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The challenge? Well, it was another "make a pretty dress" challenge unfortunately. But NEW TWIST ADDED. This time, they have to make a pretty dress AND an ugly dress! Or something. It got confusing.

Yes! "Create a high end signature look" but ALSO, create a low end, piece of shit look! Never before in the history of Project Runway blahblahblah!

Honestly, the challenge didn't bother us. It was one of the weirdest twists they've ever sprung on the designers, but hey, anything that causes those little fame whores some stress is entertainment gold as far as we're concerned. We hope they set their work tables on fire next week.

And besides we got all this weirdly sociopathic "Is she gonna backstab me? I'm gonna backstab her" drama from Jonathan, which unfortunately amounted to nothing because why would you throw your team leader under the bus if it looks like the judges like the work?

Still. We've got our eye on you, missy. You were so ready to go straight to fucking over your team mate that we think we might love you a little.

And what made it so delicious is that she was completely unaware. Had he actually gone through with it, she would have been shocked.

But enough almost-drama.

Model: Lorena Angjeli

The outcry was long and loud in T Lounge last night over this win. We have to say, we probably wouldn't have given the win to this look, but we're okay with it, for the most part.

It's unique and boldy graphic and editorial and that goes a long way with those judges. Remember, we were all sick of the "I would totally wear that" judging of last season. Well, this is what you get when you have Nina on the judging panel: things that will look great photographed in a magazine.

Plus, they loved that she didn't do a dress and frankly, so did we. Any time someone executes a garment well on this show and that garment is not a dress deserves at least some props.

And it wasn't just executed well, it was executed flawlessly.

Two things we wish they hadn't done: the racing stripe on the pants, which made the whole thing look like a high end workout suit, and the sparkly black top, because a pop of mod color would have gone a long way here.

As for the bizarre, "make a shitty version of someone else's dress" part of the challenge...

Models: Kristina Sajko/Monique Darton


In fact, this would be the one reason to question their win, as far as we're concerned. The judges clearly didn't like this look, so how is it they won, when the other top team sent out two looks that the judges loved? Mysterious.

It's such a literal, unimaginative reinterpretation, right down to the sad little "feather."

It's a cute silhouette, but we loved hearing the judges bitch about it being a babydoll dress, since for a couple of seasons there, the PR runway was where babydoll dresses go to die.

That belt is sad.

We kind of wonder what was going on in Mila's living room last night when it was revealed that her team mate was ready to shiv her in the cafeteria. We suspect a lot of "Oh, you know I love you/I was tired/it was the editing/I didn't really mean it" texting was flying back and forth. But Jonathan, you better run, because Mila scares us a little.

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I actually really liked the jacket. I thought it was innovative. The yellow gave it that extra spunk and it was one of those dresses that came alive on the body (as opposed to the form where it looked like a waspy scarecrow). YAY mila!

The jacket really reminded me of a penguin, especially from the back. I agree that it was made flawlessly, and it moved beautifully on the runway... but all I could see was a penguin.

I would have given the win to Mini-Mila.

I feel strongly that they were rewarding her for not making a dress. I'm also totally down with that. Michael's right; people wear separates so it's important to be able to do them well.

They should do a separates challenge somehow.

Model's names should be switched. Monique <-> Lorena

I think you guys got the models confused, the one wearing the gym suit is Lorena, and the one wearing the ugly look is Monique...
am i right?

The coat is beautiful, but the rest of the outfit, meh. And the second look was awful. I liked Maya's dress so much more. Plus, the second look was fab.

I can't get behind this win because I actually have this outfit in the bottom of my closet. I have the Addias spandex black workout pants with the white stripe and the batwing jacket. Granted, my batwing is terry cloth and not lined. It is also somewhat bedraggled from thirty years of being used as a beach cover-up, a blanket for the car on the way to the beach or a pillow in a pinch. If I look hard enough, I could probably also find the spangled top in some dusty corner.

What show were you watching? He was only going to "throw her under the bus" or whatever because he thought she was setting it up for him to get blamed if it didn't work out. He was just going to defend himself. That's the same kind of crap that happens every challenge - nothing new here.

This challenge was kind of dumb. Were they supposed to be inspired by the designers from the beginning? Didn't see it. Weren't they not supposed to just knock-off cheaper versions of the other team's dress? Didn't see that either.

I get this look and why it won but I don't like it, and think if this is the best "signature look" from all the designers then maybe this season isn't going to be as strong as I thought. I DON'T think that jacket is executed flawlessly, and as you said the stripe on the pants made it into a running suit. The only thing worse would have been a "mod pop of color" for the top. Egad.

Noticed that about the models' names too.
My favorite wasn't even up there. Waah.

But I am loving Jonathan, he bitchy & funny & talented. Gotta have the chops to back up the smack talk! :) Lots of talent this year tho!

mommyca said...
I think you guys got the models confused, the one wearing the gym suit is Lorena, and the one wearing the ugly look is Monique...
am i right?

Fixed. Bad copy and paste job.

love johnathan & mila

"her team mate was ready to shiv her in the cafeteria"

TLo, you do have a way with words!

I think Mila won because the jacket was daring, and perfectly desiogned and constructed/sewn. But the ski pants seemed wrong with it. I don't know what should have been under that jacket, though.

HINT TO SEWING SIREN: redesign, maybe?? What would go better with that jacket?

Nevertheless, I think that because the jacket was so special and unusual, they gave her the win. I suspect it was close, though.

the challenge was kind of odd, and it reminded me of the challenge from TFS where they had to create an outfit inspired by a specific designer. In this case they had all those designer creations just as a vague inspiration... I guess Lifetime producers were watching Bravo's TFS.... anyway, hopefully they will limit the "make a pretty" dress challenge....

I still am very disappointed - but as I've said before and some others concurred in the lounge - the judging, esp Nina, has fequently had me thinking WTH.
(and they have such inconsistent comments/reviews between designers and between weeks).

At first glance I thought I might like it, but thought the collar and the wings at the ends of the sleeves were wrong. But when it got to the runway, and the stills, I saw how huge the dolman sleeves were and basically this is the jacket version of hammer/harem pants .

I really liked Jesus and Amy's gown - nice to see him come back strong, not so nice that he was just safe.

Oh, and I think the reason for the "make a shmata based on another team's design" twist was to differentiate it from the avant garde + knock-off challenge from season 4(or whatever season that was).

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

First, disclaimer: I haven't watched the episode yet.

However the signature look conjures up, for me, the image of Emma Peel BASE jumping from the Russian Embassy in the dead of night. Maybe that's what qualifies it for "evening wear".

The cheaper look: it's for the deranged moll of a nemesis (who Peel & Steed are working against) that wants to take over the world using killer bees. It's just that kitschy.

Damn, I think I'd be pretty good at the whole "make a b.s. story for your look" on the runway....

Ugh. Snoozarific. Hated it. Hated this episode.

Mila and Maya would make an awesome team of assassins. Or a super-team to be called the Bangs Squad.

I love the jacket. It's bold and eye-catching and beautifully executed. It's the stripe on the pants that make it look common. That white stripe on the pants is a great example of how lack of editing completely takes away the impact of a fantastic piece.

And so what if batwing sleeves are nothing new? How many sheath dresses, ball gown, and floaty/drapey dresses exist in the world already? How many people have complained that all anyone does on PR are sleeveless pretty dresses? Remember how boring last season was with poorly constructed outfits getting the win (hello Althea!)?Well here's an outfit that not only isn't a pretty dress, but is beautifully constructed and has sleeves! Thank god!

This is the first piece in the new Liza Minnelli Workout collection.

Agree on ALL POINTS. Especially the high-end track suit one.

It just didn't blow me away like it did the judges. I would never wear that.

Not a penguin. The head of a cobra with the hood all out and about to strike.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola


From the judging video, I see Nina is rockin' it again this week.

Is she making the effort just to look good in your Ninacaps? I'd bet money she is...

I thought it would be the perfect for Batman to wear to the gym.

But hey, I'm clueless, so what do I know. Congrats Mila!

But the assignment was to create a garment that could hang w the Master Collection. Seriously...would you put a warm-up suit next to that Dior? The jacket was great, but the pants took it straight to Foot Locker.

I'm with C'est moi, c'est moi Lola. I was all ready to link to a wingsuit picture, but Lola beat me to the punch and the Emma Peel/Russian Embassy comment is spot on perfect!

I understand the reason for the win, but I still don't like it. As others have mentioned, I thought it looked like a track suit. And whoever said in the T LOunge that it looked like an Orca, hit the nail on the head. I liked their second look, but it could have done without the feather.

I was pretty disappointed in the results of this challenge. I like the non-traditional materials and non-traditional models challenges better. Necessity is the mother of invention after all, and forcing the designers to work outside their comfort zones makes for more interesting and innovative designs.

Just throwing fabric and money at the designers and saying "make something pretty or a signature piece" is too vague and usually produces boring garments.

Anonymous on 1/29/10 at 10:16 AM said...I love the jacket. It's bold and eye-catching and beautifully executed.

Forget the rest of the outfit...that jacket could be worn with anything..a white dress, a mod color dress, white skinny jeans, white Capri pants, wide leg pants, a mini skirt, an ankle length skirt, an oriental style sheath dress...etc...etc. This is why the look took home top honors

I liked this episode. It has people disagreeing all over the place, which is kinda fun.

That said, I agree that she got points for executing something other than a dress. The jacket reminded me of something you would see at Chico's, my mom's favorite store. Not my thing, but an interesting piece.

What I would love to have seen is a similar look in the yellow and black for their inexpensive look. It would have looked like the start of a collection, yet still been a Look for Less, especially if they did it in evening-type fabrics.

And since when is it not OK to do a baby doll on this show?

Did anyone else wish they had done a slow pan along all the gowns and dresses on display from the Costume Institute? I didn't seem like they gave all of them screen time.

With my limited (okay nonexistent) fashion background, I was able to pick out the Balenciaga and the Dior before they ID'd them. Would love to see a shot of each one with the designer named.

I HATED the winning track suit. Hated it. blechy!

Jonathan kind of reminds me of Danny Gokey, looks-wise...lets hope he's a better dancer. Ok, I know dancing is not a talent necessary for PR, but just you watch, Daniel Franco will be at auditions for next season's So You Think You Can Dance...

I could definitely see the jacket in the museum collection. Not with those pants or that top, but the jacket? Totally.

Even if some people think this is a "what the hell?" win, I'll take a "what the hell?" win over something like the Feather Queen's Ice Princess "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" win any day.

I think the team aspect of this challenge sunk a lot of people. I'm not surprised at the mediocrity that walked down the runway last night. Shame, because they had such a high budget and 2 days.

Little Mr. Man kept snivelling about doing all the work, but you know what? None of his work was that great, and it was that jacket alone, design and execution, that got them the win.

Didn't like Mia's look at first but it grew on me. I was surprised the judges gave it to them and not to Amy/Jesus.

Loved the commentary! Jonathan was hilarious but yeah, he should sleep with one eye open.

MayBee said...

This is the first piece in the new Liza Minnelli Workout collection.

1/29/10 10:16 AM

OMG--coffee on the monitor...

i wouldn't have given to them either although kudos to mila for making her signature look interesting.

but sorry for stating the obvious but... the model looked like a penguin.

a thin penguin...

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

@ Bill

Thank you for the kind comment, and it's great to have your wit and links back in the comments again!

Liza Minnelli Workout, Bed, Bath and Beyond Collection!


Du Bois said:

I was pretty disappointed in the results of this challenge. I like the non-traditional materials and non-traditional models challenges better. Necessity is the mother of invention after all, and forcing the designers to work outside their comfort zones makes for more interesting and innovative designs.

Just throwing fabric and money at the designers and saying "make something pretty or a signature piece" is too vague and usually produces boring garments.

Yes, indeed. With $500.00 and two days I really expected more from the designer than what showed up on the runway for this challenge.
I thought the best part of last night's episode was watching the desigers' reactions to being so close to those wonderful pieces from the costume institute's collection.

Bill on 1/29/10 at 10:28 AM said..Did anyone else wish they had done a slow pan along all the gowns and dresses on display from the Costume Institute? I didn't seem like they gave all of them screen time.

The one I would love to get my hands on was the white/silver St. Laurent dress. As a matter of fact...IMHO...the winning coat would look great over this dress as an up date the vintage piece.


I loved Mila's design, it's different, unexpected, certainly not boring, but I really hated the second look.

I too was disappointed with this challenge results. Even with the vagueness you should have gotten better. And notice for the collective $3500 of fabric, note how little color there was on those high-end outfits. 80% was blacks and greys.

The part I find silly is that their shit dress didn't even need to be cohesive. they ahd to use another team's outfit for inspiration.

I kind of understand Mila getting the win despite the track suit. The coat was the saving grace.

Overall Jay and Maya had a better combo and was more editorial. HOWEVER. Their shit dress was almost a clone of the inspiration outfit. Yes their copy was a better and cheaper version but it was still a copy.


I know I should save this for the Jay/Little Mila thread, but the knock-off version here is FAR less derivative than the one Jay/Little Mila made. The Jay/LM dress was an exact copy! And Tim said do not make an exact copy! So I'm down with Big Mila/Jonathan winning even if their second look was boring.

The look works in the terms of the challenge. It looks like it represents not only the deigner but a whole time period. It is also really fug but, whatevs.
I didn't really think any of the entries were so hot last night.
I especially HATED the other top teams stuff.

Alot was made of the model too. The judges thought she was the best, I don't get THAT but, whatevs, again.

TLo, you two are absolutely right about the shirt material Mila/Jonathan chose. It didn't quite sync up.
the real story was in the losers circle this eppi.
How adorable were Seth and Anthony?
The whole thing was edited flawlessly because even I hated Ping for a quick second. They really painted her partner (ActorFakeyNotaReally-a-Designer) as a victim of her quirky-ness.

DuBois said: "I understand the reason for the win, but I still don't like it. As others have mentioned, I thought it looked like a track suit. And whoever said in the T LOunge that it looked like an Orca, hit the nail on the head."

maybe this is an attempt to expand into commercial lines with the "Baby Shamu" collection....Sea World is calling for their look!

You can't go wrong with teams on this show, always will provide all kinds of tension and back-stabbing bitchery. I do think Mila was smart to pick Jonathan, though, the two of them complimented one another's skills....just wish the winning looks were a bit, um, more than that.


I agree that Jay/Maya exactly copied the inspiration dress. That's probably why they didn't win.

I agree with you (all) I kept seeing a sad hungry penguin...

Oh, and MK was truely annoying last night. "This is how people dress".
You design American sportswear WE KNOW buddy.

that jacket could be worn with anything..a white dress, a mod color dress, white skinny jeans, white Capri pants, wide leg pants, a mini skirt, an ankle length skirt, an oriental style sheath dress...etc...etc.

Thank you, Tampa Bay! Yes, any of those.

Kalisa, you have a perfect right to like or dislike something, but whether you (or I or TLo or anyone else) would or wouldn't wear an entry isn't really the point. I probably wouldn't wear it because I don't wear ski pants unless I'm skiing, and as for the jacket --which I think is terrific-- I'm probably too small, and have the wrong coloring, to wear it to best advantage.

Along those lines, I don't think Lorena was the best model for this. She has such a tiny frame that the coat drooped whenever her arms weren't held out straight. I wish they could have used Brandise. But given that Lorena & Monique were the two models available, I think they should have switched them.

The Met Costume Institute has far more than just stunning gowns in its collection. Showing nothing but gowns was misleading. Mila's jacket wouldn't fit in next to the Dior gown, but then none of those gowns seemed to fit Mila's esthetic.

Why did they only show gowns? How about the YSL color block mini? The Campbell Soup dress? Or instead of a Dior gown, how about a New Look suit? Surely a New Look suit is more iconic than the gown, if not as flashy.

They want the designers to show their individuality and do a signature look, and they reward Mila (rightfully in my opinion) based in part on the fact that her look isn't just another pretty dress--but then all they pulled as inspiration from the Costume Institute were pretty gowns. Viewers then expect to see the designers do pretty gowns, and are disappointed when a jacket gets the win instead. Bah to the set up of this challenge.

The jacket looks like Dorothy Zbornak 3000.

I follow Mila on Twitter, and she was SALTY last night about all the Jonathan backstabbing. It was obvious that she had no idea.

And yeah, Mila scares me a little bit too. AND she reads my recaps...


"We hope they set their work tables on fire next week.

Ha! They need a disaster challenge - - the types of things they'd call a disaster anyway -- like if 5 hours into the process Tim comes in and "accidentally" spills coffee on everyone's work, which they would then have to salvage.

I had no problem with the coat. It was definitely striking and interesting. Mila should tahnk Jonathan, he worked his ass off.

The second look was a disaster, but that's what you get when you have to make something in 30 minutes inspired by someone else's fug.

David Dust said...
I follow Mila on Twitter, and she was SALTY last night about all the Jonathan backstabbing. It was obvious that she had no idea.

She clearly can't take criticism or rejection for that matter.

I agree with others that this was a win for sportswear. Period.

Not that I didn't like the jacket, I really really did. And I'm so thankful for having Nina and Michael regularly that I'm going to forgive this.

But really, that gorgeous model was completely wasted on that yucky bargain basement dress.

I don't follow Models of the Runway, but really? Mila & Jonathan's model was lauded as the best?

She seemed like she could barely muster up the strength to raise her arms and show off the wings of that jacket. Even in the photo she looks like she's half-assing it.

actually I liked the's innovative, eyecatching and made flawlessly indeed. but the rest of it...not so much, it's kinda mediocre.the stripes on the pants made it look like Nike sportswear.
the second look was somewhat boring.something is just wrong with it and i can't put my finger on what it is.

Alexis on 1/29/10 at 10:44 AM said....
How adorable were Seth and Anthony?

Very adorable and VERY professional. Seth said, "Yes, Anthony was the team leader but the design and execution was 50/50." I would love to see these two team up again with a brief to design something for me!


I'm pretty sure that jacket was in someone's closet in 1990.

Just sayin.

Yeah, last night was making me love Jonathan a little bit too. It's nice he got some screen time. I had almost forgotten about him. Jesse, on the other hand? Not liking so much. Well, we'll get to him when you do the losing looks . . .

Though not to my taste, I have no issues with this look winning. I agree with the fact that another pop of color would have been nice, as well as losing he racing strip on the pant. I didn't watch any extended judging, but didn't hear a word about anything other than the jacket.

Oh, and my favorite signature look would have been the Givenchy that Miss Audrey wore in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", but I know that one was just sold.

I really wish they had given this one to Maya instead of her big sister, it felt like she was being rewarded for making separates.

But I am wondering, if the other team had won it for producing two good looks instead, would they have had to give the win to the team "leader" even though it looked like Maya was really the one that deserved it? I forget how the rules work...

HATED the jacket. My notes (yes I take notes!) "bad '80s", "matronly", "chav cocktail wear", "base jumping suit".

Here's a base jumping suit for reference:

This whole episode was disappointing. Dresses pooping fabric. Mermaid gowns. Leann's noodles. Black, gray, bleah. Where is the COLOR? I would have preferred seeing a runway show of the museum pieces.

I'm in the minority. I thought it was spectacular, I thought the racing strip on the pants was integral to its greatness, and I thought it was the clear winner.

PR Producers, I said I wasn't going to watch this year, but I've been sucked back in....please don't mess it up! Nothing else on tv on Thursday evening at 10.

Amy said...
The jacket looks like Dorothy Zbornak 3000.

1/29/10 10:53 AM


Jeez, people are grumpy! Drink some coffee to break out of the Tlo Lounge hangover people! It's a work day after all!!

Tlo, totally agree with you (aren't those nice words to read together?!).

I liked the other look too, but it's consistent for them to reward something that stands out, has a strong point of view and is beautifully made. That's why I didn't know which one the would choose.

Both of the final 2 had striking looks, but Mila's was not a dress and a strong POV that worked.

Sue Sylvester as Dracula

That piece of tulle on the bodice looks like the landing strip you get after a brazilian.

The winning design was really great though. I like the racing stripe on the pants, at least for this look. Paired with the jacket, it does wonderful things for the silhouette. Mostly, I was glad the judges didn't give the win to a dress. Hopefully the rest of the pack have taken the point..

Look at little Jonathan nodding and sharpening his claws the moment her back is turned! And yet I can't help liking him. She seems kind of psycho.

I hated both looks. They looked like costumes for Halloween.

After the burlap challenge, I was expecting WAY more fabulosity from these designers. I didn't see $3500 worth of "wow" last night. So disappointing.

The winner in this episode was actually Mood Fabrics.

I didn't hate Mila's signature design look, it kind of had a 80/90's Issey Miyake feel to it. But I hated their 2nd look. The judges must not have factored the the 2nd look into the score at all. Because surely Jay/Maya would have won.
Milla took a chance with sportswear, and since everybody else did gowns it helped her a lot to get noticed. It was well done, so good for her.

A signature piece is:

That huge collar on Chris/Christian's avant garde gown - I think the gown came from Christian, and the collar came from Kris.

Jillian's jackets - signature looks

Laura's simply elegant, gorgeous gown with the beading in the middle - signture look

Jay's Chrysler dress - signature look.

These clothes? Not so much. But it is early, they seem promising.

I thought this was like the clearest win ever. It was not only that the outfit was beyond GORGEOUS. There also was no other garment out there yesterday that could compete with it even by a long shot.
I only thought that the judges may not give it to them because of the drab second look. But they clearly decided that the second part of the challenge was to be utterly ignored and that was fine with me because, what was that about??

So Mila had the good sense to concentrate on her signature look. She was really good as a team leader too. She completely focused on the jacket and thought everything over and over, while delegating all the execution hands on stuff to a team mate chosen because of his execution skills. Well done for her.

As for the garment. I could really see the inspiration on the Balenciaga coat they saw at the museum. It is Balenciaga at core, brought for a walk with Courreges, moved forward with some of that 80s optics graphics and it looks totally luxurious, totally modern without being overtly now and totally Mila. It was beyond clear Nina would love it. It met the challenge in all fronts.

Plus, it is gorgeous. I would wear it, although that means nothing. But I can see many fashion-forward women with this look, I can see a number of editors sporting it, I can see Giovanna or Anna dello Russo or even the French voguettes. It looks just GREAT.

As for baby dolls, but of course they were the thing two years ago and they are a big NO now. Who would buy a baby doll today??!! This is FASHION, this is exactly how it is supposed to be.


Whoops! Collar came from CHRIS

I was okay with the jacket, but not in love with it and I hated the stripes on the pants. The low end dress was a hot mess, but then again all of the low end dresses except for the $46 one were a mess.

The primary look was beautifully-executed, and I, too, appreciated the non-dress-ness of it, but I was miffed that the judges completely ignored the failure of the secondary look after their initial critique. Yes, the primary look was exceptionally strong, but, according to the judges, so was the other team's, and they also said Jay and Maya (team JaMaya) improved upon the "inspiration" in their second look. By the rules set before them, no matter how gorgeous Mila and Jonathan's first look, one had to include the second look when judging the results, and JaMaya managed to pull off two solid looks (according to the judges). Mila's win doesn't infuriate me, especially since what Mila did (with Jonathan's help) was damned good, but it does annoy me. FOLLOW YOUR DAMNED RULES, PRW!

Long time lurker delurking to say that the sad feather on the knockoff dress looks to me like a centipede crawling up the model's boob (and I HATE centipedes).

Didn't like the workout pants at all but the jacket was interesting, and so very, very Mila.

This is why the unusual materials challenges are ALWAYS better than the make a pretty dress ones. They really have to put their thinking caps on and try harder to come up with something good.

Just look at the quality of the work and the sheer creativity on the last challenge with the burlap and compare it to this challenge, where they had access to Mood. Same designers. No comparison.

I agree with whoever above that said that the jacket reminded them of a penguin. Because it definitely did. I wouldn't have given them the win either. Most of their props come for not making a dress. I don't think anyone would wear it as an evening look like Mila explained it was supposed to be. It does look like a high end sports suit. Adding something shimmery with a sporty type look doesn't make it evening wear.

And frankly, this was one of the more boring episodes so far in my opinion. And it's amazing how much crap can be turned out when you have $500 to spend on fabric. The burlap challenge has been the best so far.

I loved the jacket. And the minute I saw the yellow lining, I let out a whoop! That's so me. (I have a vintage short evening coat from the '20s that's black satin with a mustard yellow lining!)

As others have noted, I immediately thought Emma Peel when I saw this outfit. And I love Emma Peel so it's all good. The whole thing looked much better on the runway. In the stills it looks kind of droopy and sad. The second dress was some serious fug but they didn't have much to work with. Interesting win.

Mila really rubs me the wrong way. I predict we'll see some major bitchiness from her before this is all over (hoping). And maybe she'll fess up as to how old she really is.

This is one of those times when I realized I don't really know fashion and I'll have to leave it up to the experts, because I thought that winning look was hideous, like an 80's exersize outfit or something.

Nostalgie said...
" I don't think anyone would wear it as an evening look like Mila explained it was supposed to be."

I would.

I think the jumpsuit thing looked like something an early 90s female rapper would wear. Um...not my favorite, but whatever.

I liked the jacket quite a bit in shape and form (and the yellow lining was very striking). Even the stripe. Also, the penguiny bit. Because tuxes. See.

Hated the stripe on the pants, though. Wish they had done it as a solid colour. Either the pants or the top being white also probably would've worked better for me. I suspect that they thought black would work better against the yellow lining of the jacket, though.

I don't mind them winning, but it wouldn't have been my choice, either.

They were not my first choice.

I think the winning outfit could have been improved had they done the top in the same color of yellow as the jacket lining.

Ugh! "Track suit" was the first thing that popped into my head even when it was sitting half-finished on the dress form. When are racing stripes ever couture? And the knock-off dress was serious fug -- looks to me she didn't notice her dog pooped on the blouse before putting it on.

Still, I suppose it was well executed. Wasn't what I would a top look, but you can't win them all.

(Now I'll have Olivia Newton John in my head all morning. Let's get physical... physicallll...)

quigley (the cat)

I fell asleep and woke up to see this the winner. Rubbing my eyes, was I seeing a penguin, an orca, shamu?? or maybe it was inspired by that eye-ball searing dining room Hildi created on Trading Spaces.

At least it had SLEEVES, and was not-a-dress. I hate it...wait, I love, I love the construction, and hate the item.

And their second look was asstastic fugly. Little Mila shoulda won.

scratches 'n hisses,

I love batwings, I love Poiret cocoon coats - the sihouette works for me - and I do love the mod, mod take on it - go Speed Racer go!

And FYI, the Met has its fashion collection online - it is a treasure trove.

MayBee said:

"This is the first piece in the new Liza Minnelli Workout collection."


To beat a long-dead horse: yes, first thing I thought when it came out was "high-end warm up jacket." Then I thought, wait, no, it's a nicer shape than that.

Totally agree the leg stripes made the work out gear thought inevitable, and I agree with Brooklyn Bomber that a more statuesque model might have imbued the look with more elegance (but, really, it's not like she's actually *short* or anything).

I also think that putting it over black made it hard to see the shape & drape. Would have looked more elegant over, I don't know, white? A black/white pattern?

Over a simple, white, long column dress - gorge!

Forgot to say, though, that I completely endorse the win. Simply on the grounds that it was well-executed and *different*

"Tlo said: But Jonathan, you better run, because Mila scares us a little."

Yeah. I was thinking; wait til the reunion (and they damn well better have one this season).


Steve said...

"We hope they set their work tables on fire next week."

Ha! They need a disaster challenge - - the types of things they'd call a disaster anyway -- like if 5 hours into the process Tim comes in and "accidentally" spills coffee on everyone's work, which they would then have to salvage.

I laughed at the table-legs comment, but I think Steve is onto something. Come up with an obstacle that might actually happen (well, if we stretch our imaginations.) Have they ever done a model switch? I imagine girls getting sick or not showing up happens often enough.

The mass coffee spilling is so cruel I doubt Mr. Gunn, grave nurturer of designers, could bring himself to do it. They'd have to send in interns.

Sorry to repeat the common thought - but dang... penguin. All it needed was was Batman to shoot a net over it.

The jacket may have given her the win, but she wouldn't have been able to complete the look without Jonathon.

I agree with the earlier post that inferred that you overreacted to the almost drama. I thought it was quite clear that Jonathon was anticipating what might go down on the runway, and, given what we have seen of Mila, I think he was right to prepare himself for being sold down the river. Sounds exactly something you would have done, TLo. Good for Jonathon. (although I will acknowledge that Mila used her lead to her advantage, giving her time to dedicate to the jacket).

Another black outfit. Yawn.

I did not like her penguin outfit.

"her team mate was ready to shiv her in the cafeteria"

Hahahahahahahaha. She can cut a bitch.

Love. Want.

Without the racing stripe pants.


I understood the judges' appreciation of Mila's jacket, but given the dishing for the second look (much as they disliked the inspiration aside), I don't understand why Mila was given the win. Did they blame Jonathon for the cheapy tacky babydoll?

BTW, I think a Mad Men-esque cocktail dress, with a fluffy skirt and fitted yellow/gold bodice and a natural waistline would have been a nicer mass market reinterpretation. JMHO

"The mass coffee spilling is so cruel I doubt Mr. Gunn, grave nurturer of designers, could bring himself to do it. They'd have to send in interns."

Get the models to do it during the fitting.

Two words: Vanilla Ice. That is all.

I'm not sure who I would have given the win to. Frankly, I don't know what the judging criteria was because the challenge was so....huh? There was nothing about being inspired by the fashion seen at the Met, it wasn't clear about how much weight the second look carried in the judging (and since most of them were ass, the judges might have just decided to chuck it completely).

And wasn't the first challenge to create a look that exemplified the designers' signature style?? I was floored that that was repeated in the third challenge. WTF???

Loved the jacket. It was definitely Balenciaga/Poiret inspired in shape and Mila took her color-blocking signature and worked it well. But the rest of the outfit was boring - track pants? a blah sparkly black top? Nah. The poster who suggested a white column dress under the jacket - that would have made a statement. Or even white pants/blouse. Too much black. The jacket got lost.

The look for less was horrible. If you create this sophisticated jacket for a signature look, why the hell would you go "juniors" and create a cheap babydoll dress that looks like you bought it at Conway? Even a simple sheath dress with black and yellow colorblocking would have fit the two looks together and still it would have been obvious which other team they were "inspired" by (gee, that word's a stretch!).

Anyway, again, not sure if I would have given Mila the win but it was definitely different and I think different won in this case.

When this look came out on the runway I said "this looks like recycled '90s ass, but the judges are going to love it!" and how right I was.

God, yes, I agree with Summer about the penguin part. Here's a comparison

For Nina being so critical of "all that brown" - interesting that Black (with a little white) this week didn't earn a mention.

I'd have welcomed brown and the ugly but flattering shade of green.

I like the jacket. Basically, the two outfits in the winner's circle were the two that had something that popped. Mila's was beautiful, but not as distinctive as the jacket.

Yes, Mila wouldn't have finished the challenge without Jonathan's work. So, I actually think she was shrewd in how she managed the challenge. She knew the jacket would take time and picked a partner who could handle the other parts. I like Mila, in part, because she thinks strategically. And she wants it. Really, really wants it. That's sheer gritty determination oozing from those pores.

It's pretty clear to me that the judges gave Mila the win because they would have discussed who did what and it would have been clear that Jonathan did a ton, but was in charge of the weaker parts of the look. In a sense, Mila was an easy choice because it was so clear what she'd done.

And, yeah, the pants had stripes because it was a take on a tuxedo--akin to Yves St. Laurent's Le Smoking. That said, the stripes read track suit to me, too.

Gotta say--if you're going to make it a $500 challenge, give the designers time to do it well. This challenge really wasn't as exciting as it should have been. (Color? Color? Anywhere?)

I understand why the judges loved this look and I understand that the execution was flawless, which counts for a lot.

BUT...penguin, racing stripes on pants, and terrible "look for less." This equals a win?

We didn't get to see much of the entries that weren't best or worst, but in the few seconds' glimpse I caught, I'd have given the win to Emilio. I loved that dress! Loved! Wanted! Would have bought! And their "less" look was pretty good too.

ASK said...
For Nina being so critical of "all that brown" - interesting that Black (with a little white) this week didn't earn a mention.

Why should it? the brown Jesus has beeing using is at this moment totally drab, and OUT, an no-no. Maybe next year it will be new-mustard-yellow, but right now, it's not. While black is black. Nina is a fashion editor. Thinking of fashion shooting. In her a role as a fashion judge. That's what is to be expected. that's what it is about. People, this is a FASHION show, you cannot enjoy it if you don't like fashion!

I think the stripes of the pants are essential to this look (the more I look at it the more I like it). They reference both the tuxedo concept and the sport inspiration while providing extra points for execution (not easy to do so well). They make the look complete.

The top I though was real good too. By being shinny, it contributed to the evening feel, and by being simple and black, it didn't compete with the jacket. In real life, you could combine the coat with a million other things.

One thing is the runaway look, another thing is what the shopper buys, yet another how people would wear it. I would imagine this jacket being paired with shinny leggings, or a skirt, or distressed tight jeans, or plain classic trousers and a turtle neck, whatever. The point is that in the context of the runway the whole look made sense by providing a coherent narrative and that outside that context, the possibilities are many and attractive. All in all a very successful look and so beautifully executed.


I don't think there was really anything to the Jonathan comment. It actually seemed out of place since they worked side-by-side for the rest of the show drama free. And, a little freakout is completely justified - I thought that coat was heading straight to the bottom.

In fact, for all his "I'm so competitive" posturing, he was a good team player overall.

The term "Baby-Doll Dress" says it all. Stop making them for grown-up people (or stop trying to dress women like little girls....which is a whole other issue!).


Yes, the garments were executed perfectly but it doesn't change the fact that they were both... HIDEOUS. No one I know would be willing to wear either outfit, least of all myself. Not even for $$.
I didn't get to watch the episode yet. How bad could the other entries possibly have been in order for this mess to win???


Yes, I also got the feeling Jonathan had been given the bitch edit to add interest to an otherwise unevenful and fruitful collaboration.

I can almos picture it:

Behind the camera: So Jonathan, tell us, do you think Mila would backstab you if she had a chance.
Jonathan: Well, you know, we're working well together, I'm sewing a lot and stuff but...

But would she throw you under the bus if she felt the danger
Jonathan: I guess, well, I think it is going quite well, the coat...

Yeah, yeah, but if the outfit was a disaster, and you had sown it badly, and it felt into pieces, and the judges hated it, and you were in the deep bottom, and Ping was not there, if she felt threatened... would she sell you out?
Jonathan: Well, you know, yeah, I guess... if it wouldn’t be working so well, if she was pushed to the bottom, and it was a question of of life or death I know SHE WELL SELL ME OFF IN THE RUNWAY. I mean, that't the way it is, I know I WILL SELL HER OFF IN THE RUNWAY if it was me...

Okay, cut in between those lines, edit, on the screen, show.

Anonymous 2:30

Oh, I'd wear the coat. I'm tall, average weight. The coat would be an easy statement piece to put over a pair of narrow pants. Much easier to handle than a tight cocktail dress or a swoopy satin evening gown, but with just as much impact.

You don't need to be 21 with a perfect figure to wear the coat. As long as you've got some shoulders and height, the coat will work. It's actually a good choice for an expensive piece for that reason.

I don't think this design should have won either. =( The jacket was meh and the 2nd design...ugh not nice.

That was an evening look? Hmm. And the look for less was hideous. Ugh. I didn't much like Maya's but I thought that with their second look, that was a stronger showing.

I'm short and I would also wear that coat. In a second. The volume on top would be compensated below by tight leggings, as shown, or opaques. Anyway, with the arms down the volume is quite restrained.

And I agree, it's the kind of statement piece on which it is a pleasure to spend money (if you have to count your dollars when buying fashion), because it would go with one million things, it is original but wearable, comfortable but gaudy, edgy but classic, sleek, can be dressed up or down... I WANT IT.

Don't see the outfit as evening at all, and I have problems with it being too derivative, but earlier than the 80s and 90s and others have pointed out. Reminded me more of 60s Carnaby street (yeah, I remember it) with the graphic b & w color blocking. Stripes on the pants were awful, but liked the curry lining. Not a great look for the win, but what else would you have chosen??

Anon - 2:15 PM - I love the brown he used. (WNTW does also) Chocalate my drib , but is not drab.

And that green IS in and available.

the point was/is that she made it sound like it was dark and too "one color", while she normally bitches about black and there was a hell of a lot more black than brown.

Chocolate brown has been out since 1998.

I wish they had a challenge like the black and white one they did in Season 3, but instead the designers would be forced to work with bright colors like cardinal red, canary yellow and eggplant purple. All those dark fabrics are a real downer.

I can't wait to see this episode.

(Poor Ping! Boo Pirate Snob!)

Happy with the win because the pretty dress thing is getting boring as all heck. And I liked the editorial element of this jacket. A lot.

Nancy said...

"A signature piece is:

That huge collar on Chris/Christian's avant garde gown - I think the gown came from Christian, and the collar came from Kris.

Jillian's jackets - signature looks..."

ITA: Nancy, you're absolutely right on this one. The panel of judges waffled on their standards for this challenge. I think that the very sight of sportswear and separates sent them all in a a state of heightened fashion orgasm and they had no choice but to choose Mila and Jonathan as winners. Initially, I was sent into visceral anguish over this look, but I can now understand how it won ---I just don't agree that it was specifically a "signature" look or that it met the criteria or dictates of the challenge. Btw: Lovin' all the analogies which have been particularly creative since last night. Personal fave of the moment: the Dorothy Zbornak 3000 line of sportswear (lololol).


I'm so over that monstruous Chris/tian collar...
Thinking about it, Mila's garment feels the more refreshing and apealing.

Some one posted:
HINT TO SEWING SIREN: redesign, maybe?? What would go better with that jacket?
(I'm sorry I don't remember who...)

Well, I don't know about SS, but I like the idea of that stunning jacket over a white column dress for sure. Or even black. With a tiny trumpet hemline for a little break. Not a full mermaid--just a little one very near the hem. Get it? Beautiful.

Anyway--I like Mila. She knows herself, can delgate and won't collapse into a pile of insecire jelly if a collaborator has a suggestion or a criticism.
That comes with maturity.
I think that ahd a lot to do with her win--that outfit was SO HER. And isn't that what the judges look for? A strong POV.
And I didn't mind the baby doll so much. Meh, it was ok.


When would you wear the outfit, except in the evening? It's a take on a tux--well, actually tails. Yeah, I wouldn't wear it to the Academy Awards, but out to dinner or a club? Why not? Really, any place you'd wear a little black dress would be the right level of formality for the jacket. I don't think it's a particularly young look--I sort of wonder if Mila's a bit of a Laura Bennett with an industrial edge and (alas) less charismatic presence.

Mila knows her stuff--construction/fashion history--and Michael and Nina know she knows it. She's one of the most sophisticated designers they've had on the show. (No one, except maybe Irina, was in the same ballpark last season.) And Michael and Nina are picking up every fashion-history reference she's making (and referencing fashion history was an implicit part of this challenge with a visit to the museum). With her, getting to the finale is going to be about whether she can come back from the inevitable screw-up/judge drubbing.

I don't think she's a Kenley/Penley nutso bitch or a Wendy Pepper manipulator bitch, but I could see the bitch factor coming out given how sensitive she seems to be to rejection and how really badly she wants it. I don't think she has much of a sense of humor under pressure. We're not looking at fan favorite

That said, I'm rooting for her and hope she doesn't crack. I love designers who really put thought into what they do and Mila does that.

All I see there is a big ass windbreaker and some track pants-- I think Maya and Jay shoulda won.

Anonymous (1:23) said...

"The mass coffee spilling is so cruel I doubt Mr. Gunn, grave nurturer of designers, could bring himself to do it. They'd have to send in interns."

Get the models to do it during the fitting.

Depending on the tension level, you might need security to make sure one of the more, er, "high strung" designers didn't leap screeching on the model.

That jacket just needed an 8 ball on the back and it would have been straight out of 90's hip hop.

Glammy, loved your analysis, very thoughtful.

Aww, thanks Anonymous. Mila's stuff has interested me ever since she referenced that ugly/pretty Prada thing in the first challenge. Didn't like it when Prada did it. Didn't really like Mila's--but I was interested in her going for something like that and not making a disaster.

Re: Chocolate Brown - actually WHO is on the trend card for fall-winter 2009-2010.

Am I missing something? tobacco brown, copper brown, all kind of retro-browns... but, chocolate brown?

I'm STILL trying to figure out this silly challenge.
It's just the "It's the Great Orca, Charlie Brown", to me.
I liked the jacket, but the nike-esque pants really ruined the entire look.
Blech on Jonathan's "cheap" look.
Positively NOT one of my favorite challenges. NEXT!!!

The jacket is totally win-worthy, but the rest of the look confuses me. Do you take the jacket off during your workout? Is there a sports bra under the sparkly top?

What I do love is the freeze frame of Jonathan, sharpening his little pencil/weapon of death--you just know he's biding his time. Jimmy Neutron: EVIL Genius.

ASK, considering TFL (whose color forecast you posted) is a leather tannery, it's not surprise they include all sorts of browns in their forecast. Finding one link to support your opinion that brown is on-trend doesn't make it true.

Black is not like other colors. Black is always in. It can be neutral, it can be a statement, it can be graphical, it can tame over-exuberant colors, it can be casual, it can be elegant, and last but not least, it can make people look thinner. It's always chic, it's always in. And as others have said, a crisp graphic black jacket such as Mila's photographs like a dream, which is why Nina loved it. To claim Nina's criticism of the shit brown color that Jesus gravitates towards is hypocritical because she loves black is to not understand fashion or color.

Also, there are ways to abuse colors, even black. Jesus hasn't used his browns well--he outfits have looked drab, tired, and muddy. Mila used black perfectly, creating a jacket that was graphic and eye-catching.

ASK you might like brown, and you might like Jesus' work. That doesn't make him on trend. He's not.

Forget fashion, it doesn't make sense, period. It's like saying "Why did Nina criticize that short skirt last week but praised that mid-length skirt this week?

Best. Recap. Ever.

I was totally in love with that jacket, so I was happy they when despite the awful dress.

Total agreement here, TLo. That jacket was striking when she had her arms out, but was way less interesting the rest of the time. I wonder what the peek of yellow between the legs looked like in person, given that the yellow lining wasn't visible elsewhere. I also agree that the stripe in the pant is what threw this look into workout world. And the spangly top just looked like they couldn't figure out how to make it evening otherwise.

I also don't understand why they did a signature look challenge again. Isn't that what the first challenge was supposed to be? Show me who you are as a designer? And I don't understand showing a lot of beautiful couture dresses, telling the designers to use them as inspiration, and then rewarding someone because they didn't make a dress. WTF?

But, unlike last year, at least there were several great looks to choose from. I'd have given the win to Maya.

I think Mila is a Romulan

In the first photo when Lorena had her arms outstretched, the phrase "flying squirrel" popped into my mind. But, you know, even though I wouldn't wear that outfit, it was very much a signature look, which was the challenge after, and it stood out from the rest. I agree that the babydoll dress was ass, but kudos to Team Romulan for a winning main look.

ANON - this again is getting old....

"Jesus hasn't used his browns well--he outfits have looked drab, tired, and muddy."

THAT is YOUR Opinion - it does NOT make it a fact. There were multiple sites that all included brown, this was one that had good "chips". Geez. Yes Black is "always in" - that wasn't the point and I'd say "you know it" but forget it.

It was a comment on HOW MUCH black was on that runway and how Nina is inconsistent with her criticisms. In another post I point out how - despite my distaste for Ping's work, that the inconsistent comments by the judges,esp. Nina, did her a disservice.


"anything that causes those little fame whores some stress is entertainment gold as far as we're concerned."
You guys crack me the f*ck up!

Not sure why this won. I liked the babydoll dress fine. The signature one, while it seemed original, did seem rather unusual as well. But at least it is well made and wearable.

This is getting old dear ASK? I've only replied to you once.

"I'd say "you know it" but forget it" Except you did say it. Passive/aggressive much?

Your point, it seems to me, is that Nina is inconsistent in her judging because she doesn't like Jesus' all-brown looks, but likes Mila's black and white design. My answer to your point was that you can't compare an all brown look to an all black look, as black is a color that is unlike any other. I brought up that black is always on trend because you made trending colors an issue in your previous post. You can't say Nina's inconsistent because from an editor's standpoint, a black jacket that's highly graphic looks better in a magazine spread better than an all brown, or mostly brown and dark green dress. She looks at clothes like an editor and likes clothes that have strong visual impact. You're getting caught up in but ONE element of her critiques, to the point that you're blinded to the reason she liked a mostly black outfit over a mostly brown outfit.

And yes, my opinion isn't fact. Neither is yours. Having a contrary opinion doesn't make you smarter then the rest of the room, or smarter than a successful magazine editor whose opinion you so quickly dismiss. You disagree with Nina. So what. So do I sometimes. So do most of us. Get over it.

And now I'm done.

I liked that it wasn't a dress. That's it, it was a questionable win but the possibility of a shiv fight was invigorating! I was really impressed with Mila's little "seamstress" :-)

raisin mountaineer

I got to watch the walks today, got to look at the pics some more, and I still like Mila's jacket for the win. It is dramatic and has that Emma Peel thing going on, and had that amazing lining-- Mila's signature? That said, I really like the long dress with the shoulder fungus a lot too-- it walked absolutely beautifully-- much better in motion than still.

I LOVED that Anthony objected to pirate guy's treatment of Ping based on "she's a lady, and it's wrong to treat a lady like that." I don't really like Anthony's clothes, but I love him. I want him to be my friend and give me advice.

I can't wait to see the whole episode for myself (hopefully it will be up tomorrow).

I loved it. I'm very happy for Mila. I didn't like the white stripe at first but now I do. It gives more movement to the piece as the white on the pants does communicate with the white on the coat. And she did sleeves. It also really communicated her aesthetic while reaching back to reference prior design greats. The other look... not as thrilled with that. I guess they could have done a yellow blouse, pencil skirt and little hat with a poof of black tulle.. but the inspiration was a yawn.

Although Mila's Avengers look was great, the other team clearly should have won with two strong entries. It seemed clear to us that they were wrapping in Mila's contribution from last week with this win--especially if a couple of the judges regretted that she didn't get the win last week.

When people who go by ANON write - how the hell is anyone supposed to know which anon - so 8:42 - how is anyone supposed to know whether you've written one of all of the comments?

The words "chocolate brown" always make me think of a mound of poo.

Well Mary, that's kind of my point. ASK seemed to assume all the anonymous people directing comments at her were the same person (that's how I read her "this is getting old" comment). In fact, there's no way for her to know if we're one person or many. ASK made an incorrect assumption, and I corrected it.


I'm thinking something with a texture might have been better than the tight sparkly top under Mila's coat (okay, Heidi does love tight and sparkly.)

Mila was smart to think creatively, and there was a coat among the garments they saw at the Met. Of course she risked Nina waving her hand and saying you made sportswear. Mila's look was a breath of fresh air when seen next to some of those tugboat-like gowns the other designers hammered together.

And Brooklyn Bomber hit it on the head; the second dress was the definition of schmatta.

What I think is funny about this win is how Jonathan was moaning about how he was doing EVERYTHING and Mila was only doing the COAT and... the coat was the only good thing about either look. LOVED the coat, hated every single other garment. Still, I don't mind that they won.

I was throw my shoes mad this won. It was one of the ones I completely hated. It looks like a glorified track suit. Yes she did separates with a bunch of dresses but the pieces were ugly and mismatched. Work out pants, a glittery top, and a jacket that makes you look like a moth trying to scare a bird away.

this was pretty ugly. so far, i get the judges' auf'ing decisions, but the wins.. not so much. but frankly, i can't remember any good ones from this challenge..esp since they had $500. maya's might have been the best.

ps - that jesus is a shithead with awful taste... good thing the judges told him early on (and consistently) that he's got bad taste... one could see him getting a big delusional head.


Did not like the winning look at all. I realize the jacket was the star, but I cannot get past those high-waisted pants and tacky, blousey top. I HATE that unflattering, ridiculous combo, that designers insist on sending down runways over and over again, with a passion. And besides, the jacket was voluminous snooze. Would've given the win to Maya/Jay or even Jesus/Amy.

First thought: GIANT PENGUIN!!!

Bill said...
Did anyone else wish they had done a slow pan along all the gowns and dresses on display from the Costume Institute? I didn't seem like they gave all of them screen time.

Took the words right out of my mouth!!!
I'd have LOVED a long slow 360° view of each of those dresses. I'd have replayed it 100 times by now! I'd be sitting here replaying it right now!

I was good with this win because it was so well done. But, I'd also have been on board with Mr. Immunity & Maya/Christina Ricci winning - they had two really good looks.

Robin 11:15

I love that you take notes!

Been There, Done That

Sorry, I'm getting a Spider Man vibe and those pants! Even models have thunder thighs and this look is unforgiving.

So do we know for sure yet if Heidi was wearing Uli? Her MOTR dress definitely looked liked Uli... so were all three of her PR / MOTR get ups Uli creations?

I couldn't believe this won over the 2nd place duo.. it looked like something Carmella Soprano would wear for a day out to the gym and lunch with the girls, the shiny shirt and the big stripe down the side of the pant would never belong with the pieces at the Met, 2nd piece was crapola

Winning look made me think "March of the Penguins"

Did anyone else wish they had done a slow pan along all the gowns and dresses on display from the Costume Institute? I didn't seem like they gave all of them screen time.

Took the words right out of my mouth!!!
I'd have LOVED a long slow 360° view of each of those dresses. I'd have replayed it 100 times by now! I'd be sitting here replaying it right now!

Bill and SusanID, you might have to do your own digging to find the pieces shown on PR, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute has a massive, massive database for your perusal. Some even have detailed descriptions of the construction and multiple, zoom-in-able views. (Look for the "Additional views" links at the bottom of an entry, like this one).

Some iconic pieces are selected as highlights, or you can run a search on a designer's name (and maybe the word "dress" or "ensemble," unless you want to page through 300 Balenciaga hats and gloves and stockings.)

Anna! Thank you!

I kept hoping you guys would mention that the detailing in the one dress makes you think of chest hair.

But perhaps it was just me.

Er, your thanks may be premature, SusanID--I cued up my PR video and paused on some of the quick pans/designer IDs, then did some searches in the database, and damned if I can find the beaded white Yves Saint Laurent dress.

I finally found the Madame Gres dress, though--I didn't recognize it at first because the front-view museum photo has the bust opened up, but then one of the long shots on PR showed the cross in the back.

Oh, well, the site is a pretty amazing fashion education regardless.

I don't get it. I thought it looked like ASS. Dated and like a workout suit. I really don't get her aesthetic. But, what do I know? I though this was going to be in the bottom two.

This jacket looks like a huge copy of Christian Joy's work!

Talk about a WOW moment - Mila's design took my breath away! It was by far the most innovative and exciting piece, very deserving of the win. Doing great design inevitably involves taking risks. But to be successful the risks must be calculated through careful thought and execution. Following her instinctive feel for design and with a strong desire to express her progressive, fashion forward signature style, Mila took a big risk. She went about it methodically. Jonathan criticized Mila's thoughtful, meticulous process and said some scathing things about her in his blog. He has a lot to learn and would benefit much more if he spent his energy listening and being a team player.

One of the hallmarks of a great designer is the ability to making something complex appear uncomplicated. The bold, clean lines of Mila's coat belied the complexity of its pattern and construction. Mila's choice of Jonathan as her partner was brilliant and, as Tim pointed out, their combination of skills made the win possible. How disappointing that Jonathan could not appreciate and glorify that instead of attempting to bring Mila down. In my view he damaged his own image. No need to be scared of her unless you're competing against her. Stay on the high road and keep up the great work, Mila!

Tampa Bay & Vera -- Totally agree with your comments. This was a challenge that had everyone either loving or hating the winning choice. I think the jacket was totally versatile and I too was coming up with all kinds of other ways to wear it. I love the comment about this being number one in Liza Manelli's wardrobe -- also LOL at the person who said that they basically had this in their closet.

I seriously HATED the winning look. When I first saw it on the runway, I thought for sure Mila & Jonathan would be in the bottom two. I didn't even think it was well executed...the seam running down the back made it look really sloppy.

Their second look was pretty bad too. It looked poorly constructed and was not flattering or original.

I thought Maya & Jay's outfits were both far superior and should have won!

1/30/10 2:31 PM
Er, your thanks may be premature, SusanID--

No, Anna - THANKS!

I stayed up til 2AM last night looking at this site. It is fabulous! Also, went to Victoria & Albert museum to see if their incredible historical clothing collection was online. Yes!

In general, the Met site is more navigable - but the V&A site has this cool feature where you can see the dress from EVERY ANGLE as though you were walking slowly around it! Not on every dress - but look at this:

Loved the winning look! Although I completely agree with your suggestions for improving it.

I thought their second look was fine, given the completely nonsensical explanation of the challenge. Was it supposed to be a less expensive interpretation of the original garment or was it supposed to be a completely different garment that was just inspired by it? They were told not to copy it but the second look that received the most praise was almost an exact copy.

If the most important part of the challenge was creating a signature look (and I think it was), then the judges picked the right one for the win.

Hey guys,

There's an interview in the SF Chron today with Jay and Amy Sarabi. Sarabi's quoted as saying that Mila is "the one you love to hate."

So sounds like TLo is on it again. Sorry to hear she's a stealth bitch--I really like her eye.

Mila seems so insecure. I don't think I like her...

The jacket was made beautifully, but it was more like cocktail partywear for Naples, FL, rather than haute couture. I felt like the judges lost site of the challenge when they were all excited about "separates." "That's what people wear!" But that wasn't the challenge. Haute couture is part fantasy, which this wasn't.

Like many others here, I wish the pants on the winning outfit weren't so workout-wear looking. Even if the panel down the side were a different texture of black, it would look better...kind of a tuxedo-pant effect. The look was so very different from everything else on the runway, which surely helped it get the win.

I thought that Mila's creation was hands down the winner. The jacket is stunning. I love the graphic quality of the white stripe. The movement of the piece was extraordinary. The pop of yellow was perfect. I did not get the workout wear connection until it was pointed out. Although the stripe in the pants was not bothersome to me, I do agree that it was not necessary, as the stripe in the jacket was strong enough to stand alone.
I have greatly enjoyed all of the comments about the partnership between Mila and Jonathan. Yes, he should watch his back! He is the one that I think "you love to hate"! Seemed quite snippy to me and not a team player. I felt Mila was a gracious team leader. Afterall it was her design and her name on the line. Her comments about Jonathan were telling. She went out of her way to point out how appreciative she was to have him as her team member. She noted that he did the pants and the difficulty involved. I don't get the bitch comments directed toward Mila at all. To my eyes, she is the one that has it together and projects an image of grace and style. She is a leader.
When it comes right down to it, the win was completely predicated on the Jacket. Everything else was secondary. Could it possibly that Jonathan's ego cannot handle the second chair position? The win was all Mila and he should be nothing but thankful.
I think Mila will go all the way.
One last note. I'm sure gonna miss Ping!

I've been watching PR since Season 1 - Mila is the most exciting designer to date. Her designs are edgy, but approachable, artful, memorable, unique and classy. She pays homage to her inspiration and yet carves out a path of her own. And what a strikingly beautiful girl! ... lucky us to watch Mila truly come into fashion.

I thought the jacket looked like a better-tailored backwards Snuggie. And the suit underneath looked like a speed-skating outfit.

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