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The Geek Squad

The geeks shall inherit the earth.

How cute are these two?

Attention! The chess club will meet at 3:15 to have their yearbook photos taken! If this conflicts with your gaming club meeting, please see Mr. Tom or Mr. Lorenzo after homeroom to get a slip.

Model: Brittany Oldehoff

We're torn on this look.

We like it, for the most part. It's sporty and it's got some nice details.

And it fits her well, for the most part.

And while we like the seam placements, they're not executed as well as they could be.

But what really bothers us about this look is that it's supposed to be a signature look, put together with the highest budget of any PR challenge ever. Does this look like 500 bucks worth of fabric and 2 days of work to you? It's nice enough, but it just doesn't go there.

Model: Alexis Broker

And yet, strangely, they brought their A game to their B garment.

Models: Lorena Angjeli, Alexis Broker

We really love this look. It's a great (and instantly recognizable) interpretation of the original look. We really like the idea of that sporty jacket paired with a little black dress.

Although to be honest, the dress could have used a bit more loving attention.

But in looking over the looks for this episode, we've been getting frustrated because it looks like most of the teams just banged out a B look without putting too much thought and work into it. Not the geek squad, though. They really thought about it and turned out a look that's in some ways better than their A look. That jacket could have used a lining, though.

Tim Gunn's Workroom:

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Their A look was SO zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It's such a nothing's not even "a look," much less a signature one.

I do love the idea of the B look: I agree 100% with your comments there.

This was like everyone was trying to just slide by under the radar to survive the team challenge.

I love the vest on the signature look A LOT!

Hey, I was first! I was sure that someone would have beaten me to it by the time I finished typing!

They caught me by surprise with their B look. Bravo, Team Geek Squad!

The A look also caught me by surprise, but not in a good way. Yes, close up, there are all sorts of interesting details and in another challenge it might have seemed better. But Janeane seems to have no color sense whatsoever. I'm afraid I've been underwelmed by her contributions thus far.

The Geeks should have taken the fabric applied to line the A Look and used it to line the jacket in the B Look.


yeah! ho! wah!

im surprisd you werent harder on their "a-look". its yet another snoozfest, which seems to be the only thing janeane is capable of producing, no matter what the parameters of the challenge are.

"b-look" is pretty good, though.

Their A look is so not a signature look - it's too close to what could be found in malls throughout the world. I'd have thought they'd get a wee bit more roasted over the critics' coals on this one, "we gave you $500 and that is all you can show for it???"

Whereas their B look was probably the best in capturing the look & feel of their competition's A garment at a much lower cost.

But they were cute, those lil' geeksters!


On what planet is look A worth $500 of materials? That's $200 at most and that's a stretch. The details are nice but it's too simple.

Black again. *sigh* Maybe the judges can see the details, but what about us poor viewers? And, I like to see color - even a dark blue would be better than black black black...

I do like the 2nd look; they did a good job with that jacket. I liked it better than the original.

Agree with you guys on both looks, TLo but mostly with this one:

"Does this look like 500 bucks worth of fabric and 2 days of work to you?"

HELL no.

The jacket is my favorite part of the two looks. The dress of the signature look is nice in and of itself, I particularly like the seaming, but it is sooo not in the spirit of the challenge, IT IS NOT A SIGNATURE LOOK, IT IS A CUTE LBD - this is almost as bad as Jesus ribbon-izing his burlap look in terms of adhering to the requirements of the challenge, grrrr.

Alexis ain't the freshest thing out there, but she knows how to work the looks.

yeah! ho! wah! surprisd you werent harder on their "a-look".

Hopefully they are saving their ire for Anna and Emilio.

When you guys write "we're torn" normally means Lorenzo liked it and Tom hated it.

Their second look was killer.

Loved the second look. Simple. Chic.
Ben has to start bitching about something or somebody, he's getting no air time.

I've been baffled by all the B looks until I saw this one. OH, so that's what that assignment was all about! Well done, them.

I quite like the shoulders on the vest on their A look, but yeah, I see your point, it's not exactly a New Year's Eve gala beef Wellington of an outfit.

I felt a little under whelmed with the signature look. Though, it probably took a lot of nerve to go the minimal route considering the budget.

Alexis is gorgeous!

I was very disappointed with the signature look. I liked both Ben and Janeane's potato sack dresses with out any reservations and I thought they were a good match for collaboration and they both have a strong skill set.
But this dress was so dull and a vest? really? The cheap knock off was better.
I didn't like the inspired dress either.
Better luck next episode to both of them.

Is it weird that I love their B look, inspired by Mila and Jonathan's A look, which I hated? Their interpretation retains little to no resemblance to the weird tribal mask/racing stripe/emperor penguin motifs that made that look, for me, a complete loser. While the judges fell down on the job voting that the tops, followed closely by that thing with the tree fungus growing on one side, they were definitely right that B look inspired by this A look was superior to the original.

Alexis IS one of the best models they've got. They're painting her as the "villain" of MOTR but she's funny, and seems like she knows what she wants and what it takes to get there.

Both looks were a snooze. Black, black and more black. I'll be happy if I never see another black dress on PR again.

This was not a "signature" look that deserves to be in a museum collection. If SA and Miss Sophia's had not been so horrendous, this should have been in the bottom for completely missing the challenge. What was Janeane thinking????

"Lucinda said...

Alexis IS one of the best models they've got. They're painting her as the "villain" of MOTR but she's funny, and seems like she knows what she wants and what it takes to get there."

Villain or not, I still don't like her. Now that Sophia is gone, I don't have a favorite, though.

Their "signature" piece looks old. Old and dusty.

Did they line it with gold doubloons or what? How could that be $500 worth of materials?

I like them -but they have to step it up.

I have to discuss something that is bothering me which does not involve these two specific looks. It is the camerawork on the runway. First of all, during the first 5 seconds of the runway the screen is covered by the identification of the designer. Then, when the entire screen is finally filled with the model, the cuts are so quick that it is tough to see what the dress really looks like. Particularly now, when there are so many designers still in the running, and the amount of time that is spent on each one is so short, it is tough to get a handle on what is coming down the runway. This has been annoying me since last season. Anyone else bugged by this?

Hmm, this is "Project I Didn't Mind It" for me.

Like most posters-- love the 'b' look and think the 'a' look is cheap and dark looking. You can find this at the mall.

I keep going back to that $500.00

really? $500???

I think that any of the looks created with $500 better look like you would be willing to pay well over $1,000 for the look.

Are there any looks this week which convince you that you would be willing to pay even $500?

PR better save their money. The contestents seem to do better on a shoestring.

DebC -

For my money, I would like them to do a full 360° view of each model before they walk the runway. But I guess that would slow down the action too much to ever catch on.

Finding this site was a revelation to me - because the screen shots actually do give me a chance to see the clothing front & back and up close (with hilarious commentary and interesting comments to boot).

When I saw there A look I was wondering how they could have looked at those dresses in MoMa and thought that their dress would fit right in standing next to it. Their B look however, knocked it out the park. I agree with you that most of the teams seemed to do a throw aways B look. Even thought Seth Aaron was the only one saying it, I think a lot of the teams were thinking they didn't have a lot of time and just tried to send anything down the runway.

Can't see the details on the A look. If only they'd used some kind of color. Even navy or deep purple.

Love the jacket. Best of the B's!

(Ben is definitely the cutest now that Ping is auf.)

I think their B look is stronger than their A look because the A look required originality and vision. The B look was create a knockoff of someone else's vision, which was easier for Boo Boo Kitty to accomplish. BBK seems like a very nice person, but she doesn't seem to have found herself as a designer. She's not bold enough, and is trying to hard to please vs. making her own statement.

Yeah I agree this was definitely one of the stronger teams and although I too am torn over their signature look, I think as a group their strong (in that both there two looks were good, where as with most of the groups one was strong and the other was crap).
loved their look for less jacket.

Lucinda said...

"Alexis IS one of the best models they've got. They're painting her as the "villain" of MOTR but she's funny, and seems like she knows what she wants and what it takes to get there."

Oh she's crazy, but I kinda like her. She seems to be the only one who gets that it's not only a modeling job, but a reality competition.

Did they make that out of Italian silk at $200/yd or something? I immediately thought what you all did about "where did the money go!"


Their #2 piece is great.

To SusanID- the Lifetime website shows clear photos of each outfit usually with front, side, and back views. There's a magnification feature too (scroll across photo to activate) that really helps you see the details.

Okay, I know a look is boring when there's more discussion of the model than the dress.

I like Alexis--without her switching designers, things would have been a lot duller. Lorena should thank her lucky stars--Mila's a front runner and looks like she'll stick with her model.

But I just like having models old enough that they don't all chirp like high-schoolers.

Oh, right the dresses--nah, TLo said it all.

Agreeing with you guys all the way on this one. Look A was good enough, but look B was far more interesting and lent itself to more of what one would call a signature look. It seems as though all of this teams thought and effort went to their look for less and someone else's creation/inspiration. Look B was definitely a more clean, modern and sophisticated answer to separates --- kind of a LBD for the sportswear minded woman.


Hey, I have a question.
What happens to all of the leftover fabric from the challenges? Like, with that dress that clearly did not cost $500 to make. If they spent their entire $500, there must be yards and yards of fabric left. What do they do with it?
Also, if they don't spend the entire amount, what happens to the change? Do they get to keep it or do they have to give it back to the production company?
If for instance, they only spent $200, what happens to the other $300?

I'm just sitting here with my mouth agape looking at their A look. What happened to the remaining $480? Did they line this sad little dress with $20 bills?

I cannot begin to understand their thinking about that first look. It's not dramatic. It's not luxurious.

It actually is a nice, sleek, sporty look... but it's nothing that would turn heads or make you gasp or deserve to be enshrined in a museum. What could they be thinking? The vest is, admittedly, a great piece, but it wasn't responsive to the challenge at all.

The look was basic and boring until I remembered the $500. We need to see a breakdown on how they spent that money because it did not wind up on the runway. So odd.

They are cute, aren't they? They look like extras from "Glee".

Their A look has a glaring pucker on her left hip. Bad designers, no biscuit! And it looks like it cost about $75 to make, not $500. But that's the problem with black dresses. They are so ubiquitous that it's hard to distinguish, unless you're dealing with a Chanel or that ilk.

former contestant

To Anon at 3:43:

All the leftover materials are taken from the designers at the end of each challenge as well as any change from the budget. The reason being that they want a fresh even start at the beginning of each challenge so the playing field is always equal (money, time and material-wise), and if someone had some leftover fabric from another one, this could be advantageous to them later.

Yeah, I think this was the best second look! Too bad their first look was super boring.

Don't forget, they spent at least another $25 on the lining fabric they didn't end up using.

I'd like to think they took the rest of the money and blew it on dinner & cocktails.

I am over all this black on the runway, hardly any of the looks from this week even SHOWED UP on my TV. And these pictures are hardly better. Maybe PR should invest in a white runway, what do you think?

I'm crazy about the B look, and its inspiration. Nothing's more Haute than turning sportswear into Couture. It reminds me of the Adidas Couture-esque women's lines, with the really exaggerated silhouettes.

See how stupid that is? Just as stupid as crowing about being FIRST! But not as stupid as making a second post, which ends up being the third post, to crow about being FIRST!

Color! Color! we need color! their second look was one of my favs but I agree it needed a little more polish.

Anonymous 1/31/10 3:26 PM said...
To SusanID- the Lifetime website shows clear photos of each outfit usually with front, side, and back views. There's a magnification feature too (scroll across photo to activate) that really helps you see the details.

Gracias -

I've been saying thanks to lots of you lately - I know this is corny - but thanks, TLo & minions, I learn a lot from you. And you make me laugh. <3

^WTG #48!!! woot woot! (rolleyes)

I like Ben for some odd reason (he's a cute geek..what can I Overall I'm unimpressed with both so far though.

A look...dull, too safe and nowhere near meets the requirements of the challenge...signature/museum worthy/inspired...whatever. $ way!

B look...the jacket is cute as all get out! It's sporty and chic...I like it more than Mila's inspiration look.

Forgetable--both of them.

Unfortunately, I think this is Boo Boo Kitty's signature look. It's just that her signature is made up entirely of zzzzzzzzzz's. The only time I perked up on the first look was seeing the lining material.

I liked their Look for Less better than Mila's winning signature look. I also like how the Geeks sort of backhanded Mila's by describing theirs as trying to invoke hers but younger and more modern. Smack!

Their looks are nice, but for what was supposed to be an avant garde signature look, their first look was a big snorer.

both these looks were just so boring IMO. The jacket in the 2nd design was mildly interesting but other than that.. *yawn*

And why is Ben getting ZERO screen time?! Poor dude, he's got interesting ideas comic book inspired clothes, im down with that.

Okay, Alexis creeps me out -- and not even because she seems bitchy. She looks like a freaking alien! She looks like she had a third eye removed with all that extra space there.

Completely in agreement too. There is nothing much wrong with the first look, but it fell short of the challenge. I loved the second look, specially the jacket. I think Ben will move forward in the competition in a quite under the radar sort of way. Not sure about Jeannene though.

Totally agree on first look -makes you want an audit of the funds.

Likes the B look jacket better than Mila's. But I think it close to a tie between this on and the one based on their A look.

There are several places they can carve out more time to sshow more of the clothes:
- Eliminate the recaps at the beginning to save almost 2 minutes ,
- don't have the shadow images behind the screen,
-have each model stand next to her designer for all designers even if they only judge the 3 T/B.
- I get that the prizes have to be shown each week for advertising purposes - but we know who Nina and Michael are although usually that does not take long.

this is one of those times where i want to scream at the PR lighting crew. i have a feeling that theres a hell of a lot more going on w/ the A look that we're missing in all the shadows. dear producers, i will buy you light bulbs if your promise to freaking use them! >:O

I want to know what they did with the rest of the $500 they got for the A Look. They could make this dress and still have plenty of mad money to go clubhopping. And worn the dress! It wasn't signature, it wasn't haute couture, it was a nice club dress.
B Look, though: close to flawless.

My husband's in the military and we've moved to Japan. This means I cannot watch PR on lifetime's website! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Is there any computer genius out there who knows how to work some magic and make the videos somehow play!??? please!? anyone?

Serenity Now

Honestly? Though I liked some of them, I don't think ANY of the designs looked like they had $500 and two days spent on them.

Sad to say, this is the group I would have put in the bottom instead of SA & Miss Anthony.

For the top & bottom teams, it seemed like the B dress was judged with less weight than the A dress...but with this team, it looks like the B dress saved them from the bottom. It's a good B dress, but I don't think it's enough to overcome that DULL A dress. Eh.

Geek Squad! Hits pretty close to home for me. I agree that their B look seemed to be better than their A look. That A look definitely didn't look like it was made with $500 worth of fabric!

Attention! The chess club will meet at 3:15 to have their yearbook photos taken! If this conflicts with your gaming club meeting, please see Mr. Tom or Mr. Lorenzo after homeroom to get a slip.
Oh my dear lord, T Lo, you're going to get me fired if you keep making me laugh out loud like that.

I did find the A/B looks confusing for this pair, in that they seemed to take more time to think about their B look than their A look, which was most definitely neither a signature nor a $500 look. I actually prefered their B look to its inspiration, possibly because I liked neither the sparkly top nor the racer-striped bottom in the winning look. Still, yes, the dress was a little sad-making.


"The chess club will meet at 3:15 to have their yearbook photos taken! If this conflicts with your gaming club meeting, please see Mr. Tom or Mr. Lorenzo after homeroom to get a slip."

Two sentences and you have redeemed my entire day. Bless you.

Completely agreed with your assessment of the work. Too bad the thud with which the first look fell flat couldn't be erased from memory by the B look.

And I do hope that Ben steps it up, for my tastes he's the best looking guy in the workroom and I fear for my viewing pleasure. Good, not great clothes + low key personality = gone by week 6.


Anonymous said...

See how stupid that is? Just as stupid as crowing about being FIRST! But not as stupid as making a second post, which ends up being the third post, to crow about being FIRST!


Maybe switch to decaf after noon?

Whoa, TLo, don't get your love for the second outfit at all. I see Miss America 1989 welcoming us to the WalMart Couture Collection: Fab Frocks for Frugal Fashionistas!

I was pretty shocked at the main look. It looks like a day-to-evening challenge, not a couture challenge with a huge budget!! No innovation, no luxuriousness, no glam at all! Their second look just might have saved them from being in the bottom instead of Team Brown Sugar.

only thing I liked about this dress was the cheap version, which by the way was better and for much less money

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