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Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano at the Golden Globes (Updated)

Christina Hendricks arrives at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Christian Siriano.

Christian Siriano Spring 2010 Collection

We're not crazy about it, kittens. Discuss.

More Golden Globes red carpet tomorrow.

Having had some time to think about it and to track down the runway version, we have to say that it's not a bad dress. It's just not the dress for her, either in form or color choice. She looks stuffed into it and the pale peachy color doesn't quite give her the peaches and cream effect she was no doubt going for.

[Photos: Wireimage]

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She looks like she has scoliosis.


hate it. looks like he tried to revive an old 80's prom dress.

I think it's great, actually. You know, besides the titscrepancy...

The color is so wrong for her, and the cut of the top is giving her chicken cutlets ON HER BACK.

Sweet fancy Moses!

I love her hair and makeup. I think the dress in a deeper tone, instead of the washed out hue, wouldn't have looked bad. Although, she scares me in a strapless gown. I feel like I need to follow her around with a just-in-case shawl.

Her boobs look like they're about to fall out of her dress. I like the concept of it. I just don't like the way she's wearing it.

Meh, the dress is fine but the color really does nothing for her.

Edit: not so crazy about the blusher, actually. It doesn't look as offensive in the first picture though.

Love the dress and love her but do not love the two together. Her hair and skin color are not right for the color of the dress. She needs to fire her stylists.


The dress, ew. The woman, amazing!!!

It looks like I put Peaches 'n' Cream Barbie's dress on Midge... plus 8 cups of boobs.

I actually made a dress that color with asymmetric ruffles, FOR a prom I attended in the 80's. Wrong color for her, and way too little to cover those boobs. It's too much ruffle in my opinion, but I guess that's what Siriano is all about.

She's got way too much bust for that asymmetrical look. Plus the color does nothing for her.

Ugh, that dress. Why would anyone want some big festering ruffle around their hips? The top is cut too low in front and too tight, so that her back flows over it. And the draping of the top is just...not pretty. Adds bulk. Something she doesn't need.

It's cheesy.

I kind of love the dress, but I agree about the color. It's too close to her skin tone, it would be better if it was something bright and vibrant.

"the cut of the top is giving her chicken cutlets ON HER BACK."

That's the second thing I don't like about the dress. Maybe a tab bit looser, because that looks kind of painful.

*tad, how did I even do that? haha

She's got such great curves already, she really doesn't need the side-bustle. Also with the paleness of her skin, she needs more of a color-contrast. Pale peach just ain't enough.

Lady knows how to work a pose, though!

My peaches and cream Barbie had the same dress!! Over 25 years ago..,.

It's not my favorite look on her, but I like it. The bitch can wear patio awning and I'd still fawn over her.

OMG! Sorry guys but I think it's gorgeous!
And so is she...never looked more beautiful.

"It looks like I put Peaches 'n' Cream Barbie's dress on Midge... plus 8 cups of boobs."

Lauren T, you took the words right out of my brain!!! It's I can think of when I look at this pic!

Oof. The fit at the top of the bodice is way off, and this is not the color for her. It also reads more as "dated" than "classic."

It's hard to completely hate on it, though, because she's a beautiful girl with a slamming body.

I sort of like it. I'm not crazy about the ruffle, but I like the way the dress doesn't try to hide those fabulous curves. I'm also wondering if it's one of those colors that photographs quite differently than in appears in person. (That makes it a mistake to wear on the red carpet, though...)

Boobs that big in a strapless number is always dangerous. I don't see any originality in this dress at all.

I LOVE THE DRESS!! Maybe not the color.... but the dress is beautiful.


Color-no. Boobs-really, no. Squishy stuff under arm-oh my God, NO. So, in short, this is utterly horrid.

I got so excited when she appeared on camera that I almost --- fainted *girl crush alert* Didn't love the color on Christina, but from her interview it sounds like she chose to go with the "peachy champagne." I feel bad because she was so excited about working with CS. And it's a shame because there was such amazing color on the red carpet. Not much to say about the design of the dress other than the fact that it's typical CS, but also a very familiar look we've all seen in formal wear before.


That color really is doing no favors. Her tone is so milky that she should never wear things that close to her skin color. Plus it seems to be squishing her boobs a bit too much. I love her but this is not a good look for her.

I think she looks fabulous. It's a nude tone, but it makes her face POP

I would've been less offended by it if it had been in a different color. She's gorgeous and it's just completely wrong for her.

A beautiful woman (pale redheads represent!) and a beautiful dress; but so, so wrong together. Also, this seems very "mainstream" for Christian, at least compared to what he made on the show.

I actually like the dress, but not on her.... the color is too washed out for her skin tone and she's way too curvy to wear that ruffle. a taller, slimmer, more olive or brown skinned woman would probably look fabulous in it. i also don't like the way the top fits her -- definitely too big busted for that type of top. looks cheap and tacky with her girls spilling out all over the place.

I think she looks spectacular.

It appears he was going for Marilyn, and he certainly picked the right muse for that, but it's all kind of off. That said, she looks amazing anyway.


It seems to have major titscrepancy and boning issues. Weird.


BTW, we need to start a campaign for Spell Check software to recognize 'titscrepancy' is a real word, and spelled correctly.


Ohhhh so bad.

It is ill-fitted in the tatas.

She is just gorgeous, of course!

But the dress on her, nuh-uh. It makes her hips look huge, and as everyone has noted, the titscrepency is garishly unflattering!

I don't mind the color tho. With better styling, it could have been a very romantic look.

I think Miss Siriano does not know how to design for anything but a stick figure. He's fab, of course, but this is a miiiiissss!

Right dress; wrong girl.

1. Lose the hip ruffle
2. Do *something* about the bodice. It really should be bigger so her boobs aren't smooshed and she doesn't get back fat!
3. Different color. Maybe a fuschia or turquoisey color.


richieXcore said: "The cut of the top is giving her chicken cutlets ON HER BACK" I'm still laughing!

Points to Christiana, she's working it. She makes the dress look better than it is. The color is dreadful on her. Take away a couple of the ruffles. The bodice fit is terrible.

Siriano is better at sportswear, most of his dresses are a miss.

OMG, those boobs are ready to hatch! And they're lopsided. This is NOT flattering in the least. Oh my.

i kind of like it, actually. the dress is gorgeous and she's wearing the hell out of it, save for the situation with the bust. then again, i think SHE is half the look because that is one beautiful buxom woman. her skin is amazing!

She looks like her tits are caught in a race up to her neck. Ugh. Didn't she go for any fittings? She looks like the cups are two sizes too small!

oh no! he accentuated the negative!TWICE!

I like the color. Not crazy about the fit, though.

she's all crooked from tits to hips

Too much woman + too much dress= two HUGE No's. A woman with bosoms and curves like her needs simplicity, not flounce. I'm not sure where to look, haha. And the color does her no favors.

Serious props to her, she can almost delude you into thinking that this looks good.

But your mind instantly imagines it without ruffles in another color and you go, 'oh yes, I can see the dress she should be wearing'.

I think she looks BEYOND hot. The color is great--yes, it washes her out. But, really? She's whiter than white, so what wouldn't wash her out? Don't judge this woman by standard rules--she's above and beyond it all. Hot, hot, HOT.

The dress is gorgeous. Just not the right color for her. She looks washed out. The same dress in another color would be a totally different story.

And as a woman with big ladies myself, I giver her major props for being unafraid to wear it and show off something other than flat-chested-stick-bodiedness on the red carpet. This is what WOMEN are supposed to look like and how a REAL woman wears a red carpet gown.

I think she looks amazing! Don't quite get the hate.

Wow. I feel like if this were in a saturated green or blue (and didn't look like her breasts were about to explode out of the top) it would be a better dress for her. As it is, it just feels like it's somehow too much and not enough simultaneously.

Christ. I had a bridesmaid's dress exactly like that.

In the 80s.

Bummer. Let's hope she doesn't do that again.

I think she looks wonderful, except for the color of the dress. Anything more removed from her skin color would've been better. Other than, I want to be her!

Chrisy in Chicago

Kudos to PPS for getting red carpet action, but eesh... not his best. Major tit-screpancy and the color is meh.

I really WANT to like it, because I love CS... but NO! As a curvy, pasty-white, redhead myself, I can say that this dress is just wrong on so many levels. Just really, really wrong.

Hair and makeup are gorgeous, like the earrings, but hate this silhouette in this shiny fabric. I'm undecided about the color and whether or not she could ever do a strapless gown. I think if it were a different silhouette, say, form-fitting like the top all the way down, she would've looked a lot better. Still, I think she looks a lot better than she usually does on the red carpet.

That dress should be arrested for what it's doing to her poor boobs. No.

Terrible-what a shame, too.

The color, the way it's man-handling her "assets", but even worse--it's just so dated and terribly unflattering. That ruffle is making her seriously 3-d in a way even the waifs want to avoid.

Actually, now that I think about it she looks EXACTLY like Princess's Little Mermaid Halloween costume. Ouch.

I like her styling and the bottom half of the dress but c'mon; Ladies! If you have breasts THAT BIG you really cannot go strapless.

She doesn't need a bra, she needs flying buttresses!

I also don't like how she looks SQUEEZED into the top. It's full to overflowing and that's NEVER flattering.


Oh, wait, was I supposed to comment on the dress? It's OK, I guess. Very 1980s, but I guess they're in (I wish they would be out, again). Speaking as a ginger gal myself, though, that color is all kinds of wrong for her skin tone. She'd look much nicer in a jewel tone.

Christina-- Major Points.
The Dress-- None.

re: cutlets on her back

she has big tits. like. massively big tits. to the point where just looking at them hurts my back. she needs a BRA. a bra with STRAPS. a strapless garment is NOT going to hold those suckers up unless it is ultra tight--so tight that it will produce cutlets.

someone needs to tell her to either get a reduction or ditch the strapless numbers.

a big "NO" ~ not a good color for her and I don't like the styling. looks sloppy.

her breasts are just too big for a strapless gown. I can't imagine what she is wearing under it to hold them up there. I imagine it hurst when she is sitting down during the show. If you don't have them, you just don't understand.

Love the color, hate the ruffle. Didn't realize she was wearing Christian Siriano, though! Wow, I knew he did well for himself, but I guess I didn't realize just how well.

P.S. By the way, did anyone vote on the TNT site for which dress she should wear to some other awards show? I voted for #1.




Christian Siriano you are guilty of a crime against BOOBS EVERYWHERE. They're making mine cry just looking at it.
Also I am confused because a) you could vote on what dress she wore (I'm pretty sure it was for the Globes) and b)it was not in this colour. Also this was DEFINITELY not my pick.


someone already noted the titscrepancy, and it doesn't seem to fit very well in the back (maybe it's the way she's standing, which I don't know looks like she has cramps?). But really, she looks completely washed out in that color which seems better suited to someone with a darker complexion.

It's, um, the wrong size. Plain and simple.

I'm sure the light in the photo has washed it out of some color depth. And this is Hollywood - not real life - the breasts are required to look that extreme.

The boobs are definitely wonky, the color doesn't work with her skintone, and the dress looks a little too home-made.

There are some things I really like about it, mostly having to do with the fabric and his wonderful way of making that drape. But as others observe, she looks like she is about to pop out. And I'm not loving the color on her.

Don't like the color and there's too many ruffles, regardless, congrats PPS!

The color is too pale for her.


I think she looks great! Love her!!

Va-va-voom! Love it, love her, love Christian!

Christina is a lovely women inside and out, and no matter what she wears, she's beautiful.

The dress however? Oh dear...

If I were her stylist I would have chosen something different, but as another post said, she can wear a patio awning and still look slammin. - PasGuy1965

Beautiful woman, but this dress does nothing for her. I'm glad that Princess PS is working with full figured women, but he's still a little low on the learning curve. Maybe he should talk with Korto - I'd love to see what she'd design for Christina....

5 & 10

Her breasts are lovely. She is lovely. The dress is a bit flouncy, and 80s bridesmaid/prom-ish admittedly. But the woman has curves for days, lovely skin, fabulous breasts and is audacious enough to to go outside while not being a size zero. Large breasts are not a crime. They're sitting up nice and high and don't look like they need 'flying buttresses' to me.

Shes a trooper. Showing that gown like its great and all.
I agree with the above statements that it looks 80's bridesmaid and promy.
I also see the boning placed right on top of the breast, which makes it look very cheap.

The color washed her out.

The dress is two sizes too small, I mean her boobs are ready to run free.

Love the dress but not on her.

the color is not good for her very fair skin, washes her out completely.
The right breast looks higher than the left. One false move and she'll be totally topless.
the style is dated, prom-like.


No, no, no. Good on paper...

I'm happy for Christian, that's major exposure, but it's just not the right cut or color for her.

Wrong size, wrong color, weird ruffle - the dress is OUT!!

From the shoulders up - IN!!

I was just looking at a photo elsewhere. I think Christian needs to be given a chance to study Marilyn Monroe's Happy Birthday Mr. President dress to learn the way to structure support into a dress; there's weird creases and ripples which seem to be a problem with the understructure.

Not crazy about the dress, but I'm hardly even looking at it because she's so insanely gorgeous.

Why does she have to show off so much of her cleavage? Or any other actress that wore such revealing dresses this year, as a matter of fact? Mariah Carey, I'm looking at you.

I keep trying to look at the dress and I have a vague feeling that I don't like it for reasons everyone has covered. But her hair and makeup look great and she is working the dress the best she can, so my overall impression is that she is a Hollywood bombshell and she's making me kinda lesbian.

The fit is atrocious. I think this dress wouldn't be so horrible if it wasn't for the fit. Poor Christina has the unfortunate position of having the most gigantic breasts in all of Hollywood. Fitting her must be difficult, as very few things look flattering without looking raunchy. The color is a little washed out on her tone, but quite pretty.

No matter what gown she wears her boobs always look like they are going to blast out of the dress. I mean I know they are gigantic but, for heavens sake, tie them down or something!

She looks as though her original dress didn't work out, so she snatched one of her Alexis Carrington Collection bed ruffles, swagged it around her body and hit the red carpet, hoping for the best. She herself is a very attractive woman, with lovely skin and hair, which makes that dress all the more tragic.

raisin mountaineer

She needs to study other, um, generously gifted women like Sophie Loren and Susan Sarandon-- women who show their assets but generally in a flattering way. This dress is doing her no favors-- and I'm a Christina fan from back in the "Firefly" days. (My first impression of her was "wow, she's no skinny girl-- she probably has no future in acting without a waif-body"-- so good on her for proving me wrong).

Anyway, again, she needs dresses that celebrate her breasts, not dresses that are not up to the job of flattering a truly stacked body.

Terrible color for HER. That dress would be amazing on someone else, and it would be good on her IF it were a different color and if it were a little bit better fitted in the bodice. It bugs me that I can see the boning of her bra through the dress.

I don't think I'd care for this dress on anybody. It's so . . . I don't know. . . Tuesday Afternoon Fine Arts League Annual Dinner Dance.

Face it, the girl is built to wear mid-century fashion, 'cause anytime she appears in modern clothes it's an OUT.

Seriously Christina, stick to vintage '50s, early '60s.

I get why she wants to appear out of costume, she's hoping to be cast for otherwise, but the girl in gorgeous in the clothes of 50 years ago.

Also if Siriano is her stylist she's got the wrong gay.

Her tits are completely lopsided, and this dress is awful for her body type.

Actually, this dress would be awful on anyone's body, that ruffle, yikes!

Lauren T took the words right out of my mouth. My barbie had this dress in the 80s, and had the right coloring to pull it off. Bad dress, bad color, take some time and do your hair.

The color is wrong for her and she is giving Mariah Carey a run for her money in the "too much boob" department. That top is too tight. How NOT to dress when you are well-endowed.

She's gorgeous.
The dress is gorgeous.
The combination is heinous. SAD!

Aw, I think this is above-average for her. In the pre-show, she mentioned she had a stylist, so she's actually paying someone ... Dressing her in any era post-1972 seems challenging.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the type of things she should wear? TLo? Please blog your recommendations. Christina is too gorgeous to not optimize her presentaion.

Holy titscrepancy, Batman!!

Since I don't know a thing about her personal life, my first thought was:

Is she nursing and is one boob way bigger than the other? Poor thing.

2nd thought was: did she gain ten lbs, mostly in the tits, between this wearing and the final fitting?

It's a total fail, more tragic because she's potentially drop dead gorgous and the dress has its good points. Not fitted at all correctly above the waist, and why can I see the boning??? While I sort of get the peaches & cream effect, I don't think it really came off; o.k. with the skin but not the hair color. And unless we're hiding a serious tummy, she'd be much more seductive AND more elegant without the ruffles.

She looks uncomfortable but game.

Dang, I miss Madmen.

Hair/face/makeup fantastic; color of dress is okay; something about the fit makes her boobs look huge and lopsided, which is not too appealing. And it's got a kind of bridal/prom quality.

Still, my overwhelming reaction is, BEAUTIFUL CHRISTINA HENDRICKS PLEASE HAVE SEX WITH ME, so it can't be too bad.

God... that skin!! It's so nice to see a celeb not fall prey to the evils of fake tans and bronzer! And those curves! She's mouthwatering.

My God, what a gorgeous hunk of woman is Christina H.? Now that is a goddess. Which makes it all the more of a crime that a dress that should celebrate her body and stature totally ruins her look.

With her full bosom a Wilma or halter style makes better sense. More coverage but bare shoulders would still be sexy and red carpet worthy. I don't think Christian Siriano is getting the press or positive reaction he is after with this look. This is a big miss on his part.

I saw this dress on another site and thought it was ugly. And I haven't changed my opinion.


HOLY SHIT! That girl has some Tittays. I think she is bringing it in that dress, don't like the color though. It looks like the color of a little old lady's guest bathroom.

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raisin mountaineer said...
I'm a Christina fan from back in the "Firefly" days.

And, also, Dang, I miss Firefly.

God, she was great in that role.

I like the color, but somethings off with the fit. Doe she not know how to stand or is the bust ill flitted? Also I don't like the ruffle all the way up on her hip. So I sorta like it, but...

I'm sorry, but Christian cannot dress anyone over a size 0.

He can't seem to design for the curvy girls. Skinny pants and puffy sleeves don't work for us.

Anon...chicken cutlets...HAR!!

I like the dress. I like her. I do not like her wearing the dress.

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

She could literally show up in a sack and I would think she looked amazing. Except for the boob issues and the digging-in in back, I think she looks flawless.

Too much volume in the wrong places for a (gloriously) curvy woman. And the color is washing her out. I always feel that Christina Hendricks should have the cumulative effect of a fire engine. As Arthur Miller said of Marilyn Monroe, "Why should someone who looks like Marilyn be dressing like someon'es old aunt?" So it is with this figure. Just go out and kill it. This is just too washed out.

The man walking behind her seems to think her ass is hypnotic in the dress. Maybe we should have gotten a shot from the back. :)

yeah! ho! wah!

seriously, guys? that kind of dress is not usualy "my thing", and neither is the colour, but she looks AMAZING!

I don't care for the ruffle on the dress, but I think she looks GORGEOUS! Flawless skin, perfect hair, and much more. ;)

Bad 80's prom dress.

I am kinda digging the color on her. Sure, it's not a traditional "redhead" color, but I like the unexpected quality. She literally took my breathe away when I saw her. I am also digging the rufffle, even though, again it breaks the rules of what curvy girls should do. But she still looks amazing. The only thing that bugs me is the asymmetry of the top of the dress. She's got sooo much going on there (given to her by the goddess) that she doesn't need any extra attention there. Especially, the "that doesn't quite look right" kind of attention.
But my overall vote is IN.

Good God, what an incredible specimen of feminine pulchritude!
If only for a day I would love to be CH, just to have men (& women) stare @ me as if I was the deep end of the most inviting pool they'd never dive into because they knew, w/out a doubt, they'd drown.

Love, love, love her. She's my idol, but the, not so much. I always thought that Christian couldn't design for anyone who wasn't a stick insect and I'm pretty sure I'm right. Also, I agree with everyone who said the color is totally wrong for her. She would look stunning in some deep, rich jewel tone or something (know it's cliche, but love redheads in green), but this pale color on her pale skin is not great.

Yeah, those are some titays, for sure, but they are so fake.

I think she is super hot, but I think she was way hotter way back when she on Firefly and she had her natural boobs. Just saying....

Umm. On Firefly she was indeed very well-endowed. I might be a straight gal, but even I noticed her big ol' glorious bosom. She was just thinner back then.

She's a curvy girl who isn't super skinny--she has a body type Hollywood hasn't celebrated for decades. Big boobies are perfectly natural for curvy, non-skinny body.

Having been lucky enough to actually be in the presence of Christina once, I must say I couldn't take my eyes off her. As gorgeous as she is on TV, she is mesmerizing in person.

Shame this dress is working against her curves instead of with them. I agree with everyone who says Christian just can't design for non-size 0s.

Too much stuff going on above the waist and the color is to close to her skin color.
Those ruffles at the waist are way to much. Should be just a little one up there and then flowing down to meet up with the others.
And the fit of the top is way, way off. It looks like the left side won't be around long. The top looks very uncomfortable.
She's got too many curves for a dress with that much action going on.

And the hair and makeup are totally wrong for the dress and color.
They'd be great with a slinky emerald green number.

The color - yuck. The wonky boobs - awful (how can PPS still not understand breasts?). Christina - fabulous. Loved the hair.

Love the colour on her but that ruffle belongs on a bedding.

I find this look very appealing. She normally uses such strong colours that I think for her this is very beautiful way of taking a detour. So for me it's IN! :D

All this talk about Christian S. and huge boobs is kinda hot.

Christina herself

Washed out dress colour
Poor fit
Too many ruffles for full figure
Scraggy hair

BTW Queen Latifah rocks a strapless gown on a regular basis..the fit and undergarments are the key.

Not great on her shape, and the ruffles are too cumbersome, should be done in a lighter/transparent fabric to achieve what I think he was going for, imo.

But there was enough ass at that event to make her look like a shining light, talking sandra bullock..sophie vergara..MARIAH- dear god :S

This comment has been removed by the author.

I like the color on her and the basic idea for the dress, but the execution or the design of the structure or the undergarments or somethin' is problematic, isn't it?

It looks surprisingly amateurish for Christian.

But, then, maybe ruffles (or puffysleeves) aren't quite right for her physique?

I'd love to know how he got the gig and congrats to him, anyway.

I like it and for a while I couldn't figure out why. The overall hourglass effect is spectacular! However, the color is definitely wrong and the coverage of her bust is not great - although having her cups running over has been part of CH's schtick at a number of her appearances. I am giving her a pass on her droopy hair, because I suspect that it is the result of the rain. I think the reason that my viscera is giving the look a thumbs up is because Christina is selling the look, granted she's not vamping it up like Drew Barrymore, but she looks comfortable in her skin and is channeling her inner princess.

The color is horrible for her and it seems a little too tight on top.

The fit is poor,the detailing too fussy and in all the wrong places, and the "color" washes her out. As a fellow pale redhead, I understand the temptation to occassionally wear a nude, champagne or peach, but such shades rarely work out for us. As seen on "Mad Men", her character could successfully wear rich, vibrant tones of pink, red, purple, etc.

She's very striking already, but if she could get someone that emphasized her strengths and not succumb to prevalent styles that do her no favors, she would be a red carpet goddess.

God that woman is gorgeous... the things I would do to her...

Her hair and makeup is fabulous, too bad the dress is not for her. She needs deep, rich colors.

This woman is a dream, but the dress leaves a lot to be desired. That is one major titscrepency she has going on there.

COLOR! The dress would be more if it had color. It is not doing her color and hair any justice. Blue! Green! Red! Something!

I'm horrible when it comes to picking the best colors for a particular person (I rely on trusted individuals to tell me what looks good on me, then stick to those colors). However, I think a rich copper would have looked much better on her. And perhaps a darker color would have obscured the horrible construction in the bust.

Looks like she channeling Charo, but Charo would never wear such a washed out, sad color. Out.

well, she is working the hell out of it, and love the hair and makeup, and I think the color is nice- but i allways liked pale, white vampire- skin. But the ruffles and the prom-dress feel make it a definate


so soory, Joanie.

The color is lovely ... but not for her.

(another suz)

Jen on 1/18/10 at 8:23 AM said.....I think a rich copper would have looked much better on her.

Jen, I could not agree with you more. I was trying to think of something different to set apart from the crowd at the GGs and could not come up with anything. Your idea is perfect.


I actually almost like the dress on her. I think part of the problem is the way she carries herself on the red carpet. She curves her body funny and sticks her chin out way too far so it makes every dress look odd on her.

Oh, and the color is dreadful. A nice, deep jewel tone and some posture lessons by a fabulous gay would've made this dress work.

There's something about this dress that I love with her skin because it gives her a glow, but I also think it was not made for a woman as boobalicious as Christina...

One word: BAZOOMS!

NO, NO, NO - That dress is wrong for her on so many levels, starting with the color, and all I can see are the titscrepancy and the back fat.

It's the color. Makes her look like a beautiful, glittery, cold vampire.

I've slept on it and reassessed. She looks GOOD.

Check out this pic of her on dlisted.

When she's going to be photographed head to toe, this dress is doing her all sorts of favors. That diagonal ruffle is flattering to her lovely ample hips. You notice, Mad Men never does full body shots of her when she's not at her skinniest? Those clothes on slightly heavier Christina make her look like a cement block.

Not a good colour on her. Generally I find she's boring on the red carpet.

I like it. I give her kudos for wearing it because those girls look like they just want to bust out and say "HELLO" to all of us!

I don't care for the color tho -- too Golden Girls for me.

Thanks for the post.

This is a case where I think it looked wonderful on TV, but the still shots don't look very good.

Part of me wishes that she had left it the original color. I'm not exactly sure how if it would've looked better necessarily but it would've been at least more eyecatching and interesting. It probably would've been best if she had gone with that blue tone that Christian used in that collection.

Christina should have worn the dress in the original color/fabric shown on the runway. Would have looked great with her hair.


I do like the dress, but it's the wrong color for her, plus it looks all wrinkled at the bottom, probably with the rain and stuff.

Aside from the ill-fitting bust, I kinda like it! I even think the color is pretty on her.

She looks beautiful...the dress...not so much.

I think the failure of the dress is in the fabric and ill fit. It is reminiscent of an 80's prom dresses with the sheen and massive ruffles. The original looks sculptural as the ruffles have life...her's look limp, lifeless and dated. If the ruffles on hers had wire/starch/whatever built would be a vast improvement. A better fit in the bust would also help a lot...but thoses bosoms had to have been difficult to design around in the 1st place...

I do like this color on her though...really draws the eye up to her beautiful face and gorgeous hair color....also compliments her lovely skin tone.

I thought it was a good effort overall. The dress was fitted to her (though a little more coverage up top would have been good) but there were several on the red carpet that looked like they didn't have even a basic fitting. I think a different color would have made a world of difference - if she was going for peaches & cream, then she shouldn't have worn such bright pinks on her face.

The dress is pretty and I like the color here better than the runway version. It just isn't the right color for her. And obvs, she has Paula Abdul-style painful squeezed bosoms. Does she really have a giant rack?

Wait, why'd you cross that out? There won't be more tomorrow?

I liked the dress WAY better in its original form, and I think it would have looked great on her.

One size bigger and the runway colour would have been much better. Not it just looks desperate.

Looking at the original, I think the fabric change kills a lot of the drama. It needs material with more body to keep the ruffle sculptural, and while I think a color change would be fine, going to a bland solid wasn't effective.

A bit too Mae West Drag Queen for me. I love Christina H., but when one has that much going on up top, the rest of the outfit needs to stay pretty simple.

In the original fabric, up a size or two, and with the titscrepancy fixed, this would have been stunning. As it is, she looks like a sausage in a casing.

What. Is going on. With those boobs. I feel uncomfortable.

Yep, scoliosis city.

Oh lord. The original color would have looked so much better on her. Plus a size up in the bust.

i love it! i even think the pale color looks really good with her pale skin, which normally i think doesn't work.

She looks better on Mad Men. That red dress and the way she works it... could make me straight some day.

I really like the color and I almost like it on her, but I have to agree with most of the other comments that it's not quite right on her. In some of the photos, she actually comes off looking a little blue-ish. "Cutlets" aside, I like strapless on her, but there's something that keeps catching my eye w.r.t. the waist (on her L-side), but that could be due to a "wrong size", as I've seen other people mention this. I'm diggin the hair, make-up, and accessories.

Two words.


This would have been much nicer if it were in the original fabric. And fit.

when not smiling she looks offensively like a blow-up sex doll or something (it's probably because of the super pale skin and the huge boobs and the bright red lips)

That seals it. You guys were officially on crack when you were doing these reviews.

Also, the rabid fat hate present in the comments? Not attractive.

I think she looks stunning!

Barbie circa 1985.


I like the dress on her. I think she looks great :)

Have to disagree. I think she looks great -- and clearly the close-to-nude color and va-va-va-voom, almost-popping-out-of-it look is clearly just what she was going for, so mission accomplished!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Love the hair and the earrings.

It needed to be in a slightly bigger size up to keep her girls in place.

Too many ruffles. He needs to stay away from ruffles, they're all starting to look the same.

I don't like the color at all on her. She still managed to glow on the red carpet.

She needs a breast reduction, seriously.

The dress doesn't do any justice to her lovely figure. It's too tight on her.

Why didn't she wear something similar to the runway look? Anywho, congratulations PPS!

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