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Rodarte for Target

Let's go shopping at the Target, gals!

Here's the lowdown: Rodarte for Target hits stores December 20 through January 31. Prices range from $9.99 to $79.99. Let's browse the racks, shall we?

Our first thought is that it's all very pairable. Our second thought is what we always think when a discount or department store snags a hot designer for a quick and dirty collection: the clothes look like cheaper versions of better designed outfits. Not that this is a bad collection. It's got some spark to it and like we said, it's very pairable and wearable. Pairable meaning we probably wouldn't recommend any of the looks as they're presented here, but we see potential in many of the individual pieces. It's a collection for a style-conscious but cash-strapped girl who knows how to fill out her wardrobe with some pieces of flair.

[Photos: TheFashionSpot]

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I like the last dress the most, but I would have to see it without the sweater. Not a bad little Target collection though.

Overall, a teen, young adult collection, but the stockings/tights delve into hooker depths. Agree with the pairable wearable assesment

I like it. The Leopard dress gave me a Balmain vibe for some reason, but I really like the Skeleton dress. It's kind of quirky without being so weird Hot Topic like most clothing with bones tends to be. Deffinately agree with the pairable/wearable bit. If I saw someone wearing that full outfit I'd wonder what episode of my so called life they fell out of.

The model scares me. If they're targeting teens/young adult she seems too old. I like most of the outfits except for the first one and I don't know what to think about those Johnny Depp Willy Wonka sunglasses.

Not bad for target!

ugh, not a fan of the model (it should be someone young with a girly/edgy vibe)
or the styling/ pairing of pieces
but there are definitely some very cute pieces in the mix

It's not at all bad (though I don't think I'd wear anything shown), but I want to rip that damned animal-print-with-bow belt off of nos. 2-5 and throw it on the floor. Ick ick ick. NO! BAD RODARTE! BAD! NO CHAMPERS FOR YOU!

I agree with previous commenters who've said the model looks too old for the clothes. (I'm hearting the Depp Willy Wonka glasses, though. Hee.)

Woah, the early 90's are BACK.

About time. Love that marigold outfit, the blue dress, and the last sweater.

The problem I have with this collection is it has none of rodarte's signature looks or dresses. I've enjoyed a lot of the designer collections for target, but this one is a big miss.

I'll probably go to Target to check it out, but nothing grabs me. I agree with DogDoc - a teen/young adult (neither of which I am) collection. There might be something for my 16 YO niece.

I completely agree with B Rye. I was really looking forward to this collection, but I don't see anything of their previous collections that I loved so much. I've got to say I'm disappointed. I'll still check it out in the stores, though, just to be safe!

the styling's pretty awful, but the clothes seem promising!

Ive been looking around for these, thanks TLo!

I agree with the comments about the model not being the right choice. She doesn't fit the look and the tights, oh those tights make her look so dirty, ewwwww. I can't wait for those to go out of fashion! I think it finally got cold enough here that women will stop wearing them to work. Yes, to work. I swear the tack-factor just goes up by the season.

I want to see some of these dresses and cardis with different styling or just seperate. They could be nice. Its all kinda growing on me.

Egg-yolk yellow? This will never be pairable/wearable with ANYTHING.

The model is soulful-looking.

Gosh that's some fug. I can only slightly bear the beige sweater near the end.

yeah! ho! wah!

now, this is why "famous designer for cheap brand" just doesnt work for me: most of these dresses are cute, but nothing special. the one exception is the "x-ray" piece. that one is funky, but heres the problem: if you wear it, no one will think "wow, this is funky", but "oh, its that rodarte for target dress".

my point: buy only basics at the department store, buy the special stuff in boutiques. if you dont have money, go to the thrift store and/or fabric store and get creative.

Hmm. Michelle Obama's impact on fashion: belts with cardigans. Unnecessary.

Is it so hard to convert the themes we saw on the runway to a recognisable mass market form? The skeletor dress reminds me more of Alexander McQueen--and his collection for Target was dismal...

Why do all of the dresses in these Target Designer lines have to be SO short? Seriously. Don't they get that they are selling this line in DECEMBER and JANUARY?

I do like some of these looks, but I think the main challenge is how well executed they'll. That x-ray dress is super cute in the pic, but I worry that the sequins or whatever embellishments those are will look cheap in person.

That's a lot of tulle. Who is their target market exactly? Teens & 20-y-o's I'm thinking.

The only problem I have with designer lines at places like Target is the fit. It's always awful and really unflattering. They are used to making things for models so if you're outside that and want a cheaper piece of flair, the pieces just won't work. And the quality isn't worth getting altered.

I think they were going for edgy but they come off as dowdy.

I like the cardigan, the denim jacket, and the last dress. It would be nice to see the dresses and blouses without the toppers. Too bad the model is so homely.

I see that they did Nina Garcia's "x-ray" top one better and used a ribcage!

I agree, this isn't a signature Rodarte line. There may have been some constraints due to manufacturing issues and cost. Nothing spectacular, but some nice pieces.

I got all excited but ugh do these look ticky tacky as hell. I'll pass.

I once again have two thoughts:

1. I love Rodarte, but this collection doesn't really look like them- I am disappointed.

2. That model really bothers me. I might have liked some of these looks much better if she wasn't wearing them.

It's all just a And not in that fun way.

I could actually see myself wearing the cardigans (I'm 27), but the real problem is that the black one is covered with sequins. Nothing shows cheap construction like a) embellishments, or b) colorful fabrics. It's a shame, though, I quite like it.

I'll pass.

...What do you commenters expect from Rodarte? No, these clothes aren't deconstructed draped ombre-dyed gowns... neither do these clothes cost four figures. Many Rodarte trademarks are there; this looks just like one of their earlier collections. (Before said deconstructed draped ombre-dyed gowns hit the runway)

The leopard print dress and manly model had me worried, but it's a nice little collection. I love the sweater at the end, but really, Target selling clothes for $80? I don't even spend that much on clothes from stores that specialize in clothing.

It's okay, but I'd have to see the pieces in question because the mass produced versions may be horrible. I'm sure they used very nice samples for the photos. I think I could like several pieces but they could be dismal in person.

Not sure if it's the model or the clothes (both?), but all I can think of is "Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!"

I like it. It's very young and cute. I could see myself having worn almost all of these when I was in high school or college.

My brother once had this girlfriend who wore exactly the same size clothing. They would swap basics without anyone being able to tell which gender it was made for because the clothing was pretty much shapeless. That's what I see here.

However, I'm sure they could have found a masculine model who looked a little less Marilyn Manson.

model reminds me a little of Nina G.

I'm not one for cheetah prints, but I love the tights! These pieces would definitely be better off paired with other clothes.

It's crap

The model reminds me of a young, sad Cher.

I'm thinking that if you want to purchase them, buying online would be your best bet. In the store, that tulle will be a shredded mess about an hour after the stockers hang the items on the rack.

At least it would be in the Target where I shop!

The lacey cardigans wind up looking sadly cheap, like Wal-Mart instead of Target. I'm all for inexpensive, especially for trendy, one-season pieces that are never going to be wardrobe workhorses, but when it looks like you could get something of better quality at Forever 21, there's a PROBLEM.

Initially, I wasn't super-impressed, but think that it's a nice collection for teens and young twenty-somethings. I'll definitely check it out while at Target, out of curiosity (and if I'm wrong and some pieces are actually cute, then I could see picking up one or two items and maybe pairing them with something else).

- edina -

Ellen M
I see that they did Nina Garcia's "x-ray" top one better and used a ribcage!

LMAO Ellen! I thought exactly the same thing when I saw that.

absolutely love it when low-cost stores do stuff like this. I am sooo poor because i'm still in school and all i do is read PRgay and Vogue and Elle and cry myself to sleep because I can never afford beautiful clothes. At least this gives me some chance...

only criticism is the model... she looks like morticia from the adam's family but not as cool

Second to last look WILL be mine.

I know, I know, late teen/early adult, but in my defense I've always loved and have been fascinated with bones and skeletal structure. Giger's one of my favorite artists because of his use of the theme in so much of his work.

I love that look in the 4th row. It's the way I used to dress in my 20's - when there were great (cheap) little boutiques in the Village.

I wish I could get away with that look now, but (unfortunately) I don't think so.


A a college student with not a lot of cash to spend on clothes, I thrive on stuff like this. Sure, it's not great fashion, but to be honest, most people I know aren't into fashion and can't tell. I went shopping at target a few weeks ago and bought some dresses and everyone keeps commenting on how well-dressed I look. It's sort of funny. I can see about three looks there I love and would wear (and will be trying on) but I really wish they had some good WINTER clothing. The short dresses look cute on me, but I don't have anything good to wear in the winter! Help me out, Target.

Anyway, a lot of these are cute and considering you can usually get a dress for about 20 bucks it's not going to cut into my tuition money. Here's to graduating and getting a full-time job so that maybe someday I can wear the "Real" stuff :)

I want the mustard cardigan now!

I love that skeleton dress! Would definitely wear it!

Looks pretty much like what's at Target now. then again I think most of the designer lines for Target look the same. I'm not complaining since they are very wearable & I'm not ashamed to ashamed to admit to owning a few Tar-jay items myself.

I have to agree with Anon at 7:08.

between boring and cheap, I don't see the attraction. ANd by cheap I don't mean to disparage "inexpensive".

But the same sheer cardigan in sevedral colors and essentially the same plain mini-dress - yawn.

Laughed at memorexe and the Michele Obama comment!

I agree with everything 'Anonymous 2:04 AM' said (and I think Irina should put it on a t-shirt.)


The model is giving me the creeps!

Who is that man modeling the clothes?

I like the model.
Of the collection the light blue strapless is the stand out piece. The rest are pretty basic. Target staples with about a $10 mark up because of the Rodarte name.

I wouldn't buy it, but then I hate all clothing at Target, they never fit a long torso or a Latina booty, doesn't matter who is designing them. Clearly the kids in the kids in the sweatshops are using each other as dress forms. I like the cardigans, hard to tell about the dresses and for the love of god can we burn all of the stupid belts? How much you wanna bet they're plastic and crappy anyway?

Anonymous on 12/9/09 at 9:02 PM said...Target selling clothes for $80? I don't even spend that much on clothes from stores that specialize in clothing.

I must agree! For $80.00+ one can do much better on the sale racks at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Cache, Bebe, White House/Black Market...etc...etc..

H&M looks better than this line quality wise.


If I were 18, going away to college, I would love this collection.
However, being a woman of a certain age, there is NOTHING here for me.

My goodness these clothes are awful! If I wanted to dress like a hooker from 1993 these would be perfect but as we are living in 2009-2010 I'm not sure who will be wearing this crap.

PS that model is wayyyy scary!!!

The yellow belted cardigan (I'd ditch the bow-belt for a real belt) would tie nicely into my work wardrobe, whereas the skull dres is something that I would also absolutely wear (with some irony).

I like the idea of the tulle on the outside of the skirts, even though it's not for me. Well done, Rodarte girls!

hot topic

Not bad. I like's a great place to find accessories and wardrobe-fillers without breaking the bank. I've even found a few cute tops in the girls' section.

Horse-faced, knock kneed, skeleton of a Model. Looks like an Adams Family relative. UCK. I hope she has other looks or she'll need to keep her day job.

I hate it. The only thing I like is the tights and socks. The rest looks like a girl at a formal event who got cold but could only find an old lady's cardigan to warm her up...

Ugly Ugly and Ugly, start to finish. Shredded tulle? Hot yellow? Leopard print? Gross.

Perhaps a few of those pieces could work on their own, but overall I had a major 80s flashback. It didn't help that the model looks around the same age as those of us who wore similar looks the first time around.


All these people hating the yellow, I actually think its one of better parts of this collection. It means colour is comming back and that is perfect for me and my complexion. YAY for yellows, organges, and reds :)

Love it! I'll be the first in line.

LOVE they yellow look.

UGLY. Would never buy.

can't believe everyone's harshing on the model
haven't we all learned by now that models only come in either the strikingly gorgeous or the strikingly odd flavours?
i personally like her uniqueness and i would guess she's one of those mature looking young girls that grow into their looks
the clothes were just meh for me...i agree with whoever said it looked very 90s

Ew. No thank you to the model as well.

*wouldn't spend $80 at Target
*the clothes are for the wrong season
*they look cheap and the same as all the "designers" they highlight

These will hang around Target until they get clearanced out.

12/10/09 3:08 AM I agree with everything 'Anonymous 2:04 AM' said (and I think Irina should put it on a t-shirt.)


When I went to copy the text to translate - it takes you to some site that looks like buy a child chinese(?) bride

ugh. that's cracktacular.

That model looks like Angela from "Sleepaway Camp." I'm waiting for her to rip off those clothes, reveal she's a dude, and make those horrible animal noises. Freaky!

i'm not dorothy gale

I think the black sweater is the only item that a woman of a "certain age" could wear. The rest is fun and I bet it will fly out of the stores.

It's a sorry mess, and won't look good on anyone a) over 14 b) over 100 pounds. My crystal ball says that anything over size XS will be in the 60% off racks at the back of the store in, oh, say, about 4 weeks from now. Why do they foist this crap on us poor folk?


The denim jacket looks interesting, I'll check that out. The rest is pretty boring.

It's Target. Not "the" Target. Just Target. Let's go shopping "at Target."

I don't know what anyone else is looking at, but the cardigan sweaters are to.die. I'm sure they're incredibly flammable, but they are lovely. The dresses are boring, especially for Rodarte. A layer of tulle does not edgy make. But for a Target line, not terrible.

PS - I'd be interested in the gloves and stockings, if those are part of the clxn. A big PASS on the bow belts though. I really don't understand where that look came from or how it gained traction, but all three of the top S6 girls threw the skinny sash into their collections somewhere. It just looks desperate and to me - trying to make the silhouette of a garment something that it's not.

The clothes looks fine, but a little boring, pretty basic. I see very little of the current Rodarte in it. But for the market it's done for I am sure it works

I neeeed the printed tights. Love! Wonder if that's part of the collection because I can not find any of those anywhere.

Hate hate how the clothes are paired, but the xray dress and the animal print dress peeking out from one of those awful cardigans looks to be amazing.

In person, some of these pieces might be fun. But the looks, esp., the first 2 or 3, look to me like cleaned-up versions of what we used to dig up at Amvets and the basement of Canal Jean in the late 80's and early 90's, whenever we had a rock show or family Thanksgiving dinner to stand around looking surly at.

Hate the collection but dig the white Oompa Loompa shades.

I will be at the Simi Valley Target on Dec 20th @ opening fighting the rest of you for the SWEET denim jacket!

I'm gonna be there Dec. 20 when Target opens. Soooooo excited for this. Have been since October-November.

i just cant get over the model.
i mean i liked the sweater in the last picture and the doc marten-esque boots, but- i know this sounds snotty- that model looks so OLD.
also waay tu much like rocky from tough love.

about 99% positive this model was once a man. thoughts?

if there was a different model and if the pieces were paired differently, i may have a more positive opinion towards the line...but because there's not, i'm not feeling it.

The Target near me put it out a full 5 days early... There are some really cute pieces that they don't have pics of online.

A faux-wrap dress in peach silk with painted flowers on one side is gorgeous.

The KC Targets don't have any of it, and I don't think ever received it.

I am disappointed with this collection. Sure it is wearable, pretty, and overall not bad at all, but this is definitely not Rodarte... It is somewhat generic and i would never have guessed who's the designer by looking at this. i want it to be more ripped and thready!

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