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Brodarte: Rodarte for Boys

Enough lady talk! Boys? Step up.

The fabulous sisters behind the label Rodarte created a line of mixed-knit sweaters for Opening Ceremony called "Brodarte." Check it:

Well, now we know what all the hipster nerds will be wearing. Frankensweaters. We kinda sorta like them but we think they're probably better served on the backs of the under-30s. Also, they look disposable. We can't imagine that these would last through more than a couple wearings before evaporating.


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Looks like Bill Cosby's sweater collection got eaten up by moths.

These look like one of my knitting projects gone terribly awry.

OMG Ursa! I was totally gonna say that a Cosby sweater got caught in a shredder!

Great minds?


They definitely look like they'll fall apart under normal wear. And having them on a bare-chested but tattooed model makes their pattern look busy and ugly (the tats don't match the yarn).

Not my kink.

Oh, hush! I'm a passionate knitter, and those sweaters look like a collection of my worst mistakes, and I actually usually hate Rodarte's (unflattering) dresses -- but I love those sweaters. I love how they make me think about texture and color. And I think they're really wearable (much more so than their boxy high-necked dresses). -vicoria

I do not think anyone over 30 can pull off this look, nor do I think they would want to. It looks as though they would snag on everything or tear easily. They look a little on the cheap side.

These look like what happens when my dogs get into my knitting stash -- maybe I should submit their work for PR S8.

I actually like them, but they do look like the hand wash only sweater that went through the wash by mistake.

I always use the "How would this look on my husband" metric for menswear, and on this one I came up with "cute, but like he was trying to act 25 for some reason."


I don't like the color scheme of the first two, and the third one looks like the guy is covered in spider webs. But I like the layout of the 4th one.


These wouldn't keep me very warm. Also, anyone with a hair on his chest would look (even more) ridiculous wearing these without a shirt underneath.

It looks like my daughter's knitting. And she is only 5.

I would have called the line "Bad Kitty."

Oh dear. They do look as if they're about to evaporate.

Quick! Spend lots of money! Before your sweater disappears!

Is this Couture Buddhism? Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form, All is Impermanent, There Is No Sweater?

LOL at the name.

for some reason these sweaters feel like the love child of Charlie Brown and Tim Burton.

too many cats

joyjoy for the win

This stuff looks like a rat's nest. A woman might be able to pull it off because finish is less important on women's clothes. Men's clothes are generally very carefully finished (check out an oxford shirt's seams) so the result is much more jarring.

Actually, it's like when a dish rag slowly starts to fall apart. It's stained with tea and wine, there's crumbs sticking to it, and the threads are coming out. Ugh, a dirty old dish rag.

I find the model super cute, I must admit.

I love them and yes, in my 20's I would have worn them in a New York minute.

Of course I wore all kinds of crazy things in my 20's.


Love them! I would totally buy one for my boyfriend if I could afford them right now.

I can't think of a single guy I know who would look good in/dream of wearing any of these. On the up-side, it's nice to know that I can make nicer knitwear than the folks over at Rodarte!

I am a huge Rodarte fan, an under 30, and sweater obsessed. All that being said...$2,700 for a sweater?!?!?! I'll spend $400 or so...but that is a budget buster for even the most well-to-do (under 30) fashionist-o.

I am definitely not hip enough, or postmodern enough, or whatever one needs to be, to appreciate this look. Rot and decay as fashion themes kind of make me angry. But perhaps the point is to provoke that sort of reaction.

Looks like he got caught in a barbed wire fence on the way home from Goodwill.

I would like these a lot without the distressed / moth-eaten look.

TLo said...


LOL --- very cute. Usually, I love weird stuff like this, but this time not so very much. I don't mind the solid black, but the others just look too --- silly.


I fucking love them!!!!!
Maybe I can do "the look for less" with one of my old sweaters and a fork.

I like them : )

and this is why Rodarte should stick to designing for women

Did the models make the sweaters themselves? On rohypnol?

I'll take the model but the sweaters...

I rather like the cardigan in a solid colour. The ephemeral quality/appearance throws me off. I like a knitwear that looks like it could last the winter.

1) would those not catch on EVERYTHING?

2) When worn without something underneath, they kind of make me think of scrawny boys yearning for chest hair....pretty sure that's not the idea.

Why are these women in business?

I thought hair shirt when looking at the first couple.
Like with some kind of waxing accident.


can only imagine the price.

go to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Get an old ugly sweater. Do some shredding.

Same look for much less.

This is a classic "The Emperor's new clothes."


That may be the best thing I've heard all week. Thanks for the giggle!


oh god - I'm so glad I scrolled all the way through that mess. I was afraid I was going to find out that you loved them and I was fashionably out of order by thinking they are hideous.

Sometimes our creative ideas should be left in our heads.

I'm going to put some old sweaters of mine in the attic and get the same look for free.

sorry, but... yuck

"There Is No Sweater"

that gave me a giggle too. Finally, something happy to think about today!


If I had the money, I would absolutely wear the last one. Of course, I couldn't really wear it to work... or outside (in Minneapolis)... or really much at all, lest it fall apart. But it's interesting and beautiful.

Those sweaters give me the heebie jeebies.

I love them. The V neck cardigan is my favorite.
They remind me of early punk sweaters. I actually still have one that is even looser knit than these. I think the brand name was SEX. I must say, they last a pretty long time.

I like the idea of Frankensweaters, but these are too slim. Baggy sweaters are where its at.

ha ha ha... those look just my first efforts at knitting, when I dropped every other stitch and the holes just got bigger and bigger and bigger!!
Who knew I could have charged over two grand for them?!!
Just a little oh by the way... the snags would drive you'd get caught on every little hook, nail and thingamabob... let the fun begin!!

I think they look ridiculous, but they are a very particular aesthetic that is definitely not my own.


Oh my, I'm way too practical for fashion: sweaters that let you freeze, women's dresses in January with no sleeves. Sigh. Just give me some warmth, please.

"Is this Couture Buddhism? Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form, All is Impermanent, There Is No Sweater?"


- Thanks for that joyjoy, you've made my morning!



I like them but for someone, as you said, below 30.

the fact that all of these are over $2,000 blows my mind. I think they are hideous.

They're fabulous!

It's my knitting nightmare come to life!!!

Hideous beyond belief.

I'm disappointed -- isn't anybody going to say "give that guy a cheeseburger"?

Looking at these made me laugh, but not in a way the Rodarte sisters would appreciate.

Reading Joyjoy's Prajna Paramita reference, however, made me laugh in the best way. I love the brilliant commenters here.

Hideous, ugly, and look like what a 5-year-old would knit, as anniebananie pointed out. In fact, I have a piece of "knitting" somewhere that my own daughter did at that age which looks about the same.

With all the beautiful handknits out there, these idiot "designers" have the balls to not only present moth-eaten, hideously mangled, mis-knit crap, but to charge such insane prices for it? Give me $10; I can reproduce one for you in about four hours, since it looks like they were knit on giant needles, and if I drop a stitch, I don't even have to worry about picking it up!

This is a classic "The Emperor's new clothes."

Indeed, and that sums it up nicely.

They look FANTASTIC from a DISTANCE. The close-ups though? notsomuch.

That's interesting in and of itself, methinks.

Don't get me wrong - I love the Rodarte girls. I don't even mind the deconstructed sweaters. What bothers me is the name - "Brodarte?!?!?" It makes me think of a frat boy attempting a witty pun. Ugh.


"Is this Couture Buddhism? Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form, All is Impermanent, There Is No Sweater?"

:) :) :) :)

I second it: JoyJoy for the win. Brilliant!

LOVE the comments! You guys are all hilarious!

My first thought was Homeless Junkie....


OR why isn't he smiling?

The most horrifying aspect of a Frankensweater: that there are people who will spend almost three thousand dollars on this ephemeral piece of clothing. Like the trend, the sweaters won't last more than a few wears.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

"Bad Kitty" is right. If TLo showed up in one of these, I'd wonder what they did to piss off their furry, clawed bitches.


So I was really excited when I saw this. Rodarte is one of my fav. design houses. Then I opened this and saw the sweaters. Yeah, no thanks. I kind of like the black cardigan, but I'm not a fan of the rest.

As to the post about why people haven't posted about the model...
I had to go bad and look at him (not impressed, and yes he could eat a cheeaseburger) - but the "sweaters" (using the term, um, loosely) were so hideous that all I noticed the first time was the tattoos kind of blending into the mess.

These are ugly and pretentious--tailor made for the hipster contingent.

I kept checking my calendar - I thought it was April 1 not January 6.

Fug. Ugh. Lee.

I really want to like them, but "mixed knit" doesn't have to mean "full of holes that look like someone just gave up trying." As they stand, the last one is the only one I would even consider wearing. Some great stitches, colors, and ideas, execution, not so much.

And no, these likely wouldn't even last a couple hand-washings. Definitely meant to be disposable.

Brooklyn Bomber said...
I'm disappointed -- isn't anybody going to say "give that guy a cheeseburger"?

Of course not. Overweight women are only jealous of thin women, not thin men, and live on a planet where all slender females have eating disorders but absolutely no males do.

I like the cardigans, not so crazy about the full sweaters. But I can't imagine they'd be very warm or would last long before getting caught on something.

$3,000 each? pass!

Rodarte sucks ass.
Can we just admit it already.
Hipsters will not be wearing these but posers sure will.
I know Nina and Anna go crazy for them but I'm starting to think that this is one of those times when they are NOT in on the joke.

The model kindasorta looks like John Mayer too.
It's like insult to injury.
glasses and tattoos.
This is a joke right?

ugh. I'm so over them. never was a big fan of theirs to begin with.


Why bother posting when you guys said everything I thought? A little too self-consciously cool for anyone but the hipster crowd, and looking like they will snag and deform [even more] horribly with not much wear.

But I kind of like them, which I think is a tribute to how the design uses texture and color to create something appealing. These could have come out looking like truly god-awful messes, like something your aged aunt's boxer found at the bottom of the closet and chewed on.

And I so love when there's interesting menswear that a good sized chunk of the male population actually *would* wear out of the house.

I know I'm going to sound judgmental, but I find his tatoos disgusting. I'm not anti-tatoo, but tatoos on the neck are just stupid, and I never understood large tatoos on the body.

To each their own, but to me it looks like they are making their body look ugly.

I tasteful, appropriately placed tatoo can be sexy, but this is just awful.

Oh yeah, the sweaters. I like, but if I had the budget to even consider buying these sweaters, i would probably invest in something far less trendy and able to survive multiple wearings.


Must amend "a good sized chunk of the male population" with "whom I know" - I'm not implying that this style is going to take the retail world by storm.

But as soon as the right "alt"-something musician or popular local DJ wears one (or something similar at a lower price), many of my teen daughter's male friends will be wearing the knock-offs. Except for the occasional emo/goth-ish boy in all black, they affect a mix of street bohemian and post-punk, with a dash of steam punk and generous lashings of unadorned comfortable basics bought for them by someone else, the more worn out the better. Which, really, works great on them.

Ugh, disgusting. I normally don't have a problem with deconstructed pieces etc. etc., but something about these on a male body says "skin disease" and "scabs" and "coarse, curly hair" to me.

Rodarte didn't get the sleeve length memo, did they?

The sleeves stop at the wrists, which makes this a FASHION FAIL.

Hell to the no. Fug to the ly.

I think anyone wearing one of these sweaters would spend the entire night saying " No, I bought it this way. " or "Yes, this is how it is supposed to look."

major uggo. could see how on effortlessly sexy euro hipster the ratty sweater would be doable, but why go for just doable when, in a nice, whole sweater that man could be all kinds of DOABLE.

I really kind of like the sweaters too...I know that's not the popular opinion though. The model too..tats and nerdy glasses and all...mixed with fashion there are so many contradictions in the look...but it all works imo.

Sure...the sweaters are extremely delicate and are not practical for every day use...I know I'd be getting snagged on everything and would soon ruin it I'm sure. They are just really interesting and fun...a play on a classic cardigan with a modern edgy nerdy twist. It's not often that I see something new in men's wear that I'd consider wearing...this is one, although I have no idea where I'd wear it...not like I ever go to gallery openings or fashionable events...

anyway...I think they are cool!

What struck me is how cheaply these could be hand-knit; very little yarn, very fat needles, low to medium knitting ability. Definitely a high margin item for something handmade.

The cardigans are somewhat acceptable, but the sweaters are just no!

Note, no belt on model, because even in a controlled modeling session no one would trust a belt buckle near those things.

The stud on closure on those jeans even makes me nervous.

Had a women's sweater with a too-open weave, and it was finished after one wearing from a silver ring I wore.

What. a. shitfest.

At first glance I wasn't so crazy about them. Then I realized the model tats make it look like he's hairy instead of wearing sweaters. I agree they are better suited for the under 30's although I think an anyone could wear the solid black. The tan & black one however, has a Bill Cosby on acid feel to it that I don't particularly care for. Which I see several posters picked up on as well.

All in all it's a'ight.

Love. Do want.

Although I could probably frog a few stitches out of my dad's sweaters and be done with it.

Uh no. They look like they got caught in my paper shredder.

But the name Brodarte - oh so cute.

First, the model? Yes, plz.

Secondly, I just clicked the link. 2800 bucks? ARE YOU FKKING KIDDING ME?

My cats can hawk up better sweaters.

"I'm disappointed -- isn't anybody going to say "give that guy a cheeseburger"?"

Actually, I was thinking "Honey, I think Daddy has noticed you now, you can relax."

As a gay male hipster under-30, I would do anything to get my hands on the black cardigan.


Miss Heather

Both the sweaters and the tattooed nerd model get an 'ew' from me.

TLo said:

Also, they look disposable. We can't imagine that these would last through more than a couple wearings before evaporating.

...which can be a HUGE problem when each of these little pieces costs almost three grand.

They're fabulous!!!

Ha! Love the name.

I'm going to start a collection of my cats' hairballs - one's grey and one is brown striped - and after I get a pile, I'll take some yarn, stitch them loosely together in a random pattern, have my cats shred them further with their claws and then market them as "au natural 100% crafted by hand" for $2000 bucks a piece. I'll clean up, baby.

Difficult to separate ink from yarn. I like them on say the Mary Kate ... it's all about the glam homeless look.

Is this a fucking joke?

I can't believe I'm quoting Anne Slowey -- "Frankly it looks like something my cat chewed on a ball of yarn." These offend me.

putting those on an 'edgy' model with tattoos is just overkill.

I wonder what they'd look like on a model without tattoos. Still, they're just the thing for the man who wants to show off his tatts.

Do they make anyone else think of Weezer's "The Sweater Song"?

I liked Harry Potter better in his school uniform. ~Gary

When I was in grad school, we had a professor who always wore sweaters his mother had made for him, and she'd been dead for 20+ years. They looked just like these; they're even in the same color family. We all thought he was loony in a slightly creepy way, but apparently he was just geek chic.


Looks worse than the stuff I knit.

why does rodarte get so much press in this blog? it's appalling...are they american?

Anonymous said...

why does rodarte get so much press in this blog? it's appalling...are they american?

The hell?

Does anyone know this model's name? He is super cute!!

i'm not dorothy gale

Seriously. I'm a better crocheter than knitter and this looks like my first attempt at knitting a garment. That said, it really does take some skill to do those patterns with different needles and tension.

They do need a warning tag telling the purchaser to stay away from anything that could snag or they'll have a cat toy in seconds.

Ew! Are these made out of what they dug out of their hairbrushes?? BIG FAIL!!


Hate the sweaters, LOVE the model and LOVE the tats :)

As Laura Bennet would say "That is some serious ugly!"

I guess this passes for avante garde, but all I can think is "Pretentious, moi?"

I don't like it...

This is not only fugly, but seriously unwearable. Those sweaters would fall apart if you brushed your hand by it trying to take your wallet or keys out of your pocket.

Can they make men's clothes that are both interesting AND wearable? Or am I condemned to a life of black and argyle forever?

I am 29. And I can definitely see my colleagues who are 23ish working this look. But a man wearing these sweaters would not attract me. At all. This look obscures the lines of a man's body I like so much. My eyes are pinballing around the knitting details instead. I'm ready for my 30's! To the future!

TLo: "We can't imagine that these would last through more than a couple wearings before evaporating".

And? Who could tell?

Just kidding. 'Course, I wore fluffy big hole knitted punk rock jumpers in my youth.

These are really well done.

Sad sad sad sad sad sad.

Just Sad.

Simply to avoid the moment when someone asks me "what happened to your sweater??!", i would probably rather buy a new fridge.

They look FANTASTIC from a DISTANCE. The close-ups though? notsomuch.

The real problem is that the guy wearing it is seeing it in close-up all day.

As a knitter, I recognize the skill (yes) it takes to assemble a garment like this. As others have mentioned, though, these are not time-intensive works. Big needles, lots of dropped stitches, and a lot going on in the piecing and finishing -- there's more piecing and finishing in these sweaters than there is knitting. Not to my taste at all.

Also, I would be over tattoos but I was never into them. Enough already!

They're not REALLY $2700, are they? They can't be.

These are godawful and ridiculous. The joke is on anyone who wears these.

it looks like my mother in law knitted these. at 2am. after taking sleeping pills. and a bottle of wine.

Frankensweaters. I love it guys. Cuz "Create" is a bit of a stretch when you're talking about those sweaters. "f'd up" is probably the correct technical term.

To Anon, (right above) -- Your mother-in-law sounds like fun!

My inner mommy (I'm not a mommy) started weeping when I saw these pictures: the model is adorable and those sweaters are just not going to keep the poor kid warm this winter. And over $2000 per holey sweater? He is a poor kid. And cold. Awww.... BUT, I do have to say I kinda like 'em: back in the 80s (oh my) I took razors to my jeans, so this has a similar appeal to me. Or maybe it's just Cosby's long term influence on my fashion sense. The pieces seem to serve more as inspiration for DIY old sweater shredding projects. Definitely for the under-30 crowd, I agree. Now, I have a weird desire to make a nice hot bowl of chicken soup--and I'm a vegetarian!


This fashion layout reminds me of everything I hate about tats, the model has a bad haircut, and the sweaters look like they itch.... it's as if you undug a formildahided Jerry Lewis c. 1950 who's sweater rotted away in the casket.


Itchy and ugly. That about sums it up.

I find these to be impractical, ridiculous, and totally awesome at the same time.

I actually like them. Of course, I liked the originals when Rodarte first did them, but I like these too.


My cat hacked up one of those last week and I threw it in the trash.

Hmmm, what actually struck me most about these sweaters (because once familiar with the Rodarte aesthetic the knit style is really not surprising) was that they were made for men. Aside from being made for broader shoulders and narrower hips these look like women's sweaters to me. The heavy, at times puffy cuffs and sleeves, lack of buttons on the cardigan and the way the front of the cardigan seems to curve back about the waist (though that may be the pose) all seem like hallmarks of a women's wear. Even the fluffy yarns strike me as feminine. Am I crazy for thinking that? Since no one else mentioned it, maybe so.

The feminization factor was definitely what stuck me most about these. I'm all in favor of breaking down the gender binary, but I wonder if this was a conscious decision by the designers?

Regardless, as wearable/consumable art, I certainly find it thought provoking.

As a knitter, ugh. the same concept (playing with unusual gauge/multiple different-textured yarns) has been done and done and done, and done beautifully. But not here.

I do think they would last about as well as an ordinary sweater, though, except for the one with the blue patch on the back. They look flimsy, but that's an easy effect to achieve.

You boys know the NoLibs boys will be wearing these, assume they can afford them.

Somebody's been dumpster diving!

I'm a knitter since decades and I think this is just UGH!
You can sell anything, 'cause somebody pays the much to high price. What a bullshit!!!

My fabulous brother has always been unbelievably hip and fashionable, but I could never, ever imagine him wearing one of these at any age. I think he'd just point and laugh, alongside my ever-fashionable mother, who'd then point out everything wrong with them both from a knitter's from a fashion standpoint. All of which would be a nice change from their pointing out what's wrong with my hair/outfit/shoes.

At first glance, I thought it was kind of ridiculous. But you know, after seeing the price it makes sense in this smugly luxurious kind of way.

Why would you pay nearly $3k for a sweater that looks like it will fall apart after one wear? Because that's all you want it for. It's a kind of luxury (yes, call it stupid, but it is luxury-- especially when it costs $3k) to have something for seemingly no functional purpose, but to wear and destroy however you see fit.

So yes, it's aimed at a completely different consumer than the vast majority of people here or anywhere. Even though I have a few clothes that come close to that in price, I wouldn't buy it because I don't have that much disposable cash for something that I'd only get a wear out of. But some people do, and if I did, I'd buy that for the simple reason that luxury feels good.

If I saw somebody wearing one of these outside on the street, I would really NOT think of luxury, but more homelessness. And forced to take old clothes from the clothes recycling bin.
Honestly, that is ass-ugly, and NOBODY can look good in it.

And if you really, really like them - why not make one on your own? Which is exactly the difference to real luxury clothes for me - you can't sew them that easily yourself...

The would be great to wear shirtless if you wanted to show off your tattoos.:}

Those are the most ridiculously ugly things I have ever seen. FFS.

He looks like a walking Dream Catcher.

Thank you :) you should look at this emo boy style at this blog:

BALMAIN for women

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