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2010 Golden Globes Awards

Amy Adams in Carolina Herrera

There's something kind of charmingly retro about the whole look. Joan Holloway on maternity leave. The bag and shoes are ridiculously matchy, but we guess that was the idea. If you're gonna do retro, you might as well take it all the way.

Cameron Diaz in Alexander McQueen

It's a good color on her and there's something appealing about the whole stripped-bare quality of the look.

Chloe Sevigny in Valentino Spring 2010

It's a hell of a dress and she's wearing the shit out of it.

Christina Aguilera in Versace Spring 2010

It's a hell of a dress and she's coming close to ruining it. Oh, it's not entirely her fault, but she took an eye-catching, architectural dress, put it on, and suddenly it's all BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS.

Diane Kruger in Christian Lacroix Spring 2009 Couture

We were a little hard on her the other day, but she deserves some props for always bringing it to the red carpet in a not-boring way. This look is a little prom-y from far away but we love the neckline when you get up close to it.

Drew Barrymore in Atelier Versace Fall 2009 Couture

Proof that the hedgehog dress doesn't quite work in real life. And by "real life," we mean "worn by a movie star at an awards show," which is, of course, about as far from real life as you can get.

Emily Blunt in Dolce & Gabbana

Man, she's been looking PISSED OFF and HUNGRY lately, hasn't she? Cute dress though.

Heidi Klum in Roberto Cavalli

Why, Mrs. Seal. You've gone positively respectable in your not-quite middle age.

Jane Lynch in Ali Rahimi


We want to love this because we love her but that is simply way too much dress for her. The same neckline with a more fitted skirt would have looked great.

Jayma Mays in Badgley Mischka Resort 2010

Absolutely gorgeous and perfectly suited to her. Probably our favorite of the night.

January Jones in Lanvin Spring 2010

We don't love the dress on her and we HATE the headband, but can we skip all that and talk about what's going on with the face? That's like a tutorial on bad makeup.

January (and January's gays), PAY ATTENTION: It's about time you accept your look and stop sabotaging it. Like it or not, you are a classic all-American Hitchcock blonde and as such, you just can't do "edgy." It's not in the cards, honey. Bright red lipsticks and heavy blacks around the eyes - we don't want to see them again, mkay? Now here's a tissue. Go to the ladies room and wipe that shit off.

Julianne Moore in Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2008

Eye-catching and elegant.

Kate Hudson in Marchesa Bridal Spring 2010

Gotta give it up for a bitch when she gets it right. It's perfect on her. But honey, trains are for trailing, not for holding.

Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior Spring 2010

We must never speak of this again, Marion.

Nicole Kidman in Nina Ricci Spring 2010

On the one hand, her face seems to be settling down a bit and she doesn't frighten us like she used to. On the other hand, she's skinnier than the model.

On the other, other hand, it's a dress perfectly suited for her and she's wearing it well.

Sandra Bullock in Bottega Venetta Spring 2010

Okay, we can work with this.

Sandy, color is your friend. It flatters you and it almost makes it look like you want to be on the red carpet having your picture taken. Also, the length. That's good. A full skirt hides your tendency to stand with your legs far apart, toes pointed out. Now we just need to work on that "Come the fuck ON" look you always have when faced with photographers.

Tina Fey in Zac Posen Resort 2010

We just don't know.

It's different, sure. We think we'd like it on someone else because on her it just comes off way too "I'm America's Sweetheart!"

Toni Colette in Elie Saab

It's so...done.

If we were costume designers on a movie and the lead character was an actress in her 40s at an awards show, this is what we would put her in. This is what any costume designer would put her in, because it's the cliche "aging actress at an awards show" gown.

What makes it doubly bad is, she's a little young for the aging actress look.

Zoe Saldana in Louis Vuitton


Bow down, fuckers!

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Was the carpet soaked in cranberry juice or something, or is there a reason some of these girls are clutching their trains like baby blankets?

I do wish Sandra Bullock would figure out what her own personal sense of style was, so she could look happier when she's on the red carpet. She's becoming a much more sought-after and bankable actress at this time of her life, so she can tell her stylists that foofy dresses that make her look like she's playing dress-up (and PISSED that she has to) are no longer for her.

By the way, it was pouring at the Golden Globes, which is, I think, why everyone had their trains up off the ground.

Definitely, Zoe wins. I think rainy award ceremonies make the case against architectural ruffles. They all looked droopy, except for Chloe S, who's ruffles were supposed to fall down.

PS, Frau Seal needs better support for her lactating breasts, and Amy Adams looks great pregnant!

Disagree with your read on Aguilera. It's BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS because she has BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS, unlike most high-fashion models. And the girls aren't overwhelming her at fact, I think they're helping the architectural elements of that gown sing.

(I think I'm just excited because for once she looks elegant and pretty.)

So funny, check out Entertainment Weekly's dress grades- about as opposite from these as you can get!

usually i love you guys, but today i think you are on crack. julianne moore's dress is scarlett's curtains on meth, cam diaz looks like an aging hooker clown, the sev looks coo coo cujoo and toni collette would look great at her old weight, with her old hair and without the self-tanner. zoe saldana looks like a wild west saloon and my curtain ties had a baby that threw this up on her.


The red carpet was soaked from the rain. The women had to return the dresses and weren't about to pay damage fees on them. lol

Zoe looks like a pirate wench.

Chloe Sevigny in Valentino - This girl always rocks it!

The reason Kate Hudson is holding her train on the red carpet is due to the rain and well......wet red carpet. Saw this live and Jennifer Garner had to do the same thing.

Zoe like Chloe Sevigny always brings her A-game and never bores her fans or the nit pickers who very often are the same people.

Drew, please get rid of the hedgehog on your hip. Other than than the hip ornament, you look great.


I think I just love everything Zoe Saldana wears because she always looks so cute and happy on the red carpet.

The Tina Fey dress might be alright if it wasn't a truly godawful length. It makes her feet look like they're coming out of her knees.

Hate those riduculous stripper shoes on Kate Hudson, who otherwise looked fantastic- dress, make-up, and hair. Those shoes are so unflattering, like she is trying to play sexy grown-up. Everything else is actually sexy-grown-up.

Although she looked washed out, and the hair is way to severe, gotta give it to Chole Sevigny for rockin' that dress.

Sick of Nicole Kidman wearing the same pale dresses that make her look frail.

Despite the shoes, I think Tina Fey looked the best. It was different and flattered her.

And I agree with another anon that Aguilera's assets made that dress sing. Even though it was a bit to tight, it looked better on her than on the model.

Hooray, I was so excited to see your thoughts on the red carpet!

Chloe Sevigny looks soooo much better than the model in her Valentino. She makes it work in a way I would never have thought possible based on the runway. But her perpetual bitchface annoys the crap out of me.

From, like, just below the boobs down I actually think Xtina wears her Versace much, much better than the model does. I just really prefer dresses worn over curves than clotheshangers. But her chest is scary!

Diane Kruger looks MOB to me, but up close the work on the neckline is nice. Still don't like it, tho.

You guys don't like Drew in the hedgehog dress??? Disclosure: I heart Drew in almost anything. BUT, I think she looks radiant here. Most people couldn't carry this off, but Drew's I-don't-care-if-I'm-on-the-best-or-worst-dressed-list attitude makes it.

Heidi: Shocked, shocked that she looks so respectable! The dress does have a slight "my vagina is exploding" aspect to it, but it's so very subtle.

I really wanted to love what Jane Lynch was wearing, but I agree with you guys that the skirt is all wrong. Why couldn't she have worn a nice top and tuxedo pants, it's the Golden Globes, not the Oscars and I suspect she would've looked so much better in pants.

Kate Hudson: Yowsa! Me likey! Yeah, she should've let the train down, but you can hardly blame her in the rain they were having.

Sandy: Eh, I don't like it. Maybe it's just her uncomfortable expression, though.

Tina Fey: OMG you guys, I love this on Tina Fey! I actually think playing "I'm America's Sweetheart" is very in-character for her, and she looks super-cute. I may be the only one who feels this way, though.

What makes it doubly bad is, she's a little young for the aging actress look. Yeah, I was wondering why you were calling Toni an "aging actress". You're right about the dress and hair and makeup aging her, though.

Zoe: Love! It!

Love you guys but gotta disagree. There is so much fug going on up in there!

Chloe looks like she got attacked by a dust ruffle

Zoe looks like she got attacked by a can of fleurchons

Julianne Moore looks like she got attacked by an extra long car mat

Nicole Kidman is giving that dress about as much personality as a wire hanger.

I actually think Kate Hudson and Christina Aguilera look lovely.

And heck, you guys didn't even show the best two of the night: Jody Foster and Halle Berry!

normally i think you're spot on but today you must be lacking sleep or...something. a lot of these dresses you loved are really unflattering and hideous! zoe saldanas dress is HIDEOUS, sandra bullock's dress looks ridiculously cheap (does she know what a steamer is? what's with the crinkles in the skirt?), red lipstick and red dress don't really go well in my opinion, but that might be just me. that grey THING julianne moore is wearing is not doing her any favors at all, kate hudson's dress doesn't do great things to her body either...

and i thought toni colette's dress was perfectly fine!

So this season is all about bedskirt ruffles and titscrepancy.

Agreed on your favorite, TLo.

I just can't get past the plastic surgery nightmares.

Exhibit A Christina Aguillera's boobs

Exhibit B Heidi Klum's nose

Exhibit C Nicole Kidmann's lips (and her entire face in general)

I didn't realise Kate Hudson was getting married to the Golden Globes.

Julianne Moore's dress looked like a sack.

I hated EVERYTHING about that dress on Drew.

Loved Jayma and Christina. Boobs and gowns look great.

Thanks TLo..I'm going in to have a baby today and couldn't bear the thought of having to wait 3+ days for your red-carpet rip.

LOL, 'On the other, other hand...'.

What's with these super-pale dresses that match the wearer's skintone? They just aren't working for me, even when the design of the dress itself is nice.

Christina looked ok here, but got LOST standing next to Cher.

yeah! ho! wah!

Chloe Sevigny: are you kidding me? there is so much shit on that dress it completely obliterates the shape of her body. also: boring colour.

christina aguilera: boob! but the hair is nice.

diane kruger: very beautiful.

jane lynch: love her, but this isnt working at all.

jayma mays: god, that dress is beautiful!

julianne moore: points for doing something a little different, but i think she looks dreary.

kate hudson: beautiful. love the hair and makeup.

sandra bullock: gorgeous colour, very nice.

tina fey: cute!

zoe saldana: that dress is ugly as fuck, but she comes close to pulling it off

The faces of Toni Colette, Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz are all rather busted.

the one thing that I've noticed from pictures of the dresses worn at the GG is that there were a LOT of fitting issues with breasts! The two Christinas (Aguilera and Hendricks) being the most notable examples. Christina A's dress, I think, might have worked better if it had been fit to a woman of her proportions, not a starving model. The look otherwise worked wonderfully on her!

Loved Sandra Bullock's dress - great example of a color that works well for her.

Amy Adams - leave it to Ms. Amy to figure out how to make maternity wear work!

Diane Kruger - saw her dress on another worst dressed list but y'know, the color & detailing work for her.

LOVED Jayma's dress - and she wears it SO well! Likewise, thought it was great seeing Jane Lynch all dressed up.

January Jones needs herself some new gays. Period. The woman is gorgeous and she's wearing THAT?? sad, sad, sad. Is she in mourning or what?

Perhaps Tina Fey is responding to comments made about her always wearing safe black dresses at such events. This one tries a bit too hard. She's cute, she's funny, can she not find a stylist to make her fabulous?

Zoe - that dress is way too busy for someone as young as she is. The curtain analogy is pretty right on for that dress.


Tina Fey holding umbrella = Mary Poppins

Sorry - that's the first thing that popped into my mind.

The carpet was soaked. My husband shot the awards yesterday and he told me it was pouring rain. I suspect they were clutching their trains so that they remained dry. The umbrella men weren't doing a very good job of keeping all parts (including shoulders) dry.
I liked Drew's, hedgehog and all. And I also really liked Christina Aguilera. I figure if a dress is going to have a titscrepancy, better to have the whole boob then half of it. It looked smashed on the model. And I love her shorter hair.
I was waiting to see what you were going to say about Tina Fey!
And I liked Sandra Bullock in color as well. Also loved her hair.

Oh, I loved Jayma Mays' dress! That and Ginnifer Goodwin's were my favorites. (are you doing Ginnifer's dress in the next installment?)

Hated Marillon Cotillard's dress. What happened? She used to dress great for award shows just last year?

WHAT is with the love for Sevigny? She's probably a lovely lady, but I can't tell when she's wearing the window treatment I had in my bedroom when I was six. It looks ridiculous. Also, would it kill her to crack a smile?

1. A Adams- It's hard to look good when your this far along. At least it isn't super tight though the abdomen like so many of them like to do.
2. Diaz- Better than her usual un-made bed.
3. Zza Zza Gabor's bedroom curtains are missing!
4. C Aguilera- Typical Versace the too small cup ruins the dress.
5. Kruger in LaCroix. Love it.
6. Love la Barrymore and I love the hedgehog dress. My favorite dress of the night by far. But her speech- OY!
7. Blunt- Lovely.
8. Mrs. Seal- better than usual.
9. J. Lynch- Not bad.
10. J. Mays- Looks good, but I feel like I've seen it before.
11. Jones- Best look for her. I even like the headband, it makes the look. She looks happy for a change.
12. S. Moore. Snooze.
13. Hudson. A little tacky, but I admire her courage to go all white and feathery.
14. Cotillard- Stick with the fish scales and mermaid tails in the future.
15. Kidman. Typical.
16. Bullock- Nice color play on the skirt.
17. Fey.Cute. Good for her.
18. Zoe Saldana- Very pretty.

good luck @shinything!

agree with all of your decisions here, boys, except Julianne's. The colour and neckline are lovely but the midsection of the dress is so shapeless and sack-like.

Zoe is seriously shutting it down. i can think of only one occasion in the last year that she has put a foot wrong (sartorially) ad the rest of the time she spent well.

bow down, indeed.

forgot to say that Jayma's dress was my favourite also- it was SO perfect for her! she's so beautiful.

Egyptian sheik

The model wearing Chloe Sevigny's Valentino dress... what is causing that disturbing camel toe??

I always LOVE reading your red carpet criteria because you boys think about these things in such a fashion oriented way. It's not just "Oh she looks pretty I'm going to give her an A+ for that look" but more like "Wow, she tried that interesting dress and girl is she working it, even though it's unconventional!" which frankly, is much more what this should be about than "oh another floor length red sheath gown on a blonde with red lipstick!" That's not fashion, that's prom.

This comment has been removed by the author.

So since when are hair stylists on strike? Most of them looked like their hair was done by beauty school dropouts!

Loved the color on the carpet, hated the overdone pale colors..... so yesterday....

TLo, darlings, I was scrolling down for the punchline after I read your Julianne Moore comment. I saw her dress and thought, "sackcloth and ashes!" She's got a lovely figure; why would she want to hide it in lines that are anything but flattering?

I hope that some of the sad hair and ruffles were due to the weather. There weren't a lot of radiant faces there last night.

I actually love TIna Fey's dress. It looks lie she's on her way to Ciro's to catch the Will Mastin Trio. And she gets an extra point for holding her own umbrella.

My favorite of the night, not pictured here, was Jennifer Garner. She looked perfect.

I also LOVE Zoe Saldana who is rocking a dress that very few could wear. (If anyone was just 2 pounds heavier, they'd look sloppy in it). But on her: Perfect.

Same for Diane Kruger. Stunning dress in standout color.

I don't love Sandra Bullock's dress, but I LOVE the color and it looks fabulous on her.

Jayma Mays: Perfection. Just adorable and youthful. THis is the dress that Toni Collette should have worn. I do think she looks gorgeous in the dress she did wear, but I agree it doe age her.

I have to disagree about Julianne Moore's dress though. To me, it looks like it's being held up by Bert & Ernie's eyebrows.

When I saw Marion Cotillard I thought, 'Was there a PR Season 6 challenge that I missed?'

Emily Blunt is looking nothing like Queen Victoria.

And as great as Drew Barrymore looks, I think this dress has the same effect as the one Toni Collette is wearing.

I have to say I feel sorry for all the designers who are going to be getting back water-damaged dresses this morning.


BTW, I do hope you will comment on the Plotzed Persimmon Princess herself, Mariah Carey. Yegods she was orange!

Dear Stylists--Please stop dressing your clients in dresses that look as if they've just sent their skin out to be flounced. These flesh tones are bumming me out. I can't even appreciate the lines when it just kind of blends into the actress. It's so...not a color.

Lotta prom looks. Early 80s prom. I thought the dress on Sevigny was really prom/bridesmaid circa 1982. Give her a matching parasol w/wee ruffles, perhaps a hoop skirt?

The Lacroix was at first glance appalling, but the ruffles really are very cool up close...maybe a more dignified--BUT NOT FLESHY--color?

Heidi's hair is awful.

Jane Lynch...I want to love everything she does, but yes, that dress is too much for her. Great color, but it's wearing her. Hair and makeup are fantastic, though.

Also hate January Jones' look. Esp. that idiot headband. so over headbands. I can't even place WHY the dress looks awful on her...the proportions? The neckline? It's just wrong for her.

Jayma Mays looks delightful. The fact that she's clearly loving prancing about in it makes it even better. Take note, Sandra, when you like what you're wearing, it makes you more beautiful.

Really? You guys like that Vuitton? Really? can you tell us what about it you like b/c to me it looks like it be thrown out. Granted, Zoe is wearing the HELL out of it, but that's just good modeling.

"To said: On the one hand, her face seems to be settling down a bit and she doesn't frighten us like she used to."

LOL, I'm thinking someone finally convinced her to stop with the injectables. Is there a wing of the Betty Ford Clinic that deals with injectables?


TLo, could you please post the picture of Sophia Loren? Pretty Please?

Talk about old Hollywood Sexy Glamour...this woman will still be rocking it at 100!


lol at Bert's Eyebrow dress. Exactly. It also has a maternity thing going on.

A lot of ruffles on the red carpet, no? I'm underwhelmed. Jayma Mays looks amazing. I really like that dress.

Diane's dress is immediately improved by her best accessory, Pacey. Who was her personal umbrella holder. How f-ing cute is that?!

Nicole Kidman and January Jones look AWFUL.

I think you're being too hard on Christina and Drew. She loks just right. D Kruger also looks great.

Julianne Moore's is a bad dress.

Kate Hudson-- SO done.

GothamTomato said...
"TLo said: On the one hand, her face seems to be settling down a bit and she doesn't frighten us like she used to."

LOL, I'm thinking someone finally convinced her to stop with the injectables. Is there a wing of the Betty Ford Clinic that deals with injectables?


I don't know that close up picture of her top lip is pretty scary.
Have you ever seen a dog try to smile? It looks more like a snarl. And that's what we have here.

As a former Victoria's Secret model, you'd think Heidi would know when she needs a bra. Especially with enlarged postpartum breastage. The look would have been so much nicer without the sag.

I got more "sea anemone" than "hedgehog" from Drew's dress, but yeah, those were a bit much. I don't love Chloe Sevingy's dress, either - too overwhelming, particularly viewed from the side. I will give HER props, though - it looks much better on her than the model.

I could stare at Jayma's dress all day, though. That is absolutely stunning.

HATE the color on Jane Lynch's dress. And Aguliera, if you want me to stare at your rack, try doing something different with it, like covering it up.

When the guy tore Chloe's gown on stage I was sorry he didn't finish the job. And the way she went on about it! I guess she has to pay for it now. When she started toward the stage to get her award and that top ruffle flew up against her chin, I wrote it as fail.

I was surprised to like Kate Hudson as much as I did. She looks so much better in more tailored, constructed things, instead of those beaded slip gowns she usually does.

I didn't think the sheer skirt worked on Sandra Bullocks gown. When she hit the stage all I looked at was her leg showing through, when you want to look at her face.


Amy Adams was retro cute.
Cameron Diaz - I give her points for not looking like she just rolled out of bed like she often does at these things.
Chloe Sevigny - too much dress, too pale, looks too big for her and what's up with the ever-present pissed off look?
Xtina - I disagree with you on this. I think it's good look on her
Diane Kruger - like the color on her, hate the dress
Drew Barrymore - I actually like this dress, although it washes her out a bit
Emily Blunt looks pretty
Heidi Samuel - OMG! Actually looks classy not trashy. The color is gorgeous on her.
Jane Lynch - love her, color is good, dress is OK but I agree about the bottom.
Jayma Mays - she's tiny, and the dress is perfect for her. Love everything about it on her.
January Jones - Oh honey, no no no!
Julianne Moore - not even Tom Ford can make this look good. Major FUG.
Kate Hudson - cute
Marion Cotillard - fine, not perfect, but I don't hate it
Nicole Kidman - I guess she thinks very pale colors make her look delicate, but they make her look old.
And what the hell is up with her lips?
Sandra Bullock - love the dress, love the color.
Tina Fey - she IS America's sweetheart right now, why not dress the part? She looks cute.
Toni Colette - She looks very thin and the dress really does age her.
Zoe Saldana - obviously she's the "IT" girl to dress right now, she's young and can afford to take risks, and has great coloring to wear almost anything, but this dress was too much. Someone mentioned Scarlett's curtains and I definitely agree.

I don't know who Jayma is, but she wins in my book; lovely dress that looks great on her. Loved the color on Sandra Bullock's, but hated Zoe's dress; it looked like she was sporting some droopy Victorian window festoons, albeit in a lovely color.

I think both Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz look better than they usually do, fashion-wise.

I thought Chloe Sevigny would go after that show handler that stepped on the train of her gown and ripped it when he guided her to the stage. I wonder if she'll have to pay for the damage?

I can't believe you guys liked Chloe Sevigny's monstrosity of a dress. Put a floppy hat on her and she's a bridesmaid at any 70's wedding. Except she appears to be wearing enough fabric for 2 dresses! Horrendous.

If January Jones darkened her brows a bit and had a metal coat hanger in her hand she'd look exactly like my Joan Crawford Halloween costume.

Is no one else wondering why Kate Hudson is wearing a wedding dress?

I like the Diana Kruger dress the most.

Well it looks like the PR contestants will need to find a new place to shop for fabric since Chloe Sevigny's gown cleaned out the store...yuk..

Zoe Saldana would have to wrap herself in six yards of baby-poop-brown corduroy before she'd look fug.

I disagree about Christina Aguilera and her fantastic breasts! Unlike Christina Hendricks, Christina looks comfortably contained and her curves are totally working with the dress.

Ive never disagreed with TLO so much as with this post:

1. A Adams- She looked ok, but points given since she is just that pregnant
2. Diaz- Her dress really looked amazing on stage
3. Chloe- there is no saving this dress, its just a ruffled bedskirt, a very finly made bedskirt.
4. C Aguilera- Disagreeing again with TLo, she looked great boobs and all!
5. Kruger in LaCroix- more disagreement, she looked lovely and the dress was colourful and interesting
6. Drew- Why can we see all of your undergarments???
7. Blunt- Terrible colour on her
8. Hedi- She looks ok, boobs need more support.
9. J. Lynch- not great but not terrible.
10. J. Mays- This would be my favourtie from the ones reviewd here.
11. Betty- not a fan
12. S. Moore- Again, there is no saving this dress, its ugly and heavy, and plain.
13. Hudson - She looked better in the pics than during the actual red carpet interview I saw
14. Cotillard- We all make mistakes15. Kidman- Why is she still being reviewed?? I did roll my eyes when I saw her name appear cause I could guess what she wore, its always the same and always boring.
16. Bullock- She looked lovely!
17. Fey- I get what she was going for and I wished she could have hemmed it so it would be the right length for her, she was cute!
18. Zoe Saldana- terrible dress and she really needs help. The consistant praise is a little concerning seeing as she seemes to be one of the most starved starlettes on the red carpet.

Am I imagining things, or is there in fact a huge stain on Drew's boob? Yikes...I'd hate to be the one to stain a loaner dress from Atelier Versace, hedgehog or no..

Tina Fey looks like Mary Poppins, it's probably the umbrella but whatever, she looks like she just floated down to the red carpet from her sky abode.
Sandra pulled it together YAY!
Jane Lynch looks AMAZING! I don't think that's too much dress at all. The colour is PERFECTION and her makeup is THE ONE. Who knew she had such beautiful blue eyes?
January Jones needs to get together with Diane Krugers stylist. FAST!

But honey, trains are for trailing, not for holding.

In fairness, it was raining and that red carpet was probably wet.

Heidi looks like she's on her way to the prom. But she could give Amy Adams lessons in how to dress for the red carpet when you're pregnant. Talk about dowdy!

I do wish some of these women would stop wearing dresses that are the same color as their skin (or as near as makes no difference). If you're going to do that, at least wear accessories that pop.

I loved Jane Lynch's dress. Sorry, guys. But I agree that Janna Mays looks the best of all. (Who are these women, anyway?)

Sorry, but j'adore Christina A. and Drew's dresses. They both look absolutely stunning, exquisite and fabulous. Christina's boobs give the dress that much needed, "Hollywood starlette" vibe. As for Drew, we all know she's a big tree-hugger and animal rights activist, so why are you guys surprised that she'd bring along a couple of fancy hedgehogs?

God bless January Jones for bucking the trends and what everyone expects of all those red-carpet blondes. Sure, she looks a bit crazy & angry in all that black, but you gotta respect her for going so far left of what's expected and typical of Hollywood's blondes. It's a harsh look and makes you wonder what's going on with her.


OK, I'm still not sure why you liked Jayma Mays' dress. It was WAY too much skirt for such a little person. Maybe with a halter neck instead of strapless it would have looked more balanced?

Nicole Kidman's was my favorite. That was a perfect dress for her.

Lots of fabulous gowns last night!

Oh, and Julianne Moore's dress looked shapeless and sad. I don't see where you got "elegant" from. "Eye-catching", sure...

I LOVE Zoe's dress. Gorgeous.

And Jayma's as well. I'm a fan of Badgley Mischka in general, and this is just beautiful.

I have to disagree about Nicole Kidman. That dress is awful, and she is so skinny she might as well be a twelve year old trying on her grandmother's wedding gown.

And hey, at least January Jones has a really awesome umbrella. It's the must-have accessory for spring!

"Sewing Siren said: I don't know that close up picture of her top lip is pretty scary."

Yes, but that's a surgery, so she'd need another surgery to correct it. That particular surgery always looks so obvious, I don't know why people do it. But at least she's stopped with the plumping injections.


Re: Christina's boobs V X-tina's boobs

X-tina's fit a strapless gown better because they are *allegedly* fake.

Maybe Sandra Bullock should just stay off the red carpet and accept any and all awards from the comfort of her home where I'm convinced she would always rather be. Zoe is definitely the girl of the moment and she has been nailing it everytime (and she did before the Avatar buzz). Agreed on everything else. Our Glee girls were something. Jayma was indeed marvelous and Jayne definitely should've gone with a shorter cut. Is it just me or is it slightly off putting at first seeing her in a dress after watching Glee for so many months?

Kay on 1/18/10 at 10:48 AM said... Ive never disagreed with TLO so much as with this post:

4. C Aguilera- Disagreeing again with TLo, she looked great boobs and all!

Kay, I agree! I think the BOOBS make the dress.


When you said "Eye-catching and elegant" did you mean the dress Ms. Moore was wearing, or the man standing next to her?

I have to add though that for the most part I greatly dislike the ruffles trend of late. Maybe because it's so easy for them to start to look sad and droopy, therefore ruining the effect.

Perfection -- the commentary, that is. Not just because I agree with almost everything, but because Tlo wear their turns of phrase with such panache!

ADORE the ice blue color of Heidi's dress, if not the dress itself.

Agree with your two faves (Saldana & Jayma Mays, though I only know ZS from this blog, and have never heard of JM).

To my surprise, I like that look on Jane Lynch.

Agree about the hedgehogs -- nevertheless, Drew looks gorgeous.

Uh...I don't trust anyone who thought AMY ADAMS looked good. Ouch.

Props to Cameron, January and Tina for holding their own umbrellas.

I know it's the way it's done today, but I really can't stand when the actresses hold the BOTTOM of their pregnant bellies for the pics. We know you're usually thin and we know you're pregnant now. We believe that it's a "baby bump" and not that you had a candy bar.

Heidi's hair looks like ass but I think it may have been the weather? (that's what i'm telling myself!!)

Thanks for the post.

Oh, my God, I'm absolutely drooling over the LV Zoe Saldana is wearing. Not that I'd wear it. I just want it in my closet.

Drew Barrymore looks gorgeous : )

Agree that Jayma Mays in Badgley Mischka was the best of the night. I want that dress!

What about Cher, damnit? The least you could've done was critique Cher's outfit, goobers!!!

I agree with you on most of these, except:

Chloe Sevigny looks loke a ruffled box.

Christina A. - the dress SHOULD be all about her (and her boobs) NOT the dress. I personally love this whole look. It is much better than on the model.

Drew actually did pull this dress off. My first impression was WOW! and I never thought hedgehog! (but now that you've planted that thought in my head - *sigh*)

Maybe Kate was trying to keep her train off the WET red carpet.

Nicole Kidman looks like an 8 year old who's been playing in her grandmother's closet.

And Sandra looks like I would on the red carpet. I girl crush her!!!

Please. January is totally pulling a Tippi Hedren with that makeup. All eyeliner and lipstick.
Also - that seam running up the middle of Julianne Moore is très distracting.
In other news: Sandra Bullock for Best Actress? Proof that irony is not, in fact, dead.

Cher totally rocked it at the Golden Globes. If you have not seen the picture Google it!


My favorite was Halle Berry. No pix?

Y'know, I often disagree with your opinions on the red carpet dresses, but I just LOVE to see what you say! It is always more fun than the actual awards shows!

Thanks, TLo!!

Zoe Saldana was my absolute favorite of the night. Along with Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde and Chloe Sevigny. Fabulous!

Love Tina Fey. Absolutely hated the dress. Sorry Tina!

I'm reading your commentary after seeing photos/grading on a more generic site. What a difference it makes! Other places seem to randomly assign grading, probably based on a bribe system.

Although Amy Adams is charming, I couldn't get on board with this - preggers or not, it was just too frumpy overall. Totally agree on Cameron & Chloe. Look better on Chloe - somehow the effect on the model is like someone holding her skirt up to her chin.

Saw Christina from a side view & loved it; from the front, jeez, how hard is it to stuff your boobs in a dress these days?

I thought Drew looked great. Emily & several on the carpet were looking a little frizzy & understyled but it was raining. Liked her dress though. Thought Heidi stole her dress from Liz Taylor's closet & not in a good way.

This is why other places are wack - they said Jayma's dress was "too spider-man ish". Um, no, it's fab & youthful & beatiful. I know next to nothing @ fashion & can see that. They also panned Kate & I thought she was gorgeous too. With you on the train thing - it's not like you're going to wear it again so let it flow!

I thought Nicole was totally washed out - pretty dress but too pale.

Loved the purple on Sandra but why was Jesse lurking behind her with the umbrella? He's a good looking guy - get out there & be arm candy already!

Like Tina Fey, though I wish you could've seen the pop of color at the bottom like on the model.

Here's the thing that really separates the smart commenters from the morons - Zoe was flawless - the girl knows how to dress. On anyone else, that look would have bombed but she wore it so well that it was one of the top looks of the night.

Note from the evening: Black is the new black.

Also, mostly agree, except I hated Kate Hudson's wedding gown (WTH? Who wears a bridal gown to an awards show? A desperate chick trying to finally land someone?) which looks like toilet paper rolls to me.

I think Saldana is interesting, and I appreciate but do not love. Chloe always brings it, for good or ill, and I thought she rocked it.

Otherwise in agreement, (though the bottom of that Bullock dress? Ridiculous.)

And JaJo, sorry. Still can't believe she was nominated. I guess I would like her better if she could act.

A, I thought Jayma looked adorable! Thank you for recognizing that!

B, Could someone PLEASE give it up for Sue Sylvester's make up artist??? She looks half her age.

C, Nicole Kidman is wearing a Gay Pride pin. A-Dorable.

Girls, I so agree with you!

Love your special note to Ms January. That girl seems to listen, but post after post, she does not! January, we love you, please open your ears.

I think all the Mad Men women need some new gays. Love the show and want these women to look as fabulous as they do when the costumers are dressing them.(Not the SAME as their characters, but just as fab)

One note of discrepency with you bitches. I thought dear NIcole Kidman tremendously aged herself in that dress. That neckline and her frozen forehead! Yikes!

I'm not sure I approve of all the nude/blush/non color gowns. what's the point?

First of all, is Emily Blunt channeling Megan Fox?!! Dear god, please NNOOOO!!!!

Secondly, Toni Collette's makeup is absolutely horrid. This is the nude look gone cadavor-esque.

Generally agree with most of your observations, but I do love Jane Lynch's look. the color is interesting and great on her, and I don't think it is too much dress. It is pretty simple overall, and she kept the styling as such, too.

Lastly, don't totally Drew Barrymore's dress on her, but she somehow pulls off the flesh color better than most actresses of late.

last sentence should read,"... don't totally love Drew Barrymore's dress on her..."

People people people, It was raining and they didn't want to get there trains wet. Did we not see all the umbrellas everyone was holding...

It was pissing rain here yesterday and will be for the next five days. The ladies with trains had to hold them up or their dresses would have been ruined. Was it me or did everyone look a little boring?

Seriously, I don't know that much about fashion and I'd like to think I've picked up some things from PR and you guys, but I do disagree a bit with your post.

I could not stand Chloe Sevigny's dress. I saw her win her award (and I really don't like her, so I was already booing) and I just said "Whoa, honey. That is a whole lot of dress." I thought it looked like she was swallowed by a bedskirt.

I loves Xtina's look. I didn't think the boobs ruined it (I also didn't think her boobs were fake... I thought they exploded after she got preggers, which happens to some women).

Hated the colour of Diane's dress, but I also just hate that pink colour in general.

I didn't have a problem with Drew's dress. I thought it was pretty enough and worked just fine.

Heidi was a shocker, in a totally good way!

Julianne Moore's dress was blahtastic, even though I totally love her. I didn't consider it at all eye-catching.

The overall fit and cut of Kate Hudson's dress was nice, but I couldn't get over the tissues exploding from her chest. It looked like she stuffed it with extra Kleenex in case someone cried.

Loved Sandra's dress so much. I thought she looked great-- and it looked especially wonderful onstage. Love her.

Tina Fey looked pretty ridic. Maybe it's all that volume for such a small person. I don't know. It just looked awkward on her.

I think I like Zoe's dress, but I'm not 100% sold on loving it. She does rock the red carpet, though!

While watching the Globes last night, I was saying to my friends "I cannot wait 'til tomorrow when TLo rips the red carpet!" Thanks for delivering awesomeness, as always.

I loved Saldana's Louis Vuitton the most. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

tLo, you guys scolded the wrong gays. toni collette's makeup was the most heinous. That nude lip added a decade to her. She looked old, exhausted, and stressed... and as you said, she isn't that old.

agree on many - other comments...

Christina - from some angles she looks good.

But sick of the stick thin starlets with the unnatural melon breasts/plastic surgery
(I love when they give health or diet advice.)

Drew - I liked her look. Liked the shoulder poof more than the one on the hip - on the model the hip poof was round, on that first pic of Drew it looks oddly shaped

Heidi - for the VS bra queen - she looks a little saggy

Jayma - don't know her but she looks gorgeous

January - like the dress better short - WTH is with the hair and makeup?

Julianne - whisper - sshhhhhhhh - is she pregnant
(the model's feet look deformed)

Marion - well she looks far better than the model.

Sandra - it is a risky dress yet I think it works on her.

Tina - I agree with a previous poster - my first thought also was Mary Poppins.

Zoe - OMG what a mess - on past seasons of PR this would have had Kors talking about the worst dressed list.

You've got it bang on the money, TLo. Agreed with 98.7% (or something)of your commentary.

Is Xtina's Versace garment a dress or is it a fitted bustier and skirt? It looks like a dress on Chris but if you look closely at the model, it looks like two separate pieces (does it zip up the right ribcage?). I really believe Xtina's breasts were built in a lab because she didn't look anything like that back when she was a "Genie in a Bottle". (No way you could fit those things into a bottle.) I'm not hating on her though. Her hair and makeup were GORGEOUS. She looked great.

Also loved: Reese, Halle, JenGarner. And Tom Ford? SURFACE-OF-THE-SUN Hot!!! (I'm not sure if the sun has an actual surface per se or if it's just a big ball of gas. But why quibble? TFord may be a big ball of gas, too, but DAMN he's pretty.) Were the Jolie-Pitts there?

Overall it was fun to watch all the different looks on the red carpet, rain or not.

I was soooo disappointed in my Mad Men ladies. They both want to run so far away from the 60's styles of the show that they can't make a good current choice. January looked totally lousy. Lousy dress, makeup and especially that ass headband. What was she thinking? And who agreed with her that it was a good look? Fire their asses!!

Christina needs an honest stylist that will look at her body and find a dress worthy of her gorgeous curves and skin color. She should try on several different dresses in colors that make her glow and hide the girls. Just because something has a designers name on it doesn't make it automatically a winner. Jeeze....

Love Jane Lynch too, but after seeing her in her track suits on Glee, I don't think she can pull off a fitted skirt.

I hope that you're going to do GG Part 2, b/c I'd love to hear what you have to say about Halle, Jennifer Garner, Christine Hendricks, Mo'Nique, and a few of the other ladies there last night.

Also, re: Kate Hudson, I think she was holding her train b/c I remember another actress saying that her dress was wet from dragging. I can see how she might not want that gorgeous white gown dragging on the rain-soaked red carpet.

In those last 2 pictures of Tina Fey (with that umbrella), she looks like Mary she's gonna take flight straight up in the air in the next second.

Sandra's dress wasn't gorgeous, but it was the best she's looked in AGES on a red carpet.

Kate was carrying the train of her stunning gown to keep it from being walked/stepped on by others...something Chole needed to have done when she went on stage to get her award, I'd say.

And why, for the love of all things bright and beautiful, do pale blonde/redhead women insist on wearing dresses with NO color...they look dead in those damn nude-colored dresses.

Also, I just want to hear you guys "critique" two of our other famous singing divas - Cher and Mariah (and why was she standing like she had to pee or something?). Both of them get a giant "WTF?!?!"

PS, Felicity Huffman, Anna Paquin and even Maggie Gyllenhaal looked beautiful too. And Quentin Tarantino... just WOW.

Cameron's dress makes her look ooooold. Chloe Sevigny looked ridiculous. I thought Christina Aguilera looked nice in the dress (albeit not my favorite look). God forbid a woman not to be a stick figure. Jayma Mays was cute, but a little prommy. In fact, I'm almost certain one of my friends wore an almost identical dress to our prom in 2002. Favorite of the night? Really? Love Julianne Moore, but that dress looked like a trash bag with a cheap ruffle holding it up. Kate Hudson's shoes belong over her head, while she's dangling upside down from a stripper pole. Sandra Bullock looks like she stole the prom dress over some freshman who was SUPER EXCITED that a senior asked her to prom. And Toni Colette looked AMAZING. One of my favorites of the night. I didn't think she looked old at all. Maybe because when I first saw her in the dress it was next to a picture of a 20-something starlet in a similar golden number, and Toni Colette blew the young'n out of the water. But...

Where was the taste when you did the commentary on the gowns? It's almost like you were doing the commentary blindfolded and making your decisions according to what people usually wear instead of what they were actually wearing...

Really? You liked that Julianne Moore dress? But it's soooo awful! Are you sure?

What about Mo'Nique? I think she hit it out of the park! Beautiful, classy, and flattering. I didn't even mind the rear cascades as much because they wasn't UN-flattering.

Nice briar_rose_01 - calling everyone who didn't agree on Zoe's outfit a moron.

I saw Jessica Lange last night in a shot where she was standing behind somebody else, and YIKES! That is one stretched-out and busted up face.

And did Julia Roberts know that there was going to be an awards show? She looked like she was on her way out to grab a slice and decided to go to the GG's!

Tina Fey looks like Mary Poppins in that last picture.
Nicole Kidman's top lip is seriously fucked up lopsided.
I think Kate Hudson was showing off those hideous shoes .. the same clodhoppers she wore with that last wedding-cake-fondant white dress she wore.
The pregnant chick is gorgeous.

Zoe Saldana looks FANTASTIC. Pretty, elegant, interesting, a little different while still being appropriate.

I like Christina's boobs, what's wrong with boobs?

How come Drew Barrymore doesn't look a day over... oh... 22 at most? And Julianne Moore looks way young, too. The lighting at this thing must have been perfect.

Love Jane Lynch. I agree about her dress: with the heavy fabric and the huge skirt, it's a little too Queen Victoria. She's gorgeous though, and I love it from the waist up. And good for her for not self-tanning.

Sandra Bullock looks super-cute. I love that long glimpse of leg through the skirt. I wonder if her expression of strain is fear that TLo will mock her again? Hehheh.

Tina Fey should have kept more of the colored layer below the dress; that's what makes it on the model.

And back to Zoe Saldana looking amazing.

Julianne Moore's dress was very interesting and elegant. It's nice to see someone realize they don't have to shrink-wrap their every curve to be sexy. Plus I'm impressed she pulled off that neckline without looking droopy. Julianne, where do you buy your bras? I want one!

This group comes out as very much above average, so much so that I don't have time to list all the likes and loves.

Least favorite: Chloe Sevigny ('cause I just can't get behind so many ruffles all over the damn place). Tina Fey's got a cute dress but it looks out of proportion, she's too little to carry it off.

Can't even pick a most favorite, though Kate Hudson, Zoe Saldana (that dress keeps its ruffles in their place) and Cameron Diaz are up there. You guys are right, Jayma Mays is just perfect in her gown and they show each other off to a t.

I agree with you Christina A's look. I've loved that dress for awhile now (if only I could afford it, sigh), but don't think she's wearing it right.

I'm not saying that the dress requires a A/B cup, but it would be nice if it were pulled up a bit, or something.

I loved Sandra's dress and the hint of leg we see.

Gee--I thought the GG's were supposed to be a little less va-va than the Oscars. But--it was fun to see the pics, since I didn't get to see most of the event.
I know I am in the minority here, but I loved Lynch's dress--gorgeous color! Her face is glowing, and it's nce to see her dressed up for once.
Also liked Fey's look--supercute!
Also loved Drew and Chloe. Even with all the extraneous "stuff" on them.
Toni is rocking the back of that dress!
*Hated* Kate's "help-me-my-chest-is-being-attacked-by-a-seagull" dress. Ugh.
Ditto for Diane Krueger (who is she, anyway?)
The rest looked fine.
Also--I saw SB accept her award last night, and she looked stunning in that dress. She's just so darn cute, for God's sake!!

Wow for once I don't really agree with most of your assessments. I think most of these are too much dress for the woman. Don't feel like commenting on every last one but Drew Barrymore's dress would have been DIVINE minus the hip thing. When I saw her from the waist up only I thought best dressed for sure. My other favorite was Marion, she looked smokin'

PS: Your love of Zoe must have blinded you so you could not actually "see" that monstrosity of a garment. It really does look like she twirled around in her grandmother's ruffled curtains and slapped a belt on the whole schmear. Double ugh. Nice color, though...

A+++++++++++ to Diane Kruger, Zoe Saldana, and Kate Hudson. But mostly Diane. I think the dress frames her beautifully and I like the pop of color.

Dunno why you guys don't like the Elie Saab dress. I love it on her.

LOVE Sandra Bullock's dress and what it does for her but I wish she knew how to wear it (or at least smile).

Hated the dresses on Chloe Sevigny, Jane Lynch, TIna Fey, Marion Cotillard, and Nicole Kidman. Well I don't hate the actual dresses in the case of Tina Fey and Mario Cotillard, just how they look of these two.

Wow, I'm really disagreeing a lot with you boys today.

Amy Adams looks dowdy. I've seen much better maternity looks on the red carpet. This isn't one of them.

The Sev??? Seriously??? You like this?? Forget the color being so bland and washed out, especially on a dishwater blond with a perpetually pissed off look, but the design is from hell. I was talking to my mom on the phone when she won and my exclaimation was "Jesus! She's wearing her grandmother's curtains!" This was horrible, as she usually is. At least she never disappoints in looking horrific.

To me, Toni Collette's problem was her deep orange "tan". She could give the Duchess a run for his money. She truly looked terrible on camera. Blech.

Cameron Diaz needs to rethink her makeup. The deep red mouth color is aging her horribly.

January Jones looks horrible and funereal. And that headband looks like she just came from shooting a remake of Olivia Newton-John's "Physical".

I think Tina Fey and Zoe Saldana should've switched dresses. I would love to see Tina Fey in something other than black or black/white and Zoe would have looked adorable in the shorter retro dress.

I really didn't see a whole lot that I liked. Kate Hudson in a friggin wedding gown was ridiculous and it didn't do her any favors with its armored car/boob shelf bodice.

And don't get me started on Nicole Kidman. Yes, she looked better than she has in recent years but Nicole, you've ruined your beautiful face....WHY????!

Jayma Mays is positively scrumptious.

Chloe Sevigny deserved to have her fabric sandwich that only looked good in profile dress torn for stealing Jane Lynch's Golden Globe.

Chloe Sevigny looks like one of my grandmother's throw pillows.


Nobody mentioned Helen Mirren? She looked amazing.

What's with Nicole Kidman's upper lip? Her teeth don't look real, either. Reminds me of those "clicking" wind-up teeth. On a different note, I kinda liked Tina Fey's dress, but not for the red carpet.

completely disagree with you on several accounts.

January Jones: she looked great! that lanvin was so awesome on her. you should have included a photo of the back of January Jones's dress. makeup i see where you are coming from. but i think she can be edgy. I think her beautiful skin and blonde hair are brilliantly juxtaposed by the black gown! I loved the structure of it and all readers miss out not seeing the back. LOVED THE HEADBAND. LOVED IT.

Sandra Bullock looked like crap AGAIN. that purple dress looked like a net.

Zoe Saldana: How could you like that dress?! It looks like a combination of plums, blackberries, and tomatoes sent through a shredder. Horrible. Such a disappointment too cuz I thought she had been on a hot streak, especially at critics choice with her Jason Wu.

Loved Diane Kruger.

Hated Jayma Mays, and I love her on Glee but wow prom dress with a spider design.

Julianne Moore's dress sucked.
not appealing at all, even on that model.

glad Kate Hudson looked good for once.

Napkin club: Chloe and Nicole.

oh and you forgot to show jennifer garner.

Zoe's dress? someone through the curtains into a vat of cranberry juice. PUH-leeeze!

Tina Fey should take up square dancing. The dress would be FAB!

i'm not dorothy gale

Zoe S. wins hands down. Beautiful color, beautiful dress. Losers are Ms. Seal and Sandy B. for hideous stringy hair.

January! You're beautiful, why do you ugly up so often? Are your gays passive-agressive? Nicole K. still looks like Mme. Tussaud's and the dress color doesn't help.

And once again Drew proved to be totally dingy in dress and demeanor. Hedgehogs; you got it, boys.

I'm still beaming over Chris March's coup. Interview him, pretty please!!

Julianne Moore looks like a moustache

Really dislike the Zoe Saldana dress. She looked like a saloon girl. And I did like Toni Colette. Yeah, it was a little "done" but I would rather see a woman in a dress that flatters her than one in a dress that is really current but looks like ass. That dress made her figure look outstanding.

Kate Hudson's was the best, for me.

Christina Hendricks' dress should have been the color of Marion Cotillard's.

Sorry but I think Helen Mirren, Sophia Loren, and Jodie Foster outshone ALL of these ladies. And why can't Seal ever look polished? Is your tie REALLY going to choke you if you tighten it up??

REALLY??? You like the Louis Vuiton? Nope,not my favorite.

Jayma Mays in Badgley Mischka's dress was, by far, my favorite. Loved the way it moved.

Love love love Jayma Mays's dress!

A shame they don't know fashion like TLo does

For the first time I disagree with you on several of these dresses. And what do you have against boobs anyway? But I do love, love, love the blog and the way you write your opinions is hysterical!

Amy looks picture perfect.
Csmeron looks good. Smart move to break up the red with the touches of black
Only Chloe has enough 'tude to carry off that dress.
I don't mind Christina's boobs so much. She thankfully toned down the hair and makeup.
The more I look at it, the more I kinda like Diana K's dress.
I want to like that dress on Drew, but I think she should have removed the side ameoba.
Emily blunt, eh it's aiight.
Heidi looks good & Seal remains fine. (Wish he would tour more though.)
Jane - I'm so surprised. I came home late and only saw her from the waist up. I though she looked beautiful and I've never seen her looking so glamorous. If only the skirt on that dress was straight it would be a total win.
Jayma looks perfect in that dress.
January looks a hot mess. Hair and makeup all wrong.
Julianne and Kate IN.
Marianne through Sandra are okay.
Not liking that dress on Tina Fey. It feels like it should be on a 20 something.
Tony Collette looks the same color as the dress.
Zoe has a nice style or stylist. I like!
Also not mentioned who I really like was Mo'Nique. Loved everything about her; hair makeup, dress.
I guess they were holding their trains because they were worried the carpet might be wet from the rain.

What Auntie Nini said.

Cannot believe you just described Lacroix as prommy...

Why is Kate Hudson wearing a wedding dress?!

Loved January Jones (who is she?) make up.


I ALWAYS agree with you guys. Without exception. Therefore, it pains me to see your comments on Zoe Saldana (looking very "rug in a five year old girl's room), Marion Cotillard (not nearly as offensive - and what a rich color), Toni Collette (Blingy but tasteful), and most of all, Sandra Bullock. How on earth did she escape a "prom" comment?

Jayma Mays was my favorite, too!

A lot of people got it right last night: Zoe Saldana, Chloe Sevigny, Julianne Moore, Kate Hudson. Halle Berry was another fave. Diane Kruger actually grew on me, that neckline IS fabulous...even Cameron Diaz, who for me puts more feet wrong than right, did okay last night, but shiny and red is never my favorite combination...

I can't believe TLo doesn't think the Valentino on Chloe is a bad curtain choice!

It's a terrible design, a terrible color on her, and not a good dress for her period.

The color on Diane Kruger's dress is pure prom. Pretty color, wrong for the runway.

Cameron Diaz looks terrible - as usual. Bad shoes, bad lipstick. Someone please tell her she can't act and is ugly so she'll go away.

I don't think Sandra's looked better on the red carpet. What a pretty color for her. Now smile damnit!

Wow. I love you TLo, but I disagree on nearly everything.

I'm underwhelmed by the gown choices. A lot of "Meh" and "Fug".

McFawny - Re: Mo'nique

the dress looked good,, but IMO I really think the hairy legs are very unattractive and to highlight them? The guys in my life have less hair

Zoe is killin' it this year, but I think she made a mistake here, same with Drew.

Julianne Moore looks pregnant.

My favorite is, oddly enough, Tina Fey. The dress screams Tina Fey: fun, flighty, and dosesn't take herself so seriously.

Cameron Diaz always looks like she has no eyeballs when she's photographed on a red carpet. Freeks me out!

lol watching The fashion Police. Joan Rivers talking about Cristina Hendricks, "Doesn't anybody have a gay friend to say No?"

Well I could not disagree more with you about Drew Barrymore. I think she looks GORGEOUS !!

Ms. Seal, on the other hand has very droopy hair AND Boobs and a magical vagina dress. While she may actually HAVE a magical vagina as evidenced by all of her children, the dress is tacky and she is badly styled.

Jane Lynch looks BEAUTIFUL and the dress is perfect for her because she is so shapeless, a complete stick figure, that a thinner skirt would not be flattering.

Agree with you completely about Jayma Mays and Kate Hudson.

I think that Nicole Kidman had a harelip as a child. Look at the final picture of her and you will see what I mean.


It was raining. Hence the umbrella's in several of the shots...and the need to hold onto their trains.

Chloe Sevigny has the attitude and everything. She's got some serious style- i can't imagine any rachel zoe telling her to wear that. She rocked the hell out of that dress. What designer wouldn't want her in their clothes? She is the shit.

Zoe's dress was gorgeous.

For the most part, the ladies are bringing it and the makeup and hair looks good. I am a little surprised that they went so ultra-glam. Not only is it the Globes, but I thought the situation in Haiti might make them tone it down.

Amy Adams looks very cute and the color is great on her. Cameron Diaz looks fine; I like the '40s looking dress. That fluffy ruffly dress is too much for Chloe--she looks better in sleeker looks. It looks nice from the back, though. I like Christina Aguilera in this dress...sure, she is showing some boob, but not too much. Her sleek hair and makeup are great.

Diane Kruger is a beautiful girl and always puts forth an effort, but this dress is too old for her. The ripply effect at the neck and shoulders is pretty. Drew's dress looks quite different than the version on the model; I don't like the color and it's too sparkly. She's always so pretty, though.

Emily--not liking this for some reason, maybe the color. I don't think she looks as thin as in "The Devil Wears Prada." Heidi--gee, I hate to criticize her when she looks so classy, but it is not flattering on her. The color is nice, though. Jane Lynch--too much dress for her, but like the color.

Jayma Mays--wowee, she looks gorgeous! Love the dress! January Jones--it's amazing how homely she can look considering she is such a pretty girl. The headband is so ugly. The dress is too old for her; it might have been better short.

Julianne looks nice, but the dress is like a sack. Such a dull, matte fabric, too. Kate Hudson looks great! She nailed it. I don't think Marion Cotillard looks that bad; she is an elegant-looking woman. I don't like the "breast situation" however. (Titscrepancy?)

Nicole Kidman looks very nice. She looks good in this color, unlike poor Christina Hendricks, who looked like a cadaver or a dead fish. I agree about the face. Sandra Bullock looks good. I kind of like her for not enjoying the red carpet. Tina Fey--I really like this dress, but it's not for her. The horizontal lines at the hip do her no favors, and it is too long.

I think Toni Collette looks great and the color is good on her. Zoe Saldana is taking a lot of flak for this dress, but I think that she carries it off. It is a great color on her and she is such a beautiful girl, she just makes the dress.

Oh, my top three are Jayma Mays, Kate Hudson, and Zoe Saldana.

Tom and Lorenzo, I'm surprised at you. In response to your comment on Kate Hudson's train-holding, I KNOW you didn't overlook the rainy weather and soaked red carpet, right?

Yes I've seen another comment about that but still. Not that I'm her biggest fan, but you couldn't just give Kate Hudson a good review haha.

Also, I think Zoe looks a little 80's-meets-wench. That Louis gown is just sloppy, and the bottom feels so... "useless frippery". I think I've seen that term on this site a few times.

Yep, it was pouring and the carpets were soaked. You can't see in these pictures, but if you check out the shots of Drew's dress at Go Fug Yourself it is clearly soaked at the bottom. Thus the carrying of the trains.

I love you guys, but I have to disagree on a couple of them. I thought Toni Collette, at least below the neck, looked sleek and spectacular, while Chloe Sivigny appeared to be drowning and lost in all those circular ruffles.

Did anyone else feel that Heidi's and Emily's dresses were almost identical?

Wow, I've never disagreed with you guys more than on this post...! I loved a lot of what you hated and hated a whole lot of what you loved - strange! Marion's was my favorite of the night :)

All in all this year's Golden Globes was a good fashion event, which is even more admirable because of the rain. The dresses were interesting and beautiful, and the actresses / starlets exhibited poise and even fun, we were not subjected to a lot of awkwardness or hammy desperation.

Amy Adams - Alright... I like purse and shoes.
Cameron Diaz - I like the bodice.
Chloe Sevigny - I like this a lot! The runway version was awful but the modifications for the red carpet - namely, lining it, works.
Christina Aguilera - I really, really like the hair, makeup and attitude. I like the dress a lot, but straight on it does not work on her because the bodice is wonky. If she could spend the night with her back to everyone, looking over her shoulder or at a 3/4 profile, then it would be a winning look.
Diane Kruger - The hair and makeup are great. The dress has some great details. The color works at quick glances, but any longer glimpses and sugar shock sets in.
Drew Barrymore - It is an interesting dress. I like it, but I am not bowled over by it.
Emily Blunt - Inoffensive
Heidi Klum - Prom-ish.
Jane Lynch - The dress does not match her haircut and demeanor, while the dress is not frou-frou, it is too frou-frou for her. Still she looks like someone to watch, I would like to see her red carpet style evolve over the coming weeks and months, kinda like Marisa Tomei last year - although I am not sure how much we will see her if she is a TV actress (right?).
Jayma Mays - I like the dress from the sides and back, but straight on it loses some oomph because her torso is too short. Still there is an aww factor because she looks like she is getting her princess on.
January Jones - I like the runway version a lot, it looks better short and on someone more amazonian than January Jones. I wonder why other dresses from the Lanvin collection were not selected. I am perplexed about the headband, either her hair should have been slicked back or the poof should have been poofier.
Julianne Moore - It is not horrible, but she looks like a sad Christmas ornament that has been charred in a fire. I am unreasonably POed to see her with Tom Ford, couldn't he whip something up for her? Couldn't they get something from the Gucci or YSL vault from the early aughties?
Kate Hudson - AMAZING!!! STUNNING!!!
Marion Cotillard - I like it which surprises me, because I did not think that I would find the peekaboo slip appealing... not crazy about the shoes with this dress, though.
Nicole Kidman - Meh, the dress is shapeless. I was wondering why this color is working on Nicole Kidman but not Christina Hendricks - my conclusion is that Nicole's light tan / bronzer was a better complement to the color.
Sandra Bullock - She looks good, the dress is for the most part a simple strapless ballgown amped up by the color and a couple of interesting elements, which works with her non-fussy demeanor. Also this is one of the few times that the mussy hair style, that so many celebs favor, works.
Tina Fey - It is not terrible, but the look does not fulfill its promise. First of all the proportion is wrong and as is, it looks age inappropriate. Tina Fey is a humorous person in real life, but her personal style is not. If she was going to wear this dress, then she should have fully committed to the whimsical aspects and kept the peek-a-boo underskirt (or if it's there made it more prominent) and also paired it with a colorful shoe.
Toni Colette - The dress does not fit and the color is not quite right. Didn't Debra Messing wear this dress? The dress itself is amazing, but clearly Mr. Saab is not going to let the dress be modified for the red carpet.
Zoe Saldana - I like her and her presence, but the dress is a no.


I would simply like to opine that having Tom Ford as her arm candy was a great plus for Julianne Moore!

Frankly, I'm unimpressed!

OMG Zoe's dress: LOVE LOVE LOVE!

TLo, Julianne Moore's dress silouette looks like a penis. Eye-catching, indeed!!!!!!!

First, Toni Collette looks hot. You are insane.

Second, recognize: Christina looks about as good as I've ever seen her. Makeup, hair, dress. The boobs are gigantic but not clownish and hopefully are from baby-making and not surgery-having.

Third, my love for Chloe Sevigny is boundless and she looks beautiful in the dress but I wonder sometimes if part of the wow effect is we are used to seeing her makeup-less in prairie garb (for the Big Love fans anyways. Goddamn I love that show.)

And Sandra Bullock's hair makes me sad.

Does anyone else think that Xtina is starting to look like Paris Hilton? A couple of times during the red carpet and awards, I would've mistaken her for Paris had the interviewer/announcer not said her name.

Uck. So tired of the mono look. I know it photographs better, looks more elegant, blahblahblah. It just makes the ladies look like shades from the Crayola box and limits so many possibilities.

Chloe Sevigny, in that dress, reminds me very, very much of Bea Arthur.

Zoe Saldana has amazingly great taste and style - and/or her stylists do. She always looks amazing.

I can't blame them for not letting their trains trail behind them, considering it was pouring cats and dogs on Sunday.

I loved the way Bullock's dress moved and caught the light when she walked up the stairs to accept her award. I just wish she'd had her hair done rather than leaving it as it was when she quickly cleaned the toilet before heading out to be styled.

I kinda hated Zoe Saldana's (too busy on her lovely thin frame) and Kate Hudson's (she simply doesn't have the chutzpah/class to pull it off) dresses (Saldana continues to be gorgeous, though my think-thin! mother was concerned for her health), and the color of Cameron Diaz's Alexander McQueen struck both me and my fashion maven mother as a bit cheap.

My mother didn't know who Chloe Sevigny was when she saw her, but she decided she hated Ms. Sevigny (and her dress) based upon her expression and behavior at the Globes. I think the dress itself wasn't that offensive, but it was hated due to its proximity to such a horrid young lady. I continue to ♥ my mom.

Amy: Frumptastic. Everything about it is aging. She looks like she's 42 and preggo by IVF.

Cameron: Very simple, minimalist. She looks better than she has in a while. Gorgeous gorgeous.

Chloe: She is the only person I can think of who can pull off this dress. She looks stunning, as usual.

Xtina: Hair and makeup are stunning. Dress is all whored up. Honestly, I think it's a size too small. Less boobies and it would have been beautiful.

Diane: I love Diane Kruger. However, I don't think the ruffles AND the color are right for her. It's too much.

Drew: Her hair and makeup are so chic and her brows are perfection. But she has fungus growing on her and you can see her bra.

Emily: One of my favorites of the night. Top to toe stunning.

Heidi: I'm shocked. This is a great departure for her. She looks so ethereal and yet still "her." Another favorite.

Jane: Oh, Jane. You're not a red carpet person. She should have worn this dress in black and cropped to the knee. She's too old for this.

Jayma: Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

January: I feel like she's desperately auditioning to be Karl's muse. The lips are the wrong color. The headband is heinous. The dress looks awkward at that length.

Julianne: Looks preggo. Don't like.

Kate: DROP YOUR GODDAMN TRAIN! Such a beautiful dress and you're scrunching it like toilet paper! Aside from that, she looks beautiful.

Marion: Hair and makeup: A+. Dress: D. A rare misstep for her.

Nicole: FINALLY. A return to a flattering hair color. That blond was nasty. Dress is mediocre.

Sandra: Smile, dammit. You look beautiful and that dress is glorious. Adore the hair.

Tina: I will defend this dress to the death. I love love love it and I actually think she looks great in something other than bland black. She always wears black on the carpet.

Toni: Hate the hair, style and color. Love the dress.

Zoe: A vision. I will bow down. She is amazing.


Proof I will never work a red carpet, either walking down one or critiquing one. I called it differently almost every time. (As I sit here at home in my Nick n' Nora pajamas at 8:15 on a Friday night, she admits sheepishly ...)

Someone please tell Cameron to stop with the red lipstick! It's so harsh and aging on her, ick.

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