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Boys on the Bottom

Kittens, we WILL NOT STAND another season of disappointing gays. We're hoping this will be the last time we're forced to use another variation of "bottom" and "boys" in the post title.

We think Lifetime is really missing out on a merchandising opportunity by not offering Jesus dolls. Come on! Don't you just wanna prop him up on a pillow somewhere and make little outfits for him?

Model: Brittany Oldehoff

Unfortunately, cute as he is, he may not be here much longer if he sends more efforts like this down the runway.

Darlings, the word to keep in mind here is "instincts," as in:

Not having them.

Let's start with the fabric choice. Right there, you've got to question the instincts. While this might have been used to make a great jacket OR a great skirt OR a great pair of pants, to look at this and think of making an entire dress out of it...well. Those are some questionable instincts.

And to think you can go from a mini-dress to a gown just by adding some extra yardage...well. That too is a questionable instinct.

And finally, to not stop anywhere during this process and step back and say to yourself, "Shit. I just made a shoe," well.

You know the rest.

The actual design of the dress is fine. Had it been rendered in a more appropriate fabric, he probably would have skated through without comment.

And he even has decent technical skills.

But the fact of the matter is, there is, in the immortal phrasing of SeƱorita Garcia, "a taste issue." And the bad news for Jesus is, once the judges decide you have a taste issue, it's virtually impossible to convince them otherwise.

Darlings, it is a little-known phenomenon that young southern black queens sound almost exactly like old southern black church ladies. All Anthony needs is a fan and a little hat with some netting and he could be Oprah Winfrey in The Color Purple.

But Miss Sophia, we're here to tell you...

Model: Alison Gingerich

Child, you made a mess.

That is just too much dress for that fabric.

This is an instance where someone shouldn't have listened to Tim because we thought he was heading in a better direction by introducing a complementary fabric to break up the heavy floral-ness of that pattern. Granted, we didn't like the direction he was going in with it, but discouraging him from using it at all sent him on a path that was not much better than the one he was on.

Miss Sophia's going to need to learn some editing skills in order to stay in the game. It seems to us like he wanted to throw every trick he had at this one dress.

The result was that none of his tricks were particularly well done. The fit on the butt was terrible and the hem was a mess.

Plus, the bust was a nightmare...

And that thing on the hip just took it past the point of no return.

But, if he'd toned down some of the elements and did them cleanly, and if he'd stuck with his instincts and used other fabrics, he could have had a truly interesting and pretty dress. There's potential there and we think the judges can recognize a designer who just might blossom with a little hand-holding.

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Anthony is just about the worst cliche of a southern gay you can have... total small town homo that thinks THAT is the way that gays should act. It's just such a put on not to mention annoying... and that whole "oh Miss Daisy, THANK YOU!" when he didn't get auf'ed... ugh. LOVED the way Heidi told him to beat it off the stage...

TLo said: "And the bad news for Jesus is, once the judges decide you have a taste issue, it's virtually impossible to convince them otherwise."

This here's the sweet young thing that didn't see the issue with the seal fur in his design. So apparently taste issues are not unknown to him.

Anthony's fabric made me want to recover my porch furniture cushions with it - not exactly a good choice for fashion forwardness. But, darn it, he's so sassy, I'm hoping he'll get it together & be around awhile longer.


Oh, my god. I don't know why I hadn't noticed it before, but that train looks like a trail of diarrhea leaking out of the back. It's an even greater case of FAIL than I'd initially thought. Jesus, you're an adorable little gay man, and, yes, T Lo, a Jesus doll would sell well, and they could make a killing on accessories, but, based on that shoe dress, that ode to crap, I don't really see the adorable Jesus making it much farther into competition.

Tim Gunn's comments on this dress, over on his reinstated blog, should be etched into a plate of brass and placed on the workroom wall.

I hope Anthony sticks around for another episode or two, in spite of his apparent lack of technical skills (holy crap), as, in spite of the obvious camera-hogging quality of his quips, I find him amusing. Not entire season amusing, but I could stand him for another week or two. That dress, on the other hand, not so much. No man should do that to a woman's tits and ass, be he gay or straight. That's just...wrong. *shudder* Not as epic a fail as Jesus' shitty shoe dress, but it's effing close.

They were both very lucky that Christiane put such a work of crap on the runway.

On the runway I thought Jesus' dress was ok. In these photos it does look off. Indeed, the texture of the fabric does weird things to it when it moves. It just makes it look strange. I still think it wasn't bad enough for bottom three.

I hated Anthony's. How can a floral dress look so sad?


I adore little Anthony. I hope he starts to bring some contruction skills or he won't be here much longer.

I wonder if Jesus's dress would have looked better as a catsuit if the fit was impeccable? And if he had broken it up a little with a belt and some colorful accessories, or a whip or something? It was just so...brown.

Anthony was going down a better path with that chartreuse fabric, somehow. I hate to say it but I worry he isn't going to be around long. He's very gown oriented and somehow that doesn't often translate very well to this competition.

young southern black queens sound almost exactly like old southern black church ladies.

That made me immediately think of Tyler Perry and Madea, for some strange reason.

I loved the fabric Anthony used. Loved it. It was the best fabric anyone choose or had to choose from. And the fact that he made the worst dress out of it just tears me up. I love him, I want him to produce nice things so he can stay.


CCGuy000, Get a grip. I live in a small southern town and it takes a lot of courage to be yourself when yourself is Anthony.

And, yes, some gay men "act" like that because that is who they are. If you're not comfortable with some swish, that is entirely your problem.

I didn't think either of these two deserved to be in the bottom. Not the top for sure, but not the bottom.
Mr. Jesus dress was one of the better made and fit on the runway. He is very skilled. That I admire. His dress and Ping's were the only ones that really stood out (His not so much in a good way). Anyway Bravo to Jesus.
I liked the hip treatment on Anthony's dress. And the fabric. The bust was well fitted too, but the back was unforgivable. There were far worse though, far worse.

"Shit. I just made a shoe,"

Thanks guys! I had to stop reading to have a laugh just at that comment. It is so perfect.

Twenty-one year olds without taste issues are rare birds indeed.

The big problem with Anthony's dress (aside from the butt-bucket) was that he didn't look at the rhythm of the design. The first thing I was taught about laying out patterns on large prints was to see the shapes the background makes and use them to outline the body, and never, ever, to have a seam or dart cut a design element into a meaningless snippet. Anyway it's too big a pattern for that small a dress, and he's left no sense of pattern at all.

Stephanie said what I forgot (or rather edited out, oops): Anthony's fabric was lovely, a modern take on the black-background print shantungs I remember from the late fifties and early sixties. It was a sin and a shame for him to chop it up for a crossover topped cocktail dress.

Oh dear, oh dear. That said, there were a couple in the middle that I thought deserved to be in the bottom--the guy's from SF was awful and the top above the harlequin skirt was awful.

Loved Anthony's fabric, hate the dress. Jesus should have just stopped at his original hemline. Wouldn't have been great, but wouldn't have been a trainwreck. I think he lucked out with his model--her hair and the dress matched and she was tall enough to make it look like more than it was.

I'm starting to question my own taste level I guess...I actually kinda liked what Jesus did. (maybe my judgment is clouded by his I'd have preferred if he had kept it short was too too much for the fabric. Looking at his portfolio though...I'm not a fan of his design aesthetic...but I like him and am rooting for him to do well.

Anthony...omg...he's a trip! Naturally funny and just way over the top...just not sure if he's on par with the others.

Still think though that Janeane's boring, boring, boring, and still more boring of an outfit is much worse of an offense than what either Jesus and Anthony sent down the runway.

There's an 'Arnold from Different Strokes'-ness to Anthony.

Don't you think it was in poor taste for Anthony to shove a dildo up his model's ass? That didn't help the dress at all!

/10 5:17 PM

Glammy said...
Oh dear, oh dear. That said, there were a couple in the middle that I thought deserved to be in the bottom--the guy's from SF was awful and the top above the harlequin skirt was awful.

The balled up harlequin fabric paired with the ill fitting bustier was my pick for the auf. Truely henious.

Sewing Siren,

I agree. I was amazed when it didn't get called out--thought it was worse that Christiane's which was a bit dowdy and fussy more than anything.

My husband who won't watch the show was wandering by when the harlequin mess was on and just stood there for a second and said, "You've GOT to be kidding!"

yeah! ho! wah!

again, agree with both tlo and the judges. anthony has potential, but poor jesus really fucked up.

I'm sorry, but I love these two designers. Their actual designs? Not so much. Still (and I know this shows my own taste issues most likely), I don't think Jesus' was *that* bad. It probably would have been fine if he had kept it as a mini-dress. At least he has some technical skills.

SoPHIahhhh, SoPHIahhhh, SoPhiahhhh!!!
I love the guy, and I loved the print, but the design and execution were terrible. I do hope Sophia, errr, Anthony can pull it together next time!!!

Anthony's "And I'm thirsty" comment was my favorite quote of the night.

I am pretty sure if Jesus made that dress a mini, Heidi would have plotz'd. Did you see her eyes bug out of her head when that really short strapless number came down the runway (I can't remember whose it was).
I kind of love Miss Sophia, and I hope he does blossom into at least a decent designer so I can watch him act like he is actually IN a beauty pageant some more.

Anthony is as dumb, ignorant and FUNNY as Dolly Pardon and Joan Rivers... He knows others around him laugh and enjoy the attention... dumb as a country pumpkin...

Moment of the episode-

"And I'm thirsty."

Love him.

I almost wonder if the hip accordion might actually have saved Madea Jr. from elimination. Hear me out; without that crazy, unflattering piece of crap over there, the awful print and otherwise ho-hum design would have conspired to make it look like a straight-up Walmart dress, and I think he might have been out, flametacular personality or not.

The accordian at least said, "I have ideas. This was a mis-step from a young designer under pressure, but I take chances and I have more to show you."

OMG I'm so glad Duchess is back.... "Isn't it Glamouroussss" and "Champagne Bottle Stealer" is spot on hilarious!

Granted, Jesus' was not a (W)horrible dress to me... The neckline was beautiful... But just the fabric choice is bad...

As for Miss Sophia, that was just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. I think his personality saved his butt from getting Auf'ed. The fabric is like his house (60's Country Farm Barn) wallpaper peeled off; the shape was ... There was a shape?!?

*sigh* This is why you shouldn't get too attached to designers and give them names and play with them--because eventually, all but one goes to slaughter.

As much as I like Jesus and Anthony, neither is going to be around till the end. I've been wrong in my predictions before, but I'm pretty comfortable going out on a limb here and saying: no way IN HELL either of these enjoyable young men will have a collection at Bryant Park.

Jesus can sew and his dress fit like a glove, so I expect he'll skate by on his construction skills while the herd is thinned of bad sewers. He'll be around until he sends down something truly tacky and heinous (it'll happen).

Anthony, on the other hand, suffers a worse sin: he sucks at construction and design. I couldn't even get a read on where he was going to judge if it was a good direction, because it was just such a mess--the slicing and dicing of the pattern, the weird envelope-like bust cups, the horrible fit in the ass, the wonkey hem, AND JUST FOR FUN: TA-DAH! RANDOM TACKED-ON HIP CUPS!! All I saw was beautiful fabric shamed.

Oh dear. These two lambs will be to slaughter soon.

Jesus is so pretty!!! But he disappointed me in this episode, especially since he could've done so much to bring out the "Mexican Disney" in him :( I really hope he improves next week...or at least manage to avoid being eliminated. He's really pretty :D

I thought Anthony should have been the next to last one standing, not Jesus. That dress was not only over the top in design but poorly, poorly made. And, I'm already over him and his accent and comments. Please, relax, Anthony.

On the other hand, while you can make an argument for not liking Jesus' dress, I though it was made very well. I actually liked it. It was different, and looked good on the model. I thought the Duchess' comments against it were a bit harsh.

Jesus at least has some construction skills but he did put SEAL fur in a jacket. Seal fur. Little furry baby seal who was clubbed to death on an ice floe with a bat and he had "no problem" with using that fur, illegal too. I'm surprised that the worst we got was a poo-covered alligator shoe.

He is extremely cute, but I don't think he'll last long. La Nina is going to be on his tasteless bottom every challenge.

Anthony, Anthony. You are a hoot but, honey, you need to step it up. You took a large repeat print and chopped it up into a horrid done to the extreme halter dress with a pocket to store canapes and rolls for later when your "girl" gets the munchies. Not good. At all.

I liked Anthony's fabric and agree with Tim that the chartreuse was not a good direction to take. The dress wasn't well made, but I saw some good design instincts even if the giant hammer loops/champagne stash didn't work. And I'm not understanding the Anthony hate. I think he's adorable, and I'm sure he's developed some of his humor as a necessary defense mechanism.

And I thought there were other dresses worse than Jesus's that didn't make the bottom 3. The fabric choice might have worked with a short dress. He was going for something different even if it didn't pan out, and that by itself made him deserve to stay over Christianne.

I love both, but not the dresses.

"But Miss Sophia, we're here to tell you..."

Freaking hilarious, boys!

Oh dear, Anthony's dress is a mess, a mess! He really seems entertaining, though, so I'll bet they keep him around for a few more weeks even if he keeps putting out clothes of this caliber (and frankly, as long as there are still a lot of designers in the competition I can't see me minding him sticking around a few weeks longer than he deserves).

mochizuki-senpai said... Oh, my god. I don't know why I hadn't noticed it before, but that train looks like a trail of diarrhea leaking out of the back. My thoughts exactly, especially in the short version of Jesus's dress!

Neither of these two can hold a candle to Kayne.

That said, I think that Anthony was almost there with the chartreuse (hate that word) fabric. What he should have done was make a wide, slightly textured belt out of it and wrap it over that troublesome waist panel. Just doing that would have counterbalanced the strangeness of the architectural hip thingy. For bonus points, he could have added a red accent on the belt and used that red as a narrow bias tape on the hem and the edge of the teepee cups... Then the dress would have had a graphic, Mila-like quality.

And the bad news for Jesus is, once the judges decide you have a taste issue, it's virtually impossible to convince them otherwise.

That is so true; hard to shake that off and I really like him : (

I just want to say that I nearly died when I heard Nicole Richie say that the skirt was "too tight" and "too short".

Anthony's model looks like the 'Gordana look-a-like model' from Season 6. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks that...

All that needs to be said is that on another site, Chinstrap praised Jesus' dress as one of his favorites-- plus a number of the other messes. Great design minds think alike...

Ugh--Anthony did a horrible job deciding where to cut his pattern pieces relative to the print, although he damned himself by choosing fabric with those widely-spaced flowers in the first place.

Gee, who wouldn't just love to wear a dress with a sliced-up flower on each breast?

Well I think that part of the reason last season's gays were disappointing is that there were less of them than on Bravo (or at least, so it seemed) and so just by the law of averages we ended up without a good quality gay. Since Lifetime has a different demographic to Bravo, it seems that again this season we've got more women and straight men than we did in seasons past.

I thought Anthony should have gotten the Auf (but I knew he wouldn't, since he's a "personality"). I hated everything about that dress, from the ugly print to the tumor-like protrusion on the bottom to the wonky bust and butt.

I loved the fabric Anthony chose for his dress. It was a clean and modern floral print, reminiscent of the one's seen in dress design from the 50's and 60's. I'd love it if he had done a nice, flat, unembellished, tube-type bodice with a nipped-waist and full circle pleated skirt. Very retro. Very southern-inspired. I really hope his skills improve because, I, for one find him delightful and charming and very entertaining.

The fabric on Jesus' dress was admittedly heinous, but I think it would have been a trazillion times better if he had left it as a mini. I think he could have skated by in the middle if he had done that.

Jesus’ chiffon train brings to mind a classic Michael Kors quote, “She’s pooping fabric.”

Yes, they were both pretty bad. However, neither of these two dresses made me want to scratch my eyes out (Pamela's) or pass out due to sheer boredom (Jeanine's).

Anthony's was a hot mess pure & simple. It strikes me as the work of one eager to please and justthrowing every trick in the book out.
Jesus on the other hand I get a slight thinking his shit don't stink vibe from. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I bet he still doesn't think his dress looks like a bad case of diarrhea.

As a matter of fact, yes, I would love to prop Jesus on a pillow--but dressing him up would NOT be the next step in the process.
I'll repeat what I said about Anthony in an earlier post: damn lucky Christiane jumped in front of the train this week. I won't even call dignify it by calling it fug--that's too cutesy a description for this unholy mess.

While I like Anthony, that Southern black queen routine is way over-the-top and getting old. I think he should head over to the set of Rupaul's Drag Race to take acting lessons.

I liked the leathuh dress. Total S&M that you could see on Angelina Jolie.

I love Anthony. She's Reco set at 11.

@CCGuy000 4:33pm - A-MEN. As soon as he started his schtick, this black girl's eyes rolled all the way to the back of my head. I'm pretty sure that's who he is in real life, which to me only makes it worse.

Lifetime's certainly not perfect, but you're kidding yourself if you think there's a different ratio of men to women than in previous seasons.

Honestly, Anthony's dress was a disaster. The fabric choice was questionable, and the execution was awful. Not only that, but his twists on a basic dress were ugly.

Christane's dress wasn't great either, but I think she had more potential than this guy, even more than Jesus.

For me, Anthony's dress was the worst of the night, although I will say it wasn't the most boring dress.

Anthony looks like Alfonso Ribiero and sounds like my parents' neighbor who collects yard flamingos. He's a dearheart but that design was major fug. I'd rather carry a purse than have one sewn onto the dress.

I believe Miss Sophia thinks her "schtick" is going to let her skate by ... maybe for a couple/three weeks but the sharks are already circling.

Hope he will do much better job in the next week.

Well, I think Jesus gave us a very clear picture of who he is as a designer. He probably should have tried to keep it a secret a little longer.

At least Jesus' dress didn't get him off.

Anthony is entertaining, and a bit of a sweetheart, I think. I hated his dress though and I'm a cold-hearted bitch, so if he sends more crap like that down the runway I want him auf'ed.

Same with Chuy. At least he has some technical skills, so I hope he can figure out how to pick better fabrics. And how to be a leeeetle less laid back about how to solve problems with his dresses.

Anthony's model looks 40.

Anthony acts like gay boys are supposed to act. It doesn't matter if it is natural or put on. It amuses me and that's what matters.

Anthony is funny but if he's going to force the funny every week, it's going to get old fast. I was cringing during the runway dismissal.

His dress would have been okay if he had sewed it better and done the hip thing with the chartreuse. The hip thing and the pattern resulted in just too much look. The pattern was okay but then he needed a vastly different design, and I agree with the posters who have mentioned the need to tailor that dress impeccably so that the pattern is maintained.

Jesus' dress was okay too. I got what he was trying to do. It was an unorthodox gown material and I actually liked how it moved stiffly contrasted with the flow of the chiffon. But yeah, BROWN. And bad placement of the chiffon. And the minidress seam.

And, design issues aside, SEAL FUR. Jesus, Jesus.

I love Anthony's personality. He reminds me, almost exactly, of a friend of mine who auditioned for PR last season, but never got past the first round. As for the dress, it just looks low rent.

When I saw Jesus' dress, I immediately pictured Sharon Stone wearing it - which, I suppose says it all (ie; it would work well on a delusionally, psychoticly self confident older woman, who still thinks she's 23 and edgy). And given what Jesus said in the exteneded judging, I'm wondering if this is one of the designers Tim referred to as throwing him under the bus.


PS I am living for "The Tops" and "The Bottoms" and think this needs to be the header every week, thanks in advance.

Once you send your model down the runway dressed as a turd, there can be no redemption.

Sewing Siren on1/16/10 at 5:08 PM said....I didn't think either of these two deserved to be in the bottom. Not the top for sure, but not the bottom.

SS, I agree with you for two reasons. Jesus' gown was very well constructed and therefore fit the model like a glove. I would wear that dress with one major modification....get rid of the final bottom panel added for length and replace it with a soft voluminous fabric a la Carrie Bradshaw if you want a gown or get rid of the final length panel and make the dress short. Then use th soft voluminous fabric to create a chubby or wrap-style jacket.

Anthony will do great on the challenges designing for a particular person...a a prom dress or design a wedding gown for your model or design an outfit for a celebrity. Ms Sophia Anthony requires and needs a muse.


Count me in as a viewer who enjoyed watching Anthony on the first episode. Personality goes a long way in this world, not least of all on PR. I really hope he ratchets up the design and sewing skills, but for his first piece I actually thought the fabric choice was interesting. It just wasn't executed well at all. He seems like a sweetie and I don't mind watching a likable contestant for a few more episodes rather than bitchy or boring contestants.

"Shit. I just made a shoe,"

Thanks. That line should become a TLo classic.

Nothing to say that hasn't been said, but I will anyway:

Jesus' dress didn't strike me as so terrible it should be in the bottom three. I *do* hope it missed the boat on showing "who you are as a designer," because it showed someone with great skills who made a simultaneously dull and overbearing gown.

Anthony's fabric had the most beautiful color combination and (by the look of it), finish that I've seen in a fabric on the PR runway in a while. I'm not a huge fan of floral prints that large, and he didn't lay out and cut the dress well if he had to use a print patterned in that way.

Overall, I'm glad they both survived.

"Jesus dolls", hilarious!

The hetero-guys in our group liked Jesus' dress the best. Go figure. Not my taste at all, but I've too say I was impressed with the technical skills and seeming confidence of someone so young (21?).

All in all, not a bad runway that ended up with this two in the bottom. Ban the dreadful auffed design, and even though I hated some of the other looks (Pamela's pink thing), a very promising runway in terms of design and sewing skills.

- Don

I just heard Mrs. Samuels said to Anthony after she told him he was safe.

The REAL Heidi is bubbling to the surface, and it ain't pretty.

They're adorable but they need to step up the game or they're OUT.

I love Jesus = )

I like the dress. To me, the use of that fabric was creative and the dress was flattering (although cut a wee bit low on the left breast). I don't get the total freak out on the seam. I called my mother and we both recall having long leather skirts and we both recall that seam as being totally normal. (A leather gown is not that unheard of, this took the idea and a more embellished fabric and a simpler design balanced out the pattern on the fabric.)

I know some people wrote that they agree - but the return of Bitchy Heidi is not welcome. Jesus may become this season's Gordana.
(It bugs me that she takes aim at Gordana and Jesus, not Malvin and Ping - You know damned well that she would not wear Ping's concoctions.)

I liked the fabric and the idea of Anthony's dress. I kind of liked the hip adornment. Construction on the other hand was very lacking

I "get" that some people get knee jerk reactions to ANY fur. But because Jesus used fur is going to be labelled?

(I do want to point out that many people have this same reaction to veal, chickens, and cripes - plants.)

Not every seal was clubbed to death. And he said that it was a vintage fur - like the fur that Laura used in her jacket we saw on PR day.


Has PR ever invited you guys to guest judge? Because they should.

I think I mentioned on another post that I though the Jesus dress was wonderfully contructed. It fit the model perfectly, especially in the bodice. It was just such a ppor fabric choice. Sad.
The Anthony dress was a total mess. He just did not respect the fabric. It could have been so cute, with the bodice constructed so that the flowers fall in just the right spots, instead of all cut up and destroyed.
Even sadder....

"Shit. I just made a shoe."

My Sunday morning just got better.

We can debate the ethics of fur until the cows come home (I personally detest it but I can see the difference between a farm-raised chinchilla and a poached Bengal tiger), but if Tim was correct in the audition video, the seal fur Jesus used was *illegal*. I don't know if its being vintage would make a difference as far as that's concerned.

Man, I hope it was just nerves bringing Anthony down. I can't remember the last time anybody on PR made me smile so much.

All Anthony needs is a fan and a little hat with some netting and he could be Oprah Winfrey in The Color Purple.

But Miss Sophia, we're here to tell you...

LOL! I am so mad at you guys, because now I am going to spend the rest of the season trying to cast the other designers as Harpo, Squeak, Shug, Celie and Mister.

They're both adorable, but they tried to do waay to much with their dresses.

Jesus: nice fabric for something that is NOT A DRESS. Waaay too much brown crocodile, she looked like a handbag. However, it was well sewn and I have hope for him.

Anthony: Firstly, he's adorable and incredibly funny. The dress could have worked with less stuff all over it in a different fabric, or in the same fabric with a different silhouette, or even a combination of the two fabrics with tweaks. Remember anna's adorable dress on tfs with the same techniques?

Jesus - My taste issues are showing, but I like it. The front view is great, the seam wasn't that noticeable on my television and computer screens, so I can't deduct points for that. I can see a young singer or starlet making a splash by wearing this dress to The Grammys or MTV Awards. Now the back isn't great because the chiffon gives a pooing fabric effect in the worst way. And on a similar note, I don't have a problem with the material itself, but the color of the material leaves the designer and the person wearing it open to excrement jokes. Still I like the potential I see - his technical skills are quite impressive. I am not trying to let him off the hook for selecting the wrong color fabric, I just feel that he did more right than wrong and that there were other more egregious missteps out there. The silver lining is that I do think that being on the bottom was an opportunity to get direct feedback from the judges, so hopefully he will bend enough to the judges taste in order to stick around for a while.

Anthony - Did this dress remind anyone of a couple of Anna's dresses from The Fashion Show? I think that Miss Sophia was trying to send everything but the kitchen sink down the runway. He wasn't designing a dress or demonstrating his point of view, he was just showing off techniques. It is hard to get a bead on Anthony as a designer, he executed most but not all of the elements quite well, so he may be able to fly under the radar for a while if he can edit better.

I liked the IDEA of the croc dress. It tumbled off the cliff, because there was just too much bs going on, but I like the idea.

The daisy dress? The man is as sweet as can be, but GMAFB! That was ass on a platter.

Junior Goddess

to: CCGuy000

get over your self hatred. Anthony can act any way that he wants. Your response is pretty cliche "I hate myself because I'm gay and I have to take it out on anyone that doesn't give a damn about what people think about it"

I actually liked the fabric Jesus used. I thought it was neat to see a really nice dress done in something different. And of course, there's that thing in fashion where when someone famous does something from a prior era, it's "retro", but when someone new does it, it's "dated", which distinction makes me root for the newbie because I feel it's an arbitrary decision... so MK's comment just made me like the dress more. :D

Anthony, um. Yeah. Didn't like it. The fabric was okayish, but the way it was used, not so much.

I'll give Jesus a chance because he has great skills. I also liked his idea (in theory) of using an edgy, offbeat material and unusual juxtaposition with a more classic style.

Anthony's was poorly made and questionable in design. He won't make it much further if he doesn't step it up, charm or no charm.

I thought it was Heidi who said, "She's pooing fabric." With all those babies, Heidi knows something about poo.

"Ellen M said: I thought it was Heidi who said, "She's pooing fabric." "

She got that line from Tlo (she, or the person talking into her ear did).


Yes, Jesus is certainly cute and sweet, but child has no clue. No clue at all. I love Anthony's charm (hey, I'm a southern girl too), but Lord that dress was a hot mess.

I was worried for Anthony as soon as I saw the ruffled shirt he was wearing-possible taste issue alert.

Jesus dolls would be adorable. I don't think either Jesus or Anthony will be around long.

Jesus' dress reminded me of Santino's commentary on Chloe's collection "Couch comin atya!"

(I almost hate to mention that name after his assy behavior on the All-Star episode but I couldn't help myself. We'll all have to get over it anyways with Drag Race coming back.)

I thank Jesus for making that dress tho because "Oh shit I made a show" stone made my morning.

Had Anthony made a simple dress with criss-crossed straps in the back and an A-line skirt, keeping the front of the top as it is and no champagne bottle carrier, it would have been very cute, very wearable, and very commercial. Easily sold at Charlotte Russe. Not innovative- but would have easily safed out in the middle.

Jesus' outfit is well made, but with that fabric it is a costume and not not civilian wear. Had he made that same thing for last season's movie challenge in the Sci-fi category, he would have at least safed out.

Ok, that dress was a big ol mess, but I ADORE ANTHONY!

I too thought that there were worse examples out there that told us nothing about the designers in question.

Jesus has a beautifully crafted gown that certainly had a POV, albeit a little naive. It couldn't have been easy to sew that "fabric" that well. Glad he got the feedback though and agree with those that feel that he may do better with more focused challenges (or a team challenge with a good leader with a vision).

Anthony, dear Anthony. Missed who said it, but that fabric would make kick-ass patio cushions! I didn't notice the bad tailoring on the back but had him as the first out. He needs to focus or else "Sophia home! Heh heh heh"

fragile industries

I agreed with the "auf" and the top three, but I can't say I would have put Jesus in the bottom three. IF you're working with real leather, there will be a seam about where it landed. I'm just saying. There were serious issues -- primarily the fabric, and even then it would have still been in the bottom 5 or so, but the fit was marvelous, the execution not (other than the seam) bad, the coloring looked great on the model and helped me not think of poop ... but yes, a taste issue. I would wear it to a leatherman's festival and be the prettiest girl at the prom ... but that's not a Bryant Park audience. Still, much worse walked down that runway.

Anthony, well, yeah, honey, that's a bottom 3 dress, but do try harder next time. We love you.

I think that Anthony is hilarious and does exhibit talent, ala this weeks episode. Episode 2.

Jesus on the other hand, please, give me a break. The girl who was eliminated tonight had at least some talent in her dying of fabric. Her choice was not good but HIS choice was completely off the mark. He used horrible color choices and his design was unflattering to say the least. It must be that they need him on there a bit longer for the controversy, it is NOT his talent.

Last weeks dress was a design nightmare.

Let's hope the judges figure this out fast.

There are several very talented designers this season. Amy's design tonight was stunning, all of the three top designers were terrific.

Let's see what next week brings.

Somthing about Jesus' dress makes me want to eat chocolate and hunt aligators....and now that I have watched his audition video, I kinda want to club baby seals and steal other designers work and call it my own....the devil can be adorable if he wants somthing from you. Don't be fooled bitches, they had a cute "doll" on twilight zone and it killed everyone.

Potato sack....hmmmm, I like it!

There is some serious talent on this show. That said, why is Jesus still standing? I agree that the blue dress was a poor choice on the model...but, the designer used the sack and you new that's what it was....That poopoo brown and baby caca green thing that Jesus burned in to our retinas was not the challenge at all. I will give him kudos for his technical abilities...but I am afraid that all of his taste is in his mouth!

You think maybe there is a little
3 some nookie party going on with Michael,Tim, and the bambino????

maybe that's why he's still there?

Cha, Cha, Cha!

I <3 Anthony!!! So fabulous and sweet! He brings so much fun to the show.

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