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Pick sides, people!

On the right we have Thurston, who came into this challenge with a huge chip on his shoulders.

And on the left we have Ping, who came into this challenge with her head barely attached to her shoulders.

Believe it or not, we side with Jesse on this one. We adore Ping as a contestant, but imagine how Jesse must have felt when he realized he had to work with her, especially after that monstrosity she sent down the runway last week. Admit it, you'd be scared too.

Granted, he could have been more diplomatic about it and there were a couple times where he stepped over the douche line, but for the most part, he was just trying to save his own ass by getting her to focus on the issues with her garment. Issues which, by the way, he was completely 100% correct about.

And while she seems like a sweetheart, she's also annoyingly scatter-brained. What can you say about a person who constantly forgets to put shoes on? How do you forget to put shoes on?

Not to mention, she just shut down and pulled the "I'm the team leader!" card every time Jesse voiced an opinion. No, kittens. Ping was clearly the one in the wrong here. If she'd been smarter, she would have tried to make this a true collaboration. Jesse hasn't exactly wowed the judges yet, but between the two of them, they could have come up with something safe, at the very least.

Model: Brandise Danesewich

Then again, Ping's clearly not one for playing it safe.

Duchess nailed it when she called it a "Statue of Liberty" dress.

They could have taken that bodice and attached a real skirt to it to make something passable.

Instead, Ping got all Ping-y and went for the "pinned and draped" thing she does. That's fine when you want to express yourself, but this was meant to be a high end look and high end looks should shoot for something more than just "pinned together."

And it was just so weirdly impractical. No one wants to carry their skirt or sling it over their shoulder all night.

Models: Cerri McQuillan/Megan Davis

And they blew any chance they had of recovering good will from the judges with this look.

Here's what we don't get. Jesse should have just said, "Go make your lace toga. I'll get this one." and left her alone. That way he could have focused all his attention on this look to save their asses.

Instead, it looks like he continued to bicker with her and churned this out at the last second without putting any thought into it.

Awful. It's a nothing dress, badly executed.

But wait! What's this?


We'd bet a donut that she was put up to it. They're really trying to sell that Models of the Runway show, so now suddenly all the models are going to become backstabbing bitches. We're not sure what to think of that. It could be entertaining, but it's really not the role of the model. The judges shouldn't care what they think or even ask them about it.

Anyway, it's so long, Ping. We of course knew it was coming, but we were happy to have her lunacy in the game for a little while.

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how hot were ping's glasses though? totally fierce.

Ping did deserve to go for this one, but I am so going to miss her!

I wouldn't miss Jesse, though. He behaved like an ass. Sure, he was scared. But that's no excuse.

And he'd better continue to be scared. He picked Meghan again because she "defended" him on the runway. Well, he'd better hope he doesn't do anything to upset her. Because she'll throw him under the bus as fast as anything.

Disagree! Thought Jesse was a real underminer and lame-oid douche from the start (even on the first fabric-buying trip he was over-the-line rude!).

I thought the only reason Ping had to play the "I'm a team leader" card was because he was CONSTANTLY questioning and undermining her authority ... which (IMO) had a lot to do with her being a female designer. His behavior was gross and I thought he should have gone home.

I knew that if I watched the exit interview it would be just a lot of Ping crying. I watched it anyway and now I has a sad.

I would've auf'd them both.

Jesse was totally a douche and I don't think he was going to NOT complain about anything Ping was planning.

Though her "I'm the team leader" seemed so out of place for her and was equally douche.

Not only did she forget her shoes, she lost her tablet, she forgot to put in one contact. WTH?!

As long as my 'brown sugar' is still there, I'm cool.

And yes, Keara, I agree. Those glasses were fab. I couldn't stop admiring them.

It looked like the 2 most interesting people were on the bottom last night.
I'll miss ditzy-but-loveable Ping.

I have to say Jessie's , "I'm teaching someone to sew" comment was class-less. He could have expressed himself without such a low blow, even if it was true.

Myra Flection

It was so painful to see Ping and Anthony as the bottom two. They're both so entertaining and hilarious...yet they both made undeniably awful garments.

a couple times where he stepped over the douche line
More like spoiled brat who should have been sent home for mommy and daddy to punish. What. a. DICK. Ping was undoubtedly a nightmare to work with, but so was he. His attitude was bullshit and he obviously isn't nearly as good as he thinks he is. The reason he didn't go and make a decent showing of the second look is because he was too busy throwing hissyfits and blaming Ping for everything.

I've been waiting for Ping to go, but when she finally did, I felt bad! LOL. The way she was crying and told herself she did a good job....awww, poor Ping!!

I think there's a place for her in the fashion world. that place just isn't Project Runway.

There is no defending either of these outfits. It was clearly time for Ping to exit.
I am okay with impractical dresses, but the signature look was just dumb. The way the drape was attached in the back was ugly and it wasn't a signature look the way her very first (premier dress) was. Oh yeah, didn't they already do a signature dress challenge?

The 2nd inspiration/ knock off dress was just awful.


Jesse, I hate to be the one to tell you, but no body was exactly knocking the door down to work with you either.
His days are numbered.

When I saw them put into a team, I knew there was no way . . . but then I remembered the gorge gown Sissy Bear and PPS made for the avant garde challenge, and who'da thunk that one. Sadly for Ping, my initial instinct was correct. I think Jesse's behavior was not that out of ilne because it was clear from the start where this one was headed.

I do like the bodice on their gown, tho.

Evertime I see Jesse - I can't help but think of that guy in Season 5 - the one from Salt Lake City - who won the Brook Shields challenge -- especially Jesse's actions in this episode.

Have these contestants ever watched this show? If you go into these team challenges with a shit attitude, you will produce a shit garment. Jesse could have at least tried a tiny bit to "make it work." He never even attempted to have anything but a bad attitude.

I can't side with Jesse because of the sheer douchiness he showed last night and especially for the fact that he showed negativity from the very beginning. Before she even chose him, you could see the look on his face. He didn't even give it a chance.
It's a shame, too, because I think he's such a cutie, but the attitude is a turn-off.

Besides, Ping=love.

I need those glasses! Any idea who makes them?

Ping was a joke as a designer and really needed to go. The bodice of the dress was kind of beautiful and had potential but she just couldn't stop throwing a bed sheet over the models. How ironic that she constantly prattled on about how important movement was to her clothes and yet the model couldn't move without picking up yards of fabric. Ridiculous!

Jesse's a mediocre designer so he'll be gone soon enough but he didn't deserve to go last night.

Ok, here's the thing.
This aufing, while rightfully earned by Ping, was COMPLETELY Jesse's fault. This ONLY makes sense to people who have been screwed by an assistant.
When you are working with someone who makes it there priority to "reign you in" instead of participating in a collaboration with you, YOU ARE SCREWED. Ping's inability to make it work with Jesse is what killed it NOT Jesse's inablity to make it work with Ping. She was unable to calm Jesse down and make him produce anything of value. She should have TOLD him to make the second look, FORCING him to take responsibility for something other then not being able to work with her.
It was a good call to send her packing. I think Ping should make coats. She could make brilliant coats.

IMHO, Jesse was only trying to protect himself and move on in the competition. I do not blame him for not wanting to get the boot for someone else's design/vision. I like Ping as a person but I could NOT work with her.


This was so much fun yesterday... I don't think anyone who likes watching PR could have not enjoy it.

I actually like them both, I don't see any were in the wrong. They have just so totally incompatible personalities, I don't think there was any way it could have worked. The only thing I found unwarranted was Jesse's talk on the runway about "teaching sewing". Shut up and learn from Seth Aaron.

Anyway, he looks so damned cute when he's angry Jesse. Loved his frowning and his punching his own hands. Of course he was trying to save his ass, who wouldn't have been?

Ping would be totally charming if she had more talent to back up her quirkiness. She doesn't and so the whole thing ends up being vaguely pathetic. She wants to do that flowing, draping, Asian, conceptual thing, but let’s admit it, in truth, she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about… Still, being the type that continuously looses things and having indeed left home without my Manolos more than once, I sympathize with her. She's fun and Tim is right, she'll be missed.

But oh, was that outfit ugly as hell...


A bunch of bad,boring black things this episode, with exception of Mila's interesting one. Finally, I agree with the judging.

I would never want to work with Megan. That's a bad model, and she was really putting Jesse in jeopardy as well because why exactly couldn't HE fit her in that dress?

Yes, this was a big miss for Ping, but Jesse is not all that and way too full of himself.
I really hope he is the next to go just based on his smug ass attitude.

his "teaching her to sew" comment was
incredibly rude. He was miserable from the get go with her. He didn't even try to make the best of the situation. What a baby!

Also, MODELS SHUT THE FUCK UP! Nobody cares what you think or feel. That MOTR show is the worst. Most of these girls can't put a sentence together. Just walk, make the clothes look good and keep your mouth shut.

The lame thing about this challenge was that they threatened that "one ... or more ... of you, will be out" So that threw all of the non-team leaders into full panic mode, thinking that the losing team would go home.

Oy, so contrived.

I'll miss Ping but she deserved to go.

The huge chip that Jesse had on his shoulder at the beginning of the day was the downfall of this team. Yes, Ping contributed to it with her whackiness. But if Jesse, had been less of a douche and more of a "team player" (yes, I know...) they could have pulled something out that would have saved them..

But then that might have meant Anthony would be going home and I'm NOT ready for that yet.

I posted this on my blog last week...

Dear Lifetime Television Network:

Stop trying to make Models Of The Runway happen. It's not going to happen.



I think that Ping had the chance, as team leader, to step up and show the judges what she could do, and she failed on several levels.

She had difficulty focusing on fabric selection, she lost her sketch pad, she apparently did need assistance from Jesse in actually sewing, and she failed to fit her model. I have no problem with her model speaking up about that, as the judges often comment on how well or poorly a garment is fitted.

I'm not overly enthused about Jesse, based on his previous designs, but I think he had real reason to be wary of working with Ping.

Based on what we saw of Ping, her design process just isn't well suited to a reality show that demands quick thinking and execution under tight deadlines. She seems like a very endearing person, and certainly provided a quirky creativity for the beginning of this season of PR.

Oh yeah, and Thurston's a douche.

Sorry Boys, I'm still calling Thurston "Gossip Girl".

And I'm not worried about him staying around too long. Ralph Lauren has been doing his Americana Polo schtick for awhile now, but in much more interesting ways (insamuch as Americana Polo can BE interesting).

He'll be boring Nina in no time.

I'm going to disagree with you guys here only in that Jesse decided from the get-go that he was going to be an ass, and maybe he might have steered this in a different direction if he had come into the whole thing with an attitude that showed he actually could work with my little Ping-a-Ling. Why is it that almost every allegedly straight guy they get on this show is such a dickhead?

This is how I feel about Ping's elimination.

That's all.

i too will miss ping.

also thought jesse was a bit of an ass.

Much as I enjoyed Ping's pingitude, it was definitely time for her to go. I just hope that one of the other designers picked up Brandise (haven't watched MoTR yet), because she's definitely one of the most interesting models. She's freakin' 32! How awesome is that?

Ping would be great as a conceptual designer as she can really think out of the box....i.e....Let Ping come up with sketches and/or design ideas and then give them to someone to edit and execute for a marketable or editorial garment.


I wish Jesse would have gone because I don't find him interesting at all and I hate his designs. I also hate the drapes that Ping churned out, but she sure was amusing to watch; it was also fun to see her effect on Tim who clearly had a force of nature on his hands..... I wish they could have kept her just for fun as a sort of "mascot" all season, letting her loose to do her looney thing just to see where it would go.

But I gotta say the bodice was pretty and I want her glasses.

The one and only reason I'll miss Ping: You boys won't be able to write hilarious blog postings about her antics! Thanks for the laugh. Every sentence in this posting= gold.

The moment I really knew they were toast (besides the other 59) was when Jesse tried to explain to her that the yards of fabric had to be put on the ground, because the judges would do so. She flipped out and nattered on about "being the team leader" and stubbornly threw the fabric over the model's shoulder. Sure, Jesse was a douche, but she's a pain in the ass as well. She refuses to listen and skates on the "I'm so quirky" routine. She was fun for a bit but I'm glad she's gone.

Wait, wait, wait -- Jesse is *straight*? I'm doubtful.

>And on the right we have Ping, who came into this challenge with her head barely attached to her shoulders.<

ROFL! And I sooooo needed it.
I loves you guys.

I have been passionately pro-Ping but I have to say her auffing didn't bug me as much as I thought it would. Nobody would've wanted to work with her so the Captain can't be blamed for that and yes he could have and probably should have been as gracious as Seth Aaron was (up to now I haven't been a fan but I thought he displayed a lot of class while on the bottom) but did we really expect him to? I choose to remember the Ping of Episode One. She will live on in my heart---Forever Ping.

For the person who mentioned Season 5, are you referring to Keith? I do think Jesse and Keith are similar with their misguided confidence and lack of construction.

As far as Ping and Jesse, I'm siding with Jesse but with reservations. On the one hand, Jesse was very rude. But on the other hand, it's Ping. I don't think I would have been particularly patient with her craziness.

I didn't care for Ping's designs but did enjoy her. There's a place for her in fashion but not on PR as someone else mentioned. She certainly isn't as malicious as this Jesse bitch.

He was a dick from the beginning and succeeded in eliminating Ping, not being able to work with others and
making himself appear immature and insufferable to the judges and the viewing audiance.
I hope he's the next to go!

and Producers, we don't want to hear from the models. They need to just shut up and walk!!!!!!

Sorry, can't agree at all that Jesse's behavior was in any way reasonable. He didn't even give working with (as opposed to "against") her a chance. He started out over-aggressive and eye-rolling, and the punch in Mood lost him any potential sympathy for his worry I might've otherwise had.

Sure, it's probably true Ping should've considered someone else's input rather than doing "I'm the leader", because Lord, that wrap thing she designed just does not work... But really, would you listen to someone who started arguing with you the instant you opened your mouth and reacted with anger no matter what you said or did? I mean, maybe you would. I wouldn't.

As to the dress itself... if she'd done a big foofy wrap that was detachable, I could sorta see it working. If it'd been a more normal layered skirt with a wrap on top that detached at the waist, say. Maybe. I don't think her idea was totally unsound, but it was completely impractical as executed.

So... yeah, I can't argue with her going, alas.

I will not miss Ping at all. She reminds me of an arrogant art student I once knew in a drawing class who scoffed at learning the basics because he already had his own "style." His personality and his so-called style didn't disguise the fact that he couldn't draw worth a damn.

There were 2 things about Jesse's behavior that turned me off this week. First, the downright anger on his face at Mood when he punched his fist into his own hand was scary, and I am happy for Ping that she didn't actually see it happen. Second, on the runway when he told the judges that he taught Ping how to sew, I don't think she understood that he was slamming her, and that makes me very sad. It sounded like the judges were actually trying to get her to understand how derogatory the statement was, but she didn't get it. Her "That is what he is trying to say, yes?" seemed clipped out of a longer conversation and pasted there.

Dear Ping,
Consider making coats.

I like Ping's dress, darnit! I've loved all her work -- I love her sense of style. I'll miss seeing it.

Ping is a flake, not a designer so much as conceptual artist with fabric. Still I hated Jesse so much more. He bitched about her starting last week when honestly he should have been friggin' delighted she was sending ass down the runway. Yes he was terrified, but he clearly has hated Ping (why I can't begin to guess, I would hate to work for her but as a person she would be fine).
He was busy disagreeing with everything she said and couldn't just buckle down and do the damn work, especially on the second garment. No wonder Ping was even more off her game.
I can't help but think she might have done better either as a petit main for someone not Jesse or even team leader for someone not Jesse. Frankly they both should have gone.

This is my hope for Ping:

That she improves her technical skills and then uses her incredible vision to become the next Rei Kawakubo.

I not only liked the "Statue of Liberty" dress - I would have worn it.

I think they both should have gone. Neither comes out of this smelling like roses, and the product of their collaboration was a boring mess. The only thing I liked was the bodice on the signature piece.


While Ping is incredibly adorable and a welcome change from last season, she touted herself as a PT-cum-designer whose main concern is the range of movement a garment offers. What PT would encourage someone to carry their clothing for hours on end? Sorry, but no. And this is the second time she's made the model carry the clothing. Ouch.

Ping was entertaining but it was her time to leave. I can't believe the venom here against Jesse; frankly I don't think he was that bad.

Besides, if my team leader forgot things, couldn't make a decision, and was very inflexible and defensive, well, I'd be a little bothered by that too.

By the way, we got several emails asking about Ping's glasses. We asked her and she said...

"This pair of glasses I've been used for a few years which was hand made in France -- my third home."

She also said:
"p.s. I love reading your blog, I really think your blog is one of the highest quality ones out there. (Where did you find so many educated people and independent thinkers?...)"

Isn't she adorable?

T Lo

I'll miss watching Ping – she seems like a lovely spirit and was definitely entertaining! On the contrary, it was hard to watch Jesse last night. His obnoxious belly-aching didn't endear him to me at all.

Another vote for her glasses, too! Ping, you're gorgeous!

I disagree, m'ijitos. Not about Ping deserving to go home. She had last week's debacle riding against her, a confused garment this week, and while I think she's a fascinating designer, this competition was obviously not compatible with her process. But I do disagree about her being at fault for the conflict with Jesse.

Jesse was dreading working with her and bad-mouthing her before they were paired up and did nothing to adjust his attitude or dredge up any respect for her, personally or professionally, once they ended up together. I only saw Ping start to play the "I'm the captain" card when it was obvious that Jesse's childish, unprofessional, and absolutely shitty attitude and treatment of her was completely sabotaging the entire process.

Not only was he a complete asshole, he showed himself to be a sham as a professional designer in a whole new context, in addition to his amateurish garments.

Oh, now that I've read Ping's comment, I'm fully in love with her.

Ping, your first week entry was gorgeous and you should stick with what you do and go out there and be fabulous -- MWAH!

Obviously I'm going to grab some of that compliment to TLo!!!!

The delightful designer, Miss Ping-
Her style? Fling fabric, Fling!
How it look when model walk
Made the judges just balk
Now we'll miss the ding-a-ling Ping!

When I saw them put into a team, I knew there was no way . . . but then I remembered the gorge gown Sissy Bear and PPS made for the avant garde challenge, and who'da thunk that one. Sadly for Ping, my initial instinct was correct. I think Jesse's behavior was not that out of ilne because it was clear from the start where this one was headed.

Yes, but both Christian and Chris have amazing technical skills and both have a very strong point of view. Which could have gotten them in trouble, but both were smart enough to want to win enough that they worked together. Still the best garment ever!!

Ping has no construction skills and her partner, what's his name, is weak also. A totally different type of team.

I found Ping so incredibly annoying this episode that I couldn't even imagine watching another episode with her in it.

I get that Jesse was a bit more...douchy than was called for, but you know what? Everyone in that room, even Tim, knew Ping's days were numbered and the countdown was ending. Every single person in that room would have had major issues working with her, and that does not a good designer make. Can you imagine if she had been paired with Anthony? (I mean, that would have been entertainment gold, but I digress.) How many designers commented throughout the episode how awful she was? And how many complained about Jesse? Exactly.

Plus, she was so completely against hearing Jessse out at all that she destroyed any chance of blaming him for any issues on the runway. She set herself up for an epic fail, and epic fail she did. Bye bye, Ping.

Jesse was not trying to stop a train wreck, he was helping create the wreck. He did everything in his power to undermine Ping, to make her second- and triple- and quadruple-guess herself on the primary look, without really providing real help so she could get through the confusion he'd encouraged, until she finally snapped at him and decided to go with a disaster of a dress. Yes, Ping's a space cadet, but Jesse took a sledgehammer to her navagation system and pushed her out of orbit.

He started with the attitude that Ping was a failure and acted like she was going to fail and bring him down with her, and that's what happened. Every word and attitude from him was negative, and it's almost impossible to get good work done when the person with whom one is supposed to be working acts like that.

What he should have done was man the fuck up and work as a teammate. Maybe then, after being a helpful human being instead of an unhelpful, whiny douchbag, he would have been able to help Ping step back and edit herself with one or two helpful and non-dickish comments, which would have led to a better result for him as well. Or, like you said, he could have done something about that failure of a second look. Instead, he was a complete and total douche from beginning to end, refusing to take any real responsibility for the shared failure of both looks, and his model was just the same. (Okay, so Ping never looked at her in the dress. Where the fuck was Jesse all of that time? What, he couldn't take the time out of his busy schedule of bitching and making faces to check out the fit? Fuck you, Megan.)

No, Ping was not going to last very long, and she rightfully went home for that dress, but there was no excuse for Jesse's or Megan's backstabbing and, honestly, unprofessional behavior. Jesse should have been aufed with Ping. (That lacy construction on top? that was his element in the dress; Ping consciously decided to include Jesse as a designer, which meant that final look was just as much his failure as hers. He also was partially responsible for the second look, and he failed just as much as Ping did on that as well.) Megan would then have been dropped like the bad news she is by the remaining designers.

Jesse and Megan are both immature dicks, and I hope they both get sent home soon, as I don't find that kind of behavior entertaining. There are enough dickweeds in the world making everyone's lives miserable; I see no reason to defend further dickish behavior.

Getting pissed about the Jesse attacks.

"Admit it, you'd be scared too."
YES YES YES and people who don't are likely not truthful.

*I am a TEAM LEAD - and let me tell you, you cannot be a successful LEADER (especially if the work requires creativity) by just giving orders and when your team members try to make a suggestion - or heck even figure out what you want - you yell that you are the lead and they need to shut up.

I hate how Jesse and his model are expected to lie to protect her when this is a competition when she showed him no respect either.

But while I have been ripped for my extreme dislike of Ping's work - I did think she seemed nice in the pre-show - I have to say that Nina (and the rest) are partly at fault for misleading her - to say in this challenge that it is nothing but fabric wrapped around the model (and had to be held just so, oye), when that was EXACTLY what she did in the first challenge when they HEAPED PRAISE and put her in the top group did her a great disservice.

It is like training your child or pet by reqarding one behavior and then turning around in a week or two and attacking them for the same behavior. "here spot, roll over for a treat. goood boy." then "BAD DOG".

I wonder why Ping chose him instead of Anne; it seemed clear that Anne had less disdain for her.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Well, I should go out and buy a lottery ticket, because I called out Jesse & PingPong as the loser team yesterday afternoon.

If Ping isn't going to use a mannequin in her design process, she's not going to do much 'designing' in my opinion.

Also, watching her reactions to Tim and the judges critiques last episode sealed it that she's too single-minded and is not going to deal well with negative feedback.

I haven't seen all the drama yet, but Ping was going to have a rough time in a team challenge, no matter who she ended up with. But since I have not seen the episode, I won't absolve Jesse just yet.

BTW, the Kanebow rule applies: models should just look pretty & shut up!

First things first - Tom! Good to see you post - hope this means you are feeling better.

Thought Jesse was a petulant brat, but understand the auf.

Has Jesse never watched this show before?

I recall Michael and a few of the guest judge designers mentioning more than once that in this business you have to be able to "work with people". How does this message, which is obvious go over so many of these young designers heads?

Jesse may not have liked Ping but be a big boy and make the best of it---it's one challenge, not a lifetime partnership! What a fucking big baby he's shown himself to be.

He could have have contributed but chose not to from the beginning.
I hope his days are numbered, I don't think his previous garments are that impressive but his attitude is worse.

Ping needs a lot of time to go through her unique creative process, which is why the tight deadlines of a reality show worked against her.

She does have a vision, but unfortunately she could not express it on Project Runway.

So long, Ping. We hardly knew ye.

"Tlo said: How do you forget to put shoes on?"

True Story: When I was 22 and had just gotten my first apartment, one of the things I loved about living alone was that I could walk around in the nude whenever I wanted.

One day, I was puttering around my apartment, getting ready for work, and I picked up my bag and keys and went to leave. I didn't realize, until I was out in the hallway and went to put my keys in my pocket that I had no pockets: I'd forgotten to get dressed.

Fortunately there was no one else in the hallway, and after that I put a sign on the back of the front door, reminding me to get dressed.

So yes, I get The Ping. But she would have driven me a bit nuts as well.


I am way on Team Thurston for this one. Ping was just all over the place with no rhyme or reason and had yet to produce anything that I could see anyone wearing.

It's always just bolts of fabric thrown over a shoulder. Meh.

I agree Thurston should have focused solely on the second look but I imagine if I had to deal with Ping I would have a migraine and might have cut her with my words as well.

Are the people who are against Jesse taking into account the clips they showed on Models of the Runway? Those changed my perspective on this completely. Ping wouldn't let him speak or let him do anything, at least based on those clips. Others would have started yelling at her or walked away or thrown a much, much bigger hissy fit.


Ping, it's "So long."
Ping, your dress
Was just wrong.
Ping, that draping was bad,
But, Ping, be happy not sad.

Ping, please be strong.
Make your fashion to last
Your whole life long.
Don't worry 'bout Nina
Garcia or anything
Else you hear.
Just Ping, sew your song.

Ping, sew your song
Let the world
Sing along
Ping, your fashion will be
Ping, for you and for me.

La, la la la la . . .

Bye, Dear Ping. You'll be missed.

TLo said...

"...where he stepped over the douch line."

I'm totally using this today in my 3:00 evaluation with my boss.

Other random thoughts:

Last night I posted that if Ping got auf'd then they could at least list her eyewear designer in the closing credits.


Ping had not business on PR. She is a knitwear designer. It was like trying to watch a fish learn to live in the desert. Painful for such a funny girl. Jesse is learning to sew himself and has done himself no favor by getting on the show about 2 years too early.

I find it hard to totally blame Jesse... as adorable as she is, Ping would have driven me crazy! She didn't pick her teammate until next to last... I wonder who she would have rather worked with and more importantly I wonder if any of the other designers would have ended up feeling the same way Jesse did? Also, if she hadn't been chosen as a team leader, I feel sure she would have been the last designer picked!



Having to listen to models speak is a violation of the Geneva Convention.


Jesse made the bodice of the Pingthing, and I think he did an admirable job per Ping's instructions. It's really quite intricate and beautiful. If she were designing that piece for/with me, I'd have insisted that if she wanted to use up all her fabric that she use it to make a great coat or cape. IMO that could have blown away the winning tracksuit.

In Defense of Jesse.

Let me first disclose, I think he's cute. But I think a lot of cute guys are assholes, so I think I'm still in safe territory.

Ping makes great television, but try to imagine having someone like that at your office. Someone who is overly emotional, stubborn, absent-minded to an extreme, and makes bad decisions on a regular basis. Now imagine that person is your boss.

Jesse was put in an impossible situation. If he had just "gotten Pingy with it" the judges would have berated him for not speaking up to her. If he had taken over the designs, he would have been trashed for not being a team player and not taking direction well.

Let's talk about what he didn't do. He didn't stab her in the back, he was honest every step of the way. He didn't abandon her, he was sewing her crappy designs until the final moments. A lot of other designers have done those things - and worse - when they didn't get along with a teammate.

It's virtually impossible to not come off as a jerk when you're trying to be honest with someone who's emotionally unstable. I think he deserves a break.

quigley (the cat)

Ahh, my little Ping. I'm glad she made it til the third episode, but it was clearly her time to go. As difficult as it must have been to work with her, Jesse was a huge douche from the beginning. Didn't even try.

Ping, sing your song
sing out loud
sing out strong
make it quirky to last
your whole life long
your designs are really
good enough for anyone
else to hear
Ping, sing your song

luv 'n purrs,

Thank you Bill and Gotham for a hearty belly laugh. You ACTUALLY walked out of your apartment au natural ?! Too funny

Myra Flection

Were Jessee's negative re Ping comments shown last week derived from question sessions tied to this week's challenge?

We've seen times before when comments were taken from one week and used where the editors wanted them.

Please ask Jessee.

quigley (the cat)

OH, Bill, you went there first. I didn't see yours til I had posted. Love it.

; )

I'm sure they were both at fault, but that "teaching her to sew" crap turned me 100% against Jesse: he hasn't made a properly-fitted garment yet. He may HAVE put all his effort into that second look: I'm betting he could sew all night and not be able to fit it.

Whatever. Jesse won't be long for the show either, unless--God forbid--he turns out to be this season's Logan. I can't defend Ping's product here, either, but I DO prefer her aesthetic to Anthony's, so I'm sorry she's gone over him.

I do disagree with anyone who says Ping has no construction skills. That bodice fits better than anything Jesse's done yet. Her aesthetic is not "constructed": that =/= "no construction skills."

TLo, when I saw that you had an in with Ping (an ing with Ping?) I wanted you to ask her to post up a pattern for her fabulous knitted hat somewhere...

And then I thought harder and realised that Ping has probably never written down a pattern in her life. I bet she just picks up her needles and gets sculpting. I will miss her - I really hope that she gets a gig somewhere designing coats and knitwear and that someone somewhere has the patience to translate her knitted creations into conventional knitting terminology.

Sweet little Ping, I'll miss you and wish you well.

Jesse grow the fuck up. In the real world you have to learn to work with others whether you LIKE THEM OR NOT! Just like the rest of us.
He undermined her from the start, and if I remember correctly he wasn't one of the first picked.

As another poster said, "it's ONE challenge, not a lifetime partnership!

Jeffrey, he absolutely stabbed her in the back. "I had to teach sewing lessons"? Come on. Also, yes, it is difficult to work with someone whose personality and style conflict with yours. And when you're an adult and a professional and that's the situation you've been put in, like it or not, you put on your big boy panties and deal with it.

He didn't, and any sympathy I might otherwise have had for him was obliterated when he, not Ping, became the primary offender in making things antagonistic and difficult.

There is no way I could feel comfortable with him after that scene in mood where he punched his fist into his palm HARD. He does not belong in pressure situations, and it was too violent as a gesture, especially in the PRunway frame. If PING is going to get him to react like that, how does he think it's giong to be working a commission with a real diva client PLUS real fashion designer. I can not imagine what it would be like as one of the PR contestants, standing around him when that big punch occurs ... I would not enjoy sharing a room with this guy.

I hadn't started warming up to Ping until last episode, but I was really sad to see her go. She would've put out some really interesting, if quirky, pieces if given the chance. Yes, this dress was really unwearable, but the inspiration was museum pieces. Given a little tweaking, this could be a good piece for display, if not actual wear.

I've wanted Captain Jack to go since TLo first did their contestant write-up about him and he made fun of Sissy Bear's weight. Nobody messes with my Sissy Bear! What a world class jerk!

Ping's glasses were the highlight for me, too. When I get older and need glasses, I want them to look like hers.

TLo - THANK YOU for your comment about how the model's opinion doesn't matter. They're there to be walking displays, not to have opinions. I know I couldn't care less what they think. I tried to watch MOTR again this season, but I just couldn't. Skinny girls talking about wearing clothes just really isn't captivating.

More should have gone home for boring me to tears. Bleh.

THESE are their signatures with a team of two and two days? Oh, dear.

I liked the effect Ping's drapery created on the runway. But it was drapery, not a garment. 2nd look was unimpressive.

I think Jesse's lucky they didn't both go home.

I feel Ping's failure was greater: as a team leader she was supposed to make her team - as it was, not as she'd prefer it to be - work as well as it could, and I do not think she even saw that as part of her responsibilities. For miss free spirit blown by inspiration, her idea of leadership is pretty hierarchical.

Jesse was worse than a dead weight where he shouldn't have been, but to grossly generalize, he's said he's a 25 year old actor/designer. Not a description that would lead me to believe that he'd be able to handle working for a team leader whom he's afraid will ruin his chances and who, in turn, is unwilling to listen to what he says when he tries to communicate.

the judges have been making good calls this season on the aufs. ping's a fun character and deserved going into round 3 for one last chance...and now we know.

as for her clue who he was or what he did in the first 2 eps... now i know...forever and always he will remain PING'S DOUCHE PARTNER.

The "I had to teach her to sew" comment made me yell at the tv. Have you seen your own looks? Nothing yet has fit right or laid properly. Everything Jesse has made has been poorly constructed. He's not someone to get sewing lessons from.

I thought they were being premature at the time, but TLo hit the nail on the head with Jesse after just the audition videos. Every other thing he says is at someone else's expense, and I no longer get the impression that it might all be in good fun. Yeah, Ping couldn't sew, but there are far more tactful ways of expressing that to the judges than "I had to give sewing lessons."

For all that, Ping was at fault. Whoever she was paired with was bound to end up on the bottom, and I've seen worse efforts at teamwork than Jesse's. Too bad, because I'll miss Ping more than I would have missed Jesse. (His time is coming soon, no doubt.)

No, kittens. Ping was clearly the one in the wrong here.

That's a bit authoritative for a situation where there's plenty of blame to go around. Yes, Ping was not a great leader, but Jesse didn't just step over into Doucheville once or twice - he built himself a new house there and proclaimed himself mayor. He had decided from the start that this partnership wasn't going to work, and although it may still have been a disaster, he could have at least tried to be positive about it.

I'm seriously shocked that you're declaring him to be in the right on this.

And yes, dumb model, SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. NO ONE CARES.

TampaBay said: "IMHO, Jesse was only trying to protect himself and move on in the competition. I do not blame him for not wanting to get the boot for someone else's design/vision. I like Ping as a person but I could NOT work with her."

I'd definitely concur on that one, TB, what folks are seeing as nastiness on Thurston's part I suspect is pure & simple would be expressed by any other designer who might have been paired with Ping.

Ping's openendedness was a real issue in a challenge with time limits. Having worked with such openended folks before, I could completely relate to Thurston's tension. Ping had the basis for a workable design but she overthought and overthought (and so on) what they were doing and it wound up as a hot mess.

It's interesting too, as I predicted what would catch Ping up in the long run would be one of the creative challenges - this challenge was fairly straightforward and she lost her way.

Goodbye Ping - you were fun to watch but this aufing was deserved.


I also half thought the two were getting a winner edit, that he was going to bring editing and tailoring to the table while she brought her unique aesthetic sensibilities. Or not.

Yes, we all knew Ping was going home, but there was no excuse for Jesse to act like an ass. There have been others who paired up with the loonies in the past and did just fine because their attitude was better. Jesse is a douche.

I have to say I felt for Jesse this week. Did you see how Ping looked like a small, cornered animal when he tried to get her to nail down ANY details of her design. She started to panic and stutter. It's fine for her to design from her head and be organic and free and flowy and change things on the fly. HE couldn't get inside her head and his role this week was to work on her (non) design. I'm sure he saw his PR chances going up in crazy smoke. NOW, I don't think his PR chances are for very many more weeks either, but no one wants to be done in by someone else's wackness. I will miss Ping but I don't think ANYONE could have been her assistant this week.

I love Ping as a person but as a designer? Oy.

Jesse did cross the line but it's hard to be critical of him when, clearly, he was trying to save both of their behinds.

When the dress was so clearly Ping, there is no room to blame Jesse for the ill effects of his behavior.

Thank you guys for calling out that model..god what an idiot.

Add me to the list of people who covet Ping's glasses. Freaking fabulous.

I have no love of Jesse, but I could completely see where he was coming from. Yes, his behavior was severely lacking, but I think inexperience and stress contributed significantly. Give him a couple years and, like Seth Aaron, he likely would have handled it better.

I also agree with the previous post that although Ping might make a great friend, she could be a trying co-worker and an impossible boss. Having experienced someone similar to Ping, I am not terribly sorry to see her go (especially since I now know I won't be able to get those glasses).

Oh - and when Jesse said "I am not criticizing your vision - I just want to make sure there IS one" was completely SPOT ON. That would make me nervous and bitchy, too.

Yes, Jesse was a douche, but he is kind of hot. Nice to see his feet, even for just a little while. What can I say, I'm not made of stone, people...

I wanted Jesse to go home on the very first episode. He's a terrible designer and has been acting like a spoiled brat in every episode. I don't blame him for being scared to work with Ping, but he made no effort to work with her.

Ping is a great designer. I loved all the stuff in her audition portfolio, and I love her unique approach. That knitted hat she made was amazing! But there's no way her process would work on PR. And it's true that she doesn't have the sewing chops of many of the other designers. That's why the garments she has sent down the runway in the last two episodes have been awful. It is definitely time for her to go. But she is definitely capable of creating wonderful garments in her own way. Going home will allow her to do this.

I also love her personality and that she took on this challenge. I will really miss her, even though I'm glad she's going home.

Ping, I hope you will find a way to let us Chicagoans know where to find your work. And I also am a HUGE Fan of your glasses!

Didn't Jesse fight to have the bodice (that he at least sewed if not absolutely created) revealed rather than concealed as Ping originally wanted? That was the only decent part of the garment. I think Ping would be a very interesting and fun person to know but she needs a lot more formal training in terms of her design work.

You see "Statue of Liberty." I see "sari."

I don't think this dress is nearly as bad as some of you appear to think it is...

Brian on 1/29/10 at 1:14 PM said...
And yes, dumb model, SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. NO ONE CARES.

I agree models should not express an opinion on PR but isn't "Models of the Runway" suppose to be the show where we hear the models perspective on the PR design competition, the back stage stories and trash talk?


Um, Ping can't sew - why should she have stayed? As evidenced by last week's monstrosity, and the comments of all the designers, she has zero experience in real construction. She just drapes shit and goes from there with her own techniques. Most of what she showed in her audition video was hand knits! She clearly cannot sit down and just sew a straight 'normal' dress because she doesn't know how. Jesse said he had to pretty much make both of these - which is why it's such shit, 'cause he's not that great to begin with and was pressed for time. Ping was 'nice' or whatever (I thought she was fine but annoying) but she just kinda didn't belong there, and that's fine. (Jesse will eventually get his too, so the people bitching about him can relax as well.)

I too adore her glasses. Boo on them being one of a kind. She should tell whoever made them to sell their design!

She's hotter then a plate of freshly steamed dumplings. I would sooo do her.

It was fun while we had her, god knows she won't make it to the final 3 in a million years. But it was fun, embarrassing for me since we're both Chinese, but fun.

Ping deserved the auf but that fist punch of Jesse's was unforgivable no matter how scatter brained Ping was acting. Women face physical intimidation all the time and violence against women is epidemic. If I had been his partner and he made that gesture, I would have refused to work with him. I really would have and I would have sued Lifetime if they insisted I must. It was totally over the line.

Jeffrey Bryan - Fantastic analysis (the damned if you do...explained)

As to "Her aesthetic is not "constructed": that =/= "no construction skills."
What does = NO CONSTRUCTION SKILLS is that she pinned her garments together and even Tim comments that she can't sew. (When I was a young child, I used to pin and belt the afghans my mother made into capes and "dresses", etc - my asthetic was not "constructed" and hey - that did not = constuction skills.

Tim reaction made it obvious that he knew she was a mess.

She also lost the $500 !!

As to the fist - I've NEVER, not once ever, hit, pushed or slapped another human being, but I have hit my fist into my hand in frustration/anger - geez people judge much?

Aw. Ping is an adorable little pixie. Unfortunately, the next Coco Chanel she ain't. I will miss her antics, but let's be honest -- she should have gone home last week for that potato sack monstrosity. And Duchess was right, this looked like the model crawled out of bed in her negligee and pulled the sheets over her shoulder when she left the house. I will miss Ping's antics, but not her clothes.

As for Jesse, I don't think it's worth getting worked up about him one way or another because he'll be gone in a week or two, three tops.

Brian on 1/29/10 at 1:14 PM said..." but Jesse didn't just step over into Doucheville once or twice - he built himself a new house there and proclaimed himself mayor."

Mayor of Doucheville!!!!

Coffee spit followed by....ROFLMAO


yeah im on team ping. sure her dress was ass. but id rather blame the a-hole who undermined every word that came out of her mouth & treated her like crap the whole time. how can anybody work with that?

plus ping was always fun & made for good tv. jesse is just a big old sourpuss i wouldnt miss.

and - dude - those glasses!!! i need them! :O

Elaine said:
" Jesse won't be long for the show either, unless--God forbid--he turns out to be this season's Logan."

It could happen. Honestly, I'd rather see Jesus coast along much more than petulant little Jesse. He's prettier AND nicer.

Bet you a million dollars Jesse put his model up to that

Personally I'm sad these 2 couldn't work together but as stated the PR environment really isn't suited for someone like Ping.

Jesse could have been more positive and Ping did say right upfront she felt she was being underminded and his comments made her constantly second-guess herself. And without a doubt his "teaching her to sew" comments was totally uncalled for. Now she did deserve to go. She messed up big time and handled the situation poorly. Her main garment was a huge mess and that was primarily on her.

But I wander if the scatterbrain behavior was a side effect of the competition and having to work in a team challenge. Tim did she she's talented and innovative so I am willing to concede she may have construction skills just perhaps not great ones.

It's clear though that most of the people there adored her by how they treated her during her goodbye.

I have to say though I am glad the other models called out Meghan for her unprofessionalism. AS 1 of them said, Heidi wouldn't have drilled her if she wasn't making those faces. And then later to act all sweet towards Ping telling her how talented she is...geez! Brandies was so much more real about working with Ping.

Meghan, you're a pretty girl but you ain't no S1 Melissa and there are a lot stronger girls than you on the show.


Jesse will surely go next week!
Just look at what he created in episode 2, what a mess, the dress didn't even FIT.

“Anonymous said...
Ping deserved the auf but that fist punch of Jesse's was unforgivable no matter how scatter brained Ping was acting. Women face physical intimidation all the time and violence against women is epidemic. If I had been his partner and he made that gesture, I would have refused to work with him. I really would have and I would have sued Lifetime if they insisted I must. It was totally over the line.”

This is absurd. In psicology, the people who hurt themselves in frustration are the less likely to hurt others. There are children who when frustrated, break their own toys, as oppossed as other children toys, and those are the least likely to beat other children up. Jesse's own fist punching could thus be seen as proof of the unlikehood of him becoming violent on feeling frustration as a consequence of a woman's actions.

Before throwing to the wind accussations as serious as these, you should get informed. I guess the comment will be deleted, as will as this one, but in the meantime...

I've read a lot of comments that Jesse was "in the right and just trying to save his ass...", but can't disagree more.

I can agree that many of his "comments" and questions were understandable to a point. However, If you are stuck with a leader who is crazy, and you want to avoid getting sucked in as their ship sinks, you do the following:

Smile, nod and do everything they tell you to do, to the very best of your abilities. Offer a few, focused comments and suggestions, and then just stand back as the judges take aim.

You can say that you brought your best, but it was their vision. You point out how well you worked and provided examples of how you contributed.

Jonathan did that and look how that worked out. Ot you can go the route espoused above and offer to take over the second look and do that well.

Bye Ping! The show will be less without you. Hope to see you around town!

I love Ping but she was all wrong for this competition.

She's not really a functional designer as much as a sculpturer. If you were to see a photograph of her fashions, I'm sure most of us would be blown away. Imagine a marble statue of last night's dress. That would have been amazing in any museum. But it doesn't really work as clothes. The moment the model walks in Ping's clothes, you can see where all the flaws are.

Though it's not say it was all her fault. Jesse seriously needs to work on his people skills. There's a camera on you, honey. Watch what you say or else your career is going to end up dead even before it has a chance to begin. No one was wants to be a patron to a schmuck.

While I am not saying that Ping should not have gone as, obviously, they made the correct choice there, I am saying that I thought Jesse was a complete ass from the moment he started working with Ping. She may not have been easy to work with, but he didn't make it any easier by basically being a rude jerk to her the entire time. I would have pulled the "Team Leader" card on him too. Unless he acts less like a douche soon, I will not be sorry to see him go...

Katie said...
You see "Statue of Liberty." I see "sari."
I don't think this dress is nearly as bad as some of you appear to think it is...”

Have you ever worn a sari?! They're totally comfortable and easy to wear. You don't have to hold them and there's no pin or button in sight. Nothing remotely like this outfit.

In any event, I don't think that sewing skills would be so much of an issue, if Ping would have been able to get along without them. But she couldn't, because she's really not that good as a designer, plain and simple. She really doesn't have that much understanding about the fabric flow, the body structure, the form.... all the things she'd need for that kind of alternative designing. Her first garment was a find, but she couldn't keep it up. It's lack of talent. It's not that she's too quirky, is that her quirkiness doesn't go beyond her personality into her work.

For someone who is some much into flowing fabrics, fitting things into her body, freedom and comfort in outfits, asymmetry and what not, I mean, she herself almost wears nothing but random jeans and tight restrictive-looking tops

If she hasn't been able to convince herself of her own POV, what chance was there that she would convince us?

Can we have a moratorium on the word "Douche"?

It's getting old.

Ping sucks. She just sucks - annoying, whiny, distracted, stubborn, and a little overly concerned with being perceived as "quirky." She seems affected to me, and that just makes the whole Ping thing gross to me. I'm glad she's gone - everybody knew the kooky Asian who couldn't sew was not there because of her talent, and nobody wanted to be in the vicinity when that ticking time bomb exploded. You pick up the grenade and throw it away from you. Good boy, Jesse. Here's a biscuit.

I also find all the venom about the model laughable. You think they didn't ask Megan about the fit? She didn't state anything that wasn't a fact, and she didn't seem to be overly gleeful or malicious about it. Megan being a "megabitch" and Jesse being a "douchetard" doesn't make your "sweet little Ping" any less talentless or fucking annoying. Let's get real - she should have been the first one home, and she (as well as most of the people this season) would never have even been cast on this show in a perfect world because there are so many far, far better designers working in this country than the crap PR's been spewing the past couple years. It's had turds every season but it seems there's hardly even any pretense these days that the show has anything to do with real fashion or actually finding real design talent. This show be dead, y'allz.

You want a side? Team Ping. Team Ping all the way. The moment I saw the punch at Mood, I felt a level of loathing I haven't known since the days of Angry Little Peanut. I think he's on this show exclusively for a combination of drama and looks. Certainly not for talent. I don't know whether he knows full well that the more of a jerk-off he is, the more likely the producers will let him stay, or whether he really is that heinous of a person, but his attitude so far has been ridiculous.

I hope that Ping DOES learn a lot from this experience: I think her work is interesting and beautiful and could be killer if she got her idiosyncrasies under control. And like Elisa a few seasons ago, I think that for all she may be wacky, she's also genuine and sweet.

I like the insanity that was Ping, but she was not cut out for this type of competition. She truly is the nutty professor and her thought process doesn't allow for the rules and time constraints you find on PR.

That said, they were yet another case of the bickering team that we get in every team challenge. There are always things that could have been done on both sides to make this work a bit better, but if that happened we'd never get the lovely train wrecks that inevitably occur.
As for Megan speaking up, yes it's part of the push for MotR. There's been a lot of interaction with the judges and the models this season. Apparently Megan has only been modeling for 2 months, so I'm sure she was an easy target for the producers to go to and goad into speaking out on the runway like that. All the other models were horrified that she dared speak out. There was also a bit of drama with Sophia (the model) the felt like there was some behinds the scenes instigating to it.

Daxx nice in theory - but not in practicality.

Yes eventually maybe it can work every so often. But I've been there as apparently have others who posted. Doesn't work that way.

And you are not implying that Anthony is anywhere near as delusional or crazy as Ping are you? The judges didn't answer his question (and maybe rightly so), but a reasonable person want (specific) feedback on their mistakes as to not repeat them.

"Ping went all Ping-y!" say TLo. HAHAHAHAHAHA! And that just about sums it up.

I thought, after the first episode, that something very cool might be going on with Ping-Pong, but...I was wrong. No question--the lace toga was totally unacceptable.

Still, I like Ping and hope she develops some execution skills, manages to find her shoes (and her sketchbook and her envelope of money...and her head), and develops what I think are some interesting ideas.

Good luck, Ping!

I am so sorry to see Ping go. I know she had to go, but I found her so charming and unusual. I kind of like her battiness. I think she does have talent, just one that isn't best with the Project Runway style of work.

Jesse is hot. Ping is not. I think that just about sums up all we need to know.

I must confess to being on Team Not Ping from the time I read her statement and saw her collection (I didn't watch her videos, nor anyone's, for reasons of severe not wanting to). I've been increasingly Not Ping through the episodes which preceded her auf-ing, mostly because she reminds me of several people who I've been subjected to in real life, including a massage therapist who insisted on touching my neck and triggering three day puking migraines because "it's part of my technique, darling, it will help you in the end."

I think Jesse was an ass, but of the group to be chosen, I don't think any one of them would have been better; Seth Aaron may have handled himself better but I don't think anyone could have handled Ping better, because she is so wedded to her "vision" that she's unable to see if it's working or not. I suspect that either Janeane or Anna would have resulted in floods of tears and no finished garments, and Jonathon might well have been a bigger bitch than Jesse; Amy may have been able to do it, but we'll never know, will we? Of course it was Jesse or who at the end, I've forgotten, bother.

I wonder just how much this episode was edited to really give Jesse the Mayor of Doucheville title. Obviously he said and did things, but just how far was he pushed? What did we not get to see?

At the very outset, Jesse had a negative attitude. He didn't even try to make it work, so regardless of what Ping did, it was going to be a disaster. Ping isn't a natural leader, but Jesse was a jerk.

So much for my individuality. I signed on after watching this afternoon to post about how great those glasses are and who makes them...and apparently so did every other sight-impaired gal out there. They were fantastic, though. Sigh.

Oh, and to Jesse and all the other hipster doofuses out there: Your ironic mustache is just as unpleasant as your ironic Pabst beer.

Thurston was a dickhead from the get-go on this one, so I can't really sympathize with him. And I hope that karma comes back to bite that nasty little model in her flat backside. I would have auf'ed both of them over Ping if I was a producer.

But it was Ping's team, and Ping's garments really were the worst in this challenge. It's a shame, but it happens.


I seriously don't get the people who think Jesse is hot.

I don't think the judges ever considered eliminating Jesse, simply because Ping was the team leader. For the same reason, Anthony rather than Seth Aaron shared the bottom-2 spotlight. The judges have been absolutely consistent about this since at least season 6 (when I started watching). Recall that Mitchell went home after the first team challenge and Louise after the second, sparing (temporarily) Qrystil and Christopher -- all four were team leaders.

Thurston blows. Ping was not long for the world, for sure. And she may be absent-minded, but she never came off mean or controlling. The key to this relationship (as anyone who has ever been second banana knows) is to get the top member of the team to do your bidding while thinking they came up with the whole idea themselves. "Ping, you are so terrific at draping and making these organic things. And that's a brilliant idea you have. How about you tell me to do this with it? The judges love that...." blah blah blah. It ain't easy, but it is life. They could have made something that at least ended up safe.

I will miss the lovely Ping's happy energy. Yes, she misstepped this week. Her first misstep was choosing Jesse.

Jesse acted like a combative, aggressive asshole from BEFORE he was chosen. Have you ever tried to work on a project with someone who has already decided the outcome? It cannot work, no matter what you do. I wish Ping had the balls to completely confront him on his effed up attitude and yes, her leadership skills in being decisive were sorely lacking. She wanted harmony and collaboration and she got a immature brat with an attitude. Did Ping mess up? Of course. I'm not even having a beef with her being sent home. PR is not a fit with her way of working and it's been painful to watch these past two challenges.

And the remarks about the fist punch. Regardless of what generalizations you make about Thurston's psyche and penchant for violence (who cares?), it was completely uncalled for, classless, tasteless and immature. If he had done that on a real job site, he would have been fired for being inappropriately aggressive, regardless of whether it's directed at someone or not. It's not professional behavior. He's an immature prick and his "teaching to sew" comment was also uncalled for. There are ways of communicating your anger and frustration that don't include being aggressive and demeaning. He hated Ping from the start. His first comment on the episode was she should have been sent home already. He set himself up for the difficulties he had with her.

I was really impressed with Seth Aaron's attitude. Thurston needs to model his behavior on Seth's. But that would mean he'd have to grow up and stop being self-centered....hmmmm.....

And the hell with the models! SHUT UP!!

I will miss you, Ping!!! Keep going with your vision!

What really struck me about the judging last night is that I think (and I could be wrong) that it was the first time I've ever heard Nina tell a designer to his/her face that a garment was "ugly." Heaven knows many have earned it, but up until this episode she has restrained herself from using it. Even those hideous, retina-stabbing "lingerie" items from Santino only generated a "not esthetically pleasing" from La Nina. Did anyone else notice this?

As for the judging, as long as Anthony is still in, I'm happy. Ping is adorable, but was never a contender. Jesse will get his. Megan, learn to speak English, you zygote. Then shut up.

Anyone else out there who loathes those glasses?

I think the only real bitch of this episode was Emilio...

More on Ping's glasses: They're called Scarlet from LaFont (A French company) and they're hand made. Thank you, Danielle. Here is the link.

T Lo

I'm sorry but I'm siding with Jesse on this one, as lovely as Ping is.

You just knew that the one who was paired with her was bound to doom. Sure he could handled himself a little better but hey, it's not the first time nor it will be the last that there are bad pairings with bad outcomes (in terms of collaboration and outfits) on PR. Remember Angela and delusional Vincent? Or Ricky and VictorYA? Or maybe Keith and Terri? And let's be honest, the last one mentioned was 10x more terrible than Ping and Jesse... Keith ended up doing nothing! At least Jesse did his work and helped constructing the outfits!

"I'm not questioning your vision - I just want to make sure there IS one..."

Too damn right, for me that sums all up. I rest my case.

First, Ping sounds like a real sweetie in e-mail. I, too, would love the pattern for her hat.

Ping, do you post on ravelry?

That said, I sympathize with Jesse here. He needed, as her assistant, concrete instructions and wasn't getting them. Two very different people who just didn't have the personalities to collaborate. I think Ping is very strong-willed--she tunes out what she doesn't want to hear. (That's been pretty obvious.)

That's a *hard* boss to have--particularly if that boss lacks basic skills.

Jesse's behavior, to me, was very straight guy. He wants it concrete. He gets irritated when stuff isn't clear and step by step and yeah, he likes to slam a fist when he's frustrated. (Not sure why some of you see this as unforgiveable. It's not directed at anybody.)

He's young and he was stressed out. I don't think most of the designers would have had an easy time with Ping. I think Seth Aaron might have been the one who had both the skills to make up for Ping's lack of construction skills and the personality that would make him able to roll with it. Rocker boy has a sense of humor. Liked the Keith Richards look with accent attached during the ridiculous MOTR.

It's interesting to compare Elisa/Sweet Pea to Ping/Jesse. Sweet Pea thought Elisa was insane, but Elisa actually understood construction and worked well in two team challenges. Elisa thought collaboration was fun--it seems to frazzle poor Ping.

But, then, I will always have a soft spot for Puppet Girl. Her attitude was sublimely transcendent.

I don't think Ping forgot to wear shoes...she was in flats and was trying to switch on her heels for the runway show. With all the focus on what the model is wearing, there is no doubt she would forget to swap her shoes until the last minute.

Leave her alone!! :(

Jesse, you're an ass. Megan, you're a bitch.

Ping, you're awesome! And, I have to say, I loved the dress. It was different, it was interesting, and I could totally see someone wearing this on the red carpet. The low end dress was bad, but there were worse dresses on the runway (one from the winning team, in fact). Bad judges, bad!

Zippy said:
"And the remarks about the fist punch. If he had done that on a real job site, he would have been fired for being inappropriately aggressive, regardless of whether it's directed at someone or not."

Oh honey, you have never set your foot on Wall Street have you?

I think working with Ping would be a royal nightmare, but I will miss her. What was that burrito wrap of a dress? (LOVED the specs, though.)

Jesse could have been the knight in shining armor if he had allowed Ping to concentrate on the burrito dress and he had made a killer 2nd for less look. Instead, he was intent on making Ping look even worse than she was.

Megan is so young, so I'll give her a bye, for now. Maybe she learned a thing or two--we'll see.

You are all taking Jesse's fist punch at Mood waaaaaay to seriously. Lighten up already.

And besides Jesse's spot-on "I'm not questioning your vision - I just want to make sure there IS one..." comment, let's not forgot:

"I'm just trying to rein in the crazy."

I'm team Jesse on this one. I dont think he stepped over the line and yea i would be flippin out too if i had to work with Ping. Glad she's gone, no tears shead =D

I almost like that first dress. The second one, however... NO.

Ping looks HOT with that red lipstick in those awesome glasses... I shall miss her. :-*


Thank you so much for the glasses link! XD

Jesse was an ass: completely unprofessional. He had an opportunity to make the best of the situation, but he started off with a 'tude, so he undermined both of them. Sewing Siren is right: no one was dying to work with him either.

Ping! I'll miss her--I knew she'd go soon, too, but was hoping to see a bit more from her. She tripped herself up with her scatter-brained ways. She needs a personal assistant or a practically-minded lover to help keep her grounded. Or a daily checklist: shoes, check; tablet, check; direction for design, check; etc.

Ping is an "adorable little pixie?" WTF? Didn't anyone see the clip (maybe it was on MOR and not PR)where she was absolutely abusive to her model, wrestled that lump of fabric out of her hands and barked orders at her? Jesse said something like, "Geez, Ping! Take it easy." She acted like a spoiled brat. Her, "I'm the team leader" every two seconds reminded me of a two-year-old, "MY TOYS!" I'm so glad she's gone. Oy.

anon said: Oh honey, you have never set your foot on Wall Street have you?

Wall Street (I assume you're talking about the Exchange) isn't the norm of any sort of professional behavior.

The vehemence of Jesse's tantrum was uncalled for. He could have made a face, pulled his hair, grabbed his face, done a lot of things, but he chose to slam his fist, hard. Doesn't take a lot of imagining to assume where he wanted that fist to land in his imagination.

I find it interesting that the males diminish the impact of a violent gesture as just being "a guy, no harm done" and the females are saying "um, it's physically intimidating." Wake up, bros!

I don't think Ping would be that difficult to work with, that is if you know what you are doing yourself. Jesses skills are marginal at best. Both of the garments that he sent down the runway so far were shakey on design and construction. He went into the collaboration with a very poor attitude.
Part of Jesses frustration in working with Ping was due to his own inabilities.

So glad Ping got Auf'd. I didn't like her designs at all. Also, she came across as super annoying. Speaking of annoying, that model was awful! They need to keep their mouths closed--this isn't "Make me a Supermodel." And I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the judging so far. Way more agreeable than last season.

Tim Gunn thinks that Jesses' execution is outstanding and meticulous.
But then, what does he know right?

I've seen a woman make that exact same jesture in the garment industry. And a whole lot worse from both sexes. A lot of extremely emotional people work in the field and as far as I know nobody ever got fired for having a temper tantrum. Losing the company money..thats a different story.

OMG G.T.... loved that story! LOL

not only is the blog just brilliant, a few of my favorite posters are too. you guys all make my day.

Er . . . I kinda liked Ping's design, from the front at least. It's sari meets toga meets industrial/avant-garde Asian. Hated the button on fabric in the back, though. If the garment had a real skirt with a panel that could be draped, or something similar, it might have worked.

Oh, Ping. I think she has to be the one Nina referred to as endearing. I didn't think she deserved auf'ing previously. Her first week's entry was either brilliant or a mess. Her second week's was clearly mess, and she could have gone for it, but it had a hint of potential style (whereas Pamela's lacked style of any kind). But last night, I'm sorry to say, there was no question but that she had to go. I do appreciate her different-drummerness, and I'll miss her being there.

Maybe she's a performance artists of sorts (I'm thinking about her attention to presentation, how she wanted her models to walk, etc.).

I felt some surprising sympathy for Jesse, except that his own level of ability doesn't seem to justify his world weariness and impatience.

And. . . I have, on occasion, forgotten to put on my shoes.

People think that Team Challenges = Quicksand

But, statistically, I think most (PR) teams *work* together. They knuckle down, design a garment, divide the work, do it. They don't always produce a successful garment - but they get the work done uneventfully.

The blow-out teams are the exception, not the rule.

So, it's interesting (read guilty pleasure) to see teams fail and analyze why.

Shows with team challenges have been around long enough that you'd think that someone could devise some coping strategies. If you were going on PR, you'd be an idiot not to think about how you were going to deal with team challenges. I'd want to marathon watch a bunch of shows and take notes.

IMO - no matter how difficult the person you have to work with is, a good rule of thumb is "keep your cool, don't be a fool." Jesse was a fool.

I'll miss Ping because she has been a pleasure to watch and if the clothes she made for PR were as interesting as she is, I'd have been hooked.

As a quick comment to the Anon response to my first post...

It's always practical to do the right thing. Not necessarily easy, but in the end, you always win. Granted, I've had a good many years to develop that, so I understand that Jesse is young (almost all of these people are) and almost all of us do stupid things when we're young.

While I'm a Ping supporter (ewww, that sounded nasty), I have no illusions that her aesthetic and working style would get her auf'd early on. My point goes back to the fact that he chose to have a bad attitude before the start and did nothing to change it, just used any issue to confirm that he was right and in the end they both failed.

Can we PLEASE talk about what the hell is the matter with Brandeis' hair??

Jesse was standing right next to Ping when he made the fist gesture. I'm sure she was aware of it. There is also a difference between having a temper tantrum and obviously making a violent gesture while in conversation with someone else.

Then again, Jesse behaved like a petulant child at the playground and decided he wasn't ever gonna play nice with Ping before she even made her choice. He and Ping never had a chance because he refused to give her one.

Everyone is fogetting the monstrosity that Ping sent down the runway last week. Sorry, I just don't see the talent there. People like Ping are extremely polarising, because they are incredibly difficult to deal with, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitch-on-wheels, always egotistical. Working with her would have driven me absolutely BONKERS.

Ping would have been aware of Jesse making a gesture on her back?!
Oh my, it would have been the first thing she had been aware of in the whole competition...
So un-ping.

Agree entirely, especially about Jesse being smarter with the Look for Less.

Honestly - they were both a terribly fit for each other. Leader shutting down, team member not being to work around the conflict. Both had tunnel vision.

I'm not a Ping fan and feel this Auf was well deserved. As she stated: "I'm the leader".

Just a note to Ping: First rule of leadership, darling - Everything is ultimately your fault, so own it, move on, get better. Goodbye, good luck and maybe we'll see you next season? Prove to us that we're just bitter bitches and rock out the fabulous with your designs cuz that would an awesome way to come back.

The slap of the fist into his palm could be heard even with her back turned or do you think Ping is deaf?

Boyz, this is one time I hate to agree with you.

But I still love her. Hope you can get an interview. Will she sell that fab knit hat she showed at audition?

Jesse was a douche, wasn't he? From first to last.

The new models talkin' smack business is the natural evolution from Heidi asking them (on MOtR) "so, what did you think of your designer?" I think that's a rotten new element. Heidi is a judge getting off the runway info.

It's not endearing and it's not fair.

PS - Ping has the best personal look of all the designers, that's for sure. I'd wear that! And that! And those glasses! And.

PPS - Doesn't Jesse's ass look huge in that mirror?

Anonymous 4:14 PM said: "The slap of the fist into his palm could be heard even with her back turned or do you think Ping is deaf?"

Well, she did hear: potato country fair...

And as the duchess said, it's not that she doesn't hear, it's that she doesn't listen.

"And it was just so weirdly impractical. No one wants to carry their skirt or sling it over their shoulder all night."

You might tell that to the women in India who have been wearing saris for millennia, which consist of draped fabric slung over their shoulder. And can cost easily as much as a lot of western couture garments.

If Brandise had just put the fabric on her shoulder like she was wearing a sari, the judges might have had an entirely different opinion. Because whether western fashionistas like it or not, there's a long tradition of beautiful draped fabric as clothing that is at least as beautiful (and can be as stylish) as anything the west has produced.

I'll say it again. You don't have to carry a sari. It carries itself. It's actually very easy and confortable to wear, no fuss. That dress had nothing to do with a sari. In fact, in terms of what you can do with a piece of draped fabric, it was the opposite of a sari.

I think Ping understood what Jesse was saying. She seemed really sad about his comment and like she maybe disagreed.

But I also thought that last week she was blaming her listening skills, not her English proficiency.

Ping didn't mesh well in a group challenge in for the same reason that she wasn't quite right for the competition. She had such a specific style and PR requires a certain amount of flexibility.

I think Jesse has the potential to do something interesting, but he certainly doesn't come across as likable.

I'm a manager of a store for a large corporation and I can tell you that even before the fist thing, Jesse would have been fired for the way he was cussing at Ping. Companies have been sued over a lot less and I think Ping actually has a good basis for a lawsuit against Lifetime for subjecting her to that kind of harassment.

I had a lot of empathy for Jesse. Who among us hasn't worked with someone like Ping before? Who hasn't had to watch coworker or boss leap off a cliff, while trying to drag them to sanity.

Ping is largely a legend in her own mind. At any one time, Ping has a zillion things colliding in her mind ("Shoes!"), and unfortunately can't focus on any one of them. Grasping other people's perspective is hard when your brain is ping ponging, and she's also not a great communicator.

I'm sorry if this hurts Ping. But really, Ping. You need to have more self confidence based on a set of hard earned skills, than one of self delusion. Into the salt mines for you!

Ping's signature dress is really a bad entry. But Jessie and Megan are bullies. The challenge didn't work for them because they don't like Ping to start with. Jessie make her doubt her vision and Megan just chopped her head off by the fitting comment.

Geez, have any of you guys who can't deal with someone slamming their fist into their hand *ever* worked in a high-pressure environment under a tight deadline?

I'm with Sewing Siren in that some of the issue was Jesse's own lack of skills (and I'd youth--he's 25.), but a fist slam of frustration really isn't a big deal. Season Five Keith actually stalked off and didn't help Terri do her designs. Jesse sewed--he just wanted to know what he was going to sew. He wasn't a skilled-enough collaborator to find a way to communicate well with Ping. And Ping had no idea how to manage him.

And let's keep in mind that Ping didn't just drop Elizaveta, she dropped her saying that she needed a stronger model. Pretty much guaranteed that Elizaveta was going to be out of the competition. Not that Ping was wrong, but she isn't all sweetness and light--she could have switched models without giving a reason--which is what most of the designers do.

Basically, Ping is not an experienced collaborator and doesn't work well as a result with other inexperienced collaborators--models or designers. Brandise made some comment about being experienced enough to know how to work with Ping. Glad she's still in. I like seeing some grown women in the mix.

Just watched the extended judging etc. -

To Victoria Paige: Ping *does* take responsibility as leader in her exit interview.

To people wondering why she chose Jesse - maybe she was thinking that she wanted the most experienced sewer?

There's no question that Ping/Jesse were a bad match. What would made it work . . . if Jesse had been a cooperator (and you took away his bullying, belligerence) would it work? If Ping had been open to Jesse's input (and you took away her stubborn spaciness) would it work? How could those qualities work together to come up with a strong design.

I'd love to replay the scenario, tweaking the levels of belligerence, bullying, stubbornness, listening ability etc. to see how much each character would have to give to make a working partnership.

And I'd love to see what kind of garment they'd design.

It really isn't an issue of opinion. This is a matter of labor law.

Anonymous 4:53

With all due respect, managing a store is a very different task than creative work under impression. All those stories about artistic temperments don't come out of nowhere.

Jesse wasn't doing a Russell Crowe here. He was frustrated, tried to calm down, got frustrated again, etc. It happens. Surely we've watched enough PR collaborations to know that some are smooth, some are not and smooth sailing isn't a guarantee of good work and vice versa. There are numerous examples of collaborators who hated each other but made good stuff. (Everybody hated Richard Rodgers, but Hart and Rodgers and Rodgers and Hammerstein made for great songs.)


WHAT labor law? What law bans slamming a fist into your hand when frustrated?

I really don't see the big deal with Jesse's fist punch. I am a woman and didn't find it threatening at all. Hell, I do it a lot myself when I'm frustrated or angry. If anything, it was one of the least confrontational things he did the whole episode, turning away and silently venting.

I'm on Jesse's side. I wouldn't have been able to work with someone as selfish and unaware. His criticisms were spot on for the most part.

Oh, Bill, Ping made me feel like singing too!

Just when I thought I couldn't hate Jesse more he pulls this crap He was a douche from the get-go, instead of being cooperative. Poor Ping-- she had vision but no construction skills.

Geez, have any of you guys who can't deal with someone slamming their fist into their hand *ever* worked in a high-pressure environment under a tight deadline?

Publishing. A bit under 5 years. Deadlines were usually a week (5 business days, actually), occasionally less, very rarely more. I still have bad dreams about the place years later, in fact, to give you an idea of just how stressful it was. Yet somehow I never worked with anyone who acted like Jesse.

A matter of labor law?
Oh, come on, get real...

I was really baffled when I heard Jesse's model speak, totally out of line. They both need to go, not cool

Citing labor law in the context of a reality television show is particularly pointless.

SusanID@5:08pm said, I'd love to replay the scenario, tweaking the levels of belligerence, bullying, stubbornness, listening ability etc. to see how much each character would have to give to make a working partnership.

And I'd love to see what kind of garment they'd design.

Sounds like a cool new "Sim" game to me.

I'm one of those who knew Ping's auf was inevitable, considering the gap between her skills/vision and PR's competition/judging situations.

I still love her as an artist and personality and I want to follow her evolution as a designer. I think this experience probably did whack her upside the head with a two by four.

Larry said . . .

"I seriously don't get the people who think Jesse is hot."

Me neither, but if everyone's tastes were identical, far fewer of us would get laid.

I'm not going to miss Ping, she was wrong for this competition. That was obvious from the beginning. I wish her good fortune in other endeavors.

What I want to know is, what the heck were those two designers doing for two days? That thing couldn't have taken long to sew.

I feel bad for Ping, she needed a partner who was going to fawn all over her and compliment her and constantly tell her how awesome and wonderful she is. And protect her from horrible reality, like Tim's comments and the non-understanding judges. I can't imagine where she would find a partner like that on PR, but she might in real life.

I feel sorry for Jesse too. It's impossible to get anything done when you're working with someone who lives in a different reality. He's not long for PR but he should get aufed on his own work, not because of someone else.

"Anonymous formerlyAnon said...

Larry said . . .

"I seriously don't get the people who think Jesse is hot."

Me neither, but if everyone's tastes were identical, far fewer of us would get laid."

As we Portuguese use to say, "if everyone loved yellow what would become of blue???" :)

"Anonymous 11:50 AM

I thought the only reason Ping had to play the "I'm a team leader" card was because he was CONSTANTLY questioning and undermining her authority ... which (IMO) had a lot to do with her being a female designer. His behavior was gross and I thought he should have gone home."

Nothing is uglier than the sexist line. Ping was funny and entertaining but we all know we would've wanted to rip her throat out if we were working with her. He wasn't undermining her because she was a woman; he was criticizing her because she's a complete space shot and he's willing enough to be mean to get her to focus.

No, no, no....I love Ping : )

Now we'll back to boring dresses.

joyjoy - ha ha

My sons are huge Sims fans and my husband used to play SimEarth. So - yeah. I think a PR Sim game would be one *I* could really get into!

Also, kind of too bad that in real life you can't dial down hostility and dial up cheerfulness! That would help in working with some people (Jesse).

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