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2010 Critics' Choice Movie Awards

Ah, awards season, where the true acting skill can be found in all those stars trying to keep their naked ambition off their face.

Diane Kruger

Donna Karan Spring 2010 Collection

Yawning here. It looks like a used kleenex.

Emily Blunt

Georges Chakra Fall 2009 Couture [Diego Dolcini shoes]

Very sparkly and movie star. The only problem are those shoes, which, while pretty fab, are far too busy for that dress. Your eyes automatically go down to them.

Julianne Moore

Lanvin Spring 2010 Collection

See, that's the problem with dresses that have these ambitious architectural details to them. They're fine for a 4-minute walk down a runway but wearing them in real life is another thing. What does one do when one's flounces look sad and depressed? On the other hand, her hair looks great and she's rocking a great pair of legs.

Marion Cotillard

Christian Dior Spring 2010 Collection

This dress says "My vagina is magic!" And who are we to disagree?

Sandra Bullock

Alberta Ferretti dress/Casadei Shoes

We're sorry, but that first pic made us laugh out loud. It's getting to the point where we almost wish she'd just show up in her ratty jeans and a pair of work boots since she's so obviously uncomfortable dressing up. Still, when you look at her facial expression and body language and you realize just how uncomfortable she really is, you kind of have to give it to her for continuing to show up in a dress and heels at all, especially since, for all her discomfort, she usually shows up in fairly decent outfits. It's like she has a gay who picks out her clothes for her but never shows her how to stand, pose, and walk in them. And honey? That's a gay who's not doing his damn job.

Zoe Saldana

Jason Wu Spring 2010 Collection [Christian Louboutin shoes]

She's the new queen of the red carpet and this look serves as a perfect counterpoint to Sandy Bullock's "stevedore's daughter" posing style. She's so girly and flirty and cute in this look that we almost want to slap a couple of wings on her and call her Tinkerbell.

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Poor Sandra Bullock. I like her quite a bit, but she clearly has no desire to engage in these things.

Love the Jason Wu dress. The Chakra dress reminds me of Kenley's favorite petal detail, although at least it looks good

While all of the women are thin and beautiful, something loses in the translation from runway to real person. The exception is Zoe who has a clotheshanger body (and possibly anorexia), her dress looks great. Whenever PR does a "real woman" challenge it seems to cause a serious stress response. There are so few that can make beautiful dresses for normal bodies.

Agreed on all counts. As for poor Sandra, I think the two biggest issues are the fringe, which take the hemline into dangerous, dowdy, mid-calf territory, and the shoes, which when combined with the awkward skirt length look pretty dowager-y themselves.

She's so beautiful, it's a real shame she can't a simple, classic style that suits her (like Armani) and just focus on looking great instead of looking like a fashion plate. Jodie Foster could give her tips.

Saldana is too damn skinny. That's why the dress looks good on her. She's the size of the runway model. Underneath the puffery, she's emaciated.

Maybe it's something to do with the lighting, but I thought they all looked somewhat sweaty, save Ms. Saldana, who really has been knocking it out of the park lately.

My heart goes out to Sandy. With those heels she's way over six feet, so I can understand her discomfort.

It's like May of a new baseball season (that's a sport, poodles) -- things are just beginning and nobody's really bringing their A-game just yet. Yawn.

This dress says "My vagina is magic!" And who are we to disagree?


I love the design "Kleenex™" dress, but it desperately needs to be in another color. I vote for crimson.

I so agree about the Lanvin. It reminds me of the difference between what Laura Bennett's couture dress looked like in Paris and what it looked like in New York.

RE: the Dior. I am completely over women looking as though they forgot to finish dressing, particularly when they appear to be wearing a '50s corset.

Saldana looks better than the runway model, and I like the change of color for her skin tone, too.

What the hell Sandra?! WHAT THE HELL?!

I agree with the comments about Sandra B. I was always taught, when you pose, always try to form a "T" with your feet, if not it looks like you are about to drop a baby, like in one of her pics.

I forgot, Sandra B.'s shoes are FAB-U-LOUS!

Every time I see Sandra Bullock on the red carpet I continually think of her character in "Miss Congeniality" because that's exactly how she looks in all of these pictures: like she'd rather be wearing anything else and would probably rather be anywhere else. That one toothy grin seemed very forced. But I agree on everything else.

Love Sandra Bullock but that's not the right dress for her; too matronly looking. Emily surely likes to sparkle on the red carpet, doesn't she? It's a Georges Chakra. What else is there to say? Sparkly and borderline tacky. Zoe Saldana's dress looks like a shower curtain, could be the lighting or pictures.

I once made a comment that sample shoes were size 6 or 6.5. A friend of mine corrected me and said that most sample shoes that designer's "loan out" are size 8 or size 9. The "samples" are in the larger sizes because, per my friend" models tend to have large feet. (I think Natalia Vodianova wears a size 10).

Anyhoo, backtomy point......I do not understand why the "starlets and celebrities wear shoes that DO NOT fit! If a designer is giving you or loaning you a dress to wear on the red carpet, I would think you could and would afford a pair of shows that FIT!


Why is it Sandra looked so damn good in that skin-tight dress in the Miss Congeniality film, the one she's wearing when she struts out of the airplane hangar, but shows up to these events looking all frumpy and clueless about fashion? I just don't get it.

1. Like the Donna Karan. It's a little odd, but thats good. It keeps it from being the typical Hollygoddessgown.
2. Love the Georges Charkra- for all over silver sequins, knee length keeps it out of tacky territory. Agree about the shoes- wrong.
3. Lanvin- Not good. Terrible modifications. She looks unsure of herself too.
4. Dior- I like the risk she takes, but this one looks like she forgot her blouse.
5. Albertta Ferretti- The dress is very pretty. She looks very awkward. She shouldn't wear such high heels.
6. Jason Wu- Cute and youthful. The shoes are too much, though.

Who is the actress, model and/or whatever in the very first picture wearing the Donna Karan from the Spring 2010 Collection?


As uncomfortable as Sandra Bullock looks the worst look on the page for me, in terms of what's being radiated, is Emily Blunt's. Just as the Jersey Shore kids are the kings and queens of duckface, Blunt is so good at mean bitchface that I can't see anything else. Hair's a little too done for me as well, besides the not-quite-right shoes.

I actually love Diane Kruger's look -- she always manages to underplay things in terms of her carriage and styling - love! And I think Marion Cotillard looks as good or better than the model in her twinkly gown - v. beautiful.

Don't be so hard on Sandra Bullock, he's amazing. You know she just donated $1M to Haiti relief, more generous than the Walton family of Walmart fame. She does seem very uncomfortable. Someone should tell her to find something classic she can wear with shoes that aren't a foot high and develop her own schtick. I pretty much agree with most of your comments on the other dresses. I am feeling hopelessly out of touch as I didn't recognize many of the celebs picured.

Emily Blunt's dress is great, and then those shoes...I agree with all of your judging, T Lo.

I hate bubble hem dresses (or whatever the term is.)

However, in this instance, Zoe Whoeverthehellsheis looks so damn good next to all of the other dresses, that I may decide I like bubble dresses after all.

Kathy, did you really expect Wal-Mart to be generous?

I like that Sandra's uncomfortable. This makes me relate to her more, because I imagine I would be horribly uncomfortable too.

I actually Diane Kruger looks kind of fab here, in the new-school, shabby glamour kind of way (casual hair, minimal jewelry/makeup, etc).

Emily Blunt's dress is cool, but I agree about the shoes.

Julianne Moore is a beautiful woman, and a fantastic actress (30 Rock guest stint aside)...but she looks like a fat tomato here. Period. That thing is shockingly bad on her. It needs...a waist. Desperately

Marion Cotillard looks fine, but something about her hair bothers me a little. The dress is generic.

Sandra Bullock's not even trying anymore.

Zoe Saldana FTW. Bitch always looks hot. I remember thinking she was someone to watch way back when she was in Center Stage, haha, so it's nice to see her at all these events and looking better than almost everyone else. The model body doesn't hurt, I suppose.

She's so girly and flirty and cute in this look that we almost want to slap a couple of wings on her and call her Tinkerbell.

Hahahahahahahaha! Snort!

Poor Sandy - she's so pretty, and I love the dress on her. But, alas, the puss just ruins it.

Zoe has that ballerina body that I so wish I had. Sigh...

Marion Cotillard has been trying to rock the same look since the Gaultier Oscars dress, and it's just getting old. Plus, she forgot to put a top on over her longline bra.

Much as I love Emily, I didn't really like that outfit on her. Too too.

The rest? Meh.

I'm all for mentioning that someone looks too thin, but it could be that because Zoe reminds me of my naturally very tiny SIL that I think she is just a naturally tiny person too. We come in all shapes and sizes, right?

TLo said...

"This dress says, My vagina is magic! And who are we to disagree?"


I had the same vaginal response, I mean, same thought when I saw the Christian Dior. Marion Cotillard looks sexy, elegant and tres va-va-voom. Sure, it's the cliche bustier, but paired with the sarong-style jeweled skirt and styling of hair, shoes and accessories, she looks amazing.

My favorite look is the Georges Charkra. Love the runway model in this dress because of the way it's styled. Love those sleeves, shoes and jewelry.


This dress says "My vagina is magic!"

Yes--if women kept their vaginas an inch below their bellybuttons. ;)

The Donna Karen just looks limp and washed out. Total yawn.

I actually like Emily Blunts shoes with Chakra. At first I thought they were a bit busy, but the more I look at the photos, the more I like them. There's something about the black lacing that grounds the look, offsets the sparkle and scallop detailing of the skirt, and gives it a bit of edge. I really like the whole look. Of course, it could just be I'm glad she didn't wear 6 inch black platform pumps and black tights. Emily's makeup is very pretty, though her hair looks a bit over-gelled.

The Lanvin is both overwhelming and blahing out Julianne Moore. It's wilted, bunchy, and I'm not a fan of the color. And what's with the frayed hem on the unadorned shoulder? It looks like someone ripped off the ruffle from that side. It doesn't look deconstructed, it looks sloppy. Her hair and makeup are lovely though.

I like the Dior on the model. Perhaps Marion Cotillard isn't statuesque enough to carry the look off. And for some reason, on the runway the juxtaposition of the dressy skirt with the foundation garment top works. But on Marion Cotillard, it looks like she popped out of the shower, put on her girdle, and wrapped a sparkly towel around her hips. Makeup is pretty, but her her looks like it has too much product and I kinda hate how it's swept unnaturally back. I think it would look better if the sides came forward over her shoulders, and it wouldn't need to be so lacquered into place.

Oh Sandy Sandy Sandy. Hate the dress, hate the shoes, hate the hair. Most of all, hate how uncomfortable she looks. About the best thing I can say is that her makeup looks ok, though I think a bit more color on her lips would be nice.

I'm not fond of Zoe's look. It's too precious, and she's too old to look like Princess Tinkerbell. The poofy sleeves, the sparkle, the satin sash, the short bubble skirt--as bad as all that could have been, it's not quite enough to take it to Twee Town. But adding the white lacy bow-adorned Louboutins brings it very, very close. On the other hand, her make up is good and her hair is perfect--the loose curls have movement, and it's shiny, healthy, and elegant.

Glad to see actresses are starting to get over the "rolled out of bed and put on a gown" styling they've been sporting lately.

Zoe poses so well because she's a trained dancer! We know how to work it! The fact that she's gorgeous doesn't hurt, either. Ha!

Who is the first "celebrity"?

Emily Blunt like the look but the shoes had a bit too much conflicting stuff going on.
& Georges Chakra Fall 2009 - I love those arm pieces(I have no idea what to call them) on the model

Julianne Moore - agree that the dress is sad and droopy looking on her. (toenail polish please)

Marion Cotillard - - Hey you forgot your top. (over your underwear)

Zoe - I see unflattering bloomers - some odd blob below that belt
but her face and shoes look nice (although her legs are so thin they don't show off the shoes as well)

I am loving Emily Blunt here. The shoes are not quite perfect, but overall she looks gorgeous.

Poor Julianne Moore. Her droopy flounces make her look a little frumpy. She'd have been better off wearing a plain red shift dress.

Is it just me, or is Sandy's dress a little off-center? I just want to grab her bodice and give it a twist to her right.

...That didn't come out quite right.

Zoe looks radiant, and her shoes and hair are perfect.

Depressed flounces, indeed. With a few exceptions, everyone's looking a little limp.

I love Marion Cotillard, but does anyone think that styling makes her look like a dead ringer for Katy Perry?

Call me crazy, but I love that Sandra is a little awkward on the red carpet. It's endearing.

I love Marion Cotillard, but does anyone think that styling makes her look like a dead ringer for Katy Perry?
I thought it was Katy Perry! Jeeze I need to pay more attention to the captions.

McBangle, I too thought Sandy's dress needed a tug to the right, so you're not alone. And I agree about her seeming to always look uncomfortable. She also never seems to make the right shoe choice either, opting instead to wear clunky clodhopper-looking things.

But, oh my, Julianne Moore. That dress totally did not translate into real life. How is it that those flounces look so dreadfully lifeless and flat? Julianne's posture certainly doesn't help, but that dress shows none of the beauty and flare it did on the runway. And, is it just me, or are her boobs hanging dangerously low? She just looks like a total frump. A bright orange frump. Poor thing.

Diane needs something with color, that white is boring.
Emily needs a simpler shoe. The bottom of that skirt can do the heavy lifting.
Juliane looks chunky in that dress. Not a good look for her.However, I agree she's got great legs.
Marion needs to lose the long chain, I find it distracting.
Sandra looks a little matronly. Not sure if it's the dress length or the aforementioned discomfort in dressing up
Zoe looks very pretty.Love the turquoise jewelery.

Yes, thank you. This is how you set up a red carpet. They actually gave it enough space so that the photographers could use longer lenses, and look at how much better everyone looks. No lollipops.


yeah! ho! wah!

white black silver, white black silver... yawn. wheres the colour?

I so relate to that pose in Fancy Clothes, Sandy. I just wish I looked that good in them.

Julianne Moore, whom I adore and am about the same age as, is too old for that dress. Stupid flounces are for chippies. She looks gorgeous, always. But that is a dress that does her no favors.

This dress says "My vagina is magic!" And who are we to disagree?

You, gentlemen, are made of platinum and gold and WIN. I hope those who know you in real life treat you accordingly.


Although I do love Julianne Moore....

I thought Cotillard's dress had little gold macaroni's on it, kind of a Kraft mac n cheese tribute.

I love Sandra Bullock. I wish she would just wear a long, sleeveless dress that is made of a forgiving fabric with a cool knot tied in the front, and add some shoes that she feels safe walking in. I think she is just so uncomfortable walking in heels and sucking it in. She's beautiful, but I think she needs to be comfortable, too.

One thing about Diane Kruger in the Donna Karran: the model's shiny and disciplined hairstyle helps the dress look more pulled together; with Kruger's habitual case of frizzies it ends up looking like a nightgown.

Nothing here impresses me except Emily Blunt's shoes. Gimme. Otherwise, meh. Everyone looks washed out.

okay first. i think diane kruger looks absolutely hot. ethereal.
emily blunt looks great, but the shoes are absolutely off, while beautiful.
julianne moore could have done better. i love lanvin and his architectural details, but this one definitely looked depressed rather than strong and intriguing. even on the model, its not particularly flattering.
marion cotilliard. not a fan of the hair. necklaces i love but maybe with a different dress. as for the dress itself, even on the model, it just looks like the top and bottom dont go together. the skirt stands out too much from the body at the place where it meets the skin-tight bustier. just looks like she forgot to put the top of a dress on over her lingerie.
poor sandra bullock. i love her and shes got the goods. i just wish so badly that she would use them.
zoe saldana is flawless.

Okay, I get that Sandra Bullock doesn't care for the red carpet stuff but for heaven's sake--she's an actress. Can't she ACT like she's having a good time. That woman she's playing in the football player movie that's gotten SB all this attention would schlump along like that. Sandra should just channel these confident women she portrays so we can enjoy her outfits because she does choose the nice clothes generally. This dress would be great if she would stand up straight.

LOVE Emily Blunt's dress, especially the bottom.

That Dior!
It reminds me of ads in women's magazines of my youth for Maidenform. I expected the caption to say:

"I dreamed I was at an awards show in my Maidenform bra!"

I disagree about Julianne Moore's hair...too brown! Where is your natural gorgeous, red, Julianne? My natural color is like the photo here, and I've aspired to Julianne redness for years, she should rock it because she can!

I actually think that the kleenex dress at least looks better on the actress than the model, as the actress is slender, but manages to sport some boobs and hips to fill out the gown.

And, finally, so much YES to Sandra Bullock needing a good talking to from Jodie Foster. Girl can be a tomboy and still rock the fashion!

Zoe Saldana is heaven. I love the turquoise earrings peeking out from her hair.

why are all the shoes always too big in all of these red carpet photos?


Diane Krugers dress looks like she missed putting her arms through the cap sleeves and is just wearing the spagetti straps that keep it on the hanger

Zoe is beautiful but alarmingly thin. You took note of a great pair of legs but failed to notice that Zoe's legs look identical to her arms. Not good.

Remember in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion when Lisa Kudrow is dreaming and she goes into her ten year reunion in her bra, goes to the podium and says, "I couldn't find my top" ?

Marion Cotillard couldnt find her top, but who cares, she looks fabulous anyway.

Maybe Sandra's dress is supposed to look like that (I didn't google it to check), but the design looks like it's off center. Like someone needs to march up to her and pull her dress little more to her right.

Can Sandra Bullock please go back to Arizona or New Mexico or wherever she migrated to. And take Julia Roberts with her. It was so nice with them gone.

Emily Blunt and Marion Cotillard were my faves, but I agree about Emily's shoes: STUNNING but would have worked better with a simpler (black?)sheath.

Zoe Saldana rocks it, no question, just not my fave dress. Never a fan of the bubble dress, then or now. But can't argue with her gorgeosity or red carpet panache.

I had to scroll back up to the image of Marion Cotillard and do a double take after reading the comments. I didn't read the captions and totally thought that was Katy Perry.

Emily, Marillon, and Zoe can be counted on to always look beautiful and find interesting looks. Of course, they're all stunningly gorgeous with tiny waists, but I give them credit for finding looks that work with their body types.

Sorry, I'm late. Ms. Kruger always looks so monochromatic and washed out. Ms. Salana reminds me of Minnie Mouse with the skinny legs dwarfed by the quasi-platform shoes. and yet, I bet they are beautiful in person.

I find Sandra's continuing discomfort with playing dress-up to be completely endearing. Probably because as much as I love looking at other people wearing beautiful dresses, I would be miserable wearing those dresses myself.

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