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2010 SAG Awards

There's no such thing as a weekend when you've got awards show dresses to rip, kittens.

Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

First impression: good for her. Second: not formal enough for the event. We say "good for her" because it takes a certain amount of bravery to attempt a look as edgy as this in a sea of prom gowns. But it's more of a party dress than an awards show dress.

Christina Hendricks in Carolina Herrera Resort 2009

Exactly the right silhouette and proportions for her. The hair is a little aging and the makeup a little heavy but we love the earrings.

Jane Lynch in Ali Rahimi

A step in the right direction. She still needs to be directed away from the shiny and the voluminous skirts, but this neckline works much better on her than the last dress and the color flatters her.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Dolce & Gabbana

It's a lot of dress, but that's her thing. JLD has been turning it out on red carpets for 2 decades now and she doesn't disappoint. She knows how to wear a dress like this. Love these earrings too but we don't love the severe hair even though we know that's also her thing.

Kate Hudson in Emilio Pucci Spring 2010

It's pretty. She looks good and it fits her like a dream, but is all-white gonna be her thing now? Because that'll get old fast.

Mariah Carey in something that fits her

It fits her and that's all that matters. Brava, Mimi. Now, Christina Hendricks wants a meeting in the ladies room.

Meryl Streep in Balenciaga Fall 2009

People were divided over this on our Facebook page but we have to say, we love it. Remember, Meryl, for all her talent and fabulosity, has a TERRIBLE red carpet track record. This is something that looks colorful, fun, comfortable and flattering. Look at her face in that last pic! She looks amazing! Who cares if the print's a little much?

Penelope Cruz in L'Wren Scott Spring 2010

Jesus, honey. What is it with you and the funereal dresses lately? Hem's too long.

Dianna Agron in Edition by Georges Chakra Spring 2010

She is a really pretty girl, but
A) that lipstick shade is distractingly bad.
B) It looks like the curtains are opening on her breasts.

Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier Spring 2009

What the what?

Drew? Why do you look like the biggest ho in the trailer park from the neck up? What is with that slept-on hair? What is with the nude lipstick? What is with taking a dramatic and unique dress and turning it into a stiff lampshade?

Lea Michele in Catherine Malandrino in Spring 2010

Wow. She looks spectacular. That is a fantastic color on her and the silhouette makes her body look amazing. Best effort yet from her. Hair and makeup? Flawless, bitch.

Marion Cotillard in Elie Saab Fall 2009 Couture

Marion, what happened? Where is the girl that wore a Gaultier fish dress to the Oscars? Who is this generic starlet we see in her place?

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen


It would have been nice if, after all the free advice we gave her in the last couple of weeks - advice which she CLEARLY FOLLOWED - she could have held up a little sign or something that said "Thanks, T Lo! How do you bitches like me now?"

Sandy, you made us proud. Stick to floor-length sheaths like this. You know why? Because if you've got the body to pull one off, the only other skill you need is good posture. And that's about the only red carpet skill you have.

Tina Fey in Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2009

What? Did she just stop by after attending her cousin's wedding? YOU'RE PRETTY, YOU'RE THIN, AND YOU HAVE MONEY. There is NO excuse for this.

Toni Collette in Rafael Cennamo

We like the bust (which is admittedly a little Wonder Woman-esque) but we're torn on the massive ruffled skirt. Lorenzo hates the look, but Tom thinks she looks younger and prettier than her last attempt on the red carpet, so he's inclined to give a thumbs up to the whole look.

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Toni Collete is starting to look like Carly Simon.

Christina Hendricks looks awful in that dress. She's just too heavy for it. In the original there are pleats in the front. Oops, none in her version. She also loses the column front with her ultra curvy hips. I'm not saying she's too fat, but just way too curvy.

You guys are dead wrong about this.

Toni Collette looks like a very, very sad lampshade.

Sandra Bullock looks great but I don't like the top...that looks a little old womanish...

And Marion....I'm not sure what to say...

Penelope is just going down, down, down....

Disagree about Anna P. I think she looks fab and totally appropriate for the event, considerng her age.

I LOVE looking at the pictures, deciding if I like the dress or not and then reading the TLO take on it. Such a fun thing to do on a Sunday morning!!

love the anna p dress but i hear ya that it looks to casual for the event.
sandra bullock looks great.
love love love the sea green dress on lea michelle.

Toni C. looks SO much better than at the GG!

Christina H's look is also improved although would someone please point her in the direction of colors that would WOW on her? that red doesn't quite make it but it's way, way better than that pale shade she wore to the GG.

I liked that shade of purple on Tina Fey, the dress though did look a underwhelming for an event where she was sure to be bringing something home (i.e., you're gonna be standing up and making a speech - dress up, damnit!)

And Peneope - you have killer legs as the few folks who saw Nine can attest to....why cover them up with this funereal sheath?


In my opinion, Christina Hendricks is so beautiful she could wear a—oh wait. Maybe I shouldn't say that.

Christina Hendricks and Lea Michele look amazing!

I love love lve sandras dress ans she looks super good in it. Best red carpet look I've seen from her in a long time

Also, the Alex mcqueen collection is TO DIE I looove it.

Sorry guys, but Sandra Bullock's dress is almost exactly like a dress I wore in 1987. Those shoulders with the sequenced embellishments are too Dallas-like!

What did you guys think of Nicole Kidman's dress? She was only only onscreen for the presentation of Nine but that was the dress that caught my eye last night.

Eagerly awaiting your take on Nicole...

I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned, but Christina Hendricks' dress was chosen by popular vote on TNT's website and is being auctioned off. Or it may have just been the style of the dress. I'm not too sure since I didn't vote myself.

Mmmm...can't totally agree with you on the Sandra Bullock thing. The silhouette may be a good one for her (and yes she looks better than she did in that hideous shiny purple thing) but this dress is pretty damn ugly. That bodice really does evoke the 80s in the worst of ways. I think you all missed the mark on this one.

Lea Michele looks absolutely stunning, and should know it--instead she looks terrified. Honey, give us a smile.
And what's with Drew? I think she might have been going for "freshly f***ed" but she kind of looks freshly assaulted.

Take off the last row of ruffled skirt on Toni Collette's dress and I might be able to get behind it. Right now it screams Christmas tree topper.

Anna: Yes, the dress is a little informal.... but she looks good in something that would look ridiculous on most starlets

Christina: She looks so much better in greens and blues than in reds and beiges... but the dress is still better than her last effort. Also, too much makeup and not loving the hair. She looks better in old-hollywood type dresses though (remember how fab she looked in the '08 emmys?

Jane: A step up, but she dresses like she's going to her sweet 16, she needs to look more grown up. The long poofy skirt+shiny= NO. Still, the bodice is pretty and the color is nice.

Julia: I have to disagree. It's way too much dress for her or the event. Maybe some stick thin model could wear it to the met gala, but it's not flattering on her.

Kate Hudson: GORGEOUS. She looks stunning. And she's the perfect girl for this dress. That's two big events in a row where she turned it out instead of wearing her typical hippy type dresses.

Mariah: Better, thank god she found something that fits. But, she looks like she's falling out the side of the dress.

Meryl: FUN! COLOR! PRINT! It's a cute look that doesn't age her and looks put together.

Penelope: She would look hot in basically anything, but I really hope she isn't going to go the Angelina route and not even try... Plus, it's too long and dark and is basically designed for someone young with a small bust and tiny waist.

Diana: She's just so pretty.... She looked great at the PCA's and Globes, but the dress is shapeless and the lipstick is too dark. She should go with the young, fresh faced, and lovely look.

Drew: What happened? Normally I love her looks, but the typical starlet dresses do not work on her. The styling is awful and the dress looks so stiff. And the original is SO BEAUTIFUL.

Lea: Great dress, great hair, great body, great makeup, great color, basically the whole thing is GREAT. Except, she looks a lot older in the first picture...

Marion: Love her always, but she's been really boring lately. Even the globes dress was better...

Sandy: She looks beautiful and fashionable. FINALLY!

Tina: I've given up on her at this point.

Toni: The colors don't work together, the ruffles look clunky, and the top makes her look flat chested. OUT

yes, I want to hear about Nicole Kidman, somehow she appeared with a look that she had when she was still with Tom Cruise, I really like her dress and hair, although her face still bothers me....
I agree that Sandra Bullock looked great......

Lea Michelle looks so beautiful, as usual. With the exception of the Globes, Lea has great taste and a good sense of what looks good on her. She is my fave.

Christina Hendricks, I want to love this look because I do love her but I still think she hasn't found the right dress for her body. Mimi's would actually look better than this.

I like Tina's dress, at least it's not black and she improved from the Globes

Sandra looks like throwback to the tv show Dallas, I really didn't like it. Her acceptance speech was very charming, though

Notice that Nicole Kidman is going back to her natural hair color and curls? Thank god, it's like the life force is coming back into her body

Lea Michele really did knock it out of the park.

Tina Fey will never learn. Some people just aren't fashion people.

Best Dressed...Hands down the winner is Meryl. You GO girl...and keep hanging with Sissy Bear.


Don't cover up your lovely bassomas, Christina!

I agree...Christina Hendricks hair and makeup was not flattering at all. I'm starting to suspect that the female leads on the show are trying a bit too hard to get away from the looks they wear on Mad Men. Understandable, I guess, but they always look great on MM. I'm sure there's a way to work what's good about their 1960's looks into today's fashion. And I loved Julia Louis-Dreyfuss...she looked spectacular, in my opinion. Don't know what to say about Tina Fey, but I thought her SAG awards dress was more appropriate than the one she wore to the Golden Globes.

I have been very impressed with Lea Michele. She has been consistently looking fabulous on the red carpet. I like that she goes for bold, bright colors; they look great on her. Her hair and makeup look great and overall she has a striking face that makes one pause to look at her. And I have noticed that she always follows the advice ya'll recently gave to Leighton Meester

Has anyone else noticed the gap between Anna Paquin's front two teeth. You would think with all the money she has she could afford Invisalign. Maybe I am just crazy.


I can never look at Sandra Bullock again without thinking "stevedore's daughter."
Thanks, guys!

TampaBay said...

Has anyone else noticed the gap between Anna Paquin's front two teeth. You would think with all the money she has she could afford Invisalign. Maybe I am just crazy.


Um, DUH. She's had a huge gap in her teeth for her entire career. It's like, her thing, like it was Madonna's. That's like saying "Did anyone notice Britney's wearing a top that exposes her midriff?"
Personally I kind of like it when celebrities don't get this kind of thing fixed (like SJP, with her mole...until recently, anyway). It gives them more character (Lauren Hutton, anyone?). Historically a gap in one's teeth has been viewed as a mark of sensuality.

While marion's dress is white, I wouldn't call it a generic starlet dress. It's not as edgy as the fish gown, but it's still got a lot of interest.

I liked Drew's dress. The runway version was probably too impractical. Agree on the hair and makeup. It's AWFUL.

Lea Michelle gets best dressed. Amazing.

Christina looks so much better than the bedskirt she wore at the GGs but the hair and makeup -- yuck. Very mother of the bride. I really wish the "Wilma" would be retired, however. It's just, well, OLD.

I like Anna's dress. She's very young and hip and I like she rocked a short dress.

Meryl looks fab with her hair and makeup, but I think the print wears her. The silhouette is great for her, makes her look really tall, but that print looks like a shower curtain from the 40s.

I like Toni Colette's dress, just not on Toni Colette. Anna Paquin would look great in this. Toni looks kind of ridiculous. And yes, she is starting to look like Carly Simon. At least her intense orange fake tan has faded in the past week. She gave the Duchess of Orange a run for his money at the GG.

Lea looks OLD. I gotta disagree with you on the dress. Love the color, love her hair and makeup, but I think this dress makes her look like she's in her mid 30s. It's very 70s.

Penelope and Marion - WTF, ladies?? You two European bitches usually look so fab and starlet and you're looking drab and blah the last two shows. Hope they pump it up for the Oscars.

I THINK KATe HUDSON really really wants to get MARRIED..


Coffee through the nose is very uncomfortable guys, but I enjoyed the laugh!

- Kathryn

Toni Collete looks BEAUTIFUL! I gasped.

A friend of a friend of mine owns a boutique in Paris. Penelope Cruz came in one time and was (these words were attributed to the boutique owner) not very nice and badly behaved.

Anyway, on to the dresses. The only one I completely disagree with you on is Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I love her but not in this dress. The rest, I completely agree with you.

Hm, I think we'll have to agree to disagree about Christina Hendricks. I liked her in the GG dress better than in this one. She looks totally generic here, and like she is trying to hide her bust.

But - we're in total agreement re: Drew Barrymore (GAH!) and Lea Michele (WOW! FINALLY!). Also, I thought Marillon Cotillard looked much better here than at the GG's, although that's not saying much.

Sandra looks good, and should stick to that silhouette. If she (or her stylist) were smart, she'd consider Michael Kors for the Oscars----he knows how to make a good sheath.

Also, there wasn't a picture here of her, but Diane Kruger, as usual, looked amazing yesterday. She (along with Zoe Saldana) has really been making the red carpet interesting these past few months.

My Fashion Mad Libs:

Anna: amazing
Christina: boring
Meryl: awful
Dianna: beautiful
Drew: fucking disaster (I'm sorry, I despise Drew Barrymore)
Lea: gorgeous
Tina: color!

I don't really see what's wrong with tina's dress... You act like she's wearing trash bags.

I don't really see what's wrong with tina's dress... You act like she's wearing trash bags.

From the boobs up, Toni looks fabulous. However, the whole looks makes her look like Goldie Hawn, though not exactly in a bad way.

Lea Michelle looks beautiful with that hair and that color, but that silhouette makes her look 10 years older.

Wow touche guys, Lea Michele knocked that this one out of the park. She looks stunning, I love that dress and that color! Oh la!

Okay, I can't agree on Sandra. The shoulder pads and applique scream Ugly 1980's. Think Blanche Devereaux. Props to her for the skirt length, true, but ugh.

Today I agree with all of what you say, boys. Meryl is stunning!! Her face says it all. Love. Her. Forever.
Sandra, too. I saw her speech--it was perfectly heartfelt and beautiful and she looked great.
I only other part I wsaw was when the four "Nine" gals were onstage. I thought they all looked great. Even the Frnch chick in her awful shoes.

Meryl gets my vote for best dressed - she usually looks like a hippie or an 80-year old, but this time she got ALL the boxes checked!

Lea Michelle and Helen Mirren were my best dressed. Diane Kruger and Monique close seconds.

I love Christina Hendricks (If only my size A cups would grow so I could have the exact same silhouette - HOWEVER - That red is an absolutely dreadful color for her. I think she needs to stick to the cooler end of the spectrum.

Love the McQueen on Paquin, but the neckline is too low. It is better on the runway.

Hendrick's is in typical Herrera, but it works for her. I like the hair too.

Kate Hudson looks good in the Pucci. At least is isn't cut to her navel.

Mimi looks like a Thanksgiving turkey. Stuffed and trussed and ready for the oven.

The L'Wren Scott would look so much better on P Cruz if the neckline was just a little bit higher.

La Barrymore would have done better to stick with the original Lhuilier design, I don't hate it though.

Sandra Bullock looks extremely elegant. Love the restraint. Love the neckline.

Ok. I officially find Drew Barrymore completely annoying. Not just for the dress and hair (is she auditioning for Mad Men with that whole 60s sex kitten look?), but the scatterbrain speeches she's been giving when she wins these things is done. It was cute the first time - maybe - but after that, it seems like an act and it's not cute anymore. Drew, you've been nominated. this means you might win. Prepare a speech.

I think Kate and Marion both look wonderful in white, so I like both dresses. There were some fantastic colors on the carpet, even if I'm not sure where the short dresses are coming from.

Hate Sandy's upstyle. Adore Meryl's. Love the color of Penelope's hair.

Several of these ladies should gather in the ladies' room to watch the catfight between Mariah and Christina. Hopefully Christina will lose that fight (red is more flattering on Mariah) and will have to rip the blue dress off of Jane Lynch. It's very nice on Jane, but would be really fabulous and complimentary on a busty redhead.

In the midst of the melee, Penelope Cruz and Diana Whoeversheis should rip off each other's dresses and swap them, since a white dress makes the ghostly Diana look ill but would set off Penelope's darker hair and skin tone fabulously.

Elsewhere in the midst of the catfight, someone should "accidentlly" rip that top lampshade off of Drew's dress.

Wait for the bell ladies....I want a good clean fight.

I've read it three times and I still can't tell if your comment about Christina Hendricks is sincere or meant to be read with the deepest irony. It seems to me that's exactly the WRONG silhouette for her. It disturbs me to disagree with TLo, so I am continuing to parse the look as if illumination will strike at any minute.

I hated Sandra Bullock's hair. The top was a bit 80s, but she looked so much better than if someone would just do something with her hair.

Maybe it's because there seem to be several casually dressed folks at the SAGs, but I don't mind Anna Paquin's outfit. She looks good.

Christina Hendrick's has taken a step in the right direction by reigning in the ta-tas, but the hair and makeup is all wrong & the bag/shoes are matchy-matchy.

I don't like this dress on Jane Lynch. I wish she would raid Allison Jainey's closet. She seem to know how to dress her body shape.

Love JLD, just wish she had worn her hair out.

I'm bored of Kate Hudson and the all white thing already.

Major step in the right direction for Mimi.

I think Meryl's dress work better as a short dress, but I like the color on her and can't help but wonder if that looked better in person.

Penelope's dress is too old for her, but I love her hair & makeup.

It's a weird dress, but I like Dianna's dress better on her than the model. Lip is too several for the outfit though.

I like Drew's dress, but the hair and makeup are wrong.

Lea Michelle looks great! Love the color, it makes her look taller. Makeup on point.

Marion Cotillard - boring!

Loved Sandy's whole look. That blue near her face is great.

Happy to see Tina wearing color, but the dress looks like something I would wear out to dinner.

Had to look at Toni's dress twice to decide. I love the top, but was worried about the ruffles, however taken in as a whole I like it.

I have to disagree with you about Dianna Agron-- I think both the dress and lipstick are lovely! She looks great.

"Toni Collete is starting to look like Carly Simon."

...and I love her even more for that!

What I like and find interesting about this event is the broad range of interpretation; from party dresses to cocktail dresses to full-on red carpet gowns.

I strongly liked Meryl Streep's dress, but there was a whole lotta print going on. She looked happy so I suppose that's what counts. Drew Barrymore gets one big OY. She flip-flops dramatically between looking dazzling and wtf (with very little in between). J'adore la Catherine Malandrino. C'est magnifique! I know she's a red carpet favorite for celebrities, but the dress is pure perfection and must have looked amazing live.


When I saw Sandra Bullock, I immediately thought, "Norma Shearer in "The Women". Very late 30's, early 40's and I love the look.

I like Rina's dress!!!

Mariah Carey - I don't care what she's wearing - she just always looks like a skank to me. This is one of her better efforts tho. But she her pushing that ass out to the back - -she's sucking that belly in for all she's worth!

I think Meryl Streep looked beautiful - but I just can't get behind that dress. She looks beautiful in spite of that dress. She needs to put Chris March on her payroll. She looked best in his design.

Thanks for the post.

Lea looks twice as tall and at least twice as attractive. GORGEOUS.

I actually like Diana Agron's dress, but I was getting a "Grecian urn" vibe from the bodice.

Hey, what about Betty White? When I'm 88 I want to be able to wear a skirt slit to the hip and have the legs to carry it off.

I actually think Jane Lynch looks great in her dresses--she's tall with this great figure. The problem is we all know she plays these great dykes--so any time Jane does the big ball gown thing it jars. That said, I think she'd look terrific in a column-style gown--one sleeved, maybe, something with stronger lines.

I don't think Anna Paquin's that underdressed. I think the girl understand that she's small and not a knock-out beauty. I like the fact she picked a dress that doesn't overwhelm her. Honestly, I wish Tina Fey would take it down a notch for the same reason. She's thin, she's pretty--but she's not va-va-voom and needs to stay out of purple-satin envelopes--it's too much for her.

I love Christina Hendricks, but this dress (and the Siriano she wore to the Golden Globes) both are giving her a major titscrepency. I know she has an amazingly large chest, but she can do better than this.

Why can't Mariah Carey stand up straight? What the fuck is wrong with her? And Tina Fey looked incredible from the neck up,but the dress looks too cocktail party.

I liked Anna Paquin's dress. I think it was appropriate. Christina Hendricks- a little agey. Something not quite right about it, color and I did not like the neckline. Loved Sandra-yay!, Kate was okay, a beauty as always but needs a little color. Mariah looked good. Meryl... well, with her chops she can dress in anything she wants. I liked the print but was not enthusiastic for it. She has never been a fashion person so I appreciate her effort and her smile. Some of these gals-- I don't really know who they are, I guess I agree with you. The one with the horrible ruffles is dueling with Drew from the neck up for awful makeup and hair, the bottom ruffle must be removed. Speaking of Drew... I thought her makeup and hair aged her and the dress was too stiff -- at least the first layer was. Tina Fey... her dress was not red carpet. The color was good for her but I didn't like the shiny. Penelope-- black is not the best for her and I agree about the length. I really liked Sandra Bullock's look and while it may hail the 1980's that is the retrend that is going on.

With the exception of Lea Michelle (wow, that's a hard color to pull off) this cast is pretty unimpressive nad, I'm sorry, Sandra is the worst -- shoulder pads, for her? Really ~Gary

oh wow do I ever HATE Christina Hendrick's dress. Speaking as a redhead, a red dress on a redhead on the red carpet? Horrible effect. Not to mention it looks cheap and boring.

Lea knocked that one out of the park, though. I'd kill for that dress.

I think Anna Paquin looks amazing. And so did Marion Cotillard! How the hell was Sandra Bullock's dress a McQueen? Tacky tacky tacky. Gross. I hated it.

someone should sit Lea down with pictures of Sandra and explain to her that smiling on the red carpet is necessary unless she wants to look uncomfortable and angsty in every picture well into her 40s. she looks just as uncomfortable as sandra does usually--except this time we've got a sandy smile!

JLD's Dolce & Gabanna is the most spectacular gown on these pages - I. DIE. Seriously, I. DIE. Agree the hair is too severe but she's rocking it nonetheless. Other than that, pretty much agree 100% with everything you said, from Penelope's hem length to Jane Lynch's needing to step away from her ante bellum tendancies.

As for Toni Colette, I think it would have been arresting in a GOOD WAY had it just dropped to the floor without all those flounces. Looks like grandma's curatains, and as you said, the bodice is flirting with over the top as it is. Oh well, I just covered half the pic with my hand and thought she looked great.

Anna Paquin - I like it and kudos for going short, which I think more younger and shorter actresses should do unless it is the Golden Globes or the Oscars. The dress translated well from the runway to the red carpet, better than I expected. I am not wowed by the hair and makeup, but it is acceptable.

Christina Hendricks - Fan-freakin-tastic! I am perplexed by why her face looks so different at times, I don't know if it's her makeup or what?

Jane Lynch - Much improved from the Golden Globes. I don't know who she is, but for some reason she is someone I want to see more from.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - She looks great from the neck up. I like the dress but not on her. It looks uncomfortable on her, like she can't move her legs above the knees. I am usually not too bothered by this, unless it shows on the face, but in this instance, it's bothering me.

Kate Hudson - Fantabulous!!!!!!! Amazing from head-to-toe! While I find her Energizer Bunny schtick charming in interviews, I like that she is calmer than she usually is on the red carpet.

Mariah Carey - Get it girl!!! I see her and Christina Hendricks going on the road performing numbers from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Meryl Streep - Wowee-Wow-WOW! Love It! I am not even judging the look by my usual "looks good for Meryl Streep," standard. I am especially impressed that she went with both color and pattern. You go Girl!

Penelope Cruz - She looks good but I am not getting why people go so ga-ga over her red carpet looks and this is no exception. I like the hair and makeup.

Dianna Agron - I like her hair. I like the dip in the bodice, but the drape effect is one element too many.

Drew Barrymore - When I scrolled down and my eyes went to the dress I was like, Fab-U-LOUS, and then I saw the hair and makeup and was horrified. I have generally liked her off-the-wall hair and makeup efforts in the past, but she bombed this one. Still I don't want her to stop taking risk, since occasional failure goes with the territory.

Lea Michele - Stunning!!! My mouth is hanging open over this look. She looks ten times better than the model.

Marion Cotillard - A'ight.

Sandra Bullock - Another jawdropper, I almost want to cry. Does anyone know what McQueen collection this is from?

Tina Fey - Good job on the hair and makeup. I like the it from the boobs up and the hips down, but something is off in between, I don't know if it is a design issue or a fit issue.

Toni Collette - Is Rafael Cennamo an alias of Sweet P's?

Anna Paquin: the dress, too casual for the event. Christina Hendricks: the dress looks much better on the model, she needs to find outfits that don't make her look huge (which I understand is difficult with a HUGE bust but you have money...figure it out). Jane Lynch: can't take her seriously in a dress. Julie Louis-Dreyfus: dress looks great on her. Kate Hudson: one of the best dressed of the night, she shut it down (pun intended). Mariah Carey: boring dress but at least her boobs weren't hanging out this time (see Golden Globes dress). Meryl Streep: the dress was okay but she still looked great. Penelope Cruz: looked gorgeous as always, wish she tried something other than black this time though. Diana Argon: such a pretty girl but NO on the dress. Drew Barymore: dress was okay and agree with the makeup and hair, looks like she put concealer on her lips instead of lipstick. Lea Michele: perfection, one of the best dressed of the night. Marion Cotillard: controversial dress, I loved it though. Sandra Bullock: love her, gorgeous dress, I don't think the dress fits who she is though. Tiny Fey: it's perfection compared to the Golden Globes Little Bo Peep stunt but otherwise it's just okay. Toni Collette: agreed, love the top, not a fan of the dress as a whole.

anna mae bullock

God I fucking hate it when people call Sandra Bullock "Sandy." I like to think she hates it too.

Meryl's dress is awful. It's basically a day dress lengthened. It reminds me of the hostess dresses my great aunts used to wear in the 70s at their dinner parties. That woman needs a stylist, STAT!

Also, Christina Hendricks (or her stylist) does not know how to dress her body. Her bosoms look like a shelf. Simply awful, but better than that Golden Globes number, which had the same basic silhouette but then added a ruffle so that she looked thick through the waist.

I thought the same thing in re Kate Hudson and white, but that dress was fabulous and she looked fabulous in it.

Julia Louis Dreyfus looked fabulous. What a gorgeous dress! And I liked Anna Pacqiun's dress as well.

Sandra Bullock's dress reminded me of Joan Crawford rather than Suellen Ewing. But it fit her beautifully. Too bad her hair was so ... blah.

"God I fucking hate it when people call Sandra Bullock "Sandy." I like to think she hates it too."

anna mae, that's how she is known in Hollywood, on the set and in private. Watch an interview some time with one of her co-stars. They always refer to her as Sandy.

Oh, I DID NOT like the Christina Hendricks dress - love red on a redhead but didn't like the silhouette on her - she looked so fabulous in the C. Siriano Golden Globes dress, even though the pink was a little pale - that one flaunted her fabulous curves and this one seems as though it's trying to cover up flaws that aren't actually there. HATE the Sandra Bullock dress - I know the 80's are back but you can't make me like it. Yuck. People complain that Penelope Cruz is always wearing ball gowns and fishtail gowns - and dresses like this just show me why that is - she looks boring. Is that Drew Barrymore gown really the same as the runway gown? Because it looks like it was seriously toned down, for the worse. I would like the Meryl Streep if I hadn't seen her jaw-dropping Golden Globes dress - agree with whoever said above she should put Chris March on retainer.

This is the second time I noticed Christina Hendricks has asymetrical eyes. Both times she was overly made up.

Really liked most of the outfits in this bunch. HOWEVER The Georges Chakra dress and Barrymore hair/makeup - gross. Sandra Bullock and Christina Hendricks both look amazing. Gorgeous black and blue McQueen.


The model version of Meryl's dress - At first I thought her panties had fallen down around her ankles, and then I realized it was the shoes.

Christina Hendricks needs to study what looked good on Marylin Monroe, Jane Russell and other curvy stars from the past.
That dress looks as uncomfortable as the GG one. I bet as soon as she gets in the limo going home, the zipper is down.
She doesn't need great big bows. She needs dresses that show of those great curves.
Liked the style of Kate Hudson's dress but she would look so much better in a Pucci print than the white.

did anyone else look at Meryl Streep and think "Bonwit Teller!"

btaim, I liked the dress on her and I LOVED Bullocks dress and speech. That's right honey, go on home and jump him!

It fits her and that's all that matters. Brava, Mimi. Now, Christina Hendricks wants a meeting in the ladies room.


As for the rest of the ladies, I'm loving Anna Paquin in that sassy McQueen, even if it is a little casual for an awards ceremony. Lea Michele is my favorite by far - how fab does she look? Super fab! But Drew, who I usually love in everything, looks too sad here. Did she change the skirt on the dress? It looked diaphanous on the model, but like two off-kilter lampshades stacked on top of each other on her. Sandy looks amazing, while Toni Collette seems to have gone from too-old dress to too-young dress. Maybe by the Emmys she'll have found a happy medium?

Penelope looks TERRIBLE as a blonde. I think that if Amy Sarabi went back to being a brunette, she would look 100x better.

Anna Paquin's dress is something I would wear to church (with a camisole underneath) on a high holy day- NOT something I would wear to a formal occassion.

I don't really know who Lea Michele is, but she looks spectacular in that dress. Better than the model, which is my standard (and seldom met). It makes me want to learn more about her, seeing her so well put together.

So many actresses wear gowns that are badly fitted – too big in the bodice, too long, to loose around the waist, etc. Tina Fay's dress, especially. Look how gorgeous it is on the model, and how dumpy it looks on her.

I think Jane Lynch would look a lot more comfortable in a fabulous pair of suit pants and an amazing top.

My vote is for Betty White. She is eternally fabulous!e

Hendricks = Stuffed Sausage. I know she is busty, but I agree with whomever said, she needs to learn how to dress for her body. She looks stuffed into that dress. Yech.

Kate Hudson - I just can't stand her, overrated, she is skinnier than the model. Scary.

Drew - I liked the way the dress looked on the model, it looks like a different dress. I still love her!!

Lea - just stunning!

Ok really, wtf is up with all the nude lipstick? I guess this is the new trend?

Drew especially. It's like she didn't even try.

"God I fucking hate it when people call Sandra Bullock "Sandy." I like to think she hates it too."

anna mae, that's how she is known in Hollywood, on the set and in private. Watch an interview some time with one of her co-stars. They always refer to her as Sandy.
Yep I was just gonna chime in that George Lopez, whom she is good friends with calls her Sandy as well.

If the hem of Toni Collette's skirt ends at the top ruffle, it would be lovely.

Christina, you are a stunner. (Donald couldn't be dumber!)

Didn't Debra Messing wear the same dress Drew Barrymore's wearing last year? Except, you know, she didn't fuck it up?

Anna Paquin - at least the wrinkles hid the freaky anatomy print - in addition to the weird print at the crotch, I see two angry eyes and a nose just unde the bust on the model

Christina Hendricks = what is going on under her right arm? but overall better than most of the time

Jane - I kind of liked the last gown she wore better

JLD - agree - really like that dress on her

Kate Hudson - not loving that shape

Mariah - doesn't it seem like her head is too small for her body - I keep seeing a turtle when I look at her

Meryl - esp in the last pic she looks very well put together

Drew - that is the same dress - I think she looks pretty good but agree that the hair and makeup could have been better (2nd last pic it looks like she painted on black eyebrows)

Sandra - I only saw part of the show - but I did see her and was so happy with her look

Toni - that bottom reminds my of that dirty looking tool on PR (was it Jerrell and Christopher that used it)

I'm just happy Tina Fey didn't wear black (for a change).

Lea Michele - hooray! You rocked it!

bytes said:
I THINK KATe HUDSON really really wants to get MARRIED..

she is stomach turning. I cannot stand her. I don't find her talented, interesting, intelligent, or attractive in any way.
I love the way her child is treated as an accessory...who was raising this boy while she was chasing her Yankee who ended up dumping her?
She had a nice head start in her career being the entitled and spoiled daughter of a celebrity but enough is enough.

Note to Meryl Streep...The world adores you...
you are beautiful inside and out.
The greatest living actress of our time.
We're all rooting for you always.

this print, not so much.
please book Chris March for your Oscar dress. We can't wait to see you win!

Anna rocked it. Yes, she was a bit under-dressed in comparison to the other starlets, but I think the look worked for her. It was very Sookie Stackhouse.

Jane Lynch needs to call whoever's been dressing Sigourney Weaver (or, as above, Alison Janney). She'd be far better in the Kate Hudson dress in a dark color or Mariah's dress.

Someone needs to tell Christina Hendricks's stylist that even though Christina has red hair, her skin has blue undertones and she needs to wear a different, less tomato-y shade of red, and no peach, ever. Better yet, go talk to Julianna Marguiles who has the same skintone and knows exactly what colors look good on her.

Pretty sure Anna Paquin just turned me into a lesbian. Well played sweetie, well played.

Okay, fine, since I'm here, Kate Hudson wears the dress better than the model. That's a difficult feat to achieve, even if you are descended from the goldie hawns, so well played sweetie, well played! I am somewhat surprised at m'self for cheering her on. Whats-his-face, the sports guy, he is crying for good reason.

Ugh more Sandra Bulluck

Love love love the Kate Hudson dress!!!

ugh - I thought Hendricks looked horrible from head to toe.... it looked tacky and boring at the same time, ill fitting around the waist and underarm, and hair and makeup

But Streep looked wonderful - so playful and fun.

TLo said...It looks like the curtains are opening on her breasts.

HA! This is why I come here.

Agree with you on many counts, but I don't care for Sandra's Bullock's dress at all.

Tina Fey - you nailed that! My cousin wore a similar dress in that color to her brother's wedding and it popped instantly to mind.

I wish Kate Hudson could act as well as she can dress up and play celebrity.

Mariah Carey & Christina Hendricks in the Ladies Room dueling over red dresses would be Valley of the Dolls by way of Russ Meyer.

OMG Donald she is not too heavy for that dress!!! It looks awful on the model because dresses often look awful on very thin women. It all depends on the dress and the body.

And I am a redhead who wears red, and it can look amazing on me...just has to be the right red.

SO TIRED of stereotypes of redheads and curvy women.

Lea Michelle looks eight feet tall in that dress! Damn!

Count me in as someone who didn't like all that white on Dianna Agron. If you are very pale skinned, it's going to emphasize your paleness. Which is fine, if you want to look like a washed-out anemic who never sees the sun.

Jane Lynch always tries, but as she's not a girly-girl, she needs to wear something edgier. Love the color though.

Love Meryl, but this dress print and style looks like a cheap satin dressing gown. NO.

Drew, double holy crap. The original is far prettier, hers doesn't even look like the same dress, but she might as well have showed up naked, the dress is the least of her issues.

Sandra Bullock looked much better in the purple dress at the last awards show, though I know many of you disagree.

Toni C. is trying to look like a teenager in 1960. I'd like to see her in something sleeker.

I only really liked Lea and Marion.

Toni Collete gets a big thumbs down from me. And I'm with Donald about Christina Hendricks. The dress looks like it's strangling her with fabric. I can't really see her figure!

I know a lot of folks hated the Siriano dress, but I loved it. I would have loved it more in a brighter color, but I thought it showed off her considerable assets.

So sad about Drew. Where'd her gays go??

What is with young Miss Paquin and her breasts? Is there a reason why she feels she must show half of them, lengthwise, at every event? Does she wear these things in order to give Stephen Moyer easier access when he wants to grope? Ick.

All I can say to Ms. Hendricks is, MUCH BETTER. Not perfect, but MUCH BETTER.

I suppose Kate Hudson is wearing this dress well enough, but she's still too boring for words. I don't know why people take photos of her. Absolute non-entity.

Dianna Agron is pretty and young, but she doesn't have what it takes to pull off that look. It'd probably still look like a tacky window treatment on someone else, but that aside, this is still far too much dress for her.

I am now convinced that Marion Cotillard has been spending far too much time in the States, and LA specifically. She's lost her Frenchwoman fashion mojo. Get the hell back to France, woman!

(I think the same can be said for Penelope Cruz, only instead of France, she needs to get her firm tush back to Spain.

In summation, it's never a good idea for a woman of the Continent to go Hollywood. They may act in American films all they want, so long as they hold onto their Continental roots, and continue to do whatever the hell it is that woman of the Continent do in order to look so damned fabulous with such ease. AUGH. SO JEALOUS. TEACH ME YOUR MAGIC, FRENCHWOMEN.)

Toni Collette, I adore. Her look? NO. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. The bodice may be interesting, but it makes her boobies look sad, and the skirt doesn't look femme or chic, but cheap.

Oh no! Drew! She's always one of my favorites on the red carpet!

She needs lipstick...she needs to wash the hair and start over...the dress is wrong...I don't know.

Drew always looks so happy on the red carpet, but here she looks like she's thinking...ok I know this is unfortunate, but I'm just going try to smile and power through this.

Sandy looks like she is trying out for the lead in a Joan Crawford bio-pic.


let's place bets on whether or not Kate will wear a white dress for the Oscars.

I am shocked by your praise of Sandra Bullock. Yes, the shape of the dress is good and it's long so you can't see how goofy she holds her legs & feet. But the rest of the dress looks like Dynasty and WTF is with her makeup. She looks half dead.

You too make my whole day better. Love.

The thing I like the best about all these dresses, whether good or bad, is that the celebrities look much better that the super skinny models.

Gotta disagree on Christina Hendricks. That is not the right neckline for a woman with such ginormous boobs. And I think it's a little too tight around her hips.

I loved Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Beautiful! Could have used something that showed off her bosom not forced them to look fifties cross your heart bra shape. Also could someone teach her to her eyebrows? Very distracting lack of symmetry. Even dark-haired gals need an eyebrow pencil. I know a little picky but otherwise fabulous and stunning!

I think Toni Collette looks lovely.

I have to disagree on Sandy Bullock, that dress is, as someone pointed out, totally divorced English teacher chaperoning the prom in 1987, as much as I love Mr. Mqueen. Poor Tina, she's just a lovable nerd that doesnt know RC's, and I wish you didnt pick on her... but that dress is just *sigh* awful.

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