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Dirk Bikkembergs Menswear Fall 2010

Knocking me out with those American thighs.

WWD says:

"City boys in the Alps was the riff, with bright parkas, chunky knitwear and hiking-inspired boots fit for a seasoned mountaineer – or a city slicker who pines to look like one."

Whatever city these boys are from, we're packing up and moving there. As always with Bikkembergs, it's more about the gorgeous men wearing them than the clothes. Which isn't to say the clothes are bad. They're fun and wearable. Like sexy Garanimals for the Chelsea set. And like any gathering of the Chelsea set, there's an overabundance of bronzer on display. We get that they were going for that windburnt look, but the effect winds up being not so much "Aspen" as it is "Clinique counter. "

Watch the show:

[Photos: - Video: YouTube/ParisModesen]

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some of their necks are kind of scary...

Ha ha! Bears wearing bears! And white-haired ones wearing POLAR bears!

These designs are not strong. I'm rather disappointed.

could i please have that older model with the grey/white hair dellivered? thank you

You are right about the thighs - they are more fetching than the clothes.

well of course it looks Clinique counter:
1. they did the FACE ONLY.... not a lick of it on the neck
2. It is all one color (um, would you call that orange or green?)- a more redish hugh would denote an Aspen wind-burn

Note to show organizer: do NOT hire that make-up artist for any future gigs. Really awful.

vbd said...

could i please have that older model with the grey/white hair dellivered? thank you

A-MEN! I saw him and thought, "Oh, look! It's my future husband!"


those first few sweaters are nice if you are into retro. There are pictures of my father (circa 1925) wearing them as a small child, pulling a little red wagon, newsie-type cap firmly in place.

you boys are awesome. just to enhance my viewing pleasure (since itunes was already open) i put on "you shook me all night long" in honor of your perfect musical reference.
american thighs indeed!


I want a crazy bear shirt! In every kind of bear!

I am decidedly meh about the clothes, except for the bear tees, which are hilarious and which I must own, if only to have something that hilarious in my closet.

I do not find orange men at all attractive. Call me racist, but it's true.

Those thighs are making me weak. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tlo!

There are some good looks here, but I'm not feeling it. Those mittens are killing me.

Although, I am loving Daddy Silver Fox there.

Clueless Jock

Fun stuff. Not everything has to be cerebral or androgynous.


Oh, the clothes are nice too.

I could look at those pictures all day : )

Good Lord these models are HOT

I particularly like the shirts/sweaters with the bears and the sweater from the third look. And the shiny jackets. And vests. Nothing groundbreaking, but I like it.

Now those are some good looking guys. I like the sweaters. But, no one should wear leggings, be it women or men! Anyway, its nice that the models look like men, and not young boys.

So tired of the Caucasian-only set of male models almost all of the designers are picking from (points to Vivienne Westwood, though not for the shopping cart).

I don't see any hiking boots. Those are more Hunter boots.


Those are some amazin' looking fellers... nice to see some older models in the bunch too!

The mittens are a little silly. And I just can't get behind the ironic spirit animal prints some of the designers have been showing - I can go down to my local shot-and-a-beer tavern and see much the same thing albeit with pot bellies underneath.

I do like the first few sweaters with the loomed potholder trim.

Meh. I'm not overwhelmed at all.

I love that polar bear shirt though.

Orange Men indeed. It seems that the Oompa Loompas have found the 'roids and HGH tossed in the garbage by McGwire, ARod and Jose Casneco, etc.

That being said - its nothing that a BufPuff and a little lemon juice scrub can't fix.....

I'm half Italian so I can say this -- these guys look like a bunch of scary-ass guidos from Jersey, not like anybody in Aspen or Lucerne. Puh-leeze!

A few things...

Necks should never be bigger than one's head.

What's with the ghetto slides on the man in grey (5th row down).

I am SO happy that somebody else thought that the Silver Fox is incredibly hot. RAWR!!!

I actually dig the clothes. I'm VERY outdoor-oriented so I relate to these a lot. I'll take Silver Fox camping...move over DH. LOL!


Wow...I thought I'd be alone in this, but I see others have the hots for the silver fox in a (silly) polar bear tee. *slight drooling*

Also, I see others were frightened by the thick necks on some of those boys. When the neck is bigger than the head, it does rather make the boys look like pin-heads.

Other than a couple of these guys making my heart pitter-pat (ok...not my heart, but I was being a lady), I still prefer the crowds of gorgeous from the Dolce and Gabanna post from last weekend. Those fellas made this middle aged woman squirm in her seat!

Oh...the clothes. Um. Yeah. I liked the red cable knit sweater with Mr. Very Wide Shoulders, about thirteen rows down. The leather great coat was lovely, too, and some of the parkas were nice.

I didn't like the felt/wool ball caps AT ALL. For one thing, I am SO OVER ball caps. (I teach college, so ball caps usually are for boys who haven't bothered to bathe). For another, they really made some up-market looks seem very pedestrian. When will the fedora come back into style, huh? I'd take a bowler on the right guy, too....even the furry Russian hat is better than another dull ball cap, wool or otherwise.

The first half look like the grown up equivalent of little boys whose mothers would not let them go play in the snow until they put on their big sweaters, puffy coats and ridiculously useless mittens.

Ooh I like the old guy. Except for the gay boots he is wearing.

The mittens look like their mommies covered their hands to keep them from scratching their faces.

Anonymous 1:40 PM said:
These designs are not strong. I'm rather disappointed.
Who's looking at the designs? The models look like real men instead of skeletal choir boys!!!! I'll take one of each, please.

S.J. Donovan said...

some of their necks are kind of scary...

That was my first thought too! I do like the first two sweaters, without the jockey caps. And I love the fact that they used an older man.

Maybe the makeup was a nod to the Persimmon Princess?


I only wish they'd picked a slower song for the catwalk. They look a bit silly trying to book it down the runway to that beat.

I liked the boots until I saw the laces in the back... and the laces on the pants are kinda odd, too. Wouldn't those kinda hurt if they hit the crotchular area while walking?

Mittens love mittens
Love grown men wearing mittens
Mittens are adorable

those are some beautiful asses

Makes me wish I still went skiing.

Love, love, love the orange stuff. My favorite color and there just aren't enough orange clothes appropriate for the office.

That whole middle section with all the gloves and bags and leather coats looked like a cat burglar parade.

I seem to be in the minority, but I liked a lot of it. It looks like clothes instead of fashion. And I wear clothing better than I wear fashiion.

And Yay! for models that look like men and not boys.

About the models: Dirk Bikkembergs is either the owner or part owner (I forget exactly which) of an Italian professional soccer team. In Milan, I think. And he usually uses the team's players as his models. Which is why these guys look like guys and not scrawny little boys - they're not regular models, they're actual jocks!

Ok, too much bronzer, but I do like the men ...

D&G still gets 1st place, in my heart and my loins ...

But this takes 2nd ... and I even like some of the clothes ... If FL weren't so warm, I would love some of those coats ...

Just sayin-

P.S. And I really like those boots!!

P.P.S. And the silver fox ...

Nothing groundbreaking but nice stuff. And hurray for using real men for models

I dont mind the leggings. It works on a good muscular set of legs like these gents

If these guys are professional jocks then a big toast for the man who made the decision to use them. I'd rather see guys with a little bulk and a real chest then these androgynous boys playing dress-up



I too think the silver fox with the polar bear is very sexy. Imagine getting rescued by him in a snowbank instead of a St bernard


Just enough interest to keep these from being boring - no-one is going to say these are wildly innovative but most men would rather be known as well-dressed, than known for their clothes.

Nice sweaters, in particular.

Hit it on the head there once again Bill. Definately clothes.

I forgive it all though for that shot of Hot Daddy!

Didn't I date that guy? Oh, wait. That was wishful thinking.

I'll take the longish-haired Italian, don't bother with the clothes. He won't be needing them...

Nice accessories to beautiful men, those shirts/jackets/other stuff I didn't really look at...

WOW! The clothes are very nice looking but at the same time they make these otherwise gorgeous models look like they have FAT legs and alien giraffe necks...some of them look like the head was photoshopped onto an elongated neck.

weird optical illusions these clothing cuts and lines create, and not in cool way.

Hot models! Love them!

Love, love, love the gray-haired model! And I am obviously not the only one. Give us more of that, designers!

And while you're at it... how great would it be to see some gorgeous gray-haired women on the runway?

UPDATE: More pics of Siver Fox added. Enjoy!

Mmmm some of these men are just yummy. (I wouldn't call them bears though, I always found bears to be a big ol steretype, of which I'm often associated with)

And I would Love to wear some of those coats and shirts

I'm joining the crowd who want the Silver Fox. Rowr!

Of course, that brings up an interesting point -- why is it that a man can model into his later years and still be considered hot and sexy, but women of the same age are long since over the hill and unmarketable, except for a few well-known (and well-sculpted) faces?

Anyway, the clothes are blah. The men, on the other hand...

Those aren't hiking boots or hunting boots, they are riding boots, and a lot of them are too big for the models.

The clothes are meh, the guys are fine. Mighty fine.

Did those shirts make anyone else think THREE WOLF MOON?? i sure hope so.

If you were a "seasoned mountaineer" and wore those clothes you would get beaten up.

grrr stupid thing triple posted

i'll take a pair of those ski pants and one of those buttonless vests, please.

and since when does windburn resemble splotchy self tanner?

Yeah, I kinda hate the first 7 looks. The rest are pretty good, and I love the sexy older men! Rrrawl!

Add me to the Silver Fox Fan Club! Suh-woon! But the mittens have. got. to. go.

The Silver Fox is pretty darn attractive. But, call me a buzz kill, when I saw the shot with the the "manly model semi-snarl face" my first thought was "Poor guy, his lower back must be bothering him."

and I see I'm not the only one who find the silver haired fox sexy.

I want the guy in leather pants, navy sweater with satchel, and I want him NOW! I've played soccer for longer than I care to admit--so we'll have plenty to talk about....when we come up for air. I'll pay the airfare to Boston.

At first, I thought the post was going to be "Dirk Bikkembergs Design for the Belgian Olympic Team.

Because the whole collection reads like a uniform.

Is the world ready for tights and knee high boots on men?

And I also tip my hat to the age variety of the models. Very nice.


Did those shirts make anyone else think THREE WOLF MOON??

I was just thinking, the bears were nice, but they'd be so much nicer with three of them. And a big moon. But even as is, I bet women and men flocked to the model as he walked down the runway. That's the magic of just One Bear No Moon.

Ummmm...I will take one in every color...ohh and maybe the clothes too! the gray hair too!

I felt like I was channeling Nina: It's boring and a lot of it looks cheap.

I don't know if I can even muster a meh for these.

Love the men, love the clothes.

vbd said...

could i please have that older model with the grey/white hair delivered? thank you

Take a number : )

Suzq -

I'm with you on this one. This seems like a montage of all the various countries' outfits for the Closing Ceremonies of the upcoming Winter Olympics. The silver fox can ride in my bobsled anytime!

"sexy Garanimals"

Love it!

This is what proper menswear looks like. I actually want to buy these clothes. Well played, Dirk, for making some fine-looking clothes and putting them on models who don't make me think of labor camps (seriously, what a downer).

I want the less bulky jackets (that includes the trenchcoats, the thigh-length jackets, and the waist-length jackets). And that entire outfit with the white turtleneck (even though it'll make my chicken-neck worse).

silver haired dood is hot. but the orange-face look is not.

clothes are hardly noticeable.

i like the clothes - really nice stuff. but theres something off about the proportions - makes all these 6ft-something hotties look about 5'2" :P

The makeup reminds me of the time that the girls on ANTM were made to look like they were from a different ethnic group than their own, but they just ended up looking dirty.

Elegant, classic and masculine. I love it all.

The Silver Fox model is Fabrizio Ravanelli. He's an Italian born former football (rugby) star. He's 41. He is known as the White Feather because of his premature graying. He is 6'3" (yum).

Nice shot of him.

And a swimwear shot.

LOVE Dirk Bikkembergs usually , but there's something more toned-down about this collection. More "normal," less streamlined, and, dare I say it - too commercial and definitely too branded. Can't say I'm a big fan, unfortunately. The models are hot, as usual. LOVE the hot pepaw models too! Rawr.

Fabrizio Ravenelli ... Oooooh, an Italian silver fox daddy bear!


The clothes are kind of same-ol-same-ol'.

Who's the model underneath the yummy polar bear? (also in a polar bear shirt...)

I would like one of him in every color... :op

The men are GORGEOUS, as usual.

All I can think of when I see this is "dorks!"
They're all like "look how MANLY I am in my MITTENS"
By the way, those bear shirts are ridiculous! They remind me of those wolf shirts old guys with long hair and beards wear.

The older guy in the polar bear shirt with the leather jacket looks like he just stepped out of a Bond film. He's a sexy Bond villain.

There aren't enough sexy Bond villains.

Finally a model over 23 with clothes that actually are appropriate to his age

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