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Dolce & Gabbana Menswear Fall 2010

Be Italian Sicilian.


Darlings, Domenico and Stefano got their Sicilian on for their menswear show in Milan.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said they were inspired by "Baaria," a big-budget, sentimental sweep through 20th century Sicily -- also Dolce's birthplace -- taking in fascism, war, communism and the Mafia.

They presented a mainly black, white and grey line, sending out models wearing knits over trousers that narrowed at the bottom, against a screen backdrop showing scenes of "Baaria."

Vests were tucked into black washed-out jeans or long-john type trousers and shorts. White shirts were sleek and tucked into jeans or black trousers. They accessorized the look with black caps and boots."

That's a somewhat dry description of what turned out to be a collection of luxurious pieces with a sensual, masculine, classically Sicilian feel; an ode to sartorialism and the love of well made, classic clothing.

In addition, it was rather beautifully staged, as men walked out quickly, in groups and presented themselves, as if at a union meeting or political rally. It's not always easy to stage menswear shows without making the models look like a bunch of preening peacocks, so any time someone figures out a way to present the clothes while at the same time making the models look, shall we say, traditionally masculine, we tend to appreciate it. And it helps sell the hell out of clothes. God knows it worked on us.

And hot DAMN.

Do those two queens know how to cast a menswear show or what?

Gorgeous clothes on gorgeous men. Amen. We'll take two of each.

Watch the video to get the full effect. It'll make your bits tingle.

[Photos: WireImage]

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Damn you two--how am I supposed to get my column written this morning?




Send them all to my cabana. I'll sort through them later.

Not only were the models scorchingly hot, the clothes were amazing! Made me want to run my hands over them....hmmm, maybe that was the models.

Great Collection! I could see myself as well as my husband wearing a whole lot of this stuff!


Drooling here. Can't speak.

So much pretty in this post! Those suits are amazing, and I adore the turtleneck look.

The models aren't bad either. ;) YUM!

Chrisy in Chicago

O.M.G. Seriously. Holy crap-a-doodles.

Absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous clothes, gorgeous models, and amazing staging.

Just perfection all around. What a way to start the day...

Sure, the men are damn hot, but I don't really think the clothes are anything all that special. And maybe I would have to see it in motion, but I don't really like the idea of say, 10 models walking out at once. Too much going on.

Hello indeed!! I didn't expect to see this when I hit refresh.
I am so glad to see wonderfully, masculine men and I love the use of multiple models.

I wish I could have this as a video loop on my bedroom wall. Life size of course.

I am grateful for the option to elegantly forego collars and lapels ... and still be a totally hot manly-man.

The group walk was brilliant. It must have driven the photographers crazy.

Brilliant staging. A wall of hot man coming right at me? Yes, please.

And the clothes. Fabulous. They managed to reference this Old World, early 20th century look entirely in neutrals so effectively without it seeming costumey, boring, or depressing. Beautiful stuff.

In lieu of a long gushy post...


Wow, just wow. How many different ways can I say "yummy"?

The clothes are gorgeous and the men are screamin' hot. Great way to start a Sunday morning.

Great job, guys!

Hot Damn is right. This has to have been one of the best shows ever. And I love that they used men not boys.



Ye gods, those guys are far too hot. The clothes are largely gorgeous too. I'm just going to sit here and bemoan the fact that I'm a poor student and can't afford to buy any of them.

Ugh, clothes? There were clothes? Please pass me a spoon, I'm going to eat those guys.

~sigh~ it's like a Seventeen magazine for adults. Hot men who look entirely manly.

Brb drooling ;)

And love the velvet double breasted jacket.

The one that I thought was unflattering - the third pic -(Last 1-up before the side-by-sides) I guess what Stacey and Clinton say about pants that narrow at the ankle applies to men also. That guy on the right in the walking away shot - unflattering - make his legs look stubby.

Ho-ly crap. I have never responded so...well to a menswear show. THAT is how men should look. forever. But with chest hair.

I know the whole show is rooted in Sicily, but it would have been nice to see at least a couple minority models in there.

From a Sicilian gal: WOWIE!! Now excuse me, while I go back and study each delicious picture!!!

Wonderful way to start a Sunday afternoon. Amazing eye candy and the clothes really are amazing

Normally I don't get that excited by men's fashion shows but this one knocked me out. Just really beautiful clothes and I think Tulip nailed it when she said that the models were MEN not boys. I thought the still photos were wonderful but the video was magic. Thanks for teaching me what a real men's Fashion show looked like.

That reminds me: I have a lot of grapes that need peeling.


I like the pieces that look like gray distressed velveteen. I hope it is distressed velveteen and not painted denim.
My dh already wears union suits like the ones the models are wearing. He has a red one too.

Yummy! But I will admit to not liking one thing -- the pants that looked like long john bottoms with the sagging crotch. Not flattering. (Why, yes, I was focusing on crotches, why do you ask?)

And the guy in the skinny tie looks like he walked right out of 1960s-era IBM. Amazing how it looked dorky then but it looks so hot now!

Now back to drooling....


This is how men should dress. All... sexy and... manly... and... oh dear god, I've lost my words.

Interesting...looks like a throwback to depression days (how appropriate for the times.) A contrast of the haves vs. have-nots.

Nice to see a menswear collection for a guys are always appreciated! ;)

HURRAY for SKINNY TIES! Okay I'm an 80s girl...but I LOVE skinny ties! Love, love, LOVE skinny ties.

And those pants! The idea SOUNDED ridiculous but you know what? They're really SEXY, and it looked like you could wear at least half of them out in the real world. That grey number close to the bottom.

I need a fan. And a drink, yes, a drink...

I believe I'll just spend my day here browsing...

I agree with the hot damn. Hrawr.

Aww, the cast of The Newsies is all grown up! (and looking really good.)

Just watched the video and I must say, that was one amazing production. And what an exquisite collection --- of male models and menswear. I especially liked the more vintage-inspired looks with vests and newsboy caps. Good show, D&G.


Makes me proud to be Sicilian, and sorry that my dad emigrated to the U.S. All I can say is, Oh.My.Sweet.Geebus.

Thanks for that, TLo!

Oh, nice! There are a lot of pieces in here that I could also see myself or other women wearing.

While this certainly is also a visual feast -- damn, that's a lot of white guys. The second picture actually makes me a little sad becauese of it.

- SuzieQ

The guy in the longjohns, with the v-neck sweater and tall brown boots. Yes, please!

Models that look like men? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

hommina hommina hommina

"Do those two queens know how to cast a menswear show or what?"

I guess, except there are no models of color.

Jebus, that is some old worldy manish eye candy.

Excuse me while I go find my fan...I'm feeling a bit flushed y'all.

I want every article of clothing in that collection. And a few models, too. :D

They do know how to cast a show. I see some new faces among the lots of, shall we say, old one they've been using for the last 2/3 years.
Aah, editing those videos (and the backstages) was one of the best part of my old job. Good times!

BTW, I love how they're meant to be tipically Italian yet there's no Italian model in there! (or very very few)
Since they are supposed to be Italian, I get why there's no model of color. ;D

The men are GORGEOUS but the clothes are taking my breath away.
Sweet JESUS! The staging is BRRRRILIANT! It's like a barrage of menswear.

OMG! OMG! OMG! ... (Squealing like a teenage girl)

OMG! OMG! OMG! Pass me the smelling salts .... (Fainting like an old woman)

(Drop down an octave or two) OMG! OMG! OMG! I need to hit the gym and find a sugar daddy ... I want those clothes and those men ...

Clothes on me ... clothes off those men ...

Just sayin-

Holy SHIT.

Well, That certainly started off my Sunday afternoon well. Um. Damn. Yeah...

I had to resist the urge to not lick the screen. Someone pass the drool bucket.

Love the clothes too. However, i think I'd love them more on the floor of my bedroom. I mean..


Thanks TLo! :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oops, posted too soon. As I was sayin', this is probably the first menswear show you've posted where I've wanted to look at every single picture. Menswear just doesn't catch my eye that often, but this was some show. Well done, D&G.

Sewing Siren, you've redigned Christiane's dress? Brill! You made it work!


thanks for the eye-candy, boys! what a lovely view. you're right, tlo -- those two queens know how to cast a menswear show....

Humina humina! if I were a man, I'd be rising to the occasion right about now. HAWT!

Bonus points: the clothes themselves are to die.

Gorgeous and macho. I'm speaking about the clothes and the models. And the clothes are actually wearable by real people. I could totally see my husband in this, and he'd look hot!

Holy crap.
LOVE the long john-ish trousers. I would totally wear those (I rarely if ever wear jeans, so always looking for new pants ideas).
Gorgeous men and the return of skinny ties--my day is complete!

Wow, loved how well choreographed this show was, love the models walking together, and love the clothes!

I just showed that to my boyfriend, and he said he may have turned gay. Now if I only had the money to get him a suit like that!

Holy shit.

Snooki would have a meltdown. I already did.

I'm bookmarking this post, LOL!

Truly delightful. As good as my usual Sunday morning eye candy - Italian soccer on RAI International!

Baarìa opened the Venice Film Festival, by the way, and is the Italian entry for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film.

Anonymous 12:06 said I know the whole show is rooted in Sicily, but it would have been nice to see at least a couple minority models in there.

I believe they did let in a couple of Northern Italians!

(All kidding aside, there's some evidence for both sub-Saharan and North African genetic material in the Sicilian gene pool. So there's your "minority" models!)

Who's the guy in the thumbnail and later shirtless? Looks familiar.

There are these words... words to use for making sentences... sentences that form coherent thoughts. I cannot find the words for these sentences. My baser instincts have taken over and all I can think is "Yum."

*Bookmarks post*

Anonymous said...
Who's the guy in the thumbnail and later shirtless? Looks familiar.

That's David Gandy. He has appeared in numerous campaigns and shows for Dolce & Gabbana.

T Lo

Favorite menswear show ever. Delicious clothes on delicious men. Viva Sicilia!

You forgot to mention how great all the color was... Oh, wait. there wasn't any color. None.

throw me an itty bitty colored hanky for god's sake.

I've never wanted to lick a computer screen before. The clothes are pretty beautiful too.

Sweet merciful suits, this is beautiful.

Ha, the comments are nearly as fun to read as looking at the pictures.

Wait, no, the pictures are still the best things ever.

Anyway, I'm going to go out and buy my Italian husband some black tank tops.


Thanks, TLo.

Woo-hoo! What a great afternoon delight.

Oh Daddies, you're too good to us. Overwhelmingly gorgeous. The clothes were nice too.

@Brian: And maybe I would have to see it in motion,
Yes. You owe it to yourself to spend the 14;19 to watch the video. One of the best runway shows I've seen.

Does anybody know the models' names? We always know who the glamazons are but who are these gorgeous pieces of eye candy? Pray tell...

No diversity.

taylor laautner?

not sayin' ... just sayin' ... could be his twin ...

Oh, oh my...

Excuse me as I get some air out on the veranda...this post gave me the vapors *fans self dramatically*

"And hot DAMN..."

TLo, you are such suckers for a well-made sweater. ;-)

Love the PR recaps. Thank god/allah/buddah/FSM for a more interesting group of designers.

I had to remind myself to breathe...

All of that, but also: omigod, the vests. I have a small thing about vests/waistcoats both for the men I look at and for my own wardrobe, and what an amazing collection of vest shapes and forms.

I keep hoping that the bad times will lead to more substantial and wearable coutour; let this be the thin end of the wedge.

oh. my. god.

Herds of men. Stampedes of men. Rather *healthy* men.

Thank god many of them were too pretty for my tastes or it might be days before I could type again.

Jacket & round-necked vest on the left in row 8 (of double pics) and on the right in row 20. Now THAT is freaking gorgeous menswear. A v-neck vest there might be nice as well.

Only thing I really disliked was the stuff that looked like painted denim (row 6 of double pics). I prefer a clearer line of demarcation between slacks and long johns, but god knows that's a quibble. The plethora of jackets of varied cut and detail in manly-yet-not-boring fabric has me in love. Because there is nothing sexier than understated, high-end menswear where the fabric and cut do the talking.

I'd love to see some of these paired with heavy silk dress shirts. Maybe with a little slub in the weave.

I love the idea on the one hand, but on the other it feels a little West Side Story to me...

The knitwear was fabulous!

Stunning. Yum. Wow.

On a different note, this made me remember something that's occurred to me before - there seems to be a lot more variation in male models than female, when it comes to body type. Yes, they're all relatively tall, fairly thin, young(er), and very attractive, but there seems to be a wider variety than female models - in terms of heights, muscular vs. lanky, etc., as well as their looks. I wonder why that is, and if womenswear designers could take something from that if they were willing to be a little more flexible in their design/casting?

Indeed, I, too, enjoyed a Newsies flashback upon seeing these (finely-chiseled) jaw-dropping images. (Possible sequel title: Revenge of the Grown-Up Italian Newsies: Extra! Extra! Read All About The Come-Hither Chisels!) Well-connected, Anonymous at 12:36 PM!

Beautifully reported, gentlemen! As always!

Psh, cause nothing says "Sicilian man" like a bunch of pale, hairless models.

The clothes are fabulous, though!

I'll take #13/14!

medusa said...
Does anybody know the models' names? We always know who the glamazons are but who are these gorgeous pieces of eye candy? Pray tell...

The turnover rate for male models makes the average female model's career look like a lifelong choice.

A fabulous collection, and the men-- well what can be said about perfection?

Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph...shazam! I dont know if I have any thoughts about the clothes...too busy with the eye candy.

I'll have some, THANKS!

Some gorgeous eye candy for sure. And a great retro job on the styling. I like the idea of the guys walking out together and since each group was wearing similar outfits, it didn't prove that distracting to me.

There are some great pieces here and beautiful fabrics. I doubt that the long johns will catch on as outerwear but who knows? Maybe they will replace sweat pants.


Now thats a menswear show that I can get behind (or under in my case)!


This is me, running to Sam's Club and buying several cases of White Castle burgers to ship to Milan. I'm going to the next Dolce & Gabbana shows to feed these bitches.


Love the distressed pieces and the men are so hot.

Unbelievably hot men and collection.

I had to look through this a couple of (hundred) times before I could start looking at the clothes and stop ogling the men. Maybe just one more run through before bed...

RAWR! Hot, gorgeous, hot...Jesus my all.

New Rules for the Universe:

1) All future menswear fashion shows must be staged in this way.

2) NotesOnMyBathroomMirror must be consulted to help cast said future menswear shows.

3) All men appearing at said casting must wear either the Black suit with vest in picture one, or the black long johns in picture 22.


Love the collection!


Great show, gorgeous men, but it's a bit hard to concentrate in one design from another.

Lovelovelove the worn-out shoes.

Huzzah for a show with hot men! I feel like a perv looking at male models b/c most of them look like underage boys - finally some good-looking, scruffy faced men in awesome, wearable clothes! Now if they'd just do the same thing for the women...

I feel hot and bothered all over. That MAN leading the charge in the first pic is the stuff of romance novels.



Nice for the most part. But one part looked like underwear from the 1800s- or is that what it is supposed to be?

I suppose the black models were told to stay home?

So it's wide peak lapels, skinny notched lapels, 18th century waistcoats, wide knit collars, and varying shades of brown, black, and gray with just a dash of velvet here and there. Loves it!

Well, hello!

Ennio Morricone music was lovely too.

(another suz)

Despite finding the some of the clothes beautiful, and others interesting or thought provoking, I am distracted by the use of only white models. If this were a rare occurrence it would not bother me as it does. However, as a person of color, I am bothered when I see such a large number of models in a show, but no non-white models. Despite D&G being an Italian brand, it sources its models from a variety countries, as all the top labels do. The lack of racial diversity makes me think something systemic is going on. Plainly put: Dolce and Gabbana think non-white people are ugly. (This is a very damaging message to hear from advertising, and we are all affected by media images of ourselves.) If that's the case, they certainly don't deserve my hard-earned cash.

@Anonymous 11:24, this show was a tribute to a specific movie about Sicily set in a specific time. If you want diversity, perhaps you should hop into Mr Peabody's Wayback Machine and take it up with the Sicilian government of the past.

O M hunks......

You seem to forget Italy has quite different history than the U.S. People of colour are a fairly new "phenomenon" for us, and we're still working on integration and are far behind. Especially nowadays with many political right winged parties in the majority that are not so keen on it, and the wave of violence we are experiencing in the last year especially not only against the so called "extracomunitarians". Though I agree it would've been a nice thing to have coloured people on the catwalk, and I think they've had a few in the past, in this specific case I see why there aren't any.
On the other hand D&G are known to be politically right winged, so I wouldn't be surprised...

As for the turnover of male models, yes, they work a lot less than female models, but, as I said before, many of the model in this show have been around in all of D&G Shows. Noah Mills has been opening each and every one of their shows for the last three years. David Gandy has been shirtless in every show since they used him for their perfume campaign back 2006/2007. I frankly don't remember the names of all the others, but if you check back on D& at the old shows you'll see a lot of familiar faces over and over.

YouTube link to the show:

Prior link is part 2, here is part 1 of the show:

Can I please have a poster of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE MEN IN THESE OUTFITS, please?

Holy crap. That grey pinstripe 3pc is like Newsies 2.0.
Not so sold on the silver crushed velvet ensemble that followed....
Thank you for this. How do I make it into a screensaver?

I'm...I'm drooling, for god's sake.

I'd feel deep and abiding shame, if I weren't able to claim it's because the clothes are so gorgeous.

Good God, UNF UNF UNF.

You said it: gorgeous collection, gorgeous men.

Looking at this line has been the highlight of my night.



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