is not nearly creative enough . . .

Next, my VISA card -- nope. Too tacky.

Aha! The CLEAR (pun intended) winner! The gorgeous choker made of clear Lucite beads that my mom brought me from Paris in the 1970's.

I promise to wear it to Fashion week if I am lucky enough to win!

My plastic tiara
Anything that can make a girl feel like a princess is fine in my book! :)
(Even though I'm more of a duchess, I was accepted to duke university a few weeks ago :D )

oh and my e-mail is
I love your blog so much! :D

I've been wearing my favorite PVC miniskirt since I got it for Christmas when I was ten. I don't know how it still fits.

The side seam recently ripped while I was cleaning it, but a nine year run isn't bad and I haven't been able to get rid of it.


I've been wearing my favorite PVC miniskirt since I got it for Christmas when I was ten. I don't know how it still fits.

The side seam recently ripped while I was cleaning it, but a nine year run isn't bad and I haven't been able to get rid of it.


My favorite piece of plastic in my wardrobe? My hangers of course! Mommy dearest always said no wire hangers!

I don't own any plastic wear, actually. And I can only quote the fabulous Laura Bennett when I say "My choices seem so tasteful compared to yours".

Can't believe I'm doing this, hope it counts...

Haiku to my hot pink, plastic-banded watch:

covered in fake fish
you keep time and my wrist warm
neon lights the world

I make my own earrings and necklaces out of shrinky-dink plastic. Best thing about it is that my jewelry is totally unique and I can make super cute earrings with video game references that make me the envy of all my coworkers.


My absolute favortie item is my acrylic knit sweater that I made myself. It makes me look FANTASTIC, and like I have talent!

Oh my fabulous clear lucite ring
Just made my prebuscent heart sing!
Tho I was not yet a teen
It still made me look keen.
Life would have been perfect if only David Cassidy had been my King!

(To the sound of 50 Cent's P.I.M.P. chorus.)

It's so cold, your breath you can see,
Want warm toes, put on my wellies,
With no snow in, dry I will be.
Please take me to the P.M.I.P.

jrmlc3 [at] gmail [dot] com

A haiku to my lucite purses:

You always steal the
spotlight. Glittering, unique,
sophisticated. All mine.

*fingers crossed*

taylor(dot)meg at gmail

My PVC jelly-boots show off my hand-knit socks!


I love the voluminous faux fur collar on my chartreuse tapestry coat because it makes me feel like a lady pimp. In a good way.

amazonvera at gmail

My messenger bag. It's has a giant barcode across the front and is forever old and held together with safety pins and is the perfect size and has plenty of pockets.

Grandma Eve, the crafty flapper, knitted herself a sequined sweater. Still sparkling on my shoulders today, this indefatigable garment will hopefully adorn greatgranddaughter EV someday!

[25 words is tough!]

[And I would totally wear it to the show]

lululachine at ameritech dot net

oh, injection-molded giant hot pink bangle, you are my favorite. You liven up my wardrobe of black button-downs and black dresses. Cost: $1!

(25 words was indeed difficult)

allison.hope.nichols (at)

I love my black and white, pvc spectator platform pumps because they make me feel like a flapper-stripper hybrid. Essentially, I look pretty fabulous.


My swatch watch makes me think I'm very punctual even though it's perpetually five minutes slow, and you can't even read the face it's so painted.

Seriously dude? You couldn't have told me it wasn't leather before we fucked? I'm keeping the coat anyway - Get dressed

Ok, I just noticed that it was supposed to be under 25 words or less. I'll have to blame the oversight on the performance enhancing drugs.


my favorite were the shiny, purple, polyurethane pants with the star zipper. I got a lot of free stuff wearing those including a lap dance and a boyfriend!! They were better birth control than the other rubber because they insulate (translation: hot and sticky) and are strong material-hell, I could never get them off after a night of drinking. Besides there are other options.

Favorite plastic fashion item?
Visa Card!

I own the most amazing pair of thirty year old, scarlet red, patent pleather, Norma Kamali, ankle-high, ballet flats. Bury me in them. Please.


My plastic leather black pants make me feel so irresistibly straight, but without them I am a surrendered benched virgin ass waiting for a bareback trip.

This revelation really makes me blush in areas forbidden to touch, well not anymore.

I just bought this bra made of plastic,
It is totally super fantastic!
I have double ds,
My boobs were down to my knees,
But this bra is both firm and elastic!


My peacock-blue, acetate, senior prom dress, found in a consignment shop. I sewed peacock feathers all over the skirt and used it as my Halloween costume last year.

I got crowned prom princess in that dress (runner-up to prom queen). I was pretty surprised to win anything, considering I was the shy, flute-playing, valedictorian who had been nominated by my friends in AP calculus half in jest, and was up against your usual popular cheerleader types.

My fake snake skin shoes are oh so lovely - they're grey flats that are a perfect neutral to wear with anything, so work appropriate, so stealth chic! Love them to death, wish I had bought 2 pairs, and then a pair each of the other colors - a deep purple, not found in nature and a hot pink with yellow, ditto. Alas, alas, buyers remorse of a different kind.

1967: Orange and pink tent-style minidress with a giant plastic flower pin smack in the middle, hot pink vinyl jockey cap and go-go boots to match. On Twiggy, ultra-Mod. On me, kind of a short chunky Miami fire hydrant.

Not strictly in my closet, but my dresser--90% of the socks I have knitted myself are made of yarn with nylon in it, to make them better and longer wearing. I love my hand knit socks so hard. They are soft, warm, and fit my feet perfectly. And they're PRETTY!


Are these not the most insane sneakers you have ever seen? I was shopping with my sister and somehow couldn't resist. It didn't matter that I was too old to wear these or that they are loud and gaudy. I had to have them.

Oh I forgot the addy

more coming

What would the cosmetics industry be without plastic? I have cases of the stuff & my search for the perfect red continues.


(Recap to meet the under 25 words requirement):

The gorgeous choker made of clear Lucite beads that my mom brought me from Paris in the 1970's.


My Betsey Johnson phone purse can always cheer me up. It makes me feel like a little girl again, carrying my glitzy pink Barbie purse with pride. It really helps to wear it or even just give it a quick look when I need to return to those carefree days of being an 8-year-old, dressed in clashing red, pink, and orange; with a kitty T-shirt that says "Sassy" on it; zip-off sweatpants; big clunky boots with turquoise butterflies; glitter covering every visible inch of skin on my body; not caring what other people thought and feeling like a million bucks no matter what sort of ridiculousness I was wearing. To have a purse that does that for me is really special.


I think a lot of us missed the 25 word restriction.

I think a lot of us missed the 25 word restriction.

Lavender Lucite Prada Platforms makes this little girls world go round!!!! So fabulous they were spotted on the first season of SATC!!!

I still have a deliciously tacky pair of black knee high shiny patent "leather" boots. I bought these in 9th grade at Rave, a store in the ghetto mall in Indianapolis, IN. These shoes don't even zip, they are slip on.

I still wear them 10+ years later whenever I need shoes for a hooker costume.

I can't be in NY but I just wanted to share my love of plastics.

Killer D&G shades

Hide the rays and amuse the gays

Make me feel fabulous when I don't look it

and look fabulous when I don't feel it

See how I shine?

I'm a star.

Nostalgia-- a red white and blue flat-beaded long necklace from my great auntie Gwen. Every time I wear it I think of her, and it's the chicest (and cheapest) piece of jewelry I own. Makes me look like a stylish French girl. :)

Oh, my--

Much love, TLo.

No poems, just a fond memory of inheriting a hand-me-down poly shirt with a great horse racing scene on it. It went through a few brothers before me (starting in the late '70's). I got it as a high-school junior in '85 and felt so stylish. Please note that this was in Northern Michigan, so the style, though 7 years late, was just catching on. My B'day is in Feb as well.

Oh my leather pants. I thought you were leather, but now know you are pleather. It doesn't matter, you no longer fit anyway.

Made of mylar, you cover and protect the greatest accessory of all: a book. Never leave home without one.

(I'm a nerd...)

I have a plastic (hand) bag I crocheted out of plastic (grocery) bags. Redundant? Maybe. But hey, my favorite show is Project Runway.

3 a.m.
12 year-old girls brought “downtown”
By entire suburban police force
Evidence: cornflakes, toilet paper, shaving cream.
In holding cell,
I contemplate
Yellow fluffy slippers


Unnamed European city
Fabulous cotton tunic
Forgettable Lucite earrings
Suspicion of:
Regrettable boyfriend

First wedding
Gold and black jacket (Bergdorf’s)
Black crinoline
Nylon spandex leggings
(mid '80s)

my ruby slippers
were purchased at
Hot Topic by
my high school boyfriend
for Valentine's Day,
two thousand and two.

they have a five inch
heel, a squarish toe
and are coated in
deep red plastic glitter, edged
in patent leather piping
and despite being atrociously
painful, this past October

they totally made my
Lady Gaga costume
a rousing success. much more
successful than the boyfriend,
i might add. but i do give him
a small amount of thanks
whenever i am able to strut about
in my ruby heels, living out
my own modern Dorothy fantasy.


My vintage poly Stewart Dress tuxedo pants make me the envy on the red carpet AND the golf course.

Grrr. Contact me at

I was a fashionable little kid who loved to make bracelets out of the plastic 6 pack can holders that came on my parents' favorite drink...Tab.

I'm too far away (and too broke) to come (dammit) but I must go on record as saying I left for my honeymoon (the first one) in 1971 wearing a lovely pair of orange "patent" (aka vinyl) chunky-heeled shoes that featured painted-on white daisies (BIG white daisies) with yellow centers (no, I don't know why the centers were yellow). Use your imagination to feel how truly magnificent these were.....

my vegan-friendly purse makes me feel less guilty about the little bambis i love to eat. mmm, veal.

I absolutely cannot make it, but I'd just like to say that you guys are wonderful for giving your "mignons" a chance to join you at these special events. It is my dream to someday put on my best hat and gloves and have a civilized high tea with the leading men of fabulous fashion critique.

Brooklyn Bomber, I want your first wedding dress/outfit.

Does my iPhone count as a wardrobe accessory?? Because a) it's made of plastic, and b) it's attached to my hand more often than any ring or bracelet I own! LOL!

NY Courier,
Oh, my! It was so Desperately Seeking Susan (if she went uptown). Well, if I still had it, it'd be yours. I managed to sell the jacket at some designer resale joint. Not sure what happened to the rest of it. . . or that particular marriage, come to think of it!

A rainbow lucite ring: gift from grandmother, kitchy and priceless - makes me feel utterly timeless.

kitschy (at) gmail (dot) com

My H&M plastic belt by default, because the only other plastic item in my closet is a c-ring.

i love my plastic raincoat. the decorative frog cheers me up when it rains;)

TLo..i dont have much plastic in my wardrobe. but despite this, i should win because i am a CHILD. im only fourteen- don't you want to influence the next generation? ..just think about it.

hit it -->

Lavender lucite-crystal chandelier earrings, circa 1960. Discovered at a flea market, imported from Fabulon. Shimmering artifacts of a lost planet.

amazonvera at gmail

I love my red pumps, that are the exact color of a candy apple, down to the shine. YUM!

I love my purple plastic Marc by Marc Jacobs headband! Marc is the best!

my red plastic "bling-blink" diamond ring. my nickel allergy means silver and even most gold give me hives, but plastic treats me just fine!

allison.hope.nichols (at)

Love at first sight: heavy jade resting on my finger, its top triangle-cut, illuminated. I can't help to take my eyes away.


the bucket i occasionally wear as a hat.


My fav'rite glasses are Dior
They modify the sun.
I rock them rain or shine; what's more,
They'll help me find the one.

On inky lenses I fall back
If conversation stinks,
And if he's on the marriage track
The bitch won't see my winks.


i always feel enthusiastic
with my bangles of plastic
they look so fantastic
better than mere elastic
and makes me feel bombastic

email: jh1935(at)gmail(dot)com

Hope it isn't too late for this. I was cleaning out an old bag and came across one of my favorite necklaces. It's a purple bib necklace and earrings made out of round plastic "stones". It really only works (in my mind) if I wear all black. Anyway, have at it.


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