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Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2010

Widdle Zac off on another flight of fancy. pulls back the curtain:

"With recent developments like his lower-priced Z Spoke line and a Go International collaboration with Target, Zac Posen is feeling upbeat, and it showed in a vibrant pre-fall collection the designer described as "Lewis Carroll meets Paloma Picasso." The Alice in Wonderland part—a very popular fashion reference these days (presumably because we could all use a little escapism)—came through via Rosson Crow's prints. A pair of striking black swans decorated the hem of a red velvet column gown, and sweet running bunnies and toadstools dotted georgette dresses and intarsia sweaters. As for the Paloma influence? That was evident in the seventies-ish silk bow-front blouses, flaring trousers, and pleated knee-length skirts, not to mention the models' painted red lips. As always, the collection had a serious theatrical streak; Posen's basics came in carnation red and neon pink. But we can't think of a girl around who wouldn't like a little drama in her life in the form of the designer's black and ivory strapless crepe marocain gown."

We like it. It's a little goofy and nerdy, but then again, so is Zac. We're not all that crazy about the color story and some of the silhouettes and embellishments can look awfully dowdy, put there's a fun, breezy "key party in the '70s" feel about a lot of it and that tends to be Widdle Zac's thing.


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It has a fun retro-type feel to it. I love a bunch of the dresses, I think they're a little precious though. The animals in the prints feel a little juvenile, but maybe that's just part of the "Alice in Wonderland" feel. Overall, I'd give this collection a B-.

It's cute and clean, but...can we talk about the ducks? Or geese or whateverthefuck?

i NEED the bunny dress (in B&W halfway through the photos). i need it NOW.

(bunnies are a theme in my family.)

I kinda dig it, but these are a bunch of dresses that can easily wear you. You'd need a hell of a lot of poise to keep people's eyes on your face instead of on the ducks on your bodice.

I love the orange duck dress. It's whimsical and makes me smile.

I like it. The collection looks fun and wearable. Definitely has a '70s vibe.

Those shoes look kind of like ice skates, like the models' feet are tipping over...?

Yeah, I didn't like any of it. Everything reminded me of Stephanie Powers' old wardrobe from Hart to Hart.

Great stuff. He has a sure hand with unusual patterns and color combinations. I'm beginning to think that Zac Posen is the new Isaac Mizrahi.

Not a fan of animals on me.

love it!!!

i would easily wear 90% of this collection. fun but still wearable.

it's funny but some of the more froo-froo dresses made me think of betty draper, the more structured tweeds and plaids made me think of peggy, and the evening gowns made me think of joan

Some of the florals veer a little Laura Ashley for my taste, but I really like and would totally wear a lot of it.

I love it all! (Well, almost all of it.) I even think the swans are a lot of fun.

Just not a fan of Zac's point of view in general. 70's influences give me hives. Some of these pieces aren't bad, but on the whole it's not my thing.

I love this collection. Not crazy about the cats, but the color story and silhouettes are great.

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It's like a dinner party at Mary Richard's place (would somebody please pass the Veal Prince Orloff?)



God I hate this collection. I mean it is really polarizing for me. But it is always nice to have a strong opinion before 8:30 am :)

Thanks boys!

I love the way #8 plays with the pattern.

The red dress with the pink waistline insets is almost exactly like a dress I owned (I want to say it was Geoffrey Beene, but I can't remember) back in the 80s. And what is with the shoes she's wearing in that picture? From this angle, they almost look like flippers.

Looks very commercial, like women of differnt sizes could wear most of these. But a little dated as well.


Totally the inspiration for that tux with the red bow tie!

That totally distracted me from the rest of the collection.

The word of the day is "fashion" :)


I like the 2nd dress and the last one and that purple one (without the feathery jacket thing). Overall it's a bit drab in some places and kind of dated and very old. It's 70s sure but not in an entirely good way. They just feel old.

Does my monitor colors need adjusting? What's being called "red" actually looks orange to me, or at the very least an orange/red.

In any case, there are several dresses that had I been blessed with a super model body, I would definitely have to have. Then there are some pieces that just have me puzzled, but then so does Picasso, so I guess that's the effect he's looking for. :)

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Into my closet.
Now, please.

Oh, and the thumbnail dress, too. I'm infatuated with black swans.

Is the thing that the model is holding in row 5 left, the skirt from from the outfit in row 4 right? it is the same model, the same top and it looks like we can see a bit of the hem print in the edge of the fabric?

Anyway, I liked this much more than I thought I would. most everything made me smile. (and I lived thru the 70's!)


It looks like a collection for children with just a few touches of sophistication.

I like this collection a lot!

Mixing prints and patterns is not something I usually like, but Posen has nailed it, particularly with that first outfit and the suit on the left in the sixth row, either of which I'd wear in a heartbeat.

A few of these looks, especially the brown/black gown with the design at the hem, remind me of tomesode (like this one with ducks).

Love the riff on the tuxedo, though I wish he hadn't made the model look like a waiter.

The bunny dress is adorable! I'd call that "elegant whimsy" (or "whimsical elegance"?).

Honestly, I think the only things I don't like here are the weirdly-patterned fur coat, and the dresses next to and directly above it.

Job well done, Zac.

I can't stop staring at the back of the second-next to last dress (brown-black one). Something about the kimono-ish design and the red hair ribbon. I lásku.

Anyone else really dislike the styling? I thought the hair/make-up took away from the dresses.

He's growing on me.
This collection is a bit more hit than miss.
That last cracked egg black and white dress however, is terrible, just awful!

If the 70's had looked that good the first time out, we'd still be wearing those clothes.

Zac totally nailed the 20's/30's retrospective that was at the core of 70's fashion.

We now know who Rachel Zoe's go-to designer will be for next year.

Although if it were me, I'd be ripping the big floppy bows off the front of everything.

Hmmm... I'm actually bored by the collection. I find it slightly dowdy. Who thought you could find a boring red? Zac did, apparently. This collection goes for a whimsical feel, but the color story completely crashes and burns.

The lines are clean and sophisticated--which I love! Most are very wearable, with a few exceptions, and the whimsy is fun! Save for the animals, I love the prints, and save for the orange (my monitor, too?), I like the colors. Truly iffy on the animals--the bunnies work well on the black and white sheath, but not fond of the black swans splashed onto the short orange dress (#3 and #17). I think it is a nice "surprise" touch for #29, though. The toadstools? Remind me of the circa 1970 canisters my mom had in the kitchen growing up. Orange, brown, and white--yep, it's the 70s all over again :-)

I love 7 down on the left.
The black rabbit boarder print with sweetheart neckline. I wish that one was in his Target line. Probably not, right?

the last dress is what chinstrap SHOULD have done...

Love every single piece of it, but I did graduate from high school in 1979 and have very fond memories of a rabbit fur "chubby" as the short puffy coats I wore with my gauchos ...


I would wear 50% of this as it's presented. Which makes me wonder if it's too off-the-rack or if I'm just getting more adventurous?

So "pre-fall" is a thing now?

Other than that... I loved it. LOVE. So fun, so cute. I'm in love with the floor-length pink-and-floral gown. So much fab here.

Man, this is a difficult crowd.

It's cute and harmless, but I gotta say, the fabrics all look on the cheap side. That surprises me.

-- Anun

bleh. 70's dowdy is not my thing. is just not my thing.

Maybe a couple of the pieces are a bit dowdy, bot overall, I feel this collection is like a breath of fresh air. Different from what I have seen lately; a little more "out there", and I like it. There are some really great dresses here. Not too crazy about the plaids or the old-lady-floral pieces, even though they really do feel like they belong with the rest of the collection.

Most of the looks are cute, but cute is not a good word in the fashion industry.

I'm with Sean about the styling. The hair and makeup worked for a few looks but overall just came off as annoyingly twee.

Still, I loved the bw coat,the bw plaid bow dress, the bunny dress, and the pink/black evening gown. I'm also intrigued by the sweater with the mushroom on it.

Tough crowd, yeah, but....

I've already lived the 70s bad fashion. I don't need to see or wear it again, thanks.

Esp when the prints look dated and too dead-on, rather than inspired by.

I would wear most of this collection!

The right styling and pairing separates up with modern pieces could temper the strong retro vibe on a lot of these pieces.

OMG the bunny sheath. Want.

Like some, don't like others.

IMO the best are the purple and black dress ( with the jagged line belt), and the floral with the wide sweetheart neck and open sleeves.

Zac Posen? That girl is crazy.

I like it a lot!

The colors are so funny. It's like they're being viewed through a filmy lens. That's a good thing.

And - I get a chance to see lots of pix of that Italian girl I like so much. Can't recall her name, but she's just so (non-blonde) northern Italian. That face!

I especially love the first two looks

I'm not ready for pussycat bows to come back. Most of the rest, I like, and some I like a lot. The ombre effects are very nice.

Somebody in the thread said these bright colors were red, but I'm reading orange. Best to be very, very careful with orange. With great orange comes great responsibility.

Me like: #11 (cocktail dress), #14 (blacks suit/red tie), #18 (gray suit/mint tie - nice surprise!), #32 & 33, gowns.

wow I really love it. except for those bows.

Definitely a retro 70'2/80's vibe, but I like a lot of it. Not crazy about the animal prints, but a pretty decent collection.

I don't have time to cite them, but there are some VERY nice dresses in here, a handful which I think are wonderful uses of prints.

I do like the most of the fabrics he uses.

There are also some dresses which, to me, are very unappealing. Mixed bag but overall I like the feel of it.

This is a designer collection that I could actually see myself wearing. I love LOVE the dresses.

oh no he din't! The whole thing S.U.C.K.S. what is with the orange and black. ICK!

Wow pleasantly surprised. I usually hate Posen but I find a large number of these cute and wearable. I don't care how silly it is I want the bunny dress.

The fabrics look cheap.


This will be Mad Men's wardrobe department when the show hits the 70s.

love the coat

Coming to the Greenwich, Conn., Goodwill for winter 2010, these designs, discarded by the Greenwich Blondes who bought them, wore them once, realized how epically silly they looked (and how ugly the colors were on some), and dumped the damned things off at Goodwill for the tax write-off.

It's an amusing line, and I appreciate the whimsy (and am glad he managed to dodge the cat-lady-sweater look on the animal designs), but I'll still be wondering what the hell his customers might be smoking/snorting when they buy these outfits.

Forget the clothes.
I'm kinda shocked at how seriously fug the models are.

Like the dresses. Hate the boring ass models.

Love those last two gowns. A lot of this collection feels really timeless -- that last black and white gown would have been gorgeous in the Thirties and probably thirty years from now it will still look fresh and beautiful. And I like the models -- classy, quiet, elegant, serene, not taking any attention away from the clothes. Very Paloma.

Some of the colors are wonky, but there is some nice knitwear and suit separates in there. I think it's a bit better than he usually does. The first outfit looks like something he would wear.

The models are totally Paloma Picasso - severe, sleek hair and bright red lipstick!

*Love* the rabbit dress!

Are those seven swans a swimming or six geese a laying?

way, WAY too outdated mid-90s look to it. Don't like.

Linda from Chicago

Well, I might as well put my two cents in. I think this collection is fairly boring but I'm not a fan of the traditional. I hate bows, suits, pleated skirts, little dresses, and pumps. (I liked James Paul in The Fashion Show). Only the next to the last couple of long dresses even wake me up a bit.

Not that I could wear any fashionable wear anyway but I can consider it as art. The Versace pre-Fall collection was art, at least as far as color is concerned. I guess Posen might be art, as well, but not for the type of gallery I frequent.

Final dress looks like Christopher's "winning inspiration" dress...

The colors, style, stark background and model all combine to make me think I'm looking at some late 60's polaroids.

Edit to squee for the little black bunny dress.

I would wear almost everything here and look good in them.

This collection seems really normal woman friendly.

coral? seriously?? blech
But, do love the retro vibe, the crisp edged graphic against the soft breezy martini toting, slurring yet posed 60's mama thing. Like a meatloaf served in a stilleto.

I normally detest Posen's stuff, but I really like this collection. Fun!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection. The animal dresses are gorgeous. I'm a real sucker for clothes with animals on them but some of the dresses are so elegant, too.

I love this entire line. I would wear every piece. The only problem I had was the birds on the short red dress. Looks like a party at her crotch.

Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent called. He wants his collection back.

I would not personally walk around with giant ducks, bunnies or shrooms on my clothes. I almost want to say it's a little too Quacker Factory but I love Zac too much to actually strike the comparison.

Some of the dresses tho are so cute. I love the orange and pink together.

Oh, now this is my style! Especially the short dresses.


There's a lot to love here.

I love it! I hope they become available to us normal people someday.

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