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Respect my creativiteh!

Oh god, what a welcome sight it was to see Tim Gunn knee deep in animal shit.

No offense, Uncle Tim, but after a full season of "Here's some pretty fabric! Make something pretty out of it!" we were over the moon at the prospect of seeing some old school PR forced creativity in the Gristedes and car parts mode.

And can we just say that, so far, Bunim/Murray is doing a really good job of staging and shooting the show? That stuff matters more than the average viewer realizes and in these first two episodes of Season 7, we're seeing more energy and style in the way the show is presented than we ever saw in all of S6, which as far as we're concerned should be labeled "The Season The Weinsteins Almost Completely Fucked the Show Over."

Model: Kasey Ashcroft

So congratulations, Jay! We don't know if you go by Jay or Jay Nicholas, but it's easier to type the former even though in conversation we invariably refer to you by the latter.

We get a kick out of the fact that he comes off all focused and serious and speak-from-the-chest and then when he gets tired or lets his guard down he girls it up in a big girly way. Stealth queen.

So...this dress.

We're okay with it being in the Top 3. It's where we would have put it if we were in charge. We would not, however, have given it the win. There was another more deserving dress on the runway. Still, that's for later. Let's talk about this dress.

We weren't as impressed as the judges over the skirt treatment until we saw the pictures this morning. It didn't really show up on our TV screen, but the way he frayed the burlap and worked the trim in really is quite beautiful and unique.

Where we part ways with the judges is the bodice on this thing. Sure, we get that he was going for a rough, kind of deconstructed feel with the frayed edges and such...

But the bottom of this dress has a very polished and finished feel to it despite all the fraying, and the top just looks unfinished and incomplete to us.

Still, it really is a great-looking frock. We might not have awarded it the win, but we have no real problem with it since it was such a strong look.

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Jay is not going to be the next Jay, no matter how much I'd like him to be.

That said, something was bothering me about this, and I think it is the kind of raw, underdone bodice.

I think Amy should have gotten it. The treatment on the skirt was gorgeous.

But this does look much better in pictures than it did last night.

Well, yeah, I liked at least one of the other dresses better, but Jay is really, really cute, especially when he's wearing the hat.

TLo said: " which as far as we're concerned should be labeled "The Season The Weinsteins Almost Completely Fucked the Show Over."

AMEN on that one, brothers!

This season has thus far - in two shows - been SO superior to TSTWACFTSHO!

This wasn't my most favorite frock of the night but I can see where it got the win. It did take the burlap into a whole 'nother realm and I give it up to Jay for what he was able to do with the potato sacks.


He said "It's very Jay Nicholas Sario" far too many times in last night's episode. And his dress looked like an ice skating costume.

yeah! ho! wah!

agree agree agree. nice skirt, but the bodice doesnt quite work.

and i know its not fair (or relevant), but im a little ut off by his girly outbursts.

amy should have won.

I really thought that Amy's dress should have won, but wasn't upset with this decision because it really was a beautiful dress.

Loved this challenge! It's about time the models got to choose the designers!

Yes, the bodice didn't completely match the skirt (which I thought was simply stunning), but it wasn't bad. I was surprised it took the win, but yes, it was a good look.

OMG, and thanks to you, now I have Cartman's "Respect my authoritahy!" screaming in my head!

I liked this one, but I thought the skirt came off a little ice skatery. I'd have put Amy's ahead of it, and probably a couple of others as well.

It wouldn't have been my pick for the win, but it was a nicely made dress. I definitely don't like the raw edges on the bodice.

The judges always seem so mixed over whether they want something to resemble the original garment or completely transformed on challenges like these.

Oh my, so many stealth queens in my life...
I liked this. I woulda given it to Amy too, but I was so impressed with how he course corrected when the dye dried and didn't work for his original plan. He pulled it together and made a great little dress.

I really loved that dress. I liked Amy's a lot too. There was A LOT on the runway last night though that I would absolutely wear!

I'll agree -- in 2 episodes, this season has been 100x better then last season.

If that feather effect didn't show up on your screen, perhaps we should have a webathon of some sort to buy you boys an HD set. We just got high-definition Lifetime, and the difference in the details I see is very dramatic.

The South Park reference just makes my day guys.
Great episode. Cool challenge,
crazy cat lady judge, bitchy ego drama, FUN! FUN! FUN!

Lauren Hutton is off her rocker and all but it is POSITIVELY REFRESHING to see a woman let her face age naturally. She looked incredible the way only a person who accepts themselves the way they are can. She's CARAZEEEEEE in absolutely charming sort of way.

this was blah for me.

screams dance recital (sp) frock or ice skating.

these judges sure love short puffy skirts.

this looks like christophers winning dress last season...same style i mean, with the fitted bodice and crazy skirt that everyone keeps calling edgy.

just looks messy to me.

I liked his dress even though Tim looked ready to have a conniption in the work room. I could tell from the judges comments that he was going to get the win, but I think Amy should have gotten it, not only for her treatment of the skirt, but the was she finished her bodice. You knew it was burlap, but it seemed somehow refined.

I thought it would be between him and Amy. I was surprised she got third. I agree the top was sort of unfinished, but with only one day to make a dress, I figure they gave it a pass. Oh, and cheers to the burlap! Loved that they all had to use the same fabric- it really separates the top from the bottom.

Thanks dolls,
The Glamorous Housewife

Tom, how are you feeling this morning?

I concur re Jay. It's great to see the still pictures; I appreciate even more the magic he worked with burlap, dye, and rickrack (or whatever the trim is). Still, as wonderful as it is, the silhouette is one we've seen a lot. For that reason, I was surprised (and disappointed) that Mila's or Amy's didn't take the win.

And am I wrong, or Sir Tim getting more airtime??

I LOVED this challenge. I was really blown away with the creative treatments the designers came up with for the burlap.

I actually liked all the top three and would have been happy with any of them winning.


I loved this challenge for pushing the designers to use such a decidedly unglamorous material, and for the most part they did well.

I agree that this is definitely one of the top three, but my vote would have been for Amy's design.

Still, Jay created a lovely little number.

And, I also want to say that I love Lauren Hutton for being unbotoxed and her own original self!!

I called this dress as the winner the moment I saw what the top three were. While Amy's would have been my pick, this dress had more of a "fashion-y" look to it that I knew the judges would respond to. But, yeah, that bodice is SO underdone.

The skirt on it was terrific, but I didn't like the way that the bodice didn't fit under the arms and pulled away from her body.

I thought Amy had the win on this one.

But kudos to all the designers. Burlap is a b!tch to work with. I used it to make a sink skirt for the bathroom of our store (it's all reclaimed bead board and rustic country in there). I can't imagine having to make clothing with it.

I really think Season 6 of Project Runway was just like Season 7 of Dallas. This past week, we were are all Victoria Principal lying in bed thinking it's our new husband Mark in the shower. We got up and opened the shower door and there was good ol' NY Project Runway, I mean our first husband Bobby Ewing instead. That's right, PR Season 6 was a Bad Dream, and we're back in bed with Patrick Duffy.

First may I say, Yay, to Lauren Hutton as guest judge. While I thought other looks were more deserving, and my no.1 didn't even make it to the top 3 (Seth Aaron, you rock) this was a very sweet and sexy ostrich dress! ~Gary

It's a perfectly nice dress but the shape with the burlap also makes me think it's from RFD Channel's Ice Capades Special.

Maybe she's skating to "Louisiana Hayride".


Okay, you're right, it IS much cooler today. I didn't notice the trim last night and I'd forgotten about Tim's visit (and his visual demonstration of the word "flabbergasted"). So yes, that skirt is pretty amazing. But about 2 inches too short. As usual. the bodice looks like it was waiting for something to be added to it, though.

Lauren Hutton was one of the best guest judges ever. She was confident and had good input.

Here is an idea:
Choose the best judge of the season and bring him/her back to be the guest judge at Bryant Park. So far (ok, 2 whole episodes) Lauren is the front-runner.
But comparing Lauren Hutton to a whole swarm of guest judges over the years, she ranks as one of the very best.

My problem with the bodice is that it had slight fit issues. As a woman with small boobs myself, I can spot excess fabric on the sides from miles away. It wasn't a lot - my husband couldn't see it - but enough to bother me.

But I was really impressed overall with the work that everyone did, even those in the bottom. It's nice to be back to a season where I don't think "I could/would have designed that" about everything.

This look was fun, but because it was so uber short, it looked more like a bathing suit to me. Is everything going to be so short this season? With all the short dresses, the only one that had any length looked strange.

All I see when I look at this dress is an ostrich from the stage version of The Lion King.

Wasn't Lauren awesome?!

Bill -

the Dallas analogy!! YES! I am going with that.

Season 6 was only a (bad) dream.
Love it.

TLo said...
"Stelath queen."

I know, right. I like Jay Nicholas and his dress was nice, but there were so many others on the runway that were much more creative and executed far better dresses than his. If we're going to talk "over the moon" then I would've given it to Amy. The delicate ombre treatment of the skirt was divine and far much more polished than not-Jay-McCarroll's frock. I agree with the ice skating costume comparison. It also reminded me of a really hiddy toilet-seat cover I saw in an old boyfriend's bathroom.


Also, I agree that it's nice to see a famous woman aging naturally, and proving to all of those other women that it's not just possible, it's possible to be sexy while doing it.

Okay, I'll concede that in still photos it does look marginally better than it did last night. But I think the bodice is both minimalist (not in a good way) and unfinished, and the skirt is really kinda...homely. I've changed my original opinion that this belonged in the Bottom 3, but it most certainly did not belong in the Top 3.

This wasn't my favorite either, but still pretty awesome! Last night's episode was great- the right amount of bitchery, queenery, tears and great fashion!

I liked this dress last night, but seeing the pix here this morning I couldn't get the Sasha Cohen make-a-figure-skating-costume challenge in S2 out of my head. This would have knocked Zulema's whipped cream squiggle dress out of the rink.

I have to agree that Amy's dress should have won. So imaginative, moved beautifully, and really transcended the materials used.

And what is up with the camera under the end of the runway, producers? I don't remember getting upshots of short skirts to this extent in prior seasons. I like to meet a lady face-to-face before I get acquainted with her hoo-ha. My mama raised me right.

Anyone else notice Tim wiggling his nose when confronted with dubious work? Very adorable. Gives him a whole new bunny rabbit persona. Love the Tim!


Agree with those who mention the fit issue of the bodice, especially since that's what I thought sunk it for Mila. I'm also surprised that everyone'e mentioning Amy's as the should-have-been winner, as for me it was a complete toss up between the two of her & Mila.

Bill, I love the Dallas analogy. I actually never saw a single episode of that show, but the dream year was such a "thing" that one couldn't help hearing about it.

The challenge was really fun most of the designers made use of the potato sacks in very good way!!
Jay's dress was my second favorite.

aaron said...
All I see when I look at this dress is an ostrich from the stage version of The Lion King.

Hahaha. Perfect!!

Tim called this an ice skating costume in his blog - gotta agree with him there.

sorry to disrupt, but I just saw Fatma in a commercial for Kaplan University. In case no one remembers, she was the model with the crush on Logan last season.

Wouldn't mind the unfinished feel of the bodice if it had fit better.

Hope Tom is in recovery.

What was going on with the judges that made them completely disregard the fact that this dress's bodice has fit issues? Ditto to Mila's dress. I mean, the model's boobs had to be blurred out. Amy's dress fit perfectly!!

aaron said...

All I see when I look at this dress is an ostrich from the stage version of The Lion King.

From burlap to couture -- it's the Circle of Life!

I completely agreed with the judge's top three, but I would have put them in a different order than the judges and most of the other commenters here: 1. Mila, 2. Amy, 3. Jay.

I like the treatment on the skirt, but the proportions bother me. The puffiness of the skirt starts too high on the torso. I'd prefer it if it was sleeker over the hips and then exploded out into the froofiness. But altogether it was a good look... and actually, with a few notable exceptions, I was very impressed with the overall quality of the dresses last night.

You know, I hadn't even noticed the wonky bodice...I was just to taken away by the skirt part. It really is a great little dress, but you do have a point there TLo.

Can't wait to see who you would have given the win to; I don't know if it's who I think, since you guys have such a good eye for the details that I never even notice.

I'm loving Jay and his little girly outbursts, but nobody this season has my heart more than Anthony. I adore him. What was the part where what's her name was being all catty because her model chose Anthony, and he just goes, "oh...don't worry, I left mah feelings back in Atlanta Georgia" or whatever. This man needs his own show.

*too* taken away.

The dress is cute and deserved to be top three, but not my favorite.

Wasn't my favorite. Cute, but I really dislike the bodice. Amy's was my fav, but that's comments for another day!
LOVED the challenge, and Tim standing in the dirt with his "wives" was hysterical!! You go, Tim, you are the BESTEST!!
I thought Ms. Hutton was a great judge. She has always been one of my all time fav models, and she has aged beautifully!

@Brooklyn Bomber... I agree that either Mila or Amy should have won. Tim's concern about the time element was obviously well founded: Jay said he was going to bind all the raw edges of the bodice, but that didn't happen. The bodice finishes on both Mila's and Amy's dress were well done. And Heidi liked the exposed breasticles. The win here felt like producer intervention.

i still don't really like this dress. every time i see it from behind all i can think of is "ostrich butt".

The bodice was atrocious and poorly fitted. I knew right away the judges were going to give it to Jay. As much as they talk about color and black dresses their idea of a cocktail dress is always a LBD.

I was very surprised when this one got the win, but I wasn't disappointed per se. It wouldn't have been my pick, but it's pretty fabulous.

There's something so gauche about Americans using the word "frock." I cringe every time I see it.

I didn't like the unfinished bodice on Jay's dress, either, and you know burlap is a very rough fabric, so it must have been very itchy on the model. Didn't look comfortable at all. On the other hand, Amy's dress was a knockout. And I gotta say, I just LOVE Lauren Hutton! I was so happy to see her in the guest judge's chair. She's always been a favorite of mine.

My 3 year-old has a dress that looks almost exactly like this, only it's long sleeved sans plunging neckline. It's made out of thermal underwear waffle material, so you get the textural similarities, and it's dark brown with a ruffled bottom trimmed in light blue lace. Yes, there are sparklies on it too (I mean, c'mon, it's size 3T), but I can't say Jay's dress is too original if it's the same as my daughter's hand-me-downs from 3 years ago. :D

Anonymous said...

There's something so gauche about Americans using the word "frock." I cringe every time I see it.

What an asinine thing to say.

Tim needs to chill out with the time constraint thing. For his own good.

The opening segments of PR just reinforce the fact that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a show of nothing but Tim Gunn and his mis-adventures. His reaction to slogging through the field reminded me of his time in Laura's apartment and the "TURTLE POOP!! EWE!!!!"

and OMG...TLo channeling their inner Cartman? hahahhahahahahahaha!!!

"Tlo said: We're okay with it being in the Top 3. It's where we would have put it if we were in charge. We would not, however, have given it the win. There was another more deserving dress on the runway."

Yes, the hand of the produces was a bit evident here (and even more evident in Ping not getting auf'd).

But maybe they had to give him a win before he was rushed to the hospital with eColi, for doing a cartwheel, and putting his hands in that barnyard mud (which isn't actually mud, strictly speaking). I about fell out over that one.


Loved Jay's dress. Loved the unfinished look of the bodice, which spoke to the nature of the burlap. i have no problem with the win.

Everybody is talking about the fit issues with bodices. Yes, they are difficult to fit, even on a plain princess style dress. When the bodice is cut very low, or there are other design features that work across the bustline, it can become even more difficult to fit. Add the fact that the designers get only one real fitting with their models, and it's not a formula for success.

That being said, I believe I heard one of our judge say that she likes it when a neckline gapes on a dress, because she thinks it's a sexy look.

Miss Heidi, I'm already tired of your snarky comments about contestants who don't speak English as their first language, (see: Gordana, and now Ping,) I've had it with your "I'd wear that" critiques. I don't need more evidence that you don't know crap about design, fit, tailoring or style in general. Please keep your mouth shut.

That's my Heidi rant for this morning. Otherwise, I am thrilled with the new season and can't wait for the team challenge next week.


Sooo much better already than S6 and a non-standard materials challenge that yielded many interesting looks. Hooray. Now if I could only stop being assaulted by ads for Lifetime movies about pregnancy pacts during the breaks.

This was a tough call and I'm not sure I could have picked a winner but I was happy with Jay winning over bitter metal piping girl.
(I cannot learn their names until there are fewer than 10 of them. Criminey that's a lotta designer on the runway.)

He sewed it, then dyed it and then trimmed it out? No wonder he didn't have time to bind the top's

Not a fan of raw edges, but I do think the shape in front (the top) was very good. I like that full skirt - (Suede did it several times), but the funny part to me is that the Tan One usually comments on making a woman's hips look wider, but often chooses this shape for the win.

I was so glad to see Tim on a farm, a thoughtful challenge, and some creativity out of the contestants. PR is back! SQUEE! : )

You're right, guys, the first two episodes are better than the entire last season. Great challenge!

I can't agree with you more about the dress and the judging. Can't wait to read about the "should have wons."

I didn't really notice the complexity of the skirt on TV, it is really nice. But the top just looks sort of messy and unfinished.

The challenge was good though! I hope they continue in this route.

Agreed, cute dress but I would have chosen Mila's as the winner.

But congrats Jay!

I was fine with the top three, though this was not my choice for the win. Where the judges screwed up was on the auf.

I failed to see how Heidi was ragging on Ping. If anyone should be called a bitch in this episode, it was Mila. Her little outbursts were kind of embarrassing.

I agree, the messy unfinished top bothered me as well, though I liked the overall silhouette. The bottom treatment was great. I would have preferred one of the others in the top three for the win, but at least the judges seemed to be all on the same page.

This wouldn't have been my winning pick, either. But it looks better in your posted photos.

But I must say--I SO LOVE THIS SEASON! I agree about how they are shooting this has greatly improved. And the talent level is blowing me away--plus the drama.

Not my choice for the win.
I didn't notice that the armhole and neckline were completely unfinished. A frayed edge can work on burlap, but it has to be faced or the whole thing will just come appart. I would have placed him in the top of the middle group.
The thing is, it looks like both he and Mila rubbed off Jesus(es) basic "v" neck sheath and both are much sloppier than the original.

I'm with you all with not giving this frock the win. When it came out on the runway, I, too, thought of an ice skating costume. Why does this silhouette repeatedly win. Seth Aaron's dress last week was basically the same silhouette - fitted bodice, ruffly uber short skirt. I'm bored with it.

It's not that I didn't like this dress, or the other two top dresses, but I liked some of the other designer's garments that were safe as being my pick for the win and/or top three. There were many great garments produced this week and that shows that we finally have some talent, folks!

I wasn't shocked at this win and I'm not up in arms about it (like with the neoprene nightmare from S6) but there were other choices. Maybe the scores were very tight with this judging.

Count me as another one who found the raw edges on the bodice very offputting.

Anonymous said...

There's something so gauche about Americans using the word "frock." I cringe every time I see it.

Yeah, and there's something so gauche about snotty posts from cowardly Anonymous posters.

Bitch Heidi is the last person to be snarking about how other people mangle the English-speak. That hag sounds like she's got a mouth full of pig shit. God how I hate her.

2 Lazy 2 make up an Internet persona

What's wrong with the word frock? I think it's a cute word, and very appropriate for the button-cute TLo boys.

I am referring to Heidi's insidious remarks about whether Ping just acts like she didn't understand the challenge. Michael said much more graciously that he thinks she just doesn't listen.

Ping strikes me as an honest, exuberant person. As far as I could see, there was no reason for Heidi to go there. And as uncomfortable as it makes me to say this, I think Heidi's got a problem with women who speak with a foreign accent. She doesn't trust them.

Either way, I've had enough of her.


I'm an anonymous poster. Please tell me that doesn't make me cowardly. =( LOL

Onward with the bitchiness, Jeeves!

I actually really liked this dress, but I thought Anthony's was prettier than this one! It goes without saying that Amy's was awesome as well. I want a dress with the same treatment at the edges. Pretty please? Just not burlap.

Please and thank you very much,

I too would have gone with Amy for the win.
Loved Lauren Hutton as guest judge!!
Now we're talking!
More of this caliber please!

Tho I didn't like the losing design I really did like the designer. Her model certainly threw her under the bus. I was hoping she wouldn't get picked again. Will somebody tell these girls it isn't about them.

Loved this challenge. It was hard to see the skirt details on Jay's dress last night on my little ol' tv screen. Tlo's close-ups showed the workmanship and I was impressed.

However, I'm with the others about Amy's dress. It was so cool that Lauren Hutton popped in to the models' room to say hi and get a closer look at it.

In regard to Heidi's comments about Ping, I have to say that I was wondering the same thing about Ping. Im the heat of the moment, I thought Ping may have faked the 'not understanding' bit to save her ass. Yes, she is exuberant, but we don't know her well enough to judge whether she is honest or not (not that one would ever truly know that just from watching the show).

I think Heidi was totally being frank with her comments about Ping. I've known people who have used that ploy - one was kind of a friend, who admitted it.

This dress hit middle at best for me. Nice, but sloppy. Can't see the win AT ALL, 3 other dresses deserved more.

I would have picked Mila's dress.

I was glad to see that Seth Aaron was less visually assaulting and annoying this week.

I too liked it but for the fit issues on the bodice. I think JNS is cute as well, but there are two others that I would have put in the top three (and one didn't make it).

I have a large HD (not bragging, just sayin), so this looked very cool. Considering the amount of fraying on the skirt elements, it looked surprisingly chic. That was what was missing from the top.

There's something so gauche about Americans using the word "frock." I cringe every time I see it.


I picked up that word from Pricilla Queen of the desert

Nothing American about that movie.

Tim has a blog again??
Woohoo!! it's about damn time, now if only the next morning podcasts would return, i used to love listening to them as i got ready for work the morning after PR nights.

People with taste think alike...I didn't even know Tim had a blog when i called it an ice skating frock up there.

I loved Jay's. I also like Amy's but something about her top bothered me. I really liked her dip dye. :-)

frock –noun: a gown or dress worn by a girl or woman.
1300–50; ME froke < OF froc < Frankish; cf. OS, OHG hroc coat

What's the big deal...?

Anyway--I liked this and didn't mind the raw edges on the bodice. It's burlap. It frays. I think Jay was respecting the fabric, and the ruffly skirt was darling. I just wish it were a teeny bit longer--the proportion may have been more pleasing. ALL the models look like they have fat asses when the skirts are so short...
Also--I am now really pissed that I cannot get Lifetime in HD. I've much more detail on your creen caps than I did last night watching the show. Grrrr.....

ooop...meant screen caps.

I think they gave it to him because he was the only one who thought outside the box enough to manipulate the actual fabric.

The others got as far as dyeing the burlap (and there were some beautiful dye jobs) but that was about it...

It's really pretty, especially the trim detail, congratulations, Jay!

As I thought, this dress would have looked much better in reality than how it showed in TV. It was a great effort and to me, what it saved it from being an iceskater frock was the frayed treatment of the bodice all the way round. Otherwise it'd have been too "neat", so well done to him for realising that.

I don't share the general consensus for an Amy win, but I'd probably chosen someone other than Jay. Still completely agree with TLo, he was a worthy winner of a very good challenge. Way to go.

As I thought, this dress would have looked much better in reality than how it showed in TV. It was a great effort and to me, what it saved it from being an iceskater frock was the frayed treatment of the bodice all the way round. Otherwise it'd have been too "neat", so well done to him for realising that.

I don't share the general consensus for an Amy win, but I'd probably chosen someone other than Jay. Still completely agree with TLo, he was a worthy winner of a very good challenge. Way to go.


i hate dresses like that. looks like something barbie would wear.

Beautiful skirt, well done, Jay!!!

JAY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

I like how he manipulated the fabric and it looks like a perfect cocktail dress to me.


The bodice looks unfinished but the skirt is gorgeous. Amy was my pick, though.

"which as far as we're concerned should be labeled "The Season The Weinsteins Almost Completely Fucked the Show Over."

AMEN!!!! Loved the challenge, loved the episode and I think they did a good job, well, most of them anyway. Jay was not my favorite but I think he's dress was just as good as the other two.

Hated the bodice, especially the back.

I don't know... looking at this look again, while appreciating the technical detailing, I still feel it looks more like a teenage ice-skater dress, than something a modern sassy 20something model would choose to wear to an industry event in NY...

- Don

I might have gone with Amy for the win (clearly that was Lauren Hutton's favorite) but this is pretty stunning. The skirt is fabulous and he really did an outstanding job of transforming the fabric. It's too short (but then again most of these dresses are too short) but other than that I'm not seeing the ice-skating costume at all.

With a couple of exceptions (Baby Jesus and Ping) I thought the overall quality of the dresses was outstanding.

The skirt was well done, but, like everyone else, I have trouble with the bodice, which looks unfinished and not as sophisticated as the skirt. I don't mind it being in the top three, but I did not consider it the winning look.

I need to find another name to call this guy, as there shall only ever be one Jay associated in my mind with Project Runway, and it's most definitely not this little fella.

Is it the photo, or are the straps unsymmetrically placed on the back of Jay's dress? Look at the distance from the zipper to each strap. They are not even close to equal.

IMO it was a very creative effort but not the winner.

Yea! San Francisco representing!

I was surprised when it was called the winning look but I liked it the most. The treatment Amy did was great, but overall I just wasn't a fan of the design of the dress especially as a party dress (but it definitely deserved top 3). Mila's was also a great contender but the gaping drove me crazy. I loved Jay's dress and felt he both did something interesting with the burlap and created a great party dress.

This season is fantastic. Usually with 15 designers left there are a number of things that could be in the bottom 3 but this time there were a clear 3 that were the worst and majority of the others were great and I would wear them (Ben and Anthony come to mind first).

Kind of done already, no? There's something Jay that me no likey.

Maybe were all still high from the new season fumes, but I find it refrshing that as a whole, we are all more or less in agreement about a great many looks. I'm not saying that there aren't varying opinions, but there seems to be a clear consensus on who the top 3-4 are and the bottom, just a litle variation for personal taste.

Ithin that speaks ownderfully for the season and these contestants. Let's see how we all feel when it gets interesting at 7 designers.

There's something so gauche about Anonymous using the word "gauche." I cringe every time I see it.

I thought Amy had the best dress and was going to win. Dying the edges of her fabric was a terrific way to add lots of interest without losing the look of burlap and she was able to satisfy her model with a backless dress. My other favorites were Emilio (too casual?) and Anthony.

Lauren Hutton was a terrific guest judge, I'd like to see her return.

i'm not dorothy gale

The brilliant "Dallas/PR" analogy and frocktastic discussion is the icing on the cupcake of this episode. It seems that there is more talent and experience with this group and I have to applaud them for manipulating feed sacks so creatively.

This challenge also saved the models time in the shower that they would have spent exfoliating. Their skin had to be as smooth as a newborn infants (at least from the upper thigh to the clavicle) after wearing burlap.

Hmm...I disagree.
I think a simple bodice like that is a nice contrast to the detailed skirt.
Had he done more with the bodice, it would have been overworked and not have looked as chic.
Bravo Jay NIcholas! Job well done with the potato sac!

I agree that this season is already a vast improvement over last season's poor excuse for a TV show. I didn't think Bunim Murray had it in them but I'm so glad to be wrong! (I don't say that very often.)

And I'm glad there were so many great garments for this challenge. Way to step it up, designers!

I too wouldn't have chosen J. Nick's dress for the win, but it was definitely top 3, and I'm okay with it winning. Everything about this season is just so much better, including the niftiness of this challenge. I also liked that the models got to choose the designers. Way to mix it up, PR!

I've been really thinking about why this dress bothered me (too much time on my hands or what?!), and I think I've got it. Despite the technical issues with the bodice, I think it's the dark color that's giving me problems. It gives the dress a seriousness that the perky design can't quite carry off--maybe if it had been lightly colored a paler hue, maybe I'd have less issue with it. But I still wouldn't like it.

Yeah I totally agree. Liked Mila's and Amy's and I think a few safe ones better but its still a good dress. The top was just a bit TOO messed up for me.

I would have chosen Mila's dress rather than Jay's, and I was surprised by his win. I really liked her dress and it seemed as though the judges preferred it over Jay's also.

At least this season there are some quality garments from which to choose, unlike last season. Much better this time around.

i liked jay's dress a lot, but i would have chosen amy's look over his for the win.
amy literally managed to make burlap look pretty and chic while still having the material be identifiable as burlap; much the same way austin scarlett made a beautiful dress out of corn husks, without trying to hide the fact that it was indeed made out that non-traditional material.
i thought that was a better interpretation of the task, rather than doing as much as you could to render the material unidentifiable, which is pretty much what all the others did.

"I need to find another name to call this guy, as there shall only ever be one Jay associated in my mind with Project Runway, and it's most definitely not this little fella."
I've been calling him RAR (as in Rice A'Roni the San Francisco treat). I say it like it's a sexy tiger growl. :3

Jay put an incredible amount of work into the dress, and I think that's partly what the judges were responding to. It's a great little dress.

Congrats Jay! Go Pinoys!!!

Well, you could always call him JayN.

Anyhow... I'm ambivalent about the dress. I don't think the top goes well with the bottom -- if it'd been more fitted, maybe, but, it seems so droopy. I know the time constraints make it hard to polish fitting, but, eh. And I'm not fond of that sort of short-skirt-with-volume look, personally, so it's not entirely to my tastes anyhow.

That having been said, I don't really have a big issue with it winning, even though I liked the other top 3 entries better.

As far as the challenge itself goes, I liked it... except I'm already sick of 1-day challenges again. That really, really got old last season, and I find I don't have much tolerance for it this season as a result.

I loved Jay's was my favorite with Anthony's next. Jay's really fit well, the construction on the skirt was amazing, and his model is awesome. I think she helped carry it off.

I'm going to just call him J2.

I wondered at first about the frayed edges on the top.

But I will not argue with the winner. Or with the top 3. Had any of them won, I would have been fine. They all did good jobs.

Not sure this would have been in my top 3, and it sure wouldn't have won, but it is still a great dress. I'm just so happy that there were FOUR dresses last night--at least--that I would have been happy to see win. Good talent this season.

the lead costumer on dancing with the stars was probably watching this last night saying, "so THAT'S where it went!"

all be it this Salsa number is unexpected treatment for burlap. amy should have won methinks

This was a fun challenge! And they didn't mess it up by letting the designers buy three yards of fabric at Mood, like they did with the wedding dress challenge last season. They were really forced to work with the burlap. I hope we get more challenges like this.

not my favorite, but the dress is still pretty cute and definitely well made. The seaming on the bodice looked gorgeous before he dyed it, I wish we could see that a bit better. Overall, a fun, flirty, classy look that could work in the real world.

Oh, and wasn't this runway show fabulous? So many adorable looks!

BTW - I'm waiting with breath that is bated for your PIng post. I know it's coming!!!

Great post--I agree to the letter. But I was hoping for a series of hilarious screencaps to go with Tim's "I'm flabbergasted" outburst during his consultation with Jay! When I saw that in real time last night, I revved myself up to see at least four or five excellent stills from that 1.5-second sequence--but you're busy guys, I understand.

I see they're putting crack in the judges's coffee again. I don't care how many magic feathers Jay came up with, that top looks like ASS. Amy was the obvious winner of this challenge.


Bill said (1/22 10:??ish am):

"I really think Season 6 of Project Runway was just like Season 7 of Dallas... That's right, PR Season 6 was a Bad Dream, and we're back in bed with Patrick Duffy."


I can pick nits (and will later) but when I watched the runway last night, it was more fun in three minutes -- including the egregious messes -- than the entire last season. This season's creativity an skill towers above PR 6's, and the designers are rising to more inspirational challenges. Even the stumbles are ... memorable.

Like Victoria Principal, we can now up and respect the coffeh!

Thanks guys, great post.

I liked Amy for the win because hers is definatly a dress. I liked that you still knew it was burlap but she made it beautiful. J2's is IMO more of a costume, it looks like both an ice skating outfit and a Barbie dress. Also he disguised the burlap rather than beautifyng it. Mila was a close second except for the flashing of boobs nocked it down a notch for me.


I was surprised by the win but not offended. The judges seemed impressed by the light and feathery feeling of a dress made of burlap. If "transformation of material" was a judging priority, Jay did well on that score. At least that was my impression last night on low-def. Looking at the details today, the light frothy effect does not carry through up close.

Must say, though that the first dress through the gate -- the semi-retro red, was that Anthony? -- I thought was the winner at first, then the yummy just kept coming (with some wonderful yucckies, too). Such a strong bunch!

The back of the bodice was unfortunate. But the way the burlap moved on the bottom was amazing.

I was torn on who should win but this one was in my top two. I was pleasantly surprised by Anthony's dress and thought it should have been in the top three.

It was a great episode. It's so nice to have fun watching again.

Just read Tim's blog. He doesn't seem overly enamored of Jay, but he sure does have a crush on Joanathon!

Absotively agree! Top 3, but not a winning dress.

I don't remember Heidi *specifically* calling Tim their Mentor before... and am glad we get to see more of him.
did anyone see the two seasons of Tim's own show?

Best episode of South Park EVER.

Lauren Hutton was terrific. Give her her own show. I loved her comments, liked what she choose to focus on, loved her gimlet attention and whole attitude. And listened to the tone of respect in Heidi's voice when she called Ms. Hutton an "adventuress". I wonder how she'd be as a "mentor" if the show ever leaves New York again.

The top looks great! Look at how beautifully the seaming fits her. She looks +busty+ which we all know isn't true.

The bodice isn't unfinished. You can see where he sewed a trim on the neckline/ armpit holes (techincal term, I know) to control the fraying in addition to a really form-fitting, flattering silhouette. I think it's a good choice, because it brings continuity up and down and adds a lot of visual interest. I think he wanted to make everyone conscious of the fact that he made a beautiful, form fitting dress out of burlap. In the words of Nina, looks like "he really thought about it."

I loved this dress and loved the fraying all around, including the bodice, which I think fit her perfectly. Pamela's dress is also stunning (more on that later), but I was very happy with this win.

And, er, BRAVO to B-M for getting it right thus far this season; it's evident that they were not the problem in S6, mea culpa for all finger-pointing...(hangs head sheepishly...) it Amy who's dress I liked best? You know, the really gorgeous one with the silver ribbon? I stand corrected...

When this dress came out on the runway, my first thought was "ice skating costume."

Out of the top of three, I liked Amy's the best. But I also liked Emilio's and Seth's from the middle. I think Emilio and Seth are the ones I'm going to watch and root for.

On this dress.. I loved the detail in the skirt but the fraying of the top just looked cheap and the top just didn't fit her body correctly.

"We weren't as impressed as the judges over the skirt treatment until we saw the pictures this morning. It didn't really show up on our TV screen, but the way he frayed the burlap and worked the trim in really is quite beautiful and unique"

Does it bother anyone else that Project Runway is now on a channel that doesn't come in HD?

All I could think of, looking at Jay's, was Odile from Swan Lake. So as beautiful as it is, it's still a ballet costume for an evil swan.

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