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Versace Pre-Fall 2010

Silly kittens. Did you think there were only four seasons?

sets the stage:

"The designer apparently looked to Japan for the colorful prints on a pair of body-con minidresses that seem destined for the red carpet. The neon lights of Tokyo must've inspired the electric orange, lime green, and sky blue of the collection's other thigh-baring numbers. A crinkly patent-leather jacket and grommeted jeans are more covered up, but the waist-gripping, take-no-prisoners silhouettes aren't for the faint of heart—or anyone with a body that's less than perfect."

We need to start writing more like fashion writers. "Body-con!" It's totally fetch!

We J'ADORE this collection. A little bit of '80s,a little bit of '90s, and a splash of swinging '60s Carnaby Street color and attitude. It's bold and graphic, mod and youthful, with, most important of all, a sense of fun. LoveLoveLove. No one's going to be wearing these to the office any time soon, but for the stylish party girl with a gold card? Why, it could practically be a uniform.

Darlings, this collection made us love asymmetrical hems, that's how much we love it. And if you've been paying attention to our bitching for the last 3 1/2 years, then you know how much we hate asymmetrical hems.


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LOVE. And I love that you guys are trying to make "fetch" happen.

What a wonderful way to begin a Monday!
A feast for the eyes and mind.

Now if there were only enough great, make that good starlets to do these styles justice.

If I were teeny tiny like that model I would totally wear all of that. "Body-con," indeed! Love the printed mini dresses though.

Oh wow. So fun! I would love to have any of those pieces in my wardrobe!

...except now that I'm looking again, the flower placement on that first mini dress may not have been the right choice. It looks like her crotch is on fire.

Ack, I NEED that second jacket. It's awesome and toned down enough to wear every day.

Actually, I'd wear a ton of this stuff. It's fun.

I want the jacket in the second look. Want, want, want!!!

Those first two looks are drool-worthy.

Horrible. All clown costumes. Who might wear these? Unless you are 19 years old, with an extra $2,500 in your purse (or Daddy's wallet)?

These "looks" belong in ring #3 of the circus.

Has Mrs. Seal already bought the orange number?

Great shapes and colors.

I love basically everything in this collection, especially the 2nd and last outfits. I personally greatly adore assymetrical things so this is total eye candy for me. If I was the right size for any of these I'd definitely wear all of them :)

Wow, glossy tights. This collection really is unforgiving for us mere mortals (Well for the mortal ladies anyway).

Cool collection, I can see quite a few starlets wearing these looks.

And I totally see the Japanese inspiration, and I love the silhouettes and the colors.

But damn, few women can pull these looks off successfully. I can't wait to see them try though!

DROOOOOOOOOL. I need to find me a sugar daddy.

That looks like a fun closet! Love the prints! Except those coon eyes are awful!


I'm still laughing too hard over the concept of "Pre-Fall" to comment....

My high school colors were those exact shades of blue and orange... The fourth look could have been our Drill Team uniforms.

Drooling here. I want everything.

TLo, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!

so much is so fun here. But I'm finding the model's vacant, open-mouthed expression in so many of the photos extremely distracting.

I can relate with you Spring, I lived in Florida (the nearest big college team was the Gators) and my alma mater's colors were bright yellow-orange and electric blue as well.

However, I have to give my kudos to the Versace team - these colors are fresh and lively, with great silhouettes, exquisite detail and beautifully tailoring. A pretty tall order to accomplish IMO,and they've done so superbly. Usually designers choose between either color or detail for impact, but these folks did both without it looking overworked.

If I could only lose a few decades of pounds and win the lottery so I can wear these clothes...

i have to say that i LOVE it all.



Thanks, T.Lo!

I love it too, especially the color story. And the purses are fantastic.

Looks fun, but I have to admit that I'm completely distracted by the model. Same face in most pictures and why is she leaning to one side in so many pictures?

LOOOOVE it. It's a beautiful collection. Beautiful colors, love all the shine.

I don't care for the last two looks but the rest of it is fabulous! Love the colours and how streamlined everything looks.

couldn't agree more- am also not a fan of asymmetry in general but i'm converted- I BELIEVE!!! Can i get an AMEN?

Gorgeous Japanese-influenced prints here, obviously inspired by chiyogami.

LOVE most of these, my 22-year-old former self wants look #2. FAB!!


Didn't that used to be SUMMER?

And jackets and long sleeves in the Versace designing for SOUTH AMERICA?

Still, as 'body con' as these clothes are, it wouldn't take much modification to make them more available to a wider range of body types.

I can very well see this collection as influencing a lot of next "pre fall's" ready-to-where.

Gorgeous, fun, joyful. And I hope Versace skirts are predictive of the economic climate next summer.

sinead o'rebellion

So adorable they had to invent a season for them!

Some cute clothes, but I think I might have nightmares of this dead-eyed model staring at me...

What a fun collection!

I'm sure the clothes are gorgeous. Sadly, I have this overpowering urge to scrub the model's eyes that just keeps distracting me...

See, the thing that bothers me about this is that, if not constructed and styled well, this is going to scream CHEAP! And so I'm shuddering in advance at the ill-advised and unfortunate knockoffs I'm going to see on regular folks that can't afford the real deal plus stylist.

I like the colors and overall the clothes were pretty. The bright orange and blue are a great combination.)

How hard can it be to make clothes that work on young tall skinny girls/children?

And while almost all shows, show clothes that look best on skinny and young and (daddy's) rich... for some reason my reaction was stronger to this group. (Probably because with a few exceptions, that is the only group that could wear most of this.)

Looking at that trenchcoat, I kept thinking now that's how it's done!

Fun youthful stuff and very japanese in the color schemes


The jackets.


I die.

What's "fetch"?

That out of the way . . .

This collection is gorgeous; the jackets particularly. It makes me wish I were 20 years old and 90 lbs again. (Yes, I was, and, no, I wasn't anorexic. Just good metabolism. Unfortunately, that changes with the years!)

And may I say how nice it is to see bright, bold colors for a change?

I kinda want to hate it beacuse it's "pre fall" and "body-con" and neon AND asymmetrical hems but
It's great.
But, fetch is STILL not going to happen!

you know, I'm always hearing my friends and co-workers who are my age lament about their age and "if only they could be in their twenties again" and I haven't really related and I get a bit irritated . . . but oh! this collection makes me want to be 23 again . . . with my 23 year old thighs, hips, waist, arms, and neck.

23 and very rich.

- Donna in Seattle

Lilithcat said... "What's 'fetch'?"

well now, that's just sad. Go out a rent Mean Girls immediately!

As for the collection: all I see is Heidi. And that's a good thing.

Oh my god, the blue jacked in look #2 is my favorite thing I've seen in months.

Lilithcat -- Watch Mean Girls. You'll thank us all!

I loooove the jackets. Esp the second one. I still don't want asymetrical hems to happen (esp those first few...). But over all it is a fun, interesting collection. And look...COLOR (not that Versace ever lost it, but it is still nice to see)!

The jackets paired with the mini skirts are perfection.

Oh, and 'IT'S FETCH!' Love it!

Fetch is the new word of the day...who am I kidding, it's been the word of the day since Mean Girl's came out.

I have to say, I love this. It was like a really pretty feast for my eyes. The jackets are just stunning. It's like someone took the wardrobes from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clueless and decided to make them modern. As a child of the 90s, I love it ALL.

Wow, all of these looks are amazing. I'm not usually a fan of shiny but love it here. Beautiful color and pattern and the jackets, I agree with everyone, swoon!

Forget the asymmetrical hems...what happened to your aversion to "tight, short, and shiny"? Or is it acceptable as long as it's not worn by Heidi Klum?

Gorgeous! Love the minidresses especially. And those shoes? To die!

That second jacket is fantastic, and the last dress is a stunner, but I think the rest of it is horrid. What am I missing here...?

Amazing....all this gorgeousness and all I can focus on is this model has two looks...the body bent like an open parentheses to the right and the body bent like a close parentheses to the left.

gorgeous. Versace is totally impressing me

Wow, rarely do I agree with you guys so whole-heartedly. LOVE this collection. Every piece of it. I started making swoony noises at the second blue jacket (with the shoulder-guard and zippers -- want!) and then there were the beautiful minidresses.

am debating what truck i have to hijack in order to get every one of those items in my closet Right Now. Currently seeking partner in crime.

Yes! "Fetch Monday," LOVE IT! There was some fun stuff here, but that mini made me laugh -- it shoutes: I'VE GOT A RAGING CASE OF CLAP! Okay, as long as were recommending films: I just watched a netflix instant pick, The Pageant. Did everyone see that? THe documentary features Victoria "Porkchop" Parker as one of the frontrunners competing for the drag title Miss Gay America. I'm sorry if we already outed this little gem during Rupaul's Drag Race blogging, but it was a fun Saturday find for me :) Gary

Fun and colorful! Love it.

Not sure much of this would look flattering on an average body though...ahhh, but who long as they look good on the hangers ;)

By and large I agree with all the love posted for these, but...

...did anyone else think that the last two looks were a little ice-dancer/1990s ballroom dancing competition?
(Speaking of movies people should see, go rent Strictly Ballroom-- I'm pretty sure Fran wears that last dress at some point).

PS- love that Regina George is posting on this thread :)

Looks # 2, #3, and #10 are incredible! I love the rest of the collection but those three are

Wow. lovelovelove. I'd better start hitting the gym now!

LOVE this collection!! It's so nice to see color again. And actually, I can see many many many of the dresses worn at the office - just being utilized as tunics over leggings or some other fitted trouser.

SO cute. And "Fetch". If anyone could make that phrase happen, it would be TLo!

This collection made me fall in love with High Fashion again; one of the best I've ever seen.

And it made me love asymmetrical hems, too. =)

The orange dress with the blue clutch is very Ulala (

I absolutely adore the print dresses.

I wanna see Lucy Liu in one of these outfits. ROCK CITY!

Watch Mean Girls

Movie? TV show? What?

I am trying so hard to get over my loathing of "j'adore" used as a verb, and I'm just not getting there, even when I tell myself that it's done ironically. Clearly I need some time at the reeducation camp.

I can see why you love it! These asymmetric hems are done right. They are interesting and modern looking. Not a just-walked-off-the-latin-dance-competition-floor look of a mini that goes to a longer point on the side or back. That black coat has my name written all over it. And the navy blue mini dress? Totally Heidi Samuel.

Well, I like all the color but some silhouettes were a bit too Fran Drescher as the Nanny for me.

Hi Lilithcat,

Meangirls is a movie -- kind of like Glee, but edgier. ~Gary

What? No bitching about the black tights?

I told you they worked. And everything else does in this collection as well - love, love, love, want, want, want.

So sixties but current, right down to the makeup! Love it! Hot hot hot!

Ooooh - COLOR!!! I'd love to see some of the mini dresses reworked as gowns for the red carpet.

I'll just get in line behind those who covet the awesomeness of the jacket in look number two. Loooooooooove the colors, but totally appreciate the nod to black --- smart move Versace!

- edina -

Wow, I love this! I don't think there's a single look here I don't love. Well, msybe the hem on the 1st look. Maaaaaaaaybe.

Although, look #4, as much as I loved the dress, had me yellling "Stand UP, model!" at my monitor. Good thing I'm working from home today.

OK, this (THIS!) is how you do COLOR! And this is also how you do fun, smartly.

In my next life, when I come back as a tall, skinny, rich girl, I hope Versace does another line just like this one.


BTW, "Body-con!" It's totally fetch! <-- LOVE you guys!! :D

Lilith Cat: Mean Girls -

Oooh, those printed minidresses are WONDERFUL...add 4 inches to the hems and even I could wear them!

Ok, yes, the clothes are gorgeous, but why does the model always have to look like she's waiting for the bus, but confused as to which bus to hop on?

I LOVE all of it, especially the orange and blue pieces GO GATORS!!!!

I am quite enthusiastic about just about everything through the body-hugging navy minidress in row eleven (which I love a lot). I really really love the prints, despite the fact that I generally dislike orange, and the 2nd print, the skirt in the second row, has a color scheme that my unsophisticated self associates with would-be-trendy bed & bath goods. (And, I do have doubts about the print used in the zip-front dress)

And I do like the jackets. Especially the asymmetrically hemmed first one.

After row eleven, not so much love. Not so crazy about the dresses which remind me of wet suits nor of the black bustier number. Perhaps my color orange aversion comes into play a bit.

But overall, these are really fun (but still interesting) clothes


I LOVE this collection but it makes me a little sad. They are stunning looks and are totally to my taste and I would wear just about all of them except... There was NEVER a time in my life where I would fit into them. I am not overweight by any means but my body type is the opposite of tall, lean and stick thin legs. So looking at these I can't even say "I would have loved these in my 20's" cause even in my teens I never had the body.

I guess I wish I could look at womens fashion like TLo. They don't get feelings like that when looking at womens clothes because they are not expected to have the bodies to wear them.

Sorry to be a downer, truly I love the entire collection.


Short, tight, shiny!

I couldn't help but think HEIDI-LICIOUS!

Most of the time when I see collections on this blog I'm unimpressed, or hate most of them or think that they are unwearable. But this collection... I literally love everything about it, from the shoes to the purses to the dresses to the skirts to the jackets to the pants. I couldn't pull off all of them but I could probably pull off those above-the-knee dresses with the Japanese prints. Don't have the money, but damn, they're gorgeous. It's good to see some blue and orange.

Nice to see happy, colorful clothes again. LOVE. I would kill for that blue/lime bag.

Gorgeous collection! No, it would not look good on me, but I still appreciate it. Way to do color and young!


It's FETCHilicious!

lol @ sandra dee's 12:58 post...grammer/punctuation humour mixed with fashion...satisfied the geek fashionista in me :)
cute clothes...but for me that ship sailed about 10 years ago
also pre-fall killed me...when does that start...can we expect mid-fall and post-fall lines as well


What a fabulous collection! One of each, please! Charge it on my sugar daddy's card.

Heather said...
What? No bitching about the black tights?
I told you they worked.

Yes, but they don't work every time and I think that was Tlo's point.

I used to hate Versace, but I have done a 180 in the last few years. You boys are spot on, so many things to love here!

Cannot endorse the grommetted jeans due to their similar appearance to jeggings. There has been a terrible jeggings outbreak this fall where I am, and anything that spreads the plague must be isolated and set on fire.

That first look with the asymmetrical skirt IS TO DIE.


Fun! Fun! Fun! And Color! THANK GOD!!

Wow, these take me back to the orange minidress with the big zipper down the front that I had when I was 13 years old. (Yes, I'm dating myself.) I never thought this style come around again -- and I'm wildly jealous that I can no longer wear it! Love for the second time around!

I love a good "fetch" joke, too, but "body-con" [ボディコン] was not invented by this writer, but is actually a Japanese term adapted from the English words "body conscious" that was used in the late 80/early 90s to name tight, form-fitting minidresses girls would wear to nightclubs, most famously one called "Juliana Tokyo" where they danced on tables in them, sometimes with fans.

COLOR me nonplussed!! I LOVE this collection!! Just for a few days, I would love to revert to being 21 and Twiggyesque. I would totally wear every piece.

Oh lilithcat, never having heard of Mean Girls, you perfect oblivious person, you. :D

(The fame of Lindsay Lohan must be even more inexplicable for you, I guess? As far as I'm concerned, she basically has had nothing else going for her since....)

And I want to see what these electric blue boots look like!

Cute collection. Looks junior-y to me.
I predict that it will be much knocked off .

Super cute and colorful...if only I were in my 20's and independently wealthy....

Ooo, sorry I didn't specify, Lilithcat. But like others have said, it is a movie. When you watch it you will laugh hysterically and then when it ends you will be so sad for Lindsay Lohan that she didn't follow it up with anything... Unlike the rest of the fabulous cast.

Yes, please. Except the second-to-last dress. Looks like it's from another collection; some kind of bondage-ballet thing.

The jackets and coats are perfection. LOVE that sharp little shoulder. Not outrageous, just fresh and modern, for the girl who wasn't around to do shoulder pads in the '80s.


Love it all (well, except the last two).

Wow! That is a beautiful collection.

Love the collection!...just wish it came in size

My French family members have sent me a series of very obnoxious and annoying mental messages, so I feel compelled to point out, for general edification, that J'adore is the first person singular present tense of adorer, whilst the first person plural is Nous adorons, "We adore."

I really couldn't give less of a crap, being a careless and care-free American, but they might've actually flown over here and killed me in my sleep if I didn't write something. They frighten me so. I CAN HEAR THEM IN MY HEAD. *cries*

the stylish party girl with a gold card

Mmm, I think maybe more along the lines of a platinum card, gentlemen. Or even black. (I've seen the latter, only once. I nearly passed out from the overwhelming surge of jealousy, after which I suffered a bout of self-loathing nearly epic in scale. It's not fun to live paycheck-to-paycheck in Greenwich, Conn., mes amis.)

I am very much looking forward to seeing stars and pseudo-stars sporting these looks at red carpet events and reading everyone's comments about how "she's too short" (or, less politely, "too fat") or "she's too old" to wear the outfit. I adore the looks, except for the hem in the first, which just doesn't work for me, and the orange dress, which makes a pencil-thin model look almost portly, which is laden with all kinds of NO.

Dearest, darling gentlemen, I love you, I do, but if you do start writing things like "body-con" in your blog, I may have to start sending you hate mail pasted together out of old Glamour and French Vogue magazines.

This is f'g goregous with lots of bright color and nice lines and bold prints that don't sear the eyes.

I don't like the first one, but other than that, it's a killer collection.

Pre-fall. Is that like Pre-Slash?

Oh, and for everyone joking about "Pre-Fall," the name is silly, but the need is there. The clothes are designed, I should imagine, for that time of year after summer's heat is gone, but before fall's chill has properly started. That period of time can be rather long in some sections of the country (and world), so I can understand the need for in-between clothes to work for the warmer days and cooler nights. The name sounds foolish, but it does make some sense to those of us living in parts of the world not only with a full four seasons but their transitions.

I'll pass on the 'coon eyes and shiny tights, but I am swooning over the jackets (especially the 2nd one) and the colorful minidresses.

Also, how pleased am I with the black nail polish? VERY PLEASED.

damn, I want to steal that model's legs...

I see the Japanese influence. The last look is very Final Fantasy-esque.

Yes, the clothes are really great, but do we have to have THAT MUCH black around her eyes? Honestly, the poor girl looks like she has been looking through a pair of joke binoculars.

I saw this last Friday and it's my favorite pre fall so far 9Though I haven't been on so far today). I'm normally not a huge fan of Versace, but this blew me out of the water.
The colors were young and fresh.
The silhouettes were modern and thoughtful. it took my breath away. Absolutely gorgeous.
My second favorite would have to be the Chen Pre Fall. I've never been a huge fan of chanel (with the exception of their Fall 2009 Couture), there's always too much vintage European Frivolity for my taste. However the Asian theme really gave it a creative and modern edge that I absolutely adored!
You guys should definitely check it out!

but for the stylish party girl with a gold card

Gold card, for Versace? I think you need at least platinum, maybe titanium.

And if I had either - and the model's body - I'd have a closet full of this collection.


i'm not dorothy gale

Love the printed dresses, especially the one with the sunburst in the peche zone.

Love. If I had longer legs & a thinner body, not to mention the available plastic, I'd be dropping $$ for much of this. Would love to see knockoffs in a longer length for the real bodied women among us.

Jules, the original

Usually I hate most of any collection but oh my stars & garters, I LOVED THIS COLLECTION!

Holy shit what an amazing collection. I want everything. Loving those blues.

LOVING those last 2 dresses.

There's nothing here I would have worn even when I was young and thin enough to wear it, but I sure love looking at it. GORGEOUS!

I am stunned. Such a visual feast. My favorites are the skirts under the jackets - the first two looks. And I LOVE the use of color!! Thank goodness, I wish the PR girls had had the guts this collection has!!

I am going back to look at it again!

By all means take inspiration from the architecture and signs of Tokyo, but PLEASE don't get inspiration from the people.

Despite Tokyo being a "Fashion Capital" it has some of the worst fashion ever seen. This is the country who is singlehandedly trying to bring back the hair scrunchy, and will put girly bows on anything that will hold still long enough.

Daily subway rides to work are truly cringeworthy. Trust.

Does anybody else see Serena from Gossip Girl in nearly every one of these looks?
(Despite my visions of Serena, however, I love these)

This is how the blue challenge from PR should have looked.

Love it

It's amazing how they got all those raccoons dressed, much less to stand still for photos. . .

But love the designs.


I don't think "fetch" is going to happen. I suppose it could. But I'm skeptical.

Skept, even.


Cute. That's it, just cute.

I still kind of hate the asymmetrical hem on the first look. The others are nice, though, and overall I love the collection.

Color! How wonderful to see so much color.

I will give this collection an asymmetrical hem pass but that's the one and only pass of my lifetime!

OOH! Those jackets! *I die*

Oh, but those jackets are fetch! Love the dresses too. The asymmetrical hems...not so much. But I will say I like it better here than anywhere else I've seen them.

yummy all of them. that leather jacket - WOW!

Guh. Those are magnificent. The end.

If only I wasn't a plump, middle-aged woman. (sigh) I would wear every one of these pieces.

The Eye

Linda from Chicago

Gorgeous! What I like about most of these designs is that they include leggings or opaque hose (tights). I've always loved opaque hose, even when they've been out of style, though you could be right about colors being used differently to weight the whole appearance.

Personally, I've never been a fan of tiny mini dresses with bare legs. I'm sure many straight men like this; however, I can't help thinking about the wearer having nothing on but a pair of thongs underneath . . . and I'm just not thrilled with the idea. I think most people are more interesting with clothes on. Otherwise, they are models for art (and clothing models are too skinny for that) or naked primates.

Magnificent! Eye candy at it's finest for this snow bound mama.

Holy Cow, this was my fantasy wardrobe early-mid 80's-- I had this stuff on, not as nice but as much as I could approximate. Red, tourquise, and black minis, tights or leggings (opaque tights were not always easy to get--I'd go to the Danskin store. Including the little boots. I remember getting a pair of black flat boots at May Co. I wore jackets over them but they were baggier. a heavier shoulder too. I really love the orange. I really really love the jackets. If I were 19 again I would knock these off for myself in a heartbeat seeing how I could never earn more than minimum wage those days ($3.65/hr).

OMG we LOVE the uneven hemlines on the last two, the birght colors..omg just SO SO SO gorgeous.i want tu own them.

LOVE most of these. They're so skillfully designed and crafted, it's a treat just to look at them (I couldn't wear any of this shit, well maybe a few of the pieces). The only thing I really didn't like was the jeans with studs, but that's cause they give me bad 80's flashbacks.

Color at last!!! SO refreshing and mod.

Gosh those prints are to die for

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