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Chanel Spring 2010 Haute Couture

Pastel Chanel.

Hilary Alexander was there and you weren't:

"There was not a Little Black Dress to be seen – and this from the house founded by “Coco” Chanel who invented the LBD, nearly 100 years ago.

The traditional Chanel suit, too, was redesigned, the slim, A-line skirt being replaced by little shorts, or culottes, trimmed with tulle.

There was not a gilt chain or hint of gold to be seen.

The candy-coloured and “twinkle” tweeds had lost their classic braid trimmings and were sprinkled and edged with molten silver, to match the silver leather half-gloves – in the style of M. Lagerfeld – and the silver shoe-boots with carved heels and pearl trimmed soles.

Lagerfeld called the collection “neon-baroque”, a reference to the acid yellow, candy-pink and fluorescent lime hues which appeared like icing, amid a delicate tableau of frosted pastels, champagne and cream; and one hint of black, in the form of a large “kipper tie”, embellished with a crystal brooch, which punctuated the front of classic, white silk, column-gown."

Uncle Karl did it again. This collection is GORGE. We could have done without another set of drag queens in couture, but at least he restricted the over-the-top styling to just the hair. And we have to admit, the heart-shaped 'dos are pretty endearing. As for the clothes, they're fabulous and modern and sleek and chic and very Chanel without being a retread. We have to admit, pairing silver with pastels doesn't sound innovative until you actually see it. It's a unique look - and a very daring one for the House of Chanel.


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Fleurchons! Somewhere, Angela is weeping.

It IS gorge. I hope this doesn't spark a culottes trend, because I'd really hate to have to buck that trend for the next couple of years, but it's a truly beautiful collection.

WOW! What a polished collection! The clothes even outdid the hair styling!!! Ha Ha


I didn't think I'd like it from Hillary's written description, but I love almost all of it - even the culottes. Not a fan of tulle, but it works for some of the dresses. I also love the color story.

Some of it very pretty, but I have some doubts about the egg-shaped pieces ~Gary

Love the colors and the details on the clothes. It is a beautiful collection. The description did not do the clothes justice.


I absolutely adore Chanel but I wasn't dying over this collection. It was beautiful, don't get me wrong, but there were way too many suits in the beginning and it got a little redundant. The dresses towards the end progressively got more interesting so I think that made up for the beginning.

Not a fan of the Hollywood Chanel lore.
Or the Chanel suit.

The day dresses remind me of what teachers used to wear in the early 70's.
Some of the Lagerfeld eveningwear is fab. as is the hair.

The suits are wonderful. So is most of the rest of it (except for those baby dollish dresses - that green thing is hideous).

The 5th Ave and Upper East Side broads are gonna eat this stuff up with a spoon.

Amazing! I love the touch of silver.

I love the clothes but those tights are SO distracting. They make all the models look like old ladies, and not in a cute, spunky way.

If Chanel were alive today I think she would detest Karl and what he has done to the House of Chanel. While the collection was pretty, it is so NOT Coco Chanel.

Thanks dolls,
The Glamorous Housewife

I think I'm in love.

OMG -- What is with that Jubilee Jumbles dress made of white fleurchons. Has Unkle Karl been seduced by a PR Alum?

The Glamorous Housewife said...
If Chanel were alive today I think she would detest Karl and what he has done to the House of Chanel. While the collection was pretty, it is so NOT Coco Chanel.

Thanks dolls,
The Glamorous Housewife

No, doubt. But not for the reasons you think.

Mdme. Chanel is probably spinning in her grave that a gay male designer is designing in her name.
But if it were not for Karl her house would have closed long ago. Before he took over it was a dusty old dinosaur that hadn't done any thing new since Chanel died , in fact not for 20 years before that.

I'm sorry, but no Chanel suit should be made with shorts. And certainly not baggy ones.

all I can think of when I see this is Lolita Harajuku girls.

may I please have the pink coat and the yellow dress.
thank you very much,

From an artistic and WOW point of view, I prefer the Dior collection BUT I would buy Uncle Karl's Channel collection. Everyone's favorite piece of the Channel could be worn by anyone at least once a year in that we all go to at least one dressy party, wedding and/or whatever each year. Also, Uncle Karl's clothes are not age specific. An 18 year old girl or 50 year old woman can and will wear theses designs. Daughter, mother and grandmother could share all these clothes.



I love practically every piece except for that dreadful sage green....thing.

I'm ... uh, torn? confused?

While the collection is undeniably GORGE, I still don't know how to interpret it. A bunch of babydolls and power-matron-suits, with super-frippery?

The collection is of two minds: one is "think young" and the other is "think ancient". There is a broad swathe of women between those two extremes who are left out.

And, yes, I know that couture is supposed to have an extreme appeal. But, really, who is this collection for? I'm just a-scratchin' my noggin over this one.


Is that Ms. Lagerfeld's butt boy in the last photo?

I have to get Ms. Lagerfeld credit, though, the collection is lovely.

Holy shit, I love it. And I love Lagerfeld. Genius.

It's not a skort.
Not yet a culotte.
The rest is BREATHTAKING! Just breathtaking.

I kinda just drooled all over myself.

THIS is fashion!

I hated the first half of this, but it started getting better as I scrolled down. I agree with chicityfashion in that all of the suits in the beginning were rather redundant. However, some of the dresses are quite fabulous.
I am trying to get past the horrible hair, but I really have to struggle to do so. I wonder if designers know how distracting incorrect styling can be, and how much it can take away from their collections. This seems to have become a bigger problem in the past year or two (my humble opinion.)


I want to print out all these pictures and hang them around my house. Special emphasis on the fridge and the exercise equipment. I love this stuff and it is so motivating for those last few pounds. Okay, decapounds, but who's counting.

Love the collection, the dresses are gorgeous, I just don't like the hair and makeup.


I'm loving everything except the shorts. But maybe styled differently off the runway those would work in my world too. I need more coffee to contemplate...

I really like the hair: it's kind of Lady Gaga meets Cruella deVille in the Ginza. Not that I'd wear it. I'm just sayin'...

Lovelovelove the metallics. Thank you for posting this, guys!

I'm afraid that I cannot condone the use of culottes as businesswear.

Uh, I really don't think you can classify Chanel Couture as "businesswear."

A few of the garments look like clothes that Emma Pillsbury from Glee would wear.

So fabulous and I'm particularly captivated by the dress and coat that have the yoyo quilt piecing --
A few years back Bill Cunningham of the NYT did a photo montage of a woman who dresses exclusively in clothing made this way. It was unique and beautiful.


I'm seeing Carla Bruni running down to the Channel couturie as fast as her little feet can carry her.

Me? I'm off to sew up some granny circles out of left over silk satin and sew them into a little jacket so that I can be "haute couture" this Spring too!

After you get past the initial "modern granny" suits, the rest of the collection is absolutely FAB! FAB! FAB!

The long dress with the sparkley, asymetrical top (7th from the bottom) makes me wish I was a movie star.

Note to PR designers...
see..there is more than to fashion than sleeveless column dresses.

I agree the stocking are very distracting. From an editorial POV, a lot of fun and very artistic. But still I'm just trying to imagine translating these from the runway

AS big a pain as Karl can be, the man has talent and he has his good side. Just watche that Valentino documentary last night where he told Valentino: "Compared to you, the rest of us make rags"


I love this collection but then I'm a soon to be Mother Of The Groom. In the fanasty land of money is no object, what a hell of a wedding party these clothes would make.

Gorgeous. The only thing I have a problem with is the culottes/shorts. I cannot imagine a Chanel suit with these things.
Just a beautiful collection, though. A great treat!! Thanks so much, TLo!!!!

Beautiful distracted by the terrible stying though. Between those crazy Minnie Mouse hair do's and the shimmer tights I could hardly focus on the amazing clothes! Also the model with the Tatoo in pic #42 is just a whole wrong image for Channel...


This makes me want to go buy a pair of silver pumps and a silver belt and start wearing them with all my spring dresses.

What an amazing, feminine, celebratory collection. And I thought the same thing, Angela's fleurchons finally found a home. The colors of this collection are exquisite.

I wanted to like it, but...
That green dress is the worst of the bunch. It is overall unflattering at best, and makes the model look like she weighs 200 lbs...and it's all centered in her torso. Who WANTS to look like they have a muffin top?

I'm not in love. It's in a weird place between twee and granny. I can't imagine myself wearing any of it, even fantasy me who is younger, thinner and richer.

But there is a lot of beauty in the color story and I like the tasteful use of metallics.

It's breathtaking. I don't like every single piece, and I do see the Harajuku Lolita influence all over the styling, but my's beautiful. Taking note of pastel + silver.

There are some really gorgeous pieces. A little too frou-frou at times for me, which is odd because this is Chanel. I really love the pops of color with the silver-- very fresh, especially for Mr. L. My favorite is the dress with the giant tie; it served to really offset the huge amount of feminine detail in the rest of the collection with a bold modern statement.

I'm not a fan of pastels, so this was a hard collection to get into and the Nancy Reagan suits in the beginning didn't help. Some of the dresses are amazing and ethereal and some are twee and ugly. Not my fave Chanel collection but there are some stunners, especially that yo-yo quilt pieced dress. Wow.

i think its just beautiful

I can see how exquisitely made this collection is - how cohesive, how it riffs on a theme. But -

The associations this collection brings to my mind are topiary show poodles, grandma's sheer curtains with overlapping layers of dusty ruffles, and the interior of coffins.

When I read:

"the slim, A-line skirt being replaced by little shorts, or culottes, trimmed with tulle"

I wondered how that could possibly be a good thing.

And I still don't think it is. Maybe I've been conditioned to think of culottes/shorts as very casual wear, but I'm opposed. They look silly to me. Rather have the unoriginal dull skirt.

BUT, the collection as a whole is like a box of high end confectionary. Each piece is a beautiful vision, a work of art in cloth rather than sugar. Some are to my taste, some are to yours, some everybody loves, some only a few find delicious. But just opening the box opens up a little world where artisans create a scene of fantasy.

I like the styling, especially the hair, it helps create the fantasy environment. Love the palette.



I think the dresses are really something special (can't wait to see the gowns worn on the red carpet by some of our more daring divas), and I like the tailoring on the suits and the color story. I even kind of get a kick out of the hair.

But the culottes. Ay, Dios, the culottes. I have to say no to them.

Okay. Throw out everything in my closet and fill it with this collection (except that odd green dress).

But please! No more shiny tights!

SusanID said...The associations this collection brings to my mind are topiary show poodles, grandma's sheer curtains with overlapping layers of dusty ruffles, and the interior of coffins.

Ha! I like the clothes, but I can totally see that. So it was sort of a Best in Show funeral for you.

For some reason I was absolutely mesmerized by the shoes and hosiery. They were distracting, but in a good way. Lovely, gorgeous colors, textures and fresh modern silhouettes.

I agree with those posting that the collection is sooo not Coco. However, for me that's not necessarily a bad thing. Times have changed. Society has changed. Fashion and culture change. So, isn't it only natural that fashion and aesthetics would reflect these changes as well?


Absolutely ravishing.

Pretty, but I don't love. I don't see anything innovative or that interesting at all about silver with pastels, and I hate all of those ugly shoes.

The only time I regret not being wealthy is when I see coats like the ones toward the top. Just luscious!

Bill said...
SusanID said...The associations this collection brings to my mind are topiary show poodles, grandma's sheer curtains with overlapping layers of dusty ruffles, and the interior of coffins.

Ha! I like the clothes, but I can totally see that. So it was sort of a Best in Show funeral for you.

ha ha ha - exactly. : )

Love the colors and the fantasy. Photo #60 looks like the same silhouette of the dress Julianne Moore wore to the Golden Globes--ugh. All else is absolutely divine.

Pardon my ignorance but: are skorts making a comeback? Really?? Then lets just bring back the Hammer pants and be done with it - oh wait that has already happened.
The dresses: beautiful! (with some exceptions i.e. the green thing and some of the baby-dolls that were not particularily flattering).
The suit jackets ( I am refusing to even address the skorts) - gorgeous in detail, color and the silver - brilliant.
Shiny/shimmery pantyhose - bad idea outside of figure-skating competitions.
Would have liked close-ups of the shoes - they looked pretty amazing.

A feast for my eyes - the subtle crystalized shimmering sugar colors are the essence of spring quietly breaking through winter before the riot of vivid bloomimg colors. I need someone to rip off a couple of the design so I can wear one at my wedding.

Stunning. It is a beautiful collection, very baroque. What fun it would be to be able to wear these pieces!

Oh, wow. Very classic Chanel. I don't have to love every single piece to feel drunk on the otherworldly fabulousness of it all.

Gorgeous: "Cruella deVille in the Ginza."

Ha! That sums it up pretty perfectly. Not lovin' the bizarre hairstyling, but I was so drawn in by the clothes I hardly noticed.


For my eye, there are a few misfires (I'm looking at YOU, sage green horror) but as a whole, just fabulous. I would also swap out the skorts for a non-pencil skirt.

Seriously, that green thing - here I'm scrolling down, falling deeper and deeper in love, and that just broke my concentration.

I LOVE that he finished with a bridal gown and gold-spangled groom, and I'm calling permanent dibs on rows 9, 10 and 11.

I don't understand the Bride of Frankenstein streaks we have seen in this hair and in the Dior hair. Is there some kind of weird film revival going on in France that we should know about?

quigley (the cat)

If I were a wedding cake designer, I'd be seriously inspired by some of these.

I was also mesmerized by the shimmery hose, except when I noticed it made some of the model's legs look like gnarly twigs.

Mostly, a beautiful, frothy, delicious, fantasy collection. I truly love the subtle variations on the classic Chanel suit.

But the spun sugar Minnie Mouse hair seriously distracted me.

luv 'n hisses,

Well allison kelly...looks like someone loves the look. not the first time wev'e seen it again this season.

I enjoyed the collection by scrolling up so the models heads were cut off.

Some of the heavy embroidered work reminds me of a historic church vestments exhibit I saw several decades ago. (It was a very, very wealthy bishopric.) They are breathtaking in their opulence.

Dear God those are some beautiful garments.
Still looks like Channel which is nice, but in a fresh new way.

As always I hate the shoes...

Sweet Pea got into the glitter and rolled around.

I must confess that I like the green dress that's being hated on. It is a study in the proper handling of sheer, filmy fabric and I think the detail is exquisite.

I get it, Uncle Karl!

Kind of cool, but a big no thank you to all those unflattering boxy and egg-shaped silhouettes.

Chanel has always had a silhouette inimical to women with breasts, but this collection takes that to a disturbing degree; the models look as if they've had mastectomies.

That said, there are things about it that I really like, including the green worked-tulle dress, but especially the variety of jacket and coat shapes in the day wear. What I don't like are the pale cocktail and evening dresses, which are. every one of them, twee, and remind me creepily of The Lonely Doll and the works of Henry Darger.


Quite a few of the dresses and gowns have that sacque/egg silhouette that was so radical when it was introduced in 1956 by Balenciaga. Fashion recycles and it's a fresh look today, but I think it's going to be a hard sell to Hollywood starlets, especially after Julianne Moore's recent public skewering for her Golden Globes Balenciaga dress.

'AS big a pain as Karl can be, the man has talent and he has his good side. Just watche that Valentino documentary last night where he told Valentino: "Compared to you, the rest of us make rags"'

Wait, didn't he say compared to US everyone else makes rags? I like it better that way so until I watch it again, that's the way I'm going to remember it.

The green dress reminded me of Grandma's couch, but I liked that. The rest of the collection raised my blood sugar, but I don't mind. Art on the runway. I wonder if we'll see any of these on the red carpet.

I loved every single thing! It's so Tim Burton/Cinderella's Stepmother/Stepford Wives/Mars Attacks...delicious! Love the hair, the tights, the makeup, the styling...and the clothes! I want that yellow dress!

Yes, it's beautiful and I respect it, but the first run of pastel suits make me gag. Being a fat girl, I can't help but associate them with the pastel power suits they sell in plus size catalogs like Roaman's...

I want my world to be one in which I could wear one of these outfits on any given day....

Alas. I can not.

The twinkle tweed fabric is pretty, but that's the only nice thing I can think of to say about this collection. The shapes are just so unflattering! If they aren't making the models' bodies look good, then there is NO HOPE for a woman over the age of 18.

LOVE the sparkly silver tights. And everything else, of course.

I LOVE the dress with the tie, it has lovely shoulders. I personally cannot wear pastels and my eighth grade self hates everyone that can, but I'm not a lady that lunches, so I would never ever wear these clothes anyway.

I hate half the words that come out of Karl's mouth, but, dammit, he knows fashion.

I definitely see the baroque. I was getting lulled by all the suits but the dresses fascinated me.

The suits, for all that I felt they got repetitious, did make me think of Easter candy with all the soft colors.

Beautiful stuff.

Oh, is that heart shaped hair? I thought it was Minnie Mouse...

hate hate HATE the culottes

Oh, no! Does this mean the old lady who has been making the braid has died?

(starts at 2:44)

It's a beautiful collection.

beautiful and impressive as art, but total fug as clothing. i'd say something snarky about the cullottes, but it's all been said here already. horrifying.

Those dresses are some of the most simultaneously beautiful and make-you-look-fat things I've ever seen.

Men should wear tiered hippie broomstick skirts before women should wear culottes ever again. (Although, ideally, neither would happen.)

Pretty, but I don't love. I don't see anything innovative or that interesting at all about silver with pastels, and I hate all of those ugly shoes.

Agree. What's so innovative about silver with pastels? My Mother wore a beautiful pale blue and silver outfit in 1968 similar to some of these designs and she looked wonderful. I think she even had silver shoes.
The silhouettes are by large, very unflattering and even dowdy. And sorry but the hair is just too distracting.


Not my style, but the pieces are stunning.

Not sure if I like the shorts paired with the jackets.

I absolutely abhor the culottes in this collection.

At first, I didn't like it, but now I'm completely in love with it;
the silver details, the colors...Karl Lagerfeld is truly a genius.

I'm blown away. What an amazing collection! Butt boy looks hot and shiny.

The color palette is beyond perfect!

"Judy said...

Stunning. It is a beautiful collection, very baroque. What fun it would be to be able to wear these pieces!"

I would love to wear one of these pieces.

If a PR designer put one of these outfits on the runway, they'd be ripped for fit, taste level, using cheap-looking shiny fabrics and using tacky trims. Then they'd be chastized for lack of self-editing.

This stuff is hideous and I find it more than a little funny that folks are raving over it. May the power of a brand name reign supreme!


Although, the male model at the end is once again totally WRONG for the look.... ugh, dislike

My only issue is that very few models here look like they have a waist...

"Wait, didn't he say compared to US everyone else makes rags?"

I went back and checked and the chapter on the DVD is titled by the quote "Compared to us, the rest are making rags." That's our Karl! :)

I was so pleased to see him use a metallic that isn't gold! I love this color palette, with the exception of that Jade green number. It's like he was using some leftover fabric from his Fall art deco collection.

Not such a fan of the shorts. But overall I thought this collection was wonderful. The shoes, by the way, are ridiculous and amazing.

And can I please have the silver lamé suit right now?!

Yuck. Unflattering and frumpy.


I'm getting a feeling of Communion (especially with the whitish pieces) and churchwear.

I take pleasure in laughing at Lagerfeld and his idiocy sometimes, but when I see those designs, all the idiocy fades away. Beautiful, beautiful things and wearable, too.

It's a very beautiful collection, but I just can't get behind the culottes. I hated them when I was six and I hate them now.

I like the color story, but the collection is a little weird. Half the pieces are very geriatric, while the other half look like toddlers' christening gowns. It's like the collection could have been called My Grandma and Me.

Tee Hee! Grandma and Me! Grandma suits NOT gorge. Just not. Dull, even. And, (I'll whisper this next part: frumpy). But then the collection got younger and younger and younger!!! And gorge and gorger and gorgest!

i'm not dorothy gale

Glorious from head to toe, and something for all ages in this collection. It's an Easter basket come to life right down to the egg.

Yes, god forbid anyone makes couture for anything but twenty somethings. It's not like older women like to look good or have the money to spend on it. Sheesh. The ageism on this site from some of the commenters is getting tiresome.

The way he manipulates fabric is divine. I'd like to see more close-ups. I love it.

Wondering why people tend to filter couture clothing through whether they would wear it to walk down the street in Cincinnati, or where ever they live. Can't you see the artistry people? Yes, that even includes the green dress.

I'm just sayin.'

My favorite:

With this collection, somehow Mr. Lagerfeld managed to evoke the mental image of grandmothers getting married drive-thru style in Vegas, in the '80s.

Gotta love the House of Chanel.

Isn't that the hairdo that contributed to Alison Kelly's aufing?

Golden Girls. 24k Golden Girls, granted, but Golden Girls none-the-less.

There is no such thing as a house of CHANNEL. Don't even bother commenting if you can't spell her name right.

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